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01 JUNE 2014

7TH SUNDAY OF EASTER World Communications Sunday

To be a Christ-centred family that loves and serves one another with joy and humility

- REV FR J J FENELON EASTER – THE SEASON OF ENCOUNTER The season of Easter is coming to an end. Ascension of our Lord has just been celebrated. Pentecost will dawn on us pretty soon. So how has the Easter season been for you? Scripture tells us that Jesus didn’t just reveal himself to people like Mary Magdalene and the Emmaus disciples. It tells us that he appeared to all eleven apostles as a group, to a few apostles on a fishing boat, and to more than 500 followers at once (1Cor.15:6). These must have been joyous, happy occasions, a combination of family reunions and miraculous revelation of God’s power and redemption. But in the midst of joyous events like these, Jesus also invited Thomas to probe the wounds of his crucifixion and urged him to believe (Jn.20:27). On the banks of the Sea of Galilee, he asked Peter 3 times, “Do you love me?” as a way of overcoming Peter’s guilt for having denied him 3 times (Jn.21:15). So have you encountered the Risen Christ in these last 6 weeks, individually and as a community? Jesus wants to lift you up and fill you with his love so that you can feel confident enough to go out and help build His Church just like His Apostles. The surprise of Easter is that Jesus doesn’t wait for you to make yourself worthy or perfect. He rushes to your side and pours out his love into your heart. Day after day, week after week, Jesus comes to heal you and love you. If you have not experienced Jesus but still desire him, move out of your isolation and begin spending time with your brothers and sisters in community, especially in your Homes, NCCs, Workplaces and Schools. Jesus loves you. Amen!

EVANGELII GAUDIUM The Joy of the Gospel - Pope Francis -

#22 God’s word is unpredictable in its power. The Gospel speaks of a seed which, once sown, grows by itself, even as the farmer sleeps (Mk 4:26-29). The Church has to accept this unruly freedom of the word, which accomplishes what it wills in ways that surpass our calculations and ways of thinking.

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CHECK IT OUT “ Be an active presence in the community “ HOLY HOUR FOR VOCATIONS Date: Friday 6 June 2014 Time: 8.00pm – 9.00pm Venue: Church RCIA AWARENESS NIGHT Date: 10 June 2014, Tuesday Time: 8pm – 9.30pm

WORLD COMMUNICATIONS SUNDAY All collections taken will be for our Archdiocese Mass Media Apostolate. PESACH 2014 – 7 JUNE 2014, SAT, 7.30PM Celebrate Pentecost! Bring along your favourite dish for our agape fellowship and community sharing.

How do we make disciples of Christ in OLSS? What is this ongoing RCIA journey about? Why did the catechumens always leave the 10am Mass halfway? Can parishioners come and learn more about their faith?

Invite your families, friends, non-Christian friends, children to enjoy the night of festivity.

All this and more will be shared at the RCIA Awareness Night, come join us and bring your friends and family! Walk-in registration at the foyer.

Please contact your zone leader for more information

23rd CHINESE RCIA Commencing on 12 June 2014 (every Thursday) Time: 7:45 - 9:45pm Venue: RCIA Room (4th Floor) For more information, please contact: Parish Office 62574229, Sharon Soh 96965422 or David Koh 87276477 All are welcome! Please invite your non-Catholic friends or relatives to join our faith journey! FREE HEALTH SCREENING Date: 29 June 2014 Sunday Time: 8am – 11.30am Venue: Level 1, next to canteen

Staff from Mount Alvernia Hospital will be here to conduct free screening for : 1)Body Mass Index 2)Blood Pressure 3)Blood Glucose and Cholesterol Please register at Parish Office or call 62574229 for more information.

Light music and snacks will be provided from 6.30pm before the event begins

TAMIL MASS Date: Sunday 8 June 2014 Time: 6.30pm Venue: Church OLSS STAY-IN EMPOWERMENT RETREAT FOR YOUTHS (16-25 YEARS OLD) Date: 20 – 22 June 2014, Friday to Sunday Venue: CAYC, 2 Lorong Low Koon Fee: Students - $20, Working adults - $40 Register online at and payment to be made at Parish Office by 18 June. For more details, call Raymond at 62574229 or email OLSS CHILDCARE CENTRE The OLSS Childcare Centre will open its registration for children born in 2012, in the first week of June 2014. Interested parents, kindly approach the Centre’s office staff for further information between 9am to 4pm. Contact - 6257 0427 CHURCH CLEANING – 27 JUNE, FRIDAY, 7.30PM Let us clean our ‘House of Lord’ together. Lights snacks and drinks will be provided.

SSVP FINANCIAL REPORT - MAY Income - $7,987.95 Financial Aid - $8,400.00 Education Fees - $2,985.00 There will be a second collection for SSVP this weekend.

WEDDING NOTICE Planning to get married? Please inform the Priest 12 months in advance. This would give the couple adequate time for the necessary preparation.

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CLOSING & FEEDBACK SESSION FOR PARISH PRAYER & DISCERNMENT – 5 JUNE, THURS, 7.30pm As scheduled, Fr Erbin Fernandez and his team from Office for the New Evangelization & Catholic Spirituality Centre will be back to conduct the session. All NCCs are strongly encouraged to participate in this session and to give your feedback to Fr Erbin on the Intercessory Prayers carried out in your individual Zones.


Good communication helps us to grow closer, to know one another better and ultimately, to grow in unity. The walls which divide us can be broken down only if we are prepared to listen and learn from one another. We need to resolve our differences through forms of dialogue which help us grow in understanding and mutual respect. We need, for example, to recover a certain sense of deliberateness and calm. This calls for time and the ability to be silent and to listen. We need also to be patient if we want to understand those who are different from us. People only express themselves fully when they are not merely tolerated, but know that they are truly accepted. As I have frequently observed, if a choice has to be made between a bruised Church which goes out to the streets and a Church suffering from self-absorption, I certainly prefer the first. Those “streets” are the world where people live and where they can be reached, both effectively and affectively. Effective Christian witness is not about bombarding people with religious messages, but about our willingness to be available to others “by patiently and respectfully engaging their questions and their doubts as they advance in their search for the truth and the meaning of human existence” (BENEDICT XVI, Message for the 47th World Communications Day, 2013). We need but recall the story of the disciples on the way to Emmaus. We have to be able to dialogue with the men and women of today, to understand their expectations, doubts and hopes, and to bring them the Gospel, Jesus Christ himself, God incarnate, who died and rose to free us from sin and death.

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Weekday 6.25am(Lauds) - 6.45am (Mass) 6.10pm(Vespers) - 6.30pm (Mass) Saturday Sunset - 5pm Sunday - 7.15am (Mandarin) 8.30am, 10am, 11.30am, 5pm (All in English) Public Holiday - 8am Holy Hour - 8pm (1st Friday of the Month) Tagalog Mass - 6.30pm (1st Sat of the Month) Tamil Mass - 6.30pm (2nd Sun & 3rd Sat of the Month) Marian Devotion - 9am, Saturday, Main Church

Malayalam Prayer - 6.30pm (3rd Sat of the month, St John’s room) Divine Mercy Prayer – 7pm (Every Friday, St John’s room) Sacrament of Reconciliation 15mins before each weekend Mass or by appointments during the week Adoration Room – 6am to 10pm Closed on all Public Holidays

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NEXT SUNDAY’S READINGS – 08 JUNE 2014 1st Reading

Acts 2: 1-11


Ps 103: 1ab, 24ac, 29bc-30, 31, 34

2nd Reading

1 Cor 12: 3b-7, 12-13


Jn 20: 19-23

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