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OLSON & HEKMATI p ro d u c t s : : 2 0 1 3

Unsere Trips der letzten Jahre durch die Longboardwelt gipfelten in zahllosen unvergesslichen Freeridesessions zusammen mit den besten Fahrern der Welt und Erfolgen und vorderen Platzierungen bei internationalen Rennen. Die gewonnen Erfahrungen konnten wir bei Olson&Hekmati nicht nur zur konsequenten Weiterentwicklung unserer Boards, sondern auch zur Entwicklung eines durchdachten Lineups an Wheels und Bekleidung nutzen. Diese von uns entwickelten Produkte, die wir ausgiebig getestet und immer wieder modifiziert haben, mÜchten wir Euch im folgenden Katalog präsentieren..

OLSON & HEKMATI manufaktur lineup :: 2013

OLSON & HEKMATI manufaktur lineup :: 2013

2013 O&H comes up with two new boards: the classic pintail pin97 and the symmetric barrel dancer bd110

sp80 has been modfied to the sp85: longer, wider, improved truck-pattern for poolriding, slalom ...and cruising

standard veneer will be walnut

all decks come without type plate, because nobody cared in 2012

carbon/glass fibre sandwich with birch core

OLSON & HEKMATI manufaktur lineup :: 2013

:: sp85 :: slalom&pool 85x24cm wb 45-55cm kick-/racetail flex: stiff

:: p95 :: pumping 95x24cm wb 75cm barrel nose flex: medium

:: pin97 :: cruising 97x24cm wb 65-69cm just a classic pin flex: soft/medium

:: d97 :: cruising&dancing 97x23cm wb 70cm minikicks 7x11cm flex: medium

:: bd110 :: freeriding&dancing 110x24.5cm wb 68cm symmetric/big kicktails flex: medium

:: d119 :: dancing 119x24cm wb 83-88cm minikicks 8x12cm flex: soft/medium


p ro f e s s i o n a l l i n e u p : : 2 0 1 3


p ro f e s s i o n a l l i n e u p : : 2 0 1 3

2013 O&H downhill boards go 3D estimated delivery: summer 2013

after prototyping and testing in 2012 we came out with 3 different molds and shapes

the dehmel brothers bromodel features dropdown, w-concave and a kicktail

the francer moved pro with dropdown and doublekicks

the punkrockmodel, inspired by our teamrider Leon Ritter, features deep front foot concave and a waterfall dropdown

carbon fibre sandwich with 6ply beech core


p ro f e s s i o n a l l i n e u p : : 2 0 1 3

:: bromodel :: downhill 102x26cm wb platform: fullshape w plus kicktail

:: profrancer :: ... 102x26cm wb platform: 65cm doublekicks

:: punkrock :: guess what 94x26cm wb platform: fullshape super high concave

OLSON & HEKMATI basic :: 2013

OLSON & HEKMATI basic :: 2013

• first issue is the FD98 basic, a wooden version of the wellknown O&H FD98 •

FD98 basic is a 7-ply maple freeriding/dancing board, its a „francer“

FD98 has 98cm by 24,5cm,14mm concave, slightly wedged minikicks (6x12cm) and a 74cm wheelbase

• the complete comes „ready to ride“ with: lasercut griptape, ask bearings, spacers, bolts black paris 180mm reverse kingpin trucks, and any 70mm OH wheels

OLSON & HEKMATI basic :: 2013

:: fd98 basic :: freeriding&dancing 98cm x 24,5cm wb 74cm, conc. 14mm with logogrip minikicks 6x12cm flex: medium/stiff

:: fd98 basic :: complete with: deck incl. logogrip 180mm paris trucks 70mm O&H Wheels ask bearings ready to ride

OLSON & HEKMATI wheels lineup :: 2013

OLSON & HEKMATI wheels lineup :: 2013

2013 O&H releases a complete lineup of 70mm wheels: race and freeride shapes in two duros

the freeride shape has a round lip, 38mm contact patch, offset core and a stone grind surface

the race shape has a semi-sharp lip, 53mm contact patch, offset core and a glossy surface

both shapes are available in two duros: white 76a and turquoise 82a urethane

OLSON & HEKMATI wheels lineup :: 2013

:: race 76a :: 70x53mm technical downhill ldp, cruising slalom rear maximum grip surface: glossy

:: race 82a :: 70x53mm fast downhill fast freeriding slalom front maximum speed surface: glossy

:: freeride 76a :: 70x38mm fast freeriding slide control cruising speed check surface: stone grind

:: freeride 82a :: 70x38mm freeriding technical sliding shredding predictable slide surface: stone grind


t e x t i l e & p ro t e c t i o n : : 2 0 1 3


t e x t i l e & p ro t e c t i o n : : 2 0 1 3

• 2013 O&H comes up with two new pieces of functional clothing: the O&H Slidegloves and O&H Freeride Dungarees •

the gloves come with durable slide pucks, provide a slim fit, soft leather and are reinforced where you need it

the dungarees come in workwear quality, have leather/reinforced knees and hips, plus they come with a skatetool chestpocket

• both products are produced in cooperation with Eko, portugal • in addition we offer a couloured range of shirts, hoodies, beanies and accessoires


t e x t i l e & p ro t e c t i o n : : 2 0 1 3

:: gloves :: reinforced leather tight fit s/m, l/xl leather/foam impact pucks optional incl. durable slide pucks

:: dungarees :: durable cotten workware reinforced with leather patches s, m, l tool pocket (tool not incl.) protective comfortable freeride gear


t e x t i l e & p ro t e c t i o n : : 2 0 1 3 velcro belt white

watch hat navy

creadora natural

shadow light blue

shadow yellow

summer petrol (fairtrade)

square white

summer blue (faitrade)

square used wasabi

keyring leather

square used violet Dehmel und Hekmati GBR Oliver Dehmel Bjรถrn Hekmati Rรถmerwall 59 55131 Mainz Germany 0179 688 43 18 Account number 869096609 Bank code 50010060 Postbank Frankfurt IBAN: DE27500100600869096609 BIC: PBNKDEFF Tax ID: DE276756429

Olson&Hekmati Catalogue 2013  

Olson&hekmatis new Lineup for 2013

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