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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CALENDAR OF EVENTS THURSDAY, June 16 How to cope with Macular degeneration... and support those with this eye condition, 10am, Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rochester. Foot Care Clinic, 12-3:30pm, Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rochester. Appointments required. Call 507-287-1404 to register. Rochester Huff and Puff Club (group for people with breathing problems), 1:303:30pm, Masonic Lodge, 2nd St. SW. For more info call Ed, 507-289-0034. Elks Spaghetti Dinner, 6-8pm, Elks Lodge, Hillcrest Shopping Center, Rochester.

Popcorn in the Park by Rochester Community Band, 2:30pm, Rochester Central Park, 1st Avenue and 2nd Street NW. Concert is free. Rain location is at Lourdes High School auditorium. Celebrate recovery, a Christian 12-step process for people with hurts, hang-ups and habits, 5:30pm, Rochester Assembly of God. *

Celebrate recovery, a Christian 12-step process for people with hurts, hang-ups and habits, 7pm, Autumn Ridge. * Rockin’ 50’s Dance, 7-11pm, Fred Reed Hall, Rochester Senior Center, 121 N Broadway, Rochester. SATURDAY, JUNE 18 Vintage Treasures Market, 9am-4pm, 29452 County Rd. 11, Fountain, MN. For more info, call 507-250-1690. Widows & Widowers of Rochester meeting, 9:15am, breakfast at 9:30. Clarion Inn South on Broadway. For more information, call 507-289-2263.* Super Market Saturday with Channel One Food Shelf, 10am-noon, Oasis Church, 1815 38th St. NW, Rochester. SE MN Celiac Support Group, 10am, Baldwin Building, 2nd ST. SW and 4th AVE, Rochester. “Should we screen the general population for celiac disease?” is the topic. African Descendants Support Network, Annual Community Health Infomation Fair, 12-4pm, East Park Pavilion, 1738 East Cneter St., Rochester. Outdoor Party and Charity Event, 1-10pm, Whistle Binkies North back lot. Benefits the Out of the Darkness Walk of the SE MN Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

FRIDAY, JUNE 17 Living well with Chronic Conditions program, 9am-11am, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Kasson. Program free for seniors age 60+. (May 20-June 24). * Vintage Treasures Market, 9am-6pm, Wine Tasting 5-7pm. 29452 County Rd. 11, Fountain, MN. For more info, call 507-2501690. Exercise for Seniors, 9:30-10:30am, Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rocheseter. Call 507-287-1404 for more info. *

SUNDAY, JUNE 19 Celebrate recovery, a Christian 12-step process for people with hurts, hang-ups and habits, 5:30pm, Hope Summit Christian Church. * MONDAY, JUNE 20 Monday Men’s Group, 9am, Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rochester. Topic: “Distaster strikes. How will you keep informed?” Exercise for Seniors, 9:30-10:30am, Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rocheseter. Call 507-287-1404 for more info. * DBSA Depression Bipolar Support Alliance, 5:30-6:30pm, St. Marys Hospital, Generose bldg, room 2-120, Sister Helen Hayes Lecture Hall. For people who live with depression or bipolar, whether they have the


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2011 Monday, June 6,

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condition or care about someone who does.* Celebrate recovery, a Christian 12-step process for people with hurts, hang-ups and habits, 6:00pm, Community Celebration Church in Kasson. * Med City T’ai-Chi Ch’uan Club, 6-7:30pm, Fred Reed Hall. Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rocheseter. Call 507-289-1795 for info. * Care Conversations, 7-8pm, Hope Lodge, 411 2nd St. NW, Rochester. Open to caregivers of family members with cancer. TUESDAY, JUNE 21 Million $ Hole-in-one Shoot Out, June 21-24, Hadley Creek Golf Learning Center, 2441, Hadley Valley Rd. NE, Rochester. Organ Recital by Rev. William Otte, 12:10pm, Trinity Lutheran Church, 222 6th Ave. SW, Rochester.* Silver Treads Square Dance Club, 1-3pm, Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rocheseter. Contact Charles Bysheim at 2814455 or Pam Styder at 281-2547 for more info. * Advantages of Breastfeeding by the La Leche League of Rochester, 6:45pm, Zumbro Lutheran church, 624 3rd Ave. SW Rochester. Membership is encouraged but not required.


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On Satur- information.) ent he p tract n s,Patc ego man nt a ttend gh Smions f nm h a-11o:30p of 12 ell9:30 ray, c t e & p n D t 11 e i n o g s 10, it e a h a 10, m v o be hosting the even e d o Jun n t a y a h e io t io ti t liam tr s f $19.95 re -bas Frid Menu Specials Jun y ion thast pro oothly ns w n O’Ne to b meeta, wild rice pila e act u s seu aWil m s. 5-9pm en dail pple-Avocado Sals $18.99 P oved d, an wasDav p e 12, exp- fe s sio due ent q eil: oard d dayp,eJun oz. $16.99 12 oz. Skewers w/Pinea Now op it te ,” PitSun u e rfor erinstre n “ t salad or soup 10 • Grilled Shrimp nugseic ten we w Min ma ten-ls starte ctation a l i sm o Mr. ick ly The Irish choice of sides & d or soup $16.99 a sala Jus, & r s Au n g n , M side Rib d e c of e s Mu and om . I , an t h e r s a te d c e • Prim k, choice re n t ha i n id Marinated Stea .cc • www.riverside t mutu ng M look f d des a s on a oz’s had . 63 • rro@acegroup • Grilled Garlic 67-36 507-4 • 9 r i rela a lly . M or w re t ble sboro, MN 5594 pho tion ben uno ard o g 109 S. Parkway, Lane ne ON THE ROOT ship ef ic z in to et See ia l, to a wel.” SUP pro lon ERIN duc g, tive TEN D

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2007 Pt Cruiser; touring edition, 52,000 miles, loaded, A/C, At, C/D, PW, power locks, pale yellow, excellent condition. $6,500. 507-536-4114. a


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1989 ½ toN Chevy pickup 4WD, with Western uni-mount Pro-plow, 7 ½ ft power angle. runs good, automatic. $2,895./obo 507-259-9069. 5/4-8/10

ct s pro PETS upe ved

rint for encozy Dog houses; Well built, ne denblanket lined, all sizes $25-$135. 507-282-1572. t w 5/25-6/1

AKC sheltie puppies, 2 femaels.

Plymouth ¾ ton ext. van, 360, $200 each or will trade. All shots up to sign “ 1976 PB, AC, At, no rust. 100,000 miles, date. 507-289-7880. p8,15- x WePs, excellent condition. $3500. 507-282de 1999 olDs intrigue; 4dr., white, some 0161.5/11-8/17 Call it in! sig transmission problem $850. 507-273ww 507-288-5201 2000 Chevn 2500 h.D.-65 8ft. Box trail7960. ctfn w.o ext. cab,y4 o er pkg, dr.u 6.0 130,000 lms brake iveR r sengine, R control, ton, cover, 1998 Chevy Malibu ls; full power, mi, electronic u t e e id S dco chrome c cetinted REC. VEHICLES steps, good gas mileage, must see! only chrome grill guard, nty CB radio FAX it in! ssNo!” windows, window uvisors, $3,500./obo 507-951-1164. 4/27-8/3 ourruns great, rust, no smoke, looks jand 507-288-9560 1995 DoDge spirit; 4dr., 6cyl., auto, $875. 507-273-7960. c4/27tfn


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upg rad es t oD ive Wednesday, June 8, 2011 ls ore o o vece h Sc c li b u P r d n la gs in Co mas! K Riding for Christ awar&d PICKUPS distntract nance 4WD fiVANS, ap ri


WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22 Million $ Hole-in-one Shoot Out, June 21-24, Hadley Creek Golf Learning Center, 2441, Hadley Valley Rd. NE, Rochester. Toast with Toastmasters, 7-8am, Mayo Clinic Gonda Building, 19th floor, 19-105 200 1st St. SW. A place to practice the English language skills and meet new people. For more information, e-mail jackson.* Foot Care Clinic, 9am,-11:30am. Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rochester. Appointments required. Call 507-287-1404 to register.* Friends of the Library’s Rochesterfest Book Sale, 9:30am-8:30pm, Rochester Public Library Auditorium, 101 Second St. SE, Rochester. Exercise for Seniors, 9:30-10:30am, Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rocheseter. Call 507-287-1404 for more info. * Free Car seat inspections, 4-6pm, Rochester Fire Station #4, 1875 41st St. NW. Appointments only. 255-5066.

Reach 170,200* OL MS TED Readers CO UN TY With One Classified Ad

Reg iste h School d gslandrHeig in K m o fr sex es at u grad Seventy-year-old offe nde rs PAGE

See advertisements in today’s Olmsted County Journal for full details of event listings highlighted in gray.


Page 21



oAK Curio CABiNet, glass shelves w/light. $300/obo. NeW, never used. Moving, must sell! 507-202-4963. s2710/11

Multi-FAMily garage sale: thurs. June 9 and Fri., June 10. 8am-4pm. 1602,1605, and 1654 Meadow Circle se, rochester. misc household items, toys, furniture, windows and screens, assorted lumber and much more! g8- x

lArge oAK entertainment stand w/ doors & drawers from Quality Woods. Asking $200. 507-440-1369. (rochester Area). s27tfn toP QuAlity Master Craft queen sleeper sofa bed; 6 years old, new condition. Fabric: gray/blue/tan. $1300 new. Asking $325. stewartville. 623-5121742. s27tfn

FOR Only $10

MoviNg sAle! oNe DAy oNly! thurs. June 9, 8am-6pm. Furnitureweber gas grill-tv’s-desks-singer sewing machine-kitchen counter stools- deco items-books-professional power toolsDeWalt 12” mitre saw-graco paint sprayer- routers - and tons more!! 799 sierra ln, Ne, rochester. g8- x

Pag10¢ Per Additional Word For 15 Words and e2 BOATS & ACC. Call 507-765-2151 or 507-288-5201 To Place your Ad

2002 Buick lesabre; New 6 year battery, rebuilt transmission, runs good, 193K, $3,000./firm 507-273-0460.tfn



1995 Dodge spirit; 4dr., 6cyl, auto, $875. 507-273-7960.tfn 2000 PolAris 4-wheeler. sportsman

2000 vW Beetle, 4 cyl, 5 sp. air, Pl, PW, $3,695. Arrow Motors. 507-2894747. a8- o

1997 geo prizm, 4 dr, At, Air 130K, $2,895. Arrow Motors. 507-289-4747. a8- o 2001 Dodge status, 2dr, v6, At, sharp. $3,495. Arrow Motors. 507-289-4747. a8- o 2000 Chevy Cavalier Z-24, At, air, sunroof. $3,295. Arrow Motors. 507-2894747. a8- o 1999 subaru Forester, 4dr. 4cyl, At, allwheel drive. $4,495. Arrow Motors.

Pag 2000 hoNDA ENTCBr 600 F4; black/ e5  orange, new tires, chain, very well maintained, includes, helmet, jacket, gloves, $15, 700 miles. Must see! $3900/obo. 507-271-7836. 27tfn it in! e-mail

QueeN sleePer sofa bed, very good condition, mauve, blue and tan color, $100. Call 507-529-5018. s8- o

335, 400 miles, plow and wench included, just like new. $3000/obo. 507-2892994. 27-8/3

28hP MAriNe-r outboard motor; excellent condition $550./obo 507-3582504.tfn

2010 ADley scooter, 49cc, blue, like

1997 NorthWooD Pro 16; 40hp,

roKetA Motor scooter; tahiti model 150cc, silver & blue, runs good, up to 55MPh. $600./obo. 507-282-2372.g rv27tfn

Asking $5,300. 507-282-3469.tfn

shorelander trailer, console steering, $1300/obo. 507-696-1044. 27-6/15 *Source: National new. Newspaper Assocation 2009 electric database troll, anchor mate, many extras.

consider trade, $10,500. 507-545-2463 tfn

1998 subaru outback, 4 cyl, 5-speed, 4x4. $2,495.Arrow Motors. 507-2894747. a8- o 2003 PoNtiAC AZteK vAN v6, at, sunroof. $5,695. Arrow Motors. 507289-4747. a8- o

For sAle: 2008 outback Fiberglass 30 1/2 travel trailer. Quad bunks in the back, queen bedroom up front. sleeps 8, 1 large slide. exc/cond. 507-583-7096.

2002 Chevy trACKer 4dr, 4 cy, 4x4,

2007 KZ travel trailer; 23CMs Coyote

FiBerglAss lund boat; tri hull, 35hp evinrude w/steering wheel and controls, new tires and bearings on trailer, runs great! $1000./obo 507-250-0316.tfn 1974 15 ½ Ft. Fiberglass v-hull, open bow runabout, 50hp evinrude, steering console, depth finder, swivel seats. Cheap family fun. $1500. 507-252-9678. tfn

ruMMAge sAle: Fri., June 10, 8a-3p and sat, June 11, 8a-12p. Bethany united Methodist Church, 1835 19th Ave NW, rochester. g8- o CrAFt ruMMAge sale: 6/9-6/11. 8am-5pm. 3837 60th Ave se, rochester. Fan, small tool box, baby quilts, pillows, wood items, fabric remnants, craft and sewing supplies. g8- x “500 BloCK” Neighborhood garage sales. Antiques, household goods, furniture, baby items, infant - adult clothing, exercise equipment, gardening supplies, knick knacks, tupperware . one day only! saturday, June 11, 7-4pm 500 block 1st ave se stewartville. g8- x huge MoviNg sAle! Fri., June 10, 8-4, sat., June 11, 8-4. toys, tools, furniture and much more! Don’t miss it! 707 17th st. se, rochester. g8- x gArAge sAle, Friday June 10, 1-7pm,

Business Service Directory ALTERATIONS

Alteration Etc. Professional Seamstress Service • Complete Alteration Services • Specialized Repair Services • Custom Curtains, Drapes & Accessories • Original Fashion Creations Over 30 Years Experience Call Stephanie (507) 398-4229





SEItZ COnStruCtIOn General Contractor • Integrity and Quality are #1 507-292-8000 Residential/Commercial Remodeling and New Construction We offer complete construction services for your next project. Interior/Exterior Roofing, Siding, Windows, Doors, Seamless Gutters, Decks, Basements, Trim, Drywall, Custom Tile, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Additions or New Construction FrEE EStIMAtES Fully Insured/Lic.#20636791

On A BudGEt??? • Gutters • Painting • Lawncare • Landscaping • Junk Removal • Dirt/Rock/Sand Hauling • Retaining Walls • Fencing • Property Cleanouts YOu nAME It...WE dO It!!! 12 Years Experience • FREE Estimates • Fully Insured • References tPr Services unlimited llC CN# 31429776 507-696-7524 (tim)

AndErSOn lAndSCAPE MAnAGEMEnt Residential and Commercial • Mowing & Trimming • Snow Removal (Residential Only) • Seasonal Yard Clean-up • Landscape Design & Installation • Organic Lawn Care Methods • Competitive Pricing • Free Estimates • Senior Discount 507-990-4736 MNLA Certified, AS Landscape Horticulture, Insured

Business Service Directory

COuntrY CArE Adult FOStEr CArE Has immediate openings... 14 years in Business Country Care is a wheelchair accessible home, family style living, works closely with physicians, skilled in medications, oxygen care, diabetic trained, catheter cares and more! A Wonderful Alternative to a Skilled Facility! Call Linda today at 507-365-8952 Or visit us at:

AUTO WAntEd BROKE-DOWN CARS & TRUCKS! We’ll BUY your broken car! We’ll BUY your junker truck! CHAddOCK truCK PArtS Licensed • Insured • Bonded Dealer Hwy. 14 East 507-288-3346

CARPET CLEANINg OXI FrESH OF SE MInnESOtA Let the power of Oxygen Clean your Carpets *Fast 1 Hour Dry Time* Soft Drying with No Residue Safe for Children & Pets Pet Odor & Stain Removal Experts BuYErS GuIdE SPECIAl code BG2011 3 rOOMS FOr $89 (Individual room Size not to Exceed 175 sq. ft.) World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner 529-5597 live Person

CAULKINg KEYStOnE CAulKInG, llC • Caulking • Doors • Windows • Driveways & Sidwalks • Patios Residential & Commercial Over 37 years combined experience Fully Insured 507-251-4574 - Tim • 507-254-0665 - Joe

CLEANINg SERvICES tOrnAdO ClEAnInG SErVICES We take dirtiness out of your: Offices, Home, Apartments, Garages, Basements, RV’s, Decks, Animal Clinics, Public Rest Rooms, & MUCH MORE! We live clean in your area & around YOUR WORLD! PERMITS & INSURANCE 507-398-5114 or 507-536-2591 (Maria)

COMPUTER/PC SUPPORT dFMeer Computing Home & Business Computer Support On-site, pick-up or drop-off Only $45/hour home, $50/hour business PC Tune-up • Virus/Spyware/Adware Removal Internet/Email tutoring Hardware/Software Installation • Wired & Wireless Network Installation • Personal Education Installation Write-Ups dave Meer 507-280-9590 Microsoft Certified • CompTIA Certified

CONCRETE MIdWESt ICF COnStruCtIOn, llC Insulated Concrete Homes, Foundations, Decorative Concrete, Driveways, Patios, Sidewalks, Stained Concrete, Stamped Concrete, Concrete Steps 507-206-0452 (rick) 507-206-0473 (Mike) 507-206-0836(Fax) PrOPErtY dOCtOrS, llC Are your concrete gaps growing? Is your concrete moving with the seasons? Let us fix the cracks, gaps & missing expansion joins. Call Property Doctors, LLC to discuss our solutions which include a warranty. Property doctors, llC “Keeping Your Property Healthy” 507-272-3979

CONSTRUCTION WEtZStEIn COnStruCtIOn, llC. New Home Construction & Old Home Restoration • Additions • 3 and 4 Seasons • Garages • Decks • Porches • Patio Doors • Windows • Siding (Wood/Vinyl/Steel) • Complete Kitchen Cabinets • Counters • Bathroom (Complete) • Etc 507-529-1833 Jeff Lic#20634563


Adam’s Construction • Sheetrock Hanging • Taping • Texturing • Metal Framing • Fully Insured FREE ESTIMATES “Nobody Beats Our Price on Quality” For the Smoothest Finish, contact Adam at 507-289-7458

K.O. drYWAll, InC. Tape, Spray Texture, Knockdown, and install Drywall, Repairs • FREE ESTIMATES Basements • Garages • Additions Call Kerry Olson at 507-261-1419

ELECTRICAL Wipf Electric, llC Professional, Courteous Service Commercial, Industrial, Residential Over 30 Years Experience! Licensed, Bonded, Insured 507-205-3980 Lic#CA06559

FLOORINg SHAWn’S FlOOrInG Hard Surface Flooring Installation All Hard Woods, Floating Laminates Ceramic Tile & More Samples Available • Competitive Rates FREE ESTIMATES Call Shawn At 990-5602

gARAgE dOORS JIM ThoMpson’s GArAGe Door CoMpAny InC. Call the Fast Service Professionals Residential • Commercial • Farm • In-home free estimates • Garage door repair and replacement Electric Opener repair and replacement. We can repair most brands. We are bonded and insured. Serving SE Minnesota 6101 Hwy 52 North • Rochester, MN 55901 507-281-1349 When you do business with our family, you become a life long friend.

HANdYMAN Wizard Handyman • Interior and Exterior Work • Fences • Decks • Sheds • Drywall/Taping • Painting • Ceiling • Texturing • Bathrooms • Ceramic & Vinyl Tile Small Jobs Welcome • Free Estimates Fully Insured & Licensed 507-281-4091 or 358-2971 (cell) Lic#BC20512722 HAndYMAn Repair, Remodel, Replace Doors Storm Door, Patio, Windows, Garage, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Basements, Sheds, Roofing, Siding, Gutters, Decks, Steps, Fences, Additions, Finish Carpentry, Landscaping, Old Home Restoration/New Home Completion Licensed & Insured 507-529-1833 - Jeff Lic#20634563 JIM’s resIDenTIAL hAnDyMAn servICe Air Conditioning, Heating & Appliance Service Plumbing & Electrical Repair Sheetrocking & Painting Lawn Mowing & Snow Removal & More! phone - 507-206-4486 • Cell - 507-993-0306 email:


tOM’S HAndYMAn SErVICES 30 Years Experience in ALL AREAS OF HOME REPAIR Interior/Exterior Plus: Flooring, Gutter Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Tree Trimming, Driveway Sealing, Landscaping, Junk Hauling, Painting & Staining, Etc. FREE ESTIMATES • Reasonable Rates • Insured 507-993-2249

HAndYMAn Window Wrapping, Door/Window Replacement, Finish Carpentry, Walk In Closets, Cabinets, DIY Consultant Services, and more. Free Estimates 30 Plus Years Experience. Insured LLC 507-358-3535 or 507-208-1108

HAULINg SERvICE K&K HAulInG, llC No Hauling Too Small - We Haul It All! • Rock • Dirt • Mulch • Brush • Bobcat Work • More! Selling: Hardwood Mulch • Lanscape Rock • Pulverized Dirt 507-951-8358 (Kevin Staloch)

JUNK REMOvAL JUnK-B-Gone Rochester’s Longest Running And Most Dependable Junk Hauling Service. Residential and Commercial Single Item To Multiple Truck Loads Fully Insured & Licensed Free Estimates TOO MUCH JUNK? “YOU CALL - WE HAUL” CALL Don AT JUnK-B-Gone 507-280-0404 We Recycle! JUnK-IT, LLC Your GREEN Solution Junk & Scrap Removal • Free Estimates Specializing in Removal of: Appliances • Furniture • Electronics • Scrap Metal Lawn & Garden Equip. • Demolition Debris Mulch & Tree Branches, Etc. MATCH OR BEAT PRICING!! Contact Brady @ 507-254-7833 or e-mail: Visa/Mastercard/Discover

LAWN/LANdSCAPE MInnESOtA OutdOOr MAIntEnAnCE Residential & Commercial Accounts Serviced • Mowing & Trimming • Fertilization • Weed Control • Core Aeration • Edging • Seeding • Total Kill • Shrub Trimming • Spring & Fall Cleanup • Brush Cutting • Mulch Installed • Gutter Cleaning • Snow Plowing • Ice Melt Applied/Delivered Seasonal Service or As Needed Licensed/Insured/Dependable/Competitive Prices Free Estimates & Personal Service Please Call 208-2778 M.O.M. A Name You Can Depend On BOOK EArlY! MOWInG & trIMMInG: Jobs starting at $20 and up. Residential 30 years in business in this area! We aim to please. Plenty of references. Fully Insured. Honest, Trustworthy & Reliable! We also do SnOW rEMOVAl of sidewalks, driveways & steps Call doug at 507-259-9069 GrEG’S lAWn CArE & SnOWPlOWInG rESIdEntIAl & COMMErCIAl SPRINg CLEAN-UP • Mowing • Trimming • Core Aeration • Dethatching • Edging • Gutter Cleaning • Bush & Tree Trimming • Fertilizing • Weed Control • Pressure Washing lAndSCAPInG • Retaining Walls • Block • Rock • Mulch • Seeding • Sodding • BOBCAT WORK WE WIll dO It All • 25 years experience • Licensed/Fully Insured • Dependable • Trustworthy • Owner Operated FrEE EStIMAtES 507-261-7597 (Greg) J.C. Lawn services & snow removal Residential & Commercial • Mowing • Trimming • Edging • Aeration • Dethatching Spring & Fall Clean up Seasonal or one time • Fully Insured Call today for the 2011 season 507-271-0037 or 507-202-0591

WEndtS lAWn CArE “Spring Cleanups” • Mowing • Dethatching • Shrub Removal • Trimming Associations/Commercial/Residential Snow Removal Available Over 30 Years Experience & Fully Insured Guaranteed To Save You Dollars! 507-259-9696 (roger)

lAWn SAlOn COMPLETE LAWN CARE • Mowing (Most $27 or Less) • Edging • Raking • Trimming • Fertilizing • Light Tilling • Spring & Fall Cleanup • Gutter Cleaning Reasonable/Professional/Efficient/Dependable/ Trustworthy Full Insured • FREE Estimates CAll 507-398-7600 CuStOM rEtAInInG WAllS & lAndSCAPInG, InC. Complete Design and Installation Concrete Retaining Walls Paving Stones Ponds – Water Gardens – Pond Supplies Full Garden Center Decorative Rock and Mulch - Delivered dO-It-YOurSElFErS WElCOME! 6758 Highway 63 North Rochester (3 Miles North of Shopko North) CAll 507-281-0669 FOr EStIMAtES WWW.CrWrOCH.COM A & M lawncare & Snow removal, llC Spring Clean-ups • Dethatching • Aerating • Fertilizing/Seeding • Brush Removal • Mowing • Weed Control Residential & Commercial FREE Estimates • Reasonable Rates • 10+ yrs. Experience Call ryan (Owner/Operator) 507-272-3854 MOOrE’S lAWn SErVICE, InC. • Mowing & Trimming • Power Raking • Shrub Trimming • Spring and Fall Cleanup • Gutter Cleaning • Edging • Aerating • Snow Removal Since 1978 • Free Estimates • Fully Insured 507-282-8380 PrOFESSIOnAl SHruB CArE • Shrub & Hedge Pruning • Edging & Mulching • Creative, Affordable Designs “Shaping Landscapes since 1976” 507-289-6106 Steve Pankratz BS Landscape Horticulture U of M FrIenDLy JAMIe roLsTAD “People with Old-Fashion Work Ethic” • Many repeat customers • We offer residential service only • Spring/Fall yard clean ups • Mowing • Snow Removal • Tree Trimming & Smaller Tree Removal • Shrub Trimming • Landscaping • Foundation Build up • Brick Edging • Mulch/Rock/Dirt Hauling & Placement • Bobcat work and more Licensed and Insured • FREE Estimates please Call Jamie 507-281-2858 ABE’S OutdOOr SErVICES, llC residential & Commercial Mowing • Trimming • Aeration • Dethatching • Edging • Bush & Tree Trimming • Fertilizing 20 Years Experience • Licensed/Fully Insured Owner Operator FREE Estimates 507-990-9009 (Paul) CunnInGHAM lAWn & SHruB CArE People Who Care • Spring Clean-ups • • Mowing & Trimming • Shrub Trimming • Aeration • Dethatching • Edging • Flower & Shrub Planting • Seeding • Fertilization & Weed Control • Residential or Commercial FREE Estimates - Insured 507-696-5722 or 507-951-3440 A+ lAWnCArE Please give us a call for all your lawn care needs We Do It All Very Competitive • 20+ Years Experience 507-244-1678 BlAdE OF GrASS lAWnCArE & SnOWPlOWInG llC Spring & Fall Cleanups • Lawn Mowing • Tree/Shrub Pruning • Aerating & Dethatching • Driveway/Walkway Edging • Gutter Cleaning • Tilling • Landscaping • Snow Removal • Holiday Lighting Residential/Commercial • Free Estimates Fully Insured & Licensed. Credit Cards Accepted 507-273-6402

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


CALL 507-288-5201 • FAX 507-288-9560 E-MAIL:






Sundancer Electric Scooter; New Condition, Detachable front basket, 38” Turning radius, maximum weight of 300lbs. Purchased for $2500. Asking $1200. 507-289-8409.4/27-8/17

Adjustable twin size bed; Like new, cordless remote, head & foot raise, massage, $600./cash 507-775-2418.tfn

Recently in Minnesota, big ad motel buyers were trying to buy gold and silver for 30%-40% less than Kuehl’s Coins. Compare prices!

Wanted: Coins- Gold & Silver. Local collector, NOT a dealer. Cash Paid. 507271-5088.4/27-6/22

Call it in! AKC Sheltie puppies, 2 females. $200 507-288-5201 each or will trade. All shots up to date. 507-289-7880. p8,15- x

Call it in! 507-288-5201

Hospital bed with side rails; Invacare model 5000, electric, used very little. $675./obo 507-529-1457. s4/27tfn

Wanted: Used or Non-running Vehicles, fair prices, cash pay outs. 507269-2092.4/27-7/6

Wanted: Tractor tire, 11x38, 6-ply, R-1, Goodyear, (507)282-7621. Leave message. Cell: 507-951-5068. w15- x

FAX it in! 507-288-9560

Business Service Directory FAX it in! 507-288-9560

e-mail it in!

e-mail it in!


GIT JIM LAWN CARE Reasonable prices with a Professional Touch! • Residential & Commercial• Mowing & Trimming • Brush Removal • Tree & Shrub Trimming • Raking • Dethatching • Aerating • Spring & Fall Clean-up • Power Raking FREE ESTIMATES Whatever you need, GIT JIM! 507-951-8966 (Jim Pierce)

MASONRY QUALITY RESTORATION • Tuck Point Specialist • Brick • Block • Stone • Chimneys • Foundations • Retaining Walls • All Concrete Work • Complete Restoration Photo Resume & References Available 507-272-1622 Doug Bootright D.C. Cement Work & Home Repair • Driveway • Sidewalk • Patios • Basements • Form Digging & Pouring • FREE Estimates - Fully Insured 507-358-0551 or 507-261-7285

PAINTING FRANK’S PAINTING FOR ALL YOUR PAINTING NEEDS!! “Affordable Quality” Interior • Exterior Staining • Textured Ceilings & Walls • Deck Restoration • Drywall/Taping • Quality Work • Insured • Reasonable Rates Free Estimates • References Available Frank 536-7766 We Accept Credit Cards 10 Year Advertiser of Buyer’s Guide JOHN AUSTIN PAINTING Quality Interior/Exterior Special 3 Rooms for $275 (Paint not Included) Offer Expires 05/31/2011 24 Years Experience • References • Insured • Free Estimates 507-269-0166 • 507-292-6361 THE HOUSE PAINTERS Wall & Ceiling Repairs • Taping • Texturing • Wallpaper Removal • Woodwork Refinishing • Basement • Waterproofing • Epoxy Floor Finishes, etc. Insured. Interior/Exterior Quality Finishes. 507-271-1722

PAINTING & DECORATING SPECHT PAINTING & DECORATING • Residential • Commercial • New Construction • Professional & Reliable • 26 Years Experience • Painting & Staining • Interior & Exterior • Drywall Finishing • Wall & Ceiling Texturing • Application of All Wallcoverings & Borders • Decorative Finishing • Power Washing • Fully Insured For a FREE ESTIMATE call 507-271-3373 DARRELL’S PAINTING 30 DAY SPECIAL!!! Home outstide painting. Power Wash Outside Interior/Exterior painting (2 coats) Will Paint Vinyl & Steel Siding • Insured • 38 Years Experience • FREE Estimates • Reasonable Rates NO JOB TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL!! 507-358-6979 (Cell) Will Travel Where This Paper Travels

PARALEGAL SERVICES ACCESS TO JUSTICE DOCUMENT PREPARATION AND MEDIATION DREHER & FINSETH, LLC • Conciliations Court Documents • Child Support Modifications • Divorces With or Without Children or Assets • Delegation of Parental Authority • Notary Services • Order For Protections • Health Care Directives • Parenting Time Modification • Power of Attorney • Independent Paralegal Services Available For Attorneys - Spanish Interpreter Available 507-288-6662




Bothered By Buggie Creatures? If it bugs you, it bugs us! Let us take care of them for you! Ants, Spiders, Flies, Box Elders, Beetles, Mice, Etc. If it bugs you, call us! Absolute Pest Elimination, LLC 877-707-8200 or 507-292-1843 (Paul)

Gramstad/Stevenson SHARPENING SERVICES • Carbide & Steel Saw Blades • Chain Saws • Cutters • Router Bits • Hole Saws • Drill Bits • Reel Mowers • Miltrap Bits • Garden & Yard Tools • Knives, Scissors, Clippers, Planers, Chippers, Paper Knives Over 40 Years Experience! WE SHARPEN EVERYTHING THAT CUTS! 507-269-9601 (Dave) • 507-289-5202 (Selmer)

RYAN WINDOWS & SIDING INC • Home Improvement From A Company You Can Trust Windows, Siding, Roofing, Decks, Doors, Awnings, Gutters & Trim • Bruce Ryan 33 Years In Home Improvement Licensed, Bonded, Insured

PLUMBING TIM FERGUSON PLUMBING, INC • RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL • 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE • Free estimates on all your plumbing projects • Water heaters, Water softeners, boilers • Hot water heat systems, Gas piping, Sump pumps • Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling 20 years experience. Licensed, Bonded and Insured 507-951-1918 or 507-288-6327 Lic# 274485PM

RECYCLING KEVIN PURRIER SCRAP Buyer of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals Auto, Electrical, Farm, Plumbing and Much More You Call, I’ll Haul! No Job Too Big or Too Small Cell - 507-358-0847 Email - Will Pay up to $200 for whole vehicle

REMODELING & REPAIR WETZSTEIN CONSTRUCTION, LLC. Repair • Remodel • Replace Doors Storm Door • Patio • Windows • Garage • Kitchens • Bathrooms • Basements • Sheds • Roofing • Siding • Gutters • Decks • Steps • Fences • Additions • Finish Carpentry • Old Home Restoration/New Home Completion • Landscaping • Licensed & Insured 507-529-1833 - Jeff Lic#20634563 Artisan Construction and Remodeling Inc. Quality Craftsmanship Doors - Windows - Siding - Roofing Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Basement Finishing - Decks - Porches Drywall - Structural Repairs - Garages - Concrete Work Cabinet Installation - Built-Ins - Finish Carpentry Tile/Carpet/Hardwood/Vinyl Flooring Licensed and Insured 507-993-1446 Lic.#20635270 KITCHEN & BATH Design and Install Creative design process - gives you the beautiful kitchen or bath that suits you, at a surprisingly affordable price. We design it with you - We build it for you! WELL-DESIGNED, NOT HIGH-PRICED! ENCORE DESIGN, LLC Home Craftsman Services (507) 635-5151 • Email:

ROOFING STEVE GENTRY CONSTRUCTION “Complete Roofing” • Repairs • Tear-offs • New Roofs • Other Home Improvement Projects Licensed, Bonded & Insured Free Estimates & Great References 507-208-4501 - office • 507-250-5263 - cell


REDEMPTIVE ROOFING, LLC. • New Roofs • Reshingle • Flat Roofs • 24 Hr. Res./Comm. Leak Repair • Steel Shingles • Chimney Flashing • Gutter Cleaning • Lawn Care • Snow Removal Certified Professional Installer LIFETIME Workmanship GUARANTEED Competitive Pricing Bonded and Insured Call now for Free Estimate 507-251-9220 Lic.# 20638833 WE DO ROOFS...PLUS A WHOLE LOT MORE! Quality • Integrity • Service Call Hartert Builders for your roofing Including Tear Offs/New Roofs or Repairs We Specialize in Insurance Claims... Over 30 Years Experience - FREE ESTIMATES! We also do additions & remodeling Call 507-280-8504 HARTERT BUILDERS, LLC Locally Owned & Operated Lic.#20630601

SHEETROCK/DRYWALL Christian’s Remodeling, LLC Sheetrock • Taping • Wall & Ceiling Texturing Painting • Carpet • Hardwood Floors • Ceramic Tile • Roofing • Stucco • Stone • Siding 16 Years Experience FREE ESTIMATES ANY TIME For a Good Clean Quality Job Done Right Call: (507) 536-4928 or (507) 358-3247 (cell) (507) 282-2164 (fax)

SMALL ENGINE REPAIR ALL CHECK SMALL ENGINE REPAIR $44 Spring Special Tune-up Walk Behind Mower We service all makes (gas & diesel) • Push Mowers • Riders • Tractors • Tillers • Trimmers • Blowers • Chainsaws Welding & Fabrication Available Pickup & Delivery Mon-Sat 7am-7pm 507-990-8054

SOFTENERS/BOTTLED WATER ECOWATER SYSTEMS Visit Us At Our New Location At Rochester Market Square For Your Water Softener & Bottled Water Needs Call For Rochester 252-1946 or 1-866-776-0491

TILE Ceramic Tile • Marble Floors • Walls New Bathtub and Shower Installations Complete Bathroom Remodeling Al’s Home Services 507-271-6181 Insured & References

TREE/LAWN/STUMP Rogers Tree Service & Construction *** Winter Specials *** One call does it all! Licensed & Insured • Stump Grinding • Bush Removal • Tree Transplanting • Buckthorn Control • Tree Trimming • Hauling • Tree Treatment • Lot Clearing • Excavating • Demolition • Paving • Seal Coating • Snow Plowing • Ice Dam Removal • Bucket Truck & Climbers Available 507-280-0453 or 507-951-3325

\Grind Unwanted Tree Stumps Away!

Start with Trust! Call ANDSTAR 507-259-6214 (ASK FOR NEIL) FREE ESTIMATES, Insured, Commercial Licensed Tree Service, A BBB Accredited Service


Hometown Tree Services • Tree Removal & Trimming • Stump Removal & Grinding • Storm Damage & Cleanup • Large Wood Removal • Buckthorn Clearing • Emergency Service • Firewood • Snow Blowing & Shoveling • Unique Lawn-Friendly Equipment • Fully Insured & Licensed • Arborist Techniques • 60 ft. Bucket Truck 507-292-7928 or 507-281-0884

WINDOWS/DOORS LARSON SIDING & WINDOWS In business since 1958 SE Minnesota’s Largest Siding & Window Dealer Offering great specials on all types of siding, windows, doors, seamless gutters, sunroom, decks & more WE WON’T BE UNDERSOLD! 507-288-7111 or 800-221-7111 Lic.#0001482

1-800-367-2606 or 507-281-6363 • Hwy 52 North, Rochester, MN 55903 Lic.#0008077



Repair • Remodel • Replace Doors Storm Door • Patio • Windows • Garage Kitchens • Bathrooms • Basements • Sheds Roofing • Siding • Gutters • Decks • Steps Fences • Additions • Finish Carpentry Old Home Restoration/New Home Completion Landscaping • Licensed & Insured 507-529-1833 - Jeff Lic#20634563 Window World of Rochester America’s Largest Vinyl Replacement Company $189 Any Size White Double Hung Window Free In Home Estimates LOW PRICE GUARANTEE 507-206-6656 WWW.WINDOWWORLD.COM Bob’s Construction, Inc. “JUST CALL BOB’S” For over 51 years Bob’s Construction has been the Rochester Area’s Preferred Exterior Contractor. Windows: Bays, Bows, Double Hungs, Casements Siding: Steel, Vinyl, Cement Board Roofing: Asphalt, Rubber, Metal Doors: Steel, Fiberglass, Entry, Sliding, Garden Professional Installation - Friendly Service The Right Choice Starts with the Right Company! Bob’s Construction, Inc. 4006 Hwy. 14 East, Rochester, MN 55904 507-288-8379 Lic.# 004842 JB ExTERIORS OF ROCHESTER, LLC • Siding • Windows • Seamless Gutters • All Your Exterior Needs References Available Guaranteed Quality Service - Fully Insured WHY PAY MORE? Call Jason for your FREE Estimate 507-272-4524 JOHN MIx & SON SIDING & WINDOWS • Siding • Windows • Doors • Interior Remodeling • Decks • Fences • Much More 33 Years in Business Licensed • Insured • Free Estimates 507-286-9059 or 507-261-0163


WOOD TRIM & MOULDING Your headquarters for all TRIM and MOULDINGS. Complete Supplier of TRADITIONAL, KOOLTM & NEW or OLD CUSTOM DESIGNED Millwork. Bring in your plans and we will gladly give you a free estimate & advice for your complete job. Visit our web site, you will like it: WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD! 100’s of patterns are in our showroom for your observation. We are open 6 days a week Millworks Plus, Inc. 2130 South Broadway • Rochester, MN 2 Blocks North of Walmart South 507-287-8373 or toll free at: 1-866-271-6411 email:


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


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1998 Chevy Malibu LS; full power, good gas mileage, must see! Only $3,500./ obo 507-951-1164. 4/27-8/3

2000 GMC Sonoma PK, V6, AT, Air, Mag wheels. Arrow Motors. $2,995. pu15- o

Spend your vacation (1 tank of fuel away) at two adjacent private vacation homes, beautiful clear water, sandy beach & excellent fishing in Hayward WI Lakes area. Pontoon available. For information see web site http://northwoodscompass. com/sandlakeCottage.html and http:// html for reservation or call Northwoods Compass LLC, Phone: 715-645-0598 vp15,22,29,6- x

Ithaca side by side 12ga. Bird gun; black chrome, silver and walnut. Modified and full $700. 507-254-1463.g sg27tfn

Interested in GUN PERMIT TRAINING? Receive your permit to carry training certificate from professional law enforcement instructors. See training dates at or call 507-288-SAFE.5/25-6/29

2002 Buick LeSabre; New 6 year battery, rebuilt transmission, runs good, 193K, $3,000./firm 507-273-0460.tfn

2000 Chev 2500 H.D.-65 8ft. Box trailer pkg, ext. cab, 4 dr. 6.0 engine, 130,000 mi, electronic brake control, ton, cover, chrome grill guard, chrome steps, tinted

06 Chevy Colbalt, 4 dr. 4 cyl, 5sp, Air, 113K, $5,895. Arrow Motors. a15- o 04 Dodge Neon, 4 dr, AT, air, cruise. $4,995. Arrow Motors. a15- o


00 Buick park avenue, 4 dr, 3800 v6, 110K, $3,995. Arrow Motors. a15- o 00 Pontiac Grand Prix, 4 dr. SE, 3800 v6, 92K. $3,995. Arrow Motors. a15- o 98 Subaru Outback 4 cy, 5 sp, Air, 4x4. $2,495. Arrow Motors. a15- o

windows, window visors, CB radio No Rust, no smoke, looks and runs great, consider trade, $10,500. 507-545-2463 tfn

2000 Honda CBR 600 F4; black/orange, new tires, chain, very well maintained, includes, helmet, jacket, gloves, $15, 700 miles. Must See! $3900/obo. 507-2717836. 27tfn

94 Toyota Corolla, 4dr, AT, Air, 134K. $2,995. Arrow Motors. a15- o



28hp Marine-R outboard motor; Excellent condition $550./obo 507-3582504.tfn

1998 Jeep Cherokee; Red, 4x4, A/C, PW,PL remote starter, new tires, brakes, well maintained, only 109K, $4,500./obo. Must See! 507-271-7836. pu20

1997 Northwood Pro 16; 40hp, Shorelander trailer, console steering, electric troll, anchor mate, many extras. Asking $5,300. 507-282-3469.tfn

1994 ¾ ton Chevy; Reg. cab, 5spd., new tires. 92K, 1.5 inch suspension lift, dual exhaust. $5,200./obo. Call Luke p

Fiberglass Lund boat; Tri hull, 35hp Evinrude w/steering wheel and controls, new tires and bearings on trailer, runs great! $1000./obo 507-250-0316.tfn

2006 Deck slider; Fits and 8’ft. box. Excellent condition, used less than 5000 miles. $495./New asking/$250. 507-2544911. p4/27tfn

1974 15 ½ ft. Fiberglass v-hull, open bow runabout, 50hp Evinrude, steering console, depth finder, swivel seats. Cheap family fun. $1500. 507-252-9678. tfn

2003 Honda FSC600 Silverwing; Red, 582cc, automatic, low mileage (7,800). $3,990. 507-288-9034.tfn

2006 Top of the line Fiberglass Topper; 8’ft. box, excellent condition, used less than 500 miles. $2500./new Asking/$500. 507-254-4911. p27tfn

14’ Lowe boat and trailer with 18hp Johnson. Good condition. $12,500./obo. 507-273-7960 5/4-8/10

Power Scooter for sale; Safari, used very little, excellent condition. $500. 507286-9059.tfn.

1997 Lund boat & 30hp Evinrude Motor $1800./obo 507-288-6250.tfn

2006 Honda Reflex Blue Scooter; 249cc, plenty of speed & power for the highway, 1660 miles, like new! $3,300. Call 507-358-8148.tfn

1989 ½ ton Chevy pickup 4WD, with Western Uni-mount Pro-plow, 7 ½ ft power angle. Runs good, automatic. $2,895./obo 507-259-9069. 5/4-8/10

2002 Ski-do jet ski; 3 seater, reverse trailer, very good condition, stored inside. $3700. 507-884-9401.tfn

1976 Plymouth ¾ ton ext. van, 360, PS, PB, AC, AT, no rust. 100,000 miles, excellent condition. $3500. 507-282-0161.5/118/17

Shore station boat lift, 2800 lbs, trailer hitch and wheels for transportation on shore. $400. 507-951-5068 b15- x

1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager Rallie, 7 pass, V6, AT. $1495. Arrow Motors. pu15- o


1996 Chevy TAhoe 4x4, V8, AT. Loaded. $2,995. Arrow Motors. pu15o 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4dr, 4x4, 6 cyl, AT, $1,995. Arrow Motors. pu15- o 1997 Ford F150, Reg cab, short box, V8, AT, 4x4, $2,995. Arrow Motors. pu15- o 1995 Chevy Silverado, Ext, Cab, 4x4, V8, AT, $1,995. Arrow Motors. pu15- o

2000 Polaris 4-wheeler. Sportsman 335, 400 miles, plow and wench included, just like new. $3000/obo. 507-289-2994. 27-8/3 2010 Adley Scooter, 49cc, blue, like new. $1300/obo. 507-696-1044. 27-6/15 For Sale: 2008 Outback Fiberglass 30 1/2 travel trailer. Quad bunks in the back, queen bedroom up front. Sleeps 8, 1 large slide. Exc/cond. 507-583-7096. 2007 KZ Travel Trailer; 23CMS Coyote expandable slide out, sleeps 8, loaded, used, 10 times, stored inside. $13,000. 507-269-2744, 507-288-4634.tfn

1999 Casita Travel Trailer. 17’, Interior height 6’3”, AC, Furnace, large fridge, two

Top quality Master Craft queen sleeper sofa bed; 6 years old, new condition. Fabric: gray/blue/tan. $1300 new. Asking $325. Stewartville. 623-512-1742. s27tfn

‘97 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, 108 K, 4 Dr, 4x4, AT....$3,995 ‘99 Chevy Prizm, 4 Dr, 4 Cyl, AT, 128 K, Very Nice............$3,495 ‘00 VW Beetle, LT, 5 Spd, Air, Loaded.................................$3,695 ‘02 Hyundai Santa Fe, 4 Dr, 4x4, V6, AT, 133 K..................$5,495 ‘01 Dodge 1500, Ext. Cab, 4x4, 124 K, V8, AT.....................$5,595 ‘00 Pontiac Grand Prix, 4 Dr, 92 K, 3800, V6.......................$3,995 ‘99 Mercury Sable, 4 Dr, 3.0 V6, AT, Loaded.......................$1,995 ‘01 Mitsubishi Galant, 4 Dr, AT, Air, Loaded.......................$3,295 ‘05 Chevy Cobalt, 4 Dr, 4 Cyl, Air, 5 Spd, 113K..................$5,895 ‘03 Buick Regal LS, 4 Dr, 3800, V6, AT................................$4,495 ‘05 Kia Rio, 4 Dr, AT, Air, 107K, Nice...................................$3295 ‘99 Honda Passport, 4 Dr, 4x4, V6, AT, 139K......................$3995

Wanted: Used Cars & Pickups. Bought Outright. Arrow Motors:

awnings, lots of storage space, 14” tire. $8900. Firm. Call 507-208-4178. rv25 Rare bike: 1998 Honda Pacific Coast, 37,645 miles. New back tire. Fresh oil and grease. $2,995/obo. John. 507-2262607. rv86/8tfn- x 2-wheel trailer, 5x8 enclosed, 2 trips to Texas, top rack and ramp tiedowns for cycle. $1500. 507-951-5068 rv15- x 1982 Mobile traveler (type C) Chev chassis 350 V8, always shedded, clean and neat, excellent condition throughout. $7500. 507-951-5068 rv15- x

Arrow Motors has several fresh trade-ins $1500 or less! Click on Arrow Motors

289-4747 • 1-800-908-4747

ChaddoCk TruCk & auTo SaleS

• Haulmark • Sunnybrook • Kountry Aire 5th Wheel • Dutchstar Diesel Pushers • Kountry Star 5th Wheels

7 MILES EAST ON US 14 • Rochester, MN • 288-3346

‘91 New Yorker - 4 Dr, Brown, A/T, 3.3, Loaded! ..$900

‘97 Caravan - Only 121K, Auto, 3.0 ............. $2,995

‘93 Taurus - 4 Dr, Only 98K! ........................$1,500

(2) ‘97 Caravan - Both Green, Auto ............$1,500

‘93 Chevy Pickup - 4x4, 5 Spd.....................$1,995

‘97 Explorer - 4.0, Auto, 4x4........................ $2,995

‘94 Grand Am - Blue, 2 Dr, Only 107K! ......$1,800

‘98 Malibu - V6, Auto ...................................$3,495

‘95 Cherokee - 4.0, 4x4, Auto.....................$2,495

‘98 F150 - Ext. Cab, 3 Dr, Auto, 4x4 .............$1,995

‘96 Voyager - 4 Dr, CD, Loaded .................$1,000

‘98 Astro - V6, Auto ......................................$2,495

‘96 Grand Am GT - 4 Dr, Auto, CD!............$1,800

‘99 Cavalier - Black, 2 Dr, 5 Spd!................$1,800

‘96 Bonneville - 4 Dr, Loaded ..................... $2,995

‘99 Blazer - 2 Dr, V6, Auto, 4x4 .................. $2,995

‘96 Accord - Black, Auto, 4 Cyl, 4 Dr ..........$3,495

‘99 Protege - 5 Spd, 4 Cyl ...........................$3,495

‘96 Astro - Raised Roof, 4.3 Auto, Loaded ...$2,995

‘99 Cougar - V6, Auto ..................................$3,495


MELS GOLF CARTS- NEW! Yamaha gas golf carts! (new carts will have a price increase) Also, other new models & over 50 used carts. Will take trades. Finance available for qualified buyers. Stop & Shop at 132 Garfield Ave., Albert Lea, MN. Call 507-438-2705.au6/1-6/15

ANTIQUES Chair Caning, Rush and Reed weaving. Call evenings. 507-285-9936. a4/277/6 Early 1880’s single bottom horse drawn walk behind plow; Oak handles & frame, 9ft. long, w/cast furrow wheel, excellent condition, always stored inside. $250. 507-495-3104. a4/27tfn

Antiques OrOnOcO

YOu reAllY need tO stOp & see the selectiOn Of fine Antiques we cArrY. furniture, tOYs, Advertising, pOstcArds, dishes, bOOks And Call it in! mOre. All AreAs Of Antiques. 507-288-5201 NOW BUYING: Advertising - most types of old advertising signs. Porcelain, painted or paper. On Hwy 52, Northwest FAX it side in!of Oronoco 507-367-2220 • 507-288-9560

e-mail it in!


1-800-908-4747 or 507-289-4747

2340 Marion Rd. SE

(SILVER LAKE BOAT AND BIKE RENTALS) Equipment for rent. Paddleboats, bikes, kayaks, canoes, trolling motors. Open April 1st- Oct. 1st. 507-261-9049, 4/27-7/6

OAK CURIO CABINET, glass shelves w/light. $300/obo. NEW, never used. Moving, must sell! 507-202-4963. s2710/11 Large Oak entertainment stand w/ doors & drawers from Quality Woods. Asking $200. 507-440-1369. (Rochester Area). s27tfn

British 303 SMLE gun, MK3 good boar, 10 round magazine w/bayonet, original $325. H&R topper Jr. 410. $120. 507-529-9461. sg15- x




NOW HIRING: Companies desperately need employees to assemble products at home. No selling, any hours. $500. weekly potential. Info 1-985-646-1700 DEPT. MN-485.fre5/25-6/8 Bring a Smile to the Elderly. Help brighten the lives of elderly in our community. Provide non-medical companionship and home care services to help seniors remain at home for as long as possible. A variety of day, evening, & weekend shifts available. Flexible schedules. Training provided. Apply online; [3] or call M-F 8am - 4pm. 507-285-1700. h15,22,29,6- x Registered Nurse needed for 12 hr day/night shifts to care for male in his 30’s. VENTILATOR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. $39/hr. Call for details. 507-280-0193. (after 10am) h15- x

Now Leasing Seasonal sites at Sakatah Trail Resort! About 1 hour from Rochester. Lot size is 40x80. Rent includes water and septic. Electricity is metered. Season runs May 1st-Oct 15. 507-267-4000. n8,15,22- x IF YOU OR A LOVED ONE USED THE PRESCRIPTION DRUG DARVON or DARVOCET and suffered heart attack, stroke or death you may be entitled to compensation. Call Attorney Charles Johnson 1-800-535-5727. n15- x

FARM 100 bales of grass horse hay $300. 507-273-7960.4/27-7/27 ACKELSON HORSESHOEING Recently moved to the area. Graduate of Oklahoma Horseshoeing School 2005. Contact Jessie @ 515-418-2470.6/1-6/15 TRACTORS: Massey Ferguson 30 w/ loader $7,500.00, Ford 4000 Gas $6,500.00, JD 2940 w/loader $12,000.00, IH 684 w/loader New Tires $14,250.00. SKIDLOADERS: New Holland L465 $10,000.00, Gehl: 5625 $10,500.00, Bobcat: 743 $7,500.00, 610 gas $3,800.00, 632 $5,000.00, 542B $7,500.00, T-200 $18,000.00, Case: 85XT $16,500.00 1825 $6,850.00. JD 568 round baler $24,000.00, JD 260 3pt. Finish Mower 5’ $750.00. LAWN MOWERS: John Deere 285 $1,500.00, 425 $3,750.00. Used Skid Loader Tires for Sale. Call for Appt. & Info. JEFF NIELSEN SALES Eberhardt Str., Albert Lea, MN. Buy-Sell-Trade. Taking Consignments. Home: 507-3771137, Cell: 507-383-7012, Website: Email: nielsen81@ f15,22,29- x AQHA, Big, Pretty Zippos Mr. Goodbar. Bay Pleasure Gelding, Has Been Shown, Super Use & Family Horse AQHA, Beautiful Bay Gelding, Trained English & Western, Great All Around Horse

507-923-6474 or 507-280-8282


indoor & outdoor arena, Lounges, round Pens, new roping arena, Stalls, Pasture, Turnouts. also Horses For Sale

Crawford Ranch

507-738-8384 or 507-280-8282

Starting Colts, Training, Showing, Lessons, Sales, Farrier work. John Elliot toEllingEr

507-738-8384 or 507-280-8282


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Wednesday, June 15, 2011






Giant Down-Sizing Sale: Toolshand, power, machine shop, automotive. Saw table w/accessories, hardware, drills, sanders, 12-drawer Craftsman tool chest, 8-foot metal ladder, floorjack. Armoire, metal desk & chair, projector table, movie screen, bookcase, coffee table, yardblower, post-hole digger, patio furniture, computer desk, household items. June 17-19 9:00 a.m.- 4 p.m. 2708 Century Court, NE, Rochester. g15- x

Breakthrough Counseling, LLC therapy for individuals, coouples, families and adolescents. Free consultations. Rochester. Call or e-mail for appointment. 507-923-1636. jkru73@ v8,15,22,29,6,13- o

Roland EP760 digital piano; standing carrying case with wheels. Paid $950. will sell for $325. 507-289-3069. s27tfn

1977 Mobile Home; 3BD, 1BA, some remodeling, new dishwasher, new shed. $8,000. For more info. 507-208-1657 or 507-288-0355.tfn

Rambler house for sale; 4BD, 2 full baths, large kitchen w/eat-in area, living & family rooms, fenced yard, large deck, newer appliances, $142,000. Call 507358-8248.tfn

NW Garage Sale: Friday June 17, 8-4, Sat. June 18, 8-12. Baby items, stroller, grils clothes, furniture, household. Good Prices! 2615 59th St. NW, Rochester. g15- x Multi-family townhome sale. Antiques, bedding, small appliances, furniture, exercise and sports equipment. June 10-11, 8-3. Viola Heights Drive NE. g15- x

Will do lawnmowing, hedgetrimming and lawn edging, cleaning out basements, garages and hauling away. Odd jobs inside or out. 30 years experience. Call 507-421-9823 or 507-282-1563. Ask for Glenn. v15,22,29,6- x Quality residential and commercial cleaning services. Good hourly rates. Refernces available. Call Lynn 507-2926361. v15- x Will do general house cleaning. Very thorough. Call Barb. 507-951-4337. v15,22,29- x

4912 32nd Ave NW. Thursday June 16, 12-7pm. Fri. June 17, 8am-2pm. Girls clothing, shoes, Gymboree, purses, misc. household, books, etc. g15- o

Behind in housework? I am available to clean your rentals, apartments, mobile homes, residential homes, also do moveins/move-outs. Referrals available. Call Becky 507-696-8095. v15,22- x

Estate sale: tools antiques, and misc. 1913 horse blaket in very good condition. June 17, 10am-8pm. June 18, 8am-2pm. 121 Sherwood Road. Kieffer Mobile Park, St. Charles, g15- x

3 FT/PT openings available ages 2 and up. Licensed in home daycare. 10 years experience. Sarah. 507398-4441. v15,22,29,6- x

most items like new! Thurs, Fri. & Sat., June 16,17,18, 8am-4pm. 1715 Greystone Ln. SW, Rochester. Recliner sofa and loveseat, walnut secretary desk, cane seat chairs, drop-leaf table, oak headboard, ladies golf set, Lane recliner chair, Raleigh SC200 Men and Ladies bicycles, 2” bike hitch rack, large qty toys, large qty men’s and women’s clothing. g15- x

AUTO PARTS Door latch assembly for a roll up door for trailers, straight trucks. NEW, never used. Reg. $100. asking $50./obo. 507-289-8175. ap4/27tfn

Attention: Furniture MOVED, JUNK/BRUSH HAULED … Gutters/ Windows cleaning, pruning, puttying, painting, weeding, tree cutting, raking, mowing and edging. Free estimates. Dependable, Quality workmanship. Douglas. 507-282-3011. v4/27-12/28

Lionel Train Collection 1950’s, O-gauge, 2 locomotives, 10 cars, KW190 transformer, switches & track. Package deal $2500. value Asking $1000. 507529-1457. tfn Piano Accordion; 120 base, Silvestri, blue & white, youth size, $200./ obo 507-273-0460.tfn

Hospital bed $100 obo; matching TV Unit, Bookcase Unit 80Hx36Wx20D $350 each; 4 ice cream chairs $25 each; 4 kitchen chairs $20 each; hide-a-bed $20, 2 table lamps $20 each, small recliner $20. s15,22- o

more $$$ if saleable


Waste Oil Shop Heater. No filtering required, smokeless, NEW 100,000 BTU. $700. 507-288-5822. s27-8/3 For Sale; 2 burial plots, Grandview Memorial Gardens. $1000./both 507-5367452.g s27tfn

410 1st St. Oronoco, MN 55960

3 bag power flow bagger unit. Fits 54” John Deere mower deck. Good shape. $1100. 507-990-1459. l27-6/22

Absolutely New Condition! Toro lawnmower, very rare overhead valve GTS 5 engine (5 1/2hp), self propelled super recycler, new mulcher blade + $85. tune-up, perfect + clean. Paid $450.+ $185./obo/trade/cash 1726 30th St. NW evenings.tfn.

Eisenhower Dollars ($2/ea). Monroe pictures, 100 plastic buckets, art books, blankets, bed frames, vacuum, poster book, 450 oil paintings, bar stool, flower pots, small dresser, toolbox, ladder, stretcher board, wooden shoes, camera, Tiffany Lamps, Arizona magazine. 507-282-3011. s27-12/28 Santa Bears! 1985-2000. (2000 has Mr. & Mrs. Santa Bears). Like new, never been played with. $650/set. 507-2881591. s27-6/15

Oronoco Auto Parts & Auto Sales


Affordable lawn mowing. No job too big or too small. Free estimates. Call 507-951-6082 or 507-259-6515.. l4/27

Door latch assembly for a roll up door for trailers, straight trucks. NEW, never used. New $100. asking $50/obo. 507-289-8175. s27tfn

Roland EP760 digital piano; Standing carrying case with wheels. $950./paid, sell for $325. 507-289-3069.tfn

WE PAY... $200 & UP

BOOK EARLY! MOWING/TRIMMING Jobs starting at $20. and up Residential 31 years experience. References, fully insured, Trustworthy and reliable. Call Doug at 507-259-9069.tfn. l4/27tfn

44”h x 3”w steel spoke iron rimmed hay rake wheels. $110/pr. 507-495-3104. s27tfn

For junk cars and repairables, drive-ins encouraged,

Pianos, Digital Pianos, Church Organs - New, Used, Sales & Service - Call DEWEY KRUGER MUSIC, Northwood, Iowa, 641-324-1300, 800-933-5830. s8,15,22- x

FOR RENT Kasson: Great Senior Community! Clean 1BD, elevator, community room, on-site laundry, off street parking, many units recently updated. $571. income based. Equal Opportunity Housing. (62+ , Handicapped/Disabled) 507-634-4188 507-271-7747.4/27


1BD apt. newly remodeled near downtown, laundry, off street parking, NS, NP, includes heat $525. Avail June 1, 507-2694321.5/25-6/15


FOR RENT IN Stewartville; storage space for auto or boats in secured garage. Avail. Immed. $45/month 507-533-4317. rtfnx

Kitchen Appliances: Whirlpool Stove & Fridge, very good condition. Comes with warranty & possible drop off (local only). 507-259-4868. a27tfn- Newer Kenmore washer & dryer $375/pr. Exc/cond, comes with warranty & possible drop off (local only). 507259-4868.a27tfn Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, Kitchen Aid appliances and LG TV’s. Root River Appliances, Preston. 507765-4780. a6/15tfn- o

MOBILE HOMES 1995 Liberty, 3 BR, 1 BA, Laundry room with washer/dryer, deck, CA, 10x10 shed. New windows, all appliances stay. $14,000/obo. 507-529-0499. m8,15,22,29- x

2005 Schultz 16x72’, SE Rochester Covered Wagon Park, 55 & older, 3BD, 2BA, deck, shed (10’x12’), carport, many improvements. $42,500. 507-292-9727. tfn

REAL ESTATE Split level 3BD, 2BA in Elton Hills area; 1 car garage, large fenced in backyard. Hardwood & ceramic tile floors, updated kitchen & bath, finished lower level, deck, new A/C & gutters, broker incentive. $159,900. 507-288-6148.e27tfn FSBO: NW 5BD, 3BA, split entry home on 2 ½ acres. Fireplace, new shingles, vinyl siding, 4 car garage, close to Rochester, horses ok. $281,900. 507-288-7327.tfn FSBO: 4BD, 2BA, side split entry, 3 acres, (2) 2 ½ car garages, 5 miles West of Rochester on blacktop. Horses ok. $289,900. 507-775-2315.5/11-8/17

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed. We Promise: To give you a greener, thicker lawn.

4 BR, 3 BA, 3.4 Country Acreage tucked away in the woods, hidden treasure in Mantorville. Just off Cty Rd 12. Preinspected home with beautiful addition with large MB suite and LL family room with cozy fireplace and hot tub. Call Barb for more info or to schedule a showing. $245,000. 810-919-0313. e15- x Get your FREE list of Short Sales, REO & Foreclosed homes today. Contact ZACH THALER, Coldwell Banker Burnet (507)696-3981 or ZCTHALER@ CBBURNET.COM Lic. MN Realtor. e6/15-7/6- x

Two Story 5BD, 3.5BA, 3 car heated attached garage. 6184 Shetland Dr. NW. 3.1k+sq.ft., $237,500. vdk1956@yahoo. com for additional information.tfn 1977 Artcraft; Nice shed, deck, C/A, lot #68 in Hallmark Terrace $5000./obo 507421-7759 or 507-272-7074.tfn

Willow Ridge


85 acre farm Trout/Horses MLS #4024854, 160 acres, 278 acres. Buyers want land. WisconsonMinnesotaRealEstate. com 507-724-8687.

• 3979 Willow Ridge Dr. SW 1998 Skyline 16x72 3BR, 2BA, New Carpet & Vinyl, C/A, Shed $35,900

HOUSE FOR SALE by owner: 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 2 car garage + small garage, large deck, sprinkler system, new roof, large yard w/landscaping, South Rushford. 507864-2282. e1,8,15- x

• 588 Circle Court SW 1991 Artcraft, 3BR, 2BA, DW, W/D, C/A, Stove, Refrig - $43,900

If you are searching for a home, only use an Exclusive Buyer Broker Agent. We never list properties. We help buyers know the neighborhood through public reports. We have a 15 point checklist that will help you know the property and all available history. Do you want the advantage in your real estate transaction? Contact Judy Ohly at Ohly Real Estate Office 507-261-2223 or

• 3724 Willow Ridge Dr. SW 1996 Friendship Classic 28x52 3BR, 2BA, Stove, Refrig., W/D, DW & Fireplace - $38,600

FSBO: 4BD, 2BA, side split entry, 3 acres, (2) 2 ½ car garages, 5 miles west of Rochester on blacktop. Horses Ok. $289,900. 507-775-2315.tfn Nice 3 acre walkout, wooded lot. Located in a rural Lake City subdivision w/water. $65,000. Call 507-286-7458.tfn

Why Rent? FSBO: 1 BD, 1-1/2 BA. SE Rochester. Walk to Mayo, Olmsted, Gov, RCTC/UMR, or bus.

Pre-inspected “move-in-ready” Patio, Great Yard.


Southern Hills MHP • 2002 Skyline 28x40 3 BR, 2 BA, Stove, Refrig., DW, W/D, A/C - $36,800

St. Charles

• “New” 16x80 Skyline 3BR, 2BA, C/A, W/D, ReADy to MoVe IN! - $47,900

At Sales Center • 2000 Schult 16x80 3 BR, 2 BA, C/A, Vinyl Siding, Shingled Roof - $38,900

• 2000 Highland 16x80 3BR, 2BA, A/C, Stove, Refrig., DW, New Carpet & New Linoleum - $37,900

Call For Details 5220 Hwy 63 N. Rochester, MN (507) 282-9833

(Reduced $11K) For Showing Call 507-269-4206


BUY NEW MANUFACTURED HOMES AT USED PRICES! Largest display of modular and manufactured homes in the area. New homes arrive weekly.


507-765-2580 • Preston, MN

85 acre farm Trout/Horses MLS#4024854, 160 acres, 278 acres. Buyers want land.WisconsinMinnesotaRealEstate. com 507-724-8687. e15- o

Relocating! Large 2BD condo located in Mantorville. 1 level quiet senior (50+) bldg. $59,900. 507-993-4552.5/11-8/17

MUSEL ROOFING, Single ply (rubber), B.U.R.(tar), roof coating, service and installation. 24 Hr. Emergency Service. Brad Musel, Owner. (507) 271-2938. v30,6,13,20x


Duplex House (3 units). Main & 2nd floors have 3BD, 2BA, eat-in kitchen, family room. 3rd unit has 2BD, 1BA, eatin kitchen, all laundry access. $145,000. Call 507-358-8148.tfn

USED APPLIANCES Washers - Dryers Refrigerators - Ranges Reconditioned & Guaranteed

281-2078 2227 18th Avenue NW

At Winona Homes we offer the highest quality homes at the lowest price GUARANTEED! We Can Complete Your Home From Start to Finish!

SEE ALL OUR SPECIALS AT MN Dealers license #: MD1736 MN Contractors license #: 7844 MN Manufactured Home Installer’s #: 9404 WI Manufactured and Dwelling Contractor #: 646538

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The 6.15.11 weekly Olmsted County Journal Classifieds.

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