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GENERAL INFORMATION 2013 Mersin XVIIth Mediterranean Games The Mediterranean Games are sports competitions organized every four years among the athletes of the NOCs representing the Countries in the Mediterranean Basin. These competitions are organized with the aim of contributing to the social and cultural approachment among the public of Mediterranean Countries. The Mediterranean Games are based on the Olympic rules, and the competitions are completed within the period not exceeding 13 days. The host city of the 2013 Mersin XVIIth Mediterranean Games, Mersin will host thousands of athletes in 28 sports from 24 Countries. While a period of intense preparation is being experienced in Mersin where the competitions in 24 sports will be held in 2013 Mersin XVIIth Mediterranean Games, the preparations continue also in Adana, which will host 4 sports. The organization will take place at 52 venues in total, as 16 of them for trainings, 15 for the competitions, 17 for the competitions and training, 3 for warming up and one for the opening and closing. For more information:

2013 Mersin XVIIth Mediterranean Games Sports

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

Archery Athletics Badminton Basketball Bocce Boxing Canoe & Kayak Cycling Equestrian Sports Fencing Football Gymnastics (Artistic – Rhythmic) Handball Judo

07.09.2012 / Equestrian Sports Manual

15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28.

Karate Paralympic Sports (Athletics&Swimming) Rowing Sailing Shooting (Airgun&Firearm - Clay Target) Swimming Table Tennis Taekwondo Tennis Volleyball (Indoor & Beach Volley) Water Polo Water Ski Weightlifting Wrestling

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Participating Countries 2013 Mersin XVIIth Mediterranean Games 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.

Albania Algeria Andorra Bosnia- Herzegovina Croatia Cyprus Egypt Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia France Greece Italy Lebanon Libya Malta Monaco Montenegro Morocco San Marino Serbia Slovenia Spain Syria Tunisia Turkey

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Mersin Mersin is located in the Mediterranean Region of Southern Turkey. The population is 1 million 647 thousand 899 people according to the census of 2010 and it has approximately 16 thousand square kilometres surface area. Mersin makes important contributions with its own dynamics to Turkey's important initiatives in every area; it has important potential in tourism as well as commerce and economics. Providing important gains to the different cultures that it hosted; today, Mersin comes through the second fast urbanization process. Development of Mersin continues at a great pace with its modern port, free zone and all the commercial and industrial organizations carrying its own unique value. Large number of ancient sites, 321 kilometres coastal strip, its green nature with citrus gardens smelling beautiful in each different season and with rooted cultural events, Mersin provides potentially important contributions to culture and tourism of Turkey. The Tırmıl Hill in the east and the Yumuktepe Mounds in the west mark the boundaries of city centre. These mounds prove that there had been a settlement in Neolithic and Chalcolitic periods in this area long before the establishment of the Mersin. Known history of this region is connected to Luvi, Kizzuwatna, Hittite, Asur and Babylon Kingdoms histories. The region dominated by Hittite, Urartu, Asur, Babylon, Lydia, Persian, Seleukos and Roman Empire. In the period from 7th century to the Ottoman conquer; Arabians, Abbasi, Egyptian Tulunoğulları, Seljuklians, Mogols, the crusaders, Memluks, Ramzanoğulları and Karamanoğulları had taken control of the region. From the 16th century onwards, Mersin and its neighbourhood were added to the Ottoman land. Mersin is located in one of the most fertile lands of Turkey, in Çukurova Region, and stands out with features such as green plains, wide valleys, blue rivers and lakes, mountain chains, historical caves and contains different physical structure.

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Climate Weather Conditions for Adana and Mersin in June Mediterranean climate prevails in Mersin and Adana. The summers are hot and humid; the winters are mild and rainy. Mean yearly temperature is 18.7 째C and January-February is the coldest period. Temperature in Adana and Mersin reaches the maximum threshold in July and August. Daily Mean Temperature and Humidity Both cities are located in one of the hottest region of Turkey where hot and humid weather in the summer time prevail. Daily mean temperature and humidity data recorded in Mersin and Adana for years during the second half of June are displayed in the Figure 1 below. Daily mean temperatures for Mersin and Adana in June are recorded as 26,11 째C and 26,55 째C, respectively. For the last eleven years, the highest humidity proportion recorded during the second half of the June is 87% in Mersin and 85,7% in Adana.

Average Temp. Adana (0C) Average Humidity Adana (%)

30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20

79,0 77,0 75,0 73,0 71,0 69,0

Humidity (%)

Temperature (0C)

Average Temp. Mersin (0C) Average Humidity Mersin (%)

67,0 65,0 16







23 June








Figure 1. Daily Mean Temperature and Humidity in Adana and Mersin

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Abbreviations IOC:

International Olympic Committee


International Committee of Mediterranean Games


Organizing Committee of 2013 Mersin XVIIth Mediterranean Games


National Olympic Committee


World Anti-Doping Agency


Federation Equestre Internationale


Turkish Equestrian Federation



Amar ADDADI (Algeria)

1st Vice-President:

Denis MASSEGLIA (France)

2nd Vice-President:

General Mounir SABET (Egypt)

General Secretary:

Isidoros KOUVELOS (Greece)


Kikis LAZARIDES (Cyprus)


Colonel Major Mustapha ZEKRI (Morocco) General Souhail KHOURY (Lebanon) Justice Carmel FARRUGGIA SACCO (Malta) Nour El Houda KARFOUL (Syria) Raffaele PAGNOZZI (Italy) Theresa ZABELL (Spain) Togay BAYATLI (Turkey) Zlatko MATESA (Crotia)

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Mr. Victor SANCHEZ (Spain)


Mr. Stavri BELLO (Albenia) Mrs. Rossana CIUFFETTI (Italy) Mr. Ahmed ETTANNANI (Morocco) Mr. Stratos KARETOS (Greece) Mr. Constantinos MICHAELIDES (Cyprus) Mrs. Dominique PETIT (France) Mr. Djordje VISACKI (Serbia) Mr. Mohamed ZRIBI (Tunisia)

Honorary President:

Mr. José Maria ECHEVARRIA (Spain)


Dr Maurice VRILLAC (France)


Dr. Zakia BARTAGI (Tunisia) Dr. Francesco BOTRE (Italy) Dr. Francisco Luis GOMEZ SERRANO (Spain) Prof. Rustu S. GUNER (Turkey)


Mr. Tullio PARATORE (Italy)


Mr. Mahmoud Gaber BARAKAT (Egypt) Mr. Eros BOLOGNA (San Marino) Mrs. Nese GÜNDOGAN (Turkey) Mr. Marwan Kamel MAGHUR (Libya) Mr. Sasho POPOVSKI (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) Mrs. Ljiliana UJLAKI SUBIC (Crotia)


Mr. Jean Michel BRUN (France)


Mr. Amar BOUKHTOUCHE (Algeria) Mr. Lahcen DAKINE (Morocco)

Honorary President:

Mr. Jacques GROSPEILLET (France)

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Mr. Justice Carmel FARRUGIA SACCO (Malta)


Cl. Major Mustapha ZEKRI (Marocco) Dr. Zakia BARTAGI (Tunusia) Mr. Roberto FABBRICINI (Italy) Mr. Victor Sanchez (Spain)


Mrs Sophie METAIS (France)


General Mounir SABET (Egypt)


Mr. Conrado DURANTEZ (Spain) Mr. Jacques GROSPEILLET (France) Mr. Mario PESCANTE (Italy) Mr. Borislav STANCOVIC (Serbia)



Youth and Sports Minister



Undersec.of Youth and Sports Ministry



General Director of the Council of Higher Education



Sports General Director



President of NOC of Turkey



Mersin Governor



Mersin Mayor



Mersin University Rector


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ORGANIZING COMMITTEE General Coordinator Taha AKSOY Advisors Finance: Murat KAYA Legal Issues: Hakan ERİŞ City and NGO Relations: Süleyman CENGİZ Local Media Advisor: Ahmet ÜNAL

Deputy Gen. Coor.

Deputy Gen. Coor.

Deputy Gen. Coor.




Administrative and Financial Affairs

International Relations Department

Marketing and Public Relations Department



Health and Anti-Doping Department

Sports Department

Security Department

Esma Terzier

Vedat Yüksel

Aydın Hilmi Gönen

Accommodation and Food Services Department

Sports Venues Department

Saadet Adagideli

Ceremony Management Department Akın İra

İbrahim İ.Koç

Technology Department Buğra Yılmaz

Cultural and Art Activities Department

Volunteer Management Department

Nurseren TOR

Mustafa Şahap Aksan

Environmental Services Department

Transportation Department

Yüksel Özdemir

Department Sezgin Sümer

Akın Atilla

University Relations M. Y. Burak Çimen

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SPORTS DEPARTMENT CONTACT INFORMATION Name-Surname Mobile Phone E-Mail Vedat YĂœKSEL +90 530 824 4252 Meliha BAYRAK +90 530 583 5215 Gizem +90 530 583 5215 PEHLEVAN

Title Director Vice Director Department Planning and International Communication Services




Department and Communication Services Planning (1)

Sports Information and Meeting Services Planning (1)

Competition Support Services Planning (1)

Communication Services (1)

Informing Services (1)

Pre Games Meeting Services (1)

I. Group Competition Planning Support (1)

Adana Communication Services (1)

Sports Department Communication Services (1)

Games Period Meeting Services (1)

II. Group Competition Planning Support (1)

Logistic Communication (1) (24)

III. Group Competition Planning Support (1)

Transport Communication (1)

IV. Group Competition Planning Support (1)

Catering Communication (1)

Information Centers Services (1)

Adana Competition Planning Support (4) Sports Volunteers Training Planning (1)

Competition Show Programme Services Planning (3)



Competition Management Communication Services (1)

Games Document/ Form Follow-up Services (1)


Sports Vice Director (1)

Health Communication (1)

Competition Support Services (1)

Adana Informing Services (2)

Adana Competition Support Services (1)

Technical Meeting Application Services (1) (31)

Referees Information Services (1)

Referees Meeting Application Services (1) (???)

Sports Volunteer Services (1)

Sports Information Centre Services (1) (141) Sports Technical Information Services (1) (68)

Competition Show Programme Services (3) (30)

Airgun&Firearm Shooting Competition Management

Basketball Competition Management

Equestrian Sports Competition Management

Clay Target Shooting Competition Management

Cycling Competition Management

Canoe & Kayak Competition Management

Athletics Competition Management

Football Competition Management

Rowing Competition Management

Paralympic Athletics Competition Management

Handball Competition Management

Waterski Competition Management

Gymnastics Artistic Competition Management

Table Tennis Competition Management

Water Polo Competition Management

Weightlifting Competition Management

Gymnastics Rhytmic Competition Management

Beachvolley Competition Management

Sailing Competition Management

Judo Competition Management

Bocce Competition Management

Tennis Competition Management

Swimming Competition Management

Karate Competition Management

Archery Competition Management

Volleyball Competition Management

Paralympic Swimming Competition Management

Taekwondo Competition Management

Technology Communication (1)

Other Communication (1)

07.09.2012 / Equestrian Sports Manual

Badminton Competition Management

Boxing Competition Management

Fencing Competition Management

Wrestling Competition Management

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07.09.2012 / Equestrian Sports Manual

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Adana Equestrian Sports Club

CNR Yenişehir Exhibition Centre Hall A

Tevfik Sırrı Gür Stadium Burhanettin Kocamaz Stadium Tarsus City Stadium

Equestrian Sports - M / F

Fencing- M / F

Football - M







tF 21

Edip Buran Sports Hall

Tennis Complex for 3000

Mersin University Hall No.2 Mersin Toroslar Sports Hall for 1000

Macit Özcan Swimming Pool

Erdemli Sports Hall

CNR Yenişehir Exhibition Centre C Hall FINAL NUMBERS

Mersin Atatürk Park

Taekwondo - M / F

Tennis - M / F

Volleyball - M Volleyball - F

Water Ski - M / F

Water Polo - M

Weightlifting - M / F

Wrestling (Greco Roman) - M Wrestling (Free Style) - F Wrestling (Free Style) - M









t t t tF tF

tF tF


t t t t t tF tF tF

tF tF


t t tF tF t tF tF tF

tF tF

CNR Yenişehir Exhibition Centre A Hall

t tF tF

t t t t

tF tF

Table Tennis - M / F

tF tF


tF tF

Olympic Swimming Pool

Swimming - M / F


tF tF tF

Shooting (Clay Target) - M / F

Erdemli Shooting Poligon


tF tF tF tF t t tF tF t tF tF tF

t t



t tF

Shooting (Airgun and firearm) - M / F

t t t t

t t tF tF

t t t

tF tF tt F


t t


t t t t

tF tF

t tF tF

tF tF

tF tF


t t

Mersin Marina

t t

tF tF t t t tF tF



t t

tF tF

Sailing - M / F


t t t t t

t t

tF tF


t t

t t

Adana Seyhan Lake

Olimpic Swimming Pool

Nevin Yanıt Athletics Facility


Rowing M / F

Paralympic Athletics- M Paralympic Athletics- F Paralympic Swimming- M Paralympic Swimming- F

DAY -1

Only for Equestrian Sports 5.DAY

tF tF 6.DAY


Competitions & finals Competitions & finals 8.DAY

t t 9.DAY


Male Competitions Female Competitions




tF tF

t t t t

tF tF t t

t t tF t

t t

t t

t t

t t t t t

tF tF t t tF

tF 36

tF tF


t t

t t

t t tF tF tF

tF tF


t t tF tF tF

tF tF t t

tF 28

t t t

tF tF

tF tF t tF tF


tF t

t t tF tF

tF tF t t


tF tF tF t

t t


tF tF


tF tF

tF tF tF tF

tF tF t t



tF tF

tF tF

tF tF

t t tF

tF tF

tF tF

tF tF


tF tF

tF tF

18th June 19th June 20th June 21st June 22nd June 23rd June 24th June 25th June 26th June 27th June 28th June 29th June 30th June Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun OPENING CLOSING

DAY -2








Edip Buran Sports Hall

Adnan Menderes Boulevard

Cycling - M / F



Karate - M / F

Adana Seyhan Lake

Canoe & Kayak - M / F



Toroslar Sports Hall for 500

Boxing - M


Mersin University Hall No.1

Toroslar Bocce Venue

Bocce - M / F


Judo - M / F

Kızkalesi Beach

Beach Volley M / F



Servet Tazegül Sports Complex Tarsus Sports Hall

Basketball - M Basketball - F


Lütfullah Aksungur Sports Hall Adana Yüreğir Serinevler Sports Hall

Mersin University Hall No.1

Badminton - M / F


Mersin Gymnastics Hall for 1000

Nevin Yanıt Athletics Facility

Athletics - M / F


Gymnastics / Artistic - M Gymnastics / Artistic - F Gymnastics / Rhytmic - F Handball - M Handball - F

Macit Özcan Sports Complex South Grass Field


Archery - M / F






1. INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION INTERNATIONAL EQUESTRIAN FEDERATION (FEI) HM King Hussein Building Chemin de la Joliette 8 1006 Lausanne /SWITZERLAND Phone: +41 21 310 47 47 Fax: +41 21 310 47 47 Website: E-mail: President: Hrh Princess Haya Secretary General: Ingmar de Vos

2. NATIONAL FEDERATION TURKISH EQUESTRIAN FEDERATION (TBF) Çiftlik Caddesi No: 22 06560 – Beştepe / Ankara / TURKEY Poligon mah.Poligon Cad. No:4 İstinye, Sarıyer / İstanbul / TURKEY Phone: +90 212 277 78 20 (21-22) Fax: + 90 212 277 7868 Website: E-mail: President: Armağan ÖZGÖRKEY Secretary General: Ali KÜÇÜK

3. MANAGEMENT OF EQUESTRIAN SPORTS 3.1. FEI Technical Delegate: Mr. Olaf PETERSEN (Germany) Phone: E-mail: / 3.2. Course Designer Frédéric COTTIER (FRA) Phone: +33 612 047554 E-mail:

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3.3.Organizing Committee for the 2013 Mersin XVIIth Mediterranean Games (OCMG 2013) Competitions The organizing committee for this sport shall be composed of a Competition Manager and a Venue Manager who will be in charge of the smooth execution of the competition, together with the Competition Support Unit. Competition Manager: Levent ÖZGÜNEY Phone: + 90 554 402 48 10 E-mail:

4.COMPETITIONS, DATES AND VENUES 4.1. Competitions The Equestrian Sports competitions of 2013 Mersin XVIIth Mediterranean Games include the following discipline and category.



*The classification of the team competitions will be determined through the results of the top three (3) members of each team. 4.2. Dates and Venues The Jumping competitions will take place at the “Adana Equestrian Sports Club” (Yüreğir-Adana) from Sunday, 23 June 2013 to Monday, 24 June 2013. Venue Address: Kisla Mah. M. Ozhan Bulvarı No: 163 Yuregir/ADANA Horses belonging to the participating Countries will arrive no later than 19 June 2013.

5. CONDITIONS FOR COMPETITIONS TO BE HELD The Individual Jumping competitions will be held provided that eight (8) Countries register no later than the deadline for the entries by number registration. If the number of entries received by 19 March 2013 (24.00 hrs GMT+2) is lower than the abovementioned number, the Chairman of the ICMG Technical Commission or his representative assisted by one (1) or two (2) members of such commission appointed by the President of ICMG and in the presence of Sports Director of OCMG 2013 will withdraw the events not fulfilling the requested minimum quota. This will be made in Mersin on 7 May 2013 (24.00 hrs GMT+2). Immediately following this date, the OCMG 2013 will notify the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) involved, by fax or e-mail, about the possible cancellations.

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Once confirmed, the competitions will be held and athletes will be awarded with medals, regardless of the actual number of participating teams.

6. COMPETITION RULES The Equestrian Sports competitions will be held in accordance with the FEI (International Federation of Equestrian Sports) rules in force as of 1 January 2012, excluding the special dispensations by the ICMG. Any inconvenience not covered hereby will be settled as follows: • •

General cases will be settled according to the ICMG Regulations Technical cases will be settled according to the FEI Regulation

7. TECHNICAL ORGANIZATION The TBF (Turkish Equestrian Federation), in the presence and under the supervision of the FEI Technical Delegate, is responsible for the technical organization and management of the Equestrian Sports competitions to be held within the scope of the 2013 Mersin XVIIth Mediterranean Games. 7.1. Special Provisions Concerning Competitions According to the ICMG and FEI regulations in force as of 1 January 2012, Competition Manager will be in charge of the smooth operation of competitions and settling of any dispute possible to occur before or during the competitions, excluding the special dispensations by the ICMG. 7.2. Competition system The competition system for jumping competitions will comply with the FEI regulations. The jumping competition will consist of two classes contested on different days. The competition will be conducted as stated below: Friday, 21 June 2013 First Veterinary Inspection Saturday, 22 June 2013 Second Veterinary Inspection Training Session / Warm-up  Course of approximately eight jumps, including one multiple obstacle and a liverpool (height 1.40m).  Open to all riders and horses.  Each rider has 90 second per horse. Sunday, 23 June 2013 Competition I: first competition, individual competition and team final. 07.09.2012 / Equestrian Sports Manual

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Conduct, Marking Scheme and Speed      

Marking scheme: as per article 264 of the FEI Nations Cup. Speed: 375m/min. Obstacles and course length. 12 obstacles, with one double and one triple or three double obstacles. Two (2) rounds of the same course including water jump 3.50. Height: 1.40m maximum. Length: 450m minimum, 550m maximum.

Participation  Competitiors who have been entered for the individual and team competition must take part in this first competition.  Each competitor may participate with one horse. Starting Order  This will be determined by drawing lots in accordance with the FEI regulations, Article 264/56. Team Ranking 

The FEI regulation will be applied, as per article 8 of “the Nations Cup”.

Individual Ranking 

The Points from the two legs will be added together so as to obtain the final ranking.

Monday, 24 June 2013 Competition II: Second competition, final of the individual competition. Conduct, Marking Scheme and Speed  This competition will take place over two different rounds according to Baremme A, not against the clock and at a speed of 375 m/min, as per article 273 of the FEI regulations. Obstacles and Course Length  

12 obstacles, with 1 double and 1 triple or 3 double obstacles. Height: 1.40m maximum.

Participation  Only competitiors and horses participated in the first competition may take part in this final competition.  All individuals must have performed the second leg course to qualify. Starting Order  The starting order for the first leg will again be determined by drawing lots. 07.09.2012 / Equestrian Sports Manual

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 For the second leg, the participants will present themselves at the starting line in reserve ranking order, obtained by adding together the points received in the first competition and first leg. In the event of a tie, participants will start in the same order as in the first leg. Individual Ranking  The individual ranking will be determined by adding together the penalties committed during the first competition and the two rounds of the second competition. The participant who has the lowest overall totals from both qualifying competitions will be classified first and win the gold medal.  In the event of a tie for medal places, the participant will be separated by a jump off against the clock.

8. COMPETITION VENUES AND EQUIPMENT The Jumping Competitions will be held at “Adana Equestrian Sports Club” (Yüreğir-Adana) approximately 3.5 km (7 minutes) away from the Adana Mediterranean Village Complex (MV7) and has a capacity for 500 spectators. 8.1. Competition Arena Competitions for Equestrian Sports will be held at the competition area that have the size of 90m X 50m and sand & textile footing. 8.2. Warm Up Arena Warm-up arena for the competitions of Equestrian Sports has the size of 35mx65m and sand&textile footing. 8.3. Stables The venue is equipped with a roofed area with 60 permanent brick wall stables of 3mx3m size, in compliance with FEI regulations. 8.4. Equipment All sport and technical equipment used in Equestrian Sports competitions and training sessions shall comply with FEI regulations in force as of 1 January 2012, excluding the special dispensations by the ICMG. 8.5. Mixed Zone and Press Conference Room Accredited media will be allowed to briefly interview riders at the end of competitions in the Mixed Zone. Participants will have to go through this area when leaving the competition area. They will be asked to collaborate with the media and answer their questions. At the end of each competition, the OCMG 2013 press staff may invite riders to proceed to the Press Conference Room where they will be interviewed.

07.09.2012 / Equestrian Sports Manual

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9. TRAINING 9.1. Training Arenas Jumping training sessions will be held at the main competition arena. This arena will be available for training sessions starting from Wednesday, 19 June 2013 in accordance with the training programme provided by the OCMG 2013. 9.2 Allocation Procedure of Training Sessions Prior to the competitions, the Chief Steward, together with the FEI Technical Delegate, shall establish the timetable for all participating teams to access the training area. Upon arrival, all the teams will find information about the abovementioned timetable at the Information Centre in the Mediterranean Village, at the training area, near the stables and at the Technical Office of Equestrian Sports at the competition arena.

10. ELIGIBILITY All National Olympic Committees of ICMG Member States whose Federations are FEI members are entitled to take part in the Equestrian Sports competitions of the 2013 Mersin XVIIth Mediterranean Games. Riders must be the nationals of the country entering them at the time of the preliminary registration and must comply with the ICMG and FEI rules and regulations. Every NOC is entitled to register one (1) team to the jumping competition. The team is composed of maximum five (5) riders and five (5) horses, but only four (4) riders and four (4) horses are entitled to participate. The Team leader of each team will notify, in written, the pairs of team competitors and the pairs of individual competitors by h 12.00 pm on the day preceding the first competition. The results obtained by the top three (3) riders will be used to determine the classification of the teams. NOCs that are unable to register a full team (at least three (3) riders and three (3) horses) for the 2013 Mersin XVIIth Mediterranean Games will nevertheless be entitled to participate with one (1) or two (2) individual competitors.

11. ENTRIES The Delegations entry system is linked to the General Accreditation System. The OCMG 2013 entry system is based upon a document downloadable from the website: Each NOC will receive a set code and password to access the document which is available in two languages (English and French).

07.09.2012 / Equestrian Sports Manual

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On-line accreditation and sports entries system allowing the registration of a list of sports entries which, duly completed and signed, must also be sent by fax or e-mail to the OCMG 2013, before the deadline hereafter indicated. 11.1. Preliminary entries The preliminary entries forms to be issued by each participating NOC must be submitted to the OCMG 2013, no later than 10 November 2012 (24.00 hrs GMT+2). 11.2. Entries by number The entries by number forms to be issued by each participating NOC must be submitted to the OCMG 2013, no later than Tuesday 19 March 2013 (24.00 hrs GMT+2). 11.3. Entries by name (Long List) The entries by name forms to be issued by each participating NOC must be submitted to the OCMG 2013, no later than Friday, 19 April 2013 (24.00 hrs GMT+2). 11.4. Final Entries by Name (Short List) The final entries by name form (short list), to be issued by each participating NOC must be submitted to the OCMG 2013 no later than 5 June 2013 (24.00 hrs GMT +2). 11.5. Entries confirmation Moreover, upon the arrival of the Chief de Mission to Mersin, hopefully two days before the arrival of the Delegations, there will be a D.R.M. (Definitive Registration Meeting) with the Organizing Committee in order to discuss certain topics and meet the requirements (general rules, administrative issues, Village and other accommodation, transport, training time table, sports entries confirmations, accreditations, rate-card payments, financials, etc.). Specific forms will be delivered to each Mission Chief, in due time, to confirm the entries during the D.R.M. Confirmation for a further participating athlete can also be communicated to the OCMG 2013 sports management, for extraordinary circumstance, at the latest during the Technical Meeting as per section 12 of this regulation.

12. TECHNICAL MEETING The Technical Meeting for the Equestrian Jumping Competition will be held at “Adana Equestrian Sports Club” (Yüreğir-Adana) on Friday 21 June 2013 (19.00 hrs). The meeting will be organized in accordance with the FEI rules and under the supervision of the FEI Technical Delegate. The meeting will be attended by:  

FEI Technical Delegate; ICMG Technical Commission Member (for relevant sports)

07.09.2012 / Equestrian Sports Manual

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       

Course Designer President of Ground jury; Chief Steward; Veterinary Delegate (one member of the Veterinary Commission); Chief d’Equipe (one for each team); Participating riders (representing themselves); OCMG 2013 Competition Manager and Assistant Competition Manager of Equestrian Sports competitions; OCMG 2013 Venue Manager.

13. MEDICAL SERVICES During the 2013 Mersin XVIIth Mediterranean Games, medical services will be available in the Mediterranean Village and at all the competition and training venues for all accredited athletes and their officials. a.

Mediterranean Village

The Mediterranean Village Medical Centre will provide the residents with the below-listed medical services.   

Polyclinics, Laboratory and Diagnostic Imagining Emergency service (24 hours) Ambulance service (24 hours)

A Medical Guide detailing the medical services will be available to the participating delegations during the Games. b.

Competition and Training Venues

Competition Venues: Medical teams consisting of MDs and paramedics will be available in all competition venues. Training Venues: First aid medical team will be available during the training sessions. An ambulance service (present or on-call) will be available at all competition and training venues. 13.1. Veterinary services All test and control procedures concerning horses will be applied in accordance with the FEI veterinary regulations in relation to the tests, veterinary inspections, passport check, medicine check, etc. Veterinary services will be free of charge during competitions only. Applicants will be charged for the materials used, such as medications, etc. Moreover, a veterinary ambulance will be on duty during all training sessions and competitions. All participating Delegations will receive the name and the contact number of the relevant veterinary clinic. 07.09.2012 / Equestrian Sports Manual

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13.2. MCP (Medication Control Programme) The Medication Control Programme will be held by the FEI testing veterinary for the 2013 Mersin XVIIth Mediterranean Games. 13.3. Anti-Doping Tests Doping control tests will be conducted during, and/or prior to the Games, by the Anti-Doping Commission of Turkish National Olympic Committee, under the responsibility of the ICMG Medical Commission in collaboration with the OCMG 2013 Health Department (Anti-Doping Unit) and in accordance with the ICMG, IOC, FEI and WADA rules and regulations. All athletes selected for doping control test will receive a written notification and the procedure for doping control will subsequently start. Any athlete who refuses to undergo doping control test or who has positive results will be disqualified from the competition and sanctioned in accordance with the ICMG and FEI rules and WADA Anti-Doping Code. Detailed information regarding controls will also be provided in Anti-Doping Guide and it will be distributed to the participating NOCs.

14. JURY AND APPEALS COMMITEEe 14.1. Ground Jury The Ground jury will be chaired by an official international judge appointed by the FEI and proposed by the OCMG 2013. The judge will be assisted by four (4) international judges. 14.2. Appeals Committee International Appeals Committees will be established in compliance with the technical regulations of competitions for each sport to be included in the programme of the 2013 Mersin XVIIth Mediterranean Games. These Committees deal with official complaints and appeals. If the Technical Delegate is not the President of the Appeals Committee, the International Federation (FEI) will appoint, among the international officials present at the competitions and through the Technical Delegate, the Appeals Committee President. In general, excluding special dispensations by the International Federation, the Appeals Committee will be composed of the following members:  

one (1) President two (2) members appointed by the FEI among the international officials present.

This list will be communicated by the FEI Technical Delegate during the Technical Meeting. In the event of a complaint, the members of the Committee cannot be of the same nationality as the person lodging the complaint.

07.09.2012 / Equestrian Sports Manual

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15. COMPLAINTS AND APPEALS All complaints and appeals will be settled according to the FEI International Regulations. All complaints must be submitted in French, English or Arabic and accompanied by a cash deposit and in accordance with the rules of FEI. In the event that the complaint is accepted, the deposit will be refunded. Otherwise it will be acquired by the OCMG 2013.

16. SPORTS UNIFORMS Riders taking part in Equestrian Sports competitions of the 2013 Mersin XVIIth Mediterranean Games will wear uniforms in compliance with FEI Regulations. No commercial brands and logos will be displayed on any uniform, accessory or on clothes and equipment to be worn and used by the riders, with the exception of the producer’s labels on condition that this is not printed for advertising purposes, in accordance with ICMG and FEI regulations. Award ceremonies are subject to the same regulations.

17. AWARDS Award ceremonies will be held at the end of each final. In accordance with the ICMG regulations, the following prizes will be submitted: Individual Competition First prize Gold medal and a diploma to the first-ranked rider. Second prize Silver medal and a diploma to second-ranked rider. Third prize Bronze medal and a diploma to the third-ranked rider. Prizes from Fourth to Eighth place: A diploma will be given to each rider obtaining fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth place. Team Competition First prize A gold medal and a diploma for each team member. Second prize A Silver medal and a diploma for each team member. Third prize A Bronze medal and a diploma for each team member. 07.09.2012 / Equestrian Sports Manual

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Prizes from Fourth to Eighth place: A diploma will be given to the member of each team occupying the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth place.

18. TIME TABLE 21 June 2013 (EQUESTRIAN SPORTS) HOUR ACTIVITY/EVENT 17.00 19.00 1st Veterinary Inspection 19.30 Technical Meeting

VENUE Adana Equestrian Sports Club Adana Equestrian Sports Club

22 June 2013 (EQUESTRIAN SPORTS) HOUR ACTIVITY/EVENT 10.00 11.00 2nd Veterinary Inspection 18.00 20.00 Training Session

VENUE Adana Equestrian Sports Club Adana Equestrian Sports Club

23 June 2013 (EQUESTRIAN SPORTS) HOUR DISCIPLINE 17.00 21.00 Jumping Individual 17.00 21.00 Jumping Teams


VENUE Adana Equestrian Sports Club Adana Equestrian Sports Club

*Round 1 and Round 2 will be held at the same course. 24 June 2013 (EQUESTRIAN SPORTS) HOUR DISCIPLINE 18.00 20.00 Jumping Individual 18.00 20.00 Jumping Individual

ACTIVITY/EVENT Round 3 – Round 4** FINAL

VENUE Adana Equestrian Sports Club Adana Equestrian Sports Club

**Round 3 and Round 4 will be held on different courses. Information provided in the Draft Time Table is subjected to change at any time, depending on the number of participating athletes. Official daily Time Table will be confirmed by the Technical Delegate at the Technical Meeting.

19. TECHNICAL OFFICES FOR COMPETITIONS Two offices will provide specific information about the Equestrian Sports competitions. The first one is the Technical Office for Equestrian Sports, located at the competition venue, at the warning manege and near stables area. The second one is the Sports Information Centre located in the Mediterranean Village. These offices will provide information about competition times, opening times of competition and training venues, transportation, the list of competitors and the results. The two offices will also provide technical information to be issued by the FEI and OCMG 2013.

07.09.2012 / Equestrian Sports Manual

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20. APPROVAL OF THE TECHNICAL BOOK In case of disagreement on the interpretation of these regulations, the French version shall prevail. These regulations were approved by the President of the Technical Committee and ICMG on 7 September 2012.

07.09.2012 / Equestrian Sports Manual

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