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Sophomore Kappa Deltas Katie Rivas, Kasey Fletcher, Kayla Murray, Courtney Elledge, Maddison Wenzel, Shelby Ward and Lindsey Schleicher pose at the KD House before heading to the hedges.


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The Art of a Perfect Parents’ Weekend

With a few games under our belt, the leaves changing colors and the summer heat still trying to linger, one of my favorite times of the year must be around the corner. General Beauregard’s will be a little more packed, Heery’s Clothes Closet will be bustling nonstop, and don’t even think about trying to go to Last Resort without a reservation.

Parents’ Weekend is one of the best times of the year; there’s really nothing like partying with your mom and dad while rooting on the Dawgs. From epic tailgates to free food and drinks, the migration of parents to Athens on game days are full of fun and great times. It’s important to dine at Athens’ finest restaurants while Mom and Dad are there – not only do we want to impress them with our amazing eateries, but it’s the chance to actually eat in them without having to drain your bank account. Mama’s Boy and Big City Bread are the places to go for breakfast and brunch, and hit up Five and Ten, Last Resort and Porterhouse Grill for drool-worthy dinners. I’ll never forget ordering my dad a Dixieland Sweet Tea at General’s the first time he came for a game. I don’t know if it was the mason jars or the succulent mix of liquor and tea, but

he couldn’t stop talking about them (or ordering them!) for the rest of his time there. Taking your parents out to one of Athens’ 75+ bars is a real treat--you get to see how they act after one too many beverages, and have the luxury of non-well drinks for the night. Take them out to General Beauregard’s for some southern hospitality, Bourbon Street for shameless dancing, and Pauley’s in case they need some food with their drink--or if your mother is a wine-snob like mine--a good glass of chardonnay. Other than donning red and black and rooting for the Dawgs all over campus on Saturday, shopping on Clayton is unbeatable when parents flock to town. Bring your mama to Heery’s for cute boots and shoes, and try on a new semiformal dress at Private



Julie is a senior studying journalism. You may contact her at Gallery. Buy cute tanks and tees while your dad is willing to shell it out at Pitaya, Flirt and Encore. Whenever my parents bid me farewell on Sunday evening, they’re leaving with an emptier wallet--but I have a fuller closet. But it’s not all about having meals and drinks paid for, or shopping without a budget for the weekend; seeing familiar faces from home (especially when you are out-of-state like me) brings that corny comforting feeling that we all know and secretly love. There’s nothing like catching up and reminiscing with those who love you most. But taking bombs with your mom and late-nighting at the Grill with your dad is pretty great too.

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greek life traditions

Big Bro Has Your Back

But for a pledge, they are new enough to be overly excited. They want to help in everything they can. They want to continue to stand out because they sometimes feel that a “pledge” doesn’t have the same influence in the organization.

The Big and Little bond is formed from the second the brothers learn about the personalities of each individual pledge. Everyone is paired by having an interest in music, sports or just random things like a favorite movie. The bonding is essential for new members to feel like they’re a part of something bigger. A strong bond will improve retention rates and genuine interest in the fraternity experience.

While many fraternities do have restrictions against pledges, it is only to keep structure, which leads me to my actual point in this article. The Big and Little relationship bridges that gap. Brothers get to meet and form a deeper relationship with one of the new pledges and see that excitement. On the other hand, the pledges get to see how everything is run. They get to learn the secrets to forming sorority relations and how to better the fraternity as a whole.

Bigs get to have someone they look after, because I’m an only child, it’s cool being a Big and having someone to look after. I mean I’ve taken care of my friends and I’ve stuck up for my brothers here, but never one person in particular. I’ve never had that person who looks up to me just because I’m awesome. Our parts as Bigs require us to know about ourselves, to know our campus, to know our fraternity and most importantly to want to know our newest pledges.

Rush is one of the biggest events in the UGA community. Hundreds of guys walk around to every house hoping to make enough of an impression to get a bid to his favorite fraternity. The same is true for the sorority ladies. Within a few days, a relationship is formed and the fraternity has a pledge class.

Pledges are an extremely important part of each group. They are the life of the fraternity. We, as older undergrads, understand how the fraternity works. We know what we’re supposed to do. We know how to set up mixers and socials. We have connections to other groups and non-affiliated members on campus.


Garth Shaughnessy Chi Psi

Garth is a sophomore studying fashion merchandising. Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h i m a t

The biggest thing we need to remember is that we set the standards that these new guys will follow and someday enforce. If we do everything we can to be friends and be optimistic, we find guys that want the same thing and we strive for a common goal. The Big/Little bond reinforces our values and what we want to accomplish, especially not knowing what this life demands, a Big can always help. In any case, it is an experience that requires a lot of attention. Starting up, and even if we were active 30 years in a row, that relationship fosters growth. We won’t be in the undergrad version of our fraternities forever, and we need Littles that can and will take over and keep the fraternity as strong as all of us are doing now.


philanthropy & service

Bulldawg Brawl

There are many philanthropic organizations to get involved with at UGA that raise money to support various causes. In fact, there are more than 50 organizations that you can get involved with. UGA has everything from PALS, which is a nonprofit Christian organization that develops job skills classes to equip adult women to gain stable employment, to UGA Miracle which raises money for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, to UGA HEROs which helps provide quality of life care to kids infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in Georgia. All of these organizations constantly put of fundraisers for their cause, and ALL of the fundraisers are fun to attend. Last year, UGA Miracle put on a dance marathon that lasted for 24 hours, had more than 1,000 participants and raised $321,573 for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta! Although the school year is just underway, philanthropists have been diligently working all throughout the summer thinking of ways to help more people, raise more money and get more people involved. One club that has been pushing to the top of the pack this past year is UGA HEROs that is sponsored by the Dawgs’ own Mark Richt. As I mentioned earlier, UGA HEROs raises money to help children with HIV/AIDS in Georgia. What I didn’t mention

is that Georgia has more than 12,000 kids that are suffering from this virus, and UGA HEROs is the ONLY organization in Georgia to help improve their quality of life. HEROs has provided 500 kids with more than 18,000 hours of quality life care and has raised more than $1.5 million. In just the spring semester, they raised more than $90,000 and are planning to raise even more this fall with many more new members. HEROs has a saying that if it’s not WOW, then it’s not worth doing, and this past Saturday was certainly not an exception. HEROs had its annual Bulldawg Brawl at the Georgia Theater, which is an amateur tournament style boxing event that has students matched up against one another for a grand prize. To participate in the fight, you needed no prior fighting experience, just a $60 deposit and uncanny nerves of steel. On Wednesday at 8 p.m., fighters had unofficial weigh-ins and match-up shots taken at Silver Dollar. At noon on Saturday, the fighters had their official weigh-ins, pre-fight physicals and pass-book verifications and then the fights got underway!! I had several friends participate in the event; some had done it last year and were subsequently the “seasoned vets,” some took a boxing class at Ramsey one time and wanted to put their skills to the test, and others had had no prior fighting experience and just wanted to prove something to themselves.

Chris freeman Sigma Pi

Contributing Editor

Chris is a sophomore studying genetics. You may contact him at My freshman roommate Bryce Stephens said, “There were so many people and as soon as the match started, all my training went straight out the window and my instincts kicked in. I just started throwing lefts and rights going for the face.” I’m pretty sure that this proves that getting involved in a philanthropy here at UGA is not only a great time investment but can also be extremely fun! So start getting involved around campus in whatever organization interests you. “From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.”- Arthur Ashe

campus connections

Study, study!

A month has passed, and it is finally time to get out of denial that school is officially back in session. If you are like me, you have probably waited until this past weekend to even look at the class syllabus and only after your professor mentions that the first test is approaching in a week. Whattt?! First exam? I thought we just got back here… Due to UGA’s uncanny ability to schedule every course’s exams on the same days, and the vast amount of students on campus these days, finding a proper place to study can sometimes be excruciatingly painful. If you are not the type of person who can study in their own room, there are plenty of great study spots on and off campus to check out! Freshmen, many of us upperclassmen are still struggling to refer to the SLC as the MLC, but as you probably already know, the building is enormous and a fantastic place to study. Come final exam time, you may be shocked to see some of your fellow classmates camped out in the study rooms with blankets and tents and zero intentions of leaving. Do not be alarmed, it is just one of the quirky aspects of everyone’s favorite learning center. When I was a freshman, however, the best place to study was right in our resident halls. Russell offered the Russell


tanzene ali Kappa Delta

Tanzene is a senior studying advertising and sociology. You may contact her at

Academic Center (commonly referred to as the “RAC”) on the third floor. What better place to “study” and run into your crush from the 8th floor with a biology test that week, right? The high rise dorms all have areas you can go to prepare for tests and is a great option for the freshman student who does not want to travel far or be surrounded by hundreds of people. If you are looking for an even quieter place to study, check out the main library on North campus where all the students go. The fourth and fifth floors are usually pretty empty and completely silent. And if you can disguise yourself as a law student, the law library is allegedly a top notch place for some serious scholastics. (In almost four years here at Georgia, I

have yet to brave the clutches of the law students in there however.) If an educational setting is not for you, and you would rather have a chill place with some background music, there are plenty of quiet coffee shops around town to check out! Two Story Café on Five Points, Jittery Joe’s on Baxter Street and Walker’s Pub or Starbucks downtown are just a few of the closer places to visit. And if you really want to venture out there, Barnes and Nobles and Panera Bread are only a short drive away from campus! So good luck to you my fellow procrastinators, I hope these suggestions help and that I might take my own advice this year! Happy studies!


travel & adventure

A Semester Abroad: UGA in Cortona, Italy A study abroad program can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your lifetime, but it can also be very scary to go to another country with a bunch of strangers, especially if you have never traveled before. Despite this, Delta Gamma sister Elizabeth Penland spent the entire spring semester of 2012 in Cortona, Italy studying with a program focused on art and the classics.

Chiara Tondi resta Delta Gamma

Chiara is a sophomore studying classical culture and French. Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t

Penland’s program allowed her to take full advantage of her time off campus. Participating students took a full course load of 13 hours in Italian, Art History, and for Classics majors like Penland, two upper level Classics classes. Major classes were taught by UGA faculty, but students were also able to take a class from Italian professors who specialized in Art History of the Renaissance period.

To supplement the work done in the classroom, the program also organized weekend trips to different cities throughout Italy, including Bologna, Pisa and Assisi, among others. The program also started and ended with week-long visits to Rome and Venice respectively. The extensive travel that was part of the program allowed students to get a more hands-on feel of what they were studying, and as an added bonus, helped cut back on the busy work that they would have otherwise had to do had they taken the same classes on campus.

surroundings so that she was not homesick, and she quickly became friends with the other UGA students, although she had not known any of them previously. For anyone who is afraid that they may get too homesick by spending an entire semester abroad, Penland insists that being in the company of other UGA students and faculty, as well as living on UGA’s extended campus, made her feel just as at home as when she is living in Athens.

Even though the program was filled with opportunities for travel and seeing a different lifestyle, Penland assured me that the program’s design still made her feel at home. She stayed at the John D. Kehoe Center, which is a part of UGA’s campus in Cortona, and lived on the same hall as the 27 other participants in her program. She was able to still have familiar people and

Studying abroad is an incredible way to learn about different cultures and people, and you are bound to make friendships that will last forever. No matter where you go, any study abroad experience will open your eyes up to the world so that you return home with an entirely new perspective on the world and the people and things in it.

If you have thought about doing a study abroad, but are unsure of whether it is the right thing for you, Penland urges you to reconsider: “I would definitely recommend study abroad to anyone! It’s a great way to get to live in another culture in a way that you may never have the opportunity to again, plus you have your professors there, and they know a lot more about the places you are visiting than you could find out on your own. You get to go with people your own age and make some wonderful friends!”

In the summer months, amusement parks open their doors once again to the millions of tourists looking for a thrill. While the U.S. has long been the leader in boasting the fastest rides with the highest drops, Europe and Asia are coming in hot on our tails with new parks and rides opening each year. Here’s a glimpse at some of the most popular theme parks across the globe.


Magic Kingdom Park – Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, FL 2005 attendance: 16.2 million Admission: Starts at $24/day Tokyo Disneyland – Tokyo, Japan 2005 attendance: 13 million Admission: starts at $33/day





Everland – Kyonggi-Do, South Korea 2005 attendance: 7.5 million Admission: starts at $25/day

World’s Most Popular

Tivoli Gardens – Copenhagen, Denmark 2005 attendence: 4.1 million Admission: starts at $7/day

Blackpool Pleasure Beach – Blackpool, England 2005 attendance: 6 million Admission: starts at $28/ day Ocean Park – Hong Kong Europa Park – Rust, Germany 2005 attendence: just over 4 million 2005 attendence: just under 4 million Admision: starts at $9/day Admission starts at $33/day



Disneyland Paris – Paris, France 2005 attendance: 10.2 million Admission: starts at $45/day



Amusement Parks

Paramount Canada’s Wonderland – Maple, Ontario 2005 attendence: 3.7 million Admission: starts at $37/day


Port Aventura – Salou, Spain 2005 attendence: 3.4 million Admission: starts at $39/day

travel & adventure


Studying Abroad: Great Experience and Resume Builder For many of us, when junior year of college rolls around everything starts to become comfortable. When walking around campus, there are familiar faces everywhere and finding your way to class is a piece of cake. As my third year in college arrived and to mark the halfway point, I felt a strong desire for a change of scenery and pace of life. In order for me to grow and truly figure out who I was, I needed to go to a place where I knew no one and nothing. By venturing out of my comfort zone, I could delve deeper into my passion for fashion by taking classes in more specific topics and really focus on my future career goals. Making the decision to go abroad for a semester was the best one I have made yet, and I want to share the reasons why I think every college student should take the time to travel. I chose an external program based in Florence, Italy, not knowing any students on the trip and not speaking a lick of Italian. Upon arriving in Italia, I

Caitlin inwood Sigma Kappa

Caitlin is a senior studying marketing. You may contact her at made friends with my roommates instantly, who were all from opposite ends of the continent. This made for a very interesting and diverse living situation, and I can definitely say that I took away different things from each of them that are still with me to this day. It was eye opening for me to realize how vastly different, yet similar people can be that live in the same country! As for the traveling aspect, backpacking around Europe with six new friends was the best way to see all the amazing cities I had only read about in history books. You can easily forget something you read or saw on a show, but experiencing the lighting of the Eiffel Tower in person is unforgettable. Eating at the various cafes, visiting museums or hanging at local bars in each city allowed me to participate in different cultures completely different from my own, causing me to question

my own ways of doing things. I finally realized that the way I did things wasn’t necessarily the only way or “right” way. After seeing the people of Spain, England, France and Italy, I have taken pieces of each lifestyle and applied them to my American life. For lunch this week, I bought pesto, tomatoes and mozzarella so that I can make caprese salad (I quickly became obsessed with this delicious combo of fresh ingredients during my stay). I also took away some of the Italian sense of style, which I’m mainly focusing on natural makeup, leather items and scarves. Now that I’ve shared why I loved studying abroad, here are some basic steps you need to take to obtain your very own cultural dream trip. Remember to carefully consider a country that inspires you or fascinates you. Choose a place where you can see yourself mixing in with the culture for months at a time, considering factors such as housing, language and food. Then, talk to a study abroad advisor to see if there are any programs run through UGA that go to that location, and if not, find an external program that does like I did. Lastly, submit an application and hopefully you’ll hear back within the month! Studying abroad is something I highly recommend to anyone who has an adventurous spirit and a zest for life!


fashion trends

The Latest and Greatest for fall: Makeup, Hair and Nails So you now know what to wear during the fall season for back to school, but what about the rest? We’re here to give you a guide on the best makeup, hair and nail trends to set your ensembles off. Several of these looks have been spotted on the runway in the shows of Michael Kors to Oscar de la Renta, and are perfect for nights out on the town and even a day on campus.

Carolyn williams Detla Gamma

Carolyn is a senior studying journalism. You may contact her at low-tone, soft reds instead of bright, vava-voom reds. Emma Stone is the greatest example of the perfect red head for the fall.

Hair styles and cuts are plentiful and diverse this year ranging from blunt bangs to sleek ponytails. The side twist look is in this season, for those with long hair; try this look half up with loose waves. You can also Brunettes will look stunning with the ever pair this look with a cute, messy bun. Blunt classic and continuously popular ombre bangs are huge this season, try a straighthair color. This shade starts out with your across blunt cut that comes right above dark brown toward the top and fades into your eyes; it gives your face dimension. a lighter shade of brown or blonde toward Single braids are a classic that are always the ends. This color illuminates your face cute with any outfit, you can do this with all of your hair or even just braid a tiny and will give you a warm autumn glow. section of hair and leave the rest down. For a night out on the town, try a sexy Brunettes will look stunning with the side swept look or a retro ever classic and continuously popular bouffant to give your hair and a vintage twist. ombre hair color. This shade starts out body Sleek, low ponytails are with your dark brown toward the top easy and sophisticated and and fades into a lighter shade of brown can be worn downtown or even just to class. First off: hair, every girl’s greatest asset. Here a few tips and styles for you to achieve the perfect fall look from colors to cuts and several adorable styles.

or blonde toward the ends. This color illuminates your face and will give you a warm autumn glow.

Blondes will appear radiant with natural, warm golds to blend with the golden leaves of the changing trees. Honey blonde and golden blonde are the perfect shades for this season. Redheads will turn heads as always with

Next we run to makeup. The right makeup can make or break your fall look, and this season, there are so many options to work with.

Fresh and natural faces are beautiful, and you can never do wrong with this look. Models have been rocking this look on the runway, and we love it the most. For this look, use plenty of nude shades along with petal pink and apricot for the cheeks.

For lips, try a dab of light pink stain and a touch of bronzer gives you that lingering, sun-kissed glow.

use a bright pink to create the illusion that you’ve just been outside in the midst of an icy winter storm.

For a night on the town, there are several makeup tricks to use and experiment with that have skyrocketed to the top of the fashion must-do list. Dramatic red lips are in this season, whether they be a deep crimson or stunning mulberry. Geometric eyeliner is another trend which consists of sharp and crisp lines in neon colors or even classic black. Color blocked eyelids are out of this world and add yet another piece to the growing geometric fad. Smoky brown continues to be a classy and looks beautiful with all eye colors.

Last but not least: nails. Nails are by far a girl’s best accessory. This season we are seeing several dark and stormy hues including but not limited to deep burgundy and midnight blue. Try dark gunmetal silver for a metallic flair. Opposite these colors, white, cream and soft golds are popular to soften a look and give you a natural and warm look. Take a twist on the classic French and instead of white tips, try neon yellow or metallic red, this is always a stunning change. We’ve seen them all over Pinterest, but bold designs are definitely in, like black lace and even bold Aztec prints.

It can be extremely hard to get your eyelashes perfect, so many makeup artists have started sketching lashes just above the eyelid to give the illusion of longer and fuller lashes. The look is pure genius. Weathered cheeks are also among designer favorites to give that winter chill look, to achieve this,

Now that you have the rest to your perfect fall ensemble guide, mix, match and have fun. There are so many different styles and looks you can try that will make you UGA’s greatest fall fashionista.

something to talk about


It’s Lame Day In Athens... Being born and raised in Durham, North Carolina means a lot of things. For starters it means I love a certain type of barbecue, I know every word to every James Taylor Song, and at birth I was faced with one life-altering and momentous decision: would I grow up to become a Duke fan or a UNC fan? Whichever choice I made was everlasting, and it would affect every part of my day-to-day life as I grew up in Durham. As an infant, the choice was clear: Duke was the choice for me.

Although Durham led me to become the avid and passionate basketball fan that I am today, there were costs as well, one of which being that ACC football is some of the worst in the nation. Duke football tickets were practically passed around like candy just to get people into the stands, and when I came to Georgia I had no idea what I was getting myself into. My freshman year I stepped into my first game in Sanford against South Carolina, and before I knew it I was in love with SEC football. Consequently, ever since the end of the 2011 football season, I had already begun counting down to this year’s football season. I became even more excited when I learned of Keith Marshall, an incoming freshman player from Raleigh, a city right next to Durham. I built up the

first game day to be one of the best days of the year, but somehow everything seemed to go wrong. I started off the day in excited and rushed anticipation. The Chi O halls filled with music and blurs of red and black clothing sporadically dodging from room to room. When everyone was dressed and ready, we headed out to tailgate but shortly after arriving, the heat made it almost unbearable to stand casually outside of the Sigma Chi house. As a result, my friends and I headed into our friends room upstairs to hang out before the noon game. We were laughing and dancing to some pump-up game day music when, in mid moonwalk, I glanced at the clock that said 1:30. Not once had I been late to a game until this one, and as we sprinted down Lumpkin, we came face to face with bad news. Our friends were piling out of Sanford at an increasingly fast pace, claiming that it was too hot to bake in the stands. Despite such rumors, we proceeded onward and Sanford loomed ahead of us.

"We were laughing and dancing to some pumpup game day music when, in mid moonwalk, I glanced at the clock that said 1:30."

@SklarBrothers - If we could put up with years of his shitty movies, he can put up with another four years of Obama.

hate each other, they say “we should DEFINITELY hang out” and then take turns shouting “definitely!” until one of them dies.

@AllisonAyy - I am quite positive that the way I will leave this world is via liver failure. Just a question of when...

@DamienFahey - Hey girls and hipsters, which filter are we using this year to Instagram the Pumpkin Spice Latte?

@rainnwilson - Every time I hear the voice of Don Draper trying to sell me a Mercedes, I drink a pitcher of martinis & despair dead-eyed over a cigarette.

@juliussharpe - I never made the Dean’s List but I find it disturbing the Dean keeps a list of teenagers he likes.

@GaryJanetti - One day I aspire to be as good a person as I am in texts.

@TheNardvark - “I’m more into the earlier day saints” - hipster Mormon

@NewDreems - I don’t care what they say, the first guy to milk a cow and drink it was an absolute pervert.

@SethMacFarlane - With Gaga and Rihanna out there hunting for new and exotic furs, we must do all we can to protect Robin Williams.

@Travon - I guess Nicki Minaj endorsing Romney is because her terrible album sales are Obama’s fault. @trevso_electric - When two girls

@totalfratmove - Having to catch the SportsCenter highlights from a game I attended.#TFM

deegan mundy Chi Omega

Deegan is a sophomore studying journalism. You may contact her at Once we had reached our seats, we hadn’t been sitting for more than 30 seconds when I realized that despite my intentions of staying the whole game, it would be impossible for my body to not be physically fried by that point, and I immediately got up to get some water. When I returned I encountered a sea of people that I didn’t know. I had lost my friends. “Calm down,” I told myself, “Just look for Megan. She was wearing red and black.” That was it! I would just find Megan’s red and black dress. Had I not been so overwhelmed, I would have recognized that Megan was surrounded by 92,746 other fans in Sanford Stadium wearing those exact colors. But I was overwhelmed, and my search ended in vain. The game ended in a lonely quest downtown to find a friendly face, and for a third time I found myself stranded and alone in Athens.



The DOs and DON’Ts of a Saturday in Athens

With college football officially underway, it’s time that we face the truths about game day. It’s no secret: Saturday in Athens can either be the best or most miserable day of the weekend. One wrong move and you’ll go from calling the Dawgs to face down in your bed by the end of the second quarter, but play your cards right and you’ll probably make the most epic memories you’ll never remember.

However, it’s a fine line between being an obnoxious Georgia fan and just being obnoxious. So, what are the rules of the perfect game day? Let’s be real-- there aren’t any. Anything goes on Saturday in Athens, but here are some gentle suggestions that are based on true events of many Athens common-folk. It’s all in the name of the Dawgs, right? DO: • Tailgate to your heart’s desire. Got a friend whose parents are grilling out? Befriended some random alumni on the side of the road? Take advantage of these small blessings, and eat their food. And no, 9 a.m. is NOT too early. • Get in the stadium before kick-off. You may be sweating and half-asleep by the time it’s time to tee it up between the hedges, and the least sane thing in the world would be to surround yourself with screaming, barking crowds of people. You’ll forget by the time we’re dominating the other team. • Prepare for a marathon. Game day is the definition of a “long-term commitment.” And as we all know,

Cydney adams Alpha Chi Omega

Cydney is a junior studying digital & broadcast news and political science. You may contact her at it is a worthwhile cause to commit to. A somewhat smelly, chaotic, and sometimes dangerous cause, but worthwhile nonetheless. • Eat at Waffle House at some point in the day. This will ALWAYS be a win-win situation for your stomach and a few other organs, all while stimulating the thens economy. • Stay with your friends. Wandering the streets of Athens alone doesn’t seem so bad until your phone dies, you lose your wallet, and you find yourself without food or a ride home. • Hydrate (with water). DON’T:

• Leave too early. Give into your FOMO (fear of missing out) and let your friends convince you to stay out as long as possible. Okay, so the game is long and claustrophobic, and it seems like the frat blocks are literally inches from the sun. The lines downtown will probably resemble the line to ride Batman at Six Flags. But it’s worth it. • Forget to eat. Even if this means paying the equivalent of a successful night downtown for the overpriced, mediocre fried chicken and a “collectors” edition cup of ice water. Bank accounts may suffer, but come Sunday morning you’ll be thanking yourself. • Overdress. We ladies have all been there: it seems practical to wear four inch heels when you wake up in the morning, and sure your outfit will look great on Instagram. But you won’t even make it to half time let alone into the stadium. Just... No. (Note: this really only applies to women. Everyone likes a guy in a bow tie.) • C omplain. It’s game day people! GO DAWGS!

• Jaywalk. Especially not with a red solo cup in hand. This is the quickest way to ruin a perfectly good Saturday, not to mention it will be impossible to complete the previously listed “DOs.”

It’s Not Football Without a Tailgate Ladies and gentlemen, we have finally kicked off football season. After several long months of anticipation, America’s favorite college sport has made its annual debut—and thankfully not leaving Georgia fans disappointed. If you were dedicated enough to stick around for the season opener in the blazing heat—then I thoroughly applaud you. True fans know, however, there is more to football season than the game. Yes, the game counts; yes, we all keep our televisions tuned to ESPN to keep tabs on rival teams; but when the Dawgs don’t tee off between the hedges until late afternoon, the rest of us are up and at ‘em at the crack of dawn for the “entertainment before the entertainment,” shall we say. Y’all—it’s tailgate season.

Ladies, unfortunately for us, we fall to a slight disadvantage in the tailgating scene. Since sororities are not to have parties at our houses, tailgating quickly becomes a scavenger hunt. Who do we know in which fraternities? How far do we have to walk to get there? More importantly, is there free food? For those of you who have managed to grab yourself a nice frat daddy (you go girl!), give those guys an ego boost and invite your sorority sisters to the tailgate! There is nothing better than expanding the Greek community through a tailgate; it’s a totally relaxed atmosphere, especially since you’re all there to get ready to cheer on your favorite team… unless football is not your thing, then that’s just plain sad.

For those of you who are new to the Bulldog Nation, allow me to educate. We all know it is no secret—Athens is the football capital of the country. We’re loud, we’re proud—and we make sure not to disappoint. What better way to get hyped up for the game than a tailgate? Take a walk down Milledge Avenue for the next home game— fraternity houses are packed with brothers and parents and dates alike, all present for some fan fellowship before kickoff. You would be surprised to see how early Bulldog fans arrive in preparation for the game. A 6 a.m. tailgate for a noon game? Is that real? Yes, yes it is.

Don’t get me wrong now—tailgating is not just for the kids. It’s for everybody! Bring your parents! It’s amazing to see how much parents loosen up and kick back when they hit the tailgating scene. Luckily, Parents Weekends for the Greek community occur during football season, and tailgating is the perfect way to bond with your folks, while they get to make some new friends of their own— everybody’s parents could use a few more pals. Fresh alumni bring their babies to the tailgate to teach them early who to pull for, or they’ll be written out of

Cameron voiselle Delta Zeta

Cameron is a sophomore studying advertising. You may contact her at the will. The art of tailgating’s purpose is to bring people who all have a passion for their favorite team together in one place in order to pump each other up for kickoff, talk smack about Auburn and Florida, and gain some football knowledge from your daddy (girls, football information is nothing short of valuable information—you’ll thank me one day). In case I have failed to educate, then let me reiterate here: tailgating is more than exquisite finger food. It’s more than showing off your new game day outfit. It’s more than hanging out in the hot Georgia heat for hours on end. Tailgating is the unofficial support we give for the Dawgs off the field. We show up for the team, we show up for our friends, and you better believe we show up ready to win!



Washington Farms Sweaters, cider and crisp, cool air. It’s hard to imagine the arrival of such things in the intensely long and hot Georgia summer. Even after the start of football season, it still feels like we should be pool side instead of fire side. Thankfully, though, the heat is on its way out, and sooner than later we’ll be greeted with all of the festive autumn activities that fall has to offer. Depending on where you’re from, you may have different annual traditions or outings that have come to symbolize fall for you, your friends and your family. Where I’m from in Michigan, my friends and I love to go to the local cider mill each year to get fresh apple cider and delicious cinnamonsugar donuts. Others of you may enjoy a more frightening fall excursion and seek to find the most thrillingly terrifying haunted houses your town has to offer. Unfortunately, whether it’s your first year at school, or your last, it’s not always easy to make it back home in order to celebrate in the familiar way you like best. If you’re looking for a fun substitute to get you in the seasonal mood this fall, Washington Farms is definitely worth checking out. Located in Athens/Loganville, Washington Farms is everything you could want to kick-start your fall the right way (minus the scary Halloween vibe).

Cult Classics

The whole point and ambiance of a cult classic is that it is eccentric and doesn’t constrain to the mold of mainstream cinema. Following this nature, naturally some might be repelled by the content of them, but without breaking out of the norm every once in a while, things would be quite mundane. I have selected my top three cult classics to share with you this week. Ever heard of The Godfather? Silly question, am I right? Well how about the movie Brick? If you like crime dramas with a little mob gangster flair, you should give Brick a view. Narrated by a character named Brendon, this unique film follows him in his earnest quest to find out how his girlfriend Emily ended up lying face down in a storm drain. It is no surprise that Brick, with the collaboration of its captivating plot infused with eloquent code-like diction of the script, won awards at the super indie Sundance Film Festival. In an effort to not reveal any spoilers, overall the film is comprised of a young but promising cast who have succeeded by taking this perhaps trite premise of a film and injecting a youthful perspective that draws its audience in. Written in the late ‘90s, Stephen Chbosky’s Perks of being a Wallflower has resounded through the past decade and thus far, has developed quite a cult following. The focal point of this novel is zoned in on an introverted freshman named Charlie who has a knack for exploring the depths of novels assigned by his English teacher. A remarkable facet of the prose is Chbosky’s choice of text formatting by using dated letters sent from Charlie to an unknown character. Through these, he relays his inner turmoil of dealing with cliché high school occurrences such as making new friends,

Washington Farms is known for their berries and gives guests the opportunity to hand pick strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and in the fall, pumpkins. This is one of guests’ favorite activities and one of the farm’s most unique offerings that visitors are able to participate in during the seasonal months. Additionally, the farm offers hay rides that give riders a tour of the grounds and that take visitors to see the barnyard animals on site including chickens, pigs, goats-- you name it, they have it. There’s also an 8 1/2 acre corn maze (a classic fall activity on everyone’s checklist) and more than enough areas to sit down, enjoy yourself and maybe even have a snack or two. You may be thinking, this seems like a place for children, and in many ways you’re right. In addition to hay rides and pumpkin patches that are suitable for all ages, the farm also puts a lot of emphasis on family and would be a great place to visit if your little cousin happens to be making a trip up to Athens. Washington Farms has an activity that corresponds to just about every fall related item possible. There’s a cow train and a corn box that are great for little kids, and there’s even a “little tykes” play area to make sure children of all ages are occupied. For the more competitively spirited or older visitors, be sure to check out the pig race, duck race, pumpkin slingshot and corn cannon. No matter what your

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age, however, Washington Farms is sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment. As a side note, it’s also possible to get hired on the farm for the fall. Students can get paid to help out with games and the corn maze for the season. It’s only $10 to go to Washington Farms in order to check out all they have to offer, so why not set aside a day over the weekend to revert to some traditional fall fun? Keep up with what’s happening on the farm through Facebook and Twitter. Washington Farms opens Saturday, Sept. 29, so make sure to check it out this fall season!

developing a first crush, experimentation with drugs, and having different types of relationships. As readers follow Charlie on his experiences through adolescence, it becomes increasingly difficult to stray away from his rather insightful, although removed, view upon the world around him. Luckily for all of us, this book was converted into a movie that comes out this Sept. 14 with A-list actors such as Emma Watson and Paul Rudd starring in the film. Even if you don’t read the book, the movie should be just as if not more riveting.

Callie lewis Gamma Phi Beta

Callie is a sophomore studying public relations. You may contact her at Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, my favorite cult classic is The Big Lebowski. Considered a flop back in 1988, now it is a staple among its avid admirers, including myself. This trippy comedy starring Jeff Bridges follows a severely mellowed out character dubbed “The Dude.” From his footwear choice of jellies, his favorite drink being a white Russian, and the fact he will write a check for one carton of half & half, let’s just say he is quite the abnormal character you can’t help but want to be best bros with. The movie follows Jeffrey Lebowski aka “The Dude” in the aftermath of someone soiling a very important rug. He is mistaken to

be a millionaire of the same name and is quickly thrown in the middle of a kidnap case as the middleman. Again, I refuse to spoil any of the fun so you should check this out on your next Sunday Funday because let’s face it, who really utilizes Sundays to study? All in all, to quote the infamous Jim Morrison, “Where is your will to be weird?” In some off time between football games and schoolwork, delve into the awesomeness that are these selections even if they are a little quirky.



Phishin’ Around As the soft ruby light cut through the thin layer of smoke hanging above the crowd, the speakers exploded with the screeching doodle of an electric guitar. As the fingers neatly combed up and down the neck of the guitar, they resulted in pleasing riffs from an amazing guitarist. His name is Trey Anastasio, and he is the lead singer and guitarist for one of the most popular rock groups of our time. Along with pianist Page McConnell, bassist Mike Gordon and drummer Jon Fishman, the four men make up the genre-spanning, mind-blowing, unbelievably groovy band called Phish.

doug mcwilliams Kappa Alpha

Doug is a sophomore studying advertising, pre-journalism and French. You may contact him at funnyfella98@ common sights meant to stir up a response in the audience. Their first mass-release cassette, titled Junta, also released this year and was met with great success.

Phish’s history is one detailed with enough facts and interesting trivia to fill a small history book, so I’ll try and cover the basics. The group formed at University of Vermont in 1863. After a few years experimenting with other band members, they finally solidified “the four” with Trey Anastasio, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon and Page McConnell. During these formation years, the band recorded a number of cassettes and toward the later part of the ‘80s, began focusing in on perfecting their style with more intense practice sessions, sometimes even locking themselves in a room for hours.

During the ‘90s, the group began expanding their tours and branching out to new areas of the world. In 1992, the band found a grip abroad and did some touring in Europe with the Violent Femmes and later, Carlos Santana. The year after, major amphitheaters began demanding Phish, fans couldn’t fill their ears enough, and the band loved every minute of it. For Halloween in 1994, the band began its tradition of covering another performers album, when they first covered the Beatles’ selftitled album (The White Album). In 1995, the album A Live One became Phish’s first true album to be certified gold by the RIAA. The certification solidified their status as a sensational rock band, and gave them something to work toward in their future releases.

In 1989, Phish rented the Paradise Rock Club and found that the place sold out due to the high number of followers who traveled to see them. For the next three years, they would find similar results at almost every other venue they attended. It was also during this time that the band experimented with methods to to increase involvement with the crowd. Trampolines, volleyballs and even instrument switches among the band members were all

Oct. 7, 2000. The soft reverberations f ro m a n a m p left a feeling of emptiness as the crowd observed the last Phish show before they took an extended break. It was the first time since

As my buddy nervously checked his watch again, his eyes flecked back to the computer screen and scanned the TicketMaster website. In just seconds, the restrictions would be lifted and there would be the opportunity to purchase tickets for the Atlanta Phish show at Lakewood. From his nervous knee tapping and his short-temperedness, you could tell he wasn’t joking around. He isn’t crazy though; he’s just one small representation from the huge selection of Phish followers. More on that later…

their conception that they would be taking time off and it shocked the crowd. Though they got back together in 2002, it would be only two years later, when in an April 2004 showing in Las Vegas the band announced they would break up after their summer tour. It was a knife in the heart of all of their fans and a severe culture shock to the music world. Fortunately, the band did end up getting back together about four years later, and has since then realized what their absence would do to a following who loves them. They have performed semi-regularly since 2008 and have kept loyal to the fans who adore them. Enough with the history, though; so how about the actual Phish experience? Part of what makes Phish so interesting are the fans, the atmosphere and the general adventure of going to a Phish show. There’s the twinkling of lights and lasers on stage, which cut through the gusts of smoke spewing from the crowd, creating

Technicolor polka dots in a sea of grooving fans. Or perhaps it’s the glow sticks, which scrape the night sky like fluorescent fingers as they reach high into the sky, only to arc back to the earth. Or maybe it’s just closing your eyes and letting the tinkle of a snare drum mingle with the sharp cuts of the piano keys as you slowly find your body “noodling,” - a term meant to describe the bobbing, grooving motion of Phish fans dancing. After the concert ended, the hungry wave of Phishheads broke into the lot, where they found loyal vendors selling all sorts of different foods. I glanced over the popcorn, covered caramel balls, past the fried egg/ham sandwiches, tried to avoid the philly-cheese steak hotdogs, and finally decided that for my artery’s health I should just get something when I get home to Athens. My fast-metabolized friend, however, choiced a “Hammerhead” – some sort of awful hell-spawn of a hot dog consisting of subway sandwich bread, chopped bacon, sausage, cheese sauce, and what looked to be feta cheese (or marshmallows, honestly who the hell knows.) As he crunched through his sandwich, we meandered through the open trunks and tailgates of all the Phish fans. There were witty shirts, food items, glass pipes, funny posters and folk art of all sorts. It was amazing to see the turnout after the concert, and I would have bought a tie-dye Phish shirt if I hadn’t spent my life savings on $5 waters. My advice to anyone thinking of attending a Phish concert- go for it. I’m not even into the rock/ jam band kind of genres, but this is certainly an experience to open your eyes to something I would have never believed. Are there a ton of drugs there? Yes, certainly, and if that makes you uncomfortable you may have to bite the bullet a little bit, but that’s just as much a part of Phish culture as “noodling” itself. The entire adventure of going to see a professional rock band groove out to an amazing light show, with a crowd full of peaceful, dedicated fans is truly something to behold. Besides, afterward there’s guaranteed to be a handful of grease-soaked delicacies waiting for ya.

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