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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pine Island votes to save $300,000










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On its fourth run at the Rochester Art Center (RAC), again the Flux Poetry Slam threw down. It was an electric Friday the 13th in April, which so happens to be National Poetry Month. The Art Center towers over the east edge of the Zumbro River with three stories of copper and zinc panels that shimmer in the sun like fish skin. Proud of the architecture that is well outside the norm of buildings downtown, Directors Sarah Stauder and Naura Anderson design programs like Flux that fully use all 36,000 square-feet of RAC’s out-there space. Electricity buzzed among the ten participants awaiting their chance on the mic; it buzzed within the spot lights and lit Sonte’s cash bar; it buzzed those lit with a Sonte’s buzz—electricity even purpled the night sky surrounding the performance atrium on three windowed sides. Starting at 9:00, DJ Black Lacquer (Scott Stulen, by day) spun guests around with throwbacks like Marcy Playground to new wave electronic beats and dubstep breakbeat beats. It wasn’t packed in the Art Center, around a hundred guests, but a slow trickle of patrons continued to flow through the doors and spread through the galleries.

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Pine Island

Rochester Art Center provides an outer space By R achel H ammer

Volume 2 Issue 4






It’s official, we’re legal

servation District, and the Fillmore County Fair Board. So, through my experience Yes, it’s official! The Olmsted with owning and operating the County Journal is now an offi- Fillmore County Journal and cial newspaper. What does that now the Olmsted County JourFlux is the kind of happening poems that evening hopped mean? nal, I understand all of the where, all in a night out, you from propofol (for which there Here’s the long answer to that eligibility requirements to be could wind up a judge for the was an obligatory moment of very short question. recognized by the state of Minpoetry slam in exchange for a silence for Michael Jackson), to In the state of Minnesota, to nesota as a legal newspaper. Wild Ginger martini, assemble suicide, to love lost, to what to Over the past year, we have and decorate wooden tops and cook (or microwave) when liv- be bestowed the recognition of an official newspaper requires had many inquiries about call it “artmaking,” slip behind ing alone, to the space of death, a commitment to a criteria whether we can publish legal dark heavy curtains upstairs be to how to erase the color line, to identified in Minnesota Statute notices. We have had cities send mesmerized by live video of a transgenerational phantoms and 331A.01 and all subdivisions us their minutes and notices for black and white spinning wheel, transnational expeditions, to a associated with that statute. publication, and we have had to dance past midnight to Black recitation of Invictus by a man A newspaper needs to become turn them away. We have had Lacquer’s beats spun on his dubbed “the Barry White of nothing short of a “legal eagle,” attorneys and banks contact black lacquer table along walls Rochester.” dotting us regardMy favorite was a hip hop lacquered in black plastic, and every “i” ing when we get a print of a literally angry artist, recent transplant from and crosscould begin bird by Miguel Calderón to take Kansas City, who slammed What types of legal p u b l i s h i n g ing every a rap on outer notices can the Olmsted their foreclospace: “When the “t” along sure notices, sun’s not expand- the way County Journal publish? to ensure and we’ve had ing, you’ll have • Foreclosures complito say, “Not an understanding • Probate a n c e yet.” There of why past is an • Estate Actions with the is also a long illusion. We come • Assumed Names requirelist of busifrom therefore we ments. ness owners will end up as gases. • Township Notices F o r who have held The past is the • Meeting Change Notices t u n a t e l y, off on filing future.” It was like • Unclaimed Property I have their assumed T.S. Eliot and Carl • Government Contracts/ experinames until Sagan collapsed ence dealwe could Bid Notices into the mind of an MC. The home as a souvenir. ing with begin pubRochester’s got talent. Ten result was stellar. • Government Meeting the Minlishing legal If you were in the audience poets signed up to slam their Minutes nesota notices. They work before a panel of four judg- that night, you sat around one • Divorce and27, Dissolution JOURNA Ltheir Pag NTY COU want STED es. The overall winner was Pam of a constellation of white cir- Secretar y OLM 2012 Monday, February of Marriage of State’s legal notices E Whitfield, an RCTC professor cular tables; upon each burned LIC NOTIC LIC NOTICES toPUB OAve.f Harmo f inyc e PUB appear in of rhetoric, who has paid her a light. Looking out from the Main ES TIC NO LIC PUB Call to N on this the Olmsted dues at the Flux Poetry Slam stage wasn’t altogether u AU CT IOdifferent o y Ve JEM ee m aATR t tEe r M,orvifiey County Jourout windowSat tvhiees THE by participating in every perfor- from lookingCA ND AR LEthe o Seniors & M Kids $4 • $5 Adult House hold Tickets ~because Mar 4 - Coin, Tool &bolts our other newspaper, nal, and for this we are grateful Beautiful of mance since its inception. “You at the sky.Sun., Auction F . M . 2 . . . . . . . . . . 7:30 Auction. Held at Spring Valley Sales . 3 . . . . . . . …. 7:30 Park St, Spring Valley, MN.the S . M the Fillmore County Journal, 7:30 Bldg., 412 East & that they would consider utilizricocheted 4:00 took me to another place,” they thrown words .… . 4 . S .M Sales For more info. contact Spring Valley (507)346-2183. springv has been a legal newspaper for ing this newspaper in such a electricity verved up told her, after Whitfield read a room while Co. Notice in the Journal. Mar. 22 - 9:30 am, Notice of Upcoming decades. As a matter of fact, significant capacity. narrative poem about her North the clouds. Thur., Gehling Consignment Auction. Sale site , MN. For Implement & Auction Co., We first announced this news “Your connection toPrestonthe cos- the Fillmore County Journal Carolinian girlfriends. In a lanInc. 507more info contact Gehling Auction, Notice 765-2131, is the official legal newspaper about the Olmsted County Jourjudge told guid, humid Southern accent, mos is inspiring,” in the Journal. n iOn infOrmAtiO for Fillmore County governAnother liked On-line Auct she also performed an encore on the hip hopper. y Store, On-Line Auctions, Complete Grocer See LEGAL NOTICES Page 10  ment, City of Preston, City of Toy the references to stardust JDCars and the rhetoric of sex. Construction, Complete Bakery Store, cturer, Manufa Spa te Comple on, Collecti Lanesboro, City of Ostrander, for said a third, website Besides Whitfields’ Southern planets. “Yeah,” See save! Trucks, 2004 IH and more. Bring your own bucket for popcorn and Comment on this article at updates Call Curt 18 townships ING BEFORE in Fillmore Counwrong with outer belle “star gazers, risk takers, and “You can’t godaily T TALK STAR 1-8677. 612-70 5 - Unil 6 pm. Antiques/Collectibles/ Mon, Mar KING DRIN T STARFillmore Soil & Water Con33 & Many Unique Items. THEYty, PageTools sun bathers,” the topics of other space.”RNAL Comic Books/ OLMSTED COU NTY JOU By Jason Sethre

“When the sun’s not expanding, you’ll have an understanding of why past is an illusion. We come from therefore we will end up as gases. The past is the future.” poetry slam artist

Monday, February 27, 2012

, www. For more info contact Darr Auction Notice or call 800-852-0010. in the Journal Online Fri, Mar. 23 - Notice of Upcoming J. Opat10:00a m. Selling Farm Matthe,wstarting Auction Plaintif s. For more info y forent Attorne and fsVehicle Equipm 5 P.O. Box45 Auction, Inc. 507-765-2131, Gehling contact ld, MN 55923 Chatfie uction. com. Notice in the ehlinga 7-4080 www.g 507-86 Tel. No. Reg.l.No. 82636 Atty. Journa


It’s OffIcIal!


4 - Coin, Tool & House hold d at Spring Valley Sales Auction ast Park St, Spring Valley, MN. o. contact Spring Valley Sales 6-2183. Journal. 22 - 9:30 am, Notice of Upcoming nt Auction. Sale site - Gehling & Auction Co., Preston, MN. For ontact Gehling Auction, Inc. Notice nal. rmAtiOn

Main Ave. Harmony


you See e at thies Mov

Call to Verify Movie

Tickets ~ $5 Adult • $4 Kids & Seniors

Fri. Mar. 2 . . . . . . . . . . 7:30pM Sat. Mar. 3 . . . . . . . …. 7:30pM Sun. Mar. 4 . .… 4:00 & 7:30pM PG

Run Time: 1 hr. 38 mins.

Bring your

save! own bucket for popcorn and

Matthew J Attorney for Pl SUMMONS TED TO THE P.O. B THIS SUMMONS IS DIREC . Chatfield, MN ABOVE NAMED DEFENDANTS The Tel. No. 507-867 YOU ARE BEING SUED. 1. t against lawsui No. a Reg. started Atty. have Plaintiffs LEgAL DESCRIPTION you. aint is on r pM The original Plaintiffs’ Compl istrator part of the Southwest Quarte ar That ri Admin n 35, To pM file at the office of the Court Northwest Quarter of Sectio ar at not throw above named Court. Do pM Range 9 West, Fillmore C the of North, 104 official ar are un : these papers away. They You must Minnesota described as follows co est papers that affect your rights. though it PG Beginning at the southw even said respond to this lawsuit the Northwest Quarter of , F Court and 8’42”E N89°5 not yet be filed with the may thence 35; number on this NOTICE there may be no court file County Coordinate Systemthe Planni ng Count y Fillmo re The Summons. (1986 Adjustment), along r, its next tour 20 DAYS Run Time: 1 hr. 38 mins. Commission will conduct 2. YOU MUST REPLY WITHIN You must line of said Northwest Quarte will They 2012. S. 12, RIGHT , 99.0 March on Monday, TO PROTECT YOUR feet; thence N00°49’06”W feet a.m. this 9:00 at signed shop who y leave the highwa or mail to the person give thence N62°31’50”W, 759.00to th hip an Towns n called se and visit a site in Presto of Hidden ’24”W, 412.50 feet Summons a written respon the date on S63°16 ch of Quarter; where Tom & Shelly Kraets Answer within 20 days line of said Northwest applied for a ons. You line Valley Campground have which you received this Summ r to the S00°49’06”E, along said west Co popcorn and save! to expand their Answe ing. Bring your own bucket for Conditional Use Permit must send a copy of your feet to the point of beginn 469) ons located Summ round. this Campg 507-886-show(7 less. g signed or who existin more person 7.25 acres, Theatre Chris Graves s: addres ng followi at the And: istrator om est Fillmore County Zoning Admin www.jemmovies.c Matthew J. Opat, P.A. All that part of the Northw of Publish 27 r Attorney at Law of the Southwest Quarte PO Box 455 Township 104 North, Range 35, lying 22 SE Second Street Fillmore County, Minnesota, the M REqUEST fOR qUOTES, Chatfield, MN 55923 the north right of way line of TO EACH d CITy Of PRESTON 3. YOU MUST RESPOND State Recreational Trail, being g quotes written s as follows The City of Preston is seekinA detailed bound . The Answer is your and CLAIM metes by Hall. Complaint. In est c for remodeling work in City completed is response to the Plaintiffs’ whether you Beginning at the northw be state said of must r you r Quarte description of the work to est Answe your the Southw Fillmore Street paragraph of , available at City Hall, 210 agree or disagree with each the Plaintiffs 35; thence N89°58’42”E more likely NAD Kids who drink before age15 are 5 times West or online at www.p the Complaint. If you believe County Coordinate System on Friday March ing asked for to have alcohol problems when they’re adults. Quotes are due by 10am should not be given everyth ment), along the north Adjust 507at n your in so Hoffma say Joe t 1337. 9th. Please contac in the Complaint, you must said Southwest Quarter, ns. To learn more, go to the 765-2153 with any questio Answer. the northeast corner of Publish 27 CASE IF YOU or call 1.800.729.6686 Quar 4. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR Quarter of said Southwest EN RESPONSE the east l along ’54”E, DO NOT SEND A WRITT S01°32 S said LAINT TO THE PERSON of r COMP Quarte THE est TO Northw NOTICE ONS. If you the n CARROLTON TOwNShIP WHO SIGNED THIS SUMM you will lose Quarter, 360.02 feet to the March s Carrolton Township will hold do not answer within 20 days,tell your side of way line of the Minne Audit at 4:30 of to Board get N86 and not g will thence You meetin 7th this case. Recreational Trail; es. may decide line, p.m. due to Lenten Servic of the story, and the Court along said right of way Luanne Storelee Plaintiffs everysa against you and award the thence southwesterly along aint. If you Carrolton Township Clerk along a curve, conc thing asked for in the Compl line, way stated Publish 20,27 claims central angle of ast, do not want to contest the southe to not need ch in the Complaint, you do can then be radius of 1687.02 feet and ent 140 respond. A default judgm curve bears S68°39’52”W, INg k OR relief requeste PRESTON TOwNShIP mEET entered against you for the DONATe yOuR cAR, TRuc the west line of said Southw BLiND. The ChANgE FOR along aint. , AGe Compl 2’01”W heRiT the in TO N02°0 ed BOAT thence may wish tible, Free hip regular February poin 5. LEGAL ASSISTANCE. You If you do Free 3 Day vacation, Tax Deduc care Of. The Preston Towns line, 870.07 feet to the sday, . Wedne lawyer a held ea be Taken an from to will ork t g help meetin to get legal ning. Being subjec Towing, All paperw Administrator of w February 29 at 7:00 p.m. not have a lawyer, the Court the Township Road right 888-472-9219 (MFpA) Publish 20,27 places where f. may have information about southerly boundary thereo nce. Even if cks wanted. you can get legal assista acres, more or less. 15.47 cASh FOR cARS: All cars/tru still must paid. We come cannot get legal help, you in all 22.72 acres, m you ning Contai Running or not! Top dollar call your ShIP t to protec for instant fORESTVILLE TOwN provide a written Answer all in Fillmore County, Minnes to you! Any make/model. case. BID NOTICE Pub rights or you may lose the offer: 800/871-9145 McAN d until 7:30 DISPU TE ALTER NATIV E Sealed bids will be receive Township 6. may agree to 12, by the NOTICE y is seeking Fillmore County Ag Societ the fair ground. bids for electrical work at 2-1082 for 507-27 k, Dornin Greg t Contac 5th, send information. Bid due Marchy, Box 364, to Fillmore County Ag Societ . Preston, MN 55965 Kathy Tesmer y Fillmore County Ag Societ Publish 27


NOTICE y is seeking Fillmore County Ag Societ the fair ground. bids for electrical work at 2-1082 for Contact Greg Dornink, 507-27 5th, send information. Bid due Marchy, Box 364, to Fillmore County Ag Societ . 55965 Preston, MN Kathy Tesmer y Fillmore County Ag Societ Publish 27


The Olmsted County Journal can accept all legal notices for publication, going out in 62,000 newspapers every week to every household in Olmsted County, Minnesota. There is no better resource for disseminating information. AUTOS AUTOS

SUMMONS TED TO THE THIS SUMMONS IS DIREC . ABOVE NAMED DEFENDANTS The YOU ARE BEING SUED. 1. lawsuit against Plaintiffs have started a LEgAL DESCRIPTION you. is on aint Compl fs’ Quarter of the Plaintif l The origina That part of the Southwest 35, Township Administrator n file at the office of the Court Northwest Quarter of Sectio throw not Do e County, Court. of the above named North, Range 9 West, Fillmor 104 official are : these papers away. They You must Minnesota described as follows corner of ing at the southwest papers that affect your rights. though it Beginn Sectio even of said y npickup- 1977 $3,7000. chev respond to this lawsuit the Northwest QuarterNice the Court and , Fillmo 2000re Ford Windstar 132,00nmay not yet be filed with dable 35; thence N89°58’42”E Depen number on this System 507-498-3675. a9/20tf phone . NAD83 there may be no court file $1,500 County Coordinate mi. south the along ment), ons. Summ (1986 Adjust x 20 DAYS r, 1039.50 2. YOU MUST REPLY WITHIN You must line of said Northwest Quarte feet; S. 99.00 RIGHT , YOUR 9’06”W TO PROTECT 1998 Dodge Neon, gone thru feet; thence N00°4 FOR SALe: who signed this feet; thence very give or mail to the person thence N62°31’50”W, 759.00 tely, new brakes, belts, battery, 1comple se called an feet to theg west ’24”W, 412.50 good Summons a written respon the date on car. $1,100 OBO. 507-42 S63°16 runnin thence of Quarter; ,27- x Northwest3012 a13,20 . said Answer within 20 days of 4-7281 line 507-86 or You ons. line, 264.00 which you received this Summ r to the S00°49’06”E, along said west Containing copy of your Answe eginning.

See Page 2 For Details!

NOTICE Planni ng Count y Fillmo re The its next tour Commission will conduct 12, 2012. They will March y, on Monda a.m. 9:00 at shop y highwa leave the n Township and visit a site in Presto of Hidden ch where Tom & Shelly Kraets a for applied Valley Campground have their onal Use Permit to expand


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Matthew J. O Attorney for Plain Call t SUMMONS E TH TO D E TE TIC EC NO P.O. Box DIR IS THIS SUMMONS is seeking Verifyo ty cie . So TS Ag AN ty , MN 55 ND un FE ield Co DE atf re D Ch Fillmo ABOVE NAME fair ground. . The ED SU ING 7-867-4 BE 50 . E No . AR Tel Movie bids for electrical work at50the U YO 1. for 82 st -10 ain 72 ag 7-2 t sui nk, law Atty. Reg. No. 82 Contact Greg Dorni Plaintiffs have started a d sen , 5th rch s Ma ior e Sen du & s Bid $5 Adult • $4 Kid information. LEgAL DESCRIPTION you. x 364, on Bo is ty, t cie lain So mp Ag Co ty ffs’ un pM Quarter of 0 inti Co Pla to Fillmore The original . 2 . . . . . . . . . . 7:3 That part of the Southwest 35, Town ator istr min Ad urt 5. Co 96 n 55 the ctio of MN Se n, pM ice of Presto file at the off Northwest Quarter . 3 . . . . . . . …. 7:30 Kathy Tesmer Fillmore Cou named Court. Do not throw ove ab pM 0 the of 7:3 & 0 104 North, Range 9 West, ty 4:0 cie l So icia Ag off . 4 . .… ty un are Co re ey Th mo Fill ows: these papers away. Minnesota described as foll st Publish 27 mu u Yo . hts corne rig r est you papers that affect Beginning at the southw it h ug tho n Se eve d t sai sui of law er respond to this the Northwest Quart urt and Co lm the Fil h , wit d 2”E file 8’4 be 9°5 N8 yet may not ; thence 35 this on er E mb NA nu TIC NO stem there may be no court file County Coordinate Sy Pla nn ing Co un ty the s ng Fil lm ore alo t), en Th e s. tm on jus mm Ad Su (1986 t tour YS nex DA its 20 IN uct TH nd 103 co WI er, l art PLY wil Run Time: 1 hr. 38 mins. Qu RE Commission 2. YOU MUST line of said Northwest . They will must u 12 Yo 20 , S. 12 .00 HT 99 rch RIG , Ma UR 6”W ay, YO 9’0 nd T on Mo TO PROTEC feet; thence N00°4 at 9:00 a.m. signed this 0 feet; th leave the highway shop n Township or mail to the person who e giv thence N62°31’50”W, 759.0 to the an led sto cal Pre nse in po t and visit a site Summons a written res S63°16’24”W, 412.50 fee ch of Hidden date on arter; th Qu st we rth No where Tom & Shelly Kraets plied for a er within 20 days of the s. You d sw sai An line of ap on e mm hav Su d line, 2 un st this gro we ed mp d eiv Valley Ca which you rec save! S00°49’06”E, along sai to the expand their er to sw it An rm r own bucket for popcor n and Cont Pe you e g. of Us nin py nal gin co be itio a of Cond must send feet to the point ) ons located mm Su this -886-show(7469 mpground. s. ned Ca les g sig or o stin re wh exi n perso 7.25 acres, mo e Chris Graves following address: the at And: r ato istr m min co west Q w.jemmovies. Fillmore County Zoning Ad blish 27 Matthew J. Opat, P.A. All that part of the North of S Pu er art Qu Attorney at Law of the Southwest nge 9 PO Box 455 , Township 104 North, Ra g no 35 eet Str , lyin 22 SE Second save! Fillmore County, Minnesota , Bring your own bucket for popcorn and the Minn of line REqUEST fOR qUOTES y Chatfield, MN 55923 wa of ht rig rth the no CH EA TO D ON SP ing des RE be CITy Of PRESTON il, ST 3. YOU MU State Recreational Tra itten king quotes wr see ur is yo n sto is ows: Pre er of foll sw y as An Cit ds e e un Th CLAIM. Th by metes and bo Hall. A detailed mplaint. In Co cor ffs’ st inti we Pla rth no the to the for remodeling work in City completed is nse respo Beginning at you er eth be to wh S rk te d wo sta sai st description of the your Answer you mu the Southwest Quarter of , F Street of re h mo rap Fill rag 0 pa 21 h ll, Ha eac y h 2”E Cit wit available at agree or disagree 35; thence N89°58’4 ffs ink before age 15 are 5 times more likely m NAD83 t. If you believe the Plainti or online at www.preston March lain st mp We Co the County Coordinate Syste ed for ask on Friday g am hin 10 ryt by eve e north du en alcohol problems when they’re adults. the giv are s be ng t ote alo Qu should no Adjustment), so in your Hoffman at 507say Joe st ct mu 37.95 nta 13 co you t, er, ase art lain Ple Qu . mp .gov st Co 9th use we in the said South more, go to www.stopalcoholab s. ion est qu No any the h 765-2153 wit Answer. the northeast corner of U Publish 27 YO IF SE CA or call 1.800.729.6686 er; UR art YO Qu SE st LO we 4. YOU WILL Quarter of said South ONSE SP RE EN line ITT t WR eas A the ND ng SE DO NOT S01°32’54”E, alo ON d Sou MPLAINT TO THE PERS CO E TH TO Northwest Quarter of sai nor E TIC you NO If IP S. Sh ON wN MM TO SU N the CARROLTO WHO SIGNED THIS Quarter, 360.02 feet to ld the March 20 days, you will lose nnesota hin Mi wit r the we Carrolton Township will ho of ans t no line do y wa of dit at 4:30 r side Au you of tell ard to t Bo ge t N86°4 and no l g nce wil etin u the 7th me this case. Yo Recreational Trail; y decide es. ma rvic urt Se , 9. Co ten line the Len y to wa e and du of ry, . ht p.m of the sto along said rig Luanne Storelee intiffs everyPla d the sai ard ng aw alo and erly est you st thw again thence sou you If t. lain mp v Co Carrolton Township Clerk nca co the thing asked for in way line, along a curve, ted sta Publish 20,27 ims cla the 49 st of nte gle co do not want to southeast, central an not need to chord in the Complaint, you do can then be radius of 1687.02 feet and 03.6 ent gm 14 jud , lt fau 2”W de 9’5 A 8°3 . respond curve bears S6 ETINg OR ef requestwest PRESTON TOwNShIP mE e yOuR cAR, TRuck iND. ered against you for the reli ent the west line of said South BL gE e AN sa Th Ch R ng t. FO alo e O heRiTAG ed in the Complain thence N02°02’01”W, bruary wish Fe y e r ma ula Fre u reg le, Yo ip tib o E. nsh duc NC int De TA po Tow n SIS Tax the , sto AS The Pre 5. LEGAL Day vacation line, 870.07 feet to . If you do esday, Of . dn re yer We ca e law d a en hel eas m be Tak an l fro p to wil ork t g hel jec erw al etin me All pap to get leg ning. Being sub istrator of way a lawyer, the Court Admin e February 29 at 7:00 p.m. hav t no -9219 (MFpA) the Township Road right ,27 20 h ere wh Publis ces pla t ou ab f. C n may have informatio southerly boundary thereo if en Ev . d. nce nte ista wa s ass al uck s. leg s/tr les you can get FOR cARS: All car 15.47 acres, more or still come es, mo get legal help, you must t no can you g or not! Top dollar paid. Weins Containing in all 22.72 acr wNShIP tect your TO pro t LE to tan er VIL sw ST nesota An RE for n ll Min fO tte ca ty, . wri un a del Co e provid Any make/mo all in Fillmore case. NOTICE the e blish BID Pu los y ma you AN or Mc hts 45 rig 00/871-91 7:30 til TE un PU ed eiv DIS rec be l IVE wil s AT ALTE RN Sealed bid 6. to the Township N. The parties may agree TIO p.m. on April 16, 2012, by LU SO RE n Tow le rna tvil alte res Fo an in te Clerk on behalf of the or be ordered to participa NOTICE Of PUBLIC hEAR k roc d le roa Ru 2 r ss de un Cla s : ing ces pro EN n tio olu res te pu Board for the follow dis tive NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV Transportation Rules of m l wil cil un Co y that meets MN Dept. of r to have the of the Minnesota General written Cit 4 oro 11 Lanesb r de you bid d the sen h C l wit stil rial s, st mo ion specificat Practice. You mu Lanesboro Veterans Me if you tons per day n 00 eve 1,0 t 0 lain be 10 r mp am Co live Ch de the cil to un to ability response Center, in the Co at the Board’s Lanes alternative means of resolv use to anywhere in the township ect exp Parkway Avenue South, th. 15 to June at 12 20 5, te. pu rch dis Ma request, and delivery prior this ay, ing on Mond the bid. OR in CT ed FE cifi AF spe Y be MA re st g UIT mu rin Quarry site 7. THIS LAWS to conduct a public hea AL breaker run RE TO ing lud LE inc TIT k N S roc TIO ota d ES roa nes QU er All oth BRING INTO application to the Min s to be delivCounty, fine re h mo wit Fill k in roc m d ½” gra ate 2 Pro loc and nt k TY roc PROPER Development Gra d as in the township and c Minnesota, legally describe . of ered and spread anywhere te Sta owner-occupied housing be st mu bids Lane of ached Legal Description y att Cit e Se the in at the Board’s request. All s: n ow tio foll rehabilita per ton e be min st ter de mu s to bid is All ion an k. act s roc res per ton for The object of this person wishing to exp title, s for gradbid ht, rig ting no ep e acc a hav o, red Als nts de ry. da nsi live fen co for de that the de the matters to be Bids are to be the above . on ing or low in in wp lly lien sno or ora t, /or rd res and hea inte ing estate, hearing can be rk to be done ting on a per hour basis. All wo acceptable ibed real estate. scr de March 5, 2012 or in wri k . AIM be Vic NO PERSONAL CL Jo ie OF bb E Bo TIC at the Board’s request and to NO s ent comm epting bids for de against any Av to the Board. Also, acc No personal claim is ma of Lanesboro, 202 Parkway 5 r pe es tim ove ab wo g/t ion win act mo the de in dsi MN , nts roa oro da ip fen esb nsh tow of the de PO Box 333, Lan aying, and bids P year, bids for township spr d. itle ent rty. pe pro ip hall for mowing of the townsh a Certificate ted: January 30, 2012 Da MATTHEW J. OPAT, P.A. All bids must accompany mpensation, Co of Insurance for Workers perty Damage Public Liability and Pro es the right erv res ard Bo Insurance. The to waive any and s bid 2012 at R all or to reject any d until 4:00 PM on March 19th, pte s as “Bid ce pe ac elo be l env wil rk s ma bid d ase ale Ple Se defects. Box 425, Harmony MN 55939 PO opened at the St, r be l nte wil Ce s W Bid 25 .” s, n the Journal Classifieds! sed rtie pe clo En Select Pro April 17, 2012 regular monthly meeting on Fillmore County, S ll. Ha n tville Tow sold: is located on County 30, be to rty pe pro at 7:30 p.m. at the Fores e Th es are invited will be accepted as follows: s Bid . +/res ac 2 14 , All bidders or representativ ip. sh wn To 32, Bristol id opening.


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Obituaries Charlotte Lenore Lutz Ms. Charlotte Lenore Lutz, 72, of Chatfield, died Saturday, April 17, 2012, at her home. Charlotte was born May 4, 1939, in Wykoff, MN to Raymond and Shirley (Hall) Bornfleth. She grew up in Fountain on a farm and attended Root Prairie Church. Charlotte married Richard T. Utley on October 20, 1956. They had three children, Rick, Steve and Barb. Later they divorced. Charlotte then married Larry F. Lutz on August 24, 1968, in Rochester where they had three children, Mike, Scott and Staci. They lived in Rochester where Charlotte sold Home Interiors for 20 years. They later divorced. Charlotte then moved to Mahtomedi, MN where she met Joseph Muhvich and later married on March 6, 1982, and then divorced in 1985. She moved back to Rochester and in 1993 moved to Troy, MN where she owned and operated the Dog Patch Bar & Grill for many years. Charlotte later sold the bar and moved back to Chatfield where she resided until her death. Charlotte enjoyed singing Karaoke, playing guitar, playing the organ, drawing, writing poems, decorating, dancing, people and just plain out having fun. She was proceeded in death by

her two late husbands, Richard T. Utley and Joseph Muhvich, her Father, Raymond Bornfleth, Uncle Irvin Bornfleth, Aunt Vivian Ihrke and son, Steven W. Utley. Survivors include her Mother Shirley Bornfleth (Fountain, MN), Aunt Ila Bornfleth (Chatfield, MN), brother James Bornfleth (La Crosse, WI) her children, Barbara Hammil (Austin, MN), Richard Utley (Rochester, MN), Michael Lutz (Austin, MN), Scott (Amber) Lutz (Rochester, MN), Staci Lutz (Rochester, MN) her eleven grandchildren; and one great-granddaughter, Isabella Utley (Woodbury, MN). A funeral was held at Riley Funeral Home, Chatfield, on Saturday, April 21, 2012, with Reverend Paul Vauch of Church of Christ, Rochester, officiating.Burial of cremains will be at Root Prairie Lutheran Cemetery, rural Fountain, Minn. Riley Funeral Home handled arrangements. Andrew Charles Sonnek Andrew Charles Sonnek, 38, died Wednesday, April 18, 2012, at his home in Rochester of natural causes. Andrew was born October 4, 1973, in Wells, MN, to Charles Dominic and Betty Jean (Bartelt) Sonnek. He graduated from Waldorf-Pemberton high school, the class of 1993. He then attended Riverland College in Albert Lea


Wednesday, April 25, 2012 to become an electrician. He was a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local #343 in Rochester. Andrew enjoyed classic cars and antique tractors, and enjoyed tinkering with all things mechanical. Family was very important to him, especially his nieces and nephews. He would come home in the fall of the year to help out during the harvest season. Andrew is survived by his parents, Charles and Betty Sonnek of Waldorf, MN; brothers and sisters: Charles “Rick” (Kandy) Sonnek of LaCrescent, MN; Tim (Barb) Sonnek of New Prague, MN; Beth (John) Thompson of Rochester, MN; Amy (David) Adams of Minneiska, MN; Steve (Vonnie) Sonnek of St. Clair, MN; Chris (Karen) Sonnek of New Richland, MN; Kellen Sonnek of Minnesota Lake, MN; Perry Sonnek of Woodville, WI; Joy Sonnek of Waldorf, MN; Sara (Russ) Kientz of Kansas; Peter (Lori) Sonnek of Waldorf, MN; Anthony (Brenda) Sonnek of Mapleton, MN; Matthew Sonnek of Duluth, MN; brother-inlaw: Trevor Buswell of Guyton, GA; many nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and cousins along with their families, and numerous good friends. He was preceded in death by his grandparents, sister Ruth Ann Buswell and brother Jonathan Charles See OBITUARIES Page 7 

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Olmsted County Church Directory Ascension Lutheran Church....................... Thurdays - 6:30pm; ........................................................ Sundays - 8am & 10:30am 2207 11th Ave SE, Rochester, MN (507)288-2781 Assembly of God .................Sundays - 8am, 9:30am & 11:00am 4240 18th Ave NW, Rochester, MN (507)288-0868 Autumn Ridge Church.......... Sat. 5:30pm; Sun. 9am & 10:30am 3611 Salem Rd SW, Rochester, MN (507)288-8880 Berean Community Church .........................Sundays - 10:30am 3157 Kenosha Dr. NW, Rochester, MN (507)289-4179 Bethel Baptist Church, SBC ....Wed. - 7:00pm & Sun. - 10:45am 1937 7th St. NW, Rochester, MN (507)252-4787 Byron United Methodist Church ..Sundays - 9:00am & 11:00am 503 1st Ave. NW, Byron, MN (507)775-6610 Calvary Baptist Church ...................Wed. - 7pm; Sun. - 8:15am, ........................................................................10:45am, & 6pm 5905 Silas Dent Rd. NW, Rochester, MN (507)289-6750 Calvary Episcopal Church ...........Sundays - 8am, 9am & 11am 3rd Ave & SW 2nd St., Rochester, MN (507)282-6496 Calvary Evangelical Free Church...............Saturdays - 5:30pm; .......................................................... Sundays 9am & 10:30am 5500 25th Ave. NW, Rochester, MN (507)282-4612 Christ Lutheran Church ...............................Sundays - 10:00am 2904 20th St. SE, Rochester, MN (507)289-0271 Christ Our Rock Lutheran Church .... Sun. - 8:00am & 10:30am 3040 Stonehedge Dr. NE, Rochester, MN (507)252-5088 Christ’s Church of the Jesus Hour .........Wednesdays - 6:30pm; ........................................................... Sundays - 10am & 11am 2311 Hwy 52 North, Rochester, MN (507)529-1220 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ...........Sun. - 9am, 2300 Viola Heights Dr. NE, Rochester (507)281-6640 ...... 11am, 1:00pm Church of the Nazarene .....................Sundays - 9:30am & 6pm 3343 East Circle Dr. NE, Rochester (507)289-7503 Church of the Savior, RCA .............................Sundays - 9:30am 971 16th St. SE, Rochester, MN (507)289-7491 Community Presbyterian Church..................Sundays - 9:30am 3705 55th St. NW, Rochester, MN (507)280-9291 Congregation United ....................................... Sundays - 10am; Church of Christ...............................................Summers - 9am 974 Skyline Dr. SW, Rochester, MN (507)289-4581 Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church .........Sundays - 10:30am 2810 40th Ave SE, Rochester, MN (507)289-6532 Crosswinds Church .....................................Saturdays - 5:30pm ....................................................Sundays - 9:15am & 11:00am 8106 31st Ave. NW, Oronoco, MN (507)289-7937 Destiny Church .............................................Sundays - 10:00am 3240 40th Ave. NW, Rochester, MN (507)281-3536 Douglas United Methodist Church ..............Sundays - 10:00am 6507 75th St. NW, Oronoco, MN (507)281-3526 Dover United Methodist Church ....................Sundays - 9:00am 105 S. Pleasant St., Dover, MN (507)932-4966 Emmanuel Baptist Church ...........................Sundays - 10:30am 2911 18th Ave NW, Rochester, MN (507)289-7244 Emmanuel Lutheran Church of Rochester, NALC ....................................Saturdays - 6:00pm Meet at Oasis Church, 1815 NW 38th St., Rochester, MN Faith United Methodist Church ...................Sundays - 10:30am 27 4th Street SW, Eyota, MN (507)545-2641 Family of Christ Lutheran Church ................Sundays - 9:00am Meeting at Gibb’s Elementary (507)424-2902 First Baptist Church .................. Wed. - 6:30pm, Sun. - 10:30am 100 5th St. SE, Stewartville, MN (507)533-8808 First Presbyterian Church............Sundays - 8:30am & 11:00am 512 3rd SW, Rochester, MN (507)282-1618 First Unitarian Universalist Church ... Sun. - 9:00am & 11:00am 1727 Walden Lane SW, Rochester, MN (507)282-5209 Gethsemane Lutheran Brethren Church .....Sundays - 10:30am 2204 22nd St. NW, Rochester, MN (507)282-1121

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church ....................... Wednesdays - 6:00; ...................................... Sundays - 8:00am, 9:15am & 10:45am 1212 12th Ave NW, Rochester, MN (507)289-1841 Good Shepherd Lutheran Church ..............Saturdays - 5:30pm; ........................................................ Sundays - 8am & 10:30am 559 20th St SW, Rochester, MN (507)289-1748 Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church ............Sundays - 10:00am 45 1st Ave. NE, Oronoco, MN (507)367-4329 Grace Church ................................................Sundays - 10:30am 702 East 1st St., Stewartville, MN (507)533-4704 Grace Lutheran Church..... Wed. - 6pm; Sat. - 6pm; Sun. - 8 am 800 East Silver Lake Dr., Rochester, MN (507)289-7833 ......... & 10:30am Harvest Church .............................. Wed. - 7pm; Sun. - 10:00am 3342 19th St. NW, Rochester, MN (507)316-5207 High Forest Community Church....................Sundays - 8:00am 12036 SW Oak Ave, Stewartville, MN (507)533-4890 Holy Redeemer Catholic Church ...................Sundays - 8:00am 22 E. 2nd St., Eyota, MN (507)932-3294 Holy Seed Assembly .................... Wed. - 6:30pm; Sun. - 9:00am 315 Elton Hills Dr NW, Rochester, MN (507)271-6123 Homestead United Methodist Church....Wednesdays - 6:30pm ....................................................Sundays - 9:00am & 10:45am 400 13th Ave SE, Rochester, MN (507)288-8911 Hope Summit Christian Church ........ Sun. - 9:00am & 10:30am 1315 6th Ave. SE, Rochester (507)288-2393 Hosanna Lutheran Church .............. Sundays - 8am & 10:45am 2815 57th St. NW, Rochester (507)285-0092 Iglesia Cristo El Rey ...................................... Sundays - 3:30pm 1225 Elton Hills Dr. NW, Rochester, MN (507)281-6833 Life Church ...................................................Sundays - 10:30am Willow Creek Middle School, 2425 11th Ave. SE, Rochester (507)-424-0333 Life Evangelical Lutheran Church .................Sundays - 9:30am 4500 60th Ave NW, Rochester, MN (507)282-8280 Mount Olive Lutheran Church ................................. Sat. - 5pm; 2830 18th Ave NW, Rochester (507)288-1580....Sun. - 8am & 10:30am Marion Church of Christ........................Wednesdays - 6:30pm; ......................................................................Sundays 10:30am 5296 65th Ave. SE, Rochester, MN (507)288-1063 New Life Worship Center .......... Wed. - 6:45pm; Sun. - 10:30am 6301 34th Ave. NW, Rochester, MN (507)282-7201 New Testament Baptist Church ..............Wednesdays - 7:00pm ................................................... Sundays - 10:30am & 5:00pm 2119 3rd Ave SE, Rochester, MN (507)292-0745 NewDay Covenant Church @ the Y................Sundays - 9:30am Rochester Family Y, 701 1st Ave. SW, Rochester, MN (507)226-0390 Oak Hills Wesleyan Church ......Sat. - 5:00pm & Sun. - 10:30am 410 28th St. SW, Rochester, MN (507)288-6053 Oasis Church ..................................................Sundays - 9:30am 1815 NW 38th St, Rochester, MN (507)289-8596 Our Savior’s Lutheran Church ......... Sundays - 8am & 10:30am 222 4th St. SW, Eyota, MN (507)545-2067 Our Savior’s Lutheran Church .....Sundays - 8:00am & 10:30am 2124 Viola Rd. NE, Rochester, MN (507)289-3021 Pax Christi Catholic Church ................................. Sat. - 5:15pm; ....................................................Sun. - 7:30am, 9:00am, 10:45am; ......................Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. - 9:00am & Wed. - 7:00am 4135 18th Ave NW, Rochester, MN (507)282-8542 Peace United Church of Christ ....Sundays - 8:30am & 11:00am 1503 2nd Ave NE, Rochester, MN (507)282-6117 Pleasant Grove Church of Christ .................Sundays - 10:30am 4713 Cty Rd 140 SE, Stewartville, MN (507)533-8680 Presbyterian Church of Oronoco...................Sundays - 9:00am 20 3rd St. SW, Oronoco, MN (507)367-4711 Racine United Methodist Church ..................Sundays - 8:30am 401 East Main Street, Racine, MN 55967 (507)378-4801 Real Lutheran Fellowship ............................Sundays - 11:00am 4207 Sapphire Ln. NW, Rochester, MN (507)289-6438

Redeemer Lutheran Church ......................Saturdays - 5:30pm; ....................................................Sundays - 8:00am & 10:40am 869 7th Ave SE, Rochester, MN (507)289-5147 Resurrection Evangelical Lutheran Church ... Mondays - 6:30pm ......................................................... Sundays - 8am &10:30am 4520 19th Ave NW, Rochester, MN (507)282-8280 Rochester Baptist Church .. Wed. - 7:00pm, Sun. - 11am & 6pm 420 11th Ave NE, Rochester, MN (507)287-9771 Rochester Community Baptist Church ............. Wed. - 6:30pm; ....................................................Sundays - 9:30am & 11:00am 1048 6th Ave SE, Rochester, MN (507)288-8706 Rochester Covenant Church ........Sundays - 8:30am & 11:00am 4950 31st Ave. NW, Rochester, MN (507)289-2990 Rochester Pentecostal Church ...............Wednesdays - 7:30pm; ................................................... Sundays - 10:00am & 7:00pm 3657 Sheffield Lane SE, Rochester, MN (507)288-4342 Rochester Seventh-day Adventist Church .....Saturdays - 11am 1100 37th St. NW, Rochester, MN (507)289-2589 Salem Road Covenant Church .......................Sundays - 9:30am 3401 Salem Rd. SW, Rochester, MN (507)288-9601 Salvation Army .............................Sundays - 9:45am & 11:00am 20 1st Ave NE, Rochester, MN (507)288-3663 South Troy Wesleyan Church .......................Sundays - 10:30am 56817 Hwy 63, Zumbro Falls, MN (507)259-1442 Saints Kosmos & Damianos Orthodox Church (GOA) .... Sun. - 8:30am 703 W. Center St, Rochester, MN (507)282-1529 ................... & 9:45am St. Bernard Catholic Church .....Sat. - 5:00pm & Sun. - 10:30am 116 4th Ave. SE, Stewartville, MN (507)533-8257 St. Bridget Catholic Church ...........................Sundays - 8:30am 2123 Cty. Rd 16 SE, Rochester, MN (507)533-8257 St. Luke’s Episcopal Church .......................... Saturdays - 5pm; ....................................................Sundays - 8:00am & 10:00am 1884 22nd St. NW, Rochester, MN (507)288-2469 St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church ..... Mon.-Fri. 12:10pm; ...............................Sat. 4:30pm; Sun. - 8am, 9:30pm, 11:15am 11 4th Ave SW, Rochester, MN (507)288-7372 St. John’s Lutheran Church .......................Thursdays - 6:30pm; ....................................................Sundays - 8:00am & 10:30am 111 2nd Ave NE, Stewartville, MN (507)533-4420 St. Pius X ................... Sat. - 4pm; Sun. - 7:30am, 9am, 10:30am 1315 12th Ave. NW, Rochester, MN (507)288-8238 Stewartville Assembly of God .....................Sundays - 10:30am 101 3rd Ave. NW, Stewartville, MN (507)533-8750 Stewartville Christian Church .....................Sundays - 11:00am 751 Cty. Rd. 106, Stewartville, MN (507)533-4545 Stewartville United Methodist Church ..........Sundays - 9:00am 900 John Wesley Ave. NW, Stewartville, MN (507)533-4625 Sumner Center United Methodist Church ..Sundays - 10:30am 8 miles north of Spring Valley off of Cty Rd 1 in intersection of 102 (507)378-4801 The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Chosen Generation Parish ...........................Sundays - 10:30am 1300 10th Ave. NE, Rochester, MN (507)202-4726 Third Spirit of Life Spiritualist Church ............Mondays - 7pm 1500 1st Ave. NE, Suite 112, Rochester, MN (507)775-6358 Trinity Lutheran Church .............. Wed. - 6:30pm; Sat. - 5:30pm 222 6th Ave SW, Rochester, MN (507)289-1531 .... Sun. - 8am & 10:30am Unity of Rochester Study Group ... 2nd & 4th Sundays 10:30am 103 7th St. NE, Rochester, MN (Rochester Rep Theatre) Victory Baptist Church ..........................Wednesdays - 7:00pm; ....................................................................Sundays - 10:30am 606 36th Ave. SE, Rochester, MN (507)289-2966 Viola Bible Church .........................................Sundays 11:00am 10606 Main St. NE, Viola, MN (507)876-2092 Word of Life Church of God in Christ ............... Wed. - 6:30pm; ....................................................................Sundays - 10:30am 4925 Hwy 52 N, Rochester, MN (507)206-6633

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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C ommentary Democrats, Republicans and Tea Party members By Al Schumann My congratulations Jason, on the first anniversary of the Olmsted County Journal. I like the opportunity to spout off in your paper and from the comments I get, a lot of people are reading and enjoying the varying comments expressed. This is the way that political campaign’s should be rather than Al Schumann in 30 second sound bites on the TV. My Democrat friends want to blame everyone else for our problems. The insurance companies are blamed for the cost of health care, oil companies are blamed for high gas prices, business men are not paying enough tax, Tea party members are blamed because they don’t agree with the Democrats policies, Republicans are blamed because they agree with the Tea Party members on so many things, Dave Hansen says that Republicans are against women –let’s look a little closer at that one. Now I’ve always thought that the men and women of both parties approached sex from the same general direction. Recently a lady testified that she should have her pills and condoms paid for by the government as part of the health bill. She said that men were getting their Viagra paid for. Of course, I can’t speak for all the Republicans, but at my age I think that we all should pay for our own stimulants. Are insurance companies to blame for the cost of health care? Insurance companies basically average the risk of illnesses, their costs, and spread them out over the lifetime of the individuEditorial Cartoon

als involved. Individuals vary by groups; some are more prone to heart problems, some to cancers, some to sickle cell anemia etc. The costs, however, have been going up with the complexity of the illnesses and whether they should or should not be considered an illness…Do Viagra, birth control pills, or condoms, really have to be paid by our health insurance? Those in a gay “marriage” really don’t need that type of insurance. Is a brain transplant an illness? This is something that the insurance companies have little control over. Don’t blame the insurance company, blame the people that want to have the government in Washington control our lives. Now we have the option to buy the kind of health care that we want -- not what someone in Washington wants us to have. I personally would rather pay at the Doctor’s office. He usually gives you a discount if you pay cash and so far they haven’t bounced any of my checks. Are oil companies responsible for high prices? The Democrats love to blame the oil companies for the price of the fuel at the tank. Now the oil companies are really broken into three main parts. The fellow at the gas station is usually the one who gets the blame, but he buys it from the refinery. His margin is normally about 10-12 cents per gallon. When gas gets up to $4 per gallon and the card company takes 2.5 percent of that for their commission only one or two cents profit remains. But wait… the taxes on that $4 gas are 46 cents per gallon. The refinery only gets $3.40 for that gallon of gas. The refinery buys the crude oil from the companies that drill for the oil. When prices are high they do make money -- if they have got oil to sell. If they haven’t got the oil

they try to find some. If they do find oil they try to get it to the refinery as soon as possible, and this is one problem that Democrats and Republicans disagree on. The Canadian government has been producing oil from the Bakken formation and has more than the northern refineries can handle. At least five refineries are closed now because of stricter government rules and regulations required by the Pollution Control Agency. They have a pipeline half built, but the Obama people won’t let them finish the pipeline. The oil business is very competitive with oil coming into the country from all over the world. There have been cases when a shipload of oil was sold five different times before it reached its destination. All of us are able to buy shares in the oil companies in the U.S. but the returns on our investment would normally be about eight percent. Back in 1973, the major oil producers of the world tried to jack up the prices for us, but our drillers went to work and within a year they were producing enough oil so that the price at the pump went down to around $1 per gallon. If the Obama administration would let that big pipe be connected to the refineries it could again go down to that price. There is more oil in the U.S. and Canada than in the Arabian Peninsula. The free enterprise system works very well –when the price goes up everybody wants to make a buck and they will work hard for it. When Dave Hansen talks about economic leadership, nothing produces as well as the individuals competing in the free market. Some of our Democratic friends believe that the government shall play the leadership role in producing jobs for our people. I firmly disagree.

Governments should let the people decide what they want to buy and business will produce the things that people want. Every individual has priorities, from food, a house, a car, a home, how many kids they’ll have, what kind of work they want to do. It should not be directed from any governments, whether they are local, state or federal. We have economic leadership, the market place. I lived through the depression when the New Deal was directing the economy when many of these proposals were first used. They didn’t work then and they aren’t working now. The Federal Government is borrowing the money and then giving it away in “stimulus funds” to such proposals as Solyndra, the company that spent $500,000,000 to produce solar paneling and didn’t sell a single one. The Chinese were producing them for half the price. I want to close with the marriage amendment. I checked my 50-year-old law books and there are over 150 laws relating to husband and wife, and another 70 on marriage alone. They deal with a lot of different things, but mainly with the rights of children, inheritance, divorces, such thing as Quaker and Muslim marriages, and 220 other items. I’m wondering which of these things are of concern to gays and

Government this week • Wednesday, April 25, Byron City Council, 6:00 p.m., City Hall. • Thursday, April 26, Eyota City Council, Eyota City Hall, 7:00 p.m. Schedule subject to change.

lesbians. Isn’t it interesting that all of these laws would become available to those who simply changed the meaning of marriage that is in the law books? Think of the lawyers clogging up the courts to decide who is my mommy, who is my daddy.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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C ommentary One Moment Please...

BIG business decisions mean change By Jason Sethre Publisher of the Fillmore County Journal & Olmsted County Journal Cell phone: 507-251-5297 So, Best Buy is closing a few stores throughout Minnesota, including the south store in Rochester. Sears is likely to follow suit in 2013 after the sale of the business to General Growth Properties Inc. How many times have we Jason Sethre seen something like this happen in Rochester? Woolworth, Montgomery Wards and Dayton’s are a few names from the past that were large department store retailers occupying huge retail spaces in Rochester at one time. Now, they are simply fleeting memories. It’s unfortunate, but a reality. Businesses expand and contract all the time. They make decisions based on what they know at that time, and then the marketplace changes. I do have to say that I am somewhat surprised by the shift in Best Buy’s performance and decisions. I said “somewhat.” Back in 2008, when Circuit City collapsed when trying to compete head-to-head with Wal-mart -- instead of their obvious rival Best Buy -- I thought for sure that Best Buy would capitalize on their

demise. Best Buy had a tremendous opportunity to pick up market share, but it appears something else pulled the rug out from where they were standing. Yeah, I could pick apart a few areas where Best Buy needs improvement. For example, I can’t stand buying something at Best Buy and having the up-sell of extended warranties and protection plans shoved in my face at the check-out every single time. Most products come with a manufacturer’s warranty, so what is Best Buy saying about the products they sell when they push extended warranties and protect plans? They’re not alone, though, and I know of many other stores doing the same thing. And, don’t let me get started about the Geek Squad. Best Buy has done a fantastic job of branding and marketing the Geek Squad all the way down to the Volkswagen Bug. Really, they nailed it on the head with creating the perception of technical expertise. However, again, just like pushing the extended warranties and protection plans at the check-out, the Geek Squad seems to be in up-sell mode, as well. Here’s some word of advice for upper management overseeing Best Buy’s very well-branded Geek Squad. Keep your prices low enough that people won’t debate whether to buy a new computer instead of getting their computer repaired. You don’t want to make the same mistake as the VCR repair-

man. He eventually ran himself out of business because he charged more to repair a VCR than what it cost to buy a new one. The DVD player didn’t help his cause, either. That simply perpetuated the inevitable. I might even suggest that Best Buy consider opening small Geek Squad (only) stores in certain markets. That Geek Squad brand is really dominant. I’m sure they are looking at all options. Next on my hit list is Sears. Do you remember when K-Mart and Sears became married in cash flow matrimony? I thought to myself, they’re both in financial trouble, so who bought who? Well, K-Mart bought Sears in 2005. I was quite surprised because K-Mart had just emerged from bankruptcy back in 2003, only two years prior to buying (or shall we say merging with) Sears. There were probably a lot of good things that came from that, such as the ability to crossretail product lines like Craftsman and Kenmore -- two very strong brands for Sears. However, Sears lost $3 billion in 2011. It’s very unfortunate, but a reality. My suggestion for Sears is that they consider having Craftsman stores. These small Craftsman stores could sell tools and equipment, along with provide service, repair and maintenance. The overhead of a small Craftsman store would be much more manageable compared to their large department store business model. And, why would this work? When you think of Craftsman, what do you think?

I think of my father asking me at about the age of four to fetch tools for him from his toolbox while he repaired whatever was taking center stage in the garage at that time. Craftsman taught me the difference between a phillips and a flathead screw driver. Because of Craftsman, I know the difference between a crescent wrench and a ratchet. I often brought the wrong tool to my father, so by process of elimination I would play fetch until I presented the correct tool for the job. But, all of this is compliments of Craftsman. Sears has a good, well-honored, brand-loyal tradition with their Craftsman products. As my dad always said with his Craftsman tools, “If this ever breaks, I can take it back to Sears and they will replace it at no charge. Always buy good tools.” The Craftsman lifetime warranty creates value and brand perception that establishes the benchmark in the industry. I don’t want to see Best Buy or Sears struggle, but change is inevitable in the continuous expansion and contraction

of big and small companies. Unfortunately, the casualities come in the form of job loss. That’s always my biggest concern when I see decisions handed down from the top dogs of any large corporation. I do have one particular thought that could help businesses like Best Buy and Sears, but I am going to save it for next week’s Olmsted County Journal. Main Ave. Harmony


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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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Retreat provides a new beginning for women who have experienced trauma On Saturday April 14, 2012, approximately 36 women gathered at Christ Community Church in Rochester for the first Sacred Survivor retreat. The retreat was conceived by Sonja Hallworth, after a series of synchronistic events led her to enroll in the Victim Advocate training course through Victim Services. The mission of the retreat was to be a catalyst for healing through Spirit, Mind and Body focused speakers, activities, discussion groups, and testimonies, designed to renew and encourage women who have experienced trauma in their lives. The theme for this retreat was “Still I Rise”, based upon a poem by Maya Angelou. The Sacred Survivor Retreat Team is made up mostly of women who own small businesses in and around Rochester, MN. They have collaborated on this event since they all see the need for such a day as this. The inspiring speakers for

the event included: survivors Cresta Valentine and Maureen Johnson, who spoke of their own abuse and healing. LuAnn Buechler, a certified facilitator of The Passion Test, a S.Y.S.T.E.M that helps individuals to find their way to living their life’s passion. Kit Muellner, LICSW, founder and owner of HOPE Ranch, a facility in Rochester which provides powerful models of Animal Assisted Therapy and Equine Assisted Learning/Equine Assisted Therapy. Kit also serves as clinical consultant to DFO Crime Victim Services. Jackie Foley, Community Education Coordinator at the Women’s Shelter. She also serves as the IPDA Coordinator for the Intervention Project on Domestic Assault. Jackie is a survivor of domestic violence with an incredible story. Jorrie Johnson, founder of Rochester Women Magazine, and active volunteer for numerous organizations in Roches-

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 17, 2012, at Chosen Valley Care Center in Chatfield. Katherine was born May 15, 1928 in Red Wing, Minnesota, one of 13 children of David and Alfreda (Matter) Gadient. She lived with her family in rural Goodhue until her graduation from Goodhue High School in 1945. Katherine lived in Rochester and worked for the Mayo Clinic until her marriage to Louis Ward in 1949. They were married St. Columbkill’s Catholic Church in Belle Creek, Minnesota.


Continued from Page 3

Sonnek. A Memorial Service was held Tuesday, April 24, 2012, at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Waldorf, MN. Father Peter Klein officiated. Bruss-Heitner Funeral Home in Wells was in charge of the arrangements. Mary Katherine Ward Katherine “Kay” Ward, 83, of Chatfield, died Tuesday morning,

Kay retired from IBM in June 1986 after 20 years of service. Kay was a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. She was an avid golfer until 2011, enjoyed fishing, boating, her cabin in Wabasha, bowling and many other activities. Kay was also a quilter and cheerfully did many things for her church, her community and her family. Kay received a Bishop’s Medal from Bishop John Quinn of the Diocese of Winona in December 2011 for her many good works for her church. She was also devoted to her


loving family and many friends. Blessed be her memory. Kay is survived by her husband, Louis, her son-in-law Jim Priebe of Rochester, her sons Dave (Marcia) of Eyota and Don (Billie) of Faribault, two daughters, Rita Lawson (Patrick), and Maureen Ruskell (Gary) both of Chatfield, 14 grandchildren and 21 greatgrandchildren; four brothers: Father Peter Gadient of Lincoln, NE, Robert Gadient (Berdell), of Goodhue, William Gadient (Kay) of Goodhue, Raymond Gadient

Page 7

(Ruth) of Frontenac and one sister, Regina McComas Morelan of Faribault. She was preceded in death by her parents, her daughter Jean Priebe (Jim), and her siblings Margaret Gadient, Bernard Gadient( Agnes), John Gadient (Shirley), Rosemary Lodermeier (Len), Gerald Gadient (Nita), Francis Lodermeier (Ed) and David Gadient (Char). A funeral Mass was held Saturday April 21, at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Chatfield. A reception followed at the church.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rochester enacts first steps of downtown master plan By Nate Langworthy In preparation for anticipated population growth in coming years, Rochester is readying residents and visitors to live and work in a place different than we see today, with high-density business and residential developments and multiple transportation options. The city council voted to start down the path laid out in the Downtown Master Plan. The plan, which was unanimously adopted by the council in January 2011, calls for policy to be set in place to accommodate high-density, mixed use development in coming years. By 2030, the plan anticipates over 140,000 square feet of new retail space, 360,000 square feet of new office space, 1035 new hotel rooms, and between 1900 and 4200 new housing units in the downtown area, which extends from Civic Center Drive to Soldiers Field, and from the Zumbro River to east 6th Street. To remedy current land use that does not mix with the plan, with about 40 percent of the area downtown devoted to automobiles, the city council relaxed parking requirements, now requiring half of the parking spaces called for by underlying zoning and capping the maximum parking at 75 percent current rules. “If we’re really going to encourage the conversion of that land to higher and better uses that will generate new development and tax revenues, we also needed to have a cap on the amount of parking that you could have,” said city development administrator Doug Knott. “Essentially what we’re saying is that the requirements currently

are excessive.” The council voted 5-1 to approve the new parking requirements, with council member Ed Hruska absent and Bruce Snyder voting in dissention, questioning the reasoning for instituting a limit on spaces allowed. Rochester real estate developer Mac Hamilton spoke in favor of the parking overlay. “Parking requirements should be made more reasonable for the number of people that will be parking in these areas,” he said. “People are finding walkability and bikeability to be preferable to having the need of having an automobile.” Hamilton said that parking spaces at properties that he owns are typically about 60 percent occupied. Council member Mark Bilderback reported that some core residents of core neighborhoods are concerned that less parking downtown will cause a spill over to residential areas. Rochester/Olmsted planning director Phil Wheeler noted that the parking requirements are for retail businesses, few of which will be for employee parking, typically the culprit for chronic non-resident parking in neighborhoods. “People are not going to park in a neighborhood and walk downtown to go shopping,” he said. “When the Clinic grows by 50 percent over the next 20 years, they will either provide better transit, better other ways to get downtown, or we’ll continue to have parking problems.” Businesses will also be allowed to further reduce their parking requirements by being near public transit and offering bicycle

parking. First Downtown Corridor Approved Since Master Plan The council also approved a design for construction to be done on 6th Street southwest this summer. This is the first overhaul of a roadway to be guided by the Downtown Master Plan. In a committee of the whole meeting, the council chose a design more conducive to car traffic than pedestrian use. Council member Michael Wojcik promoted aspects of the more pedestrian friendly design to be incorporated into the final design. In keeping with the atmosphere being promoted in the area that is to become an “urban village”, with University of Minnesota – Rochester having a large future presence, some of these features included into the final plan were narrower drive lanes, boulevard trees, and pedestrian bump outs at the intersection with 1st avenue southwest. “The design was not my personal favorite,” said Wojcik. “In terms of incorporating as much that could be incorporated with that design, I think staff did a very nice job.” The project will begin this year and is estimated to cost nearly $4.3 million, nearly half of that

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going toward upscaling the sanitary sewer line to accommodate higher density development and paid for by sewer utility revenue. $635,000 is projected to come from tax assessments to businesses fronting 6th Street. Other Council Business Rochester’s AAA bond rating paid off recently when the city refinanced the $68 million dollar bond used to expand the wastewater treatment plant. The move will save the city $8.15 million by 2026 and results in over $6.9 million in immediate savings. David MacGillivray, chairman of the city’s financial advisor, Springsted Incorporated, updated the council on the activity. “I do these a lot and these are some of the biggest numbers I’ve seen in terms of savings,” he said. Rochester’s AAA credit rating, recently reaffirmed by Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s. The council adopted a resolution of support for proposed a proposed Falcon Heights townhome project southeast of the intersection of Highway 14 and 40th avenue southeast, the third and final piece of a low-income


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housing project started in 1999 on 80 acres of land. The project previously failed to garner support from the council due to lack of access to public transportation and amenities. Dave Bell of Freedom Development and Consulting, explained that the Falcon Heights project aims to serve families with incomes of upwards of $48,000 per year, making it likely that they will not need to rely on public transportation. The argument swayed the council to support the development, which helps the project when measured up against other tax-subsidized developments across greater Minnesota. Council member Wojcik changed his mind about the project based on the clarification of income levels to be served by the project and the lack of lowincome housing projects coming forward. “We have an overwhelming need for affordable housing in our community,” he said. “We have a ridiculous amount of people paying more than 30 or 40 percent of their income for housing.” The city currently has no plans to provide public transportation near the development. “We have to figure out how to get transit to some of these areas that are really going to need it,” said Wojcik.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Page 9

Pine Island City Council votes to save $300,000-plus By Karen Snyder You can save more than $300,000, financial consultant Michael Bubany of David Drown Associates told the Pine Island City Council at its April 17 meeting. His frugal plan involves refinancing debt from the city’s 2003 and 2005 street projects by selling new bonds at the current lower interest rates. The sale will cover $3.45 million from the old street projects and $855,000 for the 2012 Improvement Project. Council members gave their unanimous consent to selling the bonds. Flood buyout The council voted unanimously to approve a purchase agreement between the city and Pine Island Lumber. The city will use DNR funds to buy the flooded lumberyard property for $271,407 and will waive $41,000 in assessments levied against the property. Closing date on the sale will be June 1 or earlier, and Pine Island Lumber will spend the money toward building a new facility in the commercial park the city is developing. New city park proposed The Park Board got the worst reviews in Pine Island’s recent performance survey mostly because the area near the golf course lacks a park. “I see kids playing on the course,” said councilman Rod

Steele. He emphasized the dangers of golf balls and chemicals, adding, “I think a park is a good idea.” The Park Board will start a plan. EDA update Karen Doll, executive director of the Pine Island Economic Development Authority, reported that “the city had a very positive and busy 2011, with five new business openings and three expansions.” The EDA also worked with 10 businesses on flood mitigation issues. “And 2012,” she said, “is looking busy, too.” EDA loan okayed Doll recommended and the council approved a $40,000 EDA loan to Innovative Precision Ag LLC to open in Pine Island. Minnesota Street Rod Association spring campout The council voted, with councilman Jerry Vettel dissenting, to grant a request to close Main Street on Friday evening, May 18 from 6:30 to 9:30. The occasion will combine an open house at a Main Street firm, Twin Cities Rod and Custom, with the Minnesota Street Rod Association’s spring campout. “We’re expecting a lot of people,” said Courtney Schafer of Twin Cities Rod and Custom. “We’re looking at it as a safety issue.”

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“That’s my concern, too,” Vettel said, “diverting heavy traffic where it usually doesn’t go. It’s time to stop closing Main Street. It’s busy. Traffic needs to get through.” Construction updates The 2012 street improvement project is underway, engineer Craig Britton told the council.

“It’s going well so far, and we’re hoping for good weather.” The new Douglas Trail bridges, successors to those swept away by the 2010 flood, are supposed to be open by June 1, said Mayor Paul Perry, but may be ready earlier. Perry also said that work is continuing on the Elk Run interchange on U.S. 52.

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LEGAL NOTICES Continued from Page 1

nal being recognized as a legal newspaper on the newspaper’s Facebook page last Wednesday, and within hours our phone was ringing from law offices throughout Rochester. Many law offices were inquiring about our rates and distribution. In addition, I had a couple of law offices indicating that the Olmsted County Journal did not appear on the state’s legal newspaper list on their website, available for download at index.aspx?page=98. The Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office does not update their spreadsheet for legal newspapers but once a month. The Olmsted County Journal was just

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

approved for publishing legal notices effective April 12, 2012, with a notification received by mail on Wednesday, April 18, 2012. I think it is safe to assume that the state will update their list around the 1st of May, and the Olmsted County Journal will be added to that list. Their last update was on April 2, 2012. While we are not on the list yet, we can accept legal notices. I have discussed this with the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office and confirmed that is in fact the case, so we can accept any legal notices you wish to submit. I have also confirmed this with Mark Ansinson, the attorney for the Minnesota Newspaper Association, who is quite versed on the subject of eligibility for newspapers to be

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able to publish legal notices. Our deadline for accepting legal notices is noon on Thursdays prior to the next Wednesday publication. As is the case with our other newspaper, the Fillmore County Journal, we will always provide notarized affidavits with all legals published in the Olmsted County Journal. All legal notices should be e-mailed to Otherwise, you can mail them to us at P.O. Box 6697, Rochester, MN 55903. And, our fax number is 507-288-9560. From this day forward, the Olmsted County Journal can accept and publish legal notices. All legal notices can be submitted to for publication in the “Public Notices” section of this newspaper. All legal notices will not only appear in print but also online at If you have further questions, please feel free to call the Journal office at 507-288-5201.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Page 11

Pine Island School Board schedules public hearing on TIF plan

homegrown & homemade

By Karen Snyder Pine Island City Administrator Abraham Algadi and financial consultant Michael Bubany of David Drown Associates, attended the April 16 Pine Island School Board meeting and talked TIF (tax increment financing). The city backs a 20-year plan combining TIF and tax abatement that would help two f looded-out businesses, Pine Island Lumber and Olson Motor Repair, stay open and in Pine Island and rebuild in its new business park.

tuesdays • 4pm-7pm (starting may 22)

west side park on hwy 42 “meet me at the market”

Under the plan, which can’t go forward without school board approval, the school district would lose $2,000 in property tax revenue in each of those 20 years. And that worries board members. But if the plan isn’t enacted, Bubany told the board, the lumberyard will close and Olson Motor will probably move out of the district, and “then the school will lose $2,000 a year for infinity.” What’s more, the anticipated value of the new lumberyard is $750,000. “We’ll gain the market value taxes from day one. If you join forces with us, you will get something back to offset your losses.” The matter can’t be decided at leisure. The State of Minnesota, contributor of the TIF money, has set a July 1 deadline. “All we’re asking now,” Bubany said, “is for you to agree to a public hearing about this.” And the board did agree, on

a 7-0 vote, to schedule a public hearing for May 21. Board/teacher negotiations on hold Fourth-grade teacher Mark Aarsvold, new president of the Pine Island Education Association, announced that the union’s membership, after 20 negotiation meetings between PIEA and the board, is disappointed in the current postponement of talks. The May delay, the board explained, is due to the mediator’s unavailability to meet again until June. Negotiations will resume then. Student reps Board member Angela Heiden reported on a policy draft, “Student School Board Representative.” Actually, two students elected by their schoolmates would share the role of student rep, attending board meetings and advising the board. The board approved the general concept 7-0 and will discuss details at one of its May meetings.

Book discussion Board members unanimously assigned themselves some homework. They’ll study two books purchased for them by board chairman Jeff Leland and then, once a month before a regular meeting, get together for a half-hour discussion. Board member Kim Fall recommended starting “with

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The OCJ reaches 62,000 households every week.

Rochester Public Utilities receives national recognition for reliable electric operations Rochester Public Utilities (RPU) is one of 176 of the nation’s more than 2,000 public power utilities to earn Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3®) recognition from the American Public Power Association for providing consumers with the highest degree of reliable and safe electric service. Brent McKinney, manager, electric transmission and distribution at City Utilities of Springfield, Mo., and chair of APPA’s RP3 Review Panel, presented the designees on April 16 during the

association’s annual Engineering & Operations Technical Conference held in Cleveland, Ohio. “RP3 utilities are serving their customers at the very highest level,” said McKinney. “These utilities have demonstrated that they are providing excellent service now as well as keeping their eyes forward on improvements for the future.” The RP3 designation recognizes public power utilities that demonstrate proficiency in four key disciplines: reliability, safe-

ty, workforce development and system improvement. Criteria within each category are based on sound business practices and represent a utility-wide commitment to safe and reliable delivery of electricity. “Receiving the RP3 designation means a lot to us,” said Larry Koshire, General Manager of RPU. “It’s an honor to be recognized on a national level for the work we are doing here locally in Rochester.” This is the seventh year that RP3 recognition has been offered. APPA is the national organization representing more than 2,000 not-for-profit, community- and

state- owned electric utilities. It is located in Washington, D.C. About Rochester Public Utilities As the municipal utility of Rochester, Minn., for more than 110 years, RPU provides high-quality and reliable electricity to over 47,000 customers.

Water customers number more than 36,000. RPU continually investigates innovative technologies to help customers realize the best value from the services they receive. Current initiatives include investigating smart grid capabilities; fuel cell research, wind power and photovoltaic offerings.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chatfield School Board discusses Action 100 By Mitchell Walbridge Chatfield School Board members had a busy night on April 16 as the group met for its regular monthly meeting. A main focus during the meet-

ing was discussion on reading curriculum instructional development as new initiatives are being formulated for students who attend Chatfield Public Schools in future years. As

reported in previous months, initiatives such as the 100 Book Challenge and the Action 100 program will help the staff develop a teaching frame to better instruct students.


In the elementary school Principal Craig Ihrke stated that Action 100 is not a curriculum, but a staff development model that will be used next year. Action 100, which is a system from the American Reading Company, helps enhance teacher collaboration, and Chatfield

Page 15

hopes to utilize the system to give students an additional “powerful, individualized halfhour of instruction.” Reading specialist Judith Brockway also submitted some insight onto the issue, saying that over the See CHATFIELD Page 16 

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What is a home safety assessment?

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Page 16



Continued from Page 15

summer the school’s library will be undergoing preparations to reinforce the 100 Book Challenge program. Also, the school encourages parent participation. The goal of the district is to have 95 percent of parents attending events like the parent information night, which will be held in late September. The teaching staff will undergo 32 days of job embedded professional development to improve instructional skills. Secondary Principal Randy Paulson mentioned that the high school is also undergoing developments for the next school year already. The district is adding two more CIS classes through the University

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

of Minnesota: a literature and composition class and physics. Paulson also had many highlights of high school activities to recognize. Both the high school band and choir received superior ratings at the large group contest. Speech team participants had a successful season, and one Chatfield competitor will be advancing onto the state competition. Finally, for the first time in Chatfield history, the Knowledge Bowl team attended the state competition and placed 12th out of 24 teams. After each of the individual reports, the board members approved the FFA fundraiser “Rough Fish Tournament” for June 16, 2012 to remove undesirable fish from our local rivers. Also, the board approved

Cheri Ness Linda Horihan Inc. d/b/a MGC Agency 3159 Superior DR NW Suite 200 Rochester, MN 55901

507.282.3273 800.967.2056

the food service capital expenditures. Harris mentioned that at the June meeting, the board will have to vote to add a $0.10 increase to student lunch prices for the 2012-2013 school year in order to comply with new federal guidelines. Before the end of the business portion of the meeting, Harris stated that a meeting was to take place on April 17 to discuss combining the Three Rivers and Hiawatha Valley football conferences. Before adjourning, reminders were noted that April 20 and May 18 would be early dismissals for students due to curriculum mapping, and that the next board meeting would be May 22 at 7:00 pm.

Location: UCR Sports Center 851 ~ 30th Ave SE R o c h e s t e r, M N May 5, 2012 Wa l k w i l l t a k e place rain or shine! Wa l k i n d o o r s or outdoors! Choose your distance 1.5 mile or 5K. Music, Family Fun, Pre and P o s t - Wa l k Refreshments!


Hendricks ~ Erdmann Danielle C. Hendricks of


Parents of the bride are Thomas and Rita Sundry of Rochester, MN. Parents of the groom are Laurence and Carol Hogan of Woodland, CA. Heidi graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Architecture and currently works for the architecture firm of Barnes/Vanze in Washington, D.C. James graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy with a degree in Marine Engineering Systems and is a Merchant Marine Engineer for Sundry~ Hogan Alion Science and Technology in James William Hogan of Washington, D.C. James is also Washington, DC and Heidi Marie in the Merchant Marine Reserves. Sundry of Arlington. VA are Heidi and James met while singpleased to announce their engage- ing in the choir for a friend’s wedment and upcoming wedding. ding.

all people

19 th Annual Walk for Research and Education

a voice for

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NAMI SE MN Walk Saturday May 5, 2012 Check-In Begins at 8:30 am Kick-Off Program Begins at 10:00 am Stick Around for Post-Walk Refreshments and Program Pre-Registration Encouraged (you may register the day of the walk)

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Stewartville, MN and Daniel R. Erdmann of Stewartville, MN are please to announce their engagement. Parents of bride are Lynn Hendricks of Stewartville, MN and Jeff Hendricks of Louisville, KY. Parents of groom are Paul Erdmann of Rochester, MN and Michelle Lee of Stewartville, MN. Danielle graduated at Galesburg High School in 2003. Daniel graduated at Studio Academy in 2011. Daniel works at Pizza Hut as a cook. Danielle babysits when needed and takes care of the home. The couple will be united in marriage on August 29, 2014. The couple will be united in marriage on May 26, 2012, at St. Pius X Catholic Church in Rochester, MN.

Birth Announcement Ella Mae Hanson Adam Hanson and Tonia Wilson of Rosemount are proud to announce the birth of their daughter, Ella Mae. Ella was born on April 9, 2012. She weighed 7 lb. 7 oz. and was 19 3/4 inches long. She joins brothers Lance and Trent at home. Grandparents are Mark and Jeanne Hanson of Rochester, Mike Getschmann of Plainview, and Julie Price of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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Cap X 2020 news dominates Oronoco Planning People’s Energy Cooperative Advisory Commission meeting director elections announced transportation impact study the Excel Energy advisors and By Patrick Shumaker On Monday evening March addressing the issues of The Department of Commerce. at 75th annual meeting 16, The Oronoco Township Planning Advisory Comission approved the placement of business signage for the recycling facility located at 3584 81st Street N.W. Jeremiah Watson spoke on behalf of the business and agreed to the removal of a temporary sign after the permenant signs are installed. Commission Member Richard Lyke brought the topic of fracking into discussion. “These big mining companies will come in and obtain a conditional use permit, without many restrictions on it. What happens with these is the permits stay with the property; they don’t end if it’s sold. A license to run the sand pits rather than the conditional use permit may be the option here. This would require it being renewed yearly.” The Comission advised a

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increased traffic of large trucks and equiptment on the area. There will also be further studies regarding zoning leagalities, and how neighboring counties are dealing with fracking issues. The topic will be addressed again at the next Oronoco Planning Advisory Meeting. The hot topic of the town and the meeting was The Minnesota Public Utility Commissions ruling on the Cap X 2020 high voltage power lines. In a last minute decision, the Commission Judge switched the Cap X power line project from the Zumbro Power Dam Route to the White Bridge Route. The change would bring the project directly through Oronoco Township. Commission member Javon Bea took the lead on the matter stating, “This move goes against the recommendation of

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ORONOCO, MN — Results of People’s Energy Cooperative director elections were announced during the Cooperative’s 75th Annual Meeting held at the Rochester International Event Center on April 11, 2012. In District 2, incumbent director, Kenneth Wohlers, was reelected. James Daley, from Byron, and David Rassel, from Byron, ran against Director Wohlers. Mr. Wohlers has served the Cooperative as director since 2003. In District 4, incumbent director, Eugene Miller, was re-elected. Steve Flies, from Plainview, and Steven Schmidt, from Eyota, ran against Director Miller. Mr. Miller has served the Cooperative as director since 1984. In accordance with the Cooperative’s bylaws, Directors Wohlers and Miller will both serve three-

year terms. The Board will elect their officers at the first regular Board Meeting following the Annual Meeting. That meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 26, 2012. About People’s Energy Cooperative People’s Energy Cooperative is a member-owned electric cooperative celebrating over 75 years of delivering retail electric power to its nearly 12,000 member-owners in Olmsted, Dodge, Fillmore, Mower, Wabasha and Winona Counties. People’s Energy Cooperative is a Touchstone Energy® cooperative and a member-owner in the Dairyland Power system of electric cooperatives that generates and transmits reliable electric power in 62 counties of four states (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois).


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What we need to do as a town is work on getting the commission to agree to reconsider their decision, if not we will go to an appellate court. We want everyone who is affected to please send a written letter asking for reconsideration, also send a copy to their email addresses. It’s very important for them to hear our own individual stories.” The meeting then shifted focus to the matter of why Oronoco residents were not heard at the March 12 Utility Commissions hearing. “We were not there because no one had filed an exception to the determination of the Administrative Law Judge that the Power Dam’s Crossing alternative should be used. The White Bridge alternative requires the power line to zig zag both north and south of Highway 12 throughout an area more densly populated with people,” added Bea. Concerned Oronoco residents in attendance were in unison on the feeling that they were negatively affected by Cap X. The need for continued electrical upgrades to the grid withstanding, they agreed that this was not a good location for the project. Penny Robinson a long time Oronoco resident who lives on part of the land that the proposed power lines would go through said, “I’m very disapointed that the P.U.C. apparently did not do the job that we the tax payers pay them to do. I would have the power line within approximately 290 feet from my home. A major concern that I have is protecting this area. Property values for myself and neighbors are also an issue here. Oronoco is a beautiful place to live and we feel that this will have a negative impact for us.” Anyone with an opinion is asked to correspond with any of the following Commission Members: •David Boyd Email: David.C.Boyd@state. •Dept. of Chemistry, Mail# OSS 402 2115 Summit Ave. St. Paul, MN 55105 •Phyllis Reha Email: 121 7th Place East, Suite 350 St. Paul, MN 55101 •Betsy Wergin Email: Betsy.Wergin@state. 14021 311th Ave Princeton, Mn 55371-3717

PO Box 6697 Rochester, MN 55903 507-288-5201 • FAX 507-288-9560

Auction Arranged & Conducted by: Roeber’s Auction Service, Rochester, MN 55906 Auctioneer: Ernie Roeber, 507-254-2034

Business Service Directory AsphAlt


FounDAtion repAir


RochesteR AsphAlt, Inc. Your leader in quality & customer service! Full Asphalt Paving • Full Concrete Installation • Seal Coating • Concrete Repair • Parking Lot Maintenance • Concrete Scrubbing & Sealing • Crack Repair • Feed Floors Residential • Commercial • Agricultural 507-529-0643 - Request an estimate online Also Available: Decorative Rock • Top Soil • Sand & Gravel • Sales and Delivery Bidding spring Rates now!

hAWKeye concRete seRVIces, llc • New and Replacement • Residential Concrete DECORATIVE & TRADITIONAL CONCRETE: Pool Decks, Patios, Steps, Driveways, Sidewalks, Borders, Fire Pits, Window Wells, Retaining Walls, Privacy Walls, Garage Floors, Basements, Concrete Staining, Stamped Concrete, Hauling, Bobcat Work, Lawn Care, Snowplowing, Landscaping & MUCH MORE! cAll noW FoR youR FRee estIMAte 507-208-0220 Email: hawkeye concrete services, llc Like Us On Facebook 4-5/9

AMeRIcAn WAteRWoRKs foundation wall & footing repair Solutions Free Estimates • Financing Options Lifetime Warranties for Lifetime Solutions Locally Owned and Operated for over 25 years Contractor Licensed and Plenty of References Call 1-800-795-1204 to set up a free inspection or check us out on the web at mention this ad and receive $100 off your foundation system. offer expires may 31, 2012.

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cAbinetry For complete bath, kitchen, or interior remodeling... Contact Jessica Curry, our certified designer & staff member Let Jessica and her design team turn your wish list into your dream kitchen or bath. Offering years of experience and a full line of custom cabinetry and products to fulfill the job. Explore the Possibilities the tile superstore and More call 507-285-1109 2411 7th St. NW, Suite A Rochester, MN 55901 Tile-Granite-Cabinetry-Hardwood-Carpet-Vinyl-Laminates


cArpet carpet - Vinyl - hardwood - laminates We offer the most competitive pricing in the area Flooring will define your home’s style more than any other element Take the time to find the right flooring... You will be rewarded for years to come We offer limitless colors & styles... Residential or Commerical We offer installation or retail sales for the do-it-yourselfers Visit our showroom & let our experienced staff guide you. Explore the Possibilities the tile superstore and More call 507-285-1109 2411 7th St. NW, Suite A Rochester, MN 55901 Tile-Granite-Cabinetry-Hardwood-Carpet-Vinyl-Laminates


cAulKinG Keystone cAulKIng, llc • Caulking • Doors • Windows • Driveways & Sidwalks • Patios Residential & Commercial Over 37 years combined experience Fully Insured 507-251-4574 - Tim • 507-254-0665 - Joe



Jeff WeTzsTeiN WetzsteIn constRuctIon, llc. Complete Home Remodeling • Additions • Decks • Siding • Windows • Doors • Kitchens • Bathrooms • Basements • Roofing • Tiling • Flooring • Garages • Sheds • Landscaping • Etc. 35 Years of Experience #1 Quality Customer Satisfaction Insured & Licensed Call Jeff 507-529-1833 Lic#20634563


seItz constRuctIon General Contractor • integrity and Quality are #1 507-292-8000 Residential/Commercial Remodeling and New Construction We offer complete construction services for your next project. Interior/Exterior Roofing, Siding, Windows, Doors, Seamless Gutters, Decks, Basements, Trim, Drywall, Custom Tile, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Additions or New Construction FRee estIMAtes fully insured/Lic.#20636791


hIgh FoRest BoBcAt seRVIce, llc Small Excavation Work • Bobcat Work • Concrete Removal Black Dirt • Sand Fill • Rock Cell (507) 273-4754 • fax (507) 533-1088 hIgh FoRest AutoMotIVe eQuIpMent Division of High Forest Bobcat Service, LLC Authorized Distributor & Installer of Rotary Lifts Also Service All Makes & Models of Lifts call (507) 533-8065


QuAlIty constRuctIon oF eyotA GENERAL CONTRACTOR Serving Rochester & surroundig areas since 1987 Additions • Remodeling • Doors & Windows • Decks Kitchens & Bathrooms • Insurance Work 3 & 4 Season Porches • Garages Quality Subcontractors - Referrals Available Guaranteed your job to be done on time Insured - License#BC001527 Call John at 507-951-4174




K.o. DRyWAll, llc Tape, Spray Texture, Knockdown, and install Drywall, Repairs • FREE ESTIMATES Basements • Garages • Additions call Kerry olson at 507-261-1419





MIDWest IcF constRuctIon, llc Insulated Concrete Homes, Foundations, Decorative Concrete, Driveways, Patios, Sidewalks, Stained Concrete, Stamped Concrete, Concrete Steps, Resurface Old Existing Concrete 507-206-0452 (Rick) 507-206-0473 (Mike) 507-206-0836(Fax)




shAWn’s FlooRIng Hard Surface Flooring Installation All Hard Woods, Floating Laminates Ceramic Tile & More Samples Available • Competitive Rates FREE ESTIMATES call shawn At 507-990-5602


Fabricating & installing granite countertops since 1997 We offer the most experienced granite fabrication facility in SE Minn. We offer the most competitive pricing in the market We offer the largest selection in the region We InstAll It...We InstAll It We offer retail or wholesale... residential or commercial We buy direct from the supplier... our pricing cannot be matched Visit our showroom and let our experienced staff guide you. Explore the Possibilities the tile superstore and More call 507-285-1109 2411 7th St. NW, Suite A Rochester, MN 55901 Tile-Granite-Cabinetry-Hardwood-Carpet-Vinyl-Laminates


Fabricate and Install gRAnIte & QuARtz stARtIng At $37.99* Unbeatable Price! Call Today! tlc surfaces, llc 714 NW Co. 3, Byron, MN 55920 507-884-6728 • 507-424-1800 Visit our Showroom: M 9am-5pm; T-TH 9am-6pm; F 9am-5pm; Sat 9am-5pm



WIzARD hAnDyMAn • Interior and Exterior Work • Fences • Decks • Sheds • Drywall/Taping • Painting • Ceiling • Texturing • Bathrooms • Ceramic & Vinyl Tile Small Jobs Welcome • Free Estimates Fully Insured & Licensed 507-281-4091 or 358-2971 (cell) Lic#BC20512722

eDucAtion services learningRx Brain training center one-to-one personalized training programs to maximize learning potential LearningRx has helped hundreds of area families concerned with: Reading, math and learning struggles • Report cards that don’t meet expectations • Homework hassles • Working harder than peers • Poor confidence • Anxiety • Autism/Aspergers • Loss of cognitive function due to concussion or traumatic brain injury • College acceptance exams **IBM InsuRAnce optIons MAy Apply** We also offer free teacher training sessions with CEUs and fun, informational talks to groups and organizations. Don’t let another school year slip away! cAll JEN for comPEtENt, comPASSioNAtE hElP Ask for the OCJ Assessment Special 507.206.6757 3780 Market Place Dr. NW, Rochester

GArAGe Doors

thoMpson’s gARAge DooR AnD openeRs Exceptional Products • Superior Service Residential • Commercial • Farm Free in home estimates We sell & install new doors and openers We also do repair work Springs • Cables • Rollers • Hinges • Gears We can repair most brands – We are bonded & insured Serving SE Minnesota since 1991 check out or new high tech show room at: 6101 Hwy 52 N (Bandel Rd NW), Rochester, MN 55901 507-281-1349 When you do business with our family, you become a life long friend


Jeff WeTzsTeiN WetzsteIn constRuctIon, llc. Complete Home Remodeling & Repair • Additions • Decks • Siding • Windows • Doors • Kitchens • Bathrooms • Basements • Roofing • Tiling • Flooring • Garages • Sheds • Landscaping • Fences • Etc. 35 Years of Experience #1 Quality Customer Satisfaction Insured & Licensed Call Jeff 507-529-1833 Lic#20634563


toM’s hAnDyMAn seRVIces 30 Years Experience in ALL AREAS OF HOME REPAIR Interior/Exterior Plus: Flooring, Gutter Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Tree Trimming, Driveway Sealing, Landscaping, Junk Hauling, Painting & Staining, Etc. RooF snoW ReMoVAl FREE ESTIMATES • Reasonable Rates • Insured 507-993-2249



hAulinG service K&K hAulIng, llc No Hauling Too Small - We Haul It All! • Rock • Dirt • Mulch • Brush • Demo • Household Junk • Concrete & More! fOR sALe: Hardwood Mulch • Colored Mulch • Landscape Rock • Pulverized Dirt Bobcat Work • Snow Removal • Sanding & Salting 507-951-8358 (Kevin staloch)


JunK removAl JUNK-iT, LLC Your grEEN Solution Junk & Scrap Removal • Free Estimates Specializing in Removal of: Appliances • Furniture • Electronics • Scrap Metal Lawn & Garden Equip. • Demolition Debris Mulch & Tree Branches, Etc. mAtch or BEAt PriciNg!! contact Brady @ 507-254-7833 or e-mail: Visa/Mastercard/Discover


JUNK ReCyCLeRs, LLC Olmsted County’s newest and most affordable Junk Recyclers • Residential & • Yard Waste Commercial Property • Storage Unit/ Clean-up Apartment Eviction • Renovation Debris Removal • Estate Cleanout • Appliance/ • Hoarder Cleanout Electronics Recycling we offer: Same Day Service • Free Estimates • Maximum Recycling & Proper Disposal of Items • Fully Insured Simple • Affordable • Green 507-216-2365 •


Kitchen DesiGn We tuRn DReAMs Into DReAM KItchens Full Service Custom Kitchens We Feature Custom Design, Planning and Installation... PLUS...Personal Service, Honest Pricing and Pride In Our Craftsmanship 25 Years Locally Owned & Operated KItchens plus 4216 Hwy 52 N, Rochester 507-281-4845 check out our monthly specials on our website! •


lAWn/lAnDscApe gReg’s lAWn cARe & snoWploWIng ResIDentIAl & coMMeRcIAl sprinG cleAn-up • Mowing • Trimming • Core Aeration • Dethatching • Edging • Gutter Cleaning • Bush & Tree Trimming • Fertilizing • Weed Control • Pressure Washing lAnDscApIng • Retaining Walls • Block • Rock • Mulch • Seeding • Sodding • BOBCAT WORK We WIll Do It All • 25 years experience • Licensed/Fully Insured • Dependable • Trustworthy • Owner Operated FRee estIMAtes 507-261-7597 (greg)



WenDts lAWn cARe “Spring cleanups” • Mowing • Dethatching • Shrub Removal • Trimming Associations/Commercial/Residential Snow Removal Available Over 30 Years Experience & Fully Insured Guaranteed To Save You Dollars! 507-259-9696 (Roger)

fRieNDLy JAMie ROLsTAD “People with Old-Fashion Work Ethic” • Many repeat customers • We offer residential service only • Spring/Fall yard clean ups • Mowing • Snow Removal • Tree Trimming & Smaller Tree Removal • Shrub Trimming • Landscaping • Foundation Build up • Brick Edging • Mulch/Rock/Dirt Hauling & Placement • Bobcat work and more Licensed and Insured • FREE Estimates Please Call Jamie 507-281-2858


Business Service Directory


Blade of Grass lawncare & snowplowinG llc Spring & Fall Cleanups • Lawn Mowing • Tree/Shrub Pruning • Aerating & Dethatching • Driveway/Walkway Edging • Gutter Cleaning • Tilling • Landscaping • Snow Removal • Holiday Lighting Residential/Commercial • Free Estimates Fully Insured & Licensed. Credit Cards Accepted 507-273-6402 4-5/16tfn


JoHn aUsTin painTinG Quality Interior/Exterior SPECIAL: 3 ROOMS FOR $295 (Paint Not Included) Add 2 Additional Rooms For $100 30% off all raTes THroUGH MaY 2012 24 Years Experience • References • Insured • Free Estimates 507-269-0166 • 507-292-6361


cadwell drYwall, llc Sheetrock - Taping - Ceiling & Wall Texturing Interior/ Exterior Painting & Staining Installation and Removal of all Wall Coverings FREE ESTIMATES Residential and Commercial “Quality you can depend on” (507) 269-7419

a & M lawncare & snow reMoval, llc Residential & Commercial Fall/Spring Clean-ups • Dethatching • Aerating • Fertilizing • Mowing • Trimming • Snow Removal FREE Estimates • Reasonable Rates • 10+ yrs. Experience call ryan (owner/operator) 507-272-3854




redeMpTive roofinG, llc. • New Roofs • Reshingle • Flat Roofs • 24 Hr. Res./Comm. Leak Repair • Steel Shingles • Chimney Flashing • Gutter Cleaning • Lawn Care • Snow Removal Certified Professional Installer Workmanship GUaranTeed Competitive Pricing Bonded and Insured Call now for Free Estimate 507-251-9220 Lic.# 20638833


SHEEtroCK/DryWALL cadwell drYwall, llc Sheetrock - Taping - Ceiling & Wall Texturing Interior/ Exterior Painting & Staining Installation and Removal of all Wall Coverings FREE ESTIMATES Residential and Commercial “Quality you can depend on” (507) 269-7419


cUnninGHaM lawn & sHrUB care People Who Care • Spring Clean-ups • Aeration • Fertilization and Weed Control BUY 4 roUnds & GeT 5TH roUnd free or free aeraTion No Job Too Small or Too Big! Residential or Commercial FREE Estimates - Insured 507-696-5722 or 507-951-3440

parker lawn care Over 25 years experience • Mowing • Spring/Fall Cleanup • • Aeration • Dethatching •Shrub & Tree Trimming • • Garden Tilling • Gutter Cleanup • Free Estimates • Reliable 507-269-5600 Residential • Commercial Everyone deserves a little “PLC”



GreaT deal • Mowing and Trimming • Jobs starting at $20 and up residential 30 years in business in this area We aim to please - Plenty of references Fully insured, honest, trustworthy, reliable We also do snow removal on sidewalks, driveways and steps Call Doug at 507-259-9069

do iT YoUrself landscape desiGn Your full-service landscape contractor. Specializing in landscape plans easily implemented by you, the home-owner. Offering all landscape services; including detailed landscape designs, free plant pickup and delivery, landscape installation, and lawn and landscape maintenance. You Can Do It, With a Little Help. Serving Rochester and surrounding areas. 10+ years experience. Licensed & insured. Call or email today: 507-367-2780


+ lawn care and MainTenance For You Indoor Or Outdoor Needs Lawn Mowing, Gutter Cleaning, Spring Clean Up, Garden Prep, Pruning, Brush Hauling, Exterior Window Washing, Shrub Removal, Indoor/Outdoor Repair & Painting call 507-202-6068


motorCyCLE s&w MoTorcYcle painTinG and repair Collision/Accident Repair • Insurance Claims Welcome Custom or OEM Quality Painting • Custom Air Brush or Graphics • Accessories, Tires and Wheels Sold and Installed for Harley Davidson and Metric Motorcycles We also Repair and Refinish Snowmobiles, Golf Carts, ATV’s, Tractors and PWC’s and More We can Weld Plastic, Steel or Aluminum • Some Service work offered • Pick up and Delivery Available Visit for contact information or call 507.421.2717 or 507.261.6680 Located near Rochester, MN


mUSIC LESSoNS pUre rock sTUdios Rochester’s Newest Music Lesson Studio Lessons taught by Professionals Private and group lessons available • Drums • Guitar • Bass Guitar • Keyboards • Vocal 30 minute and 1 hour lessons available Students of ALL AGES and ALL SKILL LEVELS welcome Call or email for a FREE trial lesson 323-481-9108


THe HoUse painTers INT./EXT. • Log, Cedar & Deck Restoration • Siding of All Types • Wall & Ceiling Repairs • Pressure Washing • Taping & Texturing • Wallpaper Removal • Woodwork Refinishing • Epoxy Floor Finishes • Concrete Staining & Sealing • Basement Waterproofing Sikkens & Cabinet Wood Finishes • Insured • Free Estimates 507-271-1722


PAINtING & DECorAtING darrell’s painTinG 30 DAY SPECIAL!!! Home outstide painting. Power Wash Outside Interior/Exterior painting (2 coats) Will Paint Vinyl & Steel Siding • Insured • 38 Years Experience • FREE Estimates • Reasonable Rates NO JOB TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL!! 507-358-6979 (cell) Will Travel Where This Paper Travels


PrINtING MinUTeMan press The First & Last Step In Printing • Banners, Brochures, Business Cards, Business Checks, Calendars, Carbonless Forms, Color Copies, Door Hangers, Envelopes, Flyers, Full-Color Printing, Invoices, Labels, Laminating, Letterhead, Magnets, Memo Pads, Menus, Newsletters, Note Pads, Personnel Forms, Presentation Folders, Postcards, Posters, Punch Cards, Purchase Orders, Rubber Stamps, Signs, Tickets • We offer Cutting, Folding, Perforating, Numbering, DieCutting, Foil Stamping and several Binding Methods. • We also offer a COMPLETE line of Design Services including Logo Design, Layout, Graphics & Typesetting. FREE PICK-UP & DELIVERY! 507-288-4777 • 1316 7th St. NW, Northgate Center


ProPErty mANAGEmENt JakoBson ManaGeMenT coMpanY A Full Service Property Management Company • Residential Homes • Commercial Property • Cooperative Housing • Conventional Apartment Complexes & Communities • Residential Associations Services Include: • Occupancy & Leasing Management • Facility Operations & Maintenance • Tenant Relations • Rent Collections & More Jake Jakobson, Licensed Realtor/Broker 507-536-0000 •

cHrisTian’s reModelinG, llc Sheetrock • Taping • Wall & Ceiling Texturing Painting • Carpet • Hardwood Floors • Ceramic Tile • Roofing • Stucco • Stone • Siding 16 Years Experience FREE ESTIMATES ANY TIME For a Good Clean Quality Job Done Right Call: (507) 536-4928 or (507) 358-3247 (cell) (507) 282-2164 (fax)


SIDING & GUttErS aBc seaMless of rocHesTer, inc. Seamless Siding • Seamless Fascia Gutter • Windows • Doors • Soffit & Fascia • Roofing • & Decks Licensed and Insured FREE Estimates 507-281-5112 • Office 507-208-1685



rEmoDELING & rEPAIr Jeff weTzsTein weTzsTein consTrUcTion, llc. Complete Home Remodeling & Repair • Additions • Decks • Siding • Windows • Doors • Kitchens • Bathrooms • Basements • Roofing • Tiling • Flooring • Garages • Sheds • Landscaping • Fences • Etc. 35 Years of Experience #1 Quality Customer Satisfaction Insured & Licensed call Jeff 507-529-1833 Lic#20634563 4-5/16tfn



clear cHoice windows of rocHesTer Low Price Window Guarantee Triple pane windows for the same price as double pane windows Call for free estimate 507-280-2444 Low Price Window Guarantee


frank’s painTinG FOR ALL YOUR PAINTING NEEDS!! “Affordable Quality” Interior • Exterior Staining • Textured Ceilings & Walls • Deck Restoration • Drywall/Taping • Quality Work • Insured • Reasonable Rates Free Estimates • References Available frank 536-7766 We Accept Credit Cards 10 Year Advertiser in this publication

sTeve GenTrY consTrUcTion, llc “WE TREAT YOuR hOME AS IF IT WERE OuR OWN” • New Roofs • Tear Offs • Storm Damage • Warranty Claims • Insulation • New Construction & Remodeling • Siding • Decks & Patios • Windows • Doors • Garages Licensed, Bonded & Insured Free Estimates & Great References Give Us a call TodaY! Office 208-4501 or Steve’s Cell 250-5263 Email: Lic.#BC593908


JB exTeriors of rocHesTer, llc • Siding • Windows • Seamless Gutters All Your Exterior Needs References Available Guaranteed Quality Service - Fully Insured wHY paY More? Call Jason for your FREE Estimate 507-272-4524

SmALL ENGINE rEPAIr all cHeck sMall enGine repair $49 Walk Behind Push Mower Tune-Up Special We service all makes (gas & diesel) • Push Mowers • Riders • Tractors • Tillers • Trimmers • Blowers • Chainsaws Welding & Fabrication Available free pick-Up of old lawn Mowers, TracTors, Blowers, eTc. Pickup & Delivery Mon-Sat 7am-7pm 507-990-8054


earl’s sMall enGine repair, inc. Lawn & Garden Equipment Repair, Pickup & Deliver Service Warranty Provided Ariens, Gravely and Stihl Dealer New and Used Equipment 1099 Hwy. 14 Frontage Rd. NW, Byron, MN 55920 Phone 507-775-6456 • Fax 507-775-2926 Sales • Service • Repair







woodMUn MasonrY, llc Stone & Tile for: New Housing • Remodels • Fireplaces • Outdoor Kitchens Stone Accent Walls • Tile Backsplashes • Tile Floors Call for a Free Estimate alex - 507-358-6943 “Like” us on Facebook for pics


tILE We offer the most competitive pricing in the market We offer the largest selection in the region we insTall iT...we insTall iT We offer retail or wholesale...residential or commercial We buy direct from the supplier... our pricing cannot be matched Visit our showroom and let our experienced staff guide you. Explore the Possibilities The Tile Superstore and More call 507-285-1109 2411 7th St. NW, Suite A Rochester, MN 55901 Tile-Granite-Cabinetry-hardwood-Carpet-Vinyl-Laminates


lieBenow waTerproofinG • Basement Waterproofing • New Construction Installation • Drain Tile • Sump Pumps • Mold-resistant Panels • Waterproofing Painting • Window Wells References Available • Residential/Commercial For a FREE Estimate Call 507-951-1028


BaseMenT waTer conTrol since 1965 •Free Estimates• Beaver Systems, sump pump systems, battery operated sump pumps, under floor drain tile, ProFlow drain systems, under ground outside drains for sump pumps & down spouts, Hold-Right wall Anchors to repair & stabilize cracked & moving basement walls. If you have a basement repair problem we can probably solve it. OWNERS: ARLEIGH & SCOTT BENIKE Rochester 507-281-2714 or Toll Free 1-877-461-9994


all-sTar BaseMenTs Waterproofing Solutions • Multiple Basement Waterproofing Options • Foundation Repair • Crawl Space Solutions Many References Available free esTiMaTes - Call Today! 507-259-7776 • 800-992-7942 Mention this ad and receive $100 off your basement waterproofing system! 26-10/31 aMerican waTerworks Basement Systems Basement Waterproofing Solutions Free Estimates • Financing Options Locally Owned and Operated for over 25 years Contractor Licensed and Plenty of References Call 1-800-795-1204 to set up a free inspection or check us out on the web at Mention this ad and receive $100 off your waterproofing system. Offer expires May 31, 2012.


WINDoWS/DoorS larson sidinG & windows In business since 1958 SE Minnesota’s Largest Siding & Window Dealer Offering great specials on all types of siding, windows, doors, seamless gutters, sunroom, decks & more we won’T Be Undersold! 507-288-7111 or 800-221-7111 Lic.#0001482


rYan windows & sidinG inc • Home Improvement From A Company You Can Trust Windows, Siding, Roofing, Blown Insulation, Injection Foam, Decks, Doors, Awnings, Gutters & Trim • Bruce Ryan 34 Years In Home Improvement • Our Buying Power Means Saving to You! Licensed, Bonded, Insured 1-800-367-2606 or 507-281-6363 • Hwy 52 North, Rochester, MN 55903 Lic.#0008077


Jeff weTzsTein weTzsTein consTrUcTion, llc. Complete Home Remodeling • Replacement Windows • New Construction Windows • Storm Doors • Patio Doors • Siding (Steel, Vinyl, Wood) • Etc. 35 Years of Experience #1 Quality Customer Satisfaction Insured & Licensed call Jeff 507-529-1833 Lic#20634563


Bob’s Construction, Inc. “JUST CALL BOB’S” For over 51 years Bob’s Construction has been the Rochester Area’s Preferred Exterior Contractor. Windows: Bays, Bows, Double Hungs, Casements Siding: Steel, Vinyl, Cement Board Roofing: Asphalt, Rubber, Metal Doors: Steel, Fiberglass, Entry, Sliding, Garden Professional Installation - Friendly Service The Right Choice Starts with the Right Company! Bob’s Construction, Inc. 4006 Hwy. 14 East, Rochester, MN 55904 507-288-8379 Lic.# 004842



trEE/LAWN/StUmP Grind UnwanTed Tree sTUMps awaY! Start with Trust! call andsTar 507-259-6214 (ask for neil) FREE ESTIMATES, Insured, Commercial Licensed Tree Service, A BBB Accredited Service Lic.#06-11



window world of rocHesTer America’s Largest Vinyl Replacement Company $189 Any Size White Double Hung Window Free In Home Estimates low price GUaranTee 507-206-6656 www.windowworld.coM


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Wednesday, April 25, 2012



Exercise for Seniors, 9:30-10:30am, Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rochester. Call 507-287-1404 for more info.* RCTC LIFE (Learning is ForEver): Hollywood Goes to War- The Making of Warner Bros. “Casablanca.” Heintz Bldg. Room HA 102, 1926 Collegeview Road SE Rochester. Call 507-280-3157 for more information. 5th Annual American Cancer Society Hope Lodge evening of Hope, 6pm, Somerby Golf Club in Byron. For more information contact Gia DeMedici at 651255-8162

FRIDAY, APR. 27 6th Annual Bake and Rummage Sale8am, Oasis Church, 1815 38th St. NW Rochester. All proceeds go to charity. RCTC LIFE (Learning is Forever): How to Survive the Stress of Life in the 21st Century. 10am-12 noon. Heintz Bldg. Room HA 134, 1926 Collegeview Road SE Rochester. Call 507-280-3157 for more information.

Free Acoustic Jam-Bluegrass and Country Listeners and players welcome, 6:309:30pm, Peace United Church of Christ, 14th St. NE and 2nd Ave NE, Rochester.* Rochester Elks Lodge comedy night to benefit Elks Scholarship Fund. Dinner and open mic 6:30 pm, show at 7:15. Celebrate recovery, a Christian 12-step process for people with hurts, hang-ups and habits, 7pm, Autumn Ridge Church. *

SATURDAY, APR. 28 Holy Spirit School Rummage Sale: 7am-1pm, 5455 50th Ave NW. $2 bag sale 11am. Root River County Park birding trip7:30am- noon. East parking lot of the Heintz Center, 1926 Collegeview Road SE Rochester. Free and open to public.


Widows & Widowers of Rochester meeting, 9:00 am, at Ron’s Restaurant in American Best Value Inn on South Broadway. For more information, call 507289-2263.* 6th Annual Bake and Rummage Sale9am, Oasis Church, 1815 38th St. NW Rochester. All proceeds go to charity.

Exercise for Seniors, 9:30-10:30am, Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rochester. Call 507-287-1404 for more info. * Golden Living Center presents Sighs, Highs, and Thighs. 2pm, Shorewood Place dining room, 2205 2nd St. SW Rochester.

Classifieds EMPLOYMENT

warehouse Order picking and loading, stock put-away, forklift and no lifting restrictions. Class B CDL for backup delivery. Established locally owned plumbing, heating and air conditioning distributor. Competitive pay and benefit package. Send resume or apply at: Woodruff Company 1524 3 Av SE PO Box 279 Rochester, MN 55903-0279.

Small Dog Rescue of MN Adoption Event: 11am-1pm, Leases and Leads, 6214 14th St. NW Byron. Healthy Kids Day- Rochester Family Y, 11am-3pm. Free event, open to the public. 709 1st Ave SW. For information call 507287-2260 Rochester Public Library: Meet the Author- Margaret Regan. Auditorium, 1pm. Celebrate recovery, a Christian 12-step process for people with hurts, hang-ups and habits, 5:30pm, Rochester Assembly of God. *

EMPLOYMENT Caregiving is a JOY! Serve the elderly with a smile and receive personal satisfaction. Provide nonmedical companionship and help for the elderly. No certification needed. P/T days, evenings, weekends. Apply online: or call M-F 8am-4pm. 507-399-0079. TFNwk4- x WANTED: Experienced bondable jewelry salesperson. Knowledge of diamonds, gemstones, and fine jewelry. Available evenings and weekends. Send resume to R.A., Po Box 142, 3936 N Hwy 52, Rochester, MN 55901 or email h11,18,25,2- o

Handi Van of Rochester

DRIVERS NEEDED Wheelchair Stretcher Ambulatory

Must be 25 years of age Also Looking For A Medical Insurance Biller

Call 507-281-3600

Now Hiring Servers! Immediate openings - Full or Part time Must be 18 or older and available weekends Please apply in person Best time 1:30-4:30pm daily 1705 South Broadway, Rochester

SaleS RepReSentative


Join a sales team serving Olmsted County This is a permanent, part-time position working a few hours a week calling on new and existing clients in the Rochester, Minnesota, area. Attractive potential commission. Must be able to work well with the public, represent the Journal to potential clients and meet deadlines. Familiarity with Rochester, Minnesota, business community helpful. This position is ideal for someone who wants flexibility along with great income potential. Please mail your resume to: Olmsted County Journal, P.O. Box 6697, Rochester, MN 55903 or email your resume to For more information, call 507-288-5201.

Celebrate recovery, a Christian 12-step process for people with hurts, hang-ups and habits, 5:30pm, Hope Summit Christian Church. *



Bundles of Love work meeting: 2pm-9pm, St. Matthews Episcopal Church, 100 SE Fillmore, Chatfield. For more information call Susan Moses at 507-273-9365. Mitakuye Oyasin, a gathering of friends with Melvin Grey Owl and Nakoma, 5:308pm at Rochester Civic Theatre outdoor patio area. Public invited. Celebrate recovery, a Christian 12-step process for people with hurts, hangups and habits, 6:00pm, Community Celebration Church in Kasson. * Med City T’ai-Chi Ch’uan Club, 6-7:30pm, Fred Reed Hall. Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rochester. Call 507-289-1795 for info. * Rochester Pulic Library: Sit-Stay-Read with Ellie and Timber, Auditorium, 6:30pm.

DBSA Depression Bipolar Support Alliance,7-8:30pm, Bethel Lutheran Church, 810 3rd Ave SE, room L-5. For people who live with depression or bipolar, whether they have the condition or care about someone who does.*

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TUESDAY, MAY 1 Silver Treads Square Dance Club, 1-3pm, Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rochester. Contact Charles Bysheim at 2814455 or Pam Styder at 281-2547 for more info. * RCTC LIFE (Learning is ForEver): Lands of the Dakota War 1862, 1-3pm, Heintz Bldg Room HA 104,1926 Collegeview Road SE Rochester. Call 507-280-3157 for more information.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 2 Seasons Hospice Grief Education, Coffee get-together in Rochester, 9am-10am, Seasons Hospice House/Office.* Exercise for Seniors, 9:30-10:30am, Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rochester. Call 507-287-1404 for more info. * RCTC LIFE (Learning is ForEver): Gloabalization with Stephen Troutman, 1-3pm, Heintz Bldg. Room HA 102, 1926 Collegeview Road SE Rochester. Call 507280-3157 for more information.

CALL 507-288-5201 • FAX 507-288-9560 E-MAIL:

EMPLOYMENT Looking for an Automotive Service Advisor for a well established, 7-bay, independent, auto repair facility in Rochester, MN. Responsiblities include: writing repair order for customer, dispatching work to service manager, recommending and selling additional service and repairs if needed, keeping customer updated on the progress of their vehicle and completing the repair order. Mail resume to Automotive Procare, Att. Colin Chester, Manager, 457 16th Ave. NW, Rochester, MN 55901 or e-mail to All applications confidential. E.E.O.C. h18,25- o MECHANIC WANTED. Bill Funk Trucking, Chatfield, MN is looking for a Certified or basic mechanic. Wages according to qualifications. Full or parttime. Full time employee receives full benefits. (800-537-9236) h18,25,2- o Office Administrator: ABC Child & Family Therapy Center LLC is seeking a part time office administrator. Must have excellent people skills and proficiency in office management and computer. Contract position. Call Judy at: 507-536-7662 or submit resumes to: h18,25,2,9x COACHES - Varsity Boy’s Basketball, 9th Grade Volleyball and 8th Grade Volleyball coaches sought by DoverEyota Public Schools, Eyota, MN. Online application at www.generalasp. com/desch/onlineapp must be submitted by 5/4/12. EOE. h18,25- o SHOP WORKER/DOCK WORKER/ LOCAL DELIVERY - Bill Funk Trucking, Chatfield, MN is looking for a flexible employee for shop and loading dock work. Must be dependable, have a good work history, and be willing to work Saturdays with a day off during the week. Need CDL or be willing to get one. Wages based on qualifications. Full time with benefits. 800-537-9236. h18,25,2- o



PHYSICAL EDUCATION INSTRUCTOR - full-time beginning Fall of 2012. MN K-12 PE and Health licensure required. A DAPE license is beneficial. Ability and willingness to coach is strongly preferred and coaching positions are available. Online application at with cover letter, resume, transcripts, references, etc. must be submitted by Fri., April 30, 2012. Dover-Eyota Public Schools, Eyota, MN. EOE. h25- o

A-FIB? IF YOU or a loved one used Pradaxa and suffered internal bleeding, hemorrhaging, required hospitalization or death between October 2010 and the present time, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Attorney Charles H. Johnson 1-800-535-5727. h25- x

HELP WANTED!!! Make extra income mailing our brochures from home! Helping Home-Workers since 2001! Genuine Opportunity! No experience required. Start Immediately! (VOID IN SD) (MFPA)

MOBILE HOMES 1986 14x70 2 BR 2BA. New kitchen cabinets and countertops. Many, many updates throughout. Includes shed, deck, and is move-in ready. Price $16,900 or best offer. 507-269-2382 m11,18,25,2- x

SPORTING GOODS FOR  SALE: 2000 Charger Fish &  Ski boat. 19’-4” with 200hp Mercury EFI. Seats 5, trolling motor, live wells, dry storage, fish finder, ski pylon, ss prop and trailer. 55mph+. $12,500. Serious Inquiries Only! Photos can be emailed. 507-272-9560 sg3/21-4/25- x MEL’S GOLF CARS, LLC. New and used gas and electric Yamaha Golf Carts are in Stock! Other New Models are available along with over 50 used Carts to choose from. Now demonstrating the all New 2012 Fuel Injected Yamaha Gas Golf Carts. Will take trades. Mel’s Golf Cars provides the highest quality in all their golf carts. Stop and Shop at 132 Garfield Avenue, Albert Lea, MN or Call Mel at 507-438-2705. 18,25,2- x

WANTED We pay $200 and UP for junk cars, trucks, and more. Free Tow away - call Oronoco Auto Salvage at 507-3674315. w20tfn- o WANTED: Farm land to rent. 2012 and beyond. References available. Call 507271-8411 or 507-202-9424. 2/8-4/25- x WANTED: Someone to do alterations. Reasonable. Days 507-533-8837. w18,25- o Wanted: used or non-running vehicles, fair prices, cash pay-outs. 507-269-2092. w4/25-6/13- x WANTED: ALL MOTORCYCLES & MEMORABILIA PRE 1980: Running or not. Top Cash Paid. 845-389-3239 (MFPA) WANTED: Used musical instruments. Any condition considered. Call 319-6105057 or 507-765-3390. w25,2- o Instrumentalists for Stewartville Community Band. Rehearsals on Tuesdays at 7pm beginning May 1 at Stewartville High School. For more info call 282-0815 or 533-8267. w25,2- o WANTED: Thompson Center 45 caliber Seneca muzzle loader. Side lock. Mus be in good condition. Call Dale at 507-2809121. w25,2,9- x


Part time merchandiser Pepsi-Cola of Rochester has immediate opening for a part time Merchandiser in Rochester area averaging 10 to 15 hours a week. This position consists of stocking the shelves, displays and coolers with Pepsi-Cola products at our local stores. This is a fast paced job requiring repetitive lifting and an eye for detail. Work flexible hours on weekends, holidays and occasional evenings. Qualified applicants must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid driver’s license, a good driving record and be able to perform physical aspects of job. A company physical, background check and pre-employment controlled substance test is required. Competitive wage, uniforms are offered. Apply in person weekdays between 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

PEPSI-COLA OF ROCHESTER 1307 Valleyhigh Drive NW • Rochester, MN 55901 • (507) 288-3772


USED APPLIANCES Washers • Dryers Refrigerators • Ranges Reconditioned & Guaranteed


2227 18th Avenue NW

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The OCJ reaches 62,000 households every week.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


CALL 507-288-5201 • FAX 507-288-9560 E-MAIL:






FOR RENT: Kasson Senior Housing: 1 & 2BR, recently updated flooring and fixtures, laundry room, elevator and community room. Rent based on income, 62+, handicapped or disabled. Equal Housing Opportunity 634-4188 r11tfn- o

PRIVATE CAREGIVER/Companion available. 16 years nursing experience, 8 years private. Assist with ADL’s, meal prep, light housekeeping, shopping, etc. Dependable, loving and caring. References, call 507-272-2135. Leave Message. v25- x

BOB’S HANDYMAN SERVICE. Roofing, siding, drywall, flooring, plumbing, electrical. 507-438-2103. v18,25- o

16X32 POOL. Included: heater, filter, pump, chemicals, accessories. $900. Call after 5pm 507-282-7297. s25- x

Patio/wall flat rock for sale. Have 4 4’x4’ pallets stacked 2’ to 3’ high of flat rock. Asking $100 a pallet. Harmony, MN. Call 507-459-5040. s4tfn- x

Dolan’s Siding - Call us for your complete siding needs, 33 years experience, free estimates. Call Jim at 507-4211912 or 507-281-0019. s25- x

OUTDOOR ITEMS FOR SALE: Push lawnmower ($40), trimmers, wheelbarrow, radio flyer wagon, sled, and large tobagon. Household Furniture for sale: Sofa/love seat set ($150), oval solid oak dining table and 6 chairs ($250), misc end tables, bedroom furniture, large solid oak entertainment stand ($250), filing cabinet, oak corner desk with overhead book case ($200), televisions. Please call 507-273-0494. s25,2- x

FOR RENT: Hayfield Senior Housing: 1 BR, new carpet, appliances and fixtures, controlled access/entry, laundry room, elevator and community room. Rent based on income, 62+, handicapped or disabled. EHO 477-2316, 6344188 or 216-7919. r15tfn- o ROOMS FOR RENT: Quiet furnished rooms, nice neighborhood, near downtown and bus line. Utilities paid. Ph. 507288-6647. r18,25- x TRAILER HOUSE for rent in Rochester. 2 BR w/ double garage. $700/month. 507-206-4304. r18,25- o FOUNTAIN - 2 BR apt. NS/NP. Onsite laundry, off-street parking. 507-2684468. r16tfn- o

Attention: furniture moved, junk/ brush hauled, building tear-downs, pruning, raking, edging, weeding, mowing, gutters/windows cleaned. Moshe. 507282-3011. 1/11eow-1/9/13- x WILL DO LAWN MOWING and other odd jobs. Phone: 507-421-9823. v4,11,18,25- x Green and Clean Taking care of your yard so you can do other things! Joseph Maier Lawn mowing with reel mowers Efficient, noise free & environmentally friendly Trimming & clean-up 507-206-9671 josephmaier52@gmail. com Call or e-mail for very reasonable rates & free estimates. Monthly contracts 10% off. s25, 2- x HOUSEKEEPING: Need a helping hand? I have two. Reasonable rates. References available. Call Vicki at 507-288-0870. v4/4-5/23- x

Call it in! 507-288-5201


FAX it in! 507-288-9560 For Sale AMSOIL: Oil and Filters

good for 25,000 miles or one year. Transmission Fluid good for 100,000 miles. Dealer Charles Aldrich 356 S. Broadway, Alden, MN e-mail it in! 56009, a3/7-5/2x DONATE YOUR CAR, TRUCK OR BOAT TO HERITAGE FOR THE BLIND. Free 3 Day Vacation, Tax Deductible, Free Towing, All Paperwork Taken Care Of. 888-472-9219 (MFPA)

A1 Handyman: Brian Nielsen Repair and Maintenance, Inc. Fast, fair, friendly service. Insured. Free estimates. General home and business repairs. No job too small. 507-271-9925 or 507-356-8725. v11,18,25- x

AUTO CASH FOR CARS: All Cars/Trucks Wanted. Running or Not! Top Dollar Paid. We Come To You! Any Make/ Model. Call For Instant Offer: 1-800871-9134 (MFPA)

ChaddoCk TruCk & auTo SaleS 7 MILES EAST OF ROCHESTER ON US 14 • Rochester, MN • 288-3346

‘02 Rendezvous - Black, 4Dr, V6, Sunroof, Leather, AWD ........ $3,995 ‘05 Town & Country - Sto & Go, 4Dr, 149K, Touring ...................CALL ‘04 Explorer - 4x4, 4.0, Auto, 145K, CD, PW, PL......................CALL ‘01 Xterra - Black, 4x4, 5 Spd, V6, Sunroof, CD, PW, PL.............$6,495 ‘95 Mustang - Convert., Red/ Black, Auto, Only 117K! ........ $4,295

‘87 Camaro - Z28, 350, Headers, Intake, Holley Carb after market wheels, T-top, Cowl induction hood...................................... $5,495 ‘99 Sunfire - White, 2Dr, Auto, 4Cyl, Sunroof, 103K.............. $3,995 ‘02 Liberty - 4x4, Auto, Cloth, CD, PW, PL, Green ...................... $5,995 ‘01 F150 - Crew Cab, w/topper, 5.4, 4x4, Auto, Brush guard ...CALL

GARAGE SALES FAMILY SALE: 4/27-4/28, 7:30-4. Children-Adult Clothes,Toys,Rocking chairs, Littletikes Slide,Household misc.,Rugs,Amana Clothes Dryer,Tools. 205 Conway Ct. S.E. g25- x oTo Visit oVisited Neighborhood sales 1300-1400 29th St. NW Rochester. April 27,28 9-5. Kids clothes, toys, collectibles, power saws, truck tool box, and household items. g25- x oTo Visit oVisited Hart Farm neighborhood sales: including 3536 Nebula Lane SW Rochester. April 27 7am-5pm, April 28 7am-noon. Household items, adult and children’s clothing. g25- x oTo Visit oVisited 6th Annual Oasis Church Rummage and Bake Sale: Friday April 27 8am, Saturday April 28 9am. Oasis Church 1815 38th St. NW Rochester. 289-8596. Furniture, household items, toys, kids clothing, tools, books, jewelry, sports equip., collectible treasures and more. g25- x oTo Visit oVisited Antique Show & Flea Market. Gold Rush, Olmsted County Fairgrounds. May 11-13. Free admission. Parking $5. 507269-1473. g18,25,2,9- o oTo Visit oVisited WASHINGTON NEIGHBORHOOD Sales: April 27th (4pm-7pm) & April 28th (8am-2pm). 7th St. NW - 14th St. NW & 5th Ave. NW - 13th Ave. NW, Rochester. g25- o oTo Visit oVisited

‘01 PT Cruiser - Blue, Sunroof, 112K, Auto, 4Cyl....................$4,495 ‘00 Cougar - White, 2Dr, Sunroof, CD, PL, PW ............................ $3,995 ‘99 F150 - Ext Cab, Red, 4Dr, 4x4, Auto, 5.4, CD, PW, PL ..........$4,995

Collectibles, books, new caps, glassware, Arizona grapefruit, a little bit of everything. Thurs, Fri, Sat, April 26, 27, 28. 8am-6pm. Just off 4th St. SE 1510 Graham Ct. SE Rochester. g25- x oTo Visit oVisited

‘98 Malibu - Tan, 4Dr, Auto, 146K, CD, PW, PL, Cloth .................. $3,195

Mon-Fri 8am-5:30pm • Next to Chester Woods!


Oronoco Auto Parts and Auto Sales

410 1st St. SE, Oronoco, MN 55960 507-367-4315 • 800-369-4315 • Just 5 minutes north of Rochester on Hwy 52 ‘98 GMC PU - 4x4, 160K ................$2,495

‘97 Lesabre - Silver, 190K ...............1,695

‘95 Dodge PU - Green, 180K ..........$1,295

‘93 Toyota T100 - 4x4, Red, Clean, 200K ..$2,695

‘98 Blazer - Green, 138K, Salvage Title ...$1,895

‘91 Ford Conv. Van - Red, 111K .. $1,495

‘98 Taurus - Gold, 90K ...................$2,395

‘95 Bonneville - Green, 220K ....... $1,095

‘96 Sable - White, 154K..................$1,695

‘97 Chev 2500 PU - White, Ext. Cab, 139K ...$2,895

‘00 626 - Black, 6Cyl, Man Trans, 138K...$2,395

‘92 F150 - 4x4, Gray ...................... $1,295

‘98 Monte Carlo - Maroon, 134K ...$2,495

‘90 GMC - Conv. Van, Red, 105K ... $1,495

‘01 Neon - Maroon, 139K .............. $2,695

‘92 Caravan - Green, 158K................ $995

THURS APRIL 26, Fri April 27th 8am6pm. Bikes, kids clothes, toys, antique cradle, household. 3721 Arbor Dr. NW, Rochester. g25- x oTo Visit oVisited Garage Sale: April 28, 7am. 1107 7th Ave SE Rocheter. Christmas decor, lots of camping stuff, welders, books, clothes size 9 junior and plus sizes, lots of misc. g25- x oTo Visit oVisited

NOTICES Recently, Minnesota big ad motel buyers were trying to buy gold and silver for 30%-40% less than Kuehl’s Coins. Compare prices! Fairmont, 507235-3886. n11,18,25- x TO INVESTIGATE OTHER ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES Call PaperChain at 931-922-0484 or e-mail (MFPA)

REAL ESTATE Land Auction Sat. April 28 Noon. 0.43 acres, 5th St. NE Harmony, MN. All tillable. Call, buy, plant. Roger Johnson registered Minnesota Auctioneer #28-11018 Wisconsin Minnesota Real Estate PO Box 214 LaCrosse, WI 54602 608-3858080 rogerjohnson@auctionfarmland. com No buyers fee. MLS #4036173. Terms, photos, maps: www.rogerland. com. e11tfn- o HOUSE FOR SALE in Spring Valley, MN. 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, garage, black top driveway, new electric with breaker panel, high efficiency forced air furnace. The home needs work to be livable, and is a great opportunity for a handyman with a family who is tired of renting and ready to own. Will sell property outright or negotiate terms to sell on Installment Contract. Only seriously interested callers, call Bobby at 507-4588558. e22tfn- o LAKE PEPIN FARM $49,900. Vast views of the lake from this acreage; email for video tour! Thousand Lakes Realty, Inc. 866-667-4460. e25- o Panoramic Riverview farm. Located near LaCrosse, woods and meadow, $49,000. Four Rivers Realty, Inc. 866-897-4857 www.landcloseouts. com e25- o

REC. VEHICLES RV’s....Over 150 New and Used Campers in stock! Financing Available! Visit our “New” RV Parts Megastore... the Largest in Iowa and try our Award Winning Service Dept. Campsite RV “Where our Family Treats You Like Family” Hwy. 9 West, Cresco, Iowa 1-800-556-0266 rv29EOW- o

NOTICES DISH NETWORK lowest nationwide price $19.99 a month. FREE HBO/ Cinemax/Starz FREE Blockbuster FREE HD-DVR and install. Next day install 1-800-259-8262 (MFPA) CANADA DRUG CENTER IS YOUR CHOICE FOR SAFE AND AFFORDABLE MEDICATIONS. Our licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy will provide you with savings of up to 90 percent on all your medication needs. Call Today 888-485-1568 for $25.00 off your first prescription and free shipping. (MFPA) ATTENTION DIABETICS with Medicare. Get a FREE Talking Meter and diabetic testing supplies at NO COST, plus FREE home delivery! Best of all, this meter eliminates painful finger pricking! Call 888-441-2313 (MFPA)

2480 Superior Drive NW • Rochester, MN 55901

FOR SALE: Classic antique cast iron radiators from the original Park Hotel in Preston, MN. Many sizes and colors. Excellent condition. Would be perfect for restoration of an older home. Priced from $200 to $500 depending on which size. Call Jason at 507251-5297. s8tfn- x FOR SALE: High back wall-mount white porcelain bathroom sinks from original Park Hotel in Preston, MN. Excellent condition. Perfect for restoration of older home. Priced at $150 per sink. Call Jason at 507-251-5297. s8tfn- x FOR SALE: Internet-ready, eMac computers, 1ghz, 80gb, 512mb RAM, InDesign Master Suite Collection software. All products for media desktop publishing included. Asking $249 or best offer. Call Jason at 507-251-5297. s8tfn- x MANTIS Deluxe Tiller. NEW! FastStart engine. Ships FREE. One-Year MoneyBack Guarantee when you buy DIRECT. Call for the DVD and FREE Good Soil book! 888-695-5991 (MFPA)


• 1998 Schult 16x80 Essex 2BR, 2BA, Stove, Refrig, Dishwasher, A/C, W/D, 325 55th St. NE Lot #125 Hallmark Terrace - $28,000 • 2001 Friendship 28x56 3BR, 2BA, Stove, Refrig, Built-in microwave, W/D, A/C - #106 Zumbro Ridge - $47,000 • 1991 Schult 28x56 3BR, 2BA, Stove, Refrig, D/W, Microwave, E PRICCED C/A, Deck, 515 55th NE St., U Rochester - $32,000 $30,000 RED • 1999 Century 28x76 4BR, 3BA, Dishwasher, W/D, Water Softener, Fireplace, 2128 sq. ft., New steel roof, too many options to list, 102 21st St. NW, Stewartville - Southern Hills - $69,900 •1996 Marshfield 16x80 3BR, 2BA, Gas Stove, Refrig, W/D, Water Softener, Fireplace, New Roof & Newer Shed, Located at 325 55th St. NE Lot #35, Hallmark Terrace - $27,000

WilloW Ridge

• 1991 Artcraft 28x44 3BR, 2BA, New Carpet, New Vinyl, Refrig, Stove, D/W $43,900

on SaleS lot

Sold • 2001 Fall Creek 16x80 2BR, 2BA, Stove, DW, A/C, S/S,l Refrig dw/ bottom o- $38,900 S freezer • 1996 Skyline 28x48 3BR, 2BA, Stove, Refrig, Laminate Flooring and NEW Skylight - $39,900

Call For details 5220 Hwy 63 n. Rochester, Mn (507) 282-9833

olMSTed CounTy

Apr. 25, 2012

Apr. 26, 2012




53° 54°



mostly sunny

Apr. 27, 2012

Apr. 28, 2012



Apr. 29, 2012


43° 51°

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May 5

May 12

May 20




mostly Cloudy

WeATher ArT WAnTed! all children 13 and under are welcome to submit Weather art. send your picture to

olmsted County Journal P.o. Box 6697, rochester, mn 55903

or email it to

“Cold Winter Day”

by marcus schultz, age 12 apr. 29


ATTenTion kidS

MoonriSe & MoonSet 8:50am 12:19am 9:43am 12:19am 10:42am 1:00am 11:44am 1:37am 12:50pm 2:10am 1:57pm 2:41am 3:07pm 3:10am



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May 1, 2012

mostly sunny

Sun & Moon Date: SunriSe & SunSet 04/25/12 6:09am 8:07pm 04/26/12 6:08am 8:08pm 04/27/12 6:06am 8:09pm 04/28/12 6:05am 8:11pm 04/29/12 6:03am 8:12pm 04/30/12 6:02am 8:13pm 05/01/12 6:00am 8:14pm

Apr. 30, 2012

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Be sure to include Child’s First and last name, age, town and title of art Work.

rochester, mn

T he Newest Dining Sensation in Town! Japanese Sushi Seafood Steakhouse & Full Bar Sushi Bar features Chef’s Specialties

Serving Steak, Chicken, Pork, Fish... (Filet Mignon & NY Strip Hibachi) Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura, Teriyaki

Specializing in Japanese Cuisine Sushi OFFERS END MAY 31, 2012

Full liquor Bar: Beer, Wine & Cocktails

Gift Certificates Available

20% oFF lunch Specials

Mon-Fri 11am-2:30pm 102 20th St. SE #300 Rochester, MN 507-288-2577 Hours: M-Th 11am-2:30pm; 4:30pm-10pm | F 11am-2:30pm; 4:30pm-10:30pm Sa 11am-10:30pm | Su 11am-10pm

30% oFF 30% oFF Dinner Specials

Mon-Sat 4:30pm-Close

all Day Sundays


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OUR 87th YEAR! OUR 87th YEAR! Fountain, MN 507-268-4363 Store Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9 am-8 pm; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 9 am-5 pm; Sunday Noon-4 pm. 646559s jan

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