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Solar storm pummels Earth Coronal Mass Ejection

Earth’s Magnetic field

Billions of tons of charged protons



A solar storm is bombarding the Earth with billions of tons of proton particles, the strongest storm sent by the sun to Earth in more than six years, scientists said recently. turn to page 2 Tons of protons —Photo explains the full cyce of a solar storm. (

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Smash up in Zambales kills four, injures nine Four people were killed while nine other were wounded when a tricycle slammed into a truck along the San Felipe portion of the Zambales National highway recently. Police authorities identified the fatalities as Ronald Cueva, driver of the tricycle with plate number 1396 and his passengers Johnny Cabalig, 68, Marife Cabalig, 19, and Marie Cueva, 21, all residents of Sitio Kananayan, Barangay San Pablo, Castillejos, Zambales. Those seriously injured were Ruth Ignacio, 8, Yasa Ignacio, 3, Marlon Trece Anatacio, 24, Gina

Soria, 28, Marites Ignacio, 34, Albert Ignacio, 13, Ronald Cabalic, 26, and oneyear-olds Ronayn Ignacio and Lorna Cabalic. According to the initial investigation conducted by San Felipe PNP investigator Rex Sahagun, the accident happened at around 9:00 at night along Sitio Talingaen, Brgy. Sindol, San Felipe. Cueva was operating his tricycle along the San felipe

portion of the Zambales highway when it slammed into an on-coming Elf truck with plate number CSP-577, driven by Antonio Pamintuan. Barangay officials and concerned rushed the victims to the nearby San Marcelino District Hospital. The Cabaligs and Marie Cueva were declared dead on arrival by doctors. (Jeff Tumbado)

Army takes Shay Cullen: Celebacy rebel camp a thing of the past The Philippine Army 24th batallion overran a New People’s Army (NPA) encampment in a two hour firefight in Masinloc, Zambales recently. In a bulletin sent by Zambales police information officer Supt. Maite Gabrentina, the troopers engaged an estimated 15 NPA fighters after the rebels fired upon an army patrol at Sitio Mabinal of Bangay Sta. Rita. The police bulletin alleged that the NPA fighters were “conducting extortion activities” (turn to page 6)

Controversial Irish priest Shay Cullen predicted that celebacy, as a vow to be made by a Catholic priest, may soon disappear. The website reported that in a televised talk with legendary Irish broadcaster Gay Byrne on state television station RTE, Fr. Cullen predicted celibacy will soon disappear. He added that the celebacy vow of priests is all business for the Catholic Church. “Celibacy is only a practice mostly to keep property out of the hands of married couples, it’s more sort of a

business type of arrangement,” the website quoted Cullen. The Irish news website noted the that Irish priest based in Brgy. Kalaklan “earned three Nobel Peace Prize nominations for his work saving hundreds of children from a life of sexual abuse in the Philippines.” “Now we have many married priests in the Catholic Church and it is working, (turn to page 6)

Olongapo City and Zambales

Subic-born Fil-Am leads Mr. Gay USA 2012

January 23- 29, 2012

Beautiful hunk— Burnz Fernandez was born in Subic Bay.

An American gay reality television show stars a FilipinoAmerican born and raised in Subic Bay. The 34-year-old Burnz Fernandez represents Gay World San Diego, California. Unlike gay pageants in our country, the "Mr. Gay World USA" does not feature cross-dressers but homosexuals living ordinary lives.

Fernandez is a professor and a (turn to page 2)

Kalaklan accidents kill one, injure four By Dana Lubang

highway. Investigators said that the A person was killed while pick-up truck slammed into four others were injured a jeepney driven by in two separate smash- Evaristo Mendoza, 42, who ups, in a span of four was waiting to pick up comdays, along the Kalaklan muters. portion of the Zambales All three victims were rushed to the James L. Gorhighway recently. don Memorial Hospital for The first incident hap- medical treatment. pened January 15 involving Mangubat, however, a Kia K2700 pick-up and a was declared dead on arpassenger jeepney, while the rival by attending physiother, involved a Nissan cians. Four days later, another Sentra and a Victory Liner two-vehicle colision injured bus. Police reports obtained by Olivia Merto, 22, a resident the Olongapo News identi- of barangay Barretto when fied the fatality as Ernesto her Nissan Sentra crossed Mangubat, 62, driver of a the a center line hitting a Vicpick-up truck that ran off the tory Liner bus bound for its

Olongapo bus terminal. A barangay official of Kalaklan, who asked not to be identified, said that the number of vehicular accidents have risen recently. The Olongapo Traffic Enforcement Unit was called to the crash scene, this time on the parola section of the National Highway in Kalaklan, according to a police report. Merto was rushed to James L. Gordon Memorial Hospital for immediate medical attention. “Meron naman aksidente dito, pero ito po magkasunod. Medyo nakakabahal,” he said in a telephone interview.

Olongapo News

January 23-29, 2012



Storming Earth The words Aurora Borealis conjures up images of colorful lights, effortlessly gliding in the night skies. We were told, by those who have seen it and by our high school science books, that this was the greatest and most majestic light show in our planet. Many of us never actually saw this phenomenon since it appears in the northern most part of the Earth. Named after Aurora, the Roman goddess of dawn, and Boreas, the Greek name for the north wind, it appeared harmless. What we did not know was that behind the Dancing Lights was a violent storm of charge protons, billions of tons of them, pummeling the our planet’s magnetic field in the high altitude atmosphere. These particles, travelling almost at the speed of light, presses on the magnetic field and brings with it radiation harmful to humans. And because our society is electricity driven and electronics dependent, these solar storms, if it was strong enough, can potentially destroy power substations and electrical grids all over the planet, satellites can get irradiated (burned), phones and computers may be shortcircuited. So severe would be the effect that it may take an extended period of time before power and electronic networks are restored. Without power, we would not be able to produce goods, food, potable water, and millions of other things we need to survive. And history has shown us that this is possible. In 1989, a storm plunged Quebec, Canada and its 6 million people into a total blackout. In 1972, a solar storm disrupted the communication lines of Illinois, USA. Sure, it may not interest you today because the storm is not strong enough to affect our part of the planet. But in the United States and other northern countries, the effects of this year’s solar storm are real and frays nerves. Cellphone signal were disrupted, Delta Airways flights were diverted, and satellites were considered in danger. And scientists say this solar storm isn’t that strong. Yikes!

Anthony Bayarong

Will I pay for news content online? The answer would likely be no. After launching of my news website, I hardly picked up a newspaper. I mostly go online and read news from several news website, both local and international. I would considering buying online content from a news website if it gets my attention; like for example a documentary video about war, like the Dan Fung Dennis documentary. Surprisingly, I also found documentaries from BBC, CBS and Natgeo in Besides, I’m really not a reader. Pictures and video are my interest. I would buy an application for an iphone, ipad or smartphone if I had one. But buying materials/news for reading will be the least of my interest. While it is true that advertisers are literally the bloodline of news organization, readers are there to fuel the market.

Pay per view news “...(advertisers) still prefer print over online...”

Advertisers have no direct medium to sell their products, unless they own a newspaper, a television or radio station. My website, for example, does make money enough for a one man operation. I’ve learned the hard way that making materials for the website is easy. It only requires time. But selling your news website to advertisers is a whole new different ball game. What more if I offer to sell my content to the readers? I, however, agree with the statement of Tribune company president Jack Fuller saying “that the most stupid thing the American newspaper industry had ever done was to give away content for free on the web.” It’s a very stupid thing to do. But it made the readers read more, and go back and read more or watch more in this new multimedia journalism platform.

TALK B ACK John Bayarong

I had a chance to talk to a concerned resident, via SMS, about the proliferation of colorum tricycles in the city. According to Ariel, there are already 700 colorum tricycles in the city, adding to the existing fleet of registered trikes. His concern is simple. These colorum units take business from those who ply the route legally. But he also stressed that many of these rides are operated by non-licensed drivers. He points to Gordon Heights, Sta. Rita (particularly Tabacuhan), Barretto, Kalaklan and some other small barangays in the city center, where these colorums sprout like mushroom at peak hours of the day. Except for his 700 figure, I’d say his observations are factual and deserves some attention from city administrator Ferdie OLONGAPO Magrata, city planning officer Bebeth Marzan, OTMPS chief Jose Aquino, and even the city council. Almost everyone respon#34 National Highway, Upper Kalaklan sible, according to Ariel, turns


Olongapo City Member, Publishers Association of the Philippines, Inc.

But if news organizations did not give out news for free, what would be the state of journalism now? It’s hard to tell. Advertisers has yet to be convince in my area about placing an ad online or maybe I'm just approaching them from the wrong direction. Surprisingly, they still prefer print over online, despite the fact the broadband connection is good in the province, and print paper is nearing death with its high production cost and maximum production of only 1000 copies or less. Which ever it is, paying to read news online generally will choke. (Anthony Bayarong is the editor and publisher of, sub- editor for the Peninsula Qatar and a student of Multimedia journalism under a grant by the Konrad Adenauer Asian Center for Journalism at the Ateneo de Manila University.)

Local impunity “Exemption from punishment...”

a blind eye. “As if no law is being violated,” he adds. The biggest point he scored with me is when he said that many do not have a driver’s license. “Wala ba silang konsyensya na maaaring madisgrasya ang pasahero? Wala na ba talagang batas sa Olongapo?” the obviously frustrated guy notes. And I totally agree with him. And he harped on an even more alarming point. The fact that some people can violate the laws with impunity. Impunity is defined as the “exemption from punishment or freedom from the injurious consequences of an action.” I’ve seen many examples of these situations. Last week, the city engineering office demolished the living spaces of several families in Basa St. over a drainage canal. If not for the persistence of Banicain barangay captain Zhar Batapa, these structures would still be there. As it has for many years, before last week. If indeed they were illegal, were appro-

priate charges filed? We also featured last week a photo of a Bailey-type bridge being constructed connecting Elicaño St. with the Gordon College compound. Vice Mayor Rolen Paulino said that the construction did not have the neccessary paperworks, not the least a city council authorization. And yet it exists. And workers build on it everyday. Again, I urge city administrator Ferdie Magrata, city planning officer Bebeth Marzan, City Engineer Roberto Alvarez, and even the city council, to look into the matter. It’s not fair for the residents who follow the rules and policies of the government. They endure the buraucratic mess and inefficient service of the city regulatory offices “para maging legal,” and then see that many operate illegally. Kailangan ba kay Mayor Bong Gordon ulit umabot para maging tama ito? (A press freedom advocate, John Bayarong completed his MBA from Ateneo de Manila U. He loves coaching kids’ football.)


from page 1 surgeon's assistant, Fernandez said that the show will give him international platform for his advocacies. "We should be given the same chance, we should be given the same rights as everyone else. As far as gay marriage is concerned, we're not here to change the sanctity of marriage, we just want to be able to marry whoever we want," Fernandez was quoted in an ABSCBN report. Mr. Gay World contestants have to compete in

photo, fashion runway and swimsuit challenges. They also have to showcase their public-speaking ability during the Great Gay Debate. Gay World founder Jarl Haugedal said that it is not enough to be good-looking or have beautiful physique, "having some knowledge about what's going on right now in the US" is as important. "Whoever goes on to win will be a wonderful voice and spokesperson for the next generation of gay Americans, especially as

we head into an election year when so much is at stake for the community," Mr. Gay World host Jon Lovitz said. This reality TV show aims to change people's opinions about gay men. "With the Stonewall riot,

the gay pride, the bullying and teen suicides and what not, there are still a lot more work to do," Fernandez said. The Mr. Gay World 2011 was held in Manila, while 2012 will be in Johannesburg, South Africa in April.

Olongapo News

January 23-29, 2012


Luzon's longest zip line opens in Bataan

PH, US want broader... from page 6

which is Subic Bay, while beneficial to both, also proved to be the biggest irritant in both country's relationship. Reports quoted Defense secretary Voltaire Gazmin considering "intensified military exercises" within the parameters of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA). The agreement allows temporary US military ship to visits. Another round of military and diplomatic exchanges are scheduled to happen in March this year. Gazmin’s acting chief of

staff, Peter Galvez said that “U.S. bases in the Philippines would be out of the question.” “We always welcome the broadening of relations with our allies, but this is a sensitive area of negotiations because we are constrained by our Constitution from certain agreements,” Galvez added. The US and Philippines has a mutual defense treaty signed in 1951, and the VFA signed in 1998 as basis for military relationship. Last May, the US gave PH a coast guard cutter through the military assistance clause of the

defense treaty. Former anti-bases activist are concerned about the proposal to deepen the military ties. Pilar, Bataan—The longest zip line in Luzon was “The United States recently opened here, furthering the municipality’s military is violating our effort to attract domestic tourism. sovereignty and intruding on our internal affairs,” said Pilar Mayor Carlos Lana Linaban, secretary Pizarro Jr. graced the opegeneral of the women’s ning of the zip line, and even rights organization Gabriela. tried it himself. The 540-meter long zip “In the guise of military begins at the rear area of the support, they are influencing Mt. Samat firing range and our government,” the leftends at the Dunsulan Falls. wing activist said. The project, funded by She added that the bases the local government, was created problems, like worth P1.6 million. increased prostitution, that Alice Pizarro, Pilar tourstill erupt after US port calls ism council chair, said the and joint military exercises. ride starts at a height of 43 meters above sea level and costs P350 per person. One could either ride a shuttle or hike from the foot of the mountain to the zip line launch pad.

Solar storm pummels Earth from page 1

The storm, a product of a coronal mass ejection (CME), brings radiation— in the form of energized protons—to Earth. The country is not expected to be affected by the phenomenon, unless orbiting satellites are shutdown by the powerful radiation, which scientist say is possible. In the event that satellites are affected, communication lines will experience shuts downs and disruptions. Neither will the country experience the beautiful side of this storm, the majestic dance of the northern and southern lights, which are expected to shine brightly throughout the duration of the storm. Scientist explain the CME as a massive, bubbleshaped burst of plasma expanding outward from the sun's corona, in which large

Army takes rebel camp SOLAR STORM

from page 1


in the area. The firefight began early in the morning and lasted for 2 hours. “No casualties were reported while 12 tents and some peronal belon-

gings were recovered in the encounter,” Gabrentina said. The police official clarified that the encounter, between state forces and the rebels, was not considered as an election related vio-

lent incident (ERVI). Aside from the NPA, its breakaway group, the Rebolusyonaryong Hukbong Bayan (RHB), also operates in the area and reportedly also has armed fighters.

Shay Cullen: Celebacy a thing of the past from page 1 Huge and violent—A mix of satellite and graphic depiction of a solar storm dwarfing the sun. (photo from

amounts of superheated particles are emitted at nearly the speed of light. This solar eruption is followed by a one-two-three punch, reports quoted Antti Pulkkinen, a physicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland and Catholic University. “First comes electromagnetic radiation, followed

by radiation in the form of protons. Then, finally the the plasma from the sun itself — hits,” Pukkinen said. And in 1989, a solar storm plunged six million people into darkness across Quebec, Canada. In 1972, a storm knocked out long-distance telephone communication across the US state of Illinois.

so why not?,” Cullen noted. Cullen argued that priests of other Christian churches are doing well, “and many Anglicans who were married and had family and children and came over to the Catholics and were warmly accepted.” It is only another step to abolishing this celibate thing, he adds, “and getting on with life.”

City dads check DepED tours from page 6

Not compulsary Monato stressed that these field trips should pose financial burden to parents, as they are voluntary. She noted that on the average trips cost “from P700 to P1,200 depending on the distance and number of places to be visited.” “A special case was Sta. Rita Elementary School which charged P1,5000 to include the entrace feed to the Ocean Park -Trails to Antarctica,” she explained. Some councilors noted that while not compulsary, teachers allegedly “incentivise the trips” by offering additional grades. Vice Mayor Rolen

Crossed—The zip line starts behind the monument and runs towards the Dunsulan falls.

Riders at the end of the zip line will land and step out to a hanging bridge and stairs down the ground at Dunsulan Falls. The zip line effectively links the municipality’s two best tourism attractions. Bishop Ruperto Santos of the Diocese of Balanga, together with Joel Payumo, administered the blessing rites of the zip line, Pilar municipal hall, the Flaming Sword marker and the office of Senior Citizens. Renovation cost for the 42-year-old municipal hall and the Flaming Sword marker was placed at P37 million, including expenses for office furniture and equipment. All offices are monitored by CCTV.

Learning is fun—Kids from Juventus School for the Gifted stop and pose on their way to the Aetas’ trail in Subic Bay.

Paulino said that he was told by some parents that “added grades direct to the card.” “We just have to give the feedbacks to DepED so they can take corrective measures if indeed these

things happen,” he added. Marzan-Estrella said that the response to their inquiries were “positive.” She said the “move was in response to complaints, and I understand DepED is looking at this seriously.”

Monato also emphasized that principals were given explicit instructions that “no points shall be added to the students’ grades because of their participation in the field trips.” “Futher, the schools are required to conduct the field trips during Saturdays to avoid class disruptions,” she said. Marzan-Estrella, chair of the committee on education, stressed that she will work with DepED on the matter. The DepED conducts tours to expose pupils/ students to a myriad of learning opportunities and evironments that will help them learn.

Cullen also talked about his work in Olongapo City, noting that “his faith kept him from being frightened away by the local mafia.” He, however, did not identify what the local mafia is or its leaders. The website of PREDA also quoted his other engagement with former first lady Imelda Marcos when he exposed the rape of Filipino children to the rest of the world.

“I just couldn’t ignore it but I got the heat for it. Imelda Marcos wasn’t pleased, the wife,” he said. “They started to deport me and put me on trial and all these legal harassments. We succeeded in beating the raps in the court, so I stayed on,” he noted. According to PREDA, there are 35 cases of women and child abuse that are being heard in various courts here.

P.E.S.O. helps 5,000 jobseekers in 2011 The Olongapo City Public Employment Service Office (PESO) facilitated the job placements of over 5,000 jobseekers last year. In a report to Olongapo City Mayor James Gordon, Jr., PESO said that through its programs and services, 4,965 applicants landed local jobs, while 86 workers were deployed abroad from January to December, 2011. Aside from walk-in referrals, jobseekers were also hired through the PESO’s Special Recruitment Activities (SRAs), Local Recruitment Activities (LRAs) and job fairs.

“From January to December 2011, our office conducted 92 LRAs, 65 SRAs and 5 major job fairs for the convenience and comfort of our jobseekers,” explained Gene Vincent Perez, PESO chief consultant. He added that instead of jobseekers shouldering the costs of transporting to areas where the companies are located, “we are bringing local and global job opportunities closer to them.”

Olongapo News 6

City dads check DepED tours Flooded with complaints, the city council asked the Department of Education (DepED) to monitor the cost and conduct of the educational tours public schools. In a letter, the city council, through councilor Eyrma Yvette Marzan-Estrella, sought the help of Ligaya Monato, DepED division superintendent, to monitor the cost and field trip iteneraries of various public schools. “If there is anyway we can help DepED on this matter, we are more than willing to,” MarzanEstrella told Olongapo News. Aside from parents’ comments, councilors Gina GulanesPerez and Jong Cortez noted that most field trips end up at malls like SM or entertainment parks. Both agreed that a sustantial portion of the field trips are spent “malling.” “The cost is also a concern. Most field trips average above P1,000 and some are complaining,”Gulanes-Perez added in open session. In reply, Monato said that her office will take extra measures “to regulate the conduct of the field trips.”

Golden Kickers takes 3rd in La Salle Cup Smarting from a dispute with their school officials, the Golden Kickers Football Club (GKFC) fought their way to 3rd place in the recently concluded De La Salle-Zobel Football Festival Muntilupa City. Tet Marzan-Estrella, chair of the City council education committee.

She also encouraged parents to bring any violation of the DepED policies to her directly “to address the problem and institute appropriate action.” According to Monato, all principals were reminded as early as November to make sure the trips are mostly educational. “...they were refrained from going to malls and entertainment parks,” the education superintendent told the city council. Among those frequented by the field trips were the Jose Rizal Shrine, Gardenia factory, Devine Mercy Shrine, Evergreen ceramics plant, Manila Zoo, Sand Magic art, and several local tourist attractions. turn to page 5

The Golden Kickers FC, composed mostly of pupils from Balic-Balic Elementary School, breezed through the groups stages, but encountered stronger teams in the semi-finals. The staging of the Bro. Ceci Hojilla is on its 9th year and is hosted by the DLSZ Alumni Association, Parents AssociationSports Development Foundation. Roland Frando, GKFC coach, said that the team prepared well for the La Salle Cup. “Talagang naghanda kami. Mahigit 35 teams ang kalaban doon at mga bihasa na talaga sa football,” Frando told Olongapo News. His wife, Arlene Frando, who is the manager of the team, said that they were hard pressed for

‘Gapo taps UP on traffic snarl BY Jonas Reyes

The University of the Philippines-National Center for Transportation Studies (UP-NCTS) was recently commissioned to formulate a comprehensive transportation and traffic management plan for the city. The move is seen to be a response to the inability of the local government to find answers to the suffocating vehicle snarl along the city's main throughfare during peak hours. Councilor James “Bugsy” delos Reyes, Committee on Transportation and Traffic Management chairman, explained that under the agreement, “the UP-NCTS will assess the existing traffic conditions in the city through the compilation of primary and secondary data and identify traffic measures and alternatives to design an efficient traffic circulation plan.” Residents have been complaining through the various social networking sites on the problem. Early January 2012, representatives of the UP-NCTS conducted a meeting with the City Planning and Development Office (CPDO) and Office of Transportation Management and Public Safety

First Champs—Formerly Balic-Balic Yellow, members of the Golden Kickers FC receive their champions’ trophy at the Subic Bay Futsal Cup-PFCWC qualifiers last November, 2011.

Ferdez, twins Kenneth and Joseph Frando, Benjoe Yordan, Nathaniel Cac, JC Fabrique, Jewel Puse, Jadin Bais and Dantagnan Bagason. Since last year, the clubs from Olongapo City have made their kindhearted sponsors to help them mark in the football scene. continue their winning run- ED) Last May, the Amihan FC team The same team took home 1st took home silver in the Luzon place in the recently concluded Finals of the Beach Football Subic Bay Futsal Cup-PFCWC. Association of the Philippines Among the members of the (BFAP) and also took silver in the 12&Under team are Homer National Futsal Finals last Janapin, Jake Martinez, Lennox December. funds but “we were committed to make it and have a good showing.” Their next target is to win another Cup in Baguio City this summer before the boys move to high school. (They are looking for

PH, US want broader military relationship The US and Philippine government are looking at increased military cooperation outside the model of building bases in the country, officials of both countries said. Both countries are sending high level delegations to each other's capital to discuss closer military ties. This month, a US Senate group visited the country while foreign

affairs and defense officials flew to Washington a week later to further discuss their options. These actions are reportedly in response to strong statements made by China over issues that include the Spratly Islands in the West Philippine Sea. Jus recently, a Chinese paper argued that China should punish the Philippines over US ties. The former US military bases, (turn to page 5) the biggest of

Discombobulated—A mass of barely moving vehicle is seen here in front of the Olongapo City public market during rush hour.

(OTMPS) to consider expected traffic congestion relative to the upcoming peak season. SM-Olongapo and Ayala’s Harbor Point are expected to attract a substantial volume of vehicular traffic once they open this year. According to the initial surveys of CPDO and OTMPS, the advent

of investors will increase tourist transportation services and onstreet parking, which will cause trafiic congestion. UP-NCTS also conducted an initial inspection of the Kalaklan River and Pier B in Barretto as part of its feasibility study of waterbased transportation.

19th Pundaquit Festival starts THE ANGELIC voices of Neo Nocturne open the 19th Season of Pundaquit Festival with Chorost, a choral concert, on Feb. 4, 6 p.m. at Casa San Miguel in San Antonio, Zambales. The country’s longest-running community-based arts and cul-

ture event, the Pundaquit Festival aims to bring out the best homegrown musical and artistic talents to become world-class artists. Also to be opened at the Casa San Miguel Heritage Museum is the Treasures of A Hidden Zambales Heritage exhibit which

showcases the Roslynn Magsaysay Collection of Chinese tradeware from Zambales. Admission to the concert is free, but prior reservation is required due to limited seating. For details, call 0915-502-6802 or add them on Facebook.

Not just Stars & Stripes—An Indian warship is seen here calling on Subic Bay recently. US warships’ visits, however, are covered by a defense agreement between PH and US. (

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Solar storm pummels Earth  

1.) Solar storm pummels Earth; 2.) Smash up in Zambales kills four, injures nine; 3.) Army takes rebel camp

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