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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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Pine Island





Pine Island backs staff development plan By K aren Snyder

PossAbilities celebrated their 2012 Employment Awards Banquet with heartwarming stories and compassion for all involved. Photo by Bill Lisser

PossAbilities awards banquet draws an emotional crowd By Bill Lisser

Tears and laughter filled the Rochester Event Center as speakers shared success stories of family and friends with disabilities at the PossAbilities 2012 Employment Awards Banquet. Board of Directors President, Roxanne Hellickson, brought tears to many in the audience with heart touching stories of her brother, Kermit. “He acted as a big brother and sometimes a father,” Hellickson said. Hellickson said her parents were told that Kermit would only live to be 18, but he PE r FE C t

g l o S S Y

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defied the experts and recently turned 60 years old. Kermit is one of many disabled adults and children that have benefited from the programs offered by PossAbilities. PossAbilities is a non-profit organization that serves children and adults with disabilities. Helping people find and keep jobs, getting people involved in community activities and to contribute through volunteerism. Betsy Singer, news anchor at ABC 6, brought the crowd to life with her contagious enthusiasm, energy and smile. She identified a number of people in the audience that benefited from finding jobs

with companies working with PossAbilities. Her request to have individuals stand and be honored was met with enthusiasm and a big smile. “They are all my friends,” said Singer. She has been working with PossAbilities since she was a teenager. Gail Bishop shared her daughter’s story of success and how much her job means to her. “Thank you PossAbilities for contributing to her success,” Bishop said. The reason for the event See POSSABILITIES Page 8 

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The Pine Island School Board, at its Oct. 4 meeting, unanimously approved Superintendent Tammy Berg-Beniak’s staff development proposal and its $58,600 price tag. The plan aligns with the district’s three goals – high student achievement, collaborative work environment and effective and efficient operations – and includes 14 conferences, seminars and workshops. Among them are: •K-12, positive behavior bullying prevention, for all teachers; outside consultant Justin Pratchin will provide student assembly, staff in-service and parent event, $2,000. •K-12 TIES (Technology and Information Education Services) Workshop, for six staff members; registration, meals, substitute teachers pay and transportation,

$3,600. •K-8, literacy continuous improvement, for teachers of grades K-3 and 7-8; outside consultant providing on-site training, $12,000. •Grades 9-12 course development; curriculum writing time to work on new course curriculum; new courses will follow research, community and student interest and state standards, $4,000. Veterans Day program Superintendent Berg-Beniak announced that the school will hold a Veterans Day program, Nov. 12 at 2 p.m. The senior high band and choir will perform, and World War II veterans will receive a special tribute. In addition, winners of the student poster contest will be presented. (Poster rules state, “Theme: Freedom - what does freedom mean to you? Criteria:

Girl Scouts Centennial Day of Service focuses on water quality raise awareness on water quality. Nicci Sylvester, Stewartville Troop 43250 co-leader, is proud If you see Girl Scouts in neon- of her girls and their families green T-shirts bustling all over and said that it “Takes a village Stewartville on Saturday Octo- to raise our young ones and as ber 13th, it is on account of the my favorite saying goes, ‘We are Girl Scout Centennial Day of women (and girl scouts), hear us Service. A celebration ceremony roar!’” will be held in Florence Park The Centennial Day of Serafter the major service project is vice effort aims to raise awarecompleted. ness about the effect of public It’s not just Stewartville, but See GIRL SCOUTS Page 12  in River Valley’s 49 counties, Comment on this article at more than 30,000 girls and adult volunteers are working to By R achel H ammer

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Some recent projects brought to you by &WHAT




nal Trout Center (NTC) provides hands-on activities to e public in awareness of the environment and coldery resources of the driftless region and the arts and ated to trout fishing. Students and groups meet at or the NTC where experienced instructors will lead of various durations. The NTC also offers seminars, and workshops on-site at the NTC or prearranged on at schools, community centers, or other public ites. The NTC provides retail merchandise related to on through website sales and in our gift shop.

Appointments & scheduling



Please contact the NTC by telephone (507-765-4700) or email to be added to the contact list. NTC hours of operation and program scheduling are also hosted on our website. The NTC will assist in finding lodging/camping accomodations for your group.


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Appointments & scheduling

The National Trout Cente r (NTC) provides hands-on activities to engage the public in awar Please contact the NTC by eness of the environme telephone (507-765-470 nt and cold0) or email water fishery resources info@nationaltroutcenter.or of the driftless region and s parent g to be added to the conta teachers, includethe arts and s, NTC crafts related to trout ct list. Ourfishinteam hours of operation and g. Students and groupprofess program scheduling are ss busine ionals, s meet at also hosted field sites or the on our website. The NTC health care es, coach NTC wher will e expe assist rienc in finding lodging/camping ed fitness instructorsenthus sorts. all odati iasts of will activities of vario accom lead and ons ionals for us your group. profess durations. The NTC also offers semin lectures, and workshops main ars, children and inspire goal is to Our on-site at the • Meet and interact with families NTC or prearranged healthy and on location at schools, active, s to unitylead familiecomm centers,more or other public who share the same interests • Meet and interact with families meeting sites. The NTC provilifestyle journey starts with our fun The des s retail merc fulfilling sts hand ise related to our mission through webs who share the same intere ies designed ite sales andevents in our gift and • Invite other families to attend filled family shop. activit

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The Best Tothe Family! SolutionJoin r Broke SUnPPSewe O RT r And th events and activities eWate nfitness tc Become A frie . fitness and sports Lines nd •.Join.special

Our team includes parents, teachers, CraWl coaches, health care professionals, business spaCe professionals and fitness enthusiasts of all sorts. er,oMlutio found , our team wa. With o e Twin Citie hests s v a s is e ti a r 20 ye rea, W inneson comm Our main goal is to inspire children and ta and choose on repair, a e it rs o ste ted co or cra fro families to lead more active, healthy and wl spa to solving f combined rn Wisconsi vers As a p m. n o ce ne fulfilling lifestyles The journey starts with our fun eds b ur custom experience and have th roud mem y e in rs b o e e ff ’ w r of th best p ering filled family events and activities designed aterpro the fl o e m o ro N ding is he NTC lies in the heart of the ultiple ducts a o Become A friend The NTC rage healthy lifestyle to educate and encourage healthy lifestyle availa tional Wate te and soluti fing, educa in the to lies heartencou • Invite other families to attend If yo sues. Our of the ble our-state unglaciated region: ons to rproo Your donation can be designated for any of the following: four-sta events include sports and habits. Our main events include sports and f Mem te ungOur main habits. help! u have fou lineup also to solve yo laciate d reg • Program Support ion b fitness events and activities : u e n and W in r rs games d ges, le e c a challen o lu aky ba tion p fitness activities, family challenges, games and feature f Ame Your donation can be • Cultural Heritage/Trout & the Arts fitness activities, family which technology, we can replace roble des mult designated for any of rica, sem With trenchless th h • Program Suppor the following: • Educational Field Trips special fitness and sports nutritional demonstrations. of the upper Midwest. nutritional demonstrations. from w as a long e nationall ms that n iple crawl sp ent, seepa we t Join groups very little or with water lines • of the existing sewer or • Endowment history ge, or re ritage/Trout &Dedicated to helping families achieve y reno ltural He eed a upper Mid signatu alls th ace so ating in our • Cu particip wes In addition toway! n to the t. n participatin additio w In Arts g in y a a our o signature • Ed to trees, • Stream Ecology/Environment lu t p n k ucat f s a fun a ed ional Field Trips ti the in fi group re buc lawns, sidewalks gardens, . families achieve no disruption • Educational Programs trails, health and well beingevents, optimu Dedicated torthelping te use of our parks, • Endow kled o xing home Grip-Tite d of repair ons. • Share m we promote use of our parks, trails, recipes “The National Trout Center conserve , wetopromo ment eventsseeks F , A o r o w completed b be w t can job the u and o A . tology e ca • Str ners optimum health andllwell nd have wing to and driveways . . • Memorial Honorarium eam Eco being fun way! our beautiful areas lakes and all that our beautiful areas have to all that r Bthe our natural and cultural heritage of trout lakes and • Share recipes to cho -Sta • Educational Pro/Environment ase walls th ’ foundatio ation Syste n me gram • Promote your own health and round. By o m in a day (in most cases). You only need to move n at are • M offer to keep keep families active all year emorial Honorariums active all year round. By offer to environments variou se from. W nts, we are and their cold-water cracke repair issu s,HarMonY-preston ValleY state “The National families and any service and s c groups aMisH BuGGY BYwaY: ote your own health and e o n tourism Prom Tro dirt for entrance and exit pits • fitness d m DNRs, e ut events ta our partnering Cen e with a preston offers shopping, fine dining, unique overnight with m our DNRs, tourism tergroups ke gre ds! nd bre espartne seekand ittepres s by engaging thering public through to cons erv d e a a are to our ton we tp d king ride over gentle hills with great view offers shopping, and camping facilities. reach us via natfamily uraorientated pro l andaccommodations connections. other orientated organizations, cult fine dining, uniq fitness events viding ural s,heri other family e in acco the amishricommunities we are tage education, practice and uemultiple of trou overnighuse trail between preston a theorganization Historic Bluff Country national scenic Byway or fly datio aMisH BuG ca mmo ns and mucam GY BY pres ton, tMinnesota’s ngoric near preston are frequent facilities. reach us t ltipping theiallrofinto able toand te all of the areas activities and the ri promote Hist cold forBluf the areas trou able to promo the fillmore airport to start your preston le so -wa activities t Capital and hom via andCounty ter env preston, Minnesota’s trout Capital and home of the ntry nati allf Cou nati awareness.” families. iron onaltstrout Center, lutiscen men e ofofthe onal users Hwy 52 between ofnty into the fillmore o a new 1 mile of h com is adventure experience. the amis of o ay or n ic Byw a k thriv events networ u fly extension Cou to ing our our by national trout Center, is a thriving family-friendly network to fami r eng com of families. airp events mun ly-fri aging the public thromunity located on the root cuort Project Fit Families is a non profit endly and prosper. preston to start syourthe adveMost st nture experience. pres trail has been added o near be ton ugh will m pres you rive s, community located on the root river in scenic ton are fr r in scen Historic Bluf f Cou ers’ ic amish farmsteads By joining Project Fit Families, of the By joining Project Fit Familie ntry. organizatio youon, will be west of preston heading users of Hwy 52 educati n dedicated to providing fun, Project Fit Families is a non profit Historic Bluff Country. pra be are located off the and ing fun, towards forestville state a network of families who share introduced to a network of families who share ctice pres ton and prospe inspiring events and activities to children the City is also know ures, traveLogues, organization dedicated to provid Lectures, introduced to highway on county roads. Drive carefully as you pass awaand park. of the amish farm renas CALLn as the fillmore Coutheir ess.” tr the City is also known as the fillmore County seat n interests as it pertains to av and childre the to same eLo values st ies nty values a and popu same seat horse and buggy vehicles which remind us of a activit interests the gu and as lar it and pertains families, tobiking bikingudest es, to of Base encourage inars, & cuLturaL s toinati are located off the inspiring events healthy andwith 60 miles se on with 60bygone and as a popular destination mi m access pave na d have mile d a also rs e trails era when our ancestors moved through the will s ,health nto Way along twoystate y and & cu living. You for bike y lifestyle highway on coun the root river trail Ltura active lifestyle trails to habits, enjoyasalong state bikehealthy trailslifestyle living. You will also have access running directly t enjo a Fcountryside L activities, special groups, of paved te ro and families, to encourage health well astwo ty r enriching in the same manner. Rtrails thro E ugh rp their connects with the E the o hear hors ing forestVille/MYsterY CaVe state parK: and fi t E enrich e to running directly through the heart of preston. of several and as events l pres events well ng, C ton. STIM for bugg and activities, special groups, to severa family relationship Toll Fr lifestyle habits, as s to last a lifetime. iendly active Fr bygo endly Harmony-preston trail rawl ATEestVille/MYsterY CaV entally Fri ne era when ou ee 1 so join • Environm tally National free, is e. oMarKet: -8 S preston farMer’s e state parK: near isinours forest. clubs and recipes. Membership is free, so join preston was founded by n any 0their clubs and recipes. Membership Troutrelatio Centernships to last a lifetim countryside in the John 0Kaer • Environmen Go back in time as costumed guides go about daily in 1853. pace, or family preston was founded by John Kaercher in 1853. the cheduled by the NTC at regular intervals throughout of yo sa Are also scheduled by the loca the tion was desirable-99cher 2root Foback Go urume s today! NTC at regul 19th century business FitarFamilie 9enjoy location was desirable as the rootProject riverFit Families today! Project 507.765.4700 4 intervals throu ww as the -7 rive uption afforded Our newsletter and website will inform visitors of the d guides ption 2 rpurchasing undaintitime as cost isr Site Disru the

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Redsort ar’nBen d Bers OlRiv Golf Course Golf Rivers’ Bend

rivers, nu for lunch beautifully situated in the valley along 0 a driving ………… merican… $425.0 and rolling hills. The golf facilities include carts and full ade for a couple, single clubs, bushel rental greens, homembox practice range, at Our le k events. availab or Only por r. dinner w ribs, edmembe restaurant and bar for lunch, s. while the more ations. ubs and sauce front nine is inviting for any skill level, l golfer. ful avid a the e to ing back nine appeals also hav challeng prices groups on our .......... See website for rep............. in off the sto We accommodate tournaments and in iveries crave!of a ½ bushel boxcourse and will customize your event! ou

n 200 Acres of Fu Preston oro & sb ne La een tw Nestled be heast Minnesota It is a great way to satisfy In Scenic Sout

June. r fresh local vegetables early in ited shares, sign up early.

What We Offer giving we

.............................. See website for prices

through Thanks y bushel deliveries of storage rops, herbs, hardy greens, re. Perfect to extend the season during the holidays.

....................... $80.00

dozen eggs with your ce boxes. These are ular and sell out quickly.

sign up? s!, • atRwww.e bsite gs submit. andns,

tration form nio r weddings, reu ng! ati n you’re celebr groups of occasion for at www. as ide nu nd me






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2012 C




nity E


105 Coffee Street East, Lanesboro, MN 507-467-2943 or 800-9 94-2943 RV Supplies, Bike, Kayak, Canoe Rent al & Sales hours of operation and Tubingfor Rental and promotional events

105 Coffee Street East, Lanesboro, MN 507-467-2943 or 800-994-2943 RV Supplies, Bike, Kayak, Canoe Rental & Sales and Tubing Rental

There are 3 deliveries of a ½ bushel box in May and early June. It is a great way to satisfy your craving for fresh local vegetables early in the season. Limited shares, sign up early.

Fall Share ...............................See website for prices

SE, Minnesota Guid ing Service Catch and Release Wade or Float the national Dan Michtrout ener, 507-268-4266 Trail r – Center (NTC) F all Michener, Dan Town foliag 6507-268-4266 Fall F e s “Aprovides handsara C tours, ap oliage Tactivities aste to on ple tr ave, of th e Amis RootR ive e rFis engage the public h tou ats, art sh Trailhin rs an No ” Successfuof vemb l bait d mo ow, childre in awareness theand spinn er trout re erbait fishing for families, n’s ev environment 1 ArtsSuccessful and spinner trout small groups, 7 e – , Cra nts, couples, and Holigroups, individuals. Everythin ftfors families, fishing day F cold-water fishery and G small g provided for great e ift S couples, individuals. Everything s day or 1/2-day. t resources of the how a Lesregion t Fillm Campgro provided forund great day or 1/2-day. Nelson • RV & Tent driftless and507ore C www.RootRiverFi 459-6999 entra Les Nelson 507-459-6999 shin the arts and crafts related Hostel Bed m 38 l Room, 4 • High Scho to trout fishing. students ol • 18-hole Golf Facility and groups meet at field Cannon ley sites Val or the ntC where Out doors • Restaurant & Bar Cannon Valley Outdoors Guided fly fishying instructors experienced trips Guided fly fishying trips for trout throughout the driftl for trout • Events & Banquets ess area will lead activities of of throughout the driftless area of Southeast MN, North east the various durations. IA and Southeast MN, Northeast IA and Southwes • State Bike Trail t WI with Clay Pete rson. ntC also offers seminars, SouthwestA WI with Clay Peterson. www.can nonvalleyoutdoors ttracti Bikes • Canoes, lectures, and workshops on-site at the ntC or .com NormTubes, Gross/Laurie Nelsen ons 507-301-9581 R e prearranged on location c Cove • Excellent Trout Fishing reatio 507-301-9581 r Pag 27842 141st Ave. n Lodg /Cam at schools, community by Dia e in ping Heated pre Valley, Pool centers, or2011 other public H Spring ston’s MN 55975 diane ne• Indoor Shop g 4-9 Bes t of Bluff Countr H pho ernandez, ping Y winners: meeting1sites. togpreston’s info@earth Ma CountrY dancefarm 0-1 Best of Bluff winners: ra s Scenery • Gorgeou

SE, Minnesota Guiding Service Catch and Release Wade or Float

In Scenic Southeast Minnesota


What We Offer At A Glance:

Local Food Naturally Grown Delivered to You

In late October through Thanksgiving we offer 3 biweekly bushel deliveries of storage veggies, root crops, herbs, hardy greens, apples and more. Perfect to extend the season and eat local during the holidays.

Local Food Naturally Grown Delivered to You

pground • RV & Tent Cam Bed Hostel • 4 Room, 38 lf Facility • 18-hole Go & Bar • Restaurant Dance ets Farm Earth nqu Earth Dance Farm Egg Share ....................... $80.00 • Events & Ba Laurie Nelsen Norm Gross/ Norm Gross/Laurie Nelsen We offer one dozenNorm eggs with your Trail Gross/Laurie Nelsen • State Bike 141st Ave. 27842 summer produce boxes. These 27842 141st Ave. Ave. es are 141st Bik 27842 es, Canoes, Tub •Spring 55975 extremely popular and sell out quickly. Valley, MN Spring Valley, MN 55975 Spring Valley, MN 55975 ut Fishing • Excellent Tro ncefar info@earthda How do I sign up? d Pool78-4252 oor He:ate 507-3 Phone • Ind t 252 507-378-4 hdancefarPhone: .eart Go to our website www at www.earthd p phy enery t, , ous Scarthda info@e Email: Email: great for weddings, reunions • Gorge Our party roomsfillare Dinin in the www.ea registration form and celebrating! • B&B rthdance Bowl ~ Voted “Best Breakfast” g/Bev www.earthdancefarm.netbirthdays or whatever reason you’resubmit. www.earthdancefarm.netHa Harm rmon Serv“Best erag onyyGGu • Branding Iron Restaurant ~ Voted ide 2012 of uide groups icesSteaks” for n occasio 20 file 12 file s.indd & “Best Date spot” /Indu es We’ll customize your special s.indd 1 stry 2 ideas at www. • Jailhouse Inn ~ Voted “Best B&B” 2-250. More information and menu

Parties • Weddings • Reunions!


7 This is our 18-week delivery of a ¾ bushel 7 box. This size is meant for a small family or a vegetarian couple. There are 8-13 seasonal or7 tJuly 3 Family Fun Day h FarmFiersshi’ Mngar Guidem s,Outfitting t, Old Barn ResFishing Full Restau crops in eachran delivery. with Guides,Outfitting – Fire Music ViSe Individual rvi delivery men’s …….. the… ing ceske&ts Bike Rentals ter$600.00 Ca Come in sit Bar andDropped 7 lf d Go Danc the P Ben Services ’ July& Bike Rentals ers by your home or workplace Riv e ark 4–H Featu “national Center” P a a available Fun! r in ra limited r Good ing G areas. Email to confirm m de, B Little Rivetrout Great Meals, Cold Drinks, Com r Gens., eralpreston, and C ony Fo emst. Store Mn 120 inianthony street availability to your address.Openmunity ur oncert Little River General Store toJPlay! s, Ice th of Ju Come for the food and stay for the fun! the Time7 507-765-4700 Find u ly Comm Cream lyunity charm C Group siterustic the 6 pick up ……. $550.00of our Go To… April-Thanksgiving, enjoy Socia elebrati Fund -7 – M porllyted l, Gam inandthe raiser o u Dropped atrooms a host siteSup you‘nationa pick it up there. restaurant, bar and banquet es, D n for H sical “L lunch ances abitat iberty full menu Suppo CheckOur rted our website for drop for locations. 7 registered’ historic barn. F a : o nd Fir r Hum A July rican ture ework quality, all-Ame icul anity Musical 7–H Agr and dinner includes good Half share s. W ……………… 1 C … $425.00 0 a in e K de r o le mony na - F Run a b tio with delicious homema food reasonably pricedA smaller, Agricu Regis lture illmore ra n n of F 5/9 smoked bushel box forribs, a couple, pork single Tro ter at d 5K Run Hustle utla home C ws famous Fly re our o Try . unties touches /Walk edoFis hin www.h person, or a new member. m Only , available sauces. Troutlaws Fly Fishing Guide Service and at ” g Guide Service 1 rubs abitatw K with our own 7S and brisket prepared group inona Kids Cha drop locations. also have a full llenge .org of Fun eptember 15 Oh yeah, you’ll be back for more! We Acres . 200 the off in stop So spirits. – Ro bar with wine, beer and 7 OcPrest Spring ot Riv Share ....................... See website for prices crave! tobe on Nestled between Lanesboro & er trail, road or river and enjoy what you

At A Glance:

12 800.552.25 om rt arnreso .c ww.b.251 w.552 2 800

- 7942

“All Things Tr out”

Summer Share

ek deliver y of a ¾ bushel meant for a small family or a e. There are 8-13 seasonal ivery. ry …….. $600.00 r home or workplace Voted ‘Bluff Country’s ed areas. Email to confirm + me to Play! Fun! s. od Best Golf Course’ 6 years ur addres Find the Ti en $550.00 ! Op……. up ies Facilit Golf 70 Par our le, of 18-Ho armsite and you pick it up there. ost ‘nationallylocations. Rivers Bend Golf Course at the Old Barn Resort is thefor drop ite trees

For Everyone! OURFun Fun For Everyone! Preston Area Attractions 507 - 259 - 7Prest 776on Area Attractions MISSION 800 - 99 2

The go-to place for

Membership Share Options and Prices

ership Share s and Prices


“All Things Trout”

Preston’s Rich wi History and Heritth age

ghout opportunities go about their daily year. Our newsletter and • Limited preston farMer n Rness e Loca 19th centuryobusi w forllMr. Kaerfresh at Historic forestville, National Troutafforded ep website will inform visito ’s cherand healthy to establish his two .A StarB l at Center opportunities for Mr. Kaercher 50 Hist fillMore CountY fair: JulY 24-2 oric forestville,air need rs of the calendar of events for talks flour mills a pioneer village. 7-2 alon g the asgrown river. the area offer s! home garden 507.765.4700to establish his two flour mills along the , art exhibits, book signin 5villa a pioneer 9 e enjoy purchasing -7 m ed take a naturalist led abun ge. gs and river. the area offered abundant supplies asy other activities of intere dant 7 e • Fast & E supp ntake Wofhtimb produce, fed lies grass ts.caonaturalist led76 er, water power, st to fishers, residents and fresh PO the fillmore County and Box y tour of Mystery Cave, heal ston 512 of timber, water power, stonework and thy ewo Yserv m www . nationaltroutcenter . org visito andproducts, tour ouice. the driftl railway Btown eggs, to Families ctrs Fit ess area. Proje home in of Mystery Cave, r preston is namedrkmeat fair is held annually se’smfirst Families grown garden longest cave inthe a service. preston is named afterProject Fitthe Preston, MN 559railway after and other handmade enpost the longest cave 65postmaster, July at the fair prod grounds t eLmas uce, grass fed Su er preston, a good Minnesota, frien in town’s first luther preston, a good Melinda Coscarelli Lutes rface d and employe eater,ksluth Melinda Coscarelli crafts from several Lutes featuring www.nthe Minnesota, featu meat products, eggs ationalt located in preston. ? cher. stalactites, stalagmites ringamish vendors. open friend androut employee of rg Mr. Kaercher. cent backfi water build of Mr. Kaer or er.o Direct tive tri-county vendors, including local Execu / stala er ll arou and other handmad , Found Founder ww w . na ctites, stalagmites some of the highlights Executive s up Director and tio /na e caupools. nd ltrunderground in the fridays 11-5, May-october. trailhead location ou parknte and undergropreston si craf include 4-H and open ts from several e fofishing gor und pool the statetce offers ribbonth CFT, CFN hydg undati streams, CFT, CFN near fairgrounds. rostatitrout the state park offer s. c. 1865, St. Paul c. 1865, St. Paul Street class exhibits,tri-c carnival, ounty vendors, inc o camping, horseback riding trails, horse camping Stree n c W s t blue p ribbon trout fishi ater is ressure Preston ,MN camping, horsebac Preston ,MN 507-951-9980 fridays 11-5, May ng rodeo and demolition strea 507-951-99 80 ms, facilities, cross country skiing and snowmobile trails. . th k -octo en fo the jo MilwauKee eleVator: facilities, cross coun riding trails, horse campingderby grandstand near fairgrounds. rced int w 507-352-5111 try skiing and snow melinda@projectfitfam th here wall m 507-352-5111 mobile trails events. the fl rough forestville_mystery_cave/index.html . eet. this original Milwaukee oor a us/state_parks/ forestville_myste MilwauKee ele W nd Vato elevator Co. grain building is ry_cave/index.html h


PO Box 512 and• Lim of events for talks, art exhibits, book signings Preston, vities of interest to fishers, residents and visitors to y MN 55965 Eas t & as • F ss area.


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n is the Capital of esota”

5610 66th Ave SE Rochester, MN 55904

w Broken Sethe ntc WaterDiggin d n A g Don’t Start Driftless Area Lines . . .



2 800.552.251 • Old Barn Resort (Rural Preston) ~ Voted “Best Camping” & “Best Golfing” com • Forestville State Park (Rural Preston) www.barnresort. ~ Voted “Best Hiking”


• B&B Bowl ~ Vote 1 d “Best Brea kfast” 1Iron ding 2-1Rest 1•4Bran 3 aurant ~ Voted “Bes &-1 t Steaks” “Bes 7, t2Date spot ” -22 • Jailhouse0Inn ~ Voted “Best B&B 18Reso • Old Barn -19rt (Rural Preston) ” ~ Voted “Best Cam & “Bes2 t3 Golfing” y … ping” -2onl 5 Park • Fore ston stvillis Pre e State (Rural Presfrom 2d6“Bes ton)Decorah, ia - 7~ miles from lanesboro, Vote -3 5 t HikinMn - 35 miles - 10 miles from Harmony, Mng” - 60 miles from laCrosse, wi • Coun 3/2 try Trails Inn

& Suite 2 rochester, s ~miles Vote - 70 from albert lea, Mn 12:01 PM Mn - 35 miles2/1 from d “Bes t Lodg

Fall is almost here. • Country Trails Inn & Suites ~ Voted “Best Lodging”

- 120 miles from Minneapolis/st. paul, Mn



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for hours of operatio n and promotional events

the national trou t Center (NTC) provides handson activities to engage the public in awareness of the environment and cold-water fishery resources of the driftless region and the arts and craf ts relat to trout fishing. stud ed ents and groups meet ©explore Minnesota tourism at field sites or the ntC where experienced instr uctors will lead activities of various durations . the ntC also offers sem lectures, and work inars, shops on-site at the ntC or prearranged on loca tion at schools, commun ity centers, or other public meeting sites.

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June 2012 May-Oct. Preston Farmers Market, Frida 9 Bread & Butter Day, Historic Fo

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- 7 miles from lanes boro, Mn - 35 miles - 10 miles from Harmo from Decorah, ny, Mn - 60 miles from laCro ia - 35 miles from roche sse, wi ster, Mn - 70 miles HoMe of tHe nationalfrom trout Center albert lea, Mn - 120 miles from Minne apolis/st. paul, Mn


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Obituaries James Julian Button James “Jimmy” Julian Button was born, in Rochester Minn., July 17, 1931, to Julian Grove and Kathryn E. (Erwin) Button. His early childhood was spent on the family farm in Genoa until his mother re-married Clarence Boutelle (following the passing of Julian). After moving to NE Rochester, he spent his remaining childhood and teen years going to school and working for Mr. Boutelle’s construction company. He graduated from Rochester High School and

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

joined the U.S. Navy in 1950. He served aboard the USS Monrovia troop transport and was Honorably discharged in June of 1954 after achieving the rank of Machinist Mate 2nd class. On April 9, 1953, he married Shirley Mae Christensen, in the Little Brown Church in Nashua Iowa. Together, they raised their five children in SE Rochester. In July of 1956, Jimmy joined the Rochester Fire Department, retiring in January of 1990. Shortly before his retirement, he and Shirley moved to Wabasha, Minn. and spent 11 years there, before returning to Rochester.

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a proud Vietnam veteran. He then proceeded to college where he earned a double major in Law Enforcement and Corrections at Mankato State University. He was married to Cynda (Priebe) Tischer in 1975 and remained married for the proceeding 37 years. In 1978, Jim and Cynda moved to Arizona where Jim worked selling industrial real estate for 15 years. In 1993, Jim and his family moved back to Minnesota to become an agent for Aid Association for Lutherans (AAL) serving clients at Gloria Dei and Holy Cross Lutheran Church for 10 years. He was proceeded in death by his parents, most recently his mother Evelyn (Smelser) Tischer on September 8, 2012. He is James Ray Tischer On October 2, 2012, James Ray survived by his wife Cynda TischTischer who was born on August er, brother Don Tischer (Laurie), 21, 1946, lost his battle with lung brother Wally Tischer (Roxanne), cancer at home surrounded by his sister Allie Lechner, daughter family. Jim was a devoted husband, Tammy Minor, son Timothy father and grandfather, whose Schneider (Christina), son Chad unique sense of humor made an Tischer (Heidi), son Chris Tischimpression on everyone who met er (Kristen) and grandchildren Desiree Sola, Samantha Minor, him. He was 66 years old. James grew up in Worthington Kaitlyn Tischer, Madison Tischer, and Mankato, MN and attend- Steven Schneider, Owen Tischer Penny Rae Laganiere Penny Rae Laganiere, age 56, ed Wilson Campus High School and Avery Tischer. of Ramsey, Minnesota, formerly class of 1964. Jim joined the Navy Memorial service was held on of Lanesboro, died Saturday, Sep- following high school and was Friday, October 5, 2012. tember 22, 2012, in St. Louis Park, Minnesota following a brief illness. Olmsted County Church Directory Penny was born on December 1, 1955, in Lanesboro, Minnesota Congregational Church, .................................................................................. to Austin and Alvina (Rasmussen) United Church of Christ........................................................Sundays - 10am; 974 Skyline Dr. SW, Rochester, MN (507)289-4581 Randall. She attended Lanesboro Emmanuel Lutheran Church of Rochester, NALC High School and stayed in the area ..........................................................Saturdays - 6:00pm until moving to Ramsey, Minne- Worship at Oasis Church, 1815 NW 38th St., Rochester, MN sota in 1988 where she had worked Good Shepherd Lutheran Church ...................... Sat. - 5:30pm; Sun. - 9:30am as a Paraprofessional in the Anoka 559 20th St SW, Rochester, MN (507)289-1748 School District. Penny enjoyed NewDay Covenant Church @ the Y.....................................Sundays - 9:30am Rochester Family Y, 701 1st Ave. SW, Rochester, MN (507)226-0390 animals, especially her cats and dogs, her vegetable garden, flowers, Pax Christi Catholic Church .... Sat. - 5:15pm; Sun. - 7:30am, 9:00am, 10:45am; ............................................ Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. - 9:00am & Wed. - 7:00am cooking, and spending time with 4135 18th Ave NW, Rochester, MN (507)282-8542 family. Peace United Church of Christ ......................... Sundays - 8:30am & 11:00am Penny is survived by seven chil- 1503 2nd Ave NE, Rochester, MN (507)282-6117 dren Tricia Laganiere-Sand of Rochester Covenant Church ...............................................Sundays - 9:30am 4950 31st Ave. NW, Rochester, MN (507)289-2990 Mabel, Minnesota, Matt of GalSt. Pius X .........................................Sat. - 4pm; Sun. - 7:30am, 9am, 10:30am liano, Louisiana, Essica Laganiere 1315 12th Ave. NW, Rochester, MN (507)288-8238 (Fred Lett) of Bloomington, MinUnity of Rochester Study Group .........................2nd & 4th Sundays 10:30am nesota, Kyle (Ashley) of Farming- 103 7th St. NE, Rochester, MN (Rochester Rep Theatre) Jimmy enjoyed fishing, tinkering on various gadgets, hunting for the elusive Morel mushroom and socializing with his friends and family. Jimmy is survived by his five children, Shelley (Steven) Dostal of Casa Grande, Ariz.; James A. (Brenda) Button of Dover, MN; Bradley (Jennifer) Button of Rochester; Gregory (Barbara) Button of Rochester; and Lisa Button (Frank Lebeck) of Lewiston, Minn. Jim will be fondly remembered by his twelve loving grandchildren Mandy, Katie, Jared, Leah, Marissa, Brandon, Anna, Lainey, Miranda, Nicole, Zach and Tyler. He is preceded in death by his wife Shirley, his parents, two sisters Julia Grace and Marion Kathryn, half sister, Cloa Jane (Barker) Gunderson and half brother, Vernon Clifford Barker. A private family memorial service was held at Grandview Cemetery on Friday October 5. Memorials are preferred to Mayo Clinic’s Alzheimer’s Research Foundation, in Jimmy’s name.

ton, Minnesota, Ryan (Bobie) of Preston, Minnesota, LaMonte, Jr. (Kristi Nordby) of Anoka, Minnesota and Angelique Lerdall of Ramsey, Minnesota; twelve grandchildren Addy, Asjha, Belle, Fred Jr., Gabby, Michael, Katelyn, Amari, Cameren, Austin, Matthew Jr., and Ryan, Jr.; a brother Merlin (Gloria) Paulson of Rochester; and special friend Bryan Lerdall of Ramsey. She was preceded in death by her parents. Memorial services were Friday, October 5, 2012, at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Lanesboro, Minnesota with the Rev. Kerry Eversole officiating. Private burial was in the Lanesboro Cemetery.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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C ommentary We need a president who will serve “all the people” By Yvonne Nyenhuis Foreign Policy The Bush administration saw leadership in terms of fear at home and abroad. They talked about “The War on Terror,” the “Axis of Evil,” and “You’re Either With Yvonne us or Against Nyenhuis Us.” We were warned of the Mushroom Cloud and subjected to red and orange alerts, signaling to us the degree of danger of which we should be afraid. President Obama has said that while the danger is real, we should not allow fear to rule our lives. If we do, the terrorists will have won. The Bush administration claimed that only “their” administration could keep us safe. President Obama is more realistic. He has promised to do all that is in within his power to keep us safe. The Bush administration sought to control and dominate the world with threats and intimidation. They saw dropping bombs on our enemies as a way to solve conflict. They never seem to figure out that you don’t win hearts and minds by bombing people. Invading Iraq didn’t make the world safer! John Bolton and the neo-cons that advised Bush are now advising Romney. Niether Mitt Romney nor Paul Ryan have any military or foreign policy experience. They have performed a disservice to our country by criticizing the President at this time when the world is a volatile place. The president is privileged with information at a high security level. That Romney and Editorial Cartoon

Ryan would make inflammatory remarks pretending that they are wiser and know more than the president is inconscionable and irresponsible. They accuse President Obama of being “weak, an appeaser and leading from behind!” This from a president who took out Bin Ladin and 26 of Al Queda’s leaders. Regarding the Economy Before the mid-term election John Boehner and Mitch McConnell both stated emphatically that they were for “outsourcing and deregulation.” I was stunned! Why would anyone vote for a party that was “for” outsourcing and deregulation? Deregulation of the banks brought the scions of Wall Street to their knees. They relied on the Federal Government, who they deride on an ongoing basis, to bail them out. Lack of regulation and oversight gave us the BP oil spill where 19 lives were lost, and the Masse mine disaster where 29 miners lost their lives. Financiers and Corporate CEOs put profit ahead of the health and welfare of workers and the environment. Romney touts his business experience as preparing him to be President. There is a difference between creating wealth and creating jobs! A good part of Romney’s wealth was accrued by outsourcing jobs to other countries. He believes in the “free market” when it comes to housing “let them bottom out!” - the car industry “let them go bankrupt!” But when it came to Wall Street suddenly a government bail-out was okay! Republicans didn’t complain about the deficit when Bush was President. He started two wars, installed a drug plan for seniors and supplied tax cuts for the rich, none of which was paid for or in the budget.

He dismantled FEMA, which he called “an entitlement program!” When Katrina struck, the federal government was unprepared to assist local government in dealing with the disaster. A thousand people died in that debacle. I couldn’t believe it. As Isaac lapped at the doors of the Republican convention, Romney could be heard echoing Bush’s words. He announced that he would cut funds to FEMA. That it’s an “entitlement program.” (?) Presently, Corporate America, Wall Street, and Special Interests control the government. They contribute obscene amounts of money to political campaigns. They pay lobbyists to obtain access to politicians to generate laws and policies that will advance their interests, and they spend millions on PR people who flood the media with lies and misinformation. The effort to make healthcare more affordable and expand access to more Americans has been vilified and misrepresented by those who profit in healthcare as it is. For the last 30 years, the divide between rich and poor has been growing. Romney hopes to get rid of Unions, cut funding for food stamps and school lunches, “repeal” healthcare, dispose of Planned Parenthood, privatize Social Security, turn Medicare into a voucher program, and cut funds for Medicaid. He seeks to limit women’s healthcare choices, including access to contraceptives. (If Romney becomes president, American men will have to get used to sleeping on the couch!) And oh, yes, he will increase tax cuts for the wealthy! President Obama has fought valiantly for the middle class and

those that are struggling to survive, in spite of obstruction he’s met in Congress. He proposed a jobs plan over a year ago which Republicans have not allowed to come to the floor for a vote. According to some experts, the economy could be at seven percent unemployment instead of the eight percent if this plan had been implemented. Mitch McConnell said that the main objective of Republicans should be to see that President Obama should not be re-elected! They don’t want to create jobs or grow the economy. I have a great suggestion for them. Do everything you can to promote jobs and build the economy. You can take credit for it! You know, the way you did during the Clinton administration. Clinton worked with a Republican congress and had a great economy. Republicans are eager to point out that Clinton’s success was to due to them. That’s okay, you do the work, we’ll let you have the credit. Americans are busy people. The swing voters may say, “The ecnonomy is not good, maybe the other guy can do better!” Our future may be decided by those who are not engaged and who have not “picked up the rock to see the bugs crawling beneath it.” I try to console myself. For four years we have had a President who is not driven by ego, or a desire for wealth and power; who is thoughtful and makes decisions based on facts instead of wishful thinking; who truly desires nothing more than to serve all the people of the United States and do what is best for our country.

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Government this week • Wednesday, Oct. 10, Byron City Council, Byron City Hall, 6pm. • Thursday, Oct. 11, Eyota City Council, City Hall, 7:30 p.m. • Monday, Oct. 15, Rochester City Council, Council/ Boardroom Chambers, City Hall, 7:00 p.m. • Monday, Oct. 15, Byron School Board, High School Board room #3305, 6:00 p.m. • Monday, Oct. 15, Oronoco City Council, City Hall, 7:00 p.m. • Monday, Oct. 15, Pine Island School Board, Board Room, 7:00 p.m. • Tuesday, Oct. 16, Pine Island City Council, City Hall, 7:00 p.m. Schedule subject to change.

Letter about marriage amendment To the Editor, Gay marriage in Minnesota will be an everyday occurrence if the people telling you to vote no on the marriage amendment get their way. They’ll confuse you so you don’t vote and a nonvote is counted the same as a no vote. Iowa was once like us until an activist judge ruled that gay marriage can be legal. Iowa didn’t have a constitutional amendment on the definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman, that’s what we are voting on. The same non vote can be said about the voter ID Amendment on the ballot, a blank vote is really you saying you don’t think your constitutional right to vote should be protected by showing your ID. Cut this out and stick it on your refrigerator or take it with you on Election Day so you won’t be confused. Remember to vote YES on these 2 amendments on the ballot this election. Minnesota’s future depends on you. Please check the following website., Muriel Hanson Preston MN

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


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C ommentary District Three County Commissioner Election Q&A Paul Wilson (Incumbent) Elected in special election 1994; lifelong florist, graduate of Winona State Un i v e r s i t y, FTD Master designer, married 39 years with grown children and Paul Wilson grandchildren, past chair of county board 3 terms, past chair of State Community Health Services Advisory Council, past President of the Association of Minnesota Counties, current director on the National Association of Counties, member of Rochester Host Lions Club and St. Francis Church. Gregg Wright - I moved to Rochester in 1972 and taught at Mayo High School until 1980. I have worked at Rochester Communit y and Technical College and the former Vo-Tech since 1980. In that capacity I have worked Gregg Wright with community groups dealing with employment issues and reintegration of veterans.  I learned a great deal about issues challenging public health and social work when I completed an internship with county social services in 1996.  Serving as faculty president for fourteen years, I learned that holding an office is about service and communication.  These experiences have allowed me the opportunities to prepare myself for the role of county commissioner.   I am married and have two daughters, one in college and one in high school. Wilson - I am seeking re-election to build on the strong foundation I have helped to create during my tenure on the board. We are a growing economy and must provide appropriate investment in partnership with the private sector. My leadership in the Association of Minnesota Counties, the National Association of Counties, and public health have a provided our county the contacts and connections essential


to secure and grow our future. We are at a crossroads and have 10 years or more of government cut backs. The easy choices have been made, the future we will determine. True leadership will occur at the local level, state and federal governments are adrift, I have been tested and can make the crucial decisions. Wright - I am seeking office because Olmsted County is my home and I believe that I have the ability and energy to work with the people of the county to create an environment for economic growth and opportunity and to find solutions to the challenges that our county faces. Olmsted County has the potential to be the first among Minnesota counties for quality of life, business opportunity and job creation. I look forward to working with all local government agencies and community groups to make that happen. I am very proud that I have lived in Olmsted County since 1972. I am seeking office because I have new ideas, a fresh perspective, a respect for our citizens, and because I believe that I can make a positive difference in building the future. How do you feel the county board has done in setting property taxes? What can be done to keep them at a reasonable level? Wilson - With the tool of a ranking system, the county has made very appropriate levy decision over the past years, last year we adopted a 0 per cent increase this year our maximum is 2.75 per cent, the final to be determined. Our Managing for results imitative has been key for the board to make sound fiscal decisions. We need to secure passage of the MAGIC Act to give counties the tools to operate in the new norm. Out interaction with associations is key to effectively lobby lawmakers to provide them with education and direction their decisions, after all our role is clearly spelled out as we are an arm of the state. Wright - I believe the county board needs to start with the premise that property taxes are high enough and that we must look for other ways to fund the county’s budget. Budgets can


is nal r r u Jo fo nty earch e a u o t C ed alent s to wri tion t s Olm ing a t riter a rota tely e h w a n t T duc ntary ticle o proxim iews n o e v c r p mm ary a rs, a your rom o c e t s a en r writ pres oice, f any m m co othe th. Ex our ch ts to ou. n y h wit a mo ic of y t even ests r e n p onc he to curre t inte on t ics to ife tha l t poli ct of e Please email a sample article to asp

Submit by October 31, 2012.

or mail it to Olmsted County Journal PO Box 496, Preston, MN 55965

be reduced by establishing cooperation with city, township and public school agencies. Consolidation of similar city and county departments can also create efficiencies that will save the county money. Budgets can also be reduced by developing efficiencies in the workplace. It is also important that Olmsted and other counties work with state government to allow Olmsted the flexibility to try creative and inventive solutions in managing the mandates that are received from the state and to look at reforming the tax structure that has a negative effect on property taxes. What opportunities for working with different levels of government do you feel the county has? Wilson - I helped initiate two successful summits over the past ten years which were valuable in connecting our local cities and townships, one focused on relationships among governmental officials and the second on our challenges to the age wave. Where we can identify common needs with an understanding of our missions will be key to future joint initiatives. I feel we will need to conduct a future summit focusing on governance and possibilities for change. Wright - There are many areas that can be tapped for improvement. Only one area of city and county services has been consolidated; we must begin the process of consolidating other areas. Purchasing efficiencies can be gained by working with other areas of government. Sharing facilities can save money. Reducing the overlap of services between government agencies can also be accomplished. I would re-establish tri-government (city, county and township) to facilitate these discussions and promote communication and cooperation between different levels of government. The county can and must work with other agencies to insure that future generations will rely less on government; this will require the county to work together with other agencies in a concerted effort to insure our children are well prepared for school and that

they have the opportunity to be successful. Additionally, there is great room for government to work with non-profit agencies to lower county costs. How do you plan to keep connected with constituents? Wilson - I will stay connected in my traditional ways, through the newspaper, Internet, radio (I have been a regular on KROC radio for nearly 15 years), neighborhood associations, and other opportunities. I am known to be accessible. Wright - The best way to keep connected is a personable faceto-face contact and I will do this as often as I can.  I also intend to develop a method of electronic communication which will allow people to read and familiarize themselves with the many issues that are being discussed at the county level. I believe that the best decisions are made when the citizens of the district are informed and can contribute to the decision making; therefore, I will do what I can to insure that all who want to serve on advisory committees, task forces, focus groups and town halls are included. What can the county do to serve a growing population? What revenue sources would you prefer to meet increasing service needs? Wilson - Meeting the needs of a growing population will require identification of the need as part of our mission. We are potentially at the point where certain mandated services will

have to be challenged in order to provide support for services more tailored to our community’s demographics and growth needs. One example of revenue enhancement is the city’s extension of the local option sales tax which will assist the county in achieving key infrastructure completions, thus removing key pressures on the local tax levy. In addition local partnerships will need to be enacted to carry out crucial opportunities. Wright - Part of this answer is to create efficiencies in the workplace but finding the revenue will always be a challenge. The simple answer has been to raise property taxes but I do not think this is right answer.  The county can work with other government agencies and local groups to increase the opportunity for economic growth that will provide greater revenue stream for the county.  The city and county can consolidate similar departments which will save money in both levels of government. Olmsted can grow the educational opportunities which will create jobs and supply graduates to industries and create a less expensive alternative to our families.  And we can work with legislature to keep more of the revenue that we generate in Olmsted County while reforming the current tax structure that has made it difficult for Olmsted County to maintain its mandates and obligations. What opportunities for making the waste-to-energy facility See ELECTION Q&A Page 6 

Paws & Claws 23rd Annual Charity Auction Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kahler Grand Hotel Heritage Ballroom Come help a great cause! Silent Auction begins @ 4:30pm Live Auction begins @ 7:00pm

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Page 6


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What can be done to address unmanageable court caseloads? Continued from Page 5 Would you support the creation financially solvent do you feel of a drug court? would be best to explore? Wilson - The courts which Wilson - As explored recently, face difficult challenges will need the need to address our waste to examine its arena. While to energy facility economic issue counties do not directly control must include making us com- the courts, we can encourage petitive and attractive to neigh- such use of technology such as boring markets that may become video arraignments, etc to better our customers. Lowering of the control costs and efficient uses tip fee to expand our pool of of time and resources. Use of customers needs to be examined. technology can also assist with I would not support the use of managing case load issues. I can tax levy as we have designed this certainly support the creation of a as an enterprise operation. Part drug court, but the local tax levy of our challenge has been our can’t support it. State funding success of recycling, which is a needs to support this. We have significant goal. The economic opened a productive dialogue to downturn has complicated our address such issues as court secubusiness plan as volume is down. rity. Wright - We should recognize Wright - I support a Drug that the tremendous recycling Court because other counties efforts of the county and its citi- have found that this is a suczens have reduced the tonnage of cessful and cost saving endeavor. waste that goes into the burners. However, the cost savings should While improving the environ- not just stop here. I would also ment, this has also reduced the plan an efficient Night Court revenue that comes from waste. that can deal with traffic violaThe cost savings to the environ- tion and similar cases. This ment and county in reducing the would not only save money for need for landfills is not calculated the county but it would also into the profit/loss equation. The save money for our citizens who investment of the incinerator that now have to lose a day of work was recently completed has cre- to attend court during the day. ated capacity for steam that will This would also be an efficient serve us well in the future. We use of the courtrooms that now can increase revenue by gaining stand vacant at night. Additionnew customers for the steam gen- ally, Olmsted needs to avail itself erated by burning the trash. For to diversion programs which have example, the community college been proven to be successful, just converted several buildings especially for first-time non-vioto steam heat from the waste-to- lent offenders. This will reduce energy plant. This will lower the costs in the county jail system. cost of heating for RCTC and The savings from these programs provide revenue for the waste-to- can be recovered and put into the energy enterprise. court system. Olmsted County


Call the OCJ at 507-288-5201 to advertise or offer news tips!

can also work with non-profit agency to provide for youth employment, activities and service opportunities in the community. Keeping our youth out of the justice system will save the county money and make a better community. What can the county do to address transportation issues as Rochester and Olmsted County grow? Wilson - Support for the Rochester sales tax extension will go a long ways to help address city and county transportation projects which are essential to commerce and public access. In addition as previously mentioned, this will also alleviate pressure on the tax levy. In addition the use of public transportation will need to be a future point of discussion and input as our population ages. The zip rail initiative is essential to move forward if feasible and sustainable as the movement of people is key to our local and state economy. With the challenges to traditional transportation, and the costs associated with it, a new seamless option may be at our finger tips. While medicine is our hallmark, transportation is the backbone to support our economic engine Wright - I will help to develop a transportation plan that will address the ability to get people to jobs and assist our aging population to get to grocery stores, medical clinics and pharmacies. The county must work not only with the city transportation system to do this but also develop public/profit and public/nonprofit relationships to adequately meet future mobility needs.

The businesses of Historic 3rd Street join together to promote art, music, food, and fun October 1, 2012 (Rochester, MN). October 13, 2012, will mark the first Historic 3rd Street Block Party. From 4pm to 10pm, there will be music, a participatory art installation, and (of course) food and fun on 3rd Street in downtown Rochester. Admission to the event is free. “This is really our way of having a good time and giving back to the community,” says Söntés owner Tessa Leung. Leung and other Historic Third Street business owners conceived of the idea along with new Rochester art promotion entity The Venue. Together, they’re bringing a community event to life and enticing people out of their homes and into the festive autumn air to celebrate art, the neighborhood, and the people of Rochester. The event will showcase a lively lineup of local musicians, includ-

ing Gabe Holman, the Astrogliders, the Sudden Lovelys, and the Parks & Kleist Band. In addition, there will be a participatory art installation called “Love Locks.” Attendees, particularly those in love, are encouraged to bring a padlock of any kind, large or small or painted or plain, with them to the event. The act of affixing the lock to a decorated iron fence (and throwing away the key!) is said to forever secure the hearts of the individuals to whom the lock belongs. When all seen together, the locks create an enduring image of the strength of love within a community. Food and beverages for the evening will be provided by Bilotti’s, The Tap House, Kathy’s Pub, and Söntés. Bilotti’s will be servSee BLOCK PARTY Page 10 

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Continued from Page 1

Colorful.”) Harry Kerr of Rochester, a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, will give the keynote address. PIAAA presentation Clint Miller, representing the Pine Island Academics, Arts, and Athletics Foundation, described that organization. It’s a nonprofit with which board members were already familiar. Since its founding five years ago, PIAAA has raised and contributed money to support educational programs and activities that the school’s operating budget doesn’t fund. PIAAA’s contributions of $15,000 to $20,000 annually have underwritten field trips, music trips, a senior leadership conference, school technology and more. When you see a need, let us know, Miller told the board. “Think of us as a partner.” Community Planning Team organized

Psychiatrist Dr. Angela Leon has joined Susan Brust PNP and Kathy Flugel-Colle’ CNS at Reset My Soul 507.280.0690

Board member John Champa reported that the new Community Planning Team, begun at the last board meeting (Sept. 17), is now complete and will hold its first meeting Oct. 10. The team, a collaborative of Pine Island’s school board, City Council and Economic Development Authority, has assigned itself the task of providing shortand long-term planning for the town’s growth. The council signed on at its Sept. 18 meeting, and the EDA joined Oct. 2. Other business •The 100 Book Challenge introductory meeting was well attended, Superintendent BergBeniak reported, with more than 200 parents on hand to learn about the school’s new reading program. “The only bad part,” she said, “was we had enough ice cream for just 60 people.” •National Honor Society students will staff a “Moodle” (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) booth during parent-teacher conferences and answer parents’ questions about the e-learning software system with the amusing acronym. Pine Island is one of many Moodle-using school districts. •Berg-Beniak introduced school board student representatives, senior Courtney O’Reilly and junior Ben Bauer. The two were elected by their classmates to participate in board meetings. The board will hold its next meeting Oct. 15, 7 p.m., at the school.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Olmsted County District Court October 1, 2012, Ricardo Lamar Thornton, 25 of Detroit, Michigan, appeared before Judge Robert Birnbaum at the Olmsted County Courthouse. He was convicted of Assault1st Degree- great bodily harm. He was sentenced to 90 months in the St. Cloud Correctional Facility, which was stayed for 20 years. He was given 20 years supervised probation, and 270 days of local confinement with credit for 18 days served. October 2, 2012, Carl Joe Sanders, 31 of St. Cloud, Minn., appeared before Judge Edward W. Bearse. He received a stay of imposition for receiving profits from prostitution. He was given 15 years supervised probation, and 180 days local confinement with credit for 40 days served, as well as 50 hours of community service.

SNOW? Don’t Wait...

October 4, 2012, Conagher James Cermak, 19 of Pine Island, appeared before Judge Joseph Chase. He was convicted of Burglary in the 3rd Degree and given a stay of imposition. He was also given five years supervised probation, 31 days local confinement with credit for 31 days served, and 100 hours community service. Esad Isic, 57 of Rochester, was convicted of Terroristic Threats- Reckless Disregard Risk. He was given a stay of imposition, five years supervised probation, 20 days local confinement with credit for three days served, and 100 hours community service. Adrian Earl Howey, 56 of Rochester, was convicted of Burglary in the 2nd DegreeDwelling. He was sentenced to 18 months at the St. Cloud Correctional Facility, which was stayed for ten years, ten years supervised probation, 90 days local confinement with

Page 7

credit for 34 days served, and 100 hours community service. Mitchell Duane Ingalls, 25 of Rochester, was convicted of Domestic Assault- Felony and sentenced to the St. Cloud Correctional Facility for 21 months, which was stayed for five years. He was also given 200 days local confinement, with credit for 19 days served, and 100 hours community service. Daniel Raymond Timmons, 59 of Rochester, was convicted of Theft- indifferent to owner rights. He was given a stay of imposition, 10 years supervised probation, 45 days local confinement with credit for two days served, and 100 hours of community service. Jonathan Dwight Howard, 30, address unknown, was convicted of Traffic- DWIOperate Motor Vehicle- Alcohol concentration .08 within 2 hours. He was sentenced to 60 months at the St. Cloud Correction Facility concurrent with another case.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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Fitzpatrick Guide Award was received by Thom Hartman Continued from Page 1 and Tim Shelly employees of The Homestead of Rochesis the presentation of three ter and Mike who works for awards. The Summit Award, Sodexo at the Dan Abraham the Guide Award and the Explorer Award are presented Living Center food center was to honor employers, co-work- presented the Explorer Award. The Explorer Award was the ers and the clients of Possibilities. The John Ellingson one award that was kept secret Summit Award was presented until presentation time. It was to Culver’s South, the Joseph acknowledged by the audience

with a standing ovation and energetic reception from Mike. “Culver’s of Rochester is extremely proud to have been nominated for the Possibilities’ John Ellingson Summit Award by Josh of our team,” said Steve Wernimont, co-owner of the Rochester Culver Restaurants. “Yes, we serve food but really we are in the people business and the people behind

Do you need a coat this winter? or call Renee Schaefer at 535-5517 for more information. Cash donations Cash or check donations are being accepted at United Way of Olmsted County and should be designated to the Community Winter Outerwear Drive fund. Donations are used to provide winter outerwear items for individuals who do not receive winter outerwear because of limited availability of appropriate donated items. Volunteer to distribute winter outerwear We need over 400 volunteers to help with sorting and distribution of items to individuals and families October 8-19. Volunteer opportunities can be viewed at: www. For more information on how to help, call Renee Schaefer or Becky Nahvi at United Way of Olmsted County, 507-287-2000.


Olmsted County residents who need a winter coat can register for free winter outerwear by calling 507-287-1958 until October 5, 2012 at 5pm. Winter outerwear will be distributed October 18 & 19 at United Way. Collect winter outerwear We already have over 2,500 individuals registered to receive winter coats and our goal is to provide a winter coat to everyone who has registered. Our greatest need is for boys’ and girls’ youth sizes 6-16. We can only succeed in this goal with the involvement of all of our community! Please consider donating new or gently used winter coats that have gone unworn for a winter or two, that don’t fit just right, or that you have replaced. There are two ways you can help with our winter coat col-

lection effort. Check out the complete list of Drive and Drop Site partners at www.uwolmsted. org to see where you can drop off your winter items from now until October 12th. If your items need dry cleaning or washed, please drop them off at any Dison’s Cleaners locations. Dison’s provides in kind coat cleaning for this initiative as well as a 20% off coupon for a future dry cleaning. The second way you can donate your new or gently used winter outerwear items is at our Fill The Trucks event on Friday October 12th (3-6 p.m.) and Saturday October 13th (9a.m. – 3 p.m.) at all three Hy-Vee Food Stores of Rochester. If you are an individual, business, organization, or community group interested in collecting winter outerwear, go to www.uwol-

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his presence and participation. I know I do” Three hundred people attended the banquet held at the Rochester International Event Center in honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month. First names are used in the story when referring to clients to respect the policy of PossAbilties to not publish last names.

NAMI Southeast Minnesota’s Fall Fundraiser

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the counter are just as important as the people in front of the counter. For as long as I can remember we have had a couple team members with special needs.  Josh has worked with us for 2 1/2 years and is loved by the entire team.  We are happy Josh is able to gain something by being on our team.  However, I think the rest of our team gains more by

Guest Speaker: Pete Feigal October 12, 2012 6:30-9:00pm


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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

socialscenes The Working Mom By Tammy Danielson

Remember When… This Remember When column is inspired by a photo in my recent hometown newspaper of my senior year football cheerleading squad. That photo was in the Remember When section of the newspaper---almost 30 years ago! Holy crap…where has the time Knutson ~ Berge Paul and Sue Knutson gone? Seeing that photo had me of Mantorville would like to thinking of all the changes that announce the engagement of have come along and how most their daughter Casey Knutson to of us have adapted. David Berge, son of Dan Berge For instance, I just received a Facebook friend request from and Sue Berge, both of Byron. Casey is a 2001 graduate of my high school neighbor who I Kasson Mantorville High School. haven’t seen since high school. She is employed as a dental What a treat that was. Without hygienist at Midwest Dental in online media though, I would St Charles. David is a 2002 grad- have been trying to find her uate of Byron High School. He address or waiting to get pictures owns and operates Berge’s Kerb in the mail with the letter she might send. Letters---remember & Landscape, LLC. A November 3, 2012, wedding those? When we were in junior is planned at St John’s Lutheran high, having a pen pal was the “it” thing and so was sending a Church in Kasson, Minnesota. postcard chain letter to see how


. 1 col. x 3 ein black/whit

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many postcards we could get from outside the United States. It was also a time that we remembered our friends phone numbers. In today’s world, I store your number in my cell phone and simply click on your name; I have no clue what the phone numbers are. However, I can still recite some of the phone numbers of my best friends from high school. We would sing “Jenny, Jenny or the 867-5309 song” as many call it and would add our last four digits instead---because Chatfield had the 867 prefix. Cool, I know.


Page 9

Weddings | Engagements Birthdays | Anniversaries Birth Announcements Special Occasions!

Hey…can you remember a time when no one used cell phones? Hmmmm…think hard. In the old days without caller ID, we truly didn’t know who was calling---it was a surprise every time! And then, there were moments of craziness as we ran through the house to find mom or dad because someone was calling “long distance.” Yes, that was a big deal. “Make it quick…,” mom would say! It is so odd to think that so much communication is now through texting. There was also a time when you actually had to ask for a date by conducting a face-toface conversation or a telephone call. Now, of course, many of those conversations are by text... asking out AND breaking up.

And finally, with my recent start back to college, it was interesting to hear the professor talk about times changing for him as well. He said he was shocked the first time a student asked to take a photo with her iPhone of the notes on the whiteboard. He says that is now as normal as a #2 pencil was in 1983. So, have a great week and Remember When as much as you can. Save the good memories and throw out the awkward ones (ha!) and be thankful for the fact we still have great local newspapers so you can read this article. I am sharing this next quick recipe because of the Halloween season coming up, but also because I am a kid at heart who still loves her treats!

Mini Halloween Cheesecakes (adapted from Martha Stewart)

Preheat oven to 275 degrees F. Line a cupcake/muffin baking pan with cupcake liners. 21 Halloween Oreo cookies, 15 left whole, 6 crushed 16 ounces (1 pound) cream cheese, softened – That’s two blocks of cream cheese 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 cup sour cream 2 large eggs, room temperature and lightly beaten 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract orange gel food coloring Place 6 whole Oreo cookies in a food processor and grind them up. If you don’t have a food processor, put them in a plastic bag and crush them. Set aside. Put 1 Halloween Oreo in each cupcake liner. In a bowl of a stand mixer with the paddle attachment (a handheld mixer works fine) on medium speed, mix the cream cheese until smooth. Add in the sugar and mix until combined. Then add in the vanilla extract. Slowly add in the lightly beaten eggs and continue mixing. Now add in the sour cream and mix to combine the ingredients but don’t over mix. Once the ingredients are combined, use a spatula to ensure that all the ingredients are combined. Add in a small amount of orange gel food coloring and stir with a spatula in order to color the entire cheesecake batter. Throw in the Oreo crumbs and stir to combine. Using an ice cream scooper, fill each cupcake liner with the cheesecake batter, almost to the top. Bake at 275 degrees F for 22 minutes. Halfway through the baking time, rotate the pan. Once the cheesecakes are done baking, chill them in the refrigerator overnight. (keep them in the cupcake pan)

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BLOCK PARTY Continued from Page 6

ing up their popular pizza, and in addition to other fare, Söntés chef Bryce Lamb will be cooking up a giant tater tot hotdish (only in Minnesota!).

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Venue is a subset of nonprofit organization C4, Concerned Citizens for a Creative Community. The Venue, www., isn’t tied to any particular location, activity, or event. Rather, it is a floating concept designed to encourage

connections between people and culture, bringing the spark of art to any event. Brianna Truax, a member of C4, describes The Venue as a “platform. It’s there to create a foundation, fostering possibilities for people to propel the arts forward in Rochester.”

We Service All Makes and Models

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Share your thoughts at For questions or further information, contact Tessa Leung at 507-292-1628 or email Amanda Vail at For information on The Venue, contact Brianna Truax at brianna@ or 507-3583376.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

JAC’s Bar and Grill opens in Chatfield By Barb Jeffers JAC’s Bar & Grill has opened in Chatfield, Minn. Jeff and Candi Hare opened their new business beginning October 1, 2012. The business is located in

the former TaCade’s building on Main Street in Chatfield. Jeff and Candi have been very busy, working full-time, to get the business up and running. Candi stated, “It has been a

Candi and Jeff Hare, owners of JAC’s Bar and Grill in Chatfield. Photo by Barb Jeffers

fun and learning experience getting things ready.” It has been a lifelong dream of Jeff’s to open a restaurant, and when he and Candi got married in 2009, it became a shared dream. The name JAC’S comes from shortening and combining the owners names, Jeff and Candi. JAC’s specializes in burgers, of which they have 14 to choose from, and wraps. Breakfast is offered every day and the new owners have brought back cranberry French toast by popular demand. JAC’s offers daily specials as well. On Friday nights they hold a fish fry, and Sundays the special is all you can eat broasted chicken. There is also a happy hour Monday through Friday from 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. with drink specials. JAC’s will hold a Grand


Opening along with a Halloween party on October 27, 2012, with a DJ from 8:00 p.m. to midnight. The owners plan on having DJs and Karaoke on a regular basis for customers to enjoy. The couple plans on employing 12-15 people. Jeff and Candi, who live in Chatfield, are very excited about their new business and want people to know that JAC’s Bar & Grill is owner-operated, so they will be there to greet their customers the majority of the time. They have both

Page 11

quit their previous jobs and are dedicated to making their business a success with their goal being that everyone leaves happy. Jeff’s motto is “We want people to have to go home, not want to go home.”

A Great Read!

Free Cordless On Hunter Douglas Silhouettes Lots Of Rebates Available On Many Styles Of Hunter Douglas Shades! 20% Off The Purchase Of New Drapes & Shades Expires - Dec. 15, 2012


201 Main Steet. S. Chatfiled, MN


Ken Olson of Chatfield harvested this rare Piebald near Zumbrota, MN which scores 176. Photo courtsey of Smitty’s Taxidermy

Dr. Anderson of Rochester with the New Mexico Elk 423 class. Photo courtsey of Smitty’s Taxidermy

Allan Stubstad of Racine with his 172 inch Whitetail. Photo courtsey of Smitty’s Taxidermy


NEW! 2013 RANGER XP® 900





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NEW! 900




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Any shoulder mount brought in before December 1st will be completed by Christmas. Our team of craftsmen take the utmost care to ensure the highest quality from start to finish. Our consistent turn around time is one reason so many folks choose Artistic Smitty’s Taxidermy for their trophies.


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Choose from gas engines up to 60 HP, a 30 HP AC electric motor or a fuel-efficient high-torque diesel. Choose from 2- and 4-passenger mid-size models or 3- and 6-passenger full-size models All models feature On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive (AWD) to maximize traction Detailed customization with hundreds of rugged and reliable Polaris accessories


M & M Lawn & Leisure

906 Enterprise Dr. Rushford, MN 507-864-7781

516 N. Main St. Pine Island, MN 507-356-4155

Warning: The Polaris RANGER and RZR are not intended for on-road use. Driver must be at least 16 years old with a valid driver’s license to operate. Passengers must be at least 12 years old and tall enough to grasp the hand holds and plant feet firmly on the floor. All SxS drivers should take a safety training course. Contact ROHVA at or (949) 255-2560 for additional information. Drivers and passengers should always wear helmets, eye protection, protective clothing, and seat belts. Always use cab nets. Be particularly careful on difficult terrain. Never drive on public roads or paved surfaces. Never engage in stunt driving, and avoid excessive speeds and sharp turns. Riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. Check local laws before riding on trails. ©2012 Polaris Industries Inc.

To advertise in the Hunting Guide call 507-765-2151 for details. Warning: The Polaris RANGER and RZR are not intended for on-road use. Driver must be at least 16 years old with a valid driver’s license to operate. Passengers must be at least 12 years old and tall

GIRL SCOUTS Continued from Page 1

waste on Minnesota’s waterways. Of particular concern, “when grass, leaves and pet waste travel to waterways through storm drains,” says the Girl Scouts River Valleys flyer, “phosphorus is created by the decaying leaves, turning clear water green with algae. This depletes oxygen levels in the water, making it hard

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

for fish and other water animals to survive.” The Girl Scouts plan to take action by raking leaves, marking over fifty storm drains throughout the city, and generally clearing debris from roads and neighborhoods to prevent contamination flowing into local waterways. Also, the Scouts will distribute door hangers to inform the public about ways to help, reminding us that what

goes down storm drains ends up in local rivers and lakes. The goal of this effort has a bottom line. The Girl Scouts are hoping to prevent “20,000 pounds of phosphorus from ending up in local waterways. This will prevent 10 million points of algae growth and save $6 million in clean-up costs throughout the council.” The reward for all this hard work is, of course, a water quality patch to go on their vests. The patch (shown) was designed by 10-year-old Brownie, Ava of Shakopee. Savana Sylvester, a Junior in the Stewartville troop, spoke of the coming event with conviction, “It’s our job to help keep Stewartville clean, that’s what Girl Scouts do!”

Call the OCJ at 507-288-5201 to advertise or offer news tips!

Walz tours Rochester airport with community and business leaders Rochester, MN – Congressman Walz toured the Rochester International Airport with community and business leaders today to discuss the regional transportation priorities that are critical to spur continued private-sector economic growth in southeastern Minnesota. Walz, a member of

Oronoco Auto Parts & Auto Sales 410 1st St. Oronoco, MN 55960

Junkers & Repairables

Ava from Shakopee designed the water quality patch. Photo submitted

We Pay...$200-$7,500 - FREE TOWING -

more $$$ if saleable


the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, was joined by representatives of the airport, the City of Rochester, Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce, Rochester Area Economic Development Inc and the Mayo Clinic. “Rochester is a major medical destination that is poised to continue growing economically and adding good-paying private-sector jobs,” said Walz. “Smart and fiscally responsible investments in our economic infrastructure like this airport lead to private-sector job creation in and around Rochester.” Rochester International See WALZ Page 13  homegrown & homemade


Page 12

tuesdays • 4pm-7pm (starting may 22)

west side park on hwy 42 “meet me at the market”

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Hours: M-F 8am-6pm; Sat. 9am-4pm; Sun. 10am-4pm

2580 75th Street NE • Rochester Professional Certified Landscape Consultants Service Since 1986

Share your thoughts at


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Airport is a non-hub primary airport currently serviced by American Airlines and Delta Airlines. In November 2012, Allegiant Airlines will also

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

begin providing service to the region. The airport recently received a $500,000 Department of Transportation grant that will be used with a local $250,000 match to aid in the expansion of its services to meet the future regional growth


needs. Fed Ex, which houses a large air operation at the airport, is also undergoing a major expansion with the construction of a new 60,000-square foot ground services facility in nearby Stewartville.

eso SE Minn

on W Wisc i ow a ~ S ta ~ nE

12-20 sin | 20

s i t o r ’s 13 | Vi

Escape to...



iSco ~ SW W E i oWA otA ~ n

Page 13



ui Visitor’s G nES SE Min

A G uide


H istoric

Bluf f

c ountry

SE Minnestoa NE Iowa SW Wisconsin n by i c At i o A publ

ry y Journ re Count Bluff Count The VisitFillmo

bluff www.visit




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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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Local math science partnership seeks outstanding alum nominees ROCHESTER--Are you familiar with an area high school graduate of the last two decades who is particularly successful in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM)? Anyone who knows alums from the Rochester region since 1991 with notable accomplishments in these fields is encouraged to nominate them for a new award. The Rochester Area Math Science Partnership (RAMSP) is launching an annual “Outstanding STEM Alum” awards program and announced that it welcomes submissions from the general public. The Partnership, which began in 1991, includes thirteen K-12 school districts, three higher education institutions, Mayo Clinic, IBM, and Workforce Development, Inc. In recent years RAMSP has been known for helping to bring Mobile Science Labs to


area schools and for professional development forums for math and science teachers. RAMSP won’t assign Outstanding STEM Alum nominees to specific categories, but Executive Director Rich Bogovich noted that they hope to present at least one award to a graduate who overcame adversity during his or her K-12 years, similar to the focus of the RCTC Foundation’s “Beat the Odds” Scholarship program. Because school districts constitute more than half of its members, RAMSP will also be watching for nominees who have served as grade school teachers. For its first award cycle RAMSP has a simple nomination process. Nominators should submit a cover letter that presents an overview of the alum’s STEMrelated achievements and attach that graduate’s résumé or the


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equivalent. RAMSP recommends supplementing the nomination with two to five letters of endorsement from individuals other than the nominator. Nominations can be sent by mail or e-mail. The deadline for receiving them is Thursday, November 1. Submissions can be mailed to RAMSP at P.O. Box 6202, Rochester, 55903 or e-mailed to Rich-

We Can HELP!


100% Approval!

We finance your future...NOT your past!

Come see the difference!

Building relationships one vehicle at a time. 1246 Eastgate Drive SE Rochester, MN • 507-289-2115

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Open M-F 9:00 am to 5:30 pm; Sat. 9:00am to 3:30 pm or by appointment *Must be over $4,995.

*See dealer for details

507- 765-4486 Hwy 52, Preston, MN Questions can be directed to Bogovich at (507) 250-2611. The awards will be presented at the annual RAMSP banquet in mid-December, during which the partnership will also present its longstanding Outstanding Educator awards to teachers from partnership districts. The

RAMSP districts are Byron, Chatfield, Dover-Eyota, Hayfield, Kasson-Mantorville, Kingsland, Pine Island, Plainview-ElginMillville, Rochester Public and Catholic, Stewartville, Triton, and Zumbrota-Mazeppa. Additional information about RAMSP is available at www.

Business Service Directory APPLIANCES




After Hours AppliAnce service Repairing all brands of major household appliances. Guaranteed repairs. Flexible Hours - Reasonable Rates Almost 30 years in the business 507-316-4955

HigH forest BoBcAt service, llc Small Excavation Work • Bobcat Work • Concrete Removal Black Dirt • Sand Fill • Rock Cell (507) 273-4754 • Fax (507) 533-1088 HigH forest Automotive eQuipment Division of High Forest Bobcat Service, LLC Authorized Distributor & Installer of Rotary Lifts Also Service All Makes & Models of Lifts call (507) 533-8065

Fabricating & installing granite countertops since 1997 We offer the most experienced granite fabrication facility in SE Minn. We offer the most competitive pricing in the market We offer the largest selection in the region We instAll it...We instAll it We offer retail or wholesale... residential or commercial We buy direct from the supplier... our pricing cannot be matched Visit our showroom and let our experienced staff guide you. Explore the Possibilities the tile superstore and more call 507-285-1109 2411 7th St. NW, Suite A Rochester, MN 55901 Tile-Granite-Cabinetry-Hardwood-Carpet-Vinyl-Laminates

greg’s lAWn cAre & snoWploWing resiDentiAl & commerciAl fAll cleAnups “Book Early!” • Mowing • Trimming • Core Aeration • Dethatching • Edging • Gutter Cleaning • Bush & Tree Trimming • Fertilizing • Weed Control • Pressure Washing lAnDscAping • Retaining Walls • Block • Rock • Mulch • Seeding • Cement Work • Patios • Sidewalks • Driveways • Sodding • BOBCAT WORK We Will Do it All • 26 years experience • Licensed/Fully Insured • Dependable • Trustworthy • Owner Operated free estimAtes 507-261-7597 (Greg)


ASSIStEd LIvINg sHAlom estAtes HAs An opening Shalom Estates provides congregate living for adults & seniors. Services include: Three home cooked meals, Snacks, 24/7 friendly onsite staffing, Medication assistance, Bathing and personal cares, Escort to appointments are available upon request, Private bedrooms, Activities, 24/7 on call Registered Nurse, Plus more! for information contact Alice syverson at: 507-271-9909 or 507-281-9700 or


AUtO WAnteD BROKE-DOWN CARS & TRUCKS! We’ll BUY your broken car! We’ll BUY your junker truck! cHADDocK trucK pArts Licensed • Insured • Bonded Dealer Hwy. 14 East 507-288-3346




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CONStRUCtION Jeff Wetzstein Wetzstein construction, llc. Complete Home Remodeling • Additions • Decks • Siding • Windows • Doors • Kitchens • Bathrooms • Basements • Roofing • Tiling • Flooring • Garages • Sheds • Landscaping • Etc. 35 Years of Experience #1 Quality Customer Satisfaction Insured & Licensed call Jeff 507-529-1833 Lic#20634563


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Picking up on the Droppings of George Higgins’ Scatalogical Poetry Before I learned the characters were named Jimmy Scalisi, Arthur Valentropo, and Eddie Fingers, I knew they belonged to the mafia of the Boston underworld. The first paragraph of The Friends of Eddie Coyle by George Higgins offers the voice and tempo for the book. A rough, nasal diction establishes the proper atmosphere for what Stanley Fish has called the “angle of lean”— all the foreshadowing the opening lines can accomplish for a story. “Jackie Brown at twenty-six, with no expression on his face, said that he could get some guns.” People tell me that I write musically, that I pay more attention to the sounds my words make than their coherence. Is that a crime? When I heard that George Higgins, lawyer,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

journalist, and so-called Balzac of Boston, had the same problem, I had to investigate. Higgins writes “low brow arias of scatological poetry,” and fiction a la genre “noir.” The Friends of Eddie Coyle is the first of thirty novellas in kind. Its bare-boned prose with perfect dialogue rattles shrill in your head weeks after you’ve read it, much like David Simon’s HBO series The Wire. Through scenes made of pitch perfect nasal mafia-tough-guy dialogue, the book proceeds with easy readability and the hypnosis of a crime T.V. show. The first sentence reeks of dark alleys: “Jackie Brown at twenty-six, with no expression on his face, said that he could get some guns.” Read this line aloud to experience how gangster “scatological poetry” is guttural. You have to squeeze your gut to push the word “guns” out.

Call the OCJ at 507-288-5201 to advertise or offer news tips!

Feels like you’ve been socked. “Jackie Brown at twenty-six” has an eerire singsonginess. “Jackie Brown” and “twenty-six” are two-syllable-onesyllable couplets which pivot around “at” like a fulcrum. Naïve little Jackie Brown on his seesaw is made fun of by a singsong nanny-nanny-poopoo schoolyard taunt. What is brilliant about this set up is how the first five words depict Jackie Brown’s naïveté in the culture of seasoned criminals in which he seeks initiation. Jackie Brown’s youth and inexperience will be his downfall, and Higgins with the judgment of an oldtimer mocks him from the get-go. The next phrase in the opening sentence, “with no expression on his face,” when read aloud, doesn’t require much mouth movement. Or, at least, I had a mind to read it that way to see how Jackie Brown looks and talks. Try the phrase in two chunks: “with no expression,” pause, “on his face.” ‘Face’ hisses. No expression is a cold mug. And with no expression, Jackie Brown’s talking. About guns.

The use of “said” in “said that he could get some guns” is the first of what becomes an over-used word in the book. Higgins’ scenes hang on dialogue and the rhythm of the exchange typically uses “said” like CB radioers use “over and out.” “I don’t know as I like that,” he said. … “I understand,” Jackie Brown said. … “You don’t understand the way I understand,” the stocky man said. “I got certain responsibilities.” “Look,” Jackie Brown said, “I tell you I understand. Did you get my name or didn’t you?” “I got your name,” the stocky man said. “Well all right,” Jackie Brown said. “All right nothing,” the stocky man said. The dialogue volleys thus, “said,” “said,” “said,” with each “said” striking its blunt end. Pronounce “said” with a “dh,” as if the consonant “d” has an inherent period, a fist. ‘Dh’ punches. When Higgins’ characters speak to one another, they box each other’s jaws. They are insultingly

redundant. After Jackie Brown “said he could get some guns,” he patronizes his buyer, “I can get your pieces probably by tomorrow night. I can get you, probably, six pieces. Tomorrow night.” The dialogue is inefficient in exactly the ways real speech is wasted. The reader can’t help but be transported into deceptively real scenes. The roughness of Higgins’ cadences, the expressionlessness, and the blunt-ended dialogue capture mafia dialect and issue a murky atmosphere. Dialogue-driven story is an apt choice when depicting criminal characters whose world is clouded by the uncertainty of rumor. Their livelihoods depend on the acuity of their BS and careful scrutiny of the BS of others. Talk is the main game of dealers and thieves. Talk that has its own violence is where the pitch rings perfect. Higgins nails it. Balzac has a famous line, “Behind every fortune lies a great crime.” It seems Higgins made it his business to turn great crimes into fortune again. In his prolific accounts, criminals’ coffins are his coffers. Higgins sculpts and sells stories of scurrilous scat. He resurrects voices from the shadows of his city, and they haunt us with their dead mans’ tales.

Business Service Directory PAINTING

CADWELL DRYWALL, LLC Sheetrock - Taping - Ceiling & Wall Texturing Interior/ Exterior Painting & Staining Installation and Removal of all Wall Coverings FREE ESTIMATES Residential and Commercial “Quality you can depend on” (507) 269-7419


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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


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CALENDAR OF EVENTS THURSDAY, OCT. 11 Foot Care Clinic, 9-11:30am, Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rochester. Appointments required. Call 507-287-1404 for more info. Exercise for Seniors, 9:30-10:30am, Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rochester. Call 507-287-1404 for more info.* RCTC LIFE (Learning is ForEver): What a Good Story Needs: Reviewing, Critiquing, and Rewriting, 10am-noon, Heintz Bldg. Room HA 102, 1926 Collegeview Road SE Rochester. Call 507-280-3157 GWOT Roundtable: Rochester VFW Post 1215, 6-9pm. Rochester Public Library: Family Fun Night: Culture-Palooza! Moosburg, Germany, Auditorium, 6:30pm.

FRIDAY, OCT. 12 RCTC LIFE (Learning is Forever): My Beloved Iceland with Katrin Frimannsdottir, 10am-noon. Heintz Bldg. Room HB 117, 1926 Collegeview Road SE Rochester. Call 507-280-3157 for more information. Free Acoustic Jam-Bluegrass and Country Listeners and players welcome, 6:309:30pm, Peace United Church of Christ, 14th St. NE and 2nd Ave NE, Rochester.*

Beautiful Minds: Talented People with Mental Illness, 6:30-9pm, Ramada Hotel, 1517 16th St. SW Rochester. Celebrate recovery, a Christian 12-step process for people with hurts, hang-ups and habits, 7pm, Autumn Ridge Church. * Crossings at Carnegie- NPR Commentator Kevin Kling storytelling at 7:30pm. 320 East Avenue in Zumbrota.

SATURDAY, OCT. 13 Widows & Widowers of Rochester meeting, 9:00 am, at Ron’s Restaurant in American Best Value Inn on South Broadway. For more information, call 507289-2263.* Rochester Public Library: Friends Autumn Book Sale, Auditorium, 9am-9:30pm Children’s Challenging Behaviors Workshop, 9am-3pm, NAMI Southeast Minnesota, 1700 N. Broadway, Door E. Call NAMI to register: 507-287-1692 Jewish Sabbath Worship Service: 10-12 noon, United Way Bldg, 903 Center St. Rochester in Conference Room A. All welcome. For more information call 507261-5157. Rochester VFW Post 1215- Smoked Turkey Leg Night, 3-8pm.


Rochester VFW Post 1215- US Navy Celebration Social Hour 5pm, Posting of Navy Color 6pm sharp. Celebrate recovery, a Christian 12-step process for people with hurts, hang-ups and habits, 5:30pm, Rochester Assembly of God. * Rochester Music Men Annual Show: 6:308:30pm, Assembly of God Church, 4240 18th Ave NW Rochester.

Rosemary and Meredith Wilson Harmony for Mayo Program: Michael Monroe concert in the Lips Auditorium, 12:10-1pm. Rochester Public Library: TLC Meeting, Teen Library Council. Meeting Room A, 4pm.


Med City T’ai-Chi Ch’uan Club, 6-7:30pm, Fred Reed Hall. Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rochester. Call 507-289-1795 for info. * Rochester Public Library: Young Adult Author Visit: Pete Hautman, Auditorium, 7pm.

Rochester Public Library: Friends Autumn Book Sale, Auditorium, 1:30-4pm. Celebrate recovery, a Christian 12-step process for people with hurts, hang-ups and habits, 5:30pm, Hope Summit Christian Church. *

MONDAY, OCT. 15 Exercise for Seniors, 9:30-10:30am, Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rochester. Call 507-287-1404 for more info. * RCTC LIFE (Learning is ForEver): David Thompson (1770-1857) Surveyor and Fur Trader, 10am-noon. Heintz Bldg. Room HA 102, 1926 Collegeview Road SE Rochester. Call 507-280-3157 for more information.

Celebrate recovery, a Christian 12-step process for people with hurts, hang-ups and habits, 6:00pm, Community Celebration Church in Kasson. *

TUESDAY, OCT. 16 RCTC LIFE (Learning is ForEver): Ben Franklin in London and Paris, 10am-noon. Heintz Bldg. Room HA 112, 1926 Collegeview Road SE Rochester. Call 507280-3157 for more information. 55+ Driver Improvement Program: 4 hour refresher course, 12:30-4:30pm, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 1884 22nd St. NW Rochester.

Silver Treads Square Dance Club, 1-3pm, Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rochester. Contact Charles Bysheim at 2814455 or Pam Styder at 281-2547 for more info. * Parkinsons Support Group, 6:15-7:45pm, Realife Cooperative, 825 Essex Parkway NW Rochester. Speaker: Dr. Ahlskog

WEDNESDAY, OCT. 17 Seasons Hospice Grief Education, Coffee get-together in Rochester, 9am-10am, Seasons Hospice House/Office.* Exercise for Seniors, 9:30-10:30am, Rochester Senior Center, 121 N. Broadway, Rochester. Call 507-287-1404 for more info. * AAUW Meeting: Charter House, Edwards Hall, 7pm Social Time, 7:15 general meeting, 7:30 program. Rochester Women in Local Government.

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CALL 507-288-5201 • FAX 507-288-9560 E-MAIL:






notice of mortgage foreclosure sale Date: September 21, 2012. YOU ARE NOTIFIED THAT: 1. Default has occurred in the conditions of the Mortgage, Security Agreement, Assignment of Leases and Rents and Fixture Filing dated May 31, 2007 (the Mortgage) executed by Barlow Plaza, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (the “Mortgagor”, as Mortgagor, to PNC Bank, National Association, a national banking association (“PNC”), as Mortgagee, and filed for record on June 13, 2007, as Document Number A-1137404, in the Office of the County Recorder of Olmsted County, Minnesota. The land described in the Mortgage is not registered land. 2. The Mortgage has been assigned as follows: a. PNC transferred all of its right, title and interest under the Mortgage to Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, as Trustee for the Registered Holders of Citigroup Commercial Mortgage Trust 2007-C6, Commercial Mortgage PassThrough Certificates, Series 2007-C6 (the “Original Assignee”), pursuant to an Assignment of Loan Documents dated June 15, 2007 and filed for record on November 20, 2007, as Document Number A-1152766, in the Office of the County Recorder of Olmsted County, Minnesota. b. The Original Assignee subsequently transferred all of its right, title and interest under the Mortgage to U.S. Bank National Association, as Trustee for the Registered Holders of Citigroup Commercial Mortgage Trust 2007-C6, Commercial Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2007-C6 (the “Trust”) pursuant to an Assignment of Mortgage, Security Agreement, Assignment of Leases and Rents and Fixture Filing and Assignment of Assignment of Leases and Rents effective as of June 30, 2009 and filed for record on August 2, 2010, as Document Number A-1236464, in the Office of the County Recorder of Olmsted County, Minnesota. c. The Trust subsequently transferred all of its right, title and interest under the Mortgage to 1315 6TH Street NW Holdings, LLC, a Maryland limited liability company (the “Assignee”), pursuant to an Assignment of Mortgage, Security Agreement, Assignment of Leases and Rents and Fixture Filing dated August 16, 2012 and filed for record on August 29, 2012, as Document Number A-1297698, in the Office of the County Recorder of Olmsted County, Minnesota. 3. The maximum principal amount secured by the Mortgage was Sixteen Million Dollars and 00/100 ($16,000,000.00) 4. No action or proceeding at law is now pending to recover the debt secured by the Mortgage, or any part thereof. 5. The holder of the Mortgage has complied with all conditions precedent to acceleration of the debt secured by the Mortgage and foreclosure of the Mortgage, and all notice and other requirements of applicable statutes. 6. As of April 1, 2012, the amount due on the Mortgage, and taxes, if any, was at least $19,438,458.92, plus other amounts due and owing pursuant to the Mortgage, the related loan and security documents and applicable law, less such amounts as are held by the Assignee in any applicable escrow, reserve, or suspense account. Interest, default interest, attorneys’ fees and costs, and other amounts owing

pursuant to the Mortgage and related loan and security documents continue to accrue. 7. Pursuant to the power of sale in the Mortgage, the Mortgage will be foreclosed, and the land located in Benton County, Minnesota and described as follows: See attached Exhibit A. and related personal property as described in the Mortgage will be sold by the County Sheriff of Olmsted County, Minnesota, at public auction on November 16, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. at Olmsted County Sheriff’s Department, 101 4th St SE Rochester, Minnesota, 55904 8. The time allowed by law for redemption by Mortgagor(s) or Mortgagor’s personal representatives or assigns is six (6) months after the date of sale. 9. THE TIME ALLOWED BY LAW FOR REDEMPTION BY THE MORTGAGOR, THE MORTGAGOR’S PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES OR ASSIGNS MAY BE REDUCED TO FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDICIAL ORDER IS ENTERED UNDER MINNESOTA STATUTES, SECTION 582.032, DETERMINING, AMONG OTHER THINGS, THAT THE MORTGAGED PREMISES ARE IMPROVED WITH A RESIDENTIAL DWELLING OF LESS THAN FIVE UNITS, ARE NOT PROPERTY USED IN AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION, AND ARE ABANDONED. EXHIBIT A Legal Description The real property situated in the County of Olmsted, State of Minnesota, described as follows: Parcel A: That part of the Lots 14 and 15, Auditor’s Plat “0”, Olmsted County, Minnesota, and of the Southeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter (SEy,j NW’l4) of Section Thirty-four (34), Township One Hundred Seven (107) North, Range Fourteen (14) West, Olmsted County, Minnesota, described as follows: Commencing at the Southeast corner of said Southeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter; thence Northerly on a Minnesota State Plane Grid azimuth of00°00’12” along the East line of said Southeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter 83.60 feet to the intersection with the Easterly extension of the Northerly right-of-way line of Sixth Street NW and the point of beginning; thence continue Northerly 00°00’12” azimuth along said East line 372.51 feet to a point 30.00 feet Southerly as measured at a right angle from the center line of the mainline track of the Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railroad; thence Westerly 286°15’12” azimuth parallel with said center line 740.00 feet; thence Southerly 180°00’12” azimuth 124.92 feet to the Northerly line of said Lot 15; thence Westerly 286° 15’12” azimuth along the North line of said Lot 15 and along the North line of said Lot 14 a distance of 204.71 feet; thence Southerly 189°08’19” azimuth 96.75 feet to the West line of said Lot 14; thence Southerly 180°00’12” azimuth along the West line of said Lot 14 a distance of287.73 feet to the Northeasterly right-of-way line of Fifth Street NW (Civic Center Drive NW); thence Southeasterly 132°10’12” azimuth along said Northeasterly right-of-way line 192.15 feet to the Northerly right-of-way line of said 6th Street NW; thence Easterly 89°59’12” azimuth along said Northerly right-of-way line 780.11 feet to point of beginning. Excepting that part of Lot 14, Auditor’s

Plat “0”, according to the plat thereof on file at the County Recorder’s office, Olmsted County, Minnesota, lying in the Southeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter of Section 34, Township 107 North, Range 14 West, described as follows: Commencing at the Southeast corner of said Northeast Quarter; thence Northerly on a Minnesota State Plane Grid Azimuth from North of 00 degrees 00 minutes 12 seconds along the East line of said Northeast Quarter 83.60 feet to the Easterly extension of the Northerly right-of-way line of 6th Street NW; thence Westerly 269 degrees 59 minutes 12 seconds azimuth along said Northerly right-of-way line 780.11 feet to the Northeasterly right-of-way line of Civic Center Drive NW; thence Northwesterly 312 degrees 10 minutes 12 seconds azimuth along said Northwesterly right-ofway line 174.75 feet to the point ofbeginning; thence continue Northwesterly 312 degrees 10 minutes 12 seconds azimuth along said Northeasterly right-of-way line 17.40 feet to the Westerly line of said Lot 14; thence Northerly 00 degrees 00 minutes 12 seconds azimuth along said West line 287.73 feet; thence Northerly 09 degrees 08 minutes 19 seconds azimuth along said West line 96.75 feet; thence Easterly 106 degrees 15 minutes 12 seconds azimuth along the Northerly line of said Lot 14, a distance of 5.42 feet; thence Southeasterly 193.12 feet on a nontangential curve concave Westerly, having a radius of 290.00 feet, a central angle of38 degrees 09 minutes 16 seconds, and a chord azimuth of 167 degrees 34 minutes 50 seconds; thence Southerly 186 degrees 39 minutes 28 seconds azimuth 87.06 feet; thence Southwesterly 128.47 feet on a nontangential curve concave Northwesterly, having a radius of 340.00 feet, a central angle of 21 degrees 38 minutes 57 seconds, and a chord azimuth of 197 degrees 28 minutes 57 seconds to the point of beginning. Also excepting Parcel No.4, as identified on the City of Rochester Street Right of Way Plat No.7, said Plat filed of record on April 21, 1995, as Document No. 702375. Parcel B: Part ofthe Southeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter and part of the Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 34, Township 107 North, Range 14 West, Olmsted County, Minnesota, and part of Lots 17 and 18, Auditor’s Plat “D”, according to the plat thereof on file at the County Recorder’s office, Olmsted County, Minnesota, described as follows: Commencing at the southeast comer of said Northeast Quarter; thence northerly on a Minnesota State Plane Grid Azimuth from north of 00 degrees 00 minutes 12 seconds along the east line of said Northeast Quarter 17.60 feet to the intersection with the easterly extension of the southerly right-of-way line of6lh Street N.W.; thence westerly 269 degrees 59 minutes 12 seconds azimuth along said easterly extension line and along said southerly right-of-way line 159.96 feet to the point of beginning; thence continue westerly 269 degrees 59 minutes 12 seconds azimuth along said southerly right-of-way line 567.31 feet to the northeasterly right-of-way line of Civic Center Drive N,W.; thence southeasterly 152.69 feet along said right-of-way line on a nontangential curve concave north-

easterly, having a radius of 902043 feet; a central angle of 09 degrees 41 minutes 41 seconds, and a chord azimuth of 126 degrees 55 minutes 07 seconds; thence southerly 178 degrees 20 minutes 42 seconds azimuth along said right-of-way line 6.75 feet; thence southeasterly 115 degrees 10 minutes 22 seconds azimuth along said right-of-way line 207.20 feet; thence easterly 103 degrees 56 minutes 42 seconds azimuth along said right-ofway line 220.56 feet; thence easterly 91 degrees 58 minutes 26 seconds azimuth along said right-of-way line 50.61 feet; thence northerly 358 degrees 20 minutes 42 seconds azimuth 241.62 feet to the point of beginning. Parcel C: That part of Lot 16, Auditor’s Plat “D”, according to the plat thereof on file at the County Recorder’s Office, Olmsted County, Minnesota, and of the Southeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter (SE!!.I NE!!.I) of Section Thirty-four (34), Township One Hundred Seven (107) North, Range Fourteen (14) West, Olmsted County, Minnesota, described as follows: Commencing at the Southeast comer of Northeast Quarter; thence Northerly on a Milmesota State Plane Grid azimuth of 00 degrees 00 minutes 12 seconds along the East line of said Northeast Quarter 17.60 feet to the intersection with the Easterly extension of Southerly right-of-way line of Sixth Street NW; thence Westerly 269 degrees 59 minutes 12 seconds azimuth along said Easterly extension and along said Southerly right-of-way line 36.00 feet to the point of beginning; thence continue Westerly 269 degrees 59 minutes 12 seconds along said Southerly right-ofway line 691.23 feet to the Northeasterly right-of-way line of Fifth Street NW (Civic Center Drive NW); Northwesterly 3.77 feet along said Northeasterly right-of-way line on a nontangential curve concave Northeasterly having a central angle of 00 degrees 14 minutes 22 seconds, a radius of 902.43 feet, and a chord azimuth of312 degrees 03 minutes 01 seconds; thence Northwesterly 312 degrees 10 minutes 12 seconds azimuth along said Northeasterly right-of-way line 94.43 feet to the Northerly right-of-way line of Sixth Street NW; thence Easterly 89 degrees 59 minutes 12 seconds azimuth 764.01 feet to a point 36.00 feet Westerly of the East line of said Northeast Quarter; thence Southerly 180 degrees 00 minutes 12 seconds azimuth 66.00 feet to the point of beginning. Excepting out the East 159 feet thereof, and reserving to the City of Rochester a general utility easement under, over and across the Northerly 43 feet thereof. Olmsted County, Minnesota Attorneys for Mortgagee or Assignee of Mortgagee: Malkerson Gunn Martin LLP Call it South in! Tower 220 1900 U.S. Bank Plaza, 507-288-5201 South Sixth Street Minneapolis, MN 55402 -andVenable LLP FAX in! 750 East Pratt Street,it Suite 900 Baltimore,507-288-9560 MD 21202 By s/ Thomas F. DeVincke Publish 9/26-10/31

PALLETS for sale for $3 each. Lots of 20 or more available. Call 507-251-5297 s5tfn- x

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DRY OAK FIREWOOD $85 half load or $135 big load delivered. 507-867-4189. s19,26,3,10- x DOesn’t cost $500 to drive to Fairmont, but you could save that much by comparing my silver and gold prices! Kuehl’s Coins, Fairmont, MN 507-235-3886. s3,10,17,24,31,7- x AIR CONDITIONER: Brand new, 12,000 BTU, remote control. Any reasonable offer. Call 507-206-0175. s3,10o MARK 5 SHOPSMITH. Good working order. All attachements $395 or best offer. 507-206-3466. s10- x

FARM HOG BUILDINGS- Erickson Farrowing Barn, new floors, 24x30 nursery. Must be moved. Accepting offers. Call 507-8672974. Rural Spring Valley. f3,10- x Farm Machinery for Sale. Ford 5000 D with Bush Hog 7’ Loader, 8’ Blade, heavy like new with new cylinder $8,500.00. Misc bale tools, front rear, Ford 9 N with cult, plow, blade, boom, 3 pt box frame all to go $3,800.00. 10 T wagon, 9’ x 22’ for hay or misc, Hyd dump 12V, rack, never been used by young welding - $4,500.00. Wood 3 pt 90” Finishing Mower, very little use original blades & new set - $1,200.00. Austin Phone 507-437-4777 [1] - Cell 396-4363. f10,17,24- x

REC. VEHICLES Over 150 New & Used Campers iN stOCk! “Award-Winning” Service Department We service all makes & models

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Over 50,000 Parts & Accessories In Stock

Camper SaleS and ServiCe

Highway 9 West • Cresco, IA 800-556-0266 •

FinanCing availaBle

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WANTED We pay $200 and UP for junk cars, trucks, and more. Free Tow away - call Oronoco Auto Salvage at 507-3674315. w20tfn- o

THANK YOU Big thanks to our consignors who helped us donate over 1600 gently loved items to the Sharing Tree here in Rochester, MN. Thank you also to all the vendors from our September sale event, their names & companies are listed on our website - please check it out! 2 Moms Hav’n a Sale - Consignment sales for moms & kids, Find Us On Facebook! CONSIGNORS and Vendors WANTED for our spring sale event! t10,17- o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

SERVICES Attention: furniture moved, junk/ brush hauled, building tear-downs, pruning, raking, edging, weeding, mowing, gutters/windows cleaned. Moshe. 507282-3011. 1/11eow-1/9/13- x Handyman, licensed contractor 28 years experience- garages, decks, remodeling, shingling, siding, concrete work, windows, landscaping, bathrooms, kitchens, drywall, taping and texturing. No job too big or small. Elk Construction License # 20274441, bonded and insured. Call Ernie 507-438-4307. v3,10,17- x

REAL ESTATE 4000 AC Lake $59,900. Lake property, great shoreline on large lake in West WI; Bargain! Thousand Lakes Realty, Inc. 866-667-4460 e10o

SPORTING GOODS Mel’s Golf Cars, LLC. Closeout on 2012 New Yamahas. Out with the 2012 and in with the New 2013. Special pricing on overstock gas and electric 2011 and 2012 carts. Over 30 used models to choose from. Now demonstrating the all new 2012 and 2013 fuel injected Yamaha gas golf carts. Will take trades. Mel’s Golf Cars provides the highest quality in all their golf carts. Stop and shop at 132 Garfield Avenue, Albert Lea, MN or call Mel at 507-438-2705. sg8,15,22,29,5,11x

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

EMPLOYMENT Long-term Substitute School Nurse sought by Dover-Eyota Public Schools, Eyota, MN through December 2012. RN License or MDE School Nurse license required. Could possibly become a fulltime position. Rate of pay is $23.68 per hour. Online application at app must be submitted by Tue. 10/16/12 EOE h10- o JBS Carriers is seeking regional CDL A drivers for the Midwest Western Regional Area. Running region, PrimaryMN, WI, IA, NE, IL, IN, IN, OH, MI, WV, KY, PA, Secondary- NJ, MD, DE, NY, NYC- optional w/bonus, VA. Average 2300 miles per/wk. Out 7 to 11 days. 24-36 hr home time policy. We offer competitive pay & benefits. Full family health, dental, vision & 401K w/ company contribution. Paid holidays & time off. Pre-employment drug & background check req. Apply online at www. h10- o

FOR RENT 3 BR SINGLE FAMILY home in Byron. 1 1/2 BA, garage. $885/month + utilities. Deposit required $1200. NPNS. 12-month lease. Bkgd chk. Reg. 507258-1200. Available Nov. 1st. r10,17- o

GARAGE SALES GARAGE SALE: Oct. 11-12th, 8am4pm. 905 Chester Ave. SE, Rochester, off Hwy 14E. Centerpieces, bedspreads, bathroom rugs, TVs, Nascar coats, music boxes, bedroom set, TV stand, and misc. g10- x oTo Visit oVisited Friday Oct. 12, Saturday Oct. 13 9am-6pm. 808 5th Ave NW Rochester. Treadmill, coffee table, old picture frames, men’s shirts, books, ladies clothes and many small items. g10- x oTo Visit oVisited

AUTO 2004 Chevy Impala SS, black, V6 Supercharged 3.8L engine, ALL the bells and whistles -- moon roof, spoiler, PW, PL, Automatic, XM Radio, OnStar, Leather, Dual Power Seats, Heated Seats, AM/FM radio, cassette, multi-disc CD player, Bose sound system. 142,000 miles and in great shape. $8,300 or best offer. Call 507-251-5297 a5tfn- x ‘92 FORD TEMPO: Runs very good. Many new parts. Any reasonable offer. Call 507-206-0175. a3,10- o

ChaddoCk TruCk & auTo SaleS GeT a GreaT deal oN a CoNVerTIBle For The reST oF The SuMMer! ‘04 Sebring Convertible - White, Leather ............$4,995

‘99-’06 Chev, Fiberglass Tonneau Cover, 6’ box, black ‘88-’98 Chev, Fiberglass Tonneau Cover, 6’ box, silver ‘99-’06 Chev, Fiberglass Tonneau Topper, 6’ box, dark gray, with slider

‘06 G6 GT - Gray, Auto, 4Dr, Cloth ............CALL ‘02 Bravada - Only 64K! 4x4, Auto .......$6,295 ‘05 Tahoe - 3rd Row, 4x4, Leather ........$9,495 ‘05 Escape - 4x4, 124K, Sunroof ............$7,495 ‘05 Trailblazer - 4x4, Auto, Silver...........$6,295 ‘04 Envoy - Blue, 4Dr, 4x4, New Tires...$6,995 ‘03 Explorer XLT - 3rd Row, 4x4, One Owner... $7,995 ‘02 Avalanche - Black, 4x4, Sunroof .....$9,495 ‘02 Trailblazer - Black, 4x4, 4Dr ............$5,995 ‘02 Explorer - Blue, 3rd Row, 4x4 ..........$4,995 ‘05 Uplander - Leather, TV/DVD ............$6,495 ‘04 Venture - 102K, Clean & Sharp!..... $4,495 Mon-Fri 8am-5:30pm •

‘05 Gr Am - Silver, 4Dr, Auto, 134K........ $5,795 ‘04 Cavalier - Red, 117K, Auto, CD.........$5,495 ‘04 Monte Carlo - Red, Heated Seats ..$6,295 ‘04 Impala - White, 4Dr, CD, Auto .........$4,995 ‘03 Rio - Gold, 5 Spd, 4Dr, 124K............. $3,295 ‘03 PT Cruiser GT - 136K, Sunroof .........$5,495 ‘99 Outback - Black, AWD, 4 Cyl............$2,495 ‘98 Gr Prix - 4 Dr, Auto, Black, 4Dr ........$2,995 ‘94 Accord - 5 Spd, 4Dr, PW, PL, CD ......$2,495 ‘01 Sephia - Red, 4Dr, Auto, 4 Cyl ..........$2,495 ‘00 Saturn SL1 - 4Dr, Auto, CD, 4 Cyl .... $2,795 ‘95 Civic EX - White, 2Dr, 5 Spd..............$2,995 ‘99 Sunfire - 103K, 4 Cyl, Sunroof...........$3,995 ‘03 Taurus Wgn - 108K, 3rd Row...........$3,995 ‘99 Eclipse - Sunroof, CD, 141K ................$1,695 ‘95 Gr Am - Blue, 4Dr, CD, Auto .............$1,600 Next to Chester Woods!



7 MILES EAST OF ROCHESTER ON US 14 • Rochester, MN • 288-3346

EMPLOYMENT Help Us Help Others. There’s never been a better time to reach out to those in need. At Home Instead Senior Care, we’re seeking quality people who wish to make a difference by helping local seniors in their homes. Flexible schedules. No certification required, but passion for senior care is. Apply online: or call M-F, 8am - 4pm. 507-399-0079. TFNwk2- x Taking applications for experienced painters. Please stop in to 1204 N Broadway or visit to print an application. h19,26,3,10- o Root River Hardwoods, Inc. is now hiring for a Sales/Woodworking position. Full time with excellent wages and benefits. Experience in the building trades is required. Must be able to read blue prints and have a strong sales background. Will include some traveling. Email your resume to or mail/drop off of 404 Airport Road, Albert Lea, MN 56007. h26,3,10- x Drivers: $1,000.00 Relocation Bonus! Great Pay/High Miles for Solo’s/Trainers and Owner Operators. Weekly Home Time. Werner Enterprises: 1-888-5674855 h3,10,17,24- x SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS sought by Dover-Eyota Public Schools, Eyota, MN. Contact Chris at or 507-545-2125. h3,10- o WINE & SPIRIT ENTHUSIASTS needed to pass out samples at local events. $20-25/hr. Must be at least 21 years of age! Email for information on how to apply. Interviewing immediately for Rochester area! h10- o PCA FOR PERSONAL CARES: Housekeeping, cooking, cleaning. Night and day shifts. Must be responsible. $12.50/hour. 507-251-2978. h10,17- o Local Plumbing and Heating shop now hiring plumbers, shop help, and sheet metal installers. Experience is preferred, but we will train. Please call 507545-9000 h10,17,24- o

410 1st St. SE, Oronoco, MN 55960 507-367-4315 • 800-369-4315 • Just 5 minutes north of Rochester on Hwy 52

Now Accepting Applications For Pizza Delivery Drivers! Must Have Valid Drivers License & Proof Of Insurance

Starting Wage - $8.50 Plus Tips And Delivery Compensation Stop In At 605 South Main St. Stewartville, MN Or Apply Online At EOE

Certified Pine Haven has part-time positions available for qualified individuals to join our caring and friendly staff!

Check us out at and see what our home-like environment has to offer.

‘97 Taurus - Blue, 140K ..................$1,895

‘94 Olds 98 - Blue, 212K ................$1,395

‘99 Taurus - Blue, 190K ..................$1,695

‘04 Intrepid - Silver, 183K ..............$2,995

‘96 Windstar - Blue, 130K .................. $1,495

Pine Haven is a 70-bed long term care facility providing quality nursing care and rehabilitation services for families in our community.

‘96 Camry - 130K, Green .................... $1,895

Send resume to:

‘97 Voyager - Blue, 226K ...............$1,295 ‘00 Neon - Gold, 114K ....................$2,695 ‘05 Impala - Blue, 159K .................$3,995

‘98 Regal - Maroon, 110K .................. $2,995 ‘00 Town & Country - Silver, 152K ...... $2,295

Med City Taxi now hiring office and driving staff. Flexible shifts, full and part-time openings. Apply at 420 1st Ave NW Rochester, MN 55901, entrance on 5th Street NW or call 507-282-8294. h10,17,24,31- x Part time warehouse/ retail position, including inventory maintenance, deliveries and customer service. Starting pay $10/hr based on experience and ability. Apply in person @ Interstate Batteries 2410 N Broadway Ste B Rochester MN 55906 (507)282-6365. h10- x

EMPLOYMENT Environmental Services Director- Pine Haven Care Center is currently seeking a Director for the Environmental Services Department. This position is responsible for the direction and performance of housekeeping and laundry duties. This includes scheduling, ordering of supplies and equipment and quality assurance for the department as well as other supervisory duties as needed. Submit resume to Human Resources, Pine Haven Community, 210 NW 3rd St., Pine Island, MN 55963, or humanresources@pinehavencommunity. org. h10- o

Join the McDonald’s of Rochester Team today! We are accepting applications for a variety of flexible, full and parttime positions: Days, Closing, Evenings & Weekends, Overnight.

Immediate Interviews will be conducted for all locations at McDonald’s on North Broadway

October 17th & 23rd • 2-5pm

We offer competitive wages and excellent benefits!


FULL-TIME WAREHOUSE - NIGHT LOADER Pepsi-Cola of Rochester has an opening for a full-time Warehouse Night Loader. This position requires the use of a walkie rider pallet jack and utilizes voice pick technology for picking beverage products and placing them on pallets for delivery. This is a fast paced job that requires repetitive lifting up to 55 lbs. We are looking for someone who is safe, reliable, responsible and who pays attention to detail. This positions work schedule is four 10-hour days starting at 1:30 P.M. with possible required overtime. Qualified applicants must be at least 18 year old, able to perform the physical aspects of the job and pass a preemployment drug/alcohol test, background check and physical. Competitive wage and benefit package offered. Interested candidates please stop in or call for an application: 1307 Valleyhigh Drive NW • Rochester, MN 55901 • (507) 288-3772

‘02 Blazer - 4x4, Red, 155K ............$3,495

‘97 Seville STS - Pearl, 145K ........$2,995




Oronoco Auto Parts and Auto Sales

Subscribe to OCJ for only $25/year.

Human Resources Pine Haven Community 210 NW Third St. Pine Island, MN 55963 (507)356-8304



olMSted County

Weather Forecast October 10, 2012

October 11, 2012



October 12, 2012

October 13, 2012












* This is a projected forecast, for the most up-to-date weather go to and click on the weather icon.



October 14, 2012


43° 58°





oct. 15

oct. 21

oct. 29

nov. 6



49° 69°




Weather art Wanted!

MoonriSe & MoonSet 1:46am 3:46pm 2:52am 4:15pm 4:00am 4:45pm 5:10am 5:14pm 6:23am 5:47pm 7:39am 6:22pm 8:55am 7:04pm

Moon PhaSeS ~ oCtober-noveMber


October 16, 2012

WeaTher arT

Sun & Moon Date: SunriSe & SunSet 10/10/12 7:19am 6:34pm 10/11/12 7:20am 6:32pm 10/12/12 7:21am 6:31pm 10/13/12 7:22am 6:29pm 10/14/12 7:24am 6:27pm 10/15/12 7:25am 6:26pm 10/16/12 7:26am 6:24pm



October 15, 2012


“Spring Time” By hayden James Kohn age 3 rochester, MN

all children 13 and under are welcome to submit Weather art. Send your picture to Olmsted County Journal, P.O. Box 6697, rochester, MN 55903 or email it to: Be sure to include Child’s First and Last Name, age, Town and Title of art Work.

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