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“Ãããããhhhh... OK.”


“Pô, miss... tô cansadão!!!” “Aahh... para, Adriano!!!”

“Missssssss, I had an idea!!”

“Calma,esperaaí,vamosporpartes...” “So... Let’s work!”


Sandra Rosana Xavier

In a year of so many hardships – mudslides, overflowing rivers, earthquakes, tsunamis and Mideast protests - the wind (symbol of all that is free) is leading you on different paths that will offer you new visions! My wishes are for you to fly higher and faster like eagles that live in high country; to believe that life is to live on the land and learn from the sea, and to feel your soul as free as the wind-swell. The moment is now: seize the day, entrusting as little as possible to the future. Use the blessings you have received and pass them on with joyful love. Work in the service of all humankind, bringing light and comfort. Thank you Adriano, Arlindo, Andrew, Fernanda, Giovanna and Guilherme! I am grateful to Amanda Brasil-Leigh, Antonia Teixeira and João Victor Galhego for their help in diverse ways. My special thanks to Mr. Majka, whose kindness is my guiding light every morning.

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A school is widely defined as an educational institution, but to the people inside, this simple building ends up embodying much more. A school introduces not only students, but also its staff, to learning opportunities, which include book knowledge and life lessons. Students and staff spend their days beside people who end up becoming a regular part of their life, and some end up being friends for life. On September 24, 2010, Our Lady of Mercy School celebrated 58 years since its establishment by the Society of Our Lady of Mercy, which was founded in 1919. The plan for the school came about to offer an American, Catholic education to interested families living in Rio de Janeiro, and more than half a century later, the school continues to be a success. As of today, OLM features a vast variety of ethnic groups and nationalities, enriching the already remarkable 500plus student body. Within this year’s senior class alone, there are students who were born, raised or lived long periods of time all over the world, including Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago, Ecuador, Great Britain, Egypt, France, Spain, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Argentina and multiple cities in both the United States and Brazil. This diversity, found within a class of 34 students alone, is a small representation of the cultural phenomenon found in all the corners of OLM among both students and staff. This year, the senior class chose the yearbook’s theme to be OLM itself because it was this simple educational facility that bought us all together. Some of the seniors have spent 15 years together, meeting each other in diapers and becoming adults together. Other seniors have been here less than a year, and if it had not been for OLM, they would have never been able to be part of such a special group of people. Of course, within the many years together, there were many ups and downs, but the ups will always outweigh the downs. The senior class is proud to say that, even with many struggles, it has found its balance and its common point within the school grounds. The school stands as an equality ground for all the seniors, regardless of their age, birth country or years at OLM. OLM represents a force keeping the seniors together and present in each other’s lives, and no matter where life individually takes each of us, we will always have a happy memory to share from our times together at OLM. The school will always represent the place that prepared each one of us for the rest of our lives. As a very proud senior, I can say that the positive memories from my two years at OLM will stick with me for a very long time, and that no matter where life takes me, OLM will always be my second home. The seniors have progressively grown into a very distinctive family, where some have moved quite far away, and some new members arrived within this year. However, if not for OLM, our school, we would not be the family we are, and most importantly, we would not be the Class of 2011 that stays “together in earth, hell, or heaven”. Thank you, Our Lady of Mercy School, for making us the best we could be and for allowing us to have an amazing educational experience. Thank you for One Last Memory. Fernanda Da Silva 4

By Antonia Teixeira and Amanda Brasil-Leigh

Our class is known for having different points of view in everything. We hardly ever agree on the same thing, and massive discussions arise from simple things such as deciding on the yearbook theme, paying the bake sale bill, and electing new class representatives. When time came for us to choose the yearbook dedication, we all finally agreed on the same thing; Lucia Helena deserves it. We are grateful for all teachers and recognize their importance in our development, but we could only choose one person. Lucia has been our teacher since 7th grade and throughout these past years she became a friend. At first she seemed like a severe, ironic teacher, always surprising us with arguições and saying that we reinvented history.

As time passed, however, we discovered a softer side to her. In a way, she took us all around the world. After every vacation, she would tell us all about the amazing places she had been to, giving tips of “must-see” and “tourists traps”. Our class trips together were always memorable: Petrópolis, Paquetá, Cabo Frio, and to wrap it up, Paraty. Aside from that, most of us also had the privilege of getting to know the city that never sleeps by her side. And no matter how many times we may return to New York in the future, we will always remember our time there together. Thanks for everything Lúcia, and we hope to see you around Leblon! Just one last thing: “Eu não dei correntes marítimas? Correntes marítimas. (Ponto).”

” . . . r o v a f r o p , o h “Um momentin “As duas datas são aceitas.”

” . . . o o o o o o o o o ô ô “Rô “Foi um colar de F’s.” “Esta prova estava


“Olha, gostei muito...” a m e l b o r p m u é “Porque ” ! o m i s s serííí Ms. Lucia Helena de Souza Oliveira 5

Messages from the Superintendent and the Chaplain

The first FRESHMAN HOUSE of Our Lady of Mercy School. You are the first graduates at OLM who have had access to laptops in your classrooms for the entire four years of your high school. It was a learning experience for you and for us. Throughout our lives everything becomes a learning experience, or should be. We all must take solace in the fact that we are susceptible to change and we need to learn to criticize, adapt and adjust to it as quickly as possible. We learn from our successes as well as from our defeats. The important thing is to do as an old song, written by Jerome Kern called “Pick Yourself Up”, which states: “Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again.” We, at OLM, wish you all the very best as you venture out of these walls into your new environment. May all the upcoming experiences be significant learning moments as you enter a world of rapid change and challenges. Dr. Charles Richard Lyndaker

Dear Friends, Before you lie the wonderful world of knowledge and the immense challenge of truth. Here you came to a much greater understanding of yourself and of the universe. You explored the vast fields of the sciences and the arts. You engaged in researching and planning your future. Here in this centre of higher education you prepared yourselves to make the first steps of your own contribution to society. You know as Catholic students, the Christian view is that: human beings are to be valued for what they are, not for what they have. In loving the poor and serving those in whatever need, the Church seeks above all to respect and heal their human dignity. The aim of Christian solidarity and service is to defend and promote, in the name of Jesus Christ, the dignity and fundamental human rights of every person. Dear students, you have inherited a tradition of service and academic excellence, the cumulative effort of so many who have worked so hard and sacrificed so much for Catholic education in Our of Lady of Mercy School. The challenges that confront you from now on are very serious. My special hope for you is this: that you will always have a great love for truth - the truth about God, the truth about man and the truth about the world. I pray that through the truth you will serve humanity and experience real freedom. In the words of Jesus Christ: “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free”. (Jn 8, 32). May the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Mercy, always watch over our School and over each one of you. May she obtain from the Holy Spirit, an abundance of wisdom, knowledge and intelligence for you so that, as St Paul says in his Letter to the Ephesians, you may be able to “comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ which surpasses all understanding, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God” (Eph 3,18-19). Amen! Monsignor André Sampaio 6

Monsignor André Sampaio Chaplain & Ex-Oficio Member

Anthony Hunter

Mary Elizabeth Murchie Secretary

Ricardo Ottati

Maria Pacheco


1st Vice-President

José Marcos Ammirabile Finance Officer

Leila Rezende

Inez Correia

Olga de Souza

Conrado Niemeyer

Assistant Secretary

Bernardo Ferrer

Assistant Finance Officer

Eduardo Cortes

Mary Dreifus

Ex-Oficio Member

Mirela Drummond (NA)

Jaime Sabát Neto (PNA)

(from left to right, top to bottom) - Eduardo Côrtes (8thA), Denise de Araujo Camara (JKB), Giuseppe Russo (5thA), Heloisa Prokopiuk (6thB), Lectícia Rapôso (2ndB & 7thB), Eduardo Luiz dos Santos da Silva (Treasurer, 2ndA & 2ndB), Andrea Bandeira de Mello Azeredo Santos (7thB), Claudia de Souza Machado Jannuzzi (NA & 9thA), Sheila Lima (6thA), Ana Carolina Fontoura (8thB), Angelina Itzaina Aguilar (SKA), Nisia Barbieri Crespo (President – 7thA & 9thB), Elizabeth Cayres Loureiro Botelho (11thB).

Esmeralda Lucena (PNB) Fernanda Filgueiras Sauerbronn (1stA) Isabele Rocha de Araújo (5thB) Liege Fonseca da Silva Mascolo (SKB & 3rdB) Luciana Peres (JKA) Pepita Sekito (2ndA) Rodolfo Porto d´Ave Junior (Secretary, 10thA & 12thB) Thomas Edward Cahill (4thB)


HS STUCO (from left to right): Priscilla Ribeiro (9th), Mr. Dennys Zsolt (Advisor), Sofia Heringer (11th), Luigi Soares (12th - Secretary), Natália Levy (9th), Bernardo Britto (10th), Giovanna Miranda (12th - President), João Victor Galhego (12th - Treasurer), Matheus Scuta (10th), Patrícia de Sá (12th), Giorgio Rajão (12th - Vice-President), Jonas de Castro (11th), and Giovanna Franco (12th).

MS STUCO (from left to right): Rafael Rapôso (7th), Alexandre Magalhães (6th), Mariana Silva (8th - Secretary), Luisa Guimarães (6th), Camila Roca (8th - Treasurer), Francisco Navarro (6th), Rafaela Garritano (8th - Vice-President), Pedro Bethencourt (7th), Juan Aguilar (8th - President), Adele Nader (7th), Dr. Sônia Melo (Advisor), and Giulia Aguiar (6th).

The National Honor Society (NHS) Established in 1921

The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) Established in 1929

Ms. Katia Valente (Advisor)

Fernanda Bastos Da Silva (NHS President)


Fernanda Carvalho Merege (NHS)

Giovanna Benaduce de Miranda (NHS)

Giulianna Cupello Nicolatino (NHS)

Thiago Barata (NHS)

Class of 2011

Joined OLM in: 2004 Nickname: Ale, Alejandraaa , Alexandra Luiza Most likely: to move back to Germany Famous for: having a German boyfriend Usually found: “skypeing” with her boyfriend Pet expression: “menino”, “oh miss!”, “galerinha” Quote:“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” (Walt Disney)

Alejandra Pamela Loaiza Delgado “Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.” That’s what OLM means to me. A place where I found friends that are for life! I would like to thank my family, the teachers and staff that made my days in OLM so amazing. C2012: So many memories! I had a lot of fun with u guys. I will miss u; and have fun--u still have 1 year to go! Nog: “Meine liebe” friend! U r unique, simply the best, unforgettable “DU bist meine Atze heute nacht” BTW: “ich liebe dich”. Mah: U know I will always be there for u even though u make me lose my mind being so “xatinha”! Seriously, u’ve been the greatest friend I could ever ask for. Dih: Since 5th u´ve always been my helper. We have been through so much together (“Olho, Marica, Joelho, Trapalhas”) u are special. I will miss u girl! Lu: Spinning classes? We are going to marry our boys and be happy ever after! Patty L.: My sis! I will keep saying “Boa Tarde” even though it is morning or night. You are my best friend forever; no matter what happens I will never forget u. <3 Pri: U really mean a lot to me, u are such an extraordinary girl! I’ll miss u. Bruh: We lived so many things together that I’ll never forget it. It is good to be ur friend! :) Sandra: “Linguista, te conozco poco pero he descubierto qué persona maravillosa eres!” T:Q:M Moreira: My Math teacher. Thanks for all the help. Don’t worry I will still give u some gum after graduation! Cesar: Bird Man I will miss ur strange sounds in the middle of the class, and maybe some day I will graph a rational function correctly! My German Boy: Always skipping and having fun… I´m most likely to marry u! Or Not? “Du weisst wir sind meet to be! Ich liebe dich!” Marusia: Always dancing, bringing joy to our class. It was fun! Manu & Clau: Laughs about everything  I enjoyed being with u girls! Amanda, G. F., Barbara, Helena, Duda, G. M., Duda: “Doidinhas”. Thanks for making it nicer to be in the school. Robertinha: My Olmatters partner, one day we r still going to kill Ivan for being so annoying! :) Ivan, JR, Luigi, Laranja, Giorgio, Guilherme: You guys are special in a singular way. Classes without u won’t be as fun as twhe ones we had. Fern: U have a very big heart. Thanks 4 everything! JV: The perfect guy, always helping and caring about others! The AP will be easy! Don’t Worry  C2011: One year is a not that much, but I had a great time with u! U r all in a way important to me! I will miss every single moment! Abi2011: “Ihr seid unvergesslich. Ich vermisse euch richtig doll und bitte seid nicht so gemein mit mir“! Hihi! HEGDL! So guys school is over, but we still have a long way to go. I wish everyone all the best and thanks class of 2012 and class of 2011 you are incredible! !

Joined OLM in: 1998 Nickname: Di, Dee, Dids, Miss South America Most likely: to be the next president of Greenpeace Famous for: procrastinating, sleeping early, “cultura inútil” Usually found: Ipanema with Gi M., beach, apart Pet expression: “partiu praia?” Quote:“Don’tletyourdreamsbedreams.”(JackJohnson)

Amanda Brasil-Leigh Mãe: We made it! Tks for all these years of support and love, you’re the best mum I could’ve wished for. Família: “Eu amo tds vcs, obrigada por todo apoio.” Dad, Tom & the Leigh’s: I love all of you and miss you more than anything in the world. de Miranda’s: “Minha 2ª família, vcs são essenciais pra mim.” Tony: You’re unique & understand me like no one, don’t even try to disappear. Robs: You changed me, made me see things differently, and I love you for this. Babi: You make anything more fun, tks for being the great friend you are. JV: You’re an essential part of my life, always making me laugh, tks for all the great times these years. Gio, Moreira, André: Please don’t disappear, you’re all very special to me. Gi: You’ve been the best friend I could have, there’s no doubt that you won’t EVER leave my life. Gi F.: We share my best memories, amazing summer days and fun nights, I love them all. Cla: Always so close despite the distance. Maru: Tks for making every class the funniest possible, you make my days happier. Le: It’s been almost 16 years seeing your face every single day, I can’t imagine my life without this. I’ll miss you & I’m sure you’ll be great in PUC. Fern, Duda L., Lou: You’re all amazing people; good luck in life. Duda: I’m never leaving you, you’re forever, more than I could ever show. Pri: Only person with the same taste in music as me, keep me updated of your adventures worldwide. Ale, Sandy, Mary: I wish you the best of luck in whatever you attempt. Luigi: U never fail in making me laugh, tks for all the great times. Duda R: All the luck this year. I love you and have faith you’ll achieve all your dreams. Pri & Deh: Becoming closer friends was def. the best thing that happened in 2010. Marcão, vôlei: Words can’t express how important you all are, thanks for the constant support. Cesar: You’re like a big brother to me, I’m sure you’ll do great in life! Manu: You’re an amazing person, I’ll miss you. Clau, Nathy, Patty: My beach buddies, you 3 are immensely special to me! Gui: I’ll miss you! JR: You make classes more fun, don’t disappear in the world of “novinhas”. Andrew, Ivan, Eric, Patrocínio: I’m sure you will all be very successful. Keep in touch. Laranja: I’m gonna miss you and ur beautiful personality. Class of 2011 & ex students: You truly were like a second family to me. I learned something different from each one of you, and wish you all the best of luck in life. Thanks for the wonderful memories. Victor, Natty: “Vcs fazem uma falta inexplicável, queria mais que tudo ver vcs se formando com a gente.” Ms. Machado, Ms. Claire, Ms. Freire: Thanks for all the help this year. Ms. Braga: I’ll miss you!

Joined OLM in: 2010 Nickname: Dé, Deds, Nogueira, Fiuk, Torradeira Most likely: to become a diplomat and live in France Famous for: talking fast, altoids, his shirts Usually found: “night”, beach, Mega Matte Pet expression: “Entendeu?” Quote: “Veni, Vidi, Vici.” (Julius Ceasar)

André Wiltgen Domingues Machado Nogueira Papai, Mamãe: “Eu dedico todas as minhas conquistas a vocês, pois sem vocês ao meu lado me dando apoio, instrução e muito amor eu não estaria aqui. Não tenho palavras para descrever o amor que sinto por vocês dois. Muito obrigado por tudo!” Garota: “Minha ídola e exemplo de pessoa. Obrigado por sempre estar presente na minha vida. Te amo demais! Estamos juntos para sempre!” Neném: “Minha pikurrucha linda, você não sabe como a minha vida seria chata sem você! Obrigado por me aturar e sempre ser a minha irmãzinha fofa e prestativa! Te amo demais!” Alex, Gustavo: “Já são meus irmãos, eu só tenho que agradecer pela a amizade de tantos anos que temos!” FAMBLE, Pam: Thank you for making my time in Curitiba so incredibly awesome. I wouldn’t have survived its coldness without yours warmth! Gabs, Maju, May, Carol: Step sisters, thank you for always making my house a fun place! C2012: My soul class. Unfortunately, distance and time brought us apart, and even though I will not be physically in your class, my spirit for sure will. Thank you for the unforgettable memories, you guys can always count on me! Fabio: “Kaozeiro bolão!” You´re one of the persons I trust the most, thank you for always listening. Matheus, Hudson: “Parceirões!” Only with you guys I sing RHCP and have intense discussions at 3 a.m. Cams, Bru, Mah, Di: My bbm, champagne, Mega Matte and Body Tech partners, you four don’t know how special you are to me! Ale: “Meine führen”, thank you for the water and “um arm”! Barata, Cores, Rodolfo, Duck, Orelha: I have so many great memories with you guys, and I’m sure there a plenty to come yet! C2011: I will never forget the warm welcome I received by each one of you. I deeply wish happiness and success to you all in your future life! Duda R.: Thank you for being the incredible friend you are! Suka: My female version, thank you for the talks, singing and dancing! Moreira: “Vai um altoids?” Cesar: I will never stay sober as long “parceiro que é parceiro...” exists. Antonia: Never thought cross-words could be so much fun! Robs: I will never forget your hugs, our “papos” and your sweetness! Fern: My lover, I never had so much fun dirty talking! Sandy: “I am the son, and the heir…” Our duets are unforgettable! Luigi, Gui, Babi, Helena, Duda P.: Rio’s nights would be plain boring without you! Manu, Nath: Your hysterical laugh attacks will never be forgotten! Gi F. & Patty: “Bloco” partners! Giorgio, Andrew, M. Paula: Thank you for all the laughs and paper ball fights! JV, JR, Laranja, Patrocínio: I had good moments with you! Gi M., Clau, Amanda, Pri, Duda L., Louise: I really enjoyed meeting you guys!

Joined OLM in: 2010 Nickname: DJ TNT, Jaws, Mohammed Most likely: to work for TMZ Famous for: his sick basketball shot, imitating birds Usually found: With his laser, behind his computer Petexpression:“cookie!”,“youknowwhat…”,“nocomment” Quote:“Truthis,everyone’sgonnahurtyou;youjustgotta find the ones worth suffering for.” (Bob Marley)

Andrew Rajiv Mohammed Parents: That’s for putting up with me and pushing me to do my work and keep focused on what is important. Nelly: “You real hada geh yuh priorities straight eh gyal n yuh knw wah da means” Giorgio: What can I say... see you in the marines homes. Fernanda: All I can say is that I’m really gonna miss you. I can still remember the first day we met--it was on your birthday and we were going around the classes to take photos of the new students. And ever since that we’ve been the best of friends. What we have is rare and I hope that our friendship stays strong no matter what. Mary: U have to be by far the sickest friend I have ever had and all I wanna say I always keep my friend Johnnie some company; he likes to keep walking so walk with him when ever you get the chance. Sandra: It’s been fun but please in the future do not take up a singing career. Priscilla: It´s been a good year I hope that everything goes good for u and we would always have cookies and cream lol. Girls: It was good knowing you. Mateus Da Silva: Man, your a great friend; it´s been good knowing you and I hope that you keep in touch; if you’re ever in the Caribbean or in Boston link me up. Luigi: Mario! João: I’ll visit just to see that Mustang again. Duda: Thanks for keeping me company in the morning. Eric: We’ll always have Portuguese class. Matheus: Hope everything goes great in the future and just a reminder: if you stop working out you get fat! Guilherme: Nice knowing you, hope you’re on time in college. Moreira: Blessings from Jah. Andre: My little French dude, hope everything keeps cool, and always remember to party hard. Mr. L: Sorry for giving you such a tough time this year; even though I’m gone, you’ll always have Gianfranco! Maciel: I’ll never learn Chemistry, sorry. Zsolt: Sorry about not wanting your recommendation for college. John: It’s been a blast, your class is awesome. I hope you have better students next year! Ms. Xavier: Sorry I turned this in so late. Adriano: You’re an amazing drummer. Mr. Portilho: Even though I failed almost all tests, I still learned some stuff, so thank you! Alex: You’re one crazy dude but the next time you’re with a girl be wise. Stefan: Hope when I’m in College you’ll take over and be the new top racer in Trinidad. Lorena: Sorry I missed your 17th birthday, I promise to make it for the next one. Twiggy: Hope you always remember the day that I almost broke into your car at the beach. Chad: Hope you keep doing what you’re doing and always remember never to give up on things you love.

Joined OLM in: 1997 Nickname: Tony, Tu, Zão, Tuny, Ginger, Tuka Most likely: to have the perfect blonde family Famous for: being a hair freak and chocolate addict Usually found: psychologist, volleyball practice Pet expression:“ai meu Deus”,“pois é né”,“actually” Quote: “What do dreams know of boundaries?” (Amelia Earhart)

Antonia Pinheiro Teixeira Dad & Mom: The Hand That Rocks the Cradle is the hand that rules the world. I love you. Vô Nani: Thanks for all the

books and your secrecy, you’re a true friend. Bros: Thanks for all the support these years, I love you all! Gui & Dudu: “Adoro vocês demais.” Rapha: You’re a fuchsia, querulous leprechaun. PS: Guess what? Sandra: Best crawl of shame ever by a Cobra, venom overload. Dee: Nugget partner, in boxes full of Slytherin venom, you’re essential to my existence. Zão: Decameron forever, love the “covinha que faz meia lua” and how I always win our bets. Gi M.: Notre amitié ne peut pas être parfait, mais c’est ce que j’aime le plus. Leninha: “Meu bebê, de outros Carnavais”, just one word: ‘Carliiinhos’. Duda: Duets going to LOB, tuby-duby moments, “minha amorosa Dudão.” Duda R: My Blooming Love, Digitime forever. You’re someone I can always count on, and I hope you can do the same. Babi: “Uma vacada”. I’ll miss your laugh. Gi F.: 1001 ways to be a man, you’re my idol. Manuzinha: You’re special never doubt that, but a mi me gusta Guete. Nathy: Favorite neighbor, we’re separated by scalding deserts. Clau: Spaghetti nights with Plankton, Trigo for DUMIES with Mc Entrega always. Robertinha: Baby Zão “fofíssima,” you brighten my days. Patty: Anchor, thanks for sinking the team! JK, you’re a great player. Fern: I love you butt, you owe me brownies. Mary: “Yo, se amarra em mim,” and I love you! Louise: Thanks for all the hair tips! Priscilla: Always smiling, “fofoqueira.” Duda L., Ale: Best of luck! João: No matter the situation whenever you’re down you know that you can lean on me. Gui, Kim, Luigi: Thanks for all Flamengo games together, you guys are the best. Matheus: Tchola, you’re my perfect punching bag. André: Crosswords fail, always making me laugh. JR, Rafael: Thanks for stealing my pencil case everyday. Gio: Please don’t die in Afg., there’s no Batman without a Robin. César: Bully of palmitinhos, I’ll miss you. Vi, Fernando: You will always be part of our class, “adoro vocês”. Andrew: One day you’ll be like Jason. Moreira, Eric, Ivan: Best of luck! Matheusinho, Malan, Hudson: “Pobrinhos, adoro vocês.” Marcão: Best coach and psychiatrist, thanks for everything, you will always be very important to me. Volley Girls: My second family, I’m proud to be part of this team, love you all! Walmir, Waldeir: Thanks for always irritating me. Soccer Girls: “Uh aceita!” Lúcia: You’re an arqui important teacher and advisor. Dept. Port: I’ll miss our talks, thanks for all the advice! Ms. Machado: Thanks for believing in me, you were very important. Class of ‘11: I love you all, and I will miss everyone!!!!

Joined OLM in: 1999 Nickname: Babi, Babs, Babu, Bar-bra, Padô Most likely: to develop a liver problem Famous for: never shutting up, loving all TV shows Usually found: Matriz, Roche’s house, pilates Pet expression: “porque em AP Biology”, “Tá, vai!” Quote:“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”(Forrest Gump)

Barbara Lustosa Padovani Mom, Dad: Thank you not only for being the best parents someone could ask for but also for being my best friends! I owe you everything! “Amo vcs!!” Familia, Ia: “Obrigada por todo o carinho e apoio durante todos esses anos!” Di: Please remember me when you save the world! Love you “Vegen”! Tu: “O João da natação, quebrou o meu coração.. hahaha” I will always remember you tutu! Ma: You were my sister for 10 years. Nothing and no one can take that away from us. Le: You are the definition of “parceira” to me. Thank you for being my best friend! I Love u. Cons: You were the first friend I’ve had to say goodbye to. It’s been 7 years and I still can’t get over it! Miss u! Duda R: You were the first person I met in OLM and you will always be the sister I never had! No words can describe our friendship! Gi M.: You are the most kind and determined friend I have! You will always be a great example to me! Gi F: “Encontrei um cara gato! Não quebrei a tradição!” Natty: You are the one that I do all the crazy stuff with! Miss u! Anna: In the US, Haiti or DR, u will always be my best friend! Eduarda: You will always be my “IMDB e Vagalume ambulante”! Love u Dudinha. Aline: “Só você consegue ser mais atrapalhada do que eu! Você é pra sempre amiga!” Thai: “Thayene, esses 4 anos não teriam sido os mesmos sem você!” Patty, Robertinha, Mary: I’m really glad we became such great friends! Clau, Manu, Nathy: “Entre tapas e beijos”, I’ll miss seeing you every day! Duda L., Fern, Sandra, Louise, Pri: Girls, good luck in your future! Moreira: “Só você mesmo pra eu aturar o ‘seguuura Larissa’!” Love you leãozinho. Luigi: You made every good moment a great one! Thank you for making me laugh countless times and for being one of my best friends! Ale, Andre: Ex juniors! I’ll miss u! César: We are the ones that always laugh at stupid things and say disgusting stuff. I’ll miss u. JV: Babi “de lua” will always love u! JR, Laranja, Patrocinio, Gui: “Ladrões de caneta! Vou sentir falta até de me irritar com vcs!” Ivan, Andrew, Giorgio, Eric: Good luck boys! Fefe, Cris, Kim, Vi: For me you will always be part of the class of 2011! Ms. Braga: Thank you for being much more than a teacher to me! You were an inspiration! Branco: Thank you for always being so understanding! Lucia, Ms. Paes: The trips we had with you were unforgettable! OLM teachers & staff: You made these 12 years the best! Thank you for all the help and support! Class of 2011: In good moments and bad moments I always knew that we had each other! Thank you for being a great class and I hope everyone has a future filled with success! I’ll miss u!

Joined OLM in: 1997 Nickname: Césinha, César Most likely: to own Playboy Famous for: the bake sale’s king, hitting on every girl Usually found: swimming at Flamengo, beach Pet expression:“É uma lady”,“lek tú é muito esquisito” Quote: “Success is a journey, not a destination.” (Ben Sweetland)

César Sequeira da Rocha Miranda Parents: Thank you for supporting me both financially and emotionally throughout all those years here at OLM. Without you this wouldn’t be possible. Nathy: Thank you for making me want to hit you. In a strange way I like you. Gi M.: “Eu e Tu, Tu e Eu…” Dudes: “Dudinha… quem sujou? Então eu vou limpar Dudinha!” Maru: I’ll miss your booty shaking in the hall, thank you for being so crazy. “Cheiradora de Baca” Carol: A true friend, someone I will always count on. Thank you for no matter what, always being there for me. Maju, Bel: Miss you. Hope we can get together again. Le, Babi, Gi F.: Moments that I will never forget, and things that I’ll rather forget (“né Barbara!”) Patty: Good luck at your new job at sea world.Clau69: ”Tá malhando?” best passinho ever! Tu: Palmito, careful not to have a chocolate overdose. Amanda: Please don’t sue me for “lesão corporal”. Stera: One of the few friends that I consider to be my brother. Thank you for everything, especially for falling from the “steira” and being raised by wolves. Gui: The best “mandador de passinho” ever, possibly the next “havaiano”. Thank you for being so funny when you’re stressed. “Éllll.Laricón” Luigi: The strangest, most disgusting yet the funniest person I have ever met. Thank you for making school funnier. Orelha: Even though our relationship is mainly based on Johnnies and Cuervos it is also based on true brotherhood and friendship. There are more to come in the next years. J.V: Please work on your jokes, I think I can’t stand them for 5 more years. Matheus, Widon, Malan: Thwe true “parceiragem”. People I regret not meeting before. Thank you for the funniest and most bizarre moments of my life. “Parceiro que é parceiro…. Corre pelado na praia!” ( Né Widon). Cris, Ferdi, Kim: Best moments in and outside the school. Monsignor: Best dinner ever in New York. Laranja: The funniest, most silly SOB I ever seen. Patrocínio: The first aquatic “cavaquinho” player in the world. I’ll miss all your impolite commentaries. JR: I miss your memorable churras... and your big wallet... Barbosa: Despite everything that happened, you are still very important to me. Manu: Thank you for the incredible moments. You will always be special to me. Zsolts and Maciel: “Dupla de comédias”. Mimi and Bru: The most polite girls I ever met. I regret not meeting you girls earlier. Class of 2011: I will miss you all, still can’t believe it ended. Thank you for providing me with the best moments of my life. S. L.: Best jokes of my life!!!

Joined OLM in: 1996 Nickname: Clau, Claudinha, Dinha, Novinha Most likely: to go to Blackberry rehab Famous for: dating gringos, having a double life Usually found: Patty or Nathy’s house,“dando carona” Pet expression:“tô morrendo de frio!”,“ah não Zsolt” Quote: “Tenho três vidas: a minha, a que os outros inventam e a que minha mãe pensa que tenho.” (Unknown author)

Cláudia Britto Ammirabile Mom & Dad: Thank u for making all the best years of my life in this school happen, I love u soo much! Celo, Sis, Digs: Best big brothers ever, thanks for everything u guys have done for me, love u guys! Patty: “Como eu ainda te aguento?” So many years and still so much friendship.. ur the one I know I can always rely on, te amo! ♥ Nathy: Tchuca, benhe, pequena.. best time of my life with u, I never thought I could laugh so much how I do when I´m with you! “O que será da minha vida sem sua presença diária?” ♥ Pulga: Not even 2 years and I feel like we’ve been together since forever, ur the best! Lov u so much! Manu: Weirdest and funniest moments of my life with u, hope to have u by my side forever! Pri: (creepy zombie face) I love our crazy outbreaks during classes, looking forward to finally watching “Meu Malvado Favorito” with you lol. ♥ Gi Franco: Best parties and double dates ever! Unforgettable! ♥ Maru: “I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying hey oh galileeeo” with u there’s no monotonous moment, ur the funniest person I’ve ever met ♥ Musa: Best “noites de gordinhas tensas” ever! ♥ Lou: I´ll never forget our “trio mocotó” moments.. Ur the sweetest friend I’ve ever had, “não some ta?” ♥ Zuao Vitu: Even though ppl say ur jokes r not funny, believe me, I still laugh hard with every single one of them! I´ll miss your hugs every day! Mary: “Censored” lol! Btw, I´m not afraid of u! I´ll miss our “fights” and ur fake punches during classes. ♥ Shila: White girl, though ur with us for only 3 months, I had the best time at the beach, I´ll miss u a lot, come back soon! Di & Le: Best “marquinha” partners ever lol loved every single class with you two. Laranja: “Cadê minha paçoca?” I´ll miss pinching ur arm everyday lol. Sandy: Rawr! I´ll miss our silly talks. ♥ Luigi & João: I´ll miss ur jokes in school, especially during Biology classes. Duda R. & Babi: Future doctors, I´ll miss u two! Gi Miranda & Duda: Since kids together, I´ll never forget these years. Fern & Duda L: Thanks for always helping me and Nathy during Math classes! I´ll miss you guys and Fern’s ** lol. Ale: “Ta escrito na testa dela” lol good luck with ur german husband (: Gio & Andrew: Best “epic” moments with u guys!! Cesar, Moreira, Patrocínio, Gui & Fiuk: Funniest mocking I’ve ever heard, I´ll never forget u guys! Ivan & Eric: Not that long together but still I´ll miss u 2! Malan, Camila, Irmãozinho, Orelha & Hudson: “Parceiro que é parceiro..” best senior wannabes ever lol. Teachers: Thank u for everything! I owe u guys everything! Ms. Silveira: Thank u for supporting and advising me with my thesis! Walmir, Waldeir & Marcão: “Paizão” ur the most important people in school for me, I´ll always come to school visit u guys. Class of 2011: UNFORGETTABLE ♥

Joined OLM in: 1996 Nickname: Duda, Dudinha, Miss Fúria Jovem, Duds Most likely: to be the next big singer Famous for: knowing all celebrity gossip, touchy Usually found: Engenhão, travelling, night Pet expression: “recapitulando”, “EXATO!” Quote:“Asyouwalkdownthefairwayoflifeyoumustsmell theroses,foryouonlygettoplayoneround.”(BenHogan)

Eduarda França Pachá Ferraz The 15 years I spent at OLM were fantastic. I can’t believe the day has come. I’ll cherish my memories forever in this second home. Mom  & Dad: You both made all this possible. Without you I’m truly nothing. Thank you for standing by my side always. I love you! Rafa: You are the best brother I could ever ask for. More than a brother you are a friend that I will carry with me for life and continue to share amazing things and experiences with. Thanks for supporting me always. I love you! Amanda: “Amandineee linda”, I’m so happy and proud to have you as a friend! You’re the best! “Vou sentir muita saudade, não me deixa!!” Babi: You lift me up in every situation. I want you always by my side. “Te amo” forever and ever babe. Gi M.: Gii, you are my caring and loving sweetheart! Don’t forget about me at your fancy school! I love you. Le: “Minha lindaa”, you are one of the people I go to whenever things are good, rough, scary or exciting. Nothing can tear us apart, love you! Gi F.: I found in you a wonderful friend! Let’s party always! Duda R.: Du, thanks for being an awesome friend and standing by my side. Maru: “Maruvilhosa”, you light up my day, “você é doida demais”. Love you friend. Antonia: “Tunica, você é, e será pra sempre minha parceira”. Don’t think I forgot about our “pactos”. Let’s make ’em happen! Love you. Manu: “Minha loira linda”, you are unique and irreplaceable. Robertinha: I found in you a friend for life and a genuinely good person. Your friendship means a lot! Patty: I loved getting closer to you through volleyball. Nathy: My crazy chatterbox! I love having u around! Clau: I’m glad I got to know you better. Luigi: Your companionship’s been amazing. Thanks for making me laugh so much. I adore having you as a friend. João: A great friend that OLM gave me. Cesar, Moreira, João R., Matheus: Always joking around and making dull moments fun. I’ll miss that. Gui: I’ll miss your sincerity causing heated class discussions! Andre: An amazing person that should’ve come to our class earlier! Giorgio: You are a unique friend, though adorably twisted. Patrocínio, Eric, Ivan, Andrew: It was nice having you around! Fern, Mary, Pri, Lou, Sandy, Ale, Duda L.: You girls are really nice! We’ve shared some cool moments together. Clari, Natty, Cons, Anna: You all have a special place in my heart. You are a part of this. I love you. Victor, Fe, Cris, Kim: You all still are an amazing part of this class, each in their own distinctive way! Thai: The lost lancer! Even though you were never enrolled, you are a part of this family. Teachers and Coaches: Thanks for making the OLM experience so amazing and enriching.

Joined OLM in: 2009 Nickname: Eric Most likely: to be a scientist Famous for: moving to Rio from Egypt Usually found: laughing at Luigi, Laranja and JR’s jokes Pet expression: “oi”, “o quê?” Quote:“An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” (M.K. Gandhi)

Eric Hodge Resende I would like to thank some people who helped me in my year in Our Lady of Mercy School. First of all I would like to thank my Mom & Dad. Thank you for giving me a great opportunity to come back to Brazil. Also for having patience with me in my final year in OLM. I really appreciate all your support and encouragement through my hard times. I believe these two years which I have spent in Rio were a precious experience in my life. Stephanie: You’re a great sister. Thank you for all your support. Thank you for always being there for me. Luigi & Giorgio: You’re my closest friends. Through these two years, everything we did was the best moment. Matheus: I’m going to miss all the fun we had in class and all the stuff we did. Wish you success in basketball. Rafael: You always tell funny stories. Class of 2011: First of all, even though, I’ve been at OLM for only two years, you guys accepted me as part of your group. Thank you for everything. It was incredible. Rodolpho, Patrocínio, César & Ivan: You are fun guys to hangout with. Andrew: It was nice to meet you. You are a good friend to have. Before you came the Portuguese class was very boring but now it’s fun. Wish you success in whatever you do. Roberta: Thank for being such a kind person. Barbara: You are always cheerful! I will miss your funny attitude. Amanda: You are such an active person. You always gave me energy. Antonia, Helena, Claudia, Nathalie, Marusia & Nathalia: It was nice getting to know you amazing girls. I wish you success in the rest of your life. Fernanda: I enjoyed getting to know you. Thanks for helping me in math class. Teachers: I’d like to thank every teacher who helped me with my English & Portuguese. I’d especially like to thank John for being a good thesis advisor and giving me good ideas on how to improve my thesis. Lucia: Thank you for helping me in Globalization since you know I have problems with understanding Portuguese by giving me more time to hand in my assignments and solving my doubts. Mr. Maciel: Thank you for all your efforts in teaching Chemistry and I enjoyed your classes very much you made it very fun for me. Ms. Braga: Thank you for all your efforts in teaching us Biology. I really enjoyed your classes and thank you for all the help you gave me since I came to OLM. I’m going to miss you. Mr. L.: For being a great Resource Center teacher and helping me improve my Portuguese. Mrs. Machado: For being a warm counselor and helping me solve my doubts. Ms. Freire: Thank you for helping with my thesis and giving me examples on how to better my thesis and telling me who could help prove my topic. Mr. Cole: For helping me improve my hypothesis.

Joined OLM in: 2009 Nickname: Fern, Fern tree, Fernie, Fernass, Fê Mostlikely:togobacktoMiamiandbecomeamusician Famous for: Loving math, singing, using big hair bows Usually found: Miami, music class, gym, with Duda Pet expression:“gente!”,“pára!”,“hoje tem banana!” Quote:“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” (Unknown author)

Fernanda Bastos Da Silva Mamicha & Daddy: I love you beyond what words could describe. Thank you for all the love, all the smiles and all the care you’ve ever shown me. Thank you for teaching me how to be a better person each day of my life and always encouraging me in my dreams. Teus, Vi, Nata, Teta: Whether apart or close, no siblings could ever be as close as we are. I love each one of you guys so much, and I can’t imagine ever living without your laughter, your jokes, your company, or your love. Família: “O apoio de vocês em todos os momentos é a coisa mais importante que tenho para pedir, mas vocês sempre me surpreendem dando também todo o amor possível. Obrigada por nunca perderem a fé e nunca deixarem de sorrir.” Duda: My best friend, from the beginning until the very end. There are no words to describe how much you’ve taught me in the past two years, and how much you mean to me. I love you so very much! Mary: “É nós,” today, tomorrow, forever. We will NEVER be apart; I love you! Sandy: Only you can provide me with the number of adventures in a day a normal person would take a year to experience. Thank you for EVERYTHING, I love you! Merege: Fê, it’s simple: ‘there’s no me without you’. I hope we spend many years drinking Nescáu together! Sondre: Biffle, I wish you were here with me! I miss and love you so much! Rapha: I don’t think I could ever find the words to fit your awesomeness or the meaning you have in my life; I simply love you. Tony: I love you, redhead! Andrew: Thank you for always having my back, never hacking my Facebook (I think) and for teaching me how to play solitaire! Gio: I’m going to miss you showing me zombie games and videos on YouTube all day long. See you in Norway! Ale & Robs: No matter what anyone ever says, you are incredible people with big hearts. Pri: Forever “minha musa do verão”! Marie: Your sweet smile always makes my days, so thanks for always sharing it with me! Patty, Clau, Nathy, Manu: Thanks for always turning my days into brighter ones! JR: Call me when you need help with Math! Luigi: “É nós”, in FGV and Coral Gables! Machado, Flávia, Amy, Branca, Bia, Sofia, Giubi: Thank you for all the fun times in school, New York and in the gym! Xavier & Adriano: I’m going to miss you so much; thanks for all the food & all the smiles! John: Thank you for always teaching me new things and always providing inspirational, guiding words. MISTER Portilho, Braguinha, Z: You guys taught me so much, thank you! OLM Staff: Thank you for all the warm meals & all the friendly smiles! Class of 2011: You guys annoy me, yet I love you, & I wish us all simply the very best!

Joined OLM in: 2007 Nickname: Gio, Joe, BB, Tony Montana, Batman Mostlikely:tomarryScarlettJohanssonandbecomeamarine Famous for: never opening his eyes, his drawings Usually found: Barra, Emporio, shooting stuff Pet expression: “Ahh muleque”, “dude, wtf”, “cara” Quote:“Seek honour as you act, therefore, and you will know no fear.” (Roboute Guilliman)

Giorgio Villani Rajão Mom: I can’t possibly ever be able to tell you how grateful I am for everything you have done for me, especially knowing that I am not the easiest kid to raise. Thank you for putting up with me and especially for all the sacrifices you have made just to provide my sister and I the very best this world has to offer including your teachings, your unwavering efforts to do so will never be forgotten. I treasure everything you have ever taught and given me, and I want you to know that I love you very much. Sis: You rule! You set a pretty good example of who I would want to become in the near future, your persistence and efforts to excel really inspired me. I see you not only as an awesome sister, but as my best mate, I love you very much. Sondre, Andrew: Had some of the most epic s-faced moments with you guys, and I’m proud to call you both my bros. Laranja: “Mlk, nem sei por onde começar”, I friggin’ love you a lot man (no homo of course) you are the coolest mofo I know, and u are mah homie fo life. Johnny Rudolph, Moweiwa, Patrocínio: How can I forget how epic 9th grade pc gaming because of you guys, you are all the kind of dudes you just don’t catch around the corner. Tony, Maru: It’s been a pleasure getting to know you guys, you’re among the few I will miss the most. Manu, Nathy, Crau: Cracking me up every morning isn’t easy but you guys manage to do it like it’s a piece of cake. I will miss you guys s-loads. Fern: To bad what I had in mind to write down would be censored! I will however say I love you and your bro very much and you guys are amazing friends. André, Robertinha: The little time I had to meet you guys was enough to convince me you are amazingly awesome, just my kind of people. Minion, Alexandra, Sandra, Ms. SPFW, Mary Paul: You guys are friggin’ awesome! Def will be hanging out with you all again. Leith, Kevin, Salim, Konan, Dani: One word: Brothers. You guys are like family to me, people I can always count on no matter what (Btw, I got your six). Laura, Kissy, Becca, Steph: I’ve known most of you guys for ages and all I can say is I love you all very much and I consider myself to be very lucky to have met you guys. Ale, Carlos: You guys are still family to me, I love you both! Sal, Cody, Chris, Tom, Quinn, Chrissy, Pablo, Rod, Nico, Pedro: Each one of guys you are responsible for some epic memories that I treasure. It´s been my greatest pleasure getting to know and hang out with everyone one of you. Class of 2011: I am glad you guys are now a part of my life, I wish you all the best of luck and that I am honored to be a part of you. “Ad astra niti, faber est quisque fortunae suae.”

Joined OLM in: 1996 Nickname: Gi, Gigi, Gica, The Short One Most likely: to become Brazil’s next president Famous for: being in STUCO, easily scared Usually found: Ipanema with Di, baking Pet expression: “ai, você é muito mala”, “lek” Quote: “A dream is a wish your heart makes.” (Walt Disney)

Giovanna Benaduce de Miranda OLM is my second home. My time here will be forever cherished. Mom, Dad, Vó: U believed in me even when I didn’t. Tk u for ur constant support, luv & care. I couldn´t have made it without u. Ily! Lulu: More than a godmother, a second mom. Teachers: U have taught me more than books, u‘ve inspired and motivated me to come as far as I did. Tks. Amanda: The sister I never had. I’m gonna be ur friend in high tide or in low tide. U’re the family I chose to never leave my side. Tu: “Nossa amizade pode não ser perfeita, mas é a que eu gosto mais”. Ma: U’re a star destined to shine. U’re going to change the world. JV: The one that always has my back. I would be lost without u. Babi: Every day spent by ur side is a memorable one. U’re the reason behind my fun times. Cla: U’re never far cause I always have u in my heart. César: ”Eu e tu, tu e eu...sempre”. Gui: “Saiba q vou estar sempre ao seu lado, em qlq circunstância...” some years later that is still true. Gi: My plant-like friend, no one could make me laugh as much as u. Le: We’ve been through so much together, a friendship like this won’t ever fade. Du: The one I plan escapes to neverland with, who understands that d is for duda, that lends her shoulder for my cry, the one I want forever by my side ”é pra sempre lek”. Duda: Ur big heart, affectionate smile, and kind words captivated me. Anna, Natty, Ga: Though u left our friendship will always be there. Ily! Robs: U’re the happiest person I know. Tk u for always making me smile. Manu: U turned out to be an amazing person. I’m sure u’ll succeed in w.e u do. Bff, Patty, Clau: It has been an honor to know each one of u. OLM would not have been the same without u. Mary: Never afraid to speak ur mind. Don’t ever change. Victor, Cris, Fe, Kim: No matter where u are u’ll always be part of the class. Luigi: Greatest secretary ever. Impossible not to laugh around u. Laranja: The sweetest gangsta there is. Moreira: U’re brilliant and u’ll go far. André: So random and one of a kind, my life got sweeter when u came into it. Eric, Andrew, Sandy, MEL, Rafael, JR: Each one of u has added an uniqueness to this class that is irreplaceable. PriA, Fern, Ivan, Gio, Ale, Lou: U’re admirable plp whom I’ve been honored to have in my life. Volei: Never stop believing in the Lancers! Pri: Believe in yourself! When u make it I’ll be there to say I told u so. Deh: U came unexpectedly into my life, and now I don’t want u to leave! Mala: U’ll always be special. Tk u for always being there for me. Girls: Side by side or miles apart, friends are always close to the heart. Class of 2011: U’re all so special. Don’t ever change. U’ll be forever in my memory. I’ll miss u.

Joined OLM in: 1996 Nickname: Gi, Gi Frango Most likely: to create a photosynthetic diet Famous for: bake sale’s queen, photographer Usually found: beach, “night”, gym, bake sale Petexpression:“vamoscorrernaLagoa?”,“totãobranca”, “aquela saladinha” Quote:“Awisegirlkissesbutneverloves,listensbutdoesn’t believe and leaves before she is left.”(Marilyn Monroe)

Giovanna Celano Franco First I want to say that all people that made part of my OLM life will be forever in my memories and heart, thank you. Mom and dad: You are not only my parents but are also my friends. I thank you for all your help and support, all the moments that I needed you and you were there. And what makes me most proud of having you by my side is that I know it will be forever. I love you. Cheer ’07-’10, Ms. Fortes: I will always be a Cheerleader because you girls made this experience the best ever & unforgettable, thanks for being this great group with such great spirit, ♥, good luck! Pol: Thanks for your friendship even though with the distance, miss you (ily). Robertinha: Best ‘nights’ ever! Thanks for being you, love you my favorite cheerleader. Maru: FORROO!!! Di: Favorite neighbor, “Já peguei…”, walks in “Lagoa” without you are not the same. Gi: Minha ‘xará’ favorite. Tu: I love u as a fat kid loves chocolate cake with “calda de chocolate”. Babi: We don’t have A moment but I can say that all of them were special. Le: A friend that I can count on thanks 4 everything. Duda R.: Best chocolate cake ever. Duda F.: The “sem noção” I love the most. Aline, Thai: “Como se fossem da OLM, para sempre no meu ♥”. Patty: Love you “minha pretinha”. João V.: “Sarados e pretos” for life, see you at PUC! Ale: Good luck! André: 1st “bloco” the best! Let’s not miss contact. Alors on danse. Clau: We and our double dates... Nathy: Mini me, love you babe. Manu: Thanks for being this friend during senior year, lets keep in touch. Thata: “Meu bebê! Te amo”. Roberta: With ups and downs we go along, you are one of the most important people in my life. Dan: “Meu confidente, mais que um irmão, um amigo. Te amo e obrigada por tudo”. Bob: “Meu barrense favorito sem dúvidas”. João R.: “Chrasxx da 12”! Good luck. César, Luigi: I’ll miss your sense of humor in class, good luck. Mary, Duda L.: U’ll be forever in my memories. João, Will, Mingo, Lipe: Thanks for all the moments we were together. You made those especial. Lari: “Lindona” you are my favorite “novinha”. Ms. Braguinha: Bio would be no fun without you nor BBB. Pri, Deh: Glad you are going out with us, let’s keep it up. Zsolt, Maciel: “Sem comparação”. The funniest classes in my life. Walmir: I’d be no one without your dance lessons, thanks 4 being this amazing teacher. Waldeir: You made me a Lancer, thank you! Yearbook staff: GOOD JOB! Survivors. Teachers: Thanks for everything! For all of you that made part of my OLM journey, from Nursery to Senior year. CLASS 0F ’11: “I had the time of my life and I never felt this way before, and I swear this is true & I owe it all to YOU!” GOOD LUCK ! We did it and I’ll miss it.

Joined OLM in: 1996 Nickname: Gui, Mr. Lamb, Tensor boy Most likely: to become a polemic critic Famousfor:beinggrumpyandpolemic,Mr.Know-it-all Usually found: “Leblon, PE Dept.’s bathroom, 00 Pet expression:“maluco”, “matinal”, “tô cansadão” Quote:“Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.” (Walter Lippmann)

Guilherme Esteves Cordeiro Mom, Dad: Where I build all my hopes and dreams. Two of the most interesting people I know. Words can’t express the way I feel about you. M. Carolina: Much more than a girlfriend, you are the best friend I ever had. I can’t express how special every moment with you is. Can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me. I love you “mia bambola!” Branco: Mentor. I’ve known you for little time, but you’re already a great friend and someone I can rely on. Camera: Great teacher, friend and influence. Thanks for all. Zsolt: ”Sai da frente alemão.” Rodrigo, Flavin’: “Nós sempre.” Mr. SouzaS: True life lessons I learned from both. Rô Paes, Lucia Helena: Thanks for all support in all these years and MUNs. Laranja: “Mâlùkúh”! Many years together and many laughs! Above all, you are a great friend. Luigi: “Tararararata” funniest guy I know, and the one who’s been there when I needed most. I’m really glad you entered my life. Patrocínio: A great friend with whom no event will ever be boring. Hope we’ll never lose touch. JR: Our friendship grew stronger over the last years. Hope we continue this way. Moreira: Probably the most solid friendship I have. Thanks for everything these last 15 years, and be sure to know you’ve got a friend in me. César: Great stories and moments together. Thanks for always listening and being there for me when I needed. BolKim: Thanks for always supporting me no matter what. Hope we have many more discussions throughout our lives! Thanks for lending me ‘your’ house in Leblon whenever I needed. Bó: We’ve been through a lot together, and though we’ve grown apart, you’re still a very dear friend. Barbosa: Though routines and hangout spots have changed, you’ve always been there with me for better or worse. You are a friend for a lifetime. Gonzalo, Tita, Ferdi: Memorable moments with all of you. Definitely marked my life. Luisa y Gensi: Aunque

haya pasado solamente medio año con ustedes, siempre me acordaré de cómo fueron buenos conmigo. He crecido mucho con la ayuda de ustedes. Son especiales. Gracias por todo.

Magrinho: “Experiência Neanderthal nos une pra sempre.” Bispo, Alvrin, Paquita: Always been great partners! I consider you family. Brothers: You’re very important to me. I know I can count on you guys. Paty: Many “maracas” still to come. Lil’Bob: Though we’ve grown friends recently, I hope we won’t grow distant. Antonia, Gi M.: Though we have been closer, I hope you know I consider you great friends. Amanda: Hope we have many debates to come. Eric, Ivan: Wish you the best! Good luck in College. M. P.: Most “fanfa”. Hope we meet many times still. Goku: My hero.

Joined OLM in: 1996 Nickname: Le, Lelous, Lele, Leninha Most likely: to own Domino’s Pizza Famous for: always being late, making fun of Barbara Usually found: “night”, Itahy, “aula de violão” Pet expression: “na moral”, “aii que preguiça” Quote:“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” (Mae West)

Helena Tude Machado It is a pity that I’m leaving this wonderful place but, at the same time, extremely exciting. I can’t wait to go out to the real world and finally discover what I was missing out! For future seniors: enjoy the most you can of your last year at OLM, you will miss it so much! Mom and Dad: You are my biggest admiration; I know you will always be there for me no matter what! I love you more than anything! Class of 2011: We made it!!! Best class I could ever ask for! Babi: You stick with me and I’ll stick with you! My life wouldn’t be the same without you!! “Te amo parceira!” Dudinha: You have no idea of the importance you have in my life! One thing I’m sure is that you and I will be friends forever! Amanda: Since we were little, we have shared this connection! I feel that you get me and I get you. Wherever you go, I know you’ll have a brilliant career ahead of you! Tuny: You will always be my blonde soul mate! “…de outros carnavais!” Maru: My craziest (and so special) friend, I know I can count on you for everything! I’ll never forget our Scanditrip! Gi: I’ve known you for so long! You are very special to me, and I know you’re going to have the best time in College! Duda R.: These OLM years were perfect with you! You’re a great friend! Gi F.: I’m so glad that we’ve got closer, I love spending time with you, especially our “nights”! Robs: “Sua louca!” Love our deep conversations; you are a friend I can count on! Manu, Clau, Patty, Nathy: You girls are great! Loved spending all these years with you, let’s always keep in touch! Mary, Pri, Louise, Ale, Fern, Sandra, Duda L.: Senior year was perfect, good luck on your future! João: Great years that I’ve spent by your side, see you in PUC! Luigi: You’ve become an important friend, thank you for everything! César: Thanks for making the best comments and unidentified noises during class! Moreira, Gui, JR, Matheus, Patrocínio, André: Thanks for all the moments, good luck in your lives! Let’s keep in touch! Ivan, Giorgio, Eric, Andrew: I wish you the best of luck in your future! Ms. Menezes: Special thanks for your help on my thesis! For all the Teachers & Coaches I’ve had the pleasure to learn from: You are unforgettable! Thanks for everything. Soccer team: This last year made it all worth it! We leave to you the job of carrying on the Lancer’s spirit! Natty, Anna, Cons, Clari: I wish you could all be here by my side! I love you! Line: “Nos tornamos grandes amigas e hoje não imagino mais minha vida sem você!” Thai: “Quem diria que o Rancho me traria uma amiga tão especial!” Kim, Fe, Cris: “Vocês fizeram falta na OLM, não vamos perder contato!” Victor: You’re the best friend in the world. I love you!

Joined OLM in: 2006 Nickname: Iguaba Most likely: to own a library Famous for: sleeping “discreetly” in class Usually found: at the library Pet expression:“Zzzz… que? Eu não tô dormindo!” Quote:“Don’t judge what works.”(Unknown author)

Ivan Caetano Varella It is hard to believe that my time here is over; it feels like it all just passed so quickly and before I knew I was already graduating. I will never forget this school, all the things I done and I plan to cherish the memories I had of this place and of the friends I made here forever. There is much to be thankful for and much to acknowledge but 24 lines is too little to mention them all so I will do my best to fit as many as I can. Mom & Dad: Thanks for all the years you have taken care of me and all that you have given to me to accomplish my dreams. You two always tried your best to provide the best for me and I will always remember the work you guys put into my Education. Ms. Souza: It was great meeting you and you are one of my favorite teachers that I have had in my life, not only for all that you taught me about Religion but also because of all the opportunities and activities you gave me to help the community and express my faith. Thank you for helping me through the years. Mr. Majka: John you are particularly the most calm and collected person I met and I always did my best to pay attention to your classes, read the work and do the assignments. You were always a pacifist and I would think you should be stricter at times, but you’re still cool and I will miss this senior year I named “John Time”. Rafael Moreira: It was cool meeting you man and I hope I still get to talk to you after graduation, thanks for helping me out some times putting up with me as a classmate. César: You drive me crazy, annoy me to no end and I swear you and some of the other guys (that already left school years prior) almost drove me crazy on my first month here. Even still I guess I will miss your annoying comments that always tick me off since I got used to it. Rafael Patrocínio: The calm guy that always knew what to say and never let anything I did get to you. I guess I was a handful so I appreciate always listening to me man, keep cool in the future as well. João Victor: I always thought of you as sort of the leader in our class since you are great with everyone and work really hard. I really didn´t get to know you really well but you are cool in my book, I know you will do well in whatever you do but good luck anyway. My Class: My biggest regret in school is that I never really got to know many of you guys since till my senior year I lived so far away that I never was able to hang out after school or attend many of those get-togethers and I really feel bad because of that. Still for five years we all studied together and I spent more time in school with you guys than with my own family so I like to think that at the very least you all consider me a friend. I wish you all luck in the future and hope you all reach your goals and dreams.

Joined OLM in: 1996 Nickname: João, Rudolph, JR Most likely: to marry his own car Famous for: loving“novinhas”,“rodar British & EAC” Usually found:“festas de 15 anos”, Jiu-jitsu, Ippiati Pet expression: “taca nos peitos”, “partiu Ipiatti” Quote: “The sky is the limit.” (Unknown author)

João Rodolpho Borges Gonçalves de Porto d’Ave Anna Helena: The one who is always by my side, when I’m sad and when I’m happy. The one I want to kill the most but the first that I want to hug. The best sister and friend a brother could ever have. I love you! Mom & Dad: Those who were there the most when I needed, I just have to thank you for what you gave to me, happiness and joy. You both gave the best childhood, the best friend and the opportunity of being a better person, to distinguish what’s good from bad, what’s right from wrong; both of you are my life. Guilherme: “Oi eu sou goku, apesar da gente não ter sido amigos desde menor nesse high school você virou amigão mesmo. T´amo junto no Humanities e o dragon ballz sempre de pé na lei.” Laranja: “Melhor amigo que alguém pode ter, não importa o que eu escrever pra tu, você vai sempre ser meu irmão. Vou estar contigo em qualquer parada.” Moreira: “Sempre na disciplina irmão.” Barbosa: “Aquele louco pela night, dj barboldo. Altos rolés de carro no futuro e muita night que eu vou estar contigo. Você fez a maior falta aqui na OLM cara! Aquele abraço, tudo de bom.” Luigi: “Aquele que ficou menos tempo aqui na OLM e já virou um dos meus melhores amigos do peito, aquele que fecha fácil, parceirão até na bad, uma das maiores figuras que eu já vi, se não a maior.” César: “Nós temos nossas diferenças mas você é amigão mesmo, obrigado parceiro.” Patrocínio: “Aquele que está aqui na OLM desde o início, sempre estressado, mas sempre amigo.” Branco: “Melhor amigo de papo existente na OLM. Aquele que te livra dos problemas e te ajuda a superar os obstáculos. O mais paciente e o mais parceiro. Aquele que você mais confia, brigadão pelo apoio! CPOR R/2 vai me ver lá.” Rodrigo & Flávio: “Ratata da pizza tá de pé. Valeu por me deixarem de bobeira parceiros.” Ms. Braga: No hard feelings. Girls of my class: We had our ups and downs, good luck for all of you. Zsolts: “O mais comédia, sem dúvidas.” Maciel: “Piloto de fuga na pista de audi A3.”

Joined OLM in: 1996 Nickname: João, Galhego, JV Most likely: to be successful and be PUC’s “galã” Famous for: golden boy, basketball“galã da escola” Usually found: beach, gym, basketball practice Pet expression: “nãão cara” Quote:“Imaginationismoreimportantthanknowledge.” (Albert Einstein)

João Victor Rabelo Pires de Oliveira Galhego Mom: When I look myself into the mirror, all I see of whom I am I owe it to you. When thinking of perfection you’re my reference, I can never find ways to thank you for everything you have done for me! I love you! Pedro: Blood ties aren’t what hold us together, but true friendship to its greater extent, you give meaning to the words: best friend. Valentina: You’re my angel that came to bless me, you bring joy to me just by looking at me, you probably don’t get it by now, but I love you! Marcelo: With great examples and advices you have always been there and taught me a lot! Dad: You showed me the importance of learning outside of school, through experiences and actions; you have taught me important lessons. Antônia: Now I see “ranchinho’s” importance. Through all this time we have grown in dimensions I could have never imagined. My greatest surprise! You are more than special to me! I love you! Mi: My older sister I never had, through so much, special isn’t enough for you. Waldeir: Coach just wouldn’t be enough to describe you; I have a father in you. Gi: Forever my President, let’s take over Brazil! Amanda: Can’t say why or how we got so close in High School, but it doesn’t matter, I’m just really happy we did! Le: Together since babies, too special to say goodbye, see you at PUC! Ma: More than just crazy, lovely person I’ll miss each and every day in my classroom. Antonia: Above all, a true friend, doesn’t matter the situation you’ll always find a friend in me. Gi F.: Through so much, I can’t resume! Praia & Carnaval “é nois!” Clau: Among BT, practices, hallway and “nights” you became truly important. Patty: Most “fanfa” captain I know, although very special. Duda: We been through a lot, so crazy and funny I’ll always cherish! Duda F., Robs, Manu, Nathy, Mary, Pri, JR, Babi: In your crazy ways you’ve made yourselves remarkable to me. Moreira: Still remember the boy I first met as my neighbor, we’ve been through a lot. You can always count on me. André & Ale: Came in late to never leave our hearts, you became special to me. Patrocínio, Gui: 2 I’ll never forget! Each in their unique way. Cesar: Funniest Robocop I’ve ever met! Luigi: You’re captivating funny! We’ll still see each other a lot, especially in “Maraca”! Ivan: Great future lawyer! Giorgio, Andrew, Eric: Stay in touch! Duda L., Fern, Sandra: We got very close as Seniors, I’m sure it will continue that way. Louise: We’ll produce 24’s 9th season! Laranja: Started as teammate & ended as a great friend! Barbosa, Fernando, Cris, Kim, Anna, Natty, Clari: You never left us. Scuta, Nick, Lameiras: Bring us a trophy! OLM Staff: Thank you for everything! Lancers: Forever am I your knight! Class ’11: I’ll always remember…

Joined OLM in: 1996 Nickname: Lou, Lulu_blueeyes, Mrs. Arcay Most likely: to marry Enrique and have the perfect life Famous for: having all DVDs, loving Jesus above all Usually found: “Church, Barra, “grafitando”, gym Pet expression: “Cala a boca César”, “ai amiga!” Quote:“NowIknowinpart;thenIshallknowfully,evenasI amfullyknown.Andnowthesethreeremain:faith,hopeand love.Butthegreatestoftheseislove”.(1Corinthians13:12,13)

Louise Marie Hurel Silva Dias First of all I would like to thank God for giving me this wonderful opportunity of studying here at OLM, for always being there for me even when hope seemed to fade away. If it wasn’t for You I wouldn’t be here today, all my success & heart are Yours. Mom: More than a friend, mom, & woman, ur the person that God chose to be by my side during all moments. Ily more than words could merely express. Ur the greatest example of a woman that I could ever have. ”Beijão”. Dad: I thank u with all my heart for all ur love, support and care. I’ll always be ur “Coquinho”. You can always count on me! Nothing can come between us! Family: There are simply no words to describe the importance of having all of you around. I am 4ever grateful for all the joy and love that has been conceded to me through this wonderful family. PB: ”I’ll love you until the end of time”! This is more than a relationship; it is the beginning of a lifetime together. May we always be united looking at the purpose that God has for us! “TQM! Ich liebe dich.” Clau & Patty: 15 YEARS! I’ll never forget our “Trio Mocotó”. My respect and love 4 both of you will never end! Sandy: MEOW ily! You are very special (NEVER DOUBT THAT!) UR a diamond, sparkling in a glow that no one can ever hide! Pri: “NHAA!” I will always love u my little-strange-noise-making-friend animal/ person! Thanks for all ur support, care, love, friendship and sounds. Ur a present that God gave to me! Ale: I really can’t explain how important ur for me. I’m really going to miss u! I’ll be waiting for you. ”Ich liebe dich mein lieber Freund!“ Duds: My “chantilly“, penguin, little cow and little pig, ILY! When I look to the future I see that this is only a small part of a great friendship! Fe: U’ll always be in my heart and I’ll be here for you at any time! I’ll miss our conversations and the great time we spent together! Fe M.: I’ll miss hugging & bothering you everyday! ILY! Tony: I KNOW UR BLOND! Wish you the best! MARU: Never let nobody steal that beautiful smile! Joe: Movie buddy, I’m not a bear! Gian: A great friend!! I’ll miss you and our bus time. Gi M.: I’ll be waiting for my wedding dress! Maciel: “Chlo-ro que eu não ia esquecer. Afinal, vc já ta CARECA de saber que foi através de você que“ everything became CRYSTAL CLEAR. I’m really going to miss you! Portilho: SURVIVE! UR THE BEST! Zsotii: “O cara do lance livre de“ Math books! Lucia & Paes: ILY BOTH VERY MUCH! Barros: “Vou morrer de saudades! TE AMO!“ Braga: I’ll always be ur favorite assistant! ILY!!!

Joined OLM in: 2008 Nickname: Lu, LV, Mr. Abdu, DJ Fernandez Most likely: to own a club Famousfor:beingtheclassclown,takingseriousphotos Usually found: Koni, Laje, IT Dept., 00, BPS, Ippiati Pet expression: “eu fico de patrão”, “alucilouco” Quote:“Goosebumpsneverlie.”(SwedishHouseMafia)

Luigi Vincenzo Gravina Abdu Soares Mom and Dad: I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me. Renata: Thank you for always being there for me. Copa D´Or: ’’Obrigado por me receber tão bem depois das nights’’. Luiza: auuuuu! ’’Dono do ouro e da prata é jesus, te amo demais meu amor”! Barbosa: ’’Tu é meu irmão e mano, Ibiza vai ficar pequena, Trapezio. Pursuit of happiness ’’sempre’’ thisispachabuzioshousemusicforeverbabylonia. Laranja: My first friend in OLM! I can´t stop laughing while writing this. Get big or die trying! Gui: TATATARATATA ’’pceiro’’, hope you keep rocking the funky beat! Moreira: ’’Meu fechamento certo’’, let it be positive all the time. César: I will never forget all your dirty stories. I will continue teaching you Math haha. Maju: ’’Sem palavras por tudo que você já fez por mim’’. Could not ask for a better friend. Patrocínio: You will never know my sister´s real name. Take care of your penguim. Kim: “Bolkim, tu é o cara mais engraçado de todos. Pacha>matriz”. Patty: ’’Engenhão é nós que ta!’’ Top Model: ’’O melhor pescador e spotter de todos os tempos’’. Babs: I will never forget all the “zuações’’ and funny moments, let´s go to a japa maneiro! Fernando: “Alô Ziana, eu parei de…!’’ Helena: I will miss stealing your ipod! ’’Muitas risadas durante a gravação de globalization on on.” Clara: Miss you!!! Claudia, Nathalie & Manuela: It was great to have you guys as friends! JR: ’’É mais de um milhão na conta e vinte mil no bolso’’. JV: The best treasurer OLM ever saw. IT: “O ratata da pizza vai continuar”. Dudinha: The water program hahaha fun times dudinha! Robs: You should go to rehab haha. Branco: My mentor, thank you for all the advice and help in my thesis. Mr. Zsolt: “sai da frente alemãooo’’. Antonia: ’’Fazendo projetos de BSS ou indo pros jogos do mengão, sempre me diverti muito com você’’. Giovanna M.: President, STUCO will be nothing without us. Duda Roche: Up the Irons! Amanda: Let´s “barozar’’. Our prom will be sick. Pseiros do 11th : “Agora é com vocês, os considero meus irmãos.’’ Gervinho: ’’Sempre na dixava’’. M. Paula: The definition of “fanfarronice’’. Fern: FGV can´t handle us. Eduardo, Tebet: ’’Cresceram comigo e são meus irmãos’’. Eric: Thanks for all the help in Math! Giorgio: Paul Oakenfold & Ferry Corsten was a blast bro. Gi Franco: Hope to continue seeing you around in Body Tech! ’’Compartilhamos muitas nights’’. Fiuk: That story of waxing makes me laugh everyday. MUN: Best trip ever. Helio 00: “Afilhado, obrigado por nos receber tão bem todas as sexta feiras” Ms. Xavier: Thank you for being patient with my incapacity of writing the senior will. Joan Ripoll: ”Sos un capo y vamos a ir a muchas creamfields”.

Joined OLM in: 2007 Nickname: Manu, Mânu, Manuks, Guete, Manuzinha Most likely: to open her own Açaí store Famous for: laughing with Nathy, getting lyrics wrong Usually found: Cabala, Sport Sucos Pet expression: “tipo”, “hah!”, “¿hola que tal?” Quote:“Plan B only interferes with Plan A.”(Will Smith)

Manuela Prudente Campelo de Almeida Volleyball: Team, you are my greatest victory. Thank you for teaching me that playing our Sport is much more than a game, it’s a way of learning to Love. Marcão: It´s hard enough to leave a brilliant coach let alone a remarkable person. You’re much more than a coach for me, you’re my role model. Mom and Dad: You made all of this possible, thank you for everything you’ve provided. I love you. Nathy: We can’t use words to describe what we are for each other. For you, a thousand times over. César: You make me feel that your love gives me no limits. “Você é a minha única verdade.” I love you. Tu: We’ve been through enough to realize our lives have only begun to bind. ¿Hola que tal? Clau: I owe much joy and memories to you. It isn’t over! Eduarda: My love, you hold a special place in my life and always will. Ma: My days at olm couldn’t have been the same without you. You’re my eternal kick-back and partying partner. Patty: Thank you for giving me millions of reasons to laugh everyday “que bom”! Sandra: The only person that shares my genius sense of humor! Gi M., Gi F., Di, Le, Babi, Duda R: Girls, you’ve been a part of my life for quite some time, we’ve enjoyed many trips, parties, sleepovers and just being in each other’s presence. It’s been great, more is yet to come! André & Ale: You guys came into my life to stay. I admire both of you so much. We’ll still have great times. Malan & Matheus: You guys mean a lot to me, my last years couldn’t have been the same without you. Gio: Our sandbox will never fade and neither will our memories! TAILS. Roberta: You inspire me in more ways than you can imagine. Fern: Fernaaaanda! We’ve had more than just a few good moments; let’s just not spaz! Mr. Camera: You are an amazing person; you’ll always be a special teacher to me. Ms. Paes: Thank you for all these years of dedication and help. Lucia: You inspire me to surpass my limits. You’ve always taught me much more than school. Ms. Barros: You made me realize making mistakes can only make us grow. Ms. Freire: You’ve shown me dedication is everything. Thank you for helping me in so many ways and always giving it your all. Teachers: You’ve all taught me so much, thank you for your never failing devotion. Class of 2011: We’ve lived moments in which we’ve failed each other, but we have lived years in which we have helped each other succeed. Our future has just begun but our past is safe in this yearbook and in the memories of us all. I leave this school knowing that each moment we shared was worth it. We lived, we learned and we loved.

Joined OLM in: 2004 Nickname: Duda, Ms. Little Pig, Duds, Dudinha Most likely: to own a library Famous for: buying books excessively, gym escort Usually found: with Fern or Merege, Jacarepaguá Pet expression:“cara, Merege”,“Tipo assim (lying)” Quote:“Youmustbethechangeyouwish,toseeitinthe world.” (Gandhi)

Maria Eduarda de Simone Azeredo dos Anjos Leitão Parents & brother: Thanks for always being the most supportive ones, and thanks for giving me this amazing opportunity to study at OLM. I love you so much, you are my life! Family: BEST FAMILY EVER! “Primos, avós e tios, nada irá substituir o amor que tenho por vocês, se vocês caem eu caio, se vocês andam eu ando, se vocês respiram eu respiro, não existo sem vocês!” Primos: “Obrigada por estarem sempre lá com seus conselhos e sem pedras na mão; GRAÇAS A DEUS vocês são minha família, pois se família pudesse ser escolhida, com certeza eu escolheria vocês.” FDS: Fernie, being my best friend is a privilege, but being your best friend is a gift and no one can take it away from me; thanks for your friendship, comprehension and love. I wish we would never be apart, but it doesn’t matter at all, because I know that I’ll always have a place for you in my heart! Love you more than chocolate! Pri: Touch my mind and I’ll remember you, but touch my heart and I’ll never forget you. My life would totally suck without you. Seriously don’t forget me, ‘cause if you do, ha! Mê: They say nothing can last forever, but I know something that will, me and you! <3 Count always on me, and see you on the next Botherhood Day. MP: LETS SKYDIVE, LETS SURF IN AN OCEAN WITH SHARKS, BUT LETS NEVER BE APART. Sandy: Hey dude, I’m sure we will win the Grammy together, don´t you dare leave me for one minute okay? Love and I’ll miss you. Marie: Thanks for loving me as much as I love you, and this means: infinity. Rob: Believe in you, because I do! <3 Lari, Ana, Bruno: “Vocês são com certeza, a melhor dupla de amigos que alguém poderia ter, amo vocês infinitamente. Ana, saiba desde já, que não há medidas do meu amor por você, eu daria tudo para estar sempre ao seu lado!” Sofia, Fê M., Giubi, Branca, Amy: “Com certeza nada será igual sem ter vocês por perto, vocês alegram meus dias, amo vocês!” Mateus: “Desculpa pelos seus croissants, e saiba que apesar de eu estar graduating, seus croissants ainda vão estar em falta, sempre. Vejo você em Miami!” Lúcia & Ms. Paes: “Vocês vão ficar pra história, literalmente! Obrigada por todo o conhecimento.” Braga, Portilho, Zsolt, Maciel: Definitely the funniest to be around, love you always! John, Ms. Rebello, Ms. Souza: Thanks for always supporting me, and being kind to me, I will never forget you! Class 2011: Thanks for all the moments together. I will never forget them. Bé: Even though you are not here anymore, you will always be part of my heart and OLM memories. Love you! Ale, André: “Muito bom passar os dias com as palhaçadas de vocês!” Andrew: Thank you for all the morning moments and the crazy ideas. You are a really nice man!

Joined OLM in: 1999 Nickname: Duda, Duda Roche, Dudão, Du, Roche Most likely: Go with Peter Pan to Netherland and live forever as a child. Famous for: “mulher do bolo”, rock ‘n roll lover Usually found: ballet classes, home, gym Pet expression: “pshh, fala mais baixo Barbara!” Quote:“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” (John Lennon)

Maria Eduarda Teixeira Roche Mom & Dad: Thank you for giving me the opportunity of studying in this school. I’m very grateful for everything you’ve done for me. My accomplishments in life are due to you both. I couldn’t ask for better parents. Babi: Through ups and downs, our friendship has lasted 12 years. No matter what we’ll always be together, it’s you and me for life. Linel: We are one soul in two bodies. You’re irreplaceable! Tu: My singing partner, you’ll always be in my heart. See you in ‘digimundo’. Gi: To express my feelings for you I’d have to write an entire book. My life would be incomplete if you weren’t my friend. You lean on me and I lean on you. Suka: 12 years in the same group! How are we not killing each other!? It’s because you’re gonna be the one that saves me. You’re my wonderwall! Di: You are a 99-color box of crayons, one of a kind. It feels so good being with you. Time to open the box! Duda: “Esse fogo no meu peito, que nunca vai se apagar”. Anna: Separated by distance, but not by heart. Gi F.: You’re sweet in your particular way. Thanks for being my diet mentor. Lele: I’ll never forget everything we went through together. Manu: Your mood swings captivate me. You have a strong character. Don’t ever change! Deh: I always have a good time with you. JV: More than a friend, you’re a brother to me. I admire your courage and authenticity. André: In one year you became very important to me. It’s like I´ve known you my entire life. Thanks for always making me feel good. Matheus: You’re very special to me; thanks for all the good moments we spent together. I will never forget you. “beijo velhinho”! César: My “parceiro” that “kills” the beers. You became very important to me, despite being so annoying. Yet, I still wonder, “cadê seu tornozelo?” Hudson: “O mais parceiro dos parceiros”. Malan, Marcela & Orelha: Memorable moments, I regret not knowing you before. Clau, Nathy, Lou, Pri, Patty: Growing up with you girls was amazing. Gui, Moreira, Luigi, Laranja: OLM wouldn’t be the same without you. Thanks for the memories. Robs, MP, Ale, Fern, Sandra, MEL: Each of you in different ways added something to my OLM experience. My Girls: Side by side, or miles apart, friends are always close to the heart. Hold onto me, cause I’m not done with you! Class of 2011: Together on earth, hell or heaven. We are so different in many ways, and even so, we form this weird family. Good luck you all! Ms. Braga: You taught me more than Biology content. I doubt I’ll ever have a teacher like you again. Branco: You revolutionized OLM. Srs. Vladimir, Wilson, José & Vitor: “O colégio não seria o mesmo sem o bom humor matinal de vocês! Sentirei saudades!” OLM: Forming students into citizens. “Valeu a pena”!

Joined OLM in: 1996 Nickname: Mary, Milk, Leite, MP Mostlikely:tobecomeFluminenseFCpresidentandalawyer Famous for: lowest GPA but never failing, talking fast Usually found: bars, with Sandra or Andrew Pet expression: “na moral”, “se mata”, “@#*&#@” Quote:“Emancipateyourselvesfrommentalslavery;none but ourselves can free our minds.” (Bob Marley)

Maria Paula Lima de Souza da Silveira Leite Parents: “Obrigada pelo apoio nesses anos.” Teachers: Thanks for all the time and effort. Paula: Thanks for always being there for me, ILY <3 Clau: “Boa sorte pequena! Tamo junto é nois azarando o mengão.” Patty: “Parceira de Cobal, e nois sempre nos jogos mais randoms lol”. Nathy, Manu: “Vocês são muito gente fina”, we had good times. Amanda, Babi, Duda R., Duda F., Helena, Gi M., Gi F.: Spending these years with u was awesome, good luck in the future. Patrocínio, Moreira, Matheus, César, André, João R.: Boys, “fato que meus dias não seriam tão divertidos se não fossem vcs.” Robs: “Posso não te conhecer desde pequena mas uma amiga como você não quero perder, gosto muito de você”. Antonia: “Depois de muitos anos, a escola acabou, quem q eu vo zuar? Pedir apontador 50 vezes na aula? Comer chocolate”? Ur a great friend n I hope that it just keeps growing. Marusia: Marulicious, “o q serão dos meus dias sem seus funks? Fecho fácil com você”. Gui: “Eh, vc fato q é com quem eu tenho mais afinidade, os melhores papos, é como um irmão, e te desejo toda a sorte do mundo pq vc merece”. Lou, Pri, Ale: “Meninas, muita sorte na facul”, I really hope we keep in touch. Gio: Getting to knw u was sweet. Good luck in the Marines bro; lots of sns’s for u. Branco: “Valeu pela ajuda, você é o cara mais gente fina que eu conheço, minha tese não seria a mesma sem você.=)” Victor: “Mesmo fora da escola, você sempre foi um grande amigo que vai sempre ser parte de nós, Búzios foi o que foi, por causa de você...” Magrinho: “Faz um tempo que eu não te vejo, mas te conhecer em Búzios foi um prazer, muita sorte modelo.” Thai: “Esse ano foi muito bom te conhecer melhor”. Andrew: My brother from another mother, u better come and visit, I cnt blieve I got to knw u só late bt the time we spent together was sick n thanks for being my alarm clock lol. Love u bro. Sandra: With u I had the best days, ur a crazy lil person that I´m never gonna forget, imma miss u só much, hope u come visit, good luck in Colombia. I love you. <3. Fern: I LOVE YOU, ur the best friend someone could ask for, wish u the best in Miami, and imma go visit, this place will never be the same..;) Thanks for everything. Duda: “B!@$%# eu te amo demais, valeu por sempre me aguentar, mesmo quando eu era mto mala, eu vou sentir falta de te ver todo dia”. =) João V: “Joããããããão, aah que saudades que eu vou ficar de você, você é como um irmão, pra sempre.”

Joined OLM in: 1998 Nickname: Maru, Zão, Suka, Billy 3 dias, Marisa Most likely: to become an exotic dancer Famous for:“uma lady”, dancing and singing in the hall Usually found: with Zão, Tablado, watching Friends Pet expression: “né Zão?”, “p@$#%”, “perdão” Quote:“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” (Stephen Covey)

Marusia Carlos de Andrade Flórido Alves Mãe: “Obrigada por me proporcionar tudo que eu sempre quis, te admiro muito!” Pai & Pregos: “Obrigada por todo

amor e apoio que vocês sempre me deram, meus seguranças delicinhas!” Cons: There’s no distance able to take us apart, tutti! Zão: Mark my words: decameron is forever, “um fato é um fato”! Duda: Since the day I saw you wearing that orange Pokemon outfit I knew you’d be my wonder wall. Di: Lily/ Bridget or w.e. name I give you, there is no way anyone can replace “meus 5km de pernas mais amados” (in caps lock)! Robs: “Passar parafina no corpo ou fazer monografia na praia são ideias que só tenho com você.” Gi: “Inesquecííííível (com 5 i’s)!” Nath: Mrs. Lighthouse “é o caldeirão”! Manu: “Novinha da webcam” and sexy pirate isn’t just for anyone, right Boris? Pripa: We still have to do our remix and choreography to our lap dance! Patty: “I’m a little seal girl, living in the real world and is so hard to get by.” Clau: Mrs. Little Young and her dress code of citric-colored clothes and birken. Dudão: “Me conquistou com apenas um sorriso.” Lelous: From senior kinder until senior year you still remain “a cereja do meu sundae”. Babi: “Porque toda palhaça precisa de uma bobona, né darla?” Gi F.: “FORRO, FORRO!” Sandy: I pick you, I choose you, I love you. Mary: The one student that will argue with a teacher just for the fun of it, stick to your “garrafinha”. Lou: I’m going to be your weddings’ flower girl, no excuses. Ale: “Sotaque mais fofo! Obrigada por manter nossa sala hidratada!” Du L. & Fe: Always ready to help anyone. Deds: My male version! Preta: “Sua tchola, tira a mão das minhas canetas! Posso te socar?” César: You’ll be in Guiness Book as the man with the biggest ankles, “seu pé de escravo”. Moreira: “É nois pow”. Gui: Stop picking on me! You’ll miss your stalker. JV: You’ll always be my “Ryan brasileiro”. Luigi: Friends is better than Two And a Half and you know it. JR: Good luck with your big wallet! Gio: Give up the marine idea and try BOPE, way cooler and you could end up in a movie with Scarlett. Kim, Vi, Fe, Cris: Never forgotten, still a part of the class. Malan: “Se amarra nos double dates com Marisa Bananinha”. Cla, Lu, Jabla: Bow to the owner of Grajaú! “Jabla, depois traduz tudo pra Lucy”! Azeredo: Tommy Woman! Lucia: Run for president and my vote is yours! Zsolt: “Go iron yourself!” Branco: “Obrigada por ouvir minhas reclamações e ter sempre um conselho amigo.” Waldeir & Walmir: “Animais de cabelo cresceram!” Staff: Your smiles really make a difference! Class of 2011: It’s okay to be afraid, but remember that every ending is a new beginning. I’ll be seeing you.

Joined OLM in: 1996 Nickname: Laranja, Preta, Pretinha, Mafalda, Tilda Most likely: to work for Rodrigo and marry Giulianna Famous for: being whipped, talking with his hands Usually found: Giulianna’s house, gym Pet expression: “Aew mâlúkùh”, “Ahh Maru” Quote:‘’Neverquit.Suffernowandlivetherestofyourlife as a champion.’’ (Muhammed Ali)

Matheus Joseph Larangeira Family: I will always be grateful for everything that you guys did for me. Thanks for all the support and all the help that you guys gave me. Thanks for always being there for me, thanks for always looking after me. I Love You. Giulianna: My angel, you know that there isn’t enough space to describe how important you are to me. I wouldn’t be able to do anything without you. Thanks for making everything so special and perfect. Thanks for all the support, all the time, all the dedication, all the caring, all the love you gave me, thanks for everything that you did for me, and all the help you gave me. There is still A LOT more to come for us, so this is only a small thanks. I LOVE YOU SO MUCHH!!! Arli: Dude, what can I say, thanks for everything! You really are one of a kind, I´ll never forget you no matter what. You`ll always be in my heart, thanks for always being there for me. Bad Boys for life! Kotaro: The humblest, smartest person I know. I can always count on you. Dude I will never forget our poker nights, good times. Luigi, JR, Gui & Patrocínio: I will never forget all the good times we’ve spent, all the parties, waking up in the parks, “passinhos”, all the crazy things we did in class, all the class skipping, “DBZ”, “Whey Protein for 20 reais”, thanks for being good friends. Scuta: M Power, hope to see you dunking one day. Orelha: See you in the UFC. Andrew & Giorgio: Watch your backs on the street. César, Moreira, & André: I wish the best of luck for you guys. JV: Nash, yo´ve been a great friend, I´ll never forget our Lancer moments. Barbosa, Colin, Gonzalo, Maradona, Fernando: No matter where we are I’ll never forget you guys and all the crazy things we’ve done. Jorge & Alan: Thanks for always having my back; I know I can always count on you guys. Tony & Maru: “Tcholas!!”, thanks for making my Math, Portuguese classes less boring. Erik & Ivan: Thanks for your help in Math. Giovanna M.: My Confirmation buddy, good times. Barbara, Manuela, Amanda, Helena, Duda Roche, Eduarda, Gi Franco: Thanks for all the pens, and all the work summaries you girls gave me; best of luck to all. Fern, Duda Leitão: Thanks for the help in Math class, you girls are good teachers =). Priscilla, Sandra, Maria Paula, Louise, Patricia: Best of luck to you girls - thanks for all the fun - I had a nice time. Nathalie & Claudinha: Thanks for all the “paçocas”; sorry for always getting you girls mad =). Sofia, Bia, Fernanda, Branca, Nathalia: Sorry for being so “chatinho”! I´m gonna miss you girls, good luck. Amandinha: Thank you for everything, I know I can always count on you.

Joined OLM in: 1998 Nickname: Nathy, Pequena, Tata, Baixinha, Novinha Most likely: to own the biggest collection of high heels Famous for: always being overdressed, laughing hysterically Usually found: Manu’s house, shopping, watching Glee Pet expression:“enfim”,“mermão”,“minha mãe vai processar...” Quote:“Osmenoresfrascoscontêmosmelhoresperfumeseospiores venenos.” (Unknown author)

Nathalie Ullmann Lima Haddad Class of 2011: I sincerely have no words to describe how important u guys r to me. These past years were unforgettable; I met amazing people & made my second family. For sure memories that will last forever! Mom: U’re my one & only, I couldn’t have asked for a better mom. It is thanks to you that I am what I am today & that I had the opportunity of studying at OLM, ily. Dad: My love for u overcomes every single distance. Family: I love each 1 of u now & forever. Biso: U’re my angel, I see u as my roll model for life. Wherever u r now, you will always live in my memories. Vi: U’re the best brother & partner I´ve ever wished for, ily! Mânu: People say that our friends r the family we have the right to choose, & baby I chose u to be part of me 4ever! Marusia: U’re the “esquisita” I love the most, please never leave me. Clau: Benhê, u were always there for me during this journey, & I’ll always be there for u too! Tony: Prettiest red head I’ve ever met; I wish u all the luck someone may have & all the chocolate u can handle! Patty: I´ve known u for so many years, which makes me sure that u have a brilliant future waiting for u, go for it babe! Pulga: Babes, u’re unique! With u I´ve learned how to be a better person! Ily. Gi M.: bff since carnival! Gi F.: A full-time friend, nothing would be the same without u! Sandy, Pri, Fern: You guys will always be a part of my best memories! Duda, Duda R., Le, Di: U girls r the best! André: The funniest shirts & hair! Gio: My first husband in HS. Ily! César: Always picking on me, but I know u love me the same way I do! Luigi, Laranja, JR, Gui: U boys make me laugh everyday, thank u for all these years. JV: “Galã da minha vida”, there is something special about you! Moreira: Owner of a strong personality, and a really good friend, I’ll miss u a lot. Malan: The most incredible of friends, good luck always & see u soon in PUC, ily! Matheus, Mika: “Nense”! Wish u both the best. Girls Soccer: I had the time of my life & I owe it all to u! Lancers: My heart will always be with u. More than a team, a family. Walmir: If I could have more than one dad, u would certainly be chosen. Waldeir: U made me believe in myself and taught me how to build a character. Ms. Braga, Paes, Lucia: I made it! U’re the best. Maciel, Portilho, Zsolt: The funniest teachers, I learned a lot! Helo: Polly dolls weren´t the best choice, giving up on them resulted in our longlasting friendship, ily! Mari: Forever & always! My big sister for sure. Nurse: Thanks for all the help & care! OLM: Words can’t describe 13 years being with u. You will always be a fortress to me, you will always be my home!

Joined OLM in: 1996 Nickname: Patty, Foca, Patty Teen, Patty Ketchup Most likely: to work at Sea World Famousfor:nevercomingfirstperiod,smallfingers,ginger Usually found: Cursinho, practices, beach, Ipiatti Pet expression: “partiu praia”, “estou com sono” Quote:“And yet, to say the truth, reason and love keep littlecompanytogethernowadays.”(WilliamShakespeare)

Patrícia Costa Monteiro de Sá After almost 14 years that I have been in OLM I can’t believe it is finally over. At one point I’m happy, but I will also miss everyone that joined me. Family: Thank you for always believing & supporting me, especially in my decisions; you made it possible. Caio: “Mô”, how can I even thank you? You were always there for me, even when you left school. I love you very much, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me. I miss you! Pulga: Getting to know you was amazing. Our friendship is unique & forever. Clau: You were always there for me, even when I left school. Your friendship is very special to me. Thank you. Nathy: “Pequena” we went through lots of things & our friendship grew bigger. Thank you for the wonderful moments we spent & will spend together. Manu: “Qq a gente tem agora?” You are a pain in the neck, but I don’t know what I would do without you. It was a great pleasure to have known you. I love you! Gii: Beach, carnival, night… & much more to come. CYA in PUC ♥ Tony: Blondie, I will miss you very much, especially the criticisms, jokes, everything. Without you Inter 6 isn’t the same, love you captain. Di & Gi M.: We still have lots of beaches & “nights” ahead. Johnny: School would definitely be boring without you, specially the “jokes”. Forever captains. PUC! Louise: “Trio mocotó”. Love you. Pri: Thank you for being patient & giving me advice. Fern: Girl’s night, love u! Maaah: What would be my love life without all of your advice. Please don´t forget me “preta”. Luu: You are a great friend, confident & special. “Companheiro de jogo”! Ale: It was a great year with you! TKS. Le & Babi: Unforgettable nights & more to come. Mary: “Cobal!” Yoo, I’ll miss u. César & Gui: Even though you mock me, I’ll miss you guys. Moreira: You are really special to me. Take care! Patrocínio & João Rodolpho: It was a pleasure being with you all these years. Fiuk: It was a pleasure having you with us, don’t disappear. Marcão, Walmir & Waldeir: Coaches like you are like diamonds, rare to find and when you have it is impossible to just let it go. I learned more than attack kick & shoot, I had life lessons that I will take with me forever. Thank you for always supporting and encouraging me--you are more than just coaches you are my inspirations ♥. Scuta: I’ll miss you. Good Luck with bball. Camila: “Minha Ruiva”! Good Luck in your senior year! Malan & Irmãozinho: I’ll miss you. Good luck! La Cerda & Larissa: I want great achievements, good luck! Ms. Braga: I’ll miss you & Bio classes. Twitter forever. Fai & Samira: Thank you for believing & supporting us. Zsolt & Maciel: More than just Science teachers. Class of 2011: It was a pleasure growing with u. The last was the definitely the best!

Joined OLM in: 2008 Nickname: Pri, Pripa, Pripoca, Priskies, Prips Most likely: to go back to Porto Alegre Famous for: Gaúcha wannabe, making weird faces Usually found: Porto Alegre, gym, dentist, at Redley Pet expression: “bah”, “ããhh”, “pilhooo”, “torpedo” Quote: “Life on the other hand won’t make you understand, we’re all part of the masterplan.”(Oasis)

Priscilla de Souza Pinto Ferreira de Araújo Dad & family: You made it possible, thank you for everything! Duda L.: Thank you for being such a great friend during all these years. Our kind of friendship is the one I always asked for, the friendship that I can say with most certainty I found in you. Lou: I’ll miss laughing during classes from silly things with you. I’m very glad to have you as a friend, Lu. “É o poder do Espírito Santo”. Sandy: “Amiga” thank you for everything. Going to the beach is not the same without you and your “caldos”. Alê: Some people who appear in our lives make the difference during the worst of days. You’re that person to me. Fern: I’ll miss dancing at MUN, your advice, and asking for food during breakes. I hope that we still have many funny conversations…outside school. Clau: I love acting crazy with you and talking on skype just to write the lyrics of what we’re listening. “Laialaia pode acreditar”. Pulga: You are capable of everything, believe in yourself and you’ll go far. Who could say that prince charming could be found after a “festa alternativa”? lol “Ecooo”! Patty: Wish you all the best in your life. School years and carnivals would not have been the same without you. JV: Your jokes are the best, there I just said it. I’ll miss them. Andrew: Save some ice cream and chocolate…always. Good luck in MIT (bull@*$) lol. Mary: I will miss you and your easy-going attitude, please, never change that. Tu, Ma: “Pra quem tem pensamento forte o impossível é só questão de opinião, e disso os loucos sabem.” Juniiinho! André: Two words: Barbara Streisand. Gi M., Le.: Good luck wherever you go to study! I admire you both for always being who you are and for fighting for what you want. Di: Always willing to help everyone. We still have many surf lessons, reggae concerts and “nights” to go! Gio: Try not eating Andrew’s chocolates and the ice creams, thank you…psycho person! “Lol”, “juuust” kidding, me and the minions will miss you. Manu & Nathy: Always willing to help everyone when they need but never giving up of a chance of being happy. Gaby, Vicky, Cris: True friendship is what I think whenever I remember of you three. Ms. Paes & Lucia: The best teachers I ever had. Thank you for everything. MUN: It was more than I could have imagined, it was a great experience! Priceless, hilarious moments, that I bet those who were there will never forget. Good luck on your next years as being “MUNers”. Class of 2011: Finally we graduated. Each person in our class can make the difference in the world. Let’s always reach for our dreams. One of them – graduation – has just been achieved.

Joined OLM in: 1996 Nickname: Patrocínio, Mr. Sponsorship Most likely: adopt a penguin Famous for:“talkative”, picture with the“cavaquinho” Usually found: Sailing, home Pet expression: “O almoço tá bonzão hoje!” Quote:“Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.” Albert Einstein

Rafael Gonçalves Patrocínio First of all I would like to thank the most important people in my life. Mom, sister & grandma: Thank you for the support during all these years, it would not be possible without my family, and you helped me a lot during my life. You helped me to become responsible and mature. I will always follow your advice, even though it seems I will not. Guilherme: You are a great friend and a very nice guy. We shared many funny moments together since preschool and there are many more to come. I am sure you will have a lot of success in your life. Luigi: We have been friends since 9th grade and since you entered school it became a funnier place. We have spent many funny times together and I am sure our friendship will continue after OLM. For sure you are the most popular and funny person in OLM. Moreira: You are my oldest friend in OLM. I am sure this year we will succeed in the vestibular of UFRJ, we will still be friends there. César: You are a great friend and I am sure you will be very successful in PUC and I will always remember the moments we had in OLM. Laranja: ..... ”AÊ MALUKUH”….. We had great times in OLM, even though you were usually not in the classroom, your jokes made school a better place. We will still be partners in Body Tech. João Rodolpho: It was very nice to be in your class during the senior year. School without your jokes would not be same. Barbosa, Kim & Fernando: School is not the same without you, but you still make part of our class. João Victor: We have been friends since Nursery and I wish you the best. Manuela & Nathalie: I will never forget the China project. Good luck after OLM. Patricia: It was very nice to have you in my class. Good luck in PUC. Helena & Barbara: I will never forget the reveillon in Búzios, it was very cool. Giorgio: I am sure you will be very successful in USA. It was very cool having you in my class from 9th to 11th grade. Good luck. Maria Paula: “Você é mt fanfarrona”! Good Luck after OLM. Antonia: Thank you for lending me your Biology notebook during high school, without it I would not have passed. Good luck. Ivan: Quiet but a nice person. I wish you the best after OLM. André: I met you in the beginning of the senior year and I am sure you are a cool guy. Eric: It was nice having you in my class. You are a cool guy and I wish you the best after OLM. Rodrigo & Flavinho: “Se não fossem vocês nada na escola funcionaria. Valeu por ajudar nossa sala sempre que precisava. Boa sorte!“ Zsolt: Thank you for teaching me Physics and being my advisor. Branco: Your rules made school a better place.

Joined OLM in: 1996 Nickname: Moreira, Moguega, Moreirinha Most likely: to move to Jamaica Famous for: being a math genius, reggae lover Usually found: gym, çorrate, “nightola” Pet expression:“tranquilão”,“coe novinha”,“ta lega” Quote:“Standuptodayandnottomorrow,causeit’snever too late.” (Alborosie)

Rafael Sousa Moreira Mom and Dad: Thank you for always believing in me, always being by my side, and for never giving up on me. I hope you can be proud of me in a near future. Dad I miss so much, you have no idea. I Love you! Mom I Love you too. Gui: “Partiu matinal?” You have been in my life since we entered OLM, and we have spent some of my best memories together. “Já entregô a monografia né? Hahahha” César: Always making me laugh, and teasing others. Room partners in many trips (MUN, Disney, Paraty), doing a lot of fun stuff. “Só cuidado pra não pegar botulismo”! Luigi: “Alô Ziana!?” I have no words to describe everything we passed through together: like going to the ‘castle of rocks’, our ‘nightolas’. I hope we never stop being best friends. Orelha: I will never forget our missions in the Big Crusades, and all cool stuff we spent together. “Vlw brother, trankilidade total. Swed” Fiuk: “Tem altoids??” You came into our class this year, and I consider you a true friend; always there listening to me. “Vlw lekk, te considero um amigão”! Barbosa, Chris, Cris, Pinto, Ju Leitão: “Vlw galera da ZIANA. Réveillon foi como? Muito irado.” JV: My neighbor, sharing some fun rides to school. I’ve always considered you a great friend. Good luck at PUC. Patrocínio: The best “cavaquinho” player in our class, see you in UFRJ. Collors: “Cadê tua gata Cores??” Malanzin, Mateuzin: We met through sports and we became true friends. Good luck in your senior year. “Peladinha no Monte Líbano sexta??” JR: The guy who sleeps least in class. “Sempre na dose da CREA. Tamo junto irmão”! Laranja: “Monstro!” A!Body Tech parteners; I hope we continue being friends after graduation. Giorgio: The best PC player. Ivan: Always reading your book, and helping others. Good luck in College. Andrew: See you in Jamaica! Babi: You know I love teasing you, but remember this is the way I show my friendship to you. “Seguraaa!!” Maru: “UM, DOIS, TRÊS E... CALA A BOCA MARUSIA”. It was nice to pass all these years by your side. Alejandra: “Me dá um chiclete?” Nathalie, Patrícia: “Vcs sabem q eu odeio quando me enchem o saco, mas mesmo assim ainda gosto d vcs”. Eric: It was very nice to have you as a classmate. Rodrigo, Flavinho: FJB //_\\ 1o “Canil Zona Sul.” Maciel, Zsolt: “hahahah, dois comedias”” Lucia Helena & Ms. Paes: Thank you for all your attention and for everything you taught me. I will never forget both MUNs. Branco: The Best Dean of Students this school ever had. Thank you for fighting for our rights. Gervinho: “Sempre na disciplina” EEEELLLLLL LARICONNNNNN... Class of 2011: We grew up together and I will miss you all.

Joined OLM in: 2010 Nickname: Robertinha, Robs, Pulga Most likely: to get out of trouble by smiling Famous for: being“fofíssima”, having spelling issues Usually found: “nights”, with her mom, practices Pet expression: “eii”, “os peixes”, “pára veio” Quote:“Shebelievedinangels,andbecauseshedid,they existed.” (Clarice Lispector)

Roberta Magalhães Hélcias For over a month I’ve been trying to write this “will” as it is normally known. It was impossible for me to write in so little space all I wanted to say to all the important people that came into my life over all these years. I’m sorry if I’m not specifically writing something special for you, but you know the important meaning you have in my life. Everyday when I come to school there is that special good morning from all the guards that keep us safe in the school that looks clean and neat because of the hard workers and polite cleaners that always do their work with a smile upon their face; and as the days go by or better, the years, I learned from my teachers and coaches not only book lessons but also daily-life ones. At the end of High School it is amazing to think how much knowledge and education they gave me, and how intelligent and magnificent they are. Then there are my friends, the ones that have been there for me and that have made every single day very especial, each of them very unique in their own way, with their flaws that are overcome by all the special qualities they have, and I’m just saying they have flaws because there is no way someone is perfect and that’s what makes everything so interesting. So, my friends never forget that I will always be here for you no matter if I’m in Japan, Africa, Iraq, New York, Rio, or wherever life takes me. Just give me one phone call and I’ll be there. Finally there is my family and here I can be really specific starting with my mother. Mom: If I had to write down in a piece of paper how much I love you, there wouldn’t be enough trees to be cut down so I could write it down. I love you more than anything in the Universe--you are everything to me. Thanks for always being there for me, and I hope that when I grow up I’ll be as great mother and woman as you--I couldn’t have asked for a better friend. Dad: It is amazing how much we are alike in matters of personality. Thanks for helping me when I most needed you and thanks for being such a marvelous father. People make mistakes but you have the amazing quality of overlooking them; so we never feel guilty about anything, because we are human. And as I said to mom: thanks for being such a great father. Isa: My sister, never doubt your intelligence or anything about you; you are beautiful and perfect every single day. I have looked up to you since I was born, and I’m happy to know that I will always be able to count on you, and I hope you know that you can count on me always, even when we are old and complaining about everything. And as a last advice for the ones that remain in school: take care and have fun! Hope to see you guys in the future doing something good with everything that was learned.

Joined OLM in: 2009 Nickname: Sandy, Sandrops, Sandrinha, Sandrita Most likely: to win a Grammy award (not) Famous for: yawning, singing Usually found: with Mary, watching House & grey´s Pet expression:“Meow”,“Beauty queen”,“(moan)” Quote:“Bewhoyouareandsaywhatyoufeel,becausethose whominddon´tmatterandthosewhomatterdon´tmind.” (Dr. Suess)

Sandra Maryori Forero Lopez Mami: “Te amo mucho, eres la mejor mamá del mundo. Siempre voy a llevar conmigo lo mucho que nos divertimos juntas y todo lo que me has enseñado. Siempre has tenido la razón. Te amo.” Papi: “Te quiero y te admiro tanto, todo lo que soy, te lo debo a ti. Nunca voy a poder recompensarte por todo lo que me has dado, eres mi ídolo, el hombre más inteligente, y sabio de la Tierra. Gracias totales.” Sergio: “18 de septiembre, mejor dia del mundo despues del 29 de octubre.” Ana: ”Patrico, es impresionante lo mucho que tenemos en común. Lo lindo, lo feo, lo bueno y lo malo.” You are my best friend, my shoulder to cry on. Count on me, always. Fern: I love and admire you beyond words can even begin to express. You are the older sister I never had. Thank you! Duda: ”Querida, o que seria de mim sem você?” You are amazing; don’t let anyone or anything make you think otherwise. Pri: “Vou sentir muita falta dos nossos dias de fotossíntese na praia e das nossas conversas hilárias sobre coisas que somente a gente entende.” We and our beautiful trophy husbands will be great, I promise. Mary: “Você é a pessoa mais verdadeira que eu já conheci.” Don’t forget, we’ll always be partners in crime. Lou: Nobody shines as bright as you. ”Obrigada pelo apoio incondicional.” Ale: I want to be like you when I grow up! André: We are definitely the sons and heirs of nothing in particular. Thanks for all the inappropriate conversations. Ma: You are a human with superpowers. You have taught me that life is truly beautiful even when it is not. What the future holds for us is unknown but I know one fact ­--we’ll be one tough act to follow. Andrew: Terrifying movies, riding bikes, roasted nuggets for lunch, I wouldn’t have changed a single thing, thanks for the memories. Gio: “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?” Twenty years from now I’ll be seeing you walking into the room with your U.S. Marine Corp Uniform. All I know is: you won’t keep a straight face once you see me. Tu: My sweetest cobra, never forget I’ll always be here to teach you how to crawl with pure and utter shame and to help wipe your sweet venom. Rapha: All the things you know, say and do make me admire you more and more. I kept my promise, don’t keep your distance. Nathy: You know you can count on me for anything, you’re the best of the bestest (right after me) “te adoro baixinha.” Clau & Patty: “Nunca esqueçam da sua amiga estrangeira que adora vocês e carrega toalhas na bolsa.” Roberta: Thank you so much for always being there for me, nothing would have been the same without you. Di: Nobody’s success is more certain than yours! I’ll miss you. Class of 2011: I had the time of my life.

Worst joke ever! “Lerêlerê...”

Being equal!

Cutting class.

“P’ceiro que é p’ceiro...”

Don’t look down!

Royal Family! Future civil engineers... (not!)

Glub, glub... “Pretty woman...”

On the catwalk...

Senior takeover!

Fashion moment!

A muppet show!

I’m the best! 44

Playing the steelpan


Math race.


Last school anniversary!


“The Lady & The Tramp!” Sorry for interrupting your journey...

Shilaaaaaaa in box!

Love moment... Picture! Smile... AHHH!!!

Zzzzzzzz... When it all started!


“Quer que eu desenhe???”

Getting down to business!

, h t r a E n i r Togethe n, e v a e H r o Hell e h t e r a e w 1 1 0 2 f o s s Cla 45


A and B

11th Grade

2012: we’ll never forget!”

moments we’ll never regret.

“Friends we’ll always remember,

André Cores Bertin


Beatriz Gaspar de Aguiar

Branca Carrerette Freitas

Bruna Marcolini Garritano

Camila Faria Baptista

Diana Carvalho De Paola

Fábio Chammas Fábri

Fernanda Carvalho Merege

Fernanda Maria dos Santos Machado

Flavia Roma Cavalcanti

Gabriel Cayres Loureiro Botelho

Gianfranco Enrique Tapia Mendiola

Giulianna Cupello Nicolatino

Hudson de Carvalho Neto

Luca Romiti

Matheus Vasconcelos Silva

Rafael AndrĂŠ de Lucca Duarte

Hugo Pedrotti Grochau

Lucas Madeira Lameiras

Jonas Garcia Lopes de Castro

Marina Heuwert Meyers

Nicholas Reed Alexander

Rodolfo Espasandin Alonso

Mateus Bastos da Silva

Pedro de Souza Lima Malan

Sofia Toulias Heringer

Thiago Barata


Working hard?!

Gr rrr rrr r.. .

Happily ever after...

11th In Action




A and B


we are the class of 2013â&#x20AC;?

as a team,

â&#x20AC;&#x153;When we come together

Alcides Jose Alcoba Inciarte

Alexia Maria Abregú de Figueiredo

Bernardo de Abreu Calmon de Britto

Bruno Raul Santoro de Melo Cabral

Elizabeth Cortizo Gonçalves de Azevedo 52

Ana Carolina de Oliveira Miranda

Bianca Merhy Fraga

Carolina Cardoso de la Cerda

Anna Helena Borges Gonçalves de Porto d’Ave

Bruna Carneiro Padovano

Carolina Dantas Veloso de Araújo

Erika Alexandra de Sousa Monteiro

Carolina Duarte Reynaud Faria

Erika Cristina Porto Viana

Gabriel de Campos Pinto

Julie Medeiros

Nicholas Ubing Figueiredo

Peter Pinho Fauci

João Paulo de Simone Azeredo dos Anjos Leitão

Julio Mario Quadros Perez

Larissa Venceslau Freire

Orlando Pinna Ferreira Pinto Neto

Rodrigo Fernandes Rodriguez

Júlia Gonçalves Patrocínio

Matheus Zanatelli Scuta

Patricia Perrone Damasio Mello

Shunsuke Ishii

Yasmin Knob Vargas Parada 53

Like - 3

Love is in the air!

10th In Action



Love is in the air (2)!

A and B

9th Grade

we are the Class of 2014”

“Reaching for the Extreme

Alessandra Dantas Sabra

Ana Luiza Carvalho Ferrer

Bernardo Costa Ruga

Escrava Isaura Play an adaptation of the romance by Bernardo Guimarães

Brenno Pazos Barroso de Mello

Carolina Cortez Minh Cabral

Isabela Maria de Sant’Anna Reis Larangeira 56

Carla Sze Cosenza

Isabel Boechat Wigderowitz

Isabella Torres Nothaft

Jéssica Souza Marrucho

Joana da Cunha Ramos Page

Victor Meira Pinto

Luiz Henrique Machado Jannuzzi

Maria Claudia Menezes Leal Nunes

Maria Pia Cores Bertin

Natália Dias Ferrão Levy de Souza

Nathalia Barbieri Crespo

Priscilla Allegretti Ribeiro

Victor Périco Perez

Vitória Coelho da Silva 57



In n o i t Ac

Getting down to business!

ed ... elet d ps Oo ink I ng! i I th ryth e ev


Take these flowers!

E-n-g-l-i-s-h... “Ôôô, animal de cabelo


Ho ho ho...

Watch out!!!

Paquetá 58





A and B



Antonio Lasalvia CĂ´rtes

Bruna de Oliveira Zamprogno

Bruno Gaspar da Costa Carvalho Serra

Camila Bomfim Mayser Roca

Camila Iglesias Fontoura Negreira

Gabriel Ponce de Andrade Botelho

Gabriel Siqueira Westerberg

Gabriela Vaz BulhĂľes Carvalho da Fonseca

Giulia Mescolin Ferrari

Giulliana Allegretti Ribeiro

Helio Babo Fernandes

John Paul Cilenti

Juan Ignacio Itzaina Aguilar

Juliana Avila Coelho

Kevin Dasilva

Kevin Ribas Afonso

Larah Garcez Biondo

Laura Nascimento de Almeida Rego

Laura Toulias Heringer

Leonardo da Silva Rosa e Oliveira

Lucas Barros de Souza

Luis Fernando Santarém Cardinali da Silva Araújo

Luiza Evaristo Carlos Galluzzi

Luiza Faria Baptista

Maria Carolina Rocha Oliveira

Mariana Wanderley Silva

Matheus Morais Caixêta

Matheus Pinto-Ribeiro Coelho

Newton Vieira Rique Neto

Nicholas Pellicano Grael

Pedro Sahdo Pompeu

Rafaela Marcolini Garritano

Rodrigo Londres Agapito da Veiga

Satya Dereczynski Kahale

Selma Huan Kuang

Sergio Armando Forero Lopez

Tomas Cavalcante Valadão

Victoria da Silva Cavalli

Vinícius Dantas Veloso de Araújo

William Jose Gonçalves Santos 63

Ponte Alta

8 th Ac In tio n

Math League

Literature Circle


A and B

7th Grade

Adele Dias Nader

Alexandre Fernandes Pousa

Ana Carolina da Silva Machado

Ana Luiza Barreto Ribeiro

Anna Carolina dos Santos Safadi

Anne Mesquita Laranja Kollenz de Mello

Antonio Araujo Osorio

Bruna Zander Guerrera Werneck

Carlos Theophilo Bandeira de Mello Azeredo Santos

Carolina Clapp de Paiva Dâmaso

Carolina Conde Caldas Rocha

Helena Barbieri Crespo 66

Carolina Rodrigues Carolina Tenorio Benchimol Baruzzi Lopes Del Campo Feinstein

José Paulo Hawtrey de Laport

Fortuna Alejandra Osorio Gomez

Letícia Maria Abregú de Figueiredo

Gabriel Barros de Souza

Lucca Anthony Belotti Morgan

Luciana Borri

Mariana Mouriño

Natasha Tonini Cabernite

Rafael Zambrano de Araujo Rapôso

Manuela Ribeiro Portugal

Maria Pia Itzaina Aguilar

Maria Vasconcelos Haniya

Mario Augusto Matheus Lins de Munna Alexandre Pitanga de Sá Filho Albuquerque da Rocha Santos

Olga Carolina Paulino Rodrigues

Pamela Guimarães Purchio

Raphaela Pacheco Barreto

Pedro Estevão Paes Leme Bethencourt

Victor Eduardo Guerra Pecsén Pérez

Mariana Carvalho Ferrer

Natasha Luba Sapienza

Rafael Bittencourt de Oliveira

Victor Munhoz Fernandes Vargas Trindade 67

“O Mistério Final”

Math League Team


“This sorrow makes me old.

“I’m on a diet!”




7 In n o i t c A



A and B



Alexandre Almeida Magalhães

Ana Carolina Paes Barreto Adenes

Ana Elena Santiago Fernandez

Ana Luiza Aparecida de Lima

Ariel Maria Starling Solla Abreu

Artur Pedrotti Grochau

Beatriz Balestrero Machado

Bernardo Pereira Álvares de Oliveira

Bruna Pilon Geanetti Machado

Carolina Malouk de Castro

David San Kim

Eduardo Espasandin Alonso

Fabrizio Walter Tapia Mendiola

Fernanda Nascimento Tavares

Francisco Donato Navarro

Gabriela Lustosa Perrella

Giovanna Prokopiuk Batista da Costa

Giulia Campello Aguiar

Graziella Carolina Ribeiro Januário Fontoura

Isabella Almeida Alberg

José Antonio Peryassú Valle Josetti Guarischi

Laura Horta Cahill

Leonardo Brandão Freitas

Lorena Alvarez de Souza

Luca Sorrentino Jansen

Lucas Pontes Barrozo

Luísa Guimarães Sachser Bonilha

Maria Trinidad Mas

Mariana Resende de Paiva

Michaela Hasselmann de Araújo

Mylena Salatino Araujo Costa

Nichollas Dreilick Ribeiro Mesquita

Nicolle Nicolau

Paula Souza Camara

Pedro Henrique Bahia Araujo

Pedro Paulino Gomes Soares de Souza

Rafaella Benjamin Baptista de Oliveira

Rodrigo Caprio de Mattos

Susy Huang

Thiago Chammas Fábri 71

International Field Day

Saint Patrickâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day

6 th In Action

Math League





Ms. Sandra BrandĂŁo

A and B

5th Grade

Ms. Sandra Andrade


Ana Beatriz Santarém Cardinali da Silva Araújo

Ana Maria Cano Gomez

Anna Clara de Andrada

Arthur Alexandre Correia Alves

Bianca Cochat Fuser

Carolina Bomfim Mayser Roca

Carolina Porto Fontainha

Clara Wiltgen Domingues Machado Nogueira

Dayse Huang

Erick Alexandre Correia Alves

Francisco Arturo Osorio Gomez

Gabriella Torres Nothaft

Grace Ha Nul Choi Kim

Gustavo da Cunha Ramos Page

Igor Chame e Couto

Isabela Hartmann Santhiago Lopes

João Gabriel Pinheiro Santos de Menezes

João Pedro Resende de Paiva

Juliana Wanderley Silva

Bernardo Tenorio Benchimol Del Campo Feinstein

Karine Munhoz Fernandes Vargas Trindade

Luis Eduardo Villalobos Matson

Maria Eugênia Machado Jannuzzi

Mariana Esteves d’Annunciação

Matheus Gyordano Repula Nunes

Matheus Oliveira Hosken

Melisa Cañas Gamboa

Natalia Victoria Colmenares Chuck

Nina Prates Rosenblit

Pedro Araujo da Costa

Pedro Paulo Marinato de Resende

Pietro Campos Russo

Priscila Frossard Brandão

Rodrigo Cardoso de la Cerda

Rodrigo Fonseca de Carvalho

Selma Sarah Dantas Sabra

Sofia Helena Siqueira Westerberg

Sofia Pellicano Grael

Sophia Derenne Campos

Thiago Schnaider Fridman Ferreira Pinto 77

5th Action In


Ms. Angel Biggers

A and B

4th Grade

Mr. Luiz Freire

Alberto Frederico Penna Chaves Rocha

Ana Clara Pinheiro de Oliveira

Ana Sofia Herdy Francisco Gonzalez

BĂĄrbara Mas

Bruno Sorrentino Jansen

Caio Ferrari Fontoura

Elisabet Araujo Osorio

Francisco PeryassĂş Valle Josetti Guarischi

Joana Pereira Alvares de Oliveira

Lucca Garcez Biondo 80

Luiza Carneiro Padovano

Antonia Fontes Marietti

Arnaldo Hartmann Santhiago Lopes

Carlos Eduardo Lober Daniela Figueiredo Vianna da Costa Soares Ventura Bechara Santos

Jose Daniel Alcoba Iniciarte

Mariana Pimenta Cahill

Juliana Dantas dos Santos de Souza

Marina Sironi Abad

Mateus Sze Cosenza

Matheus Carvalho e Lemos

Matheus Fonseca do Amaral Assunção

Mauro Luiz Soares Zamprogno Junior

Miguel Rabello Chahud

Nickollas Pontes Barrozo

Nicole Marinho Vieira Weiss

Pedro Arthur Hawtrey de Laport

Pedro Chames Carvalho

Pedro Quagliani Andrade Silva

Rebeca Lima Rique

Rubens Americano Alves de Brito Araujo

Stephanie Agarez de Brito Rosa

Teo Cores Bertin

Thais Dias Ferrão Levy de Souza

Valentina Fontes Marietti

Victoria Alexandra Röhol

Zeno Pinheiro Camera 81


4 In Action


Ms. Viviane Bomfim Ms. Monica Ramaciotti

A and B

3rd Grade

Ms. Daniela Haas

Anna Carolina Carvalho Visco


Arthur Marinho Vieira Weiss

Brad Ranzato Montanana

Bruno Daher de Pinna dos Santos

Carolina Borri

Felix Bonillo Laime

Chiara Terranova

Edward Christopher Goodall

Elle Jolie Brack

Frederico Cisneros Van Ness

Gabriel Kenneth Almeida Alberg

Giulia Mascolo

Giulia Paola Gerlach

Guilherme Pires de Mendonรงa Azevedo

Helena Lago Lourenรงo Costa e Silva

Isabella Chame e Couto

Joรฃo Louis Nail

Julia Furtado Martins

Júlia Hollanda Moreira dos Santos

Luana Costa Savaget

Maria Luisa Ramalho Pessoa Albuquerque de Brito

Maria Rosario Konortoff

Marielbe Victoria Alcoba Inciarte

Marina Lamas Koria

Nicole Campos Horion

Paloma Pinto-Ribeiro Coelho

Rafaella Portella Ferreira Drumond de Avellar

Sofia Maciel Fernandes Guedes

Sofia Principe Schmidt

Trey Isaac Orgeron

Túlio Loureiro Pícoli

Vitória Castelo Branco Ribeiro

Zachary David Colmenares Chuck 85

3rd In ction A


Ms. Simone Fernandes Ms. Luciane Lins

A and B

2nd Grade

Ms. Flรกvia Botelho Ms. Fรกtima Menezes


Amanda Pereira Chaves

Ana Teresa Roris Scavarda de Souza Pinto

Antonio Pacheco Barreto

Barbara de Oliveira Neves

Bernardo Fontes Abramof

Bruna Sahdo Pompeu

Camila Espíndola Rodriguez Pazos

Carmen Teresa Osorio Gomez

Cecilia Afonso Ferreira

Diego Morais da Motta

Enzo Cardoso Sekito

Fernanda Stockler Teixeira

Francisco Tovar Moll

Gabriel Martins Barcelos de Abreu

Gabriel Muniz Khoury

Gabriela Souto Maior Pires

Gabriela Zambrano de Araujo Rapôso

Gaelila Lucille Mckaughan

Giulianna de Oliveira Gonçalves

Beatriz Rosa Simão de Lima Linhares

Gustavo Bandeira de Mello Azeredo Santos

Isabella Tinoco Signorini

João Pedro Guillaume de João Pedro Herdy Souza do Nascimento Francisco Caldas Bertoletti

João Pedro Campos da Rocha

Isadora Coelho da Silva

João Pedro Alcantara dos Santos da Silva

Júlia Diniz de Oliveira

Luke Albert Horion

Maria Clara Périco Perez

Maria Guadalupe Neves Pereira

Marina Pinheiro Santos de Menezes

Maria Eduarda Alcantara dos Santos da Silva

Maria Eduarda Rocha de Vilhena

Maria Fernanda Cunha da Rocha Nazar

Natália Maciel Guedes

Pedro Pacheco de Mello Dutra

Pietra Goa Barroca Tavares

Sofia Tenório del Campo Vicente Nascimento de Almeida Rego Benchimol Feinstein 89


2 In n o i t c A


Ms. Goreth Cruz Ms. Lynzie Keck

A and B

1st Grade

Ms. Simone Souza Ms. Gisele Costa Ms. Susana Weber

Ana Beatriz Pereira Scarpellini Campos

Celline Isabel Bautista Gonçalves

Frederico Tavares

João Vitor Venancio Amaral 92

Arthur Rodrigues Baruzzi Lopes

Bautista Mas

Diego Alexander Carlsson

Giovanna Borges Resende

Bruno Garcia Lopes de Castro

Dorsa Nouraei

Gustavo de Oliveira Machado Jardim

Juca Pinheiro Camera

Gustavo Schulmann

Larissa Richelette Freire de Carvalho Vilela

Catarina Filgueiras Sauerbronn

Elmo Tangi Helao Nuuyoma

João Carlos Machado Ruiz Vidal

Luisa Carolina Faissol Gilberto Oliveira

LuĂ­sa Hollanda Moreira dos Santos

Manuela Cardoso de la Cerda

Maria Carolina Perico Perez

Maria Fernanda Almeida de Camargo Penteado

Maria Roberta Petrelli Silva Dias

Marina Aguilar Itzaina

Marina Schnaider Fridman Ferreira Pinto

Matheus Benzi Georges Freitas de Souza

Monah Andre Diegues

Nicholas Hoara dos Santos Cavalcante

Pedro Podcameni da Costa Lima

Rafael Tavares

Rebeca Roris de Oliveira

Santiago Andres Galan Rivet

Silvia Alejandra Jeter

Sofia Carvalho Fick

Valentina de Andrada


tion c A n I 1 st


Elementary In Action

Japanese School and 3rd Grade

Poem Project


96 Sophia Cunha - PN Lucas Rundle - PN Felipe Murtinho - PN

Senior Kinder A

Ms. Flavia Malouk Ms. Christiane Lustosa

Senior Kinder B

Ms. Ana Lucia Ramos Ms. Julia Junqueira

Alejandro Unica Aguilera

Beatriz D’Almeida Costa

Beatriz Silva Marques

Carlos Eduardo Roris Scavarda de Souza Pinto

Dante Navaza Honorato

Diego Hasselmann de Sousa

Eduardo Araújo Pyrrho

Eduardo Nova Brandão Laclau Marques

Emma Grace Brack

Emma Sandoval

Estela Sironi Abad

Giovanni Luiz Pedone Lopes

Guilherme Rivas Vaz Pinto

Heitor Suisso Penna Chaves

Helena Carreiro Ribeiro de Sena

Inés Perera


Isabella Sofia Vera Montes

João Victor Brasil Alcântara

Júlia Maciel Fernandes Guedes

Julia Vianna Rocha

Juliana Pimentel Matos

Kyra Alexandre

Lorenzo Mascolo

Lucas Féres de Paiva Pereira

Maria Eduarda Mcleod

Mariana Bastos da Cunha

Mariana Juliaci de Amorim

Marianna Harfield Brasil Vianna Araújo

Mayra Lujan Gutierrez Garrido

Michael Bernardes Eloi Gallagher

Nicolas Espasandin Lemseyan

Paula Aguiar Itzaina

Ramiro Felipe Konortoff

Rodrigo Brandão Freitas

Sophia Kneip Rezende Auton

Sophia Rafaela Delgado Loaiza

Tomás Lima Bosch

Victor Matheus Lourenço Raphael 99

Senior Kinder In Action


Ms. Rita Ribeiro

Ms. Olga Heitmann

Junior Kinder A

Junior Kinder B

Ms. Viviane Bruton

Ms. Renata Menezes

Alessandro Polini Ache

Ana Beatriz Duarte Maya Ferreira

Bruno Janez Paladino

Camila Castagnino Unchalo

Carolina Tomé Caminha Caldas

Daniel Martins Cassar Magdalena

Daniela Tovar Gomez

Davi Soter Maul de Oliveira

Eduardo Peres Almeida

Eduardo Tovar Moll

Francisco Araújo de Mazza Pessanha

Frederico Filgueiras Sauerbronn

Gabriel Teles Correia

Giulio Graziani

Júlia Afonso Addum

Julia Cunha Suassuna da Rocha Ferreira 102

Kelly Ribas Afonso

Laura Pinelli Caldas da Cunha

Lucas Fernández y Fernández Lopes

Lucas Marinovic de Almeida Rego

Manuela Araujo Marcella Chernicharo Gomes Sousa da Silva Pavetits

Maria Eduarda Fraga Avinte Albuquerque

Maria Tereza Magalhães Cavalini

Mateo Andre Diegues

Pedro Murtinho Botelho Ferreira

Petrus Artola Villaorduña

Rafael Ramalho Pessoa Albuquerque de Brito

Rafael Vergili Hansen

Raul Kolaric

Ravi Oliveira Nedungadi

Renan Celeste Munk

Thiago Camara Peralta

Tiago Alencar Rundle

Valentina Fabião Lepecki

Victoria Donati Godinho

Victória Fonseca do Amaral Assunção

Vitória Almeida de Camargo Penteado 103

Junior Kinder In Action


Ms. Adriana Pereira Ms. Adriana Lourenço Ms. Alba Valéria

Nursery B

Nursery A

Ms. Ana Cláudia Benchimol Ms. Tatiana Zotes Ms. Carla Pinheiro


André Sanji de Sousa Kawamata

Betina Lago Lourenço Costa e Silva

Breno de Amorim Junqueira

Bruna Bittencourt de Freitas

Bruno Rivas Vaz Pinto

Carolina Bicudo Wilken Basilio da Motta

Daniel Passos Shorter

Davi Antunes Pacheco

Eduarda Ruffo Rezende

Eric Moura da Fonseca

Fernanda de Oliveira Cabral

Gabriel Capano Rodrigues

Gabriel Pereira Alvares de Oliveira

Gabriela Braune Bianchini

Giuliana Cisneros Van Ness

Guilherme Miranda da Conceição Santos

Guilherme Schulmann

Himeri Kitajima

Isabela Simonson Rodrigues

Jianing Zhou

João Marcelo Machado Jannuzzi

Joaquim Corzo Raposo Lopes

Jorge Pastore dos Santos Pereira

Luana Benchimol Barbosa Duarte

Luis Alberto Villalobos Matson

Luiza Bertoldo Seda

Miguel Montenegro Matheus Schnaider Fridman Ferreira Pinto de Lacerda Campanelli

Samantha Espasandin Lemseyan

Sofia Ines Galan Rivet

Lara Caldas Dias

Letícia Albagli Gentil Machado

Maria Julia Sotto Mayor Maria Julia Roris Bressan Wellisch Scavarda de Souza Pinto

Pedro Henrique Drummond Lopes

Pilar Söhnchen

Rebecca Gonçalves Basilio Weber

Tabatha Duarte Albertassi

Victoria Anne Goodall

Yared Morgan Mckaughan 107

Nursery In Action


Pre-Nursery A Ms. Lilian Cordeiro Ms. Marcia Vidal Ms. Jaqueline Oliveira

Ms. Marisa Vieira Ms. Samantha Campanelli Ms. ValĂŠria Luna

Pre-Nursery B

Andrea Elena Santiago Fernandez

Camila Sandoval

Daniel Tavares Basile Mendonça

Davi Abreu Polzonoff

Eduardo Nevares Florêncio

Eric Passos Shorter

Felipe Afonso dos Reis

Gabriel Eduardo Chaves Fernandes

Gilda Hipolito Feldman

Isabelle Monfort Hallak

João Lima Bosch

João Pedro Donati Godinho

Joaquim Fernández y Fernández Lopes 110

Leonardo Coelho da Silva Ferreira

Lucas Alencar Rundle

Luis Philipe Hawtrey de Laport

Manuela Bittencourt de Freitas

Maria Antonia Freire Lourenço Gomes

Maria Manuela Chermont de Britto Santos Pereira

Maria Valentina Cavalcanti de Lucena Sanches

Maurício de Oliveira Zamprogno

Miguel de Sá Kempers Vieira

Pedro Gondim Sabát

Samuel Munhoz Fernandes Ferreira da Silva

Seung Joon Oh

Sofia Cunha Lima

Sophia Genilhu Bomfim Brandão Cunha

Tiago Pereira Álvares de Oliveira

Valentina de Carvalho Bitetti 111

Pre-Schoo l In Action


Giovanna Franco

Nathalia Crespo (‘14)

Pedro Pompeu (‘14)

Matheus Larangeira

Rodolfo Espasandin (‘12)


Big 8

Boys (from left to right, top to bottom) - Mr. Waldeir de Souza, Lucas Lameiras, Matheus Larangeira, Pedro Pompeu, Matheus Scuta, Victor Pérez, Luiz Jannuzzi, João Victor Galhego, Nicholas Figueiredo, Orlando Pinto Neto and Shunsuke Ishii. Girls (from left to right, top to bottom) - Mr. Waldeir de Souza, Patricia de Sá, Larissa Freire, Carolina la Cerda, Roberta Hélcias, Priscilla Ribeiro, Fernanda Machado, Nathalia Crespo, Isabella Nothaft, Beatriz Aguiar and Joana Page. 114

8 Tournament


Big 8 Tournament



Boys (from left to right, top to bottom) - Mr. Walmir de Souza, João Victor Galhego, Michael Daniel, Guilherme Cordeiro, Matheus Vasconcelos, Rodolfo Espasandin, Matheus Larangeira, Matheus Scuta, Mr. Waldeir de Souza, Luiz Jannuzzi, João Paulo Leitão, Gianfranco Mendiola, Victor Pérez, Pedro Malan, Pedro Pompeu, Nicholas Figueiredo and Gabriel Pinto. Girls (from left to right, top to bottom) - Mr. Walmir de Souza, Patricia de Sá, Roberta Hélcias, Natália Levy, Carolina la Cerda, Erika Monteiro, Camila Baptista, Priscilla Ribeiro, Beatriz Aguiar, Manuela Almeida, Antonia Teixeira, Gabriela Fonseca, Nathalia Crespo, Helena Tude, Nathalie Haddad, Luiza Baptista and Cláudia Ammirabile. 117

Fut sal Team (from left to right, top to bottom)

Mr. Walmir de Souza Rodolfo Espasandin JoĂŁo Victor Galhego Hudson Neto Guilherme Cordeiro Matheus Vasconcelos Gabriel Pinto Gianfranco Mendiola Vinicius de AraĂşjo Victor Pinto Pedro Pompeu Pedro Malan Julio Quadros Nicholas Figueiredo


I N T E R 6

I N T E R 6

Vo lleyb a ll Tea m (from left to right, top to bottom)

Giovanna Miranda Amanda Brasil-Leigh Eduarda Ferraz Manuela Almeida PatrĂ­cia de SĂĄ Antonia Teixeira Maria Julia Argollo Mr. Sergio Fortunato Nathalia Crespo Julia Heringer Helena Crespo Laura Heringer Giulianna Cupello 119

I nte r 6 momen t s. . .


Sofia Toulias Heringer



spo Helena Barbieri Cre


Middle School Cheerleaders

Elementary Cheerleaders

Roberta - Erika - Isabella - Alexia - Nathalie - Gi F. - Gi M. - Carolina and Ms. Sandra Fortes












12 1, 15, 16 – Priscilla Machado, Ashley Kinamore, and Shawn Bally: “Down” by Jay Sean & “Soul Sister” by Train. 2, 11, 19 – Fernanda Da Silva, Ashley Kinamore, Mr. Rundle, Mr. Morais, Guilherme Cordeiro and Matheus Scuta: “Knocking on Heaven´s Door” by Bob Dylan.

9 14

3, 17 – Nathália and Helena Crespo: “Love Song” by Sara Bareilles & “Big Girls Don´t Cry” by Fergie.


4 – Ana Luiza Lima, Mylena Salatino and Gabriela Lustosa: “Wakawaka” by Shakira. 5 – Raphaela Barreto & Natasha Cabernite: “Send it on” by Disney Stars. 6, 9 – Mateus & Fernanda Da Silva: “The Only Exception” by Paramore & “Garota de Ipanema” by Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes. 15



7 – Mr. Camera, Mr. Morais, Carolina Cabral & Mr. Rundle: “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” by Credence Clearwater Revival. 8 – Sofia Heringer: “Russian Roulette” by Rihanna. 10, 18 – Pedro Pompeu, Matheus Caixeta, Vinícius Araújo, Newton Rique, Kevin Afonso, and Leonardo Oliveira: “Come baby” & “Loneliness” original compositions. 12 – Fernanda Merege: “Gypsy” by Shakira. 13 – Anne Mello & Munna Alexandre: “Because of You” by Kelly Clarkson.

18 124


14 – Ms. Fortes & Mr. Camera.


Ms. Campanelli Ms. Vieira


Students *: Ana Elena Fernandez, Ana Luiza de Lima, Ariel Maria Abre u, Beatriz Machado, Carolina Rocha, Carolina Cabral, Carolina Malouk, Isabella Alberg, Luca Jans en, Maria Haniya, Mariana Ferrer, Munna Alexandre, Mylena Arau jo, Nathalia Crespo, Natasha Cabernite, and Paula Camara.


Teachers: Ms. Monica Merc hak, Mr. Marcelo Camera, Ms. Sandra Fortes, Ms. Renata Gomes, and Ms. Ashley Kinamore (stu dent teacher).




“T’was the night before Christmas...”

Children’s Chorus - Elementary

Christmas Celebration

Zachary David Colmenares Chuck - 3rd Ms. Aline Izecksohn

Nativity Scene


Children’s Chorus - Pre-School

First Communion

(from left to right, top to bottom) - Ms. Luciana Prado, Ms. Gisela Duniec, Gabriela Lustosa, Mauro Zamprogno, Carla Cosenza, José Daniel, Juliana Souza, Pedro Silva, Joana Oliveira, Monsignor Andre Sampaio, Bernado Ruga, Arthur Grochau, Matheus Assunção, Elisabet Osorio, Antonia Marietti, Ana Sofia Gonzalez, Matheus Lemos, Francisco Guarischi, Miguel Chahud, Pedro Carvalho, Bárbara Mas, Marina Abad, Luiza Padovano, Mateus Cosenza, Nickollas Barrozo, Arnaldo Lopes, Ana Clara Oliveira, Nicole Weiss, Lucca Biondo, Stephanie Rosa, Thais Levy de Souza, Victoria Röhl, Valentina Marietti, Teo Cores, Mariana Cahill, Caio Fontoura, Alberto Rocha, Rubens Araujo, Daniela Santos and Pedro Arthur Laport.

Monsignor André Sampaio, Ms. Luzineia Santos, Isabela Larangeira and Fernanda Merege


Children in Christ Day


General Assembly

Ms. Lucia Helena Oliveira, Jéssica Marrucho (Economic and Financial Committee), Ana Luiza Ferrer (Commission on Science and Technology for Development), Fernanda Merege (International Maritime Organization), Nathalia Crespo (Legal Committee), Fernanda Da Silva (Non-Governmental Organizations Forum “Relief International”), Mateus da Silva (Commission on Science and Technology for Development), Priscilla de Araújo (World Trade Organization), Luiz Henrique Jannuzzi (Economic and Financial Committee), Carolina Cabral (Legal Committee), Louise Marie Hurel (Social Cultural and Humanitarian Committee), Isabella Nothaft (Special Political & Decolonization Committee), Maria Eduarda Leitão (Food and Agriculture Organization), Bruno Cabral (Disarmament and International Security Committee), and Ms. Rosana Paes.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Trip to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

In action at NHSMUN

National High School Model United Nations This year, OLM participated in its third consecutive National High School Model United Nations conference in New York City during March 6th and March 12th, 2011. The trip had our Social Studies teachers Ms. Rosana Paes and Ms. Lucia Helena Oliveira as chaperones and 13 students, including four seniors, two juniors, one sophomore, and six freshmen. These freshmen were the first 9th grade group ever invited to the trip, and worked very hard at MUN, demonstrating why they were invited to participate. Before the opening of the conference, the group had a chance to visit a number of cultural attractions such as museums, the Statue of Liberty, and Broadway. Once the NHSMUN conference began, it ran smoothly and was more demanding than the previous year but students participated with zest. Resolutions were written and voted for at the UN General Assembly Headquarters on March 12th and all 13 delegates felt their mission had been accomplished. They enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime experience, where over 3000 students gathered, debated, and made decisions that show how young teenagers, when challenged, can find peaceful ways to change the world. Fernanda Da Silva and Ms. Paes


Ms. Andrade


Seniors & Mr. Ma

Ms. Libi Mau



es, Freshm


Juniors, Sop

ajka en & Mr. M

Ms. Mariana Rebello, Ms. Ashley Meyerrose, Ms. Brooke Lyos & Ms. Ana Carla Scavarda

It is not your typical bee. Participating students do have to know how to spell a pretty large number of words in English, but the contest is in teams, a collaborative effort of class representatives. The trios also have to be ready to answer some grammar and usage questions in some warm-up rounds. It is fun to watch, exhausting to prepare for and compete in. Ultimately it is a celebration of the power of words in a school where most students can communicate in three or more languages.

niors Cheering


John Majka

Seniors Cheerin


Mr. Freire

4 - Pedro Arthur Laport & Juliana Dantas de Souza 5th - Sofia Westerberg & Francisco Arturo Gomez 7th - Letícia Figueiredo, Fortuna Osório & Bruna Werneck Seniors - Fernanda Da Silva, Priscilla Araújo & Sandra Forero th

th s 6th & 7 Grade


Middle School Cheering

Elementary & Middle School winners





science fair

6th Grade

6th Grade

6th Grade

6th Grade

7th Grade

7th Grade



ra 7th G Discovery Channel Production: Stephen Hawking’s Aliens

Quiz Bowl

Discovery Channel Production: Stephen Hawking’s Aliens

Quiz Bowl

knowledge bowl Ms. Elizabeth Freire, Mr. Zachary Tucker and Mr. Christopher Cole

Thiago Barata Matheus Scuta Jonas de Castro João Victor Galhego

César Miranda Nicholas Alexander Fernanda Machado Giulianna Cupello


“Estenda Sua Mão” Project Creche Tia Maura at OLM

Christmas “Casa Vila do Sol” Nursing Home



Children’s Day - Casa São João Batista da Lagoa

Christmas - Casa São João Batista da Lagoa

União das Operárias de Jesus

Renata Pereira (‘06) and Ms. Souza

Clean Up Rio

for the s n o i t a n Do in the s d o o fl f victims o gion of e r s u o n i mounta Janeiro. Rio de SORJ E C M L O

“Estenda Sua Mão - Amizade Safari”

“Casa de Apoio à Criança com Câncer Santa Teresa”

Doing good out of love is an important characteristic of an OLM graduate. 139


1 2, 5 and 6 - Pre-School 1 - High School 3- Middle School 4- Elementary





Sophia Kneip Auton - SK 140



Adilson Silveira Ramos

Adriana L. Lourenço Costa e Silva

Adriana Paula dos S. Pereira

Adriana Rebello Horta Cahill

Adriano Morais




Business Office

Ailton Pereira de Souza Filho

Alba Valeria Marinho Pedro

Alexandre da Motta Campanelli

Aline Izecksohn

Amari Veríssimo


Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Staff


After School Staff

Ana Carla R. Rodriguez Scavarda

Ana Carolina Benchimol

Ana Carolina Schmidt

Ana Claudia Benchimol

Ana Gisela de Oliveira Duniec



After School Staff



Ana Lucia da Cunha Ramos

Ana Mirian Coelho Soares da Silva

Antonio Carlos Pereira

Antonio Simão dos Santos

Aparecida Goreth da Cruz


Business Office

Maintenance Staff

Maintenance Staff

After School Coordinator

Web Designer

Barrie Jeanne Muzbeck Pinto

Bianca Dopico da Silva



Carmen Neves da Rocha Maia

Caroline Dias da Costa

Guidance Counselor

Carla Pinheiro

Carlos Antônio Constâncio da Silva

Carlos Henrique Bezerra Coutinho

Maintenance Staff

Kitchen Staff

Christiane Junqueira Lustosa

Christopher Scott Cole

Claire Chenette Collins Cona

After School Staff




Claudia de Oliveira Barcelos

Cláudia F. S. Azeredo dos Santos Leitão

Claudia Pizelli

Cleide Vitorino Lima S. do Nascimento

Damião Linhares de Lima

Cleaning Staff



Business Office

Daniel Cardoso da Costa

Daniel Rodrigues de Melo

Daniela de Almeida e Souza Haas

Davi Santos da Silveira

Debora da Costa

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Staff


After School Staff



After School Staff



Denise Celia A. Gonçalves

Dennys Zsolt Santos

Dirce Correa de Lima

Dirceu Luna da Silva

Dulce Ferreira B. G. da Silveira

Business Office


Business Office

Security Staff

Guidance Counselor & Wellness Department

Edilson Ferreira da Conceição

Edno Vieira Ruas Filho

Eduardo Costa da Silva

Elenice Jose Giesteira

Elias Soares da Silva

Maintenance Staff


After School Staff

Library Staff


Elisangela Ribeiro Pessanha Abrantes

Elizabeth Cristina Venceslau Freire

Elizabeth dos Santos Barros

Emerson Ferreira da Silva

Eunápio de Jesus

Business Office



Security Staff

Fatima Yung Menezes

Felipe de Souza Moreira Portilho

Fernanda Ferreira Lourenço

Flavia Maira Taube Malouk Gulyas

Flávia Maria Telles Guiotti





Science Lab Technician

Kitchen Staff

Flávia Nery Botelho

Flavio Malaquias dos Santos

Frank Joseph Larangeira

Geraldo Ferreira Maciel Junior

Giovanna Quagliani Pereira de Andrade


IT Department




Gisele da Costa Souza

Gisele Vidal da Trindade Amorim

Idalina Farias Felicio

Irenilda Ribeiro Fontoura

Ivana de Oliveira Barcelos


Business Office

Cleaning Staff


Dean of Students Office

Ivanise de Oliveira Barcelos

Jaidir Ramos Barbosa

Jaqueline Oliveira de Alcantara

Jessica Chiappetta

John Joseph Majka

Cleaning Staff



Kitchen Intern


Jorge Luiz Viana da Silva

Jorge Roberto dos Santos

José Airton Ferreira da Silva

José Airton Oliveira da Silva

José Claudio da Costa Falque

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Staff

Security Staff

Maintenance Staff

Security Staff 145

t of it...” We “...want to be a par Alumni Cocktail

Old friends!

“A vida é bela.” Once upon a time...

“Barney is a dinosaur..


Day security

Rock N’ Roll never

looked so beautiful!

“Berimbau & Ginga”




“Dead Poets So


2014 World Cup







n De

Game on!!!

“We are the world...” 147


José Constancio da Silva

José Rodrigues da Silva

Josinete Maria da Silva

Juana Maria Leira Martins

Julia de Amorim Junqueira

Maintenance Staff

Maintenance Staff

Cleaning Staff



Kátia Jacinto Gomes de Souza

Katia Suzane Santana Valente

Lilian Cordeiro Santos da Silva Trinta

Liliane Levy

Luana Nobre

After School Staff

After School Staff


Athletics Coordinator


Lucia Helena de S. Oliveira

Luciana Carvalhal Braga

Luciana Costa

Luciana Oliveira Nogueira Gomes

Luciana Pereira do Prado Allão



Cleaning Staff


Luciane Santos Costa Lins

Lucimar Targino da Silva

Luiz Fernando Freire

Luiz Virgínio do Nascimento

Mamudo Djante


Cleaning Staff


Maintenance Staff

After School Staff

Business Office

Marcelo Camera Fernandes Pinto

Márcia Antunes Secretary


Marcia Ferreira dos Santos

Marcia Lourenço Vidal

Marco Antonio Ferreira Teixeira

Cleaning Staff



Marcos Paulo Gomes de Oliveira

Maria Alice G. Loureiro Pícoli

Maria Bernardete Constancio Pereira

Maria Bezerra da Rocha

Maria Cristina de Barros Telles

Maintenance Staff


Cleaning Staff

Cleaning Staff


Maria Cristina de Souza Machado

Maria da Glória Maia

Maria da Penha Luna

Maria da Penha V. Barroso

Maria de Fátima Diniz Miranda

Guidance Counselor


Cleaning Staff

Cleaning Staff


Maria de Lourdes Maurey de Souza

Maria Gomes de Lima

Maria José da Conceição

Maria José Teofilo da Silva

Maria Neide dos Santos


Cleaning Staff

Cleaning Staff

Cleaning Staff

Registrar’s Office 149

Mariana Rebello Pereira

Mariana Machado

Mario Silva da Conceição

Marisa Pinheiro R. de Menezes

Marisa Tavares Vieira de Mello

Stock & Xerox



Mônica Maciel

Monica Martins Tinoco

Monica Mendes Dreifus


Business Office

Nair Alice S. de Souza B. Ammirabile

Olga Leira Martins Heitmann

Otaciano Miguel da Silva

Wellness Department


Maintenance Staff

Paulo César O. Santos

Paulo Henrique Sereno dos Santos

Rafael Costa de Oliveira

Raimundo Araujo Veras

Security Staff

Security Staff

Business Office

Maintenance Staff

Kitchen Intern


Melania Anna Varola

Mônica da Silva Monteiro

Business Office

Library Staff

Mônica Palhano Daher Merchak

Monica Ramaciotti Teacher


Paula Maria G. Pacheco Barreto Religion Department & Alumni Office


Nurse’s Office

Raphaela Portela

Raquel da Silva Braga

Renata de Freitas Ghiotti

Renata Faria de Freitas

Renata Maria G. de Menezes



Guidance Counselor


Renata Vellozo Gomes

Rita de Cassia Gomes Graça

Rita de Cássia Ribeiro

Robert Francis Rundle Junior

Rodrigo Mendes


Kitchen Staff



Rodrigo Sacramento da Silva

Rosana Stepanski Paes

Samantha M. de Lacerda Campanelli

Sandra Cristina de P. G. Brandão

Sandra Rosana Xavier

IT Department





Sandra Saldanha Fortes

Sandra Suzano Silva de Andrade

Sandro da Cunha Vieira

Sebastião Magno da Costa Falque

Selma Rodrigues



Security Staff

Security Staff

Library Intern

After School Staff

Business Office



Silvano Constancio da Silva

Simone Campos Fernandes de Lima

Simone Rangel de Souza

Solange Barbosa das Merces

Solange dos Santos Gidio

Kitchen Staff



Cleaning Staff

Cleaning Staff

Sônia Melo de Jesus

Suzana Gonçalves Weber

Suzana Vergaças Rodrigues

Tatiana Ferreira da C. Zotes Carneiro

Tereza Angelique Biggers



Business Office



Thiago Ely Silva de Freitas

Valéria Luna da Silva

Vandete Rodrigues Barros da Cruz

Vanice Luna da Silva

Vera Lucia Marsden

Kitchen Staff


Nurse’s Office

Registrar’s Office


Vitor da Costa Falque

Viviane Alves Nepomuceno Bruton

Viviane Rodrigues Borges Bomfim

Vladimir Ferreira da C. Felizardo

Waldeir Leite de Souza

Security Staff



Security Staff


Walmir de Souza Teacher

William Ferreira da Silva

Willian Moreira Aguiar

Wilson da Costa Reis Filho

Wilson Dias Melo

Kitchen Staff

Stock & Xerox

Security Staff

Business Office

Wilton Mendes Branco Junior Dean of Students

Wellness Department Relaxation Shiatsu

On Sunday, March 20th, 2011, President Barack Obama made a speech in the Theatro Municipal in downtown Rio de Janeiro for 2000 invitees. Dr. Charles Lyndaker and Ms. Claire Collins, both part of the American Society, received three invitations for this historical day. As president of the student council, I was called to join them in the event. Ms. Luciana Braga, the Elementary School P.E. teacher, was also invited to hear the president’s speech. This invitation was a one of a kind experience. It was an honor to be able to make part of this historical day in which the first black president of the USA visited Brazil to speak to its people. Hopefully, this visit will make people realize that what President Obama said in his speech is true: “For so long, you were called a country of the future, told to wait for a better day that was always just around the corner. Meus amigos, that day has finally come. And this is a country of the future no more.” Giovanna Miranda

Make-up consulting

Wellness is a concept that translates the notion of well-being into action in a global way. Many businesses today have some activities that promote wellness within the workplace for their employees. Among such activities: exercises, massages, lounges, and many more. The idea of wellness in the workplace is health not only for the employees but also for the institution. Research shows that happier employees are healthier and more productive. What about the Wellness Dept. at OLM? This is a pioneer step for our school. The results at OLM have been very positive. The atmosphere among staff and students has improved as well as the quality of the relationships. Dulce Silveira and Alice Ammirabile 153

Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes


“Beautiful girls.

“To be or not to be...”

“Are, Baba!

Hablamos Español!

! ved!

Not appro

I’m simply the best!

Kiai! 154

Libras in action

Getting prepared for August!

Night Security

Clean Up Rio

“I am taking notes”.

“Todo dia ela faz

tudo sempre igual...”

Art is hard!

“Qual era mesmo o botão?

Yummmmm... Office in Action!


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Autographs after lunch!

Fresh year! 155

HOW TO BE A LEADER! It is with deep affection that I remember the great honor I have had in working with Dr. Charles Richard Lyndaker as his secretary for 30 years. I will never forget the threatened closure of the school, in 1980, and how the arrival of Dr. Lyndaker was such a watershed for OLM. The changes have been significant, and today everyone can see clearly that all this was only possible thanks to the great teacher, visionary and mediator he has always been. Throughout these years he has modeled everything an Educator needs to be. He is 100% part of what he has always taught and striven for: to make OLM a safe harbor for the students, parents and staff. What I will personally never forget is this lesson: Humility, Knowledge and Power can work together and bring about lasting good. Thank you, Dr. Lyndaker! Juana Martins Charles Richard Lyndaker

Dr. Charles Richard Lyndaker heading up he USA Booth at the

Feira da Providência. His many years of dedicated leadership have made the OLM

Lina, Lorenzo and Luma

booth one of the most successful.


Dr. Lyndaker, Michael and Lore

“Prêmio Iberoamericano 2007 a la Excelência Educativa Doctor Honoris Causa em Gestão Educacional”

Dr. Lyndaker and Juana Martins Dr. Lyndaker, Lina and Bianca

Monsignor André Sampaio and Dr. Lyndaker with the Pedro Ernesto Medal, the highest honor awarded by the Municipal Government of

Dr. Lyndaker,

Rio de Janeiro.

and Lorenzo

Jennifer, Lina, Michael, Christiane

Dr. Lyndaker and Luma


Congratulations Seniors! With love, OLM Parents. â&#x20AC;&#x153;May the sun bring you new energy by day May the moon softly restore you by night May the rain wash away your worries May the breeze blow new strength into your being. May you walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the day of your life.â&#x20AC;? May the Sun - Apache Blessing

Uma Grande Família

By Helena Machado (then as a 7th grader)

Estou nesta Escola desde 1996 e nunca, em momento algum, tive vontade de sair. Talvez pudesse ter ocorrido, algum dia, uma pequena vontade de trocar de escola, mas isso não aconteceu. Eu gosto muito desta escola e acho muito legal o fato de ela ser menor que as outras. Primeiro porque os professores dão mais atenção aos alunos e também porque formamos uma grande família. Como há tão pouca gente estudando aqui, é como se fôssemos uma pequena comunidade onde todos se conhecem. Eu já me acostumei com isso e considero a OLM minha “casa” - um lugar onde vou todos os dias e fico por oito horas. Acordar cedo e ficar até tarde é chato, mas acho que seria em qualquer outra escola. A OLM começa até bem tarde, quando comparada com as outras escolas. A OLM é uma ótima escola onde tenho vários amigos e onde me divirto muito e aprendo. É tudo muito perfeito!!!!!!!

OLM´s Anthem Lyrics: Manuela Almeida, Nathalie Haddad Music: Mr. Marcelo Camera

Our Family, our mother, our strength and our home Our valley of light and our sacred dome Awake in our mind, beside us through time Our pride and our glory we’re drawing our story You gave us the pen and the paper you’ve laid The dreams that you’ve saved and the futures you’ve paved Forever am I your knight, everlasting your wisdom bright We´re singing with all our might

Uma Grande Família II

By Helena Machado (now as a Senior)

For 15 years I’ve been studying in this school. 15 years of waking up at 7a.m. – with occasional (which lately have become more frequent!) delays – and hearing the never to be forgotten morning announcements. So much has changed in OLM since I first came in. So much has changed in ME since I first came in. OLM marked a huge period in my life, and I know that I am part of OLM’s history too. I could not be any more grateful to this school and the wonderful teachers and staff that I have had the pleasure of knowing. It will be a pity to leave this wonderful place, but also extremely exciting to find out how well I’ve been prepared for the real world.

As a Lancer I’ll fight, as a student I’ll shine As a human I’ll bow to your colors divine As a Lancer I’ll fight, as a student I’ll shine As a human I’ll bow to your colors divine Our invisible jersey Our Lady of Mercy




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Our Lady of Mercy School - Yearbook 2011  

One of the best parts of going to school is the year-end excitement of a yearbook. Not only entertaining, yearbooks give a memorable account...

Our Lady of Mercy School - Yearbook 2011  

One of the best parts of going to school is the year-end excitement of a yearbook. Not only entertaining, yearbooks give a memorable account...

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