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an idea for ras to work out feeding system oellner a long-lasting By K irsten Z feed the that would actually kirsten@fillmorecoun and just the birds.Feedsavr the seem unfath- birds The concept forof 2009 after For reasons that have been fall omable, feeders . Ask any began in the suffered multhe Tarras family made for squirrels they’ll tell you tiple setbacks, first with Scott’s avid birder and pesky one being laid off wife Brandee that there’s always her graphic a rebel gang, in January from squirrel, if not full being laid cheek a Scott with design job and that makes off pressseed, leaving the off from his position as a few of prime bird scavenge what’s man at a small print shop a ce, poor birds to neck of the With persisten left. And in this just as much months later. WonderInk woods, deer pose frustration as the family opened d and Scott Rushfor opportunity for the bird seed Printing in tinkering with to began up after belly they to deter, soon project. his pet buffet. Many attempts the Good Lord send the intrudthank even and “We halt, the air the blessings we every day for ers flinging through as it was at but with little have been made,while, the seed have. As hard we lost our a the time when success. All the scattered and to jobs back in 2009, God had not is devoured or lost. says Scott. “If the buyer, money Scott Tar- plan for us,” jobs, we would n, Minn. outside of Fountai by Barb Jeffers Rushford native of backyard for losing our home new Photo ire WonderInk Printras has felt the was frustrated not have their recently finished Feedsavr would Johnson enjoy ing and the intruders. “I the Jon and Sharon and one of those deer if ’ with feeding thebackyard, other have just stayed be a good idea squirrels in my not to mention ‘wouldn’t this than the birds, all the broken thoughts.” being tired of feeders.” Those Page 6  See FEEDSAVR chewed up bird ly lead Tarirritations ultimate

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of Fountain, by Bryan Ostby,sub-contractor is a and the excepthought of ” uct is a credit Minn., who Direction Floortional end-prod other creative with New By BarB Jeffers r, Minn. The to Joe and the businesses the ing of Rocheste y for RCTC’s purchased from fireplace was outdoor laborator and dedicated gy proe of Rocheswith while Johnson Brekke Fireplac outstanding Horticulture Technolo By K aren snyder Jon and SharonMinn. have Johnsons worked .T. (sustainThis , the home. ter, Minn. gram, the S.M.A.R rural Fountain into the new building a warmth to artistic, resourcean open floor karens@olmstedcoun able, medicinal, ) Gardens are The house has natural flow fireplace adds only a fireplace recently moved togethart form,” says that has a r of “Gardening is an co-chairs a ful and thematic says, and offer home they designedwith Joe plan which and is large but, at the home who Parrett Brad Fish, co-owne, was along Connie Parrett proves her point. gorgeous, new every year. er. Together, Lumber, locat- throughouttime, feels cozy. As can. Flooring n g Directio that somethin garden tour Hahn, of Hahn Minn., they the same s are planning for New also the place jaunt, Rochesly helpful in guiding y, Heintz Center is register for The flowerful ed in Harmon home and say the Johnson and any circum- immense Club’s on what mates tickets, Flower tour and Johnson buy future their to al the the the ter Garden out the designed browse education Garden Tour, change a thing stances that may arise in age, rials to use through (RGFC) Annual 18. “It will be door prizes, sample Cold Stone they would not and as they house. displays and coming years, will take place July about it. provided all married in the home is set up so a wheelParrett says. She ice cream (while supplies last). selfHahn Lumber the home the festive and fun,” The couple, who tour is s for co-chair, Barbara to build a home chair can be wheeled from From there, the and and her fellow and off house, the material 2012, wanted you to come see. guided. “Take your map the mechanical with room for garage door into the Muenkel, invite and except g and Jon said “they of their own highlights family of chil- throughout the house, plumbin The tour, whichlandscaping, you go.” with” and fratheir blended and ildren when even into the master shower. were wonderful to work Off to explore colorful one that the flower gardens year dren and grandch in creating square feet of event that each sev- grant gardens, such as theon a hillvisit. Jon and and helped greatly today. New popular a is with they come to and designed The total of lot feet a crowd a corner 3600 square the home they have draws and dazzles to five or six dresses up bloom in profusion Sharon planned approximately home is area and 800 Direction Flooring installed all side. Flowers was and– 2800 being living eral hundred visitors the home for a water feature lot going ahead of garage space. the flooring in the house and Rochester-area gardens. ? RGFC and there’s six months beforeWhen discuss- square feet of in that corner ble for the elegant The focal pointis an ele- also responsi and other tile “She’s got more The gardens’ addresses with building. them wanted tial until you than people with an acre,” Parrett area of countertops main living both house. keeps them confiden ing what each d fireplace with her neighbors on Sharon said throughout the work buy your ticket. to the secret says, “and corner love the view.” in a new home,“both had the gant two-side rk. One side work d the tile sides of the unique stonewo gray quartz Jon describe Bryan Ostby as The exception they found they the itinerary is made the the tour’s first charcoal Another treat on performed by had gardens rule is .T. Gardens at same ideas” whicheasier. The includes slate, with the “awesome” adding Bryan and S.M.A.R stone process the ledge stop, with the made decision TechPage 7  wonderfully for hearth stone and mantel the a lot of “creativity” add a dis- Rochester Community and An See GARDEN CLUB design works Center. which stone, and and Jon stated nical College’s Heintz glass tile patterns the Johnsons to Joe (Hahn) with Nicolet surrounded by ve Page 8  See JOHNSON “it all goes back ideas and did other side tile. The impressi our mosaic took he done could have even stone and tile work was better than we barb@fillmorecoun of

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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81-year-old a fitness instructor in Rochester also attended a Luther Seminary in St. Paul and became a lay chaplain. He still volun Most everyone agrees that teers his time as a chaplain at regular physical activity is good St. Marys Hospital, and does for your health. While there is hospital visits for members of no arguing the benefits, there his church, Redeemer Lutheran are still many who don’t find Church. the time or ambition to do so. Northgate Health Club Rochester man, Bob Keith moved to its current location in is living proof that exercising Rochester in 1978, and that’s and staying active can keep you when Keith started working young and healthy for a long there. He teaches water aerotime. At age 81, Keith is still bics classes and water volleyball. working as a water aerobics Keith also works out regularly instructor at Northgate Health at the health club, and has Club. taught spinning classes in the Keith grew up in North past. Dakota and attended education At age 50, Keith had never college at Minot State Uni- learned to swim, so he took versity. He received a Master’s classes at the YMCA. He liked Degree from the University it so much he became a cerof North Dakota and worked tified scuba diver. “I’ve been at a medical rehab center as on between 200-300 dives,” a speech pathologist for two shared Keith. He added he has years. He was contacted by the gone scuba diving in Australia, Mayo Clinic in 1962 and asked New Zealand, the Caribbean, to join the team there. Jamaica, and many more places “I retired in 1994,” he said. around the world. “But they asked me to come “There’s a lot of beauty under back half time. So I did that the water,” he said with a Bob Keith of Rochester is a fitness instructor at Northgate until 2007.” smile. Health Club in Rochester. During his time there, Keith Through all this time workPhoto by Jade Sexton By Jade Sexton

Tippi Toes dancers perform at Harlem Globetrotters game ester to perform at the Harlem Globetrotters’s halftime show. According to Cassmann, there Tippi Toes Dance Company are 225 students in Tippi Toes, has grown and expanded in as far south as Decorah, Iowa, southeast Minnesota in the last all the way up to Lakeville, Minfew years. Tara Cassmann of Har- nesota. The dancers range in age mony has been a dance instructor from 18 months to 12. for Tippi Toes for three years now, “I had a great friend in Oklaand she recently had the pleasure homa that reached out to the of taking the dancers to Roch- Harlem Globetrotters, and they By Jade Sexton

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invited her dance crew to perform,” explained Cassmann. “She passed along our name to the corporate office, and they called me and asked if we were interested.” Obviously, they were very interested in performing. They have done many performances in See TIPPI TOES Page 9 

ing, Keith has stayed active. He has not only done workouts and taught classes at Northgate, he ran marathons for many years. In 2007, Keith was hit by a car. The driver was texting and ran a red light. Keith had five surgeries that year and spent several months in a wheelchair. Despite his age and recovering from a serious accident, in 2007 Keith has not slowed down much. Along with his fitness routine and teaching, Keith has what he calls “a lot of crazy hobbies.” “I bake cookies for the Dorothy Day House and the Transplant House,” said Keith, adding he learned to bake from his mother. He also loves to grow vegetables in his garden. Add to his list of accomplishments, Keith is a published author. He wrote a cookbook titled 301 Ways to Use Zucchini, and has published several professional books about cancer of the larynx and aphasia. Keith See BOB KEITH Page 7 

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Dover-Eyota votes for one hour late start on Wednesdays would start at 9:00am and high school would begin at 9:15 am. Staff will work in professional After a lengthy discussion and learning teams in the following some mixed feelings the Dover- areas: Eyota School Board voted to go •Data analysis and assessment with a one hour late start on of individual student learning Wednesdays for the the 2013- •Curriculum mapping and 2014 school year. The late start alignment will allow teachers more prep •Implementation of common time and collaboration time with other teachers. Elementary school See DOVER-EYOTA Page 8  By Bill Lisser

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013



By Iris Clark Neumann The Joys of Spring Herbing It has been a very long wait for the glaciers in my yard to recede. The idea that our climate is shifting, has not been as manifest in our current “spring.” A month has passed since I talked about getting the shrubs and trees pruned in my yard. I confess I have not started the task yet and further, will admit I won’t feel more like attacking the job until a warmer spring day. The snow cover has kept my perennial bed out of sight, but that has not kept my scheming for making changes to it out of my mind. During a recent trip to the Minnesota Shade Tree Short Course in Arden Hills, I purchased three new books at the Minnesota Arboretum booth about growing herbs. I have read those books while riding in the car north to our cabin, in bed and at other odd times during the day. I sent off an online

order to Burpee Seeds for a few herbs I didn’t already have, for seed that’s not readily available at local stores. This has happened at other times when I buy books, I found that I enjoyed reading and learned more from one of the books than either of the others. The text called, “Herb Gardening from the Ground Up,” really captured my imagination. Part of what makes a book a great book for me, is a good back story. Sal Gilbertie shared his life of commercially growing herbs in Connecticut, from a business originally started by his grandfather, an Italian emigrant. His grandfather and father’s business focused on raising cut flowers that were sold in New York City markets. It was Sal who transformed the family business into one of growing herb plants instead. In his book, written with coauthor Larry Sheehan, Sal chooses

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fifteen culinary herbs he views as ing the deck on the front of the last two years. I have a thyme the basics that any of us might house. The deck is accessed from patch, tarragon, chive clumps, and tackle growing. He describes in my kitchen/dining area. For this an oregano plant that have survived detail how to start them from seed, reason, I created a culinary herb winter in the bed. I introduced how to grow some just a season— garden in pots on my deck. When several different different types of the annuals, and others for years as I am cooking during the warmer mints—which most experts will months, I can just step out the caution gardeners to keep in check perennials. Of course, some plants that sliding glass door and snip with by planting them in a contained might be perennials in a warmer scissors what I need for my cooking space. I am anxious to get out there and climate end up being more like projects. annuals in ours or span the seasons A few pots have perennials like clean out the dead stems and dig as houseplants during the winter. chives, garlic chives, mint or thyme, out perennial flower plants so I can But, as I alluded above, our cli- but mostly, I plant new herbs in the introduce more perennial herbs, mate is gradually shifting. Statistics pots each year. Some I have over- transplants or even sow some seed. were shared at our tree conference wintered inside, like rosemary or This year my border of parsley will showing that over the course of oregano. Basil and parsley are two come from young plants, that were time, since temperatures have been plants that need to be started fresh started from seed inside the house. When I sent in my Burpee seed recorded in Minnesota, the aver- each year. age temperature has warmed 20 Last year after taking pots of order, I got Summerlong basil and a degrees. We don’t have as many parsley indoors for the winter, I lime basil, to go with the other kinds below zero degree days as we had moved them outside in the spring. of basil my son had started inside. However, soon I discovered that I’m a big fan of pesto, a ground up when I was a girl. The frost free date is also shift- as a biennial, they are predisposed mixture of fresh basil, garlic, pine ing as the lines for hardiness zones to sending up flowers and setting nuts and Parmesan cheese mixed are being drawn and redrawn. As a seed on their second year. Thus, in with olive oil. During the summer younger gardener, it was ingrained the future they will be considered I whirl up batches in a mini food in my mind that one could not an annual, but one that can come processor and freeze small containplant out-of-doors, any tender indoors and supply my cooking ers of it to use all winter for flavortransplants, safely before May 31st. with sprigs of parsley throughout ing pizza and vegetables or serving Where I live, near Rochester, the the winter. In the spring, they will as spread. Last fall we brought some Thai frost free date now ranges between become compost. youasbuy a newplants set of and I Getproject Up To AI am really itching basilWhen inside potted The May 1 to 10. four qualifying tires today, ® was pleased with how well it did to get going on, is transforming After I built my house in 1993, $ TIRES PREPAID you’lllights get more thanhow tres built for its and nicely large VISA raised perennial bed CARD into under I had a large, curving 75 raisedCOOPER planter my at the you. You’ll get a Visa Prepaid $ punch 75 Rew built in front of my house that primarily an herb bed. This gradu- pungent leaves gave a bit ofCard worth up to $75 by mail. ® From Aug. 24-Nov. 6, 2012 $ ally started happening during the encloses a paved patioTAKE area, THE adjoinMONEY & RIDE NATIONAL EVENT See EARTH MOTHER Page 1250Rew

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Obituaries Donna Mae Bradt Donna Mae Bradt, 71, of Rochester, Minn. died Saturday, April 6, 2013, at MSOCS in Rochester, where she had lived since February of 2011. Donna was born Nov. 18, 1941, in Rochester, to Louis and Mary (Stokes) Bradt. She enjoyed music, dancing, Special Olympics, and ABC (Abilities Unlimited). She is survived by one brother, John “Jack” (Darlene) Bradt of Chatfield, Minn.; and two sisters, Marjane Luedtke of Chatfield, and Beverly Forrey of Sun City West, Ariz.; and three sisters-in-law, Dorothy Bradt, Joan Sime and Colleen Bradt all of Chatfield. Donna was preceded in death by her parents, three brothers, Lawrence, James, and Richard, and one sister, Rosemary. The funeral service was Wednesday, April 10, at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Chatfield, with Father Patrick Arens officiating. Burial was in Calvary Cemetery in Chatfield. Riley Runeral Home in Chatfield was in charge of arrangements. Judy A. Czaplewski Judy A. Czaplewski, 71, of Rochester, died Thursday, April 11, 2013 at Field Crest Care Center in Hayfield, MN. Judith Ann DeFrang was born November 29, 1941 in Plainview, MN to Roy and Helen (Welti) DeFrang. Judy graduated from Elgin High School and received her nurses training certificate from St. Marys School of Nursing. She worked at Assisi Heights as an LPN for 38 years retiring in 2010 due to health reasons. She married Stan Czaplewski on February 6, 1965 and they later divorced. Judy was a former member of St. Francis Catholic Church in Rochester where she was active in the Women’s C.C.U.; and she also coordinated their funeral luncheons. She was currently a member of St. Pius X Catholic Church. She enjoyed reading, crossword puzzles, solitaire and spending time with her

grandchildren. Judy is survived by her children, Paul Czaplewski of Rochester and Pete (Kim Stillman) Czaplewski of Rochester; daughter-in-law, Carolyn Czaplewski of Hayfield; two grandchildren, Rachel and Ben Czaplewski of Hayfield; and two brothers, Jerry (Marge) DeFrang of Plainview, MN and James (Rita) DeFrang of Zumbrota, MN. She was preceded in death by her parents. A Funeral Mass was held at on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at St. Pius X Catholic Church, 1315 – 12th Ave NW, Rochester with Father Paul Nelson officiating. Burial was at St. Patrick’s Catholic Cemetery in West Albany. Geneva E. Girardin Geneva E. Girardin, age 94, of Preston, Minn., died Monday evening, April 8, 2013, at Harmony Community Healthcare, Harmony, Minn. Geneva was born December 8, 1918, in Albert City, Iowa, to Erik and Nellie (Dahlstrom) Anderson. She married Elmer Girardin August 16, 1937, in Pocahontas, Iowa. The couple made their home in various places in Minnnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin until moving to Preston in 1961. She was a homemaker and while in Preston worked for a number of years as a secretary at the Ken Dunwell optometrist office. Following retirement the couple would winter in Texas. Elmer died September 30, 1996. Geneva was a member of Christ Lutheran Church in Preston and was active in their women’s groups. She loved her family and especially her grandchildren. She is survived by four children, Joel (Coleen) Girardin of Cannon Falls, Minn.; Jolyn (Wayne) Olson of Blue Earth, Minn.; Kim Girardin of Winona, Minn.; and Kaynel (Terry) Rindels of Preston; 12 grandchildren; 24 great-grandchildren; and one great-great-granddaughter. She was preceded in death by one granddaughter, three sisters and six brothers. The funeral was held Saturday, April 13, 2013, at Christ Lutheran Church with Rev. Dave Jore offici-

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 ating. Burial of her ashes will be in Ft. Snelling National Cemetery in Minneapolis at a later date. Nels E. Jacobson Nels E. Jacobson, 78, of Peterson, Minn. died on Monday, April 8, 2013 at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Home in Rushford, Minn. Nels was born on April 20, 1934, in Minneapolis, Minn. to Nils and Gunhild (Landsverk) Jacobson. He moved to Rushford as a child and graduated from Rushford High School in 1952. He served in the U.S. Army from 1955 to 1963. On October 13, 1967, Nels married Nancy Hammer. He graduated from Winona State University, Winona, Minn., in 1973, with a degree in Industrial Arts Education. In 1975, Nels moved his family to Peterson, Minn. He worked for the Peterson Saw Mill, Hiawatha Tire in Winona and many jobs as a handyman and a carpenter. Nels was a member of the Grace Lutheran Church in Peterson, Rushford American Legion and the Vesterheim Museum in Decorah, Iowa. He was very proud of his Norwegian Heritage and enjoyed wood carving. Nels is survived by two sons: Eric Jacobson of Marshfield, Wis. and Mike Jacobson of Red Wing, Minn.; and two grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents, wife, one brother, James and two sisters, Lila and Ethelyn. A memorial service for Nels was held Friday, April 12, at Grace Lutheran Church in Peterson with Rev. Ron Warnes officiating. Burial was in the Rushford Lutheran Cemetery. Lowell Gene Sheely Lowell Gene Sheely of Dover, Minn., died on Sunday, March 31, 2013, at the Yuma Regional Hospital in Yuma, AZ. He was born July 6, 1931 in Guckeen, MN to Charles “Art” and Peryl (Davis) Sheely. Shortly after they moved to Olie, IA until moving back to the Austin, MN area in 1946. He graduated from Elkton High School in 1948. He worked

Olmsted County Church Directory Congregational Church, .................................................................................. United Church of Christ........................................................Sundays - 10am; 974 Skyline Dr. SW, Rochester, MN (507)289-4581 Emmanuel Lutheran Church of Rochester, NALC ..........................................................Saturdays - 6:00pm Worship at Oasis Church, 1815 NW 38th St., Rochester, MN Good Shepherd Lutheran Church .....Sat. - 5:30pm; Sun. - 8:00am & 10:30am 559 20th St SW, Rochester, MN (507)289-1748 Grace Lutheran Church WELS.......................................... Sundays - 10:00am 45 1st Ave. NE, Oronoco, MN (507)367-4329 Pax Christi Catholic Church .... Sat. - 5:15pm; Sun. - 7:30am, 9:00am, 10:45am; ............................................ Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. - 9:00am & Wed. - 7:00am 4135 18th Ave NW, Rochester, MN (507)282-8542 St. Pius X .........................................Sat. - 4pm; Sun. - 7:30am, 9am, 10:30am 1315 12th Ave. NW, Rochester, MN (507)288-8238 Unity of Rochester Study Group .........................2nd & 4th Sundays 10:30am 103 7th St. NE, Rochester, MN (Rochester Rep Theatre) Monday, February 27,


Main Ave. Harmony


NOTICE y is seeking Fillmore County Ag Societ the fair ground. bids for electrical work at 2-1082 for Contact Greg Dornink, 507-27 5th, send information. Bid due Marchy, Box 364, to Fillmore County Ag Societ Preston, MN 55965. Kathy Tesmer y Fillmore County Ag Societ Publish 27

on the Regan farm until entering the US Army, serving from 1951 to 1954 during the Korean War. After retuning he worked for Kace Lumberyard in Austin. On June 27, 1955 he married Wilma Rugg. Together they farmed near Brownsdale MN first milking cows then raising hogs and beef cattle. In 1967 they purchased a farm near Dover, continuing to raising hogs, beef cattle, and crops. He was an active member for many years in NFO (serving a term as president), MN Beef Council, and St. Charles Moose Lodge (serving two terms as governor), and the American Legion. Along with farming through the years he also sold Vinton Seedcorn, Archer Oil, and Occo Feeds and did a lot of custom work. He worked for the ASCS Office/ Farm Service Agency from 1980 to 1991 as a field reporter and 1992 to 1995 as a county committee member. He loved fishing, farming, more fishing, bowling, planting a large garden with lots of watermelon and muskmelon, and was an avid listener to opening and closing markets. Around the year 2001 he shifted into retirement consisting of planting a larger than needed garden and lots of fishing for sunnys and crappies for hosting his annual fish fry for all the relatives. This was the year they began to spend their winters in Yuma, AZ where he enjoyed the warmer winters, the different agriculture, and the people. Lowell is survived by his loving wife of 58 years, Wilma, and their four children, Beverly (Jack) Briggs of Eyota, MN; Gene Sheely (Deb Ward) of Byron, MN; Rebecca(Becky) Sheely of Dover, MN; and LouAnn (Wayne) Ellringer of Eyota, Minn.; eight grandchildren; three step-grandchildren; eleven great-grandchildren; eight step-great-grandchildren; three sisters, Eloise Foss, Caroline Bernard, Eleanor Johnson; and two brothers, William (Bill) and Larry Sheely. Lowell was preceeded in death by his parents Art and Peryl Sheely and by one brother Laverne Sheely. A Celebration of Lowell’s life was held Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at Hoff Funeral Service in St. Charles with the Reverend Heather E. Klason

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NOTICE Planni ng Count y Fillmo re The its next tour Commission will conduct 2012. They will on Monday, March 12, at 9:00 a.m. leave the highway shop n Township and visit a site in Presto of Hidden ch where Tom & Shelly Kraets applied for a have round Valley Campg to expand their Conditional Use Permit existing Campground. Chris Graves istrator Fillmore County Zoning Admin Publish 27






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They You must Minnesota described as follows co rights. est your southw affect the that at papers PG Beginning even though it said respond to this lawsuit the Northwest Quarter of , F and Court the with filed 8’42”E may not yet be 35; thence N89°5 number on this NOTICE there may be no court file County Coordinate Systemthe Planni ng Count y Fillmo re The Summons. (1986 Adjustment), along r, its next tour 20 DAYS Run Time: 1 hr. 38 mins. Commission will conduct YOU MUST REPLY WITHIN 2. line of said Northwest Quarte will They must 2012. , 99.0 CT YOUR RIGHTS. You on Monday, March 12, PROTE TO feet; thence N00°49’06”W feet a.m. at 9:00 signed this leave the highway shop n Township or mail to the person who give thence N62°31’50”W, 759.00to th called an ons a written response and visit a site in Presto of Hidden Summ S63°16’24”W, 412.50 feet ch of the date on r; days Quarte 20 est within Northw r where Tom & Shelly Kraets said Answe line of applied for a ons. 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YOU WILL LOSE YOUR Quarter of said Southwest EN RESPONSE l WRITT east A the SEND along NOT DO S01°32’54”E, PERSON THE S TO said LAINT of r COMP TO THE Northwest Quarte NOTICE ONS. If you the n CARROLTON TOwNShIP WHO SIGNED THIS SUMM you will lose Quarter, 360.02 feet to March the hold will hip days, s 20 Carrolton Towns do not answer within way line of the Minne of 4:30 at side Audit your of tell to Board N86 7th meeting and this case. You will not get Recreational Trail; thence es. may decide line, p.m. due to Lenten Servic of the story, and the Court along said right of way Luanne Storelee Plaintiffs everysa against you and award the thence southwesterly along Carrolton Township Clerk conc in the Complaint. If you for curve, a asked along thing line, way Publish 20,27 claims stated of do not want to contest the southeast, central angle not need to do ch you and aint, feet 2 Compl the 1687.0 in radius of ent can then be 140 respond. A default judgm curve bears S68°39’52”W, INg k OR relief requeste PRESTON TOwNShIP mEET entered against you for the DONATe yOuR cAR, TRuc the west line of said Southw BLiND. ChANgE ed in the Complaint. BOAT TO heRiTAGe FOR Thetible, Free thence N02°02’01”W, along ry wish Februa may regular You . hip 5. LEGAL ASSISTANCE 870.07 feet to the poin Free 3 Day vacation, Tax Deduc care Of. The Preston Towns line, do you sday, If . Wedne ea meeting will be held to get legal help from a lawyer ning. Being subject to an Towing, All paperwork Taken Administrator of w February 29 at 7:00 p.m. not have a lawyer, the Court the Township Road right 888-472-9219 (MFpA) Publish 20,27 places where f. may have information about southerly boundary thereo if cks wanted. legal assistance. Even less. cars/tru or get All : more can cARS you acres, FOR 15.47 cASh you must still m paid. We come you cannot get legal help, protect your Containing in all 22.72 acres, Running or not! Top dollar call to for instant fORESTVILLE TOwNShIP provide a written Answer all in Fillmore County, Minnes to you! Any make/model. case. BID NOTICE Pub rights or you may lose the TE offer: 800/871-9145 McAN d until 7:30 DISPU receive be E will NATIV bids ALTER Sealed 6. the Township may agree to p.m. on April 16, 2012, by RESOLUTION. The parties

you See e at thies Mov Tickets ~ $5

Consignment Auction. Sale site MN. For Implement & Auction Co., Preston, Inc. 507more info contact Gehling Auction, Notice m. hlingau 765-2131, Bring your own bucket for popcorn EvEryday & save! l. in the Journa infOrmAtiOn

On-line AuctiOn ns, Complete Grocery Store,


NOTICE y is seeking Fillmore County Ag Societ the fair ground. bids for electrical work at 2-1082 for Contact Greg Dornink, 507-27 5th, send March information. Bid due y, Box 364, to Fillmore County Ag Societ Preston, MN 55965. Kathy Tesmer y Fillmore County Ag Societ Publish 27




said Section the Northwest Quarter of , Fillmore 35; thence N89°58’42”E NAD83 County Coordinate Systemthe south (1986 Adjustment), along r, 1039.50 line of said Northwest Quarte , 99.00 feet; 9’06”W N00°4 thence feet; feet; thence thence N62°31’50”W, 759.00to the west S63°16’24”W, 412.50 feet r; thence Quartechev y pickup- 1977 $3,7000. line of said Northwest Nice line, 264.00 west 2000 Ford Windstar 132,00nS00°49’06”E, along said Dependable ning 507-498-3675. a9/20tf Contai ing. . phone $1,500 mi. feet to the point of beginn 7.25 acres, more or less.x And: r Dodge Neon, gone thru Quarte 1998 SALe: FORr est All that part of the Northw n Sectio oftely, new brakes, belts, battery, very of the Southwest Quarte comple Range 9 West, $1,100 OBO. 507-421g car. 35, Township 104 North,good runnin of north 4-7281 lying ota, . a13,20,27- x Minnes , County or 507-86 Fillmore 3012 the Minnesota the north right of way line of ed describ being Trail, State Recreational




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Helen Halloran Wheeler Helen Halloran Wheeler, a loving mother, grandma, great-grandma, sister, aunt, friend, and volunteer, passed away Friday, April 5, 2013, at her home in Chatfield, MN. Helen was born July 22, 1931, and grew up in Chatfield, graduating from Chatfield High School in 1949 and Winona Teachers College, Winona, MN in 1951. While living in Park Rapids, MN Helen was an active volunteer helping the low income and elderly with their taxes. She was Lake Emma Township supervisor and also volunteered at St. Joseph’s Hospital Auxiliary. Helen was a member of St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church. She made many friends while in Park Rapids and enjoyed their friendship throughout her life. Helen relocated to southeastern Minnesota and volunteered in many church and community organizations and events. She was the resident manager of the Ronald McDonald House where she supported families from all over the United States and the world. In addition, Helen volunteered annually by helping the elderly file their tax forms. Helen has attended St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Chatfield, MN since 1931. She was preceded in death by her parents, Gerald F. and Loretta Halloran, and a brother, John. She is survived by five children, Pat (Camille) Wheeler of Eagan, MN; Cindy (Bill) Litfin of Windom, MN; Mike (Caroline) Wheeler of Eden Prairie, MN; Joni Wheeler of Palm Desert, Calif.; and Tim (Jane) Wheeler of Park Rapids, MN; eleven treasured grandchildren; and three beloved great-grandchildren. Helen is also survived by her two supportive sisters, Geri Beckel and Karen (Terry) Huckstadt; along with many cousins, nieces and nephews. A celebration Mass will be held Tuesday, April 9, at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Chatfield. Burial was in Calvary Cemetery in Chatfield following the Mass. Following the burial a lunch will be served.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Please call IO N AU CT or check LE ND AR CA Tool & House hold Sun., Mar 4 - Coin, for website Auction Auction. Held at Spring Valley Sales MN. Bldg., 412 East Park St, Spring Valley, Sales Valley Spring more info. contact Formovie Co. (507)346-2183. springvalleysa Notice in the Journal. details! - Gehlinging Thur., Mar. 22 - 9:30 am, Notice of Upcom

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officiating. Burial followed in Evergreen Cemetery at Dover. Military graveside honors were conducted by the Eyota American Legion.


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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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C ommentary Not the school you remember By Eric Leitzen There’s something making the rounds out there on them there interwebs: it’s a resignation letter from a teacher of nearly thirty years. In it, the teacher says a “long train of failures” in decisions not by his school, but by a larger educational body that has lead him to Eric Leitzen conclude that his profession, in his words “has left me” and that “It no longer exists.” He’s speaking to something in the educational world that is called the Common Core Approach and the STEM Movement, and it is the belief of this now viral resigning teacher that these ideas have switched our thoughts on education from one that used to be based on the process of learning to one that is now based solely on the results of tests. As an educator myself, these are issues that come up often in our little part of the world, and the issue has begun a sort of Jets/

Sharks divide between proponents and detractors. Speaking of Jets and Sharks… I have decided that twenty years is long enough to let a frustration fester, and though I will continue to support Canadian hockey teams on principal, I will be considering myself a fan of the Minnesota Wild from here on out. Now back to your regularly scheduled rambling. Now, STEM is a simple acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math; as you can probably assume, this movement centers around the focused education in these four subjects. As we are becoming a more technological society and we seem to be having some lack of skilled engineering and labor, this idea seems only natural. The Common Core Standards is an initiative that tries to unite the requirements of several different state education systems under a system of standard-based, mandatory testing. It’s an attempt to make sure that a child in Vermont is getting the same basic ideas in education as a child in Oregon. Once again, on the surface this isn’t a bad idea:

Japan has nationalized curricula and they are consistently a very high performing country when it comes to education. So why all the frustration and blowback? There’s two main arguments against this new education movement: one, it cuts down on the freedom to be creative and/or deviate from a prescribed course or curriculum, which teachers find understandably confining. As a substitute teacher, I’m often stuck with a list of things to get through with my students for that day, whether they like it or not (here’s a hint: they don’t) and sometimes the natural movement of the class, even if it’s for the better, has to be wrangled back onto what is written down for the day. I mean, you don’t want to be known as that sub who doesn’t listen to the plans he’s been given, do you? That means teachers will think you don’t like their ideas, which won’t want you to fill in, which means you won’t get hired, which means you’re back to selling hot dogs in Siberia to make ends meet. It can certainly seem like a rock-and-a-hard-place situation when your students want to discuss String Theory and the very makeup of the universe since time began… and they’re supposed to

Guest Commentary: Hook, line and sinker By Jerry Grehl, Harmony Guest editorialist Jeff Erding’s passionate opposition of all things that might restrict in any way gun ownership is based on a false premise: a premise that has been sold to him Jerry Grehl hook, line, and sinker by the billion dollar firearms industry and their lobbyist organization, the NRA. It is the old “slippery slope” argument. Any government Editorial Cartoon

attempt to stem the madness, regardless of anything that is even common sense, will lead to “big government” confiscation. Now let’s look at some of the particulars in his anti-gun regulation screed. Mr. Erding says he reveres the entire constitution. Well, maybe not so much the first right, the right to life. The second amendment supercedes that. It supercedes everything, according to Erding. Nancy Lanza’s right to own a semi-automatic rifle capable of a magazine of up to 100 rounds was more important than the right to life of those innocent twenty darling babies

in Newtown, CT. and their brave four teachers who were martyred for standing up to her demon possessed son Adam Lanza and his right to possess said weaponry. The right to life is the first right, Mr. Erding. He goes on to say only law abiding citizens will honor the background checks. Mrs. Lanza was a law abiding citizen. So were her snakes in the head son. So was the mass killer in Aurora, CO, Oak Creek, Phoenix AZ, VA tech, and places too many to mention. Erding goes on to make his ultimate argument: (I’ll avoid using his capital letters, a literary devise of screaming at your reader)

be answering question 3. True story. Secondly, teachers find it frustrating because it tends to crush the more classically “liberal arts” style of classes and the teaching of them. You can be a modern-day Socrates, asking students what they think and how they feel about the ethical implications of Hiroshima or Nagasaki when everything comes down to answering questions on a test or focusing instead on the science or engineering of the bombs. We drop bomb, it end war, fill in bubble C, got it? Just recently, a group of 35 teachers and administrators in the Georgia area were arrested on the suspicion of cheating to get their students scores on standardized test flying high. Good test scores means no threat of funding cuts or government intervention, which often leads to desperate times and more desperate measures. All of this seems to fly directly in the face of the highminded ideals that most people get into teaching for: the pure essence of education, the beautiful dance and drama of critical thinking, the Lord-of-the-Rings-style quest to instill not only facts and figures, but a lifelong love of learning into what will be the next generation

of elites. There’s no time for that in this rush-rush world, so says the new movements, they are here to learn and they only need the important stuff, case closed. Now, as a good Moderator, I can see both sides of the story. I’ve been in some classes where I loathed the final bell every day, because it meant I would have to stop pumping some of these students so full of knowledge and the desire to learn and all that other ephemeral, teacher-y stuff. In other classes, I found myself looking to the clock in the hopes it would make time go faster. Yes, teachers pray for the bell sometimes, too… especially when it’s clear that nobody in the classroom wants what you’re selling. In my next column, I’ll go ahead and look at how we can turn our education system around and once again make it the envy of the world while still managing to satisfy both those who see hard Math and Science as the way forward, and those who believe there is still merit in the classical forms of education. In fact, it’s perfect that I’m writing this to Fillmore County at large, because in my opinion this country could serve as the perfect crucible in which to test a new style of American education.

“Registration means confiscation!” Odd Mr. Erding. I have no such fear. I own pistols, rifles, antique arms, shotguns,and one air rifle. I also do not fear my goverenment, which may be the unspoken baseless fear of Mr. Erding. I’ll agree with Erding that the vast majority of murders are not committed with an assault rifle; but all the massacres, mass killings, employ a high capacity magazine assault rifle or pistol. They are good for only one thing-mayhem! Ninety percent of the American people support background checks. The majority of gun owners like myself

support bacxkground checks. The political fight is moot, over. The American people want a vote! The little kids at Newtown deserve a vote, the survivors of the Aurora slaughter deserve a vote. Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark deserve a vote. Question is, are our learned gutless salons in Washington capable of being shamed into allowing a vote?

Online Reader Poll Results: If your office pool won the lottery would you share with the one person who opted out? • Yes, the feeling of sharing is the best...33.3% • No, you’re loss if you didn’t join the pool...16.7% • Maybe, depends who the person is...50% Next week’s reader poll question:

Should the U.S. take the threats from North Korea seriously? Cast your vote at

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


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C ommentary Guest Commentary: Mayor Brede and the DMC vision unanimously passed a resolution to endorse the DMC and support the passage of the legislation currently being considered in St. Paul. While we understand there are various points of view in response to the DMC plan, we appreciate that overwhelmingly positive response it has generated in this community and around the State. For example, 20 members of the Southeastern Minnesota League of Municipalities have passed resolutions of support for DMC because of the widespread benefits the plan offers to our region and state. Governor Dayton likes to refer to Mayo Clinic as the platinum jewel in Minnesota’s economic crown, and I could not agree more. Our City is fortunate to have this global leader in health care, an institution with an international reputation for high quality and specialty medicine that draws in patients from around the globe, located here. I am committed to continuing our partnership with Mayo for decades to come. Input from community leaders has been a part of the DMC process from the very start, and it continues to be an important factor now as the proposal continues to be shaped through the legislative process. In recent weeks, I have been pleased to see many of you attend one of the numer-

By Ardell F. Brede, Mayor, City of Rochester The City of Rochester has been working closely with Mayo Clinic and other community leaders in our City and our region for quite some time to develop a plan that will further establish Mayor Ardell our City and Brede our State as a global Destination Medical Center. As we build our community to support a Destination Medical Center, we and many in our community, are enthusiastic and support the DMC vision plan. As you may know, the City Council

Government this week • Monday, April 22, Stewartville School Board meeting, 7pm, Board Room. • Tuesday, April 23, Stewartville City Council meeting, 7pm, City Hall. • Wednesday, April 24, Byron City Council meeting, 6pm, City Hall. Schedule subject to change.

ous public forums, open houses and town halls held in our City regarding DMC. As a DMC team, we have dedicated a lot of time and effort to reaching out to and engaging the community, providing information, soliciting input and answering questions or concerns. We have also been busy with more informal meetings, conversations and presentations to a variety of community groups and service organizations. There is a strong coalition of community organizations, local government, businesses and others who are committed to DMC and to the successful passage of the proposed finance plan. We are ready to work with the State, with legislators and with others to make this a reality in Minnesota. Once the public financing legislation is passed the community will have numerous opportunities to further weigh in and participate in the next steps of evolving what has already been approved in the Downtown Master Plan into a DMC development plan. This is very exciting; our only limitation is our own imagination. In Rochester, we are lucky to have residents who truly care about our City and who have great ideas for what our future can look like. The long-term and visionary DMC plans offers so many benefits, including significant job creation and new tax revenues, and opportunities for growth and development of Rochester. It will secure Rochester and Mayo Clinic’s future together as a global Destination Medical Center.

Letter about an article in the Post Bulletin To the Editor, The article I refer to on January 20th concerns the fact that the writer did not sign his name or give his address so no one can reproach him for his statements. He claims that wind power is a money maker. What he doesn’t say is that wind power that is generated, by law, must be purchased by rural electric distributers. They have to buy it from the windmills and sell it to distributers. The problem is when the wind blows everybody has power to sell and no buyers. The Wall Street Journal says the Rural Power Companies are losing money - a hundred million dollars a year. On election day the President stood before us and stated that he had won the election, therefore he did not need to negotiate with anyone. He claims to be constitutional lawyer and does not understand that there are three branches of Government - the President is the executive, the Legislature and the Judicial depts.

The fourth estate is freedom of speech. Newspapers and Commentators are protected by law to have that privelege. We do have laws, made by State and Federal Government, that pertain to the location of certain businesses. Gas Stations must be on the right side of a business next to a highway. This protects against disastrous fire and customers being run over by 70 foot long freight trucks. One of the most dangerous places are where on/off roads are located. Two lanes of traffic occur here, one going 70 miles and hour and the other one is slowing down to make a turn into a turn lane. Vision must be clear in both directions so traffic can move without accident. The licensing was approved in 1906. We did it the right way. Al Schumann Eyota, MN


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has also taught seminars on these subjects in countries all over the world. Keith and his wife Lorraine have three children. Their children have also benefitted from Keith’s example of staying in shape. Teaching fitness classes has been a very enjoyable experience for Keith. He loves

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

helping people stay in shape, and he often has people in his classes that are recovering from surgery or injury. Keith explained that exercising in the water is easier on the body, and the activity helps people recover more quickly. People have been referred to the class by their doctors. “I tell them to do as much as they can, and it if it hurts, don’t do it!” said Keith. Water aerobics classes are for anyone, but Keith sees a wider variety of ages in the water volleyball, held the second Tuesday of every month. He teaches about five classes a week, and also fills in for other instructors as needed. There is almost no limit to the amount of activity Keith can handle, and he has no plans to stop anytime soon. When asked how long he plans to continue, Keith answered, “Until the Lord calls me home!”

By Karen Reisner The Chatfield City Council unanimously authorized the EDA to move forward with the purchase of two properties southwest of Highway 52 and north of Grove Street NW as recommended by the EDA. The authorization was contingent on the EDA’s review and agreement to any counter proposals. Councilor Robert Pederson was absent. These parcels are part of the Twiford Street Redevelopment area. The city is trying to combine smaller parcels to create one or two larger parcels to attract a national variety store chain for the community. This area has been a housing area with small parcels and multiple owners. The EDA has taken advantage of opportunities to purchase properties in this area.

The Sethre’s have been in Southeast

Minnesota a long time. Jason grew up in Rochester, graduating from Mayo Senior High School in 1992. After high school, he attended RCTC in Rochester, later transferring to graduate from Purdue University. His wife Amanda, graduated from Elgin-Millville High School in 1998. They have two children, Olivia and Landon, who keep mom and dad very busy. Jason’s been in the newspaper business for well over 20 years, and he loves all aspects of the business. He especially appreciates the opportunity to serve a community where he was born and raised. As a matter of fact, Jason’s family has been in this area dating back to 1856 when his great-great-great-grandfather, Johan Sethre, moved his family from Eidsvell, Norway to Minnesota to establish a homestead on a farm in rural Lanesboro.


“I believe that with all that we have going on in our busy lives, family is always the most important. We are a local, family-owned business, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve so many wonderful families in Olmsted County and beyond. Thank you.” - Jason ST OLM


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Chatfield authorizes purchase of properties

{ We Live Where We Work } Jason Sethre


Jason and Amanda enjoy all the seasons, but Spring, Summer and Fall are family favorites -- namely for hiking, biking, swimming, and canoeing.

Delivering the news every week!

Purchase offers for the two parcels have been made. It was suggested that some of the funds from the Rochester sales tax distribution program be used to purchase the properties which could potentially be recaptured with the resale of the property. Councilor Ken Jacobson said even if the sales tax distribution was put on hold, they should go ahead and purchase the properties. Councilor Paul Novotny noted he has heard feedback from citizens about the city purchasing property, but maintained they need additional property for the end use in mind. Other Business In Brief •Ken Jacobson was elected to serve as the vice-mayor. There will be a Committee of the Whole meeting at 6:00 p.m. on April 22 to discuss filling the vacant city council seat. •Four bids had been submitted for the 2013 Street Improvement Project. Authorization was given to accept the low bid

Oronoco Auto Parts & Auto Sales 410 1st St. Oronoco, MN 55960

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from Pember Companies, Inc., Menomonie, Wisconsin with a total bid of $178,918.05. •Superintendent of City Services Tony Lammers requested and received approval to purchase a used Trackless MT5. The machine will be equipped with a 5 foot broom, snow blower, and 10 foot mower deck. •The council approved the hire of Sam Peterson and Mitch Irish for summer help. They will work 40 hours per week. •Spring clean-up begins May 6, 2013. •The second consideration of Ordinance #408 was approved along with its publication. The ordinance amends charges for Fire Department services. •The Growers’ Market will operate in City Park from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. each Thursday from May 9 through October 31. •Dan Moulton wrote a letter expressing his gratitude and to commend the assistance of both the police and the fire department. He had a fire in a semi trailer on his property on March 26.

Warmline A compassionate, confidential, peer-supported, non-crisis phone line for people with mental illness.

507.287.7161 Or Toll-Free 1.888.334.7754 Thursday-Sunday 4:00pm-8:00pm



Upcoming Amish


Auction Saturday, May 18, 2013 Location: Hershberger Metal, 13702 371st Ave., Canton, MN 55922 Directions: One mile East of Canton, MN on Hwy 52; then one mile North on County Rd 23; then one mile North on 371st Ave. - DeaDline for aDvertisement is april 27, 2013 -

Machinery - Shop Tools - Antiques - Quilts - Crafts Horses - Furniture - Steel - Lumber - Tack - Etc. CONTaCT Dan E. HErsHbErgEr 13702 371st ave. Canton, MN 55922

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Norman Helmuth 608-348-7260 - MN Lic#2312018 • John Marg 715-284-4684 - MN Lic#2809013

- Lunch by Amish LAdies -

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DOVER-EYOTA Continued from Page 1

core standards •Exchange effective instructional practices •Targeted intervention and enrichment The new concept helps the district meet one component of the new teacher evaluation requirements. “We have talked about it long and hard about the disruption,” said Superintendent Bruce Klaehn. “We found something that we think can make us better and it does not come lightly.” Alternatives will be developed for parents and students with expanded school age child care. One hour every Wednesday would allow parents to plan ahead. “We have asked teachers to be more prepared and work with comrades more but we haven’t really allowed the time for it,” said board member Dan Johnson. Jane Johnson and Bryan Berg are leading a team of people to write an e-textbook to be used for

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Social Studies class. Four teachers will be chosen for the project. A writing consultant would be hired to make sure things are written correctly for the eighth grade level. The idea came from a regional meeting and discussion about e-textbooks and online courses. The Southeast Cooperative is working with the advisory committee to oversee the process. Schools interested in being part if the process will submit a letter of interest by May 1st. The latest start time will be June 1st with June and July used to create at least the first quarter of next school year’s material. One concern with e-textbooks that may currently be available is they may not align with Minnesota standards so a team would still have to tweak the material to have it meet those standards. Berg said he hopes other districts jump in and take on other e-textbooks. The Dover-Eyota School District has used six snow days up to last week when a seventh day was used. The board voted 5-2 to

not make up the sixth day. The board wrestled with the decision because of concern for being fair to the kids and having the class time they deserve. The board discussed adding a day to the end of the year and adding extra time to the school day. But decided to not make up the day. Two snow days have been made up this year. Teachers will make up the day having a final staff day at the end of Fall Workshops in August. “Looking back we should have taken another day from Easter,” Klaehn said. The senior class worked with elementary students during “Food for Kidz” day packaging 41,000 meals to improve the nutrition of children in underdeveloped countries. “Its one of my favorite days of the year,” said High School Principle Todd Rowekamp. “I am proud of how well the seniors worked with the elementary kids.” “It is heart warming seeing the older kids helping the younger kids,” said Jeanne Svobodny, Elementary School Principle.

Rowekamp expressed his appreciation to Peer Helpers and Katie Johnson for their work planning and organizing the “Louder On Line Week.” The week consisted of a video called “The Cyberbullying Virus,” a moving presentation by Matt and Megan Logan who lost their daughter in a texting and driving accident in the first day of school this year and presentations for parents from the Olmsted County Community Services and Olmsted County Sheriff’s Department. The week after the presentation the Logan’s suffered another loss of valuables in a shed fire. The students took it upon themselves to develop a fundraiser for the Logan’s. Seventy-three of the ninety-five students in the high school band performed solos at the Minnesota State High School League contest. The band department uses the solo as a way to teach courage, composure and accountability. Every student attending college from the class of 2013 is continuing in music at their college.

40th Anniversary Tribute to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon By Nate Langworthy In the early 70s Pink Floyd put together Dark Side of the Moon, a masterpiece that has remained relevant 40 years after its initial release in 1973. To commemorate the anniversary, members of local bands, Elton Hills Drive and Six Mile Grove, along with singers Sena Ehrhardt, Annie Mack, and Mary Lieser, will perform the album in its entirety, with all of the small details included. “The music is going to be exact,” said John Wheeler, Six Mile Grove steel guitar player who put plans for the tribute in motion. “We didn’t want to just get up there and play a few songs, it had to be the whole album and the little things that make it such a great, unique album had to be in there.”

Wheeler said that the idea came to him to do a tribute show after he began messing around, playing Pink Floyd songs while warming up for a show with Six Mile Grove. His band mates recognized the music and picked right up on it. From there things just naturally fell into place. Elton Hills Drive signed on to put the show together. Blues singer Sena Ehrhardt was asked to sing the female vocal parts and she enthusiastically accepted, saying Dark Side of the Moon was her favorite album. Ehrhardt brought on Annie Mack and Mary Lieser. Brandon Sampson of Six Mile Grove will sing some of the songs and play guitar. Joe Carey, a musician formerly from Rochester was brought on to sing some of the tunes as well. Peter Vierks, a musician from the Twin Cities,

will play saxophone. Some may have noticed that Saturday’s date has meaning to a certain sub-culture who may also be interested in Pink Floyd. Wheeler says that was purely coincidental and not intended by the organizers. “We wanted to do this in March, the month of the release in 1973. It just so happened that the stars lined up on that date with the musicians and the venue having an opening in all of our calendars.” This past weekend, the group rehearsed on the Wicked Moose stage getting the sound, lighting, and effects just right for the groundbreaking show. “This is a lifelong dream for me,” said Wheeler who has played Pink Floyd songs in bands since Dark Side of the Moon was released.

Congratulations to the winners of the

March Mania

! t s e t Con

Jim Frigaard, Pine Island - Prize courtesy of Bilotti’s Italian Village

The show may go on after Saturday, with other venues asking to bring in the show this summer. At this moment, Saturday’s performance is the only one booked.

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Synthetic Fluid Extra. *Plus tax, shop materials on most vehicles, additional parts and labor may apply. Expires 5/1/13.


Dennis Bitz, Rochester - Prize courtesy of Mister Carwash

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Terry Hanson, Fountain - Prize courtesy of BB’s Pizzaria Willy McConnell, Rochester - Prize courtesy of Mister Carwash Thank you to participating sponsors and everyone who sent in entries for the March Mania Contest.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


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Camp for 3-7 year olds, and a Thursdays on First in downtown more students and expanding to Lanesboro.” more and more locations. “We Cassmann said the Tippi Toes Hip Hop Camp for 7-12 year Rochester on June 6. Continued from Page 1 “We have an hour of time to have had schools contact us to journey has been a lot of fun. olds. Fall classes run from Sepmany places, but never an event perform,” said Cassmann of the run the program through Com- “Once people see it, they think it’s tember through May, and there this big. Thursdays on First routine. “We munity Ed.,” shared Cassmann. very cool,” she said. “We are very are summer classes in June and Cassmann said they needed to also encourage all the other kids “We also have an after school pro- family oriented.” July. Enrollment is open all year sell 100 tickets in order to per- in the crowd to come up and join gram with the Rochester Montes- For dancers, there are summer and can be done on the website, form. They ended up selling 325 us.” sori School, as well as our regular camps in August; a Mini Princess to family members and Tippi Toes is getting more and studio space in Rochester and Camp for ages 2-3, a Princess nesota.cfm friends. Those family members and friends took up three sections of the Mayo Civic Center arena. Forty-five dancers danced the “Tippi Tippi Jam” on Sunday, April 14. The world-famous Harlem Globetrotters brought a large crowd to Rochester. During halftime, they were treated to the routine the children have been practicing for the last month. The students come from Preston, Lanesboro, Harmony, Chatfield, Spring Valley, Plainview, Rochester, Kasson, Spring Grove, Lime Springs, North Winneshiek, and Stewartville. “We had to come up with a routine that crosses all age barriers,” said Cassmann. “Our youngest dancer is two, and the oldest is eleven.” They decided on the “Tippi Tippi Jam.” According to Cassmann, it is a song that is on the Tippi Toes CD. “It’s a very fun, interactive song,” she said. “We get the crowd into it, too.” Harlem Globetrotters games are a great family event, and the kids were ecstatic to be a part of First Row L to R: Corrine Cloft of Rochester, Ian Cunningham of Stewartville, Victoria Vargas of Rochester, Julia Clark of it. They had fun watching the Kasson, Sophie Allen of Kasson, Dorothy Glaser of Rochester, Chelsea Hansing of Kasson, Aliena Spitzer of Fillmore Central, first half of the show before their Kyla Hellickson of Fillmore Central, and Jeweleanna Lidke of Lanesboro. 2nd Row L to R: Morgan Phillips of Kingsland, performance. Afterward, as they Reilly Lawson of Kingsland, Kareena Kloek of Rochester, Annika Bartucz of Rochester, Becky Zheng of Plainview-Elgin-Millgathered for a group photo, they ville, Skylar Lentz of Fillmore Central, Malea Diehn of Rochester, Tessa Duncan of Rochester, Jorja Fishbaugher of Chatfield, were joined by members of the Tylar Wenthold of North Winneshiek, Delanie Schwein of Plainview-Elgin-Millville, Elianna Cassmann of Fillmore Central, Vivienne Hoeltzle of Fillmore Central, Sasha Bicknese of Kingsland, Sari Rein of Lanesboro, Ashtyn Schibursky of Fillmore Harlem Globetrotters. The Tippi Toes Dance Com- Central, Tori Raaen of Fillmore Central, and Brooklyn Carpenter of Kingsland. 3rd Row L to R: Mia Books of Plainview-Elginpany does a lot of performances Millville, Alivya Luhman of Plainview-Elgin-Millville, Abby Larson of Stewartville, Brea Covey of Lanesboro, Ava Olerude of in the area. They have danced at Spring Grove, Olivia Gleason of Spring Grove, Kayla Olevson of Lanesboro, Kendel Slavin of Lime Springs, Kayden Shaw of Art in the Park in Lanesboro, and Fillmore Central, Abby Northrup of North Winneshiek, Alexandria Johnson of Lime Springs, Jane Hamilton of Rochester, at Rochester Honkers baseball Emily Wetzel of Rochester, and Destiny Kramer of Plainview-Elgin-Millville. 4th Row L to R: Teachers Morganne Goff, Andrea games. This year they will be White, Tara Cassmann, and Kayla Gregg. Photo by Jade Sexton dancing at the opening of the


Rochester Garden and Flower Club plant sale By Karen Snyder Will winter, by mid-May, have ended its encores and finally vamoosed? The Rochester Garden and Flower Club (RGFC) certainly hopes so. Its 74th Annual Plant Sale is scheduled for May 15 and May 16. The sale, to take place (snow or no) at Olmsted County Fairgrounds Horticulture Building, will feature more than 150 plant varieties – “all for our hardiness

zone,” RGFC member Connie Parrett says. “Most are tried-andtrue Minnesota plants out of our members’ gardens.” Though no shrubs or trees will be offered, there’ll be plenty of other diversity – grasses, bulbs, some annuals, many perennials. You’ll find sun-loving plants and shade-seekers, plants for wet patches, plants for dry patches. “And fabulous prices,” says Parrett, “and free advice. We’ll have lots of Master Gardeners there.”

Proceeds from the sale – and from RGFC’s other fund-raiser, the Annual Garden Tour – go to worthy community causes. The club’s charitable activities include: •Funding scholarships for students enrolled in the Horticulture Technology program at Rochester Community and Technical College. •Maintaining the rose garden at Horticulture Technology’s S.M.A.R.T. Gardens.


•Providing landscaping plants and assistance for Habitat for Humanity houses. •Designing and decorating a room for the annual Mayowood Christmas Tour. •Designing and planting five outdoor planters at Rochester Area Family Y. •Sponsoring the Flower Show and Workshop at the Olmsted County Fair. •Tending the flowerbeds around the Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial and the flowerbeds and planters at Olmsted County Fairgrounds and 45 planters at

Mayowood. There may be more projects. Those are all Parrett could remember offhand. What: Rochester Garden and Flower Club Annual Plant Sale. Bargain prices on more than 150 plant varieties including grasses, bulbs, annuals and perennials. When: Wednesday May 15, 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. and Thursday, May 16, 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. Where: Olmsted County Fairgrounds Horticulture Building. For more info go to www.rgfc. org.

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EARTH MOTHER Continued from Page 2

to veggie stir fries or soups. Basil is a very tender herb and can get upset if the temps dip down, even to the forties, during the early growing season. It is also an annual that likes going to seed, therefore one needs to regularly harvest it by pruning to ward off flowering during the summer months. Chives is about the easiest herb to grow and will keep coming up year after year in its outside location. I also like the broader leaved garlic chive, that imparts a garlicky flavor without having to mince a clove of garlic. I can hardly wait to get out there to dig up those old Siberian iris and daylillies and create a larger space for my herbs, now expanding from my deck to encompass my entire perennial planter. Here’s Sal Gilbertie’s list of fifteen basic culinary herbs with his growing tips: 1. Cluster sow indoors: chives, sweet marjoram and thyme. These are “hardy” and can be planted out before the the last frost date. 2. Tender herbs to start indoors: basil, chervil and coriander (also known as cilantro). 3. For cluster and row sowing outdoors: parsley, summer savory and dill. 4. Perennial herbs to divide from existing plants: mint, tarragon and oregano. 5. Herbs that are easiest to start from cuttings: sage, rosemary and bay.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

tech bytes By Mitchell Walbridge

Text & Drive Technology, normally I would argue, usually has its benefits outweigh its downfalls, however, I believe that you can have “too much of a good thing.” One example of the overbearing technology in our lives is rooted in cell phone usage, particularly the act of text messaging. Last week, I was on my commute to my morning sociology class at Winona State University when I could see a rapidly approaching driver in my rearview mirror. Understandably, it’s a well-known fact that a lot of people may push the speedometer a little on the way to work in the morning. Guilty of a lead foot myself at times, there is a clear difference between a slight fudging of the speed limit and excessive speeding. Speeding lecture aside, glancing in the mirror revealed a lot: another typical college student running a few minutes behind, whether from hitting the snooze button one too many times or having trouble getting the car to start, is trying to make up for lost time. That is, until she caught

up to me. With a ‘No Passing Zone’ in place, she was forced to slow down. Perfect time to respond to some text messages, right? Wrong. In a split second anything could have happened. Looking back periodically this crazy person had her cell phone strategically balanced on the top of her steering wheel while driving down the road, even trying to pass me at one point while simultaneously texting. I’m sure you can imagine my feelings in this situation. Access to technology is omnipresent in our lives, even in the car. But just because your phone is available and within an arm length does not mean it needs to be utilized around the clock, especially while you’re driving. Following this incident I was even more interested to see if this encounter was isolated, or whether it was occurring more often. While waiting at a stoplight for the green light, I watched the cross traffic move through the intersection. There’s no way I can guarantee what was occurring in other people’s vehicles, but as the cars proceeded, I counted four

Call the OCJ at 507-288-5201 to advertise or offer news tips! drivers looking down and taking their eyes off of the road. Distracted driving, including cell phone use and specifically texting, accounts for upwards of 25 percent of all vehicle crashes in Minnesota. In a University of Utah study cited by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, drivers look away from the road and their surrounding environment 4.6 out of every 6 seconds while texting. At an average highway speed of 55 miles-perhour, this length of time allows a vehicle to move the distance of a football field. Texting while driving is illegal in the state of Minnesota for everyone, even while sitting at a stoplight. So if you’re worried about missing an important conversation or think you need Paws and Claws Humane Society 6th Annual

to respond immediately to a message, there’s a smartphone application provided by AT&T that can help your correspondents know that you’re unavailable while you’re on the move. AT&T DriveMode is available to even those who do not carry AT&T service. The application sends an automated response message to incoming messages explaining that you are behind the wheel and will respond as soon as you become available. April is Minnesota’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month to prevent distracted driving crashes, injuries, and deaths. If you feel the need to text and drive, remember, if you don’t care about the risk you are imposing on yourself, you are also endangering the innocent lives of others.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rachel Reader

Flannery O’Connor, Master of Character Description Having just returned from a trip to Savannah, Georgia, the birthplace of the famous American writer and essayist Flannery O’ Connor, I brought with me a collection of her short stories A Good Man is Hard to Find. Flannery O’Connor often condenses a character’s description into one salient detail to paint a sufficient portrait rather than labor to provide a full embodied description of a person. More than economy, this technique is also humorous. For example, Lucynell Crater in The Life You Save May Be Your Own, is first described as an old woman that rose from her porch “with one hand fisted on her hip.” Lucynell is a tough, selfish woman and a shrewd negotiator who haggles a deal with her blind daughter’s reluctant suitor. The “hand fisted” was a symbol of her tightness, her combativeness, and possibly, I imagine, her face. In A Good Man is Hard to Find, we meet “the grandmother” as she stands “with one hand on her thin hip and the other

rattling the newspaper at [her son Bailey’s] bald head.” She is a stubborn mother, and grandmother, who complains about how the world around her is becoming more depraved, but her nagging, overbearing temperament does not encourage an improvement in the kin she shepherds. Her thin hip conveys her frailty and inability to change things. Her rattling is the perfect illustration of a nag, of cloying the annoyance she is to her family. In A Stroke of Good Fortune, Ruby comes to the foot of the stairs to her apartment, and she is “too tired to take her arms from around [a sack of groceries] or to straighten up and she hung there collapsed from the hips, her head balanced like a big florid vegetable at the top of the sack.” Ruby is impatient and intolerant and stubborn, so the image of Ruby as a languishing leafy vegetable made me smile and was the perfect image to succinctly describe her character. She is also oblivious, thinking herself ill when she is, in fact, pregnant. Vegetables being the epitome of oblivion.

My favorite example of character detail is in the story, A Circle in the Fire. Several boys from the projects trespass on the property of Mrs. Cope, a woman with “ferreting eyes” who, when we meet her is “working at the weeds and nut grass as if they were an evil sent directly by the devil to destroy the place.” Mrs. Cope treats the boys from the projects with similar intensity and suspicion. The boys are a bit rough around the edges, and are possibly up to no good. Their awkwardness and adolescence is best portrayed in Powell, whose “eyes had a slight cast to them so that his gaze seemed to be coming from two directions at once as if it had them surrounded.” Eventually, this cock-eyed boy and his gang will set fire to Mrs. Cope’s farm, a circle of flame that will threaten to surround her, as she has feared from the start. So not only is the first detail of a character important as it sums up appearance, but O’Connor routinely uses the superficial to intimate her characters’ inner qualities in the service of foreshadowing. Brilliant! As a note, should you happen to visit Savannah, ask the average elder local if they knew Flannery O’Connor. Many of her characters, I observed, were clearly plucked from the community in which she leaved during her early years.

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Minnesota Math Corps comes to Rochester Schools

By Rachel Hammer Because of the recent addition of an NWEA math assessment, Rochester schools now qualify to apply for Americorps math tutors through Minnesota Math Corps. At the regular school board meeting, Tuesday April 9th, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Jean Lubke reported that five Rochester schools: John Adams, Bamber Valley, Riverside Central, Sunset Terrace, and Jefferson will receive Math Corps math tutors at the start of the 2013-14 school year. Minnesota Math Corps is a statewide initiative designed to help students become proficient in algebra by the end of eighth grade. Because it is a division of Americorps, tutors must commit to their assigned project for one entire year. Dr. Lubke said, “It is a focused intervention for students fourth through eighth grade.” In particular, the math tutors will focus on working with pairs of students who are just below proficiency in math (Tier II students) for 90 minutes each week. “Math tutors will work with pairs of students for 90 minutes every week building their proficiency in in each of the strand areas: Number Sense, Patterns, Functions & Algebra, Data Statistic & Probability, and Spatial Sense,

Geometry & Measurement.” According to district reports, in 2013-14, Minnesota Math Corps hopes to place over 200 Math Corps members in 160 elementary, middle, and junior high schools in the state. As per the Americorps model, in exchange for their service, members receive a modest living allowance and an education award to use towards college tuition or to pay back federal student loans. Rochester schools will pay tutors $1,800 for 1720 hours of service work completed in one year’s time for the district. Board chair Julie Workman added, “One of my sons served as an Americorps reading tutor at Sunset Terrace several years ago, and I will say that the benefit extends both ways, both for the tutor and for the student.”

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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Help make Rochester a litter bit better! While spring has been slow to arrive, the litter left behind after the winter is out in force. Now is the time for the community to come together and Help Make Rochester A Litter Bit Better! Over 70 tons of litter has been picked up by volunteers in the past 6 years of A Litter Bit Better! events. Not only have these efforts removed trash from the environment, but they have also prevented litter as clean environments discourage littering. Litter-free landscapes also make our community a healthy place to be. Help us break the litter cycle by participating in

the annual Help Make Rochester A Litter Bit Better! Clean-up Event. This year’s event will be from April 20-27. Volunteers, participating alone or with a group, are encouraged to collect litter in Rochester anytime during that week. Trash and recycling bags are provided, all you need to do is pick a location, pick a date, and pick it up! Pick up locations are still available. Registration information, maps and more can be found at www. Litter makes our city look bad and pollutes our water

Go beyond learning and take action for cleaner water There is no shortage of volunteer opportunities for people interested in clean water. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) needs volunteers to help monitor the state’s 92,000 miles of rivers and 12,000-plus lakes. It’s easy to do and is a great way to get fresh air! Citizen stream monitoring volunteers working with the MPCA gather data that is used to assess and monitor water quality conditions over time. As more sites are monitored, the water quality picture becomes clearer, leading to answers about the sources of pollution and how to prevent it. Volunteers who register to participate in these programs will receive instructions and equipment from

Bob Gullickson Sales and Repair 507-281-3040 1245 Marion Rd. SE Rochester, MN 55904

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MPCA. Become an observer of natures’ cycles and develop a sense of stewardship for “your” water. Volunteers in MPCA’s Citizen Stream Monitoring Program (CSMP) try to collect weekly data as long as streams are ice free. When visiting their established spot, volunteers use a transparency tube and record their observations about transparency, appearance, recreational suitability, precipitation, and water level. In Rochester, volunteers are needed to monitor: Silver Creek at 11th Avenue, Zumbro River at Elton Hills Drive, Zumbro River and 16th Street, Bear Creek upstream of Highway 14, Cascade Creek at 7th Street NW, Cascade Creek at 9th Avenue NW, and more! More details about the CSMP program can be found at: http://www.pca. or by calling 800-657-3864. If weekly water monitoring is not your “thing”, you can also

resources. For the 7th year in a row, thousands of citizens will join forces to prevent pollution and remove litter from parks, neighborhoods and businesses in Rochester during this weeklong event. Will you be one of them? Everyone can Help Make Rochester A Litter Bit Better! including children, adults, businesses, church groups, boy and girl scouts, neighborhood associations, and others. Litter pickups are easy, rewarding, and fun! Be part of something big –Registration is open at www. help improve water quality by collecting litter as a participant in one of many “Adopt-A” programs. Individuals or groups are welcome. Contact the agency and program that interests you to find out if there is an adoptable area in your vicinity. Adopt-A-Park (Rochester Park and Recreation Department) departments/park/activities/community/Adopt-a-Park.asp Adopt-A-River (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources) adoptriver/index.html Adopt-A-Highway (Minnesota Department of Transportation) adopt/ Adopt-A-Highway (Olmsted County Public Works Department) departments/pw/adopt-a-highway. asp Adopt-A-Storm Water Pond (Rochester Storm Water Management)

Stammer wins Lyle Weed “Live for Others” Award By Nate Langworthy Janet Stammer was the 2013 recipient of the 2013 Lyle Weed “Live for Others” Award. Stammer has volunteered with the Olmsted Area Breastfeeding Coalition for 13 years. She also volunteers with Rochester Public Schools and the local dietetic association. Other nominees included: Barb Timm and Claudia Swanton, who organized activities and community service projects with residents of Silver Creek Corner. Angela Murad, a dietician who has volunteered her services with Zumbro Valley Mental Health and helped to organize grants for gardens and orchards within the Rochester Public School system. Rene Lafflam for her work as direc-

tor of RNeighbors, including the RNeighborwoods and citizen forester training, RColorful Corners, and other activities. Vicky Snyder, a regional advisor for the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota, for her work raising awareness of epilepsy. Jane Dahlen and Dave Berg for their creation of “The Walking School Bus”, creating a safe environment for kids to walk to Elton Hills elementary school. Dominium Properties Management Company for making the Villages at Essex Park and Villages at Essex Place apartments smoke free. Diane Johnson for her role in helping Minnesota Children’s Museum – Rochester start up, with many volunteer hours.

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Top teacher selected to nationwide “Dream Team” Rochester, MN - Sarah Carlson, a teacher from Friedell Middle School, has been selected to the 2013 LearnZillion Dream Team. More than 3,000 teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators from across the country applied, and only 200 were chosen to the highly selective Dream Team. These teachers were chosen based on their understanding of the Common Core State Standards and their ability to create high-quality, highly conceptual lessons that are

easily understood by students. As a member of the Dream Team, Sarah will receive an all-expenses paid trip to San Francisco in May for TeachFest, through the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. TeachFest is an intensive professional development conference that kicks off the Dream Team experience. Based on the “hack fest” model popularized by computer programmers who spend weekends coding and trading tips, teachers will

Scott SorenSon

Katie Paulzine

Small BuSiNeSS FiNaNCial PlaNNiNg

retiremeNt PlaNNiNg

Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor

Insurance products are offered through insurance companies with which Waddell & Reed has sales arrangements.

2765 CommerCe Dr NW Suite 110 roCheSter, mN 55901 507-282-5323 WWW.WaDDell.Com

spend 3 days at TeachFest working with Common Core experts, content specialists and other Dream Team teachers to better understand the new standards and the best ways to teach them. LearnZillion provides teachers with the technology and support they need to translate their classroom expertise into screencasts, a sophisticated but simple use of the computer screen for teaching. After TeachFest, Dream Team teachers will capture their proven approaches and teaching methods in concise lessons that will then be made available for free to every student, teacher and parent through LearnZillion’s online platform at LearnZillion. com. More than 100,000 teachers are registered for the free site as well as 1.5 million students. More than 400,000 teachers and students view LearnZillion lessons each month from hundreds of countries around the world. Throughout the process, Dream Team teachers are motivated by the concept of “scaling their impact” beyond the walls of their own classrooms and schools. By sharing their lessons online, all students and teachers can benefit from the expertise of the Dream Team teachers. About Rochester Public Schools Rochester Pub lic Schools, located

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in Rochester, Minnesota, has the seventh largest enrollment in Minnesota and covers a large part of Olmsted County and extends into Wabasha County. The district’s pre-kindergarten through grade 12 program serves approximately 16,400 students in 16 elementary schools, four middle schools, and three comprehensive high schools. The district also offers various alternative schools and five choice programs. Rochester Public Schools’ educational program is designed to reach all students, including those with special needs. Studentachievement levels are consistently above state and national averages, with 85-90 percent of graduating seniors pursuing post-high school education. About LearnZillion LearnZillion was founded by two former teachers who met at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business: Eric Westendorf and Alix Guerrier. Eric incubated LearnZillion as the Chief Academic Officer at E.L. Haynes, a top performing school in Washington D.C. After a successful test at E.L. Haynes, LearnZillion received funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, NewSchools Venture Fund, and the Achievement Network to seed high-quality content and develop a web-based platform.

Mensink ~ Voca Becky Mensink and Joel Voca are happy to announce their upcoming marriage on June 8, 2013. Becky is a 2004 graduate of Lanesboro High School and a 2007 graduate of RCTC. She is employed at Mayo Clinic as a certified Surgical Assistant. Joel is a 2005 graduate of Triton High School and is currently a full-time student at RCTC in the Building Utilities Mechanics program. He is employed at Pace International. Parents of the bride are Lance and Patty Mensink of Lanesboro, Minn. Parents of the groom are Michelle and James Voca of Dodge Center, Minn. The couple resides in Chatfield, Minn.

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carpet - vinyl - Hardwood - laminates We offer the most competitive pricing in the area Flooring will define your home’s style more than any other element Take the time to find the right flooring... You will be rewarded for years to come We offer limitless colors & styles... Residential or Commerical We offer installation or retail sales for the do-it-yourselfers Visit our showroom & let our experienced staff guide you. Explore the Possibilities the tile superstore and more call 507-285-1109 2411 7th St. NW, Suite A Rochester, MN 55901 Tile-Granite-Cabinetry-Hardwood-Carpet-Vinyl-Laminates

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Eyota City Council lowers summer rec late fees By Bill Lisser The Eyota City Council changed the fees associated with late registration for the the city’s summer recreation program. The fees were capped at a one time fee of $15 per family. The fees were $15 per child per event in the past. Registration for 2013 is down 37 people from last year. The council expects that num-

ber will improve with a high number of late registrations. Brad Boice, public works director, approached the Council for approval to get an estimate for a feasibility study on city street improvements. According to Boice, some of the water mains in the city are approximately 75 years old. These are in the older part of town from Washington

Call the OCJ at 507-288-5201 to advertise or offer news tips!

to Madison streets and include everything but South Avenue. The study would include water main, street, curb and gutter. The water mains are currently four inch in diameter and are undersized for fire fighting. Eyota will take part in Severe Weather Awareness Week that is scheduled for April 15 through April 19 in Minnesota. Tornado sirens will sound at 1:45 p.m. and again at 6:55 p.m. this Thursday simulating a tornado warning. The afternoon sirens are scheduled for businesses, schools and other institutions to participate and the evening drill is intended for families and second shift workers. The council also reminded people that sirens blow every Wednesday from April 1 to October. The sirens blow just the first Wednesday of the month the rest of the year. The council also approved a salary scale increase of approximately 4.7% for city workers. Actual individual salary increases will be based on the results of a pay equity study.

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CUNNINGHAM LAWN & SHRUB CARE People Who Care • Spring Clean-ups • • Mowing & Trimming • Shrub Trimming • Aeration • • Dethatching • Edging • Flower & Shrub Planting • Seeding • Fertilization & Weed Control • Residential or Commercial FREE Estimates - Insured 507-696-5722 or 507-951-3440


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OvERTON CONSTRUCTION & EXTERIORS Roofing, Tear-off, Storm Damage Insurance Claims, Windows & Siding, Full Remodeling Licensed & Insured Steve: 507-259-1880 • Jim: 507-923-3181 Chatfield Office: 507-867-1405 MN LIC#BC422242


REDEMPTIvE ROOFING, LLC. • New Roofs • Reshingle • Flat Roofs • 24 Hr. Res./Comm. Leak Repair • Steel Shingles • Chimney Flashing • Gutter Cleaning • Lawn Care • Snow Removal • Storm Damage Certified Professional Installer Workmanship GUARANTEED Competitive Pricing Licensed, Bonded and Insured Call now for Free Estimate 507-251-9220 Lic.# 20638833


BASEMENT WATER CONTROL SINCE 1965 •Free Estimates• Beaver Systems, sump pump systems, battery operated sump pumps, under floor drain tile, ProFlow drain systems, under ground outside drains for sump pumps & down spouts, Hold-Right wall Anchors to repair & stabilize cracked & moving basement walls. If you have a basement repair problem we can probably solve it. OWNERS: ARLEIGH & SCOTT BENIKE Rochester 507-281-2714 or Toll Free 1-877-461-9994 Lic.#CB646549




SMALL ENGINE REPAIR ALL CHECK SMALL ENGINE REPAIR $49 Walk Behind Lawn Mower Tune-Up Special We service all makes (gas & diesel) • Push Mowers • Riders • Tractors • Tillers • Trimmers • Blowers • Chainsaws Welding & Fabrication Available FREE PICK-UP OF OLD LAWN MOWERS, TRACTORS, BLOWERS, ETC. Pickup & Delivery Mon-Sat 7am-7pm 507-990-8054


ROOFING STEvE GENTRY CONSTRUCTION, LLC “WE tREAt YouR homE As IF It WERE ouR oWN” • New Roofs • Tear-Offs • Storm Damage • Warranty Claims • Insulation • New Construction & Remodeling • Siding • Decks & Patios • Windows • Doors • Garages Licensed, Bonded & Insured Free Estimates & Great References GIvE US A CALL TODAY! Office 208-4501 or Steve’s Cell 250-5263 Email: Lic.#BC593908

MN LIC# BC637908



SNOW REMOvAL TPR SERvICES UNLIMITED Snow Plowing • Snow Shoveling • Snow Removal • Residential & Commercial • Roof Shoveling • (No Water) Ice Dam Removal • De-Icing • Ice Management • Salt & Sand Spreading • 24 Hour Service For FREE Estimates call Tim at 507-696-7524 Licensed, Insured & Bonded LIC#20639861



Bob’s Construction, Inc. “JUST CALL BOB’S” For over 51 years Bob’s Construction has been the Rochester Area’s Preferred Exterior Contractor. Windows: Bays, Bows, Double Hungs, Casements Siding: Steel, Vinyl, Cement Board Roofing: Asphalt, Rubber, Metal Doors: Steel, Fiberglass, Entry, Sliding, Garden Professional Installation - Friendly Service the Right Choice starts with the Right Company! Bob’s Construction, Inc. 4006 Hwy. 14 East, Rochester, MN 55904 507-288-8379 Lic.# 004842


TILE We offer the most competitive pricing in the market We offer the largest selection in the region WE INSTALL IT...WE INSTALL IT We offer retail or wholesale...residential or commercial We buy direct from the supplier... our pricing cannot be matched Visit our showroom and let our experienced staff guide you. Explore the Possibilities The Tile Superstore and More Call 507-285-1109 2411 7th St. NW, Suite A Rochester, MN 55901 tile-Granite-Cabinetry-hardwood-Carpet-Vinyl-Laminates


LARSON SIDING & WINDOWS In business since 1958 SE Minnesota’s Largest Siding & Window Dealer Offering great specials on all types of siding, windows, doors, seamless gutters, sunroom, decks & more WE WON’T BE UNDERSOLD! 507-288-7111 or 800-221-7111 Lic.#0001482

RYAN WINDOWS & SIDING INC • Home Improvement From A Company You Can Trust Windows, Doors, Siding, Roofing, Blown Insulation & Awnings, • Bruce Ryan 34 Years In Home Improvement • Our Buying Power Means Saving to You! Licensed, Bonded, Insured 1-800-367-2606 or 507-281-6363 • Hwy 52 North, Rochester, MN 55903 Lic.#0008077


Share your thoughts at

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


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CALENDAR OF EVENTS THURSDAY, APRIL 18 •Coffee get-together in Chatfield, 9-10am, Chosen Valley Assisted Living Center. * •Exercise for Seniors, 9:30-10:30am, Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rochester. Call 507-2871404 for more info.* •Baby Time!, 10am, Auditorium, Rochester Public Library, Rochester.* •RCTC LIFE, The Pursuit of World Peace with Rev. David Whitten Smith S.T.D., S.S.L., 10am-Noon, RCTC Heintz Bldg., Room HA112, 1926 Collegeview Rd SE, Rochester, MN •Toddler Time!, 10:30am & 11am, Auditorium, Rochester Public Library, Rochester.* •Newly Bereaved Program Noon2:00pm. For anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one within the last three months. Seasons Hospice Center for Grief Education & Support, 1696 Greenview Dr. SW, Rochester, MN. •American Chronic Pain Association Support Group Call3:00-5:00pm, it in! Rochester507-288-5201 Public Library. For info call 507-288-9102.

•Coffee Get-Together 6:30-7:30pm. A drop-in time to share with others who are experienceing grief. Seasons Hospice Center for Grief Education & Support, 1696 Greenview Dr. SW, Rochester, MN. •Woodcock Watch, 7:30-8:30pm, Chester Woods County Park, 8378 Hwy 14 East, Eyota, MN.

FRIDAY, APRIL 19 Senior Health & Fitness Expo 2013 9:00am-2:00pm. Shorewood Senior Campus, 2205 2nd St SW, Rochester, MN •Free Acoustic Jam-Bluegrass and Country Listeners and players welcome, 6:30-9:30pm, Peace United Church of Christ, 14th St. NE and 2nd Ave NE, Rochester.* •THUNDER Bowling 6:30-8:30pm, Recreation Lanes, South Broadway, Rochester, MN. Ages 8 and up. Free to people with epilepsy. Sponsored by the Epilepsy Foundation of MN. 507287-2103. •Celebrate recovery, a Christian 12-step process for people with hurts, hang-ups and habits, 7pm, Autumn Ridge Church. *

FAX it in! 507-288-9560

Classifieds e-mail it in!



For Sale!

2004 Chevy Impala SS Black Exterior, Grey Leather Interior, Heated Seats, Fog Lights, Automatic, Power Windows, Power Locks, Electric Seats, Remote Keyless Entry, Digital Display, AM/FM, Cassette, Multi-disc CD Player, Moon Roof, Spoiler, 240 hp with SUPERSPORT 3.8 V6 engine, Tinted Windows, New Tires, 150,400 miles, One Owner Vehicle, Well-maintained and serviced at Herman’s Station in Fountain. Asking $6,100 or best offer. Call 507-251-5297.

•SATURDAY, APRIL 20 •Widows & Widowers of Rochester meeting, 8:30am, Old Country Buffet. For more info, call 507-289-2263.* •Winter Market 9:00am-Noon; Bldg. 41, Graham Park/Olmsted County Fairgrounds, Rochester, MN •Super Market Saturday With Channel One Foodshelf. Food distributed at Oasis Church, 10:00am to 11:30am; 1815 38th St. NW, Rochester, MN •Celebrate recovery, a Christian 12-step process for people with hurts, hang-ups and habits, 5:30pm, Rochester Assembly of God. *

SUNDAY, APRIL 21 •Celebrate recovery, a Christian 12-step process for people with hurts, hang-ups and habits, 5:30pm, Hope Summit Christian Church. *

MONDAY, APRIL 22 •Korean War Veterans Club: Every Monday at 8am at Grandma’s Kitchen (KWVC Mess Hall) in Rochester for meeting and breakfast. * •Exercise for Seniors, 9:30-10:30am, Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rochester. Call 507-2871404 for more info. *

410 1st St. SE, Oronoco, MN 55960 507-367-4315 • 800-369-4315 • Just 5 minutes north of Rochester on Hwy 52 ‘02 Elantra - Red, 118K ..................$3,395 ‘90 Chevy PU - Black, 200K ...........$1,095 ‘98 Blazer 4x4 - White, 135K .........$2,495 ‘96 Cougar - Black, 98K..................$1,995

‘00 Windstar - Black, 111K ............$2,695 ‘02 Cavalier - Blue, 122K ........ $2,395 ‘97 Grand Marquis - Green, 156K ..$1,595 ‘04 Intrepid - Silver, 183K ..............$2,995

‘00 S10 - Ext. Cab, White, 227K ......$1,495 ‘99 Taurus - Red, 110K ...................$2,495 ‘01 Caravan - Gray 250K ................$1,295

‘00 Town & Country - Silver, 152K.... $2,295 ‘00 Explorer - Blue, 155K ................... $2,395

TUESDAY, APRIL 23 •Silver Treads Square Dance Club, 1-3pm, Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rochester. Contact Charles Bysheim at 281-4455 or Pam Styder at 281-2547 for more info. *

•Bedtime Stories, 6:30pm, Auditorium, Rochester Public Library, Rochester.* •Wetland Restoration 7:00-8:00pm, Quarry Hill Nature Center, 701 Silver Creek Rd NE, Rochester, MN.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24 •Coffee Get-Together 9:00-10:00am A drop-in time to share with others who are experienceing grief. Seasons Hospice center for Grief Education & Support, 1696 Greenview Dr. SW, Rochester, MN. •Exercise for Seniors, 9:30-10:30am, Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rochester. Call 507-2871404 for more info. * •Preschool Storytime, 10am, Auditorium, Rochester Public Library.* •Pet Loss Support Group 6:307:30pm. A drop-in time to share with others who are experienceing grief. Seasons Hospice center for Grief Education & Support, 1696 Greenview Dr. SW, Rochester, MN.



place To find The besT deals

CALL 507-288-5201 • FAX 507-288-9560 E-MAIL:




WERE YOU IMPLATED WITH a St. Jude Riata Defibrillator Lead Wire between June 2001 and December 2010? Have you had this lead replaced, capped or did you receive shocks from the lead? You may be entitled to compensation. Contact Attorney Charles Johnson 1-800535-5727. h17-x

MEL’s GOLF CARS LLC closeout on new colored 2012 Yamaha gas and electric golf carts. Example: a $5000 car with small down payment and approved credit the price could be $150/month for 36 months. Many used golf cars available. We are an authorized Yamaha Dealer and provide the highest quality in all our golf carts. 132 Garfield Ave. S. Albert Lea, MN or call Mel at 507-438-2705. sg10,17,24-x

Office Of The Minnesota Secretary Of State ASSUMED NAME CERTIFICATE OF ASSUMED NAME Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 333 1. List the exact assumed name under which the business is or will be conducted: Avocados Mexican & American Grill 2. Principal Place of Business: 1647 South Broadway Rochester, MN 55904 3. List the name and complete street address of all persons conducting business under the above Assumed Name, OR if an entity, provide the legal corporate, LLC, or Limited Partnership name and registered office address: Los Avocados, Inc. 26869 Thompson Rd. Lewiston, MN 55952 4. I, the undersigned, certify that I am signing this document as the person whose signature is required, or as agent of the person(s) whose signature would be required who has authorized me to sign this document on his/her behalf, or in both capacities. I further certify that I have completed all required fields, and that the information in this document is true and correct and in compliance with the applicable chapter of Minnesota Statutes. I understand that by signing this document I am subject to the penalties of perjury as set forth in Section 609.48 as if I had signed this document under oath. Dated: 3/27/13 /s/ Michelle Porras Michelle L. Porras, Chief Executive Officer Publish 17,24

CANADA DRUG CENTER is your choice for safe and affordable medications. Our licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy will provide you with savings of up to 75% on all your medication needs. Call today 800/259-1096 for $10.00 off your first prescription and free shipping. MCAN ATTENTION SLEEP APNEA SUFFERERS with Medicare. Get CPAP Replacement Supplies at little or NO COST, plus FREE home delivery! Best of all, prevent red skin sores and bacterial infection! Call 888-859-7796 (MFPA)

Oronoco Auto Parts and Auto Sales

•The Impact an Involved Father has on Child Development 12 noon1:00pm, Olmsted County Human Service Campus Blidg 2117, Room 161, 2117 Campus Dr. SE, Rochester, MN •Choral Concert-Honors Choirs of Southeastern MN 12:10 to 1pm Lips Atrium, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN •Med City T’ai-Chi Ch’uan Club, 6-7:30pm, Fred Reed Hall. Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rochester. Call 507-289-1795 for info. •Celebrate recovery, a Christian 12-step process for people with hurts, hang-ups and habits, 6:00pm, Community Celebration Church in Kasson. * •Rochester Newcomer’s Connection, 6:30pm; Valentino’s, 130 Elton Hills Dr. NW, Rochester, MN. RNC is an opportunity for individuals and families who have recently moved to Rochester to socialize and meet other newcomers.

Medical Alert for Seniors - 24/7 monitoring. FREE Equipment. FREE Shipping. Nationwide Service. $29.95/ Month CALL Medical Guardian Today 888-721-6758 (MFPA)

AUTO 1989 Chevy Corvette, 5.7 V8, 6 speed, 58K actual miles, not driven in Winter. Red on Red, Loaded. $10,995. Call 507-433-2255 atfn-o CASH FOR CARS: All cars/trucks wanted. Running or not! Top dollar paid. We come to you! Any make/model. Call for instant offer: 800/871-9145. MCAN DONATE YOUR CAR Truck or Boat to heritage for the blind. Free 3 day vacation, tax deductible, free towing, all paperwork taken care of 888/485-0398. MCAN

FARM JEFF NIELSEN SALES: Tractors: 2011 Kubota L3540D Cab/Heat/Air Hydro Loader 4WD Warranty Hrs: 49 $29,500.00, Ford 4400 Loader Gas 2WD $6,350.00. Skidloaders: Case: 85XT Hrs:1500 $17,500.00, Mustang 342 Hrs:3850 T-Bar $7,750.00, Bobcats: 873 New Motor $19,250.00, 2007 S300 Cab/ Heat 2-speed Hrs:1995 $26,500.00, 2005 S175 Hrs:1405 Cab/Heat $17,500.00, 2000 773 Hrs:3153 $11,250.00, 2012 John Deere 320D Cab/Heat/Air 2-Speed Hrs:140 $29,500.00. Utility Vehicles: 06 Yamaha Rhino 660 4WD Hrs:230 $6,350.00, Steiner $2,750.00. Misc: Manure Bucket for Case 1818 $150.00. Call for Appt. & Info. JEFF NIELSEN SALES Eberhardt Str., Albert Lea, MN. Buy-Sell-Trade H- 507-377-1137, C-507-383-7012. Website: Trucking Service available. Call any day but Sunday. f3,10,17-x FOR SALE: 4-H trained Llamas. Great for 4-H project, as a pet or to guard your animals. All under age 4. AdDe’s Humming Llamas 507-433-3604. f10,17,24-x WANTED: BEEF CATTLE. 850-1000 lbs. Born on your farm. No antibiotics/ no growth meds. Call Joe Austin, Hill and Vale Farms, Wykoff. 507-352-4441. f17,24- x

REC. VEHICLES Camp-Site RV..Over 150 New and Used Campers in stock! Financing Available! RV Parts Megastore...over 50,000 parts & accessories in stock, Full service dept., RV rentals, Discounts on all in stock 2013 models! Camp-Site RV, Hwy. 9 west, Cresco, Iowa 1-800-5560266, 20EOW- o

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Classifieds EMPLOYMENT Bring a smile to the Elderly! Help brighten the lives of elderly in our community. Provide non-medical companionship and home care services to help seniors remain at home for as long as possible. A variety of day, evening & weekend shifts available. Flexible schedules. Training provided. Apply online, www. or call M-F. 8am-4pm. 507-399-0079. TFNwk3- x CDL DRIVERS wanted - Lawrence Transportation. Long haul company drivers. Great pay, consistent miles, sign on bonus. 800-328-7224. x205 h10,17-x NEW RICHLAND CARE CENTER has day and evening CNA positions and a night nurse position available immediately. Benefits apply to all positions. Please apply on our website: or call 507-465-3292 for an application. EOE. h10,17,24-x RIVERSIDE ON THE ROOT in Lanesboro has positions for line cook and experienced outdoor grill chef available. Contact Mike or Julie at 507-467-3663 or e-mail resume to h17,24-o

Subscribe to OCJ for only $25/year.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

CALL 507-288-5201 • FAX 507-288-9560 E-MAIL:

EMPLOYMENT SPANISH INSTRUCTOR - This is a part-time high school position for the 2013-2014 school year. Details and online application at www.generalasp. com/desch/onlineapp. Deadline is Wed., 4/24/13. Dover-Eyota Public Schools, Eyota, MN. EOE. h17-o




Newer home and pole barn. 101 acres Winona/I-90/LaCrosse. Woods, ponds Prairiegrass CRP. MLS 4041200 WI-MN Real Estate 608-385-8080 e3tfn- o

2 BDRM APT. IN LEROY. NICE! Heat, water, garbage, laundry, garden patio and parking included. NS/NP. $425-450 per month. 507-937-3193. r3, 10, 17-x

FOR SALE: Internet-ready, eMac computers, 1ghz, 80gb, 512mb RAM, InDesign Master Suite Collection software. All products for media desktop publishing included. Asking $249 or best offer. Call Jason at 507-251-5297. s8tfn- x HEAT YOUR ENTIRE home, water and more with an OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE from Central Boiler. Theobald Heating Solutions 507-2519924. stfnwk3- o

FULL/PART TIME Class “B” Drivers wanted. Haul live fish. Team driving, OTR only two nights, .34 cents/mile starting. Contact Rob at Oswald Fisheries 507-684-3808. h17,24,1-x

TEMPURPEDIC QUEEN MATTRESS/ box spring with white frame containing 4 very large drawers. Set is 18 months old. Selling for $800.00 the whole setup. So comfortable and clean with pads included. 507-202-2172 or 280-0036. s17-o

WANTED: LIFE AGENTS Earn $500 a day, great agent benefits. Commissions paid daily. Liberal underwriting. Leads, leads, leads. Life insurance license required. Call 888/713-6020. MCAN HELP WANTED!!! MAKE $1000 A WEEK mailing brochures from home! FREE Supplies! Helping Home-Workers since 2001. Genuine Opportunity! No experience required. Start Immediately! (VOID IN SD) (MFPA) LOOKING FOR part-time server and part-time line cook. Apply in person. Old Tyme Cafe, 219 S. Main, Chatfield. 507867-1633. h10tfn-o

Writer • Oronoco The Olmsted County Journal is looking for a free-lance writer to report on Oronoco School Board meetings, Oronoco City Council meetings and write occasional feature stories.We are looking for someone with good writing skills and an interest in people. Please send a letter of interest and writing sample to Editor, Olmsted County Journal, P.O. Box 6697, Rochester, MN 55903 or e-mail to jason@olmstedcountyjournal. com or call for more information 507-251-5297.



Attention: furniture moved, junk/ brush hauled, building tear-downs, pruning, raking, edging, weeding, mowing, gutters/windows cleaned. Douglas. 507282-3011. 3/6eow-12/25/13- x

We pay $200 and UP for junk cars, trucks, and more. Free Tow away - call Oronoco Auto Salvage at 507-3674315. w20tfn- o

30 YEARS GARAGE DOOR experience serving southeastern Minnesota. References provided. Monday-Friday. Weekends & evenings available. Call 507-280-9341. h10,17,24-o All Things Basementy! Basement Systems Inc. Call us for all of your basement needs! Waterproofing? Finishing? Structural Repair? Humidity and Mold Control? FREE ESTIMATES! Call 1-866-691-8804 (MFPA)

ART, CRAFT, ANTIQUE, Flea Market & Home Based Business Exhibitors Wanted for July 4-5, 2013 Freedom Fest Celebration at Bandshell Community Park, Austin, Minnesota. Space fees: $35/ day or Save $10 when you come for both days; $60. Contact the Austin Chamber, at 507-437-4561, for more information; or visit us online at festival.htm. w3, 10, 17-o

Professional Lawn Care

Writer • Stewartville The Olmsted County Journal is looking for a free-lance writer to report on Stewartville School Board meetings, Stewartville City Council meetings and write occasional feature stories.We are looking for someone with good writing skills and an interest in people. Please send a letter of interest and writing sample to Editor, Olmsted County Journal, P.O. Box 6697, Rochester, MN 55903 or e-mail to jason@ or call for more information 507-251-5297.

•Phosphate-Free Lawn Fertilizing •Crabgrass, Dandelion & Weed Control •Tree/Shrub Spraying & Fertilizing •Ash Borer Protection

FREE Estimates!!

10% Off New Lawn Customers Serving Home & Business Lawns




Van Route DRiVeR

Writer • Byron

We are seeking a safe, dependable driver. Times are approximate and can vary throughout the school day (6:45-8:30am, 10:45am-noon, 2:15-3:30 pm). Pay is $10.57 per hour. Must pass drivers license check, background check, and pre-employment drug testing, and have a clean driving history.

The Olmsted County Journal is looking for a free-lance writer to report on Byron School Board meetings, Byron City Council meetings and write occasional feature stories.We are looking for someone with good writing skills and an interest in people. Please send a letter of interest and writing sample to Editor, Olmsted County Journal, P.O. Box 6697, Rochester, MN 55903 or e-mail to jason@olmstedcountyjournal. com or call for more information 507-251-5297.

For more information call Transportation Director Dustin Pagel at 507-545-2633. Dover-Eyota Public Schools, Eyota, MN.


SaleS RepReSentative


Join a sales team serving Olmsted County This is a permanent, full-time position calling on new and existing clients in the Rochester, Minnesota, area. Attractive potential commission. Must be able to work well with the public, represent the Journal to potential clients and meet deadlines. Familiarity with Rochester, Minnesota, business community helpful. This position is ideal for someone who wants flexibility along with great income potential. Please mail your resume to: Olmsted County Journal, P.O. Box 6697, Rochester, MN 55903 or email your resume to For more information, call 507-288-5201.

Sports Reporter The Olmsted County Journal is looking for a sports writer to report on local sporting events. We are looking for someone with good writing skills and an interest in all sports. Please send a letter of interest and writing sample to Editor, Olmsted County Journal, P.O. Box 6697, Rochester, MN 55903 or e-mail to or call for more information 507-251-5297.

SAWMILLS from only $3,997.00 - Make & save money with your own bandmill cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. Free info/DVD: 800/578-1363 Ext. 300N MCAN ProFlowers - Send Flowers for Any Occasion! Prices starting at just $19.99. Plus take 20 percent off your order over $29! Go to Buy or call 1-866-983-2204 (MFPA) EdenPURE Portable Infrared Heaters. Join the 3 million beating the cold and winter heating bills. SAVE $229 on our EdenPURE Model 750. CALL NOW while supplies last! 1-888-686-8209 (MFPA) 100 Percent Guaranteed Omaha Steaks - SAVE 69 Percent on The Grilling Collection. NOW ONLY $49.99 Plus 2 FREE GIFTS & right-to-the-door delivery in a reusable cooler, ORDER Today. 1-877-356-2704 Use Code:45102YXL or (MFPA)

GARAGE SALES CHILDREN’S HUGE CONSIGNMENT sale. Just Between Friends, www.jbfsale. com. Graham Arena, Rochester MN, May 2-4. Now accepting consignors. Shop. Save. Sell. Smart. g10,17-x ANTIQUE SHOW/FLEA MARKET: Gold Rush, Olmsted County Fairgrounds, Rochester, MN. May 10-12, 2013. Buildings open at 8am. Free admission, parking $5. 507-269-1473. g17,24,1-x

AUCTION CALENDAR Sat. April 20, 9am - Guns, Antiques and Household Auction. Auction held at Spring Valley Sales Auction Building. For more information contact Spring Valley Sales at www. Sat. May 4, 10am - Real Estate Auction. David & Sheryl Ulrich at 29020 County Road 25, Lewiston, MN. Auction held at Lewiston Senior Center, 75 Rice Street, Lewiston, MN. For more information call 507-273-9797 or 507-450-3072. Sat. May 18 - Machinery, Shop Tools, Antiques, Quilts, Crafts, Horses, Furniture, Steel, Lumber, Tack and More Auction. Auction held at Hershberger Metal, Canton, MN. For more information contact Don Hershberger or Noah Swartzentruber. ONLINE AUCTION INFORMATION

Bidding ends on April 18, 6:30pm - 40 Acre Farmstead Online Only Auction! Viewing day is Sunday, April 7 from 1-3:30pm. For more information contact Darr Auctions, Rodney Darr at 1-800-8520010. To view complete listing go to www. To list your Auction Call 507-288-5201

olMSted County

Weather Forecast April 17, 2013

April 18, 2013









April 19, 2013

April 20, 2013





* This is a projected forecast, for the most up-to-date weather go to and click on the weather icon.



April 21, 2013


27° 50°

parTLy CLouDy



April 22, 2013



April 23, 2013


29° 50°



parTLy SuNNy

WeaTher arT

Sun & Moon Date: 4/17/13 4/18/13 4/19/13 4/20/13 4/21/13 4/22/13 4/23/13

Weather art Wanted!

SunriSe & SunSet MoonriSe & MoonSet 6:21am 7:57pm 11:33am 1:40am 6:19am 7:58pm 12:31pm 2:16am 6:17am 7:59pm 1:32pm 2:49am 6:16am 8:00pm 2:34pm 3:20am 6:14am 8:02pm 3:39pm 3:48am 6:13am 8:03pm 4:46pm 4:17am 6:11am 8:04pm 5:55pm 4:47am Moon PhaSeS ~ aPril-May





april 18

april 25

May 2

May 9

“Spring Time” By: Lukas, age 8 2ND Grade Kingsland elementary

all children 13 and under are welcome to submit Weather art. Send your picture to olmsted County Journal, p.o. Box 6697, rochester, MN 55903 or email it to: Be sure to include Child’s First and Last Name, age, Town and Title of art Work.

Meet your neighbors at the O P E N Olmsted County Journal! HO Wednesday, May 1, 2013 4:00-6:30pm


2215 2nd Street SW, Suite 100C in Rochester Please come help us celebrate over two years of success with serving the people of Olmsted County. Jason Sethre

On Wednesday, May 1, 2013, your neighbors at the Olmsted County Journal would like to invite you over to their office for snacks and refreshments from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The Olmsted County Journal office is located in the same entrance as Apple Insurance and Jackson Hewitt. Follow the signs to our office, and meet the people behind the scenes who make the Olmsted County Journal come to life every week. 2215 2nd Street SW, Suite 100C in Rochester Phone: (507)288-5201 • Fax: (507) 288-9560 •


Wedding Directory

Catering & Receptions The Creamery Pizza & Ice Cream Rushford, MN ~ 507-864-7214 Great for Rehearsal Dinners Seats up to 100


Services & Gifts

Root River Floral

Party Island

Rushford, MN ~ 507-864-2381

Let us help plan your perfect wedding or party!

Photography Photography By Shannon

Lanesboro Community Memorial Center Lanesboro, MN ~ 507-467-3722 “The best dance floor in SE MN!”


Rushford, MN ~ 507-272-7351

Specializing in engagements & weddings

Studio-A-Photography Preston, MN ~ 507-251-6372 Exquisite photos without the extravagant price

Rushford, MN ~ 507-864-7156 Catering to you


Harmony Foods Preston Foods Rushford Foods

Outback Entertainment Sound and Light Production

Harmony, MN 507-886-2225 Preston, MN 507-765-2465 Rushford, MN 507-864-2878

Houston, MN ~ 507-896-5550 DJ services and live sound

We tailor to your order

Mabel Community Center Mabel, MN ~ 507-493-5299


“Seats up to 350 people”

First Southeast Bank

The Old Barn Resort

Canton, MN ~ 507-743-2204 Harmony, MN ~ 507-886-6922

Preston, MN ~ 1-800-552-2512 Catering to your needs Weddings & Special Events

Sunshine Foods

Spring Valley, MN ~ 507-346-2804 Chatfield, MN ~ 507-867-4272 Dodge Center ~ 507-374-6440 Let us help with your special day!

Burr Oak, IA ~ 563-419-5784

Quality Service with a Personal Touch

Decorah Rental

Decorah, IA ~ 563-382-2351 Party success is just a rental away

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