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Table of Contents Theme. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Yearbook Staff. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Dedication. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Chaplain’s Words. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Superintendent’s Words. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Board Members. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Student Council (STUCO). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Parents and Teachers Association (PTA). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Staff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Seniors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 High School. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Middle School. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 Elementary. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80 Pre-School. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102 Sports. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 117 Field Trips. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 131 Events. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 139 National Honor Society . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 152 National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN). . . . . . . . . . . . . 153 Sponsors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 156

For the yearbook of 2009-2010, the theme World Cup was chosen as an inspirational comparison to our life. This international event represents factors that are far beyond fierce competition. This encounter of nations is surrounded by the feelings of fair play, diversity, mobilization, courage, cheering, and team work. We believe that it can easily be compared to the community that we live in everyday: Our Lady of Mercy School. Eleven players of each team pass through 90 minutes of harsh time, hearing people’s desperate screams and bearing the pressure. The obstacles the players have in front of them are not only the game itself (scoring the goal and dribbling around opponent players), but the fact that they have to beat their nerves, anxieties, and insecurities. The same happens in daily life. If the Seniors and all the other students are imagined as players, OLM would be a field full of different nationalities, cultural exchanges, community service, unity between students and teachers, and the values of courage and effort to surpass obstacles. Life is a very difficult match most of the time, and to go through it wisely we need to have excellent coaches (teachers), or else it can turn into an exhausting and meaningless journey. Entering college for us Seniors is not simply a prize at the end of this game. The judge’s final whistle comes along with higher achievements: life lessons, unforgettable moments, everlasting friendships, and the ability to open new and excellent opportunities. As we finish this last year of High School, we definitely can say that we have beaten not only the barriers of school life, but ourselves and our own difficulties and have all become better persons with what OLM has taught us. We have scored our first goal in life. By Corinne Ippolito Sciortino & Gabriella Azeredo Lopes


Sandra Rosana Xavier

Erik Ubing Figueiredo

Arlindo Bisneto da Motta

Adriano Morais Seixas 3

Ms. Raquel Braga & Seniors 2010

Throughout these years at OLM we have had many teachers, many of whom not only taught us lessons in Physics, Biology, or Math, but meaningful life lessons that will forever remain with us: these teachers are now a part of our family. The class of 2010 has the pleasure to name Ms. Braga as our honored teacher. We would like to thank you for making our years at OLM a fun, interesting, and educative experience. Since the 6th grade, it was because of you that we truly learned Biology. Your creative power points, fascinating stories and photos from trips, fun filled labs, and motivating classes made us respect and love you as a person. Even though you try to look harsh reprimanding us– actually, sometimes you do! – your “mean-funny” nicknames, calling us “monstrinhos” and naming random objects, makes us see the sweet and caring person you are. The only thing we have to say to you is: “Tã nã nã nã nã nã nã nã nã nã…Pooop Quiz! F here, F there, F everywhere!” Just kidding! You know that our love for you is huge and our great memories together will make it hard to find another teacher like you.


My Dear Seniors, From the beginning, humanity has known the tragedy of evil and has struggled to grasp its roots and to explain its causes. Evil isnotsomeimpersonal,deterministicforceatworkintheworld.Itistheresultofhumanfreedom.Freedom,whichdistinguishes human beings from every other creature on earth, is present at the heart of the drama of evil. Evil always has a name and a face: the name and face of those men and women who freely choose it. At its deepest level, evil is a tragic rejection of the demands of love, the most important commandment of God. Ifwelooktothepresentstateoftheworld,wecannothelpbutnotethedisturbingspreadofvarioussocialandpoliticalmanifestations ofevil:fromsocialdisorderstoanarchyandwar,frominjusticetoactsofviolenceandkilling.Facedwiththemanytragicsituations present in the world and in our lives, Christians confess with humble trust that God alone can enable individuals and peoples to overcome evil and achieve good.“With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible” (Mark 14:32). The impossible is possible when you set your mind to it.When you set your mind to reachagoal,ifyouaredeterminedtoreachit,theimpossibleoftenbecomespossible. IstheresomethingyouthinkisimpossibleforGodgoingoninyourlifetoday?Trust Him. He will not let you down. Instead, He may give you the desires of your heart, when you delight in Him. Remember:“Nothing will be impossible with God” (Luke 1:37). God can do the impossible in your life! Reach for the impossible! God bless you!

Msgr. André Sampaio de Oliveira


Reach for the Impossible,agreatslogantocarrywithyouthroughoutyourlives.Weoften misssomuchbynottakingadvantageoftheopportunitiesthataresetbeforeus.Wealwayshaveoptions, and the selection of the best option is so important for each of us.“Taking risks�is a necessary part of our lives so that we can open new doors and opportunities.We, at Our Lady of Mercy School wish each and everyoneofyoutheverybestasyouventureoutintoanew,moreindependentworld.Wearecountingon youtobecontributorsandactivemembersofsocietyapplyingthevaluesandideasthatwehavepresented to you here in school. All our best! By Dr. Charles Richard Lyndaker 6

Board Members Honored OLM Board Member and Past President Mrs. Mary Dreifus

Ms. Monica Dreifus, Ms. Mary Dreifus and Ms. Elizabeth Zaluski

In January of 1919 a few Anglo-American Catholic families came together, united by a dream which later became reality: that a society would be created, Our Lady of Mercy Society, that would seek to guarantee the English speaking Catholics of Rio de Janeiro and their families the possibility of practicing their Catholic faith in their own language. First came the parish and the school followed in 1953. The Dreifus family entered the OLM community in the 1960´s to help continue this mission. Those were difficult times, when OLM was still gasping for financial oxygen. Young, straightforward, inimitably elegant, Mrs. Dreifus took on the task of promoting the OLM mission seriously and has been an active member ever since. Mrs. Dreifus served not only in the Society but also belonged to the Ladies Guild in addition to being an important presence in the Parish. She has served as either President or Vice President of the OLM Board of Directors since 1982. Her daughters, OLM alumnae, Monica (class of ‘72 Valedictorian) and Elizabeth (class of ‘71 Salutatorian), currently work in Our Lady of Mercy School propelled by their mother’s dedication and enthusiasm. Mrs. Mary Dreifus, we honor you for your constant dedication over all these years to the mission of the OLM Society, Parish, and School. We honor the work you did by leading with your vision, facing challenges, and focusing on the Society´s original goals to build up the community of Our Lady of Mercy that you so cherish. Successful organizations are composed of people like you, whose heart and purpose are embodied in their mission. We, the members of the OLM family, consider ourselves so very fortunate to have had your thoughts and voice imprinted in our minds. They live on every day inside our school halls. Thank you so much.

The Board of Directors of Our Lady of Mercy is a group of philanthropic

from left to right:

Monsignor André Sampaio, Ms. Leila Rezende, Mr. Ricardo Ottati and Mr. Conrado Niemeyer.

individuals who unselfishly donate their time to the implementation of the threefold Mission of the Society of Our Lady of Mercy: To maintain an English-language Parish for foreign travelers, foreign residents of Rio de Janeiro, and for families who wish to take part in Catholic Parish life. To strive to serve the foreign community of Rio de Janeiro by maintaining a school modeled after the Catholic Parochial school system in the United States, with the double curriculum for the American diploma and the Brazilian certificate for high school graduation. To make possible community service that benefits the residents of the city of Rio de Janeiro with projects designed to help improve the living conditions of the impoverished. By Irenilda Fontoura

from left to right:

Mr. Bernardo Ferrer, Mrs. Inez Correia, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Murchie, Mr. José Marcos Ammirabile, Mrs. Maria Pacheco and Mr. Anthony Hunter.


(from left to right, top to bottom)

Erik Figueiredo, Matheus Scuta, Mr. Dennys Zsolt (Advisor), Peter Fauci, João Victor Galhego (treasurer), Patrícia de Sá (Secretary), Amanda Brasil-Leigh (Vice-president), Giovanna Rajão, Helena Machado, Giovanna Miranda (President) and Sofia Heringer.

The High School Student Council represents the student body. It is the link between the students and the Administration. Its purpose is to share student ideas and concerns with teachers and school principals. Going beyond formal education, StuCo teaches students about democracy and leadership. It gives a voice to students, in benefit of the students themselves. This year StuCo tried to have all the student ideas and complaints heard and acknowledged. We succeeded in obtaining one athletic scholarship to each semesterly tournament for a worthy student. Also, we created an internal radio station for Middle and High School students called Radio Lancers. Even though there are still things to work on and improve, this year’s StuCo is proud of its achievements. By Giovanna Miranda


Middle School Student Council did great this year! We had an awesome Spirit week and movie party! All STUCO representatives worked their magic and we were able to put on our first MS OLM party ever. Better than the many Domino`s Pizzas and Cokes we had a few weeks later to celebrate the party’s success, was the fact that they were free of charge, as we had some money left over from the invitations sold at the MS party. So, as the MS Advisor, I congratulate this wonderful team for having raised the bar and made this year a very special academic year! By Dr. Sônia Melo

(from left to right, top to bottom)

William Santos, Andrea Facendo, Bianca Silva, Adele Nader, David Saadi, Vitoria Silva, Carolina Dâmaso, Victor Pérez, Vinícius Araújo, Dr. Sônia Melo (Advisor).


P TA Join us / Junte-se a nós The Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) is a volunteer organization. This Association is here to help parents and teachers work together in partnership for the benefit of our children. The goal of the group is to support the school supervising the quality of the service, encourage parent involvement, support teachers, and organize family events. The PTA members invite you to join us and participate in our monthly meetings, where you can solve your doubts, share your skills and bring new ideas.

(from left to right, top to bottom) - Cristine Borges* (SKB), Fernanda Sauerbronn (SKA), Helena Bokel (PNB), Flávio Freitas* (10th), Ana Carolina Fontoura (7thB), Patrícia Périco Perez (SKB), Leticia Raposo (1stB & 6thB), Rodolfo Porto D’Ave (9thB & 11thA), Eric Albertassi* (PN), Andréa Azevedo Santos (1stB & 6thB), Sheila Lima (5thB), Pedro Cunha* (JKA), Giuseppe Russo (4thB), Adriana Kuffer Rundle (NB), André Castello Branco (NA), Nísia Crespo (6thA & 8thB), Fortunato Lobo Lameiras (10thB) and Eduardo Cortes (7thA). * they are not class representatives






(from left to right)

Ms. Claire Collins (Middle & High School)

Ms. Barrie Muzbeck (Elementary)

Ms. Jaidir Barbosa (Pre-School)

(from left to right)

Ms. Irenilda Fontoura (OLM Society)

Ms. Paula Pacheco (Religion & Alumni)

Ms. Cláudia Azeredo

(Middle & High School)

Ms. Juana Martins (Superintendent)

Ms. Alice Pícoli (Elementary)

Ms. Márcia Antunes (Guidance)

Ms. Ana Carolina Benchimol (Pre-School)

(from left to right)

Ms. Renata Freitas (Pre-School)

Ms. Carmen Maia (Elementary)

Ms. Cristina Machado (High School)

Ms. Dulce Silveira (Middle School)


(from left to right)

Mr. Dennys Zsolt, Ms. Elizabeth Freire, Ms. Sandra Xavier, Mr. Felipe Portilho and Mr. Josh Rundle.

(from left to right)

Mr. Felipe Portilho, Mr. Dennys Zsolt, Mr. Geraldo Maciel, Dr. Raimundo Damasceno, Mr. Josh Rundle, Ms. Raquel Braga, Dr. Emil Medeiros and Ms. Flรกvia Ghiotti.


(from left to right)

Mr. Edno Vieira Ms. Cristina Telles Ms. FĂĄtima Miranda Ms. Elizabeth Barros Ms. Marisa Menezes

(from left to right)

Mr. John Majka Ms. Aiofe Burke Dr. Charles Lyndaker Ms. Mariana Rebello Mr. Adilson Ramos Ms. Libi Mauray

Ms. Renata Ghiotti

(from left to right)

Ms. Rosana Paes Ms. Lucia Helena Oliveira Dr. SĂ´nia Melo


(from left to right, top to bottom)

Mr. Marco Teixeira Mr. Walmir Souza Mr. Waldeir Souza Ms. Katia Valente Ms. Sandra Fortes Ms. Luciana Braga

(from left to right)

Ms. Vandete Rodrigues Ms. MĂ´nica Maciel

(from left to right)

Ms. Dulce Silveira Ms. Alice Ammirabile


(from left to right)

Ms. MĂ´nica Merchak Ms. Cleide Nascimento Ms. Marcia Nogueira Ms. Maria da GlĂłria Maia

(from left to right)

Mr. Marcelo Camera Ms. Aline Izecksohn


(from left to right, top to bottom) Debora da Costa (Dance), Ana Carolina Schmidt (Rhythmic Gymnastics), Dirce Correa de Lima, Vandete Rodrigues (Nurse), Giovanna Andrade (Cooking), Simone Souza (Directed study), Aline Izecksohn (Keyboard), Luciana Braga (Directed study), Eduardo Costa (Judo), Goreth Cruz (Coordinator), Alexandre Campanelli (Soccer), Liliane Levy (Theater Arts) and Rita Ribeiro (Recreation).

David Santos

Luciana Costa



Julia Junqueira (Arts)

Denise Gonรงalves (Head of Department)


(from left to right)

Mr. Cory Kuhlman, Ms. Nora Zuberbuhler and Mr. Jonathan Dehner

(from left to right)

Ms. Amanda Bucchert, Mr. Kenny Hyttenhove and Ms. Emily Otte


Mr. Wilton Branco

(from left to right)

Carlos Barbosa & Elenice Giesteira (Library Assistant)

Mônica Monteiro (Librarian)

(from left to right)

Rodrigo Sacramento

(Support Analyst)

Sávio França

(Support Analyst)

Denise Gonçalves

(Head of Department)

Flávio Malaquias (Support Analyst)

Adriano Morais

(Graphic & Web Designer)


(from left to right, top to bottom)

Monsignor André Sampaio


Ms. Alciane Almeida Ms. Paula Pacheco

(Alumni & Religion Secretary)

Ms. Luciana Prado Ms. Ana Gisela Duniec Ms. Kátia Souza

Sheyla Minzon

(from left to right)

Ms. Regina Teixeira, Ms. Sandra Xavier, Ms. Simone Fernandes, Mr. Frank Larangeira, Mr. Adilson Ramos, Ms. Fátima Miranda and Ms. Claudia Pizzelli.


Ana Miriam Silva (Accounts Payable)

Melania Varola

(Administrative Assistant)

Dirce Correa de Lima

Gisele Trindade

Denise Gonçalves

Adriana Cahill

Rafael Oliveira

Wilson Melo

(Communication Liaison Officer)

(Accounts Receivable)

(Business Manager)

(Business Supervisor)

(Accounts Receivable Assistant)


Suzana Rodrigues

(Assistant Accountant)

Irenilda Fontoura

Vanice Luna

Andrés Rafael Zuñiga Pavon (Trainee)

(School Secretary Assistant)


(School Secretary)

(Secretary of the Society of OLM)

Neide Santos

Damião Linhares

Mario Silva

(Stock & Xerox)

Osvaldo Santos

(Personnel Manager)

Mamudo Djante (Receptionist)

Elias Silva (Driver)

Monica Dreifus (Receptionist)

Carlos Silva

(Stock & Xerox)


(from left to right, top to bottom)

Antonio Carlos Pereira, José Constancio da Silva, Edilson Ferreira, Luiz Virgínio do Nascimento, José Airton da Silva, Antônio dos Santos, José Rodrigues, Otaciano Miguel da Silva, Raimundo Veras and Carlos Antônio Constâncio.

(from left to right, top to bottom)

Claudia de Oliveira, Luciana Oliveira, Ivanise Barcelos, Ivana Barcelos, Josinete Maria da Silva, Maria da Penha Luna, Maria José da Silva, Maria Gomes, Maria Bezerra, Maria Bernardete Pereira, Maria José da Conceição, Maria da Penha Barroso and Solange dos Santos.


(from left to right, top to bottom)

Daniel Costa, Silvano Silva, Ailton Filho, Jorge Luiz da Silva, Daniel Melo, Carlos Henrique Coutinho, Amari Veríssimo, Jorge Roberto dos Santos, Jucerlânio Matias de Souza, Juliana Rodrigues (intern), Giovanna Andrade, Eunápio de Jesus, Rita de Cássia Graça and Adriana Marta Valle (intern).

(from left to right)

Vladimir Felizardo Wilson da Costa Vitor Falque Paulo Eduardo Morais José Airton Ferreira

(from left to right)

José Claudio Falque Paulo Henrique Santos Paulo César Santos Dirceu Luna



(from left to right, top to bottom)

Maria Isabel Almeida Lima, Gisele Vieira, Vitor Brandão, Arlindo Da Motta, Gabriella Lopes, Erik Figueiredo, João Antônio Fonseca, Kotaro Inoue, José Francisco Maron, Deborah Canepa, Raissa Nejaim, Nathalia Nunes, Christian Pedrosa, William Prada, Giovanna Rajão, Felipe Ramos, Aderbal Sabrá Filho, Mariana Santos, Corinne Sciortino, Fernando Souza and Marcela Boasquevisque.


Aderbal Magno Caminada Sabrá Filho

Joined OLM in: 1999 Nickname: Water, Adêrbal, Aderbina, Bola Superlative: The “Perfect” Athlete Most likely: To be the next “House” Famous for: Having exquisite answers when answering Lucia Helena’s power point presentation Usually found: At soccer practice Pet Expression: “Ai”, “É hora do duelo!”

I can’t believe that after so many years school is ending, and together with it, all my good memories come back. Although 22 lines aren’t enough, I’ll try to thank all the people who made my time at OLM a lot better… To My Family: Thanks for all the support throughout the years; without all of you none of this would be possible. Fernando: “Ai, May”, my eternal PES arch rival. Although you only entered school in 5th grade, it’s seems that you were always there. Even though we had some problems and even fights, you were always there as my best friend, thanks and “te vejo em Arraial”. Felipe: “É hora do duelo!”, just kidding. My game and RLF friend, who is always there to help me in all of my “noob” problems, thanks a lot for all the time we spent together, and for all the games you introduced me to (mainly WOW). Hope to continue seeing you every Saturday…(pssshhh). José: The most reliable of friends, even being the most “rude” of all the people I know. Great Arraial buddy, even if you have me as a soccer target. Hope to continue seeing you in Arraial and volleyball because you are one of my best friends. Vitor: The last of the BIG 4, becoming a solid member of the Arraial group (hehe). My first best friend in OLM and certainly one of my best ones nowadays. Thanks for all the fun times we had together. William: Without doubt, “você não sabe brincar”, but this doesn’t change the fact that you are a great friend, both in RL and online. The first OLM swords master, and the most skillful RPG player (I’m sorry Felipe, but it’s not you). Good luck and thanks to my thesis partner. João: Maybe the only one that likes soccer as much as I do. Throughout the years always a great friend and a great soccer buddy. Good luck and thanks. Christian & Erik: My Lancer teammates, always being there as my friends, even if at first doubting my skills. Great buddies that could have brought the school great victories if they had more chances. Good luck in the U.S. Deborah: The most “stressed” of friends, but one of the funniest ones. Hope both of us can get to Med school together and “te vejo na PUC”. Giovanna, Patricia, Amanda & Antonia: You girls are really great friends, and I hope to continue seeing u. JV & Moreira: My other Lancer buddies, always together in the “ranchinhos” and great teammates. Keep up the good work and bring us a trophy. To my other classmates: Thanks for all the time we spent together; you guys will be forever in my memories, and good luck to all of you. Thanks very much. 26

Arlindo Bisneto Da Motta

Joined OLM in: 2007 Nickname: Arli Superlative: Monkey Man Most likely: To master the art of Le Parkour Famous for: Not using conventional transportation Usually found: In a tree and climbing places Pet Expression: Like…, you know what I mean?

Dad: Thanks for all the sacrifices you made for me and for giving me this opportunity to study at OML; for always being there; patiently helping me to understand and see that there is more than one way to do things; for teaching me thing that I wouldn’t have learned at school; lessons that I will carry through life. I Love You! Special thanks to Denise for making it possible for me to study at OML and for accepting me so well. John: It’s been really nice to have spent these 3 years in your class, seeing new things and becoming a better critical thinker. During your classes, even if it was just in a small way, you have touched people’s lives. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies; we have to compromise, take a little and give a little. Mr. L: You have been a good friend, someone whom I could talk to about history, art, war, and so many other things. Thanks so much. Mr. Ramos: Thanks for all the help and patience on my Thesis or in the other classes, and I have enjoyed writing (“Perolas” or My Thoughts); it’s been nice. Ms. Xavier: You are a good teacher because you know how to adjust to the students difficulties and needs. Marcela: You gave me inspiration for the day every morning. Kotaro & Matheus: Man, I don’t know what to say, you guys have been like brothers to me: everything we have done was really cool; I wouldn’t give up those days for anything, so far they’ve been the best days of my life and I know it’s not over for me. There are still going to do more. Kotaro one day you will be the only economist that can do a back flip. Matheus never give up, man, because if you don’t I know that you will achieve all of your dreams in basketball and in your life! I believe in you. So yeah, I love u guys! Scuta: You are a cool open-minded guy and I hope one day someone will recognize or acknowledge the talent that you have in basketball. I know you see your dream every day! Rafael: I love your stories; one day we’ll win the lottery and become millionaires. Bia: I’ve enjoyed going home with you and seeing accidents, buses almost going off bridges, breaking down; I will always remember those days. Silva: I’ll miss you in the mornings asking me (what’s up). Amanda: You are a calm, gentle person to have around. Giulianna & Sofia: Good luck the rest of your years at OLM, success. Class of 2010: I hope you all succeed and become the best; just remember, the world is an amazing place and it’s our home, so we just need to make the most of it! 27

Christian de Mendonça Davis Pedrosa

Joined OLM in: 1995 Nickname: Chris Superlative: “Story teller” Most likely: To be a polemic politician Famous for: Being against everything and everyone Usually found: With Natasha, “Vampirão” Bar Pet Expression: “Vai fazer o que hoje?”, “Hã (Resmungos)”, “Pô!”

May!!: Do not forget to invite me to all your parties once you become a celebrity, because I will be your number one fan. Erik: Unfortunately it seems as if we were Siamese twins, since two years old taking every same step and sharing the same adrenaline that every cute devil once felt as a teenager..but I am eager to go about just the same after we become adults. Glopes: Take this as an official double statement: sorry for bugging you since MS, but please let me continue because it is great to hear you laugh. João: Our future is already paved; all we need is to produce a movie about all the scenes and thrills we lived together all the way from nursery. Felipe: Always trust whatever source you had for your jokes and pranks because they really made my school days much more delightful. William: Senior kinder does not look so far way if we consider how fast time passed as we were enjoying Ms. Miranda’s, Viera’s, Medeiros’, and Barros’ classes. Ya? Rajão: I ain’t sure if I should write anything, ´cause I will plan my entire life so that we can spend some time together every week. Aderbal & Zé: I wonder which one of you will first impersonate Dr. House. I know Aderbal is the doctor but you, Zé, are the author of all the convenient inconveniences of my school life. Vitor: I was honored to spend my high school in the same class as you ´cause you are somewhat intelligent and by the way, wasn´t our AP Physics group just perfect? Deborah: Perhaps somewhere in the future we’ll find out that as a result of a hippie party in the late 80s, we ended up being brothers, ‘cuz I feel that we simply get each other. Bel!!: Please go get your Brazilian citizenship so that we can take our friendship till an unreachable future. Moreira: It’s cool to do all the cool stuff that we have being doing in high school with cool people like you; let’s keep our friendship for as long the “vampirão” exists. Class of 2009: I still see you folks every day, but that is only because of the hallway, NR, and “ICY” time we spent together. Leo and Ju: OLM days turned us into great friends, I am thankful that we kept on with our friendship and nourished the lancer spirit Vivi: Your brother, Erik, and I are relying on you to carry out our lancers legacy and keep part of our spirit alive at the halls Cris: Let’s play a “naked” at “Federal”, then pass on “a Crusade” and head to the “Big Vampire”? Natasha: You are famous in OLM, but I just want to make it even more official, I will always be yours. Let us never allow gossip to tear us down. 28

Corinne Ippolito Sciortino

Joined OLM in: 2008 Nickname: Cori, Coriquitinha Superlative: Serine Most likely: To become a humanitarian Famous for: Using the elevator Usually found: With her boyfriend at Barra Pet Expression: “Cara”, “tipo”, “meio que”

Mamma: I admire your strength and courage. Few words would never tell how much I love you! “Gracie per tutto sempre. W la nuova casa!” Papá: Even if distant, physical barriers will never lessen the love and appreciation I have for you and for everything you do for me and Gabri. Gabri: I do not know what I would be without you, my angel. Thank you for caring so much and always being there for me. Alan: There is no simple way to describe the importance you have in my life! Thanks for being beside me all these years and for making me so happy! Gabi: I could never imagine I would find such a special friend in our last year! I’m going to miss you and I hope you are very happy in your new life! Gio: I am very glad I got to know u! You are such a sweet and adorable person. I’ll miss u, partner! Gi: I still remember my first day of class when I heard you laugh and people said “Não se assusta, é assim mesmo!” I wish u the best at PUC! Deh & Bel: Thanks for your joy and friendship! I will miss you. Nat, Mari, Raissa & Marcy: I wish we had more time to know each other. I really enjoyed having you in class! Zé: Thanks for being my BSS and Clean Up Rio partner! I appreciate all the help and I believe you have a great future ahead of you as a lawyer. Koko: You are such a special person and a genius! Thank you for being so kind, gentle and helpful! You will have a bright future! Arli: I admire your courage, Le Parkour abilities, and that thing you do with the wood! Keep up being a good person! Boys: We did not have time to know each other, but I am glad I got to laugh a lot with you! Ms Claire: I am glad to have you as my Thesis Advisor! I really appreciate all the help you gave me during the Thesis process and for always being so kind with me. Ms. Freire & Ms. Xavier: From “DNA” & “Quiz Bowl” to Yearbook & Thesis period, I am really thankful for all the help both of you gave me and for being such special teachers. Ms. Menezes, Ms. Braguinha, Mr. Majka & Mr. Portilho: I will never forget your effort to teach us and I am very glad to have learned so much with every one of you! Ms. Souza: Thank you for being such a wonderful person and for bringing brightness and the love you have for others in every day of your life. The school wouldn’t be the same without your effort with the Community Service program! Ms. Barros: “Obrigada por tornar agradáveis as viagens de ônibus!” MUN 2009: Thanks for such a memorable experience! 29

Deborah Rejtman Canepa

Joined OLM in: 1996 Nickname: Deh, Debs, Panta, Pingulinha Superlative: Athlete Girl Most likely: To marry a younger man Famous for: Biting people and being stubborn Usually found: Stuck to her Blackberry and at the beach Pet Expression: “Miau” and other animal sounds, “meio que”, “pô”

Mom, Dad & Vó: You believed in me. Thanks for the support; you made it possible. Lu, Ju, Alex: Vacations wouldn’t be the same without you, more than cousins, you are my friends. Mo: Through ups and downs you stood there with me; I’m so glad I found you. I can’t see me loving nobody but you, for all my life. Maju: Lifted me up whenever I was down, couldn’t have made it without u; you made me a better person, and for that too, I thank you. I’m so glad you gave up SP! Pri: I´ll stick with you, a friend like u is TOO hard to find, wish you were here to share my laughs. Dr. Lopes: We’ve been through it all; we will be separated by distance, but not by heart. I will miss you while you’re gone, see you in surgery, assistant! Patati & Duds: Not even time could tear us apart; you were there in almost all my good memories! Erik: Always a good friend, almost a brother. Hope you stay; I would miss you too much. Chris: Love your irony, we had good times. Gabi F: I found a good friend in you; you are one of a kind. Gi: Best advices, always knew what to say. Thanks for that; I’ll miss your daily laughs. Rajão: Most caring person I ever met. You made school bearable, Miau. Bel: You’re unique, I love your craziness! Wish you’d stay. Cori: Thanks for helping me when I was falling apart; hope we stay in touch. Mingo: You got my hopes up, thanks for the support, see you soon! Aderba: See you in college. Nando, Johny, Vitorsh & Zé: I’ll miss our hall chats, Buzios wouldn’t have been the same without you guys. I promise that there will be a Buzios 2.0! Will: You certainly added humor to my days in school. Fe: Loved our talks and jokes, I’ll miss them. Volley & Soccer team + Coaches: I discovered amazing people inside amazing players. I’ve learned a lot from all of you; thanks for every thing. I will miss all of you. Koko: Genius with the best smile ever. Marcela: I´ll miss your good humor. Raissa, Mari, Naty, Arli: Best of wishes, we shared some good times. Ms. Braga: Thanks for all the support; you taught the only class I actually liked to pay attention, I doubt I’ll ever meet a teacher as caring as you. Maciel: Thanks for teaching me real Chemistry! Zsolt: More than a teacher. OLM: You built me into who I am, been with me since the very beginning. Thank you for all the love and care; it did feel like home. I complained a lot, but I will surely miss it. 30

Erik Ubing Figueiredo

Joined OLM in: 1998 Nickname: Bing, Derik, Erikito, Erikê Superlative: Mamma’s Boy Most likely: To be a business man Famous for: Being a technology freak Usually found: In foreign countries Pet Expression: “Ôi”

All the twelve years I have been in OLM I created friendships that are always going to be special to me. Class of 2010: Of the 20 persons that are graduating with me, I can say I have 20 friends. All these years that we have been together made me close from each one, and now I can say that if it weren’t for each one of you guys my days and life would be different. You guys are my second family. Mom and Dad: They were always there for me, and helped me through anything. You guys helped me mature and create responsibility. Thanks for everything!! Bro: You can be a pain in the neck, but I love you and trust you in anything. Always remember this. Gaby Planchart: Amore, there is no space to describe how important you are to me. You are one of the best things that happened to me, and you changed me into who I am now. I will never forget the moments we had together. You can be far away from me but you will always be forever in my heart. “Te quiero mi amore!” Felipe: The friend everyone wants. We became friends and then best friends! It won’t matter where I live or study; you can always count on me because I know we still have a lot to live in our friendship. Gi: My neighbor for life. Even if it was just some years living in the same building, our friendship never came apart. You are the sister I never had and will always be, no matter where I am. Rajãaao: You entered school in the 10th grade, and in time we became close friends. You can go far away from me but I know we will never stop talking because you are always going to be MY special friend. Christian: Our friendship is unique. You have been in my life since I was born and we have spent the best moments together and I know that there is a lot more to come. Deborah: We have been through best to horrible moments and nothing can separate us. You will always be my best frienddebyy!!!! Will: You make my everyday funny and even when you are annoying, it’s impossible to get mad at you my friend. João: With you I did almost everything. We are friends since kids and hope we never stop being best friends! Lopes: You know I love teasing you, but remember this is the way I like demonstrating my friendship to you. Fernando: “Calaboca Fernando!” José: “Seu fraco!” Moreira, JV: We met through sports and became true friends. Good Luck in your senior year! Walmir: You are my coach since 6th grade and taught me a lot; thanks for everything and good luck with the future Lancers! Ju, Leo: You graduated from OLM last year but we continue to be friends. 31

Felipe Fonkert Ramos

Joined OLM in: 1997 Nickname: Fê, Lipe, Lipongo, Fêfo Superlative: Flirt Most likely: To build the next UAV Famous for: Telling bad jokes Usually found: Online Pet Expression: “Seu Noob”, “É hora do duelo!”, “Quem ganhou a última?”

First of all I would like to thank the most important people in my life: My family! Always supporting me and, even though it looks like I don’t care for your example or advice, I follow them and I am the man that I am today mainly because of you. My mom who always supported me and was there for me no matter what; my dad who always gave me the motivation; my sister that stayed with me in EVERY moment of my life; my uncle that made me laugh in every situation; and my grandma who loved me beyond the reason why. Now to my friends: I love you all! After so many years it is like I don´t even have a choice anymore. You guys were definitely the “element X” in the formation of who I am today. William: My brother since I was 3, there aren’t any words left to describe our friendship; if I am certain of something in my whole life it is that our friendship is true. Vitor: The only one who laughs at all my jokes. I love you, man, even with you fleeing to Barra every weekend. MAY: There isn’t any person more “fofa” than you. You are a very ‘special’ friend. Thank you for always being there for me. Erik: I always wanted to be closer to you but your toughness didn’t let me. Still, you have a place in my heart and you’re definitely one of my best friends, always inviting me to hang out. I love you, too. João: My going out and feeling like we shouldn’t be there partner! Be more punctual. HAHAHA I’m kidding, man. I love you and you know it, no matter what! Zé: ZEEEEEEE!!! Ill miss you man, wait, no I wont, ill be seeing you every day at PUC. I still love you though. Bola: My addict friend. “É hora do duelo!” Thank you for being there for me, man, I never thought that you would be that person who I could talk to about anything. Christian: Thank you for taking me to the evil side... sometimes. KOKO: MY MAN! The most Brazilian Japanese EVER! Thank you for everything, man; it was a real pleasure to have you as a friend. Gisele: My lil’ sis!! I love you girl, always have. Thank you for everything! Pingulinha: So many stories and so many laughs. I’m really grateful to have you in my life. Always with me no matter what. I love you little one. Gabi: Even with everything, I consider you a really good friend. I’ll always remember you. Senior Girls and Juniors: It was nice to have you in my life. Thank you all! To all the teachers: Thank you for sharing your knowledge and being patient! To a special person: The person who makes me feel like the happiest man on earth, who stole my heart and will always have it. Thank you. 32

Fernando Paulino Gomes Soares de Souza

Joined OLM in: 2002 Nickname: Nando, May, Fernie Superlative: Unique Most likely: To work with William in the fields Famous for: Playing Winning Eleven Usually found: “Sharing” a cab with William (not the money) Pet Expression: “Que saco!”, “Para William!!!”, “Sério!”, “Eu não gosto de você!”, “Ms. qualquer macaco tira ‘A’ nessa prova!”

First of all I would like to say thanks to all the people who helped me get where I am today: family, friends and teachers. Among these friends I would like to mention some people that are graduating with me: William: My favorite neighbor; we certainly shared some fun ride homes. Despite your constant attempts to annoy me and steal my money I’ve always considered you a great friend. “Te vejo na lavoura”. Aderbal: My greatest winning eleven and “sokker” rival, despite being so competitive and cheering for Flamengo you are certainly a great friend. We shared great memories and I hope we maintain contact. You can count on me for anything. João: My “Lost’’ pal. For the seven years I’ve known you, we were always in the same class and had many laughs and good moments together. I hope we keep in touch. “Só aceita João”. Erik: Despite your attempts to be mean you are an extremely cool guy. We had a lot of fun in Zsolt’s classes and at NR. Kotaro: You are definitively the kindest guy I’ve ever meet; thanks a lot for helping in my thesis, by the way. Continue working hard and you will go far, Koko. Felipe: You were always trying to manipulate and convert me to the “dark side”. I’ve always liked you because you were never afraid of doing anything you liked, even when criticized. I hope you never change. Christian: My English partner and Lancer captain: you are a great guy and I hope you enter in the American college you want. Hope to see you around. José: My old tennis partner, despite your attempts to cheat me on the court you never had much success. I’ve known you for a long time and I hope we will share more good times. Maybe one day you will be able to beat me in tennis or poker. “Ta bom Zé”. Arli: You are definitively the craziest and most courageous guy I’ve ever met. Good luck, man. Vitor: “ai Vitor” you are a great friend and a terrific guy. We shared some good times and I believe there are many more to come, I will be seeing you around. I would like to give a special thanks to ALL THE GIRLS IN THE SENIOR CLASS for helping me complete this journey and for being so cool. 33

Gabriella Azeredo Lopes

Joined OLM in: 2004 Nickname: Ga, Gabi, Ga Lopes, Lopes Superlative: Dedicated Nerd Most likely: To be the next intern at Seattle Grace Hospital Famous for: Being a teacher’s pet Usually found: At home, with friends Pet Expression: “Ah, tá bom”, “meio que”, “mssssss…”

The past seven years will forever be part of who I am. OLM has become my second home, I will always be grateful for all the support and care. This is the end of an unforgettable chapter, full of amazing moments and friendships, but the beginning of our lives. Seniors: Thank you all for being the best class ever; you will permanently be in my heart. Mom and Dad: I am everything I am because you loved me. Thank you for always supporting me. My love for you is infinite. Paulo: I will always look up to you. Thank you for being a part of my life. Dylan: “Amor de irmão, nunca se esqueça que te amo para sempre”. Family: “Obrigada por tudo, meu amor é incondicional”. Gi: More than a friend, my sister. We’ve been thru it all, forever and ever. “Você é eterna” I love you. Bel: My destiny. Your friendship means the world to me. I´m so glad I found you. I will never forget. Love you “beringela”. Gaby: I will always be with you, your always in my heart, that’s what true friendship means. Miss you so much. Deh: “Estamos sempre gritando, mas sempre juntas” never forget how much you mean to me. You will become a brilliant doctor, I fully believe in you, “te amo”. Pri: My ray of sun. Your friendship has made me a better person. I´ll miss you so much. Gio: Our journey starts now. We just click. I will always be next to you. Naty: My “cow” I will miss our moments together. I adore you. Cori: I truly admire you, we’ve found so much in common in such a short time. Thank you for being by my side. Paty & Duda: Without you my time here would not have been the same. Raissa, Mari & Marci: Thank you for all the good times. “Não teria sido o mesmo”. Vi: An amazing friend that I will miss. Thank you for making my days in school happier. Erik: Thanks for all the moments together, you are very special to me. Felipe: “Vou sentir falta das suas piadas e abraços. Te adoro”. Chris: To many fun years in college and to a bright future. Koko: Loved getting to know you. Will: I´ll miss you being a part of my class and our laughs together. Aderbal: Future partner. Zé, Arli, Mingo, Ferni & João: Loved our time together; never will forget it. MUN 2009: Best trip yet. “Inesquecível”. Ms. Braga: Thanks for supporting, believing and inspiring me. You’re the best. Ms. Machado: Thanks for all the help. It means a lot. Ms. Freire: You have made me love Math, thanks for everything. Mr. Maciel: Thanks for making Chemistry fun. Teachers: Thank you all. Cheer: An unforgettable experience. OLM: Thank you for all you made of me. 34

Giovanna Luiza Villani Rajão

Joined OLM in: 2007 Nickname: Gio, Toddy, Yobi, Rajão Superlative: Best Smile Most likely: To be Disney’s next Tinkerbell Famous for: Disappearing Usually found: At Barra Pet Expression: “Ai”, “Gente”, “Nada a ver!”, “Cala a boca!”, “Altos”, Whatever!

Thank u Lord 4 my life, 4 making everything possible. Without u I am nothing. Mãe: My angel, my light. I swear my hands r shaking as I struggle 2 find words 2 express how much I ♥ U & how thankful I am 4 all u’ve done 2 our family. I can tell you this with much conviction: u r the STRONGEST woman I know & I desire 2 become a genuine reflection of who u r. I will always admire, respect, honor ur name & make u proud; this is my promise. U r my refuge, defense, my rock, my fortress. U r my best friend, my example of Anna. All that I am, hope 2 b, I owe 2 u. “EU TE AMO.” Pai: I ♥ U. Giorgio: I thank God 4 ur existence, 4 choosing u 2 be my brother, but most of all my friend. U´ve a brilliant future ahead of u & ur success is undeniable. I believe in ur potential. I’m ur #1 fan. Thank u 4 all the ♥ & support u’ve provided me incessantly. Never apart, never distant. Know that I will never b gone. I maybe little, but my ♥ 4 u is bigger than the universe. Paulo: I’m so blessed 2 have u in my life. I ♥ U like a father. Bella: The sister I never had & the best gift I ever received. No matter what comes, we’ll still b those 2 kids with the same feelings towards each other. U & me 2gether we’ll b, 4ever u’ll c… Since 95’ til the rest of our lives. Gi: “O que eu sinto por vc n tem nome. Esse sentimento é nosso, ñ divido com ninguém. Doi pensar como será meus dias sem receber a alegria do seus risos ou o conforto de seus abraços (com perninhas). Vc me marcou, do meu ♥ vc não sai, confia em mim.” Ga: I lean on u & I urge u 2 do the same on me. I’m here 4 u always b it 2 laugh or 2 cry. No 1 can ever take ur place, u’ve earned it. It’s urs 4ever. Erik: “Vc foi meu maior companheiro esses anos, um amigo de verdade com o qual aprendi muito, espero sempre estar ao seu lado, assim como vc sempre esteve ao meu. Agradeço por toda confiança q vc tem em mim. Vc vale mt mais que ouro.” Kitty: My sunshine. U´ve a heart of gold, even though we’ll b miles apart u can always count on me. I promise 2 never let u down. Naty, Bel, Cori: “Parabenizo-me por ter encontrado amigas como vcs.” Ma: I never thought I’d care 4 u as much as I do. Mari: “Até a próxima grande aventura.” Boys: I carry each of u with me wherever I go. CD: I care 4 u. Value ur friendship more than u’ll ever know. I never met some1 like u & I’m glad I did. Thank u 4 ur kindness. Gaby & Pri: Together or apart, we remain as one. John, Ms. Braga, Portilho, Ms. Machado: Thank you! SENI0RS: “Nunca duvidem do amor que eu sinto por vocês pois ele é verdadeiro, sendo assim eterno. AMO VOCÊS!” 35

Gisele Diogo Vieira

Joined OLM in: 1995 Nickname: Gi, Toddy, Peks Superlative: Contagious Laugh Most likely: To challenge judges at the Forum Famous for: Being class’ only blond and eating all of school’s ice cream Usually found: At the beach or at Velox Gym Pet Expression: “Ah é?”, “Duvido!”, “Não!!!”, “hahahaha”

Mom & Dad: I´m lucky I have both of you always by my side; thanks for all the dedication, companionship, strength & support! ”minha admiração e meu orgulho são exclusivamente de vocês! Amor mais lindo desse mundo” Mari & Lú: Life is much brighter & easy going with the two of you; thanks for all the love and joy you brought into my life. Naty: No one else could have been better to me than u, and I know things won´t change ”nega, sou apaixonada pela nossa amizade. passaremos nossas vidas juntinhas no forum” TE AMO. Gá: Even though our lives go different ways, how could such a strong feeling ever fade away? Forever & ever, babe! Toddy: “Gio? que gi? nada“. You´re my tinkerbell, the one I shake legs with “pra mim basta eu e você” I love you. Bel: “Maria Isabel, eres muito querida portuguesinha”, your happiness makes me happy, I love you. Panta: we made it through all the problems and it feels so good. I´ll truly miss all your biting & hugging, “e você, os meus conselhos que eu sei”. Peks: Mariana marianaaa, “adoooro!” haha! I need u close to me, always. “Sai da barra e vem pra cá de vez”. Cori: ”Só você tem esse jeitinho (seu), e é por isso que você é tão querida”. I´m glad I found u. Raissa & Marcela: it was nice having the two of u closer to me this year! Gaby: “chica, quiero que vuelvas ahora mismo para aca y junto a mi, te juro que nada es lo mismo sin ti, te amo”. Pri: It feels like you´re here with me; I miss our pizza nights & your smile. Paty & Duda: “minhas loiras, vocês são insubstituíveis!” Erik: “Irmãozão”, I´m glad & thankful that u came into my life and won´t leave; “vai ficar aqui”. I need u! “te amo”. Fefo: Since 1995…couldn´t have more memories than with u, unforgettable trips! Love you Will: “Sua agitação me contagia” & your humor makes me feel so well; u know my caring is forever, “é tanta história”. Chris: All the memories... they keep alive many good feelings I have for u. Good luck! Vi: I still remember those trips to Friburgo & Teresópolis; we were so little haha, love still having u near Jô: Also since 1995. Be sure you´re special. Water, Fê, Zé: You 3 are funny and easy going. Good luck boys! Arli, Kotaro: the kindest people I’ve ever met! Wish you the best Jô, Lele, Babi: You 3 made it even better; ”amo vocês!” Lúcia H.: Thanks for your help, dedication & patience; it´s always good to have an advisor you connect with and count on. Teachers: You were the ones that made it all possible. I´ll miss everyone who helped me throughout this journey. 36

João Antônio Pinto da Fonseca

Joined OLM in: 1995 Nickname: Juanito, Johnny, Yohan, Jô, Zão Superlative: Lazy Most likely: To become a “Combat Arms” general Famous for: Playing “Combat Arms” Usually found: At Paisandú Pet Expression: “Só aceita!”

After 15 years of OLM I can only thank all of those who made this possible and pleasant. First, of course, Mom & Dad: Thanks for all the (financial) support you gave me through those years. I love you. Class of 2010: Time’s up! No more fooling around! Things get serious now. We all knew this day would come sooner or later, so good luck to all! Aderbal: The one everyone calls when they wanna play soccer. Good moments in… well every court in “zona sul” I guess. Arlindo: The guy who does not use regular transportation. Keep up the crazy stuff. Christian: My oldest friend in OLM. There were so many moments that I can’t even remember all of them, especially the ones in night clubs. Corinne: Always so polite and nice to others… I don’t know how she does it. Deborah: She’s the only girl I know who can genuinely make me laugh. Erik: We get closer, then we get distant, then closer, then distant again, seriously man, I don’t know what happens and how it happens. I only know that I may count on you for anything. Felipe: 22 lines are just not enough to say what you mean to me. I love you, man, let’s just leave it like this. Fernando: The classroom’s only “tricolor”. I’m sure you won’t be alone next year in PUC when we pass (I’ll be the 1st place). Gabriella: I know you are excited about college, but don’t disappear in the U.S. Here you have friends who don’t mind if your GPA is only 3.8. Giovanna: My LOST buddy, who apparently forgot we have classes until March. The day is sure brighter when she is present. WHEN she is present. Gisele: You are one of the friends I must keep in touch with no matter what! Thanks for laughing at my stupid jokes. José: It seems that everything funny (bad) happens when you are around. I guess that’s good. Kotaro: Man, I had never seen a Japanese adapt so well in Brazil as you did. Maria Isabel: I still can’t believe u really live in that house. I mean, really? Thanks for always being in a good mood. Nathalia: What are we gonna do next year without BODY TECH?? Vitor: I think you were there in the funniest moments of my life. The ones you missed would probably be funnier if you had actually been there. William: The person I feel comfortable to say anything to, knowing he won’t be judging it no matter how ridiculous it could be. Most of them actually are. Domingos and Robles: Still part of the class no matter what. D. Zsolt: In Oceania, YOU are MY partner. Maciel: It’s not your fault I can’t learn Chemistry, don’t beat yourself up. You were too late. 37

José Francisco Buscacio Maron

Joined OLM in: 1995 Nickname: Zé, Teddy, Master Z, Zéééé Superlative: Extreme Makeover Most likely: To be Flamengo’s president Famous for: “Zerar” at the gym Usually found: At the gym or playing Combat Arms Pet Expression: “Nããããooo!”, “É uma longa história...”, “Reza a lenda...”

After so many years our time in OLM is ending. First, I would like to thank my family for all the support, love and advice they gave me all these years. I would like to say thank you to all the friends I’ve made in school. Without my family and friends, nothing would be possible. Aderbal: ADERBAAAL! Although you play World of Warcraft you are one of my best friends. You are an awesome guy even though a very competitive person. One day I will defeat you in beach volleyball. SNAKE! Vitor: Brave soldier…despite all the lag problems. Dude you are another of my best friends, always fun and understanding. Remember, you need to train more. João Antonio: Ever since I’ve known you, you always make me laugh. You and Felipe gave funny moments in the taxi. Felipe: You’ve played all the online games I ever known. Maybe, I will continue to see you every day in PUC. Fernando: I won that War game. Always fun to play poker with you at the table. “Seu mascarado”. Kotaro: Coolest Japanese I ever met. You rock in Combat Arms. William: You do not know how to play and when to stop. Despite all our arguments, I consider you a friend. Good luck in life. Erik: For a great part of my life you were my neighbor and for years you were my ride to school. Good luck in life. Christian: It was a pleasure sharing all these years with you. Good luck in life. Arli: You are a ninja… Always jumping and climbing around. Corinne: My partner in almost every BSS work. It was great having you in the classroom. Deborah: I will always remember that class trip to Buzios, one of the greatest moments of my life; without you that would not be possible. Gisele: Since I can remember, I’ve known you, as a neighbor, as a classmate and probably as a college mate. Nathalia: The drama queen. Always trying to convince people to go and do jumping classes or spinning. One day I’m going to see you on television. Giovanna Rajão: Our Stuco representative, always trying to do the best for our class. In the classroom, always asking questions and always smiling. Gabriella: The most dedicated student I have seen, you’re going to become a great doctor. Mariana: It was great sharing all these years with you. Marcela: You went to Canada and came back; you are an important part of our class. Raissa: ”O outro lado de Raissa” I’m glad you were in my class. Maria Isabel: You are a wonderful person and you have a wonderful house. 38

Kotaro Inoue

Joined OLM in: 2008 Nickname: Koko, Hamtarôôô Superlative: Genius Most likely: To reinvent Math Famous for: Being adorable Usually found: Studying for SAT Pet Expression: Noooo

Dad & Mom: Thank you for giving me a great opportunity to see a different world. I really appreciate all your support and encouragement through my hard times. I believe that these two years which I’ve spent in Rio will be a precious experience in my life. Jyoji: You are a great brother. I’m proud of you. Arli & Matheus: You guys are my closest friends. More than friends--like brothers. We shared many things in common. Through these two years, everything we did was the best moment. Arli: Wish you success in Parkour, and live the moment with your “life philosophy”. Matheus: Wish you success in basketball and MMA. You’ll miss stealing gum from me every day. Haha Scuta: I’ll remember you whenever I see a “kitchen sink”. It is ok, do not worry, man. Success in playing basketball. Rafael: You always tell funny stories. I guess I’ll see you on TV, either having comedy shows or fighting in the ring. Giorgio: My “oooo-oooo” buddy. Next time we’ll rule it! Silva: I will miss your stylish everyday “Converse” fashion show. Class of 2010: First of all, even though I’ve been at OLM for only two years, you guys accepted me as a part of your “family”. Thank you for everything. It was just incredible. Felipe, Vitor & William: My Man!! You guys taught me the “Brazilian soul”. (I guess I might have been Brazilianized too much, haha) Brazil is my second home. Christian & Erik: You guys taught me the beauty of “having parties”. Good time, good time. Zé, João, Fernando & Aderbal: You are “FANTASTIC” guys in both ways. You know what I mean. Gabriella: My calculus partner, haha. Wish you success in whatever you do. Corinne: Thank you for being such a kind person. Miss your gentle heart. Marcela: You are always cheerful! Miss your lovely sneeze. Raissa: Your Japanese is pretty good! Practice! Gisele: Your laugh makes everyone laugh. Giovanna: Take care of your chin. Haha. It was fun feeding ferrets. Deborah: Búzios, one of the best trips in my life! Thanks. Isabel: You are such an active person. Always gave me energy. Giulianna, Sofia, Amanda, Bia, Branca & Nathalia: It was nice getting to know you amazing girls. Success in the rest of your OLM life. Teachers: I’d like to thank every teacher who taught me and helped me with my English & Portuguese. I’d especially like to thank John: For teaching me English devotedly. Mr. Ramos & Mr. L: For being great resource center teachers. Mrs. Machado: For being a warm counselor and helping with my college applications. 39

Marcela Lopes Boasquevisque

Joined OLM in: 1998 Nickname: Mah, Marcy, Cela Superlative: Weird sneeze Most likely: To be a famous fashion designer Famous for: Eating junk food but never getting fat Usually found: In Toronto and at any “Rodízio de Pizza” Pet Expression: “Ai Msss…”, “Eu?”, “Cara… Juro pra você!”

Mom & Dad: I could never describe my love, gratitude and admiration with only words. Thanks for the support, sacrifices, and for being the most valuable examples I could ever want in my life. LOVE U BOTH WITH ALL MY HEART! Pedro: Despite all the fights, I know that you unconditionally love me! I miss u every day of my life as u could never imagine, and I love you too much to tell. Success brother, you will have it all. Wendy & Qui: Part of the best time of my life. This is true definition of friendship, and physical distance means nothing when our hearts r so close together. MISS YOU! Pri: It all started with R$5 and now I could never imagine my life without you. I could want no more than what you already are: fun, hyper, trustworthy, but above all, my true dear friend. “AMO!” Ju: Best Friend; that sums it all up. Ra: Although we have been through thick & thin, we share unforgettable memories. All the advices, talks, eating, but especially all the embarrassing moments - what matters is that I did it all with you. Giuli & Bia: Everyday is a different day with you guys. Essential in my life. Lu: Thanks for always cheering me up when I most need it! Love you, will definitely miss you. Rajão: The best neighbor I could ask God for. Always smiling; always shinning. You lighten up everything as yo pass by, especially my day with our advices, jokes and simply by our presence. I will miss you dearly when you leave, but you will be forever present in my memory and heart. Mari: “Você apimenta minha vida c/ suas histórias, barracos e jeito de ser”. Thank you for listening, thank you for being who you are. “PASSO MAAAL”. Will: Chilly, there is nothing about you I will not miss, especially our “hiperatividade…Adoro”! Naty: You were part of who I was and you are responsible for whom I became. I have known you since forever, and it has been a long story ever since; with ups and downs. Despite everything, I will miss u now as I would before. Gabi, Gi, Bel, Deh & Cori: Great personalities, but each one with our own personal uniqueness. Although we have not been so close, I admire you all in different and special ways. Boys: Each and every one of you makes this class what it truly is. Funny, ironic, spontaneous, smart and trustworthy; you guys own it all! Leo, Pri, Giuli & Scuta: We rule the bus, we rule the world! A second family I trust with my eyes closed, and that I will miss with my heart torn apart. 40

Maria Isabel Sousa Araújo de Almeida Lima

Joined OLM in: 2006 Nickname: Bel, Zinha, Belzinha, Portuga Superlative: Curious Most likely: To be a mother of seven children Famous for: Being confused and having a HUGE house Usually found: At Lapa Pet Expression: Hello people!, “Aiiii”, People silence!, “Ai calma”, “Ms. não percebi nada!”

Graduating in OLM is a huge honor for me simply because it has been my second home for 4 wonderful years. We’ve always known this day would come and, whether our teachers, our parents or we, ourselves, are prepared for it, here it is: the time to say goodbye to high school. Mom & Dad: You mean the world to me. Thank you for encouraging and supporting me throughout my life; without your dedication and love I would not be the person I am today! Bubi & Tati: I couldn’t ask God for better sisters; u guys are my everyday strength. Thanks for being at my side in the good times and in the bad times. Maria Carolina, Maju & Renata: My maids of honor, u guys have been one of the most important ingredients in the recipe of my life. Thanks for believing in me when I ceased to believe in myself. Gabi Falcão & Natasha: “Vocês são a minha alegria. Não vão conseguir se livrar de mim tão cedo, ainda temos muitos momentos para viver juntas. Cezy: Your daily company makes me a better person. I’ll miss our corridor talks and your bear hugs. Lu(NV) & Gui(N1): Love spending time with you guys, thanks for making me laugh. Gabi: U r the friend who knows the song in my heart and sings to me when my memory fails. “Beringela” no words to describe u. Thank u for being so unique. Gi: Your daily laughter will be missed; I hope u know that u are a great friend. I adore you! Debs: Continue being the wonderful person u are. I wish you the best. Cori & Mari: You both are very special to me! I can’t imagine my senior year without u guys! Raissa & Marcy:U are great friends, hope we can continue our friendship in a weekly “Rodízio de Pizza”. Naty: Be a star in what you are. I’ll miss you. Gio: So many moments we passed together, I’m gonna miss u; u will always be my hefalump. Willy, Zé, João: I’m so glad that I’m graduating with u guys. Vitor: “Vou sentir falta do seu chiclete”. Felipe, May, Aderbal: I hope one day you guys win the world championship of Warcraft. KoKo & Arli: I like you guys a lot, hope u both succeed in life. Erik & Christian: U both are very special; let’s have more “nights at vampirão & baro” Mr. Vieira: Our love will be always eternal. Ms. Melo: Best advisor ever, thanks for all your support Ms. Machado: To say thank you is not enough. Teachers: Thanks for all your patience during these years; wish you all the best. Mário, ´Seu´ Zé, Sr. Fernando, Vitor & Wilson: “Sem vocês o colégio não seria o mesmo, obrigada pelo apoio diário. Vou sentir muito a vossa falta”! 41

Mariana Xavier dos Santos

Joined OLM in: 2006 Nickname: Mari, Bigs Superlative: “Not too kind!” Most likely: To kill a story teller Famous for: Being stressed Usually found: At BodyTech Pet Expression: “Passo maaal!”, “QUÊ?!”, “Que inferno!”, “Não agüento mais!”

Mãe & Vó: “Certamente não existem palavras para descrever tudo que vocês já fizeram por mim. Não sei mesmo o que seria de mim sem a ajuda de vocês em relação a Nado Sincronizado x Escola. Não existe mãe nem avó melhor que vocês. Serei eternamente grata por tudo. Apesar das nossas diferenças vocês sabem que eu as amo muito e que eu obviamente não seria nada mesmo sem vocês. Obrigada por sempre estarem do meu lado em todos os momentos.” Pai: “Realmente só tenho que te agradecer por tudo que já fez por mim. Por sempre ter me dado tudo de melhor e por na maioria das vezes sempre ter pensado em mim antes de fazer qualquer coisa. Te amo muito.” Gio: “Então…” I run out of words every time I stop to write something about you. I’d just like to let you know that I will remember you forever and that another person like you hasn´t been born yet. As I go on, I will always remember all those times we had together. I hope you know that you can always count on me as you always did. I love you very much. Peks: “Ai Peks”, my first friend at OLM and the only person that I really identify myself with. Thanks for showing me what music is. (“pagodinhos”) I will miss your laughs every single day. It will be in my memory because it will always make me happy every time I remember. Naty: Drama queen… one of the best times of my life were with you doing all the prohibited things in the world with me. Erik: “Psiiu” only you to “bother” me every single morning. You make me laugh and you always make me happy when I am sad, knocking down my stress. Thanks for everything. Will: “meu preto” the person I am always talking random stuff with at the most random moments. You make my days become happy every time you open your mouth, even when you say strange things that usually never fit! Boys: Each one of you with your own personality makes this class even more special. Ga, Deh, Cori, Bel & Raissa: Thanks for always helping me when I needed. Nathy, Clau, Ma, Patty & Manu: Obviously you are all very important for me. Thanks for making my day brighter. Leo: I couldn´t ask God for any better. “TE AMO MUITO”. Marcy: You are unforgettable and a person that is always with me making me laugh. You are responsible for my happiness. Dinda: Third mother and a GREAT friend. Thank you very much for everything you already did for me. I hope one day I can repay you for everything. I love you. 42

Nathalia Saad Rebordão Pereira Nunes

Joined OLM in: 1996 Nickname: Naty, Naty Nunes Superlative: Drama Queen Most likely: To marry a “Global” Famous for: Acting and always being on a diet Usually found: At Tablado and not at school Pet Expression: “Aiii genteee”, Miiiisss, Zsolts!!!

I can’t believe that’s really over! Even though I have dreamt about the day that I would graduate, I will truly miss OLM. Mom: Thank you for everything that you have done for me! If it weren’t for you, I would not turn out to be the person that I am today! Alberto: “Você não tem noção do quanto o meu coração bate forte por você! Eu sempre vou estar com você! Eu te amo demais, meu eterno namorado!” Gi: Thank you for sticking with me until the end! I will be there in whatever you need, even if in a rainy day I have to go to the beach with you. I’ll be there for you in all your difficult moments. You will always stay in my heart! We will have so many stories to tell our grandsons! I love you from the bottom of my heart! You are irreplaceable! Gio: My little princess! I will never forget the moments we had through all these years that we know each other! You are one of the few that I will always take with me! I know that you will be great in life! I love you very much! Never forget that! Marcela: Even though some time ago we broke apart, I will never forget all the moments we spent together! All the laughs, all the games, all the fights! I know it was worth it! I want to wish you all the luck! Gabi Planchart: Patricia! I miss you so much! Even though you are not here, I am always thinking of you! I love you! Without you, I am not complete! Mari: Deep down there, you know that you kind of are a drama queen, and that is why we understand each other! We will still have many days to go crazy! I love you! Gabi: Even though you are going away, I am going to keep all our best moments in my heart! I will miss you! Bel: Since the moment that I knew you were a little bit crazy, we became friends! I will miss all your funny and not so funny jokes inside the class! I love you! Cori: Thank you for always helping me in everything I needed! You are the best! Raissa: Thank you for being my friend! Will: “Mesmo sendo esta pessoa chata que você é, eu continuo te amando! Você é único”! João: “É nós no GTA! Eu adoro conversar com você, você é um amigo que eu sei que eu posso contar! Não vamos perder contato”! Arli, Aderbal, Christian, José, Felipe, Fernando, Vitor & Kotaro: Thank you for being my friends and for giving me a wonderful year! Erik: “Mesmo me zuando todo o dia, eu adoro você!” 43

Raissa Nejaim

Joined OLM in: 1996 Nickname: Ra, Raííííssa, Raiza Superlative: Quiet Most likely: Become a R and B Singer Famous for: “O outro lado de Raissa!” Usually found: At drama classes or avoiding Marcela’s calls to go to Pizza Hut Pet Expression: “Tem aula de quê?!”, Whatever!, “E aí??”

Mon and Dad: Even though you guys are apart, my love will never be. I love you both unconditionally and I admire each one in different ways. Mom and Dad, you two are so important to me and I am sure that I am who I am because of you both. Thanks! Love you! Grandma: You are everything to me and I want you to know that my love has no limits...you help me when I need and because of this, I owe you everything. You gave me more that I could ask for and there is no way to thanks this. Love you! Yuri Big Bro: Love you from the bottom of my heart! You are like a precious diamond; there is no one like you...Every time I look at you I consider myself lucky to have you in my life, Thanks! Sasha Middle Bro: Even though we fight a lot, I know you love me and so do I. You are a very important part of my life and definitely irreplaceable! Love you! Marcela: We have been through ups and downs, but once we overcame the downs, we have been united since then. Beside each other or miles apart, you will always be next to my heart. You are very special to me. Giuli: Love you as a sis. You make my days brighter! Naty, Gi, Gabi, Deh & Cori: I admire and like each one of you (I mean it)...I really love senior year cause I got to know you guys better! Bel: You’re funny and nice, love times we spend together…love you! Mari: You are very special and funny; definitely do not want to lose contact with you! I will never forget you...Gio: Love you! You are a very nice person and I wish you the best in USA...be sure I’ll never forget you! Will: ”O outro lado de Raissa...” I will never forget you and your jokes! I will definitely miss you, but maybe we will study at PUC together, we never know…HAHHAHA Zé, Vitor & Water: We may be graduating, but I’m sure we will see each other again and I’m glad for it! Boys: You all are awesome in your own way and I am proud to say I know you guys. Bus family: For years you guys have been part of my life. Just as a family, members come and go, however they always stay in our memories. Leo: “O banco é seu!!!” Lucas, Gabriel & Bia: Friends, definitely says everything. Lu: God! I’m going to miss you a lot!! Since little… but don’t worry, we will still see each other (If you pick up your fone...hahhaha). 44

Vitor Frossard Brandão

Joined OLM in: 1999 Nickname: Vi, Brandon, Vitorshhhh Superlative: Candyman Most likely: To never work in the stock market Famous for: Having Johnny Bravo’s hair Usually found: At the dentist Pet Expression: “Ms. o meu nome é sem ‘c’!”

It was an honor to grow up in OLM, and I would like to thank my family for all the love and support they always gave me, and to thank all teachers that helped me become who I am now. Thanks for everything. I would also like to thank my friends for making these years so amazing. Aderbal: We entered this school together, my first friend at OLM, and 10 years later, still a great one. Snake for life. Zé: “ Ai zé...” Someone I can really trust, a huge friend and a great gamer. “ vc tá uma água hoje Zé!” May: “Pq tu é … né May?” You are the noob I love the most. João: “Tu é um W, quase um I! omg!” One of the coolest persons I know, one of the best and funniest friends someone can have. “é nois pô..” Will: Awesome times and many funny moments hanging out with you, when you are not at WoW... Felipe: “Oh Shizz, é o Trio ternura lek!” I would not be able to go through this year without having every single class with you. Forever and ever baby. Christian: It was great to spend these school years with you around, good luck. Erik: It was nice to share these years with you; great soccer games. Good luck with everything. Arli: Go Parkour man! Kotaro: Koko, my man! It was an honor to see you become more and more Brazilian. Good luck in Japan! Gabi: no words to describe these last few years with you. You turned out to be a wonderful friend, I really hope to see you again soon. Love you. Gisele: Giii, it was really nice having you as a friend all these years! “bora jogar apples strapples!” Déh: Amazing girl, and great friend. See you in oceanfront! Marcela: Hilarious girl really makes me laugh. ”Lets play UNO!” Corinne: It was a pleasure to meet you, I enjoyed our quick talks at the bus stop! Good luck at everything. Natalia: Nice having classes with you, good luck at GTA. Mariana: “ou ou ou, olha o barraco ai!” Raissa: Quiet but nice person, good luck with everything. Rajão: Ra Ra Ra ah ah, Roma Roma ma, gaga ulah laah. Love you my Lady Gaga! Bel: The best “portuguesa” ever! Ms. Texeira: thanks for the help with my thesis, you were a great advisor. Pri: My BFFF, even if she is in US! I missed you a lot this year. Love you! Mingo: Left, but never really left, still a great friend. “Partiu triagem!” Mala: Thanks for everything! See you soon. Locker buddy: “Arruma o locker cara, e devolve meus livros!” I wish you the best, good luck next year. Once

again, thank you all. “Beijomeliga”.


William Cavalcante Prada

Joined OLM in: 1995 Nickname: Will, Chillywilly, Pássaro Superlative: Hyperactive Most likely: Pro Gamer Famous for: Being annoying Usually found: Working in the field with Fernando and playing “WOW” Pet Expression: “Cacilda Becker!”, “Ai Zé”, “Tá bom…”, “Foi o Fernando!”, “O outro lado de Raissa”

First of all I would like to thank My Family, which I will be eternally grateful, and the people who helped me throughout my journey: Fernando: My loyal pal: we had lots of memories that we will certainly laugh, ‘’bons tempos esses’’. ‘’Te espero na lavoura’’. José Francisco: We had our arguments during our school years, and I hope to keep on arguing with you ’’vai governar o Texas vai’’. Lets work out together because ‘’você zera a academia’’ João Antonio: ‘’Meu comparsa’’ always bugging ‘’TDC, Tiozão do Churrasco’’ hope we can keep in touch, and keep on bugging people, specially José Francisco and Fernando. Aderbal: My thesis partner, ‘’seu noob’’, you will always be that little noob searching for help. Invite me to Arraial. Good luck in trying to be like House. Kotaro: We had a great time in Búzios, but do not worry, what happens in Búzios stays in Búzios. Gabriella: I will miss you when you leave us and go to USA. Deborah: Will miss your animal sounds, your biting everyone you see, ‘’te adoro Pingula’’. Nathalia, Maria Isabel, Arli, Raissa, Corinne & Mariana: I will miss you all, love you. Gisele: We are friends since Nursery, and I will miss your contagious laughs. Good luck in life, and I know that you will become a great lawyer. Erik: I will certainly miss you, having fun laughing at Fernando. Let’s go more often to Baronetti. Let’s keep on bugging José Francisco, when you bring him to college, and I’ll bug him at college, I will certainly miss you. Christian: Always sleeping in class and influencing me to sleep as well. To a special person: even though we had our fights, thank you for the good moments we spent together. I will remember them for the rest of my life. Felipe: Thank you for everything; you made the days in school feel less bad, always supporting me when I needed. You are very important to me. Vitor: Regardless of our discussions, you are a great friend, and I hope we hang out more. Rajão: ‘’Casa comigo?’’ I will miss you, my favorite Disney freak. Marcela: I will certainly miss you and your funny sneeze, our little chats during the class. Hope we can still keep in touch. Ms. Braga: During these years I never met someone like you I will miss visiting you and Flávia everyday, and playing with my new pet fish, but don’t think you will get rid of me, I will came back to keep in touch. Mr. Zsolt: Who have been ignoring me through all these years, I´ll miss you ‘’Tiozão do Churrasco’’. All you guys are very important to me, and I will never forget you all. See you guys one day…. 46



Daxton, Gabriela & Domingos, though on different shores or distant lands you are always a part of us!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?

Curupira - Defender of the Forest

Sítio do Pica-Pau Amarelo - Monteiro Lobato

Come on boys! All together! Can we do it? Yes, we can!


I can’t lose, I can’t lose...


Peace by Kotaro Inoue


The most important moment in the life of a young person is the journey between childhood and adulthood when values are tested, abilities are measured, tastes are developed, and talents are discovered. It is the pivotal moment, sometimes the toughest, but always the most defining; and it happens during Middle and High School! This is also the time for making lifelong friendships, peering into the future, and the time to decide where to fit into this brave new world of astounding possibilities in every area. So this is our purpose in Our Lady of Mercy School: to equip every student with as many tools possible to ensure their success in the world today. We take pride in the students we graduate who go on to university study already prepared to be true global citizens ready to rise to the challenges that lie ahead. By Claire Collins

JoĂŁo Victor Galhego Class of ‘11



Amanda Brasil-Leigh

Cláudia Britto Ammirabile

Ivan Caetano Varella

João Victor Rabelo Pires de Oliveira Galhego 52

César Sequeira da Rocha Miranda

Giovanna Benaduce de Miranda

Giovanna Celano Franco

João Rodolpho Borges Gonçalves de Porto d’Ave

Louise Marie Hurel Silva Dias

Maria Eduarda de Simone Azeredo dos Anjos Leitão

Maria Eduarda Teixeira Roche

Maria Paula Lima de Souza da Silveira Leite

Matheus Joseph Larangeira

Antonia Pinheiro Teixeira

Eric Hodge Resende

Marusia Carlos de Andrade Flórido Alves

Priscilla de Souza Pinto Ferreira de Araújo

Barbara Lustosa Padovani

Eduarda França Pachá Ferraz

Fernanda Bastos da Silva 53

Giorgio Villani Rajão

Luigi Vincenzo Gravina Abdu Soares

Manuela Prudente Campelo de Almeida

Patricia Costa Monteiro de Sá

Rafael Sousa Moreira 54

Helena Tude Machado

Nathalie Ullmann Lima Haddad

Rafael Gonçalves Patrocínio

Raphael Arruda Ramos

Sandra Maryori Forero Lopez


André Cores Bertin

Fábio Chammas Fábri

Carlos Alberto Azevedo de Magalhães

Fellipe Arruda Ramos

Flavia Roma Cavalcanti

Gabriele Sciortino 56

Fernanda Carvalho Merege

Gabriel Cayres Loureiro Botelho

Giulianna Cupello Nicolatino

Hudson de Carvalho Neto

Jonas Garcia Lopes de Castro

Pedro de Souza Lima Malan

Amanda Herzog Esteves

Bruna Marcolini Garritano

Marina Heuwert Meyers

Mateus Bastos da Silva

Sofia Toulias Heringer

Beatriz Gaspar de Aguiar

Branca Carrerette Freitas

Camila Faria Baptista 57

Diana Carvalho de Paola

Fernanda Maria dos Santos Machado

Diogo Baptista Boavista da Cunha

Gianfranco Enrique Tapia Mendiola

Matheus Vasconcelos Silva

Rafael Andre de Lucca Duarte 58

Lucas Madeira Lameiras

Michael Andrew Hruby Daniel

Rodolfo Espasandin Alonso

Thiago Barata


Ana Carolina de Oliveira Miranda

Bruna Carneiro Padovano

Carolina Duarte Reynaud Faria

Gabriel de Campos Pinto 60

Arthur Rodrigues de SĂĄ

Carolina Cardoso de la Cerda

Carolina Dantas Veloso de AraĂşjo

Christian Charles Gallo Delgado

Nicholas Ubing Figueiredo

Orlando Pinna Ferreira Pinto Neto

Oscar Emil Gulbrandsen

Patricia Perrone Damasio Mello

Valentina Ferraz Anhalt Cohen

Bernardo de Abreu Calmon de Britto

Anna Helena Borges Gonçalves de Porto d’Ave

Bianca Merhy Fraga

Elizabeth Cortizo Gonçalves de Azevedo

Peter Pinho Fauci

Bruno Raul Santoro de Melo Cabral

Erika Cristina Porto Viana 61

João Paulo de Simone Azeredo dos Anjos Leitão

Júlia Gonçalves Patrocínio

Julie Medeiros

Larissa Venceslau Freire

Mariano Mallea

Matheus Zanatelli Scuta

Pedro Mourão Votre 62

Shunsuke Ishii

Yasmin Knob Vargas Parada



Sondre - All the way from Norway in order to serve!

Hummm... Plant, animal or vegetable?


It’s a Bazar! Everything has to be sold! Across the Universe...


Save some for the kids!

OLM FM - 201.1 Mhz

The book devourer

Why are they so happy?

Clean Up Rio

Well... if you insist!

Our lounge - after so many years!


Leonardo Figueiredo Class of ‘14

Middle School students are very special! They belong in two different developmental categories at the same time. They are “children” or “too young” for certain things and “not old enough” for other things. They are indeed “in the middle”, constantly changing, constantly becoming, blooming like flowers. It is both wonderful and challenging to accompany them now, since it demands that we educators be true to ourselves and to our memory of this time when the world seems so dramatic and colorful. By Dulce Silveira




Alessandra Dantas Sabrá

Ana Elisa Tinôco Corrêa Azevedo

Brenno Pazos Barroso de Mello

Isabela Maria de Sant’Anna Reis Larangeira

Jéssica Souza Marrucho

Juliana Dantas Geraldi

Leonardo Caprio de Mattos

Luiz Henrique Machado Jannuzzi

Maria Pia Cores Bertin

Natália Dias Ferrão Levy de Souza

Victor Périco Perez

Victor Meira Pinto

William Jose Gonçalves Santos

Ana Luiza Carvalho Ferrer

Carla Sze Cosenza

Carolina Cortez Minh Cabral

Isabella Torres Nothaft

Joana da Cunha Ramos Page

Leonardo Figueiredo Pinto

Marcello Peryassú Valle Josetti Guarischi

Nathalia Barbieri Crespo

Paulo Henrique Marangoni Feghali

Priscilla Allegretti Ribeiro

Vitória Coelho da Silva 69


Antonio Lasalvia CĂ´rtes

Bruna de Oliveira Zamprogno

Bruno Gaspar da Costa Carvalho Serra

Camila Bomfim Mayser Roca

David Gabriel Vita Saadi

Eric Martinez Travassos

Gabriel Siqueira Westerberg

Giulia Mescolin Ferrari

Giulliana Allegretti Ribeiro

John Paul Cilenti

Juan Ignacio Itzaina Aguilar

Juliana Avila Coelho

Kevin Ribas Afonso

Larah Garcez Biondo 71

Lucas Barros de Souza


Mariana Wanderley Silva

Pedro Sahdo Pompeu

Rafaela Marcolini Garritano

Rodrigo Londres Agapito da Veiga

Stéphanie Espósito Wisnescky

Camila Iglesias Fontoura Negreira

Gabriel Ponce de Andrade Botelho

Gabriela Vaz Bulhões Carvalho da Fonseca

Helio Babo Fernandes

Laura Nascimento de Almeida Rego

Laura Toulias Heringer

Leonardo da Silva Rosa e Oliveira

Luis Fernando Santarém Cardinali da Silva Araújo

Luiza Evaristo Carlos Galluzzi

Luiza Faria Baptista

Maria Carolina Rocha Oliveira

Matheus Morais Caixeta

Matheus Pinto Ribeiro Coelho

Newton Vieira Rique Neto

Satya Dereczynski Kahale

Selma Huan Kuang

Sergio Armando Forero Lopez

Tomas Cavalcante Valadão

Victoria da Silva Cavalli

Vinícius Dantas Veloso de Araújo 73


Adele Dias Nader

Alexandre Fernandes Pousa

Ana Luiza Barreto Ribeiro

Anna Carolina dos Santos Safadi

Anne Mesquita Laranja Kollenz de Mello

Antonio Araujo Osorio

Carolina Tenorio Benchimol del Campo Feinstein

Helena Barbieri Crespo

José Paulo Hawtrey de Laport

Letícia Maria Abregú de Figueiredo

Manuela Ribeiro Portugal

Maria Pia Itzaina Aguilar 75


Mario Augusto Pitanga de Sá Filho

Munna Alexandre

Natasha Tonini Cabernite

Olga Carolina Paulino Rodrigues

Pedro Estevão Paes Leme Bethencourt

Raphaela Pacheco Barreto

Victor Munhoz Fernandes Vargas Trindade

Ana Carolina da Silva Machado

Bruna Zander Guerrera Werneck

Carlos Theophilo Bandeira de Mello Azeredo Santos

Carolina Clapp de Paiva Dâmaso

Carolina Conde Caldas Rocha

Carolina Rodrigues Baruzzi Lopes

Gabriel Barros de Souza

Lucca Anthony Belotti Morgan

Luciana Borri

Maria Vasconcelos Haniya

Mariana Carvalho Ferrer

Mariana Mouriño

Matheus Lins de Albuquerque da Rocha Santos

Pamela Guimarães Purchio

Rafael Bittencourt de Oliveira

Rafael Zambrano de Araujo Rapôso

Victor Eduardo Guerra Pecsén Pérez 77

le d d i M ool h c S


Mathcounts 2010

Middle School Party

Isabella Nothaft, Jéssica Marrucho, Carla Cosenza, Ana Luiza Ferrer, Victor Pinto, Mr. Josh Rundle and Luiz Jannuzzi.

Is Math supposed to be this hard? Class of ´15 - “A rose is a rose by any name”


Elementary School is a fun and challenging

time. It’s a time to build friendships and discover new subjects and special interests. In Elementary School, children learn core subjects and develop fundamental skills. This special time is the beginning of their formal education and emphasis is placed on reading, writing and math skills. In addition to their new academic challenges, elementary children also work on their social skills. Cooperation, responsibility and citizenship are integral parts of classroom activities. Special field trips, as well as, artistic and musical projects are also a part of the Elementary School and help students better understand their role in our community. By Barrie Muzbeck

Leonardo BrandĂŁo Freitas Class of ‘17


Ms. Mônica Ramaciotti

5th Grade was an exciting year of discovery and growth!Through projects, presentations, and special activities we created lasting memories. From Centro Cultural da Marinha to our trip to Jardim Botânico: 5th grade was full of great moments! Good luck next year and congratulations!!

By Mônica Ramaciotti and Sandra Brandão

Ms. Sandra Brandão


Alexandre Almeida Magalhães


Beatriz Balestrero Machado

Bernardo Pereira Álvares de Oliveira

Bruna Pilon Geanetti Machado

Carolina Malouk de Castro

David San Kim

Francisco Donato Navarro

Giovanna Prokopiuk Batista da Costa

Giulia Campello Aguiar

Graziella Carolina Ribeiro Januário Fontoura

Leonardo Brandão Freitas

Lucas Pontes Barrozo

Luísa Guimarães Sachser Bonilha

Michaela Hasselmann de AraĂşjo

Nichollas Dreilick Ribeiro Mesquita

Pedro Paulino Gomes Rafaella Benjamin Soares de Souza Baptista de Oliveira

Susy Huang

Ana Carolina Paes Barreto Adenes

Ana Luiza Aparecida de Lima

Ariel Maria Starling Solla Abreu

Bryan Stalyn Hernandez Lara

Eduardo Espasandin Alonso

Fabrizio Walter Tapia Mendiola

Fernanda Nascimento Tavares

Gabriela Lustosa Perrella 83


Isabella Almeida Alberg

JosĂŠ Antonio PeryassĂş Valle Josetti Guarischi

Laura Horta Cahill

Lorena Alvarez de Souza

Maria Trinidad Mas

Mariana Resende de Paiva

Mylena Salatino Araujo Costa

Nicolle Nicolau

Paula Souza Camara

Pedro Henrique Bahia Araujo

Rodrigo Caprio de Mattos

Thiago Chammas Fabri

Mr. Luiz Freire

This year has touched us in many ways. We have learned a lot and have grown in our strength to meet life´s challenges. The fourth grade classes dedicate this year to the memory of our beloved teacher Heloisa Carvalho.

By Luiz Freire and Angel Biggers

Ms. Angel Biggers


Ana Isabel Ceballos Rivera


Arthur Alexandre Correia Alves

Bernardo Tenorio Benchimol Carolina Bomfim del Campo Feinstein Mayser Roca

Carolina Porto Fontainha

Dayse Huang

Grace Ha Nul Choi Kim

Igor Chame e Couto

JoĂŁo Gabriel Pinheiro Santos de Menezes

Juliana Wanderley Silva

Luis Eduardo Villalobos Matson

Maria EugĂŞnia Machado Jannuzzi

Matheus Gyordano Repula Nunes

Natalia Victoria Colmenares Chuck

Nina Martinez Travassos

Pedro Henrique Meira Pedro Paulo de Abreu Simas Rebuzzi Marinato de Resende

Selma Sarah Dantas Sabra

Sofia Helena Siqueira Westerberg

Ana Beatriz SantarĂŠm Cardinali da Silva AraĂşjo

Ana Maria Cano Gomez

Anna Clara de Andrada

Clara Wiltgen Domingues Machado Nogueira

Erick Alexandre Correia Alves

Gabriella Torres Nothaft

Gustavo da Cunha Ramos Page 87


Isabela Hartmann Santhiago Lopes

João Pedro Resende de Paiva

Karine Munhoz Fernandes Vargas Trindade

Mariana Esteves d’Annunciação

Matheus Oliveira Hosken

Melisa Cañas Gamboa

Pietro Campos Russo

Priscila Frossard Brandão

Rodrigo Cardoso de la Cerda

Sophia Derenne Campos

Thiago Schnaider Fridman Ferreira Pinto

Victoria Leodoro Mouzinho Guddal

Ms. Ana Carla Scavarda & Ms. Christiane Lustosa

Education is rewarding in every way. This year’s class was enthusiastic about their learning process. Division, geometry, space, the human body, communities, compositions, food pyramid, cooking – everything was fun, Fun, FUN! They faced the challenges courageously and bravely! They matured tremendously over the school year with the help of many different projects, the best of which were the plays. That’s right, folks! This is a gifted group! We hope to see them blossom into the fabulous adults they are sure to become! Good luck in the years to come. By Ana Carla Scavarda and Daniela Haas

Ms. Daniela Haas & Ms. Christiane Lustosa



Alberto Frederico Penna Chaves Rocha

Ana Sofia Herdy Francisco Gonzalez

Carlos Eduardo Lober Vianna da Costa Soares

Daniela Figueiredo Ventura Bechara Santos

Juliana Dantas dos Santos de Souza

Luiza Carneiro Padovano

Mariana Pimenta Cahill

Mateus Sze Cosenza

Matheus Carvalho e Lemos

Matheus Fonseca do Amaral Assunção

Miguel Rabello Chahud

Pedro Chames Carvalho

Pedro Quagliani Andrade Silva

Rebeca Lima Rique

Stephanie Agarez de Brito Rosa

Teo Cores Bertin

Valentina Fontes Marietti

Ana Clara Pinheiro de Oliveira

Antonia Fontes Marietti

Arnaldo Hartmann Santhiago Lopes

BĂĄrbara Mas

Elisabet Araujo Osorio

Francisco PeryassĂş Valle Josetti Guarischi

Joana Pereira Alvares de Oliveira 91

Lucca Garcez Biondo

Marco Hening Tallarico

Marina Sironi Abad

Mauro Luiz Soares Zamprogno Junior

Nickollas Pontes Barrozo

Nicole Marinho Vieira Weiss

Pedro Arthur Hawtrey de Laport

Rubens Americano Alves de Brito Araujo

Thais Dias Ferrรฃo Levy de Souza

Victoria Alexandra Rรถhl 92

Zeno Pinheiro Camera

Ms. Luciane Lins & Ms. Fatima Menezes

Second grade is always a year full of learning and growing. This year’s second graders were no different. Whether they were building communities from recycled materials, creating countries to explore map skills, playing math games to better understand concepts, or reading and writing to improve their English skills, these students worked while having fun. It was such a joy to be a part of their enthusiastic search for knowledge. By Luciane Lins and Monique Castilho

Ms. Monique Castilho, Ms. Elizabeth Zaluski & Ms. Amanda Bucchert (Std Teacher)


Alda Maria Viana Leite Chiesse Coutinho

Carolina Borri

Chiara Terranova

Edward Christopher Goodall

Felipe Leรฃo Lopes da Costa

Felix Bonillo Laime

Franco Leone

Giulia Paola Gerlach

Helena Lago Lourenรงo Costa e Silva

Isabella Chame e Couto 94

Luana Costa Savaget

Nicole Campos Horion

Trey Isaac Orgeron

Vanessa Boer

Anna Carolina Carvalho Visco

Arthur Marinho Vieira Weiss

Brad Ranzato Montanana

Frederico Cisneros Van Ness

Gabriel Kenneth Almeida Alberg

Guilherme Pires de Mendonça Azevedo

João Louis Nail

Júlia Hollanda Moreira dos Santos 95

Laura Crespo Tavares Barros

Marina Lamas Koria

Maria Rosario Konortoff

Nina da Cunha Esteves

Rafaella Portella Ferreira Drumond de Avellar

Sofia Principe Schmidt 96

Paloma Pinto Ribeiro Coelho

Sofia Maciel Fernandes Guedes

Vitรณria Castelo Branco Ribeiro

Zachary David Colmenares Chuck

Ms. Simone Souza & Ms. Goreth Cruz

First Grade was a very productive year for all of us. The children learned that reading and writing is a wonderful tool for their lives. They began to feel independent and mature. In Science they learned many interesting things about plants, animals, the human body and Planet Earth. In Math we celebrated 100 days of school and after counting collections and reading 100 books, we had a special snack. We had a ball! The Field Trips to the Botanical Garden, the “Fazendinha� and the Indian Museum were lots of fun, too! We hope you have a great year in Second Grade and a successful journey in your life. By Simone Souza and Susana Weber

Ms. Susana Weber & Ms. Gisele Costa



Antonio Pacheco Barreto

Bruna Sahdo Pompeu

Camila Espíndola Rodriguez Pazos

Enzo Cardoso Sekito

Fernanda Stockler Teixeira

Francisco Tovar Moll

Gabriel Martins Barcelos de Abreu

Gabriela Souto Maior Pires

Isadora Coelho da Silva

João Pedro Campos da Rocha

João Pedro Guillaume de Souza do Nascimento

Leticia Indio da Costa Aguinaga

Luke Albert Horion

Maria Clara Périco Perez

Maria Eduarda Alcantara dos Santos da Silva

Pedro Pacheco de Mello Dutra

Beatriz Rosa Simão de Lima Linhares

Diego Morais da Motta

Maria Eduarda Rocha de Vilhena

Marina Pinheiro Santos de Menezes

Natália Maciel Guedes

Vicente Nascimento de Almeida Rego

Amanda Pereira Chaves

Ana Teresa Roris Scavarda de Souza Pinto

Bernardo Fontes Abramof

Gabriel Muniz Khoury

Cecilia Afonso Ferreira

Gabriela Zambrano de Araujo Rapôso 99


Gaelila Lucille McKaughan

Giulianna de Oliveira Gonçalves

Gustavo Bandeira de Mello Azeredo Santos

Isabela Tinoco Signorini

João Pedro Alcantara dos Santos da Silva

João Pedro Herdy Francisco Caldas Bertoletti

Júlia Diniz de Oliveira

Laura Isabel Ceballos Rivera

Maria Fernanda Cunha da Rocha Nazar

Maria Guadalupe Neves Pereira

Niesha Meshal Wright Lara

Sofia Tenório del Campo Benchimol Feistein

Children’s Day

Hands-on Math!

Japanese School Visit


Preschoolers, in the beginning of

real childhood, have an enormous capacity to learn. Compared with a toddler, they have built a lot of experience and a lot of accomplishment and start to apply what they learned yesterday to what they do today. Although Pre-School children are still very physical in their reactions to their feelings and to the world, they have learned enough language and enough of the thinking that goes with it to be able to join us using words as well. They learn and develop from every experience, relationship, and adventure they encounter. Having the space and opportunity to explore objects and play environments helps Pre-School children develop their imagination and master the motor, cognitive, language, and social skills that are essential for future development. By Renata Freitas

Miguel Campanelli Class of ‘25


Ms. Ana Lucia Ramos (right) & Ms. Julia Junqueira

A year of discovery, laughter and learning. A year shared with old and new friends. During Senior Kinder we learned the alphabet, many new words and got into the magical world of reading. In Math, we did problem solving, learned how to add, subtract and count up to 50. We made experiments in Science and had many Social Studies projects. We had a lot of fun in our field trips. Our graduation ceremony was a special and memorable day! We are very excited to go to 1st grade! By Ana Lucia Ramos and Flรกvia Malouk

Ms. Flavia Malouk (left) & Ms. Olga Martins


Arthur Rodrigues Baruzzi Lopes

Bruno Garcia Lopes de Castro

Catarina Filgueiras Sauerbronn

Celline Isabel Bautista Gonçalves

Gustavo Schulmann

JoĂŁo Vitor Venancio Amaral

Juca Pinheiro Camera

Larissa Richelette Freire de Carvalho Vilela

Luisa Carolina Faissol Gilberto Oliveira

Manuela Cardoso de La Cerda 104

Maria Fernanda Oberlaender Carvalho

Maria Roberta Petrelli Silva Dias

Marina Aguilar Itzaina

Nicholas Hoara dos Santos Cavalcante

Paul Thomas Wright Jr. Lara

Rebeca Roris de Oliveira

Sofia Carvalho Fick

Ana Beatriz Pereira Scarpellini Campos

Bautista Mas

Carlos Henrique Lopes Gomide

Dorsa Nouraei

Giovanna Borges Resende 105

João Carlos Machado Ruiz Vidal

João Gabriel Cerqueira Cecchetti

Luísa Hollanda Moreira dos Santos

Maria Carolina Perico Perez

Maria Fernanda Almeida de Camargo Penteado

Mariana Coopman Rodrigues

Marina Schnaider Fridman Ferreira Pinto

Matheus Benzi Georges Freitas de Souza

Monah Andre Diegues

Pedro Podcameni da Costa Lima 106

Valentina de Andrada

Ms. Renata Menezes (center) & Ms. Adriana Pereira Junior Kinder was an extraordinary and magnificent group this year. Not only did they develop their potential academically, but also they skillfully combined autonomy and friendship into becoming highspirited individuals. The challenges of teaching and learning required hard work from all of us, and in the end we found ourselves engaged in a truly rich experience. Being able to provide unforgettable memories for each of our students was the best reward of all. By Renata Menezes and Claudia Travassos

Ms. Claudia Travassos (left) & Ms. Fernanda Ferreira 107

Beatriz Silva Marques


Carlos Eduardo Roris Diego Hernandez Scavarda de Souza Pinto Salmeron

Eduardo Araujo Eduardo Nova Pyrrho Brandão Laclau Marques

Giovanni Luiz Pedone Lopes

Guilherme Rivas Vaz Pinto

Hani Câmara Taan

Helena Carreiro Ribeiro de Sena

Kyra Alexandre

Mariana Bastos da Cunha

Marianna Harfield Brasil Vianna Araújo

Michael Bernardes Eloi Gallagher

Paula Aguillar Itzaina

Ramiro Felipe Konortoff

Sophia Rafaela Delgado Loaiza

Tomás Lima Bosch

Alejandro Unica Aguilera

Beatriz D’Almeida Costa

Dante Navaza Honorato

Diego Hasselmann de Souza

Estela Sironi Abad

João Victor Brasil Alcântara

John Francisco Maccallum

Júlia Maciel Fernandes Guedes

Julia Vianna Rocha

Juliana Pimentel Matos

Lucas Féres de Paiva Pereira

Maria Eduarda Mcleod

Nicolas Espasandin Lemseyan

Nicolle Tinoco Mauri

Rodrigo Brandão Freitas

Sophia Kneip Rezende Auton

Thiago Estellita Campos Lobo 109

Ms. Monica Tinoco (center) Ms. Rita de Cássia Ribeiro & Ms. Carla Pinheiro We give you back your children, the same children you confidently entrusted to our care last year. We give them back pounds heavier, inches taller, months wiser, more responsible, and more mature than they were then. Although they would have attained their growth in spite of us, it has been our pleasure and privilege to watch their personality unfold day by day and marvel at this remarkable miracle of development. We give them back reluctantly, for having spent nine months together in the narrow confines of a petite classroom. We have grown close, have become a part of each other, and we shall always retain a little of each other. We have lived, loved, laughed, played, learned, and enriched our lives together this year. We wish it could go on indefinitely, but give them back we must. Take care of them, for they are precious. Remember that we shall always be interested in your children and their destiny, wherever they go, whatever they do, whoever they become. Their joys and sorrows we will always be happy to share. By Monica Tinoco and Adriana Lourenço

Ms. Adriana Lourenço (center) Ms. Alba Valéria Marinho & Ms. Marisa Vieira 110

Daniela Tovar Gomez

Davi Soter Maul de Oliveira

Francisco Javier Pereyra Iraola

Frederico Filgueiras Sauerbronn

Guilherme Oberlaender Carvalho

Júlia Afonso Addum

Kelly Ribas Afonso

Letícia Arakaki Castello Branco

Lucas Fernández y Fernández Lopes

Lucas Marinovic de Almeida Rego

Miguel Angelo Pereira Aranguren

Rafael Vergili Hansen

Rodrigo de Souza Lima Costa

Vitória Almeida de Camargo Penteado

Ana Beatriz Duarte Maya Ferreira

Raul Kolaric


Bruno Janez Paladino

Camila Castagnino Unchalo

Carolina Tomé Caminha Caldas

Daniel Martins Cassar Magdalena

Eduardo Tovar Moll

Francisco Araujo de Mazza Pessanha

Giulio Graziani

Laura Pinelli Caldas da Cunha

Mateo Andre Diegues

Renan Celeste Munk

Victoria Donati Godinho

Victória Fonseca do Amaral Assunção

Marcella Chernicharo Maria Tereza Pavetits Magalhães Cavalini

Thiago Coopman Rodrigues 112

Tiago Alencar Rundle

Ms. Marcia Vidal (center), Ms. Ana Claudia Benchimol & Ms. Jaqueline Oliveira

“I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand.” - Chinese Proverb That´s how it´s done at Pre-Nursery!!! By Marcia Vidal and Samantha Campanelli

Ms. Samantha Campanelli (center), Ms. Susy Grossman & Ms. Valéria Luna 113

Bruna Bittencourt de Freitas

Eric Moura da Fonseca

Gabriel Pereira Alvares de Oliveira

Guilherme Schulmann

JoĂŁo Marcelo Machado Jannuzzi

Jorge Pereyra Iraola

Luana Benchimol Barbosa Duarte

Luis Alberto Villalobos Matson

Maria Julia Roris Matheus Schnaider Miguel Montenegro de Scavarda de Souza Pinto Fridman Ferreira Pinto Lacerda Campanelli

Samantha Espasandin Lemseyan 114

Tabatha Duarte Albertassi

Pilar SĂśhnchen

Yared Morgan McKaughan

Antonio Bokel Lopes da Costa Cruz

Betina Lago Lourenço Costa e Silva

Breno de Amorim Junqueira

Fernanda de Oliveira Cabral

Gabriel Capano Rodrigues

Giuliana Cisneros Van Ness

Guilherme Miranda da Conceição Santos

Joaquim Corzo Raposo Lopes

Jorge Pastore dos Santos Pereira

Joseph Frank Wright Lara

Lara Caldas Dias

Luiza Bertoldo Seda

Pedro Henrique Drummond Lopes

Rebecca Gonçalves Basilio Weber

Tereza Novaes de Souza Nogueira 115

Hands-on the paint!

Celebrating our roots!

Future chefs!

A New World to explore

Yummy, Ice Cream! Mmmmm...

Sugar Cloud!



Sports is a unique tool to acquire fundamental values and skills for life: discipline, responsibility, respect, integrity, self-confidence, teamwork, dealing with differences, with sudden and extreme emotions, and mainly, with defeats and victories. At OLM, a select and privileged group of individuals has the opportunity to experience all this in its plenitude. These are the Lancers!

By Marco Teixeira

GREEN CARD Sportmanship Award (from left to right)



The Friday before the sports tournaments of each semester, the cheerleaders and the STUCO organize an American sports tradition, a pep rally. The players are introduced to the crowd, which in turn chants boisterously in support. There is also a spirited game of indoor soccer, volleyball, or basketball, depending on the tournament, played between the Lancers and a team made up of teachers or alumni. The students usually win! By Luciana Braga


During the first semester of each academic year, a soccer and basketball tournament is held involving seven American schools from Brazil and one from Paraguay, each with a boys and girls team enrolled. While striving for the victories necessary to win medals and trophies, the students follow the rules of “Fair Play� and a philosophy of cooperation. Sportsmanship and Companionship are what make the tournament memorable year after year. By Waldeir de Souza



(from left to right, top to bottom)

Arlindo Da Motta, Christian Pedrosa, William Prada, João Antonio Fonseca, Matheus Scuta, Rafael Moreira, Rafael Duarte, Matheus Larangeira, Erik Figueiredo, Gabriel Pinto, Mr. Walmir Souza, Aderbal Sabrá, Fernando Souza, Matheus Silva, Nicholas Figueiredo, João Victor Galhego, Daniel Duclos-Cavalcanti and Pedro Votre.

Erik Figueiredo


(from left to right, top to bottom)

Gisele Vieira, Mr. Walmir Souza, Clara Freitas, Priscilla Ribeiro, Roberta Hélcias, Helena Tude, Carolina la Cerda, Nathalia Crespo, Natália Levy, Priscilla de Araújo, Cláudia Ammirabile, Patricia de Sá, Deborah Canepa, Gabriela Fonseca, Nathalie Haddad and Luiza Baptista.

Gisele Vieira


(from left to right, top to bottom)

Mr. Waldeir Souza, Matheus Larangeira, Matheus Scuta, Lucas Lameiras, Rafael Moreira, Rafael Duarte, JoĂŁo Victor Galhego, Matheus Silva, Nicholas Figueiredo, Luiz Jannuzzi, Orlando Pinto Neto and Pedro Votre.

JoĂŁo Victor Galhego


(from left to right, top to bottom)

Fernanda Machado, Mr. Waldeir Souza, Patricia de Sá, Nathalia Crespo, Priscilla Ribeiro, Carolina la Cerda, Larissa Freire, Joana Page, Roberta Hélcias, Isabella Nothaft, Beatriz de Aguiar, Maria Izabel Garcia and Natália Levy.

Beatriz Aguiar Class of ‘12


The Inter Six Sports Meet gives us the opportunity to meet with other international schools from Brazil at Nosso Recanto not only to compete in Volleyball and Indoor Soccer but to see old friends and make new ones. Rivalries are secondary to relationships. By JoĂŁo Victor Galhego



Sports Meet



(from left to right, top to bottom)

Christian Pedrosa, Joรฃo Victor Galhego, Rafael Moreira, William Prada, Aderbal Sabrรก, Erik Figueiredo, Mr. Walmir Souza, Rodolfo Alonso, Matheus Silva, Pedro Malan, Michael Daniel, Thiago Barata, Nicholas Figueiredo and Matheus Scuta.

Inter Six



(from left to right, top to bottom)

Mr. Marco Teixeira, Giulianna Cupello, Manuela de Almeida, Laura Heringer, Alessandra Sabrรก, Amanda Esteves, Amanda Brasil-Leigh, Ana Carolina Miranda, Ms. Faiza Costa, Ms. Samira Costa, Antonia Teixeira, Sofia Heringer, Patricia de Sรก, Giovanna Miranda, Deborah Canepa, Eduarda Ferraz and Nathalia Crespo.

Inter Six


HEERLEADERS Cheerleading started at OLM forty years ago, but for approximately 12 years there was no regular squad. The traditional cheers were still heard at games; however, without the vibrant beauty and energy of cheerleaders! In 2007, a group of girls led by now senior Gabriella Lopes, asked Ms. Valente to fulfill their dream of becoming cheerleaders to defend the school colors during games. That is how I became the cheerleading coach. I was never a cheerleader in my life, but my background in dance together with the strong will of this first group of girls made it happen. Looking back at 3 years of hard work, I see how much we have progressed. We started the high school squad from scratch, with little notion of stunts, rules or cheers. We had no uniforms or pompons! We also didn’t have much time because we needed to get ready for that October’s Big 8 Tournament. Dressmaker, Ms. Carneiro, from Acqualung, joined us and made 3 beautiful sets of uniforms in record time! The pompons were small but the girls’ spirit was huge. Bottom line: We made the Pep Rally and the Tournament memorable with our presence! Since then, the effort and dedication used as we researched, observed and practiced brought out the best in us all and spread throughout the school. I am honored to be the coach, not only of the high school, but also of the middle school and elementary squads. This jubilant symbol of American school life is back to stay at OLM. Go Lancers! By Sandra Fortes



6 Grade th

Fortaleza Santa Cruz and Museu de Arte Contemporânea


7 Grade th

Museu Nacional - UFRJ


8 Grade th

Fazenda Ponte Alta


9 Grade th

Ilha de Paquetรก


10 Grade th

Cabo Frio


11 Grade th

Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC-RJ)


12 Grade th

Downtown Rio de Janeiro






3 4




Community Service is a mixture of entertainment and concern for others, especially the needy. It is a dynamic way to serve others while improving one’s character. As a Catholic School, OLM wishes to offer its students the opportunity to experience Christian values, to make Christ real to others and to put His commandment of love into practice. “There is no greater commandment than this: to love God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind; and your neighbour as yourself.” (Lk. 10, 27-28) By Kátia Souza 10





12 Ms. Celine


Pictures Institutions 1, 5 and 10............... “Estenda Sua Mão” Project - Parque Lage 2 and 3...................... Easter - União das Operárias de Jesus 4.................................. Casa Vila do Sol - Nursing Home 6.................................. Christmas - Casa São João Batista 7 and 12................... Clean Up Rio 9.................................. Operation Smile 8.................................. Romão Duarte 11................................ “Estenda Sua Mão” Project - Creche Tia Maura 13................................ “Estenda Sua Mão” Project - Creche Tia Maura at OLM


Children´s Week - what fun! Five

wonderful days filled with special, exciting activities and delicious treats for these hard-working, dedicated children we all care so much about. On these special days, they not only go about their everyday tasks, but they also have a well-deserved break and enjoy different, and many times, surprising events. What a super way to celebrate Children´s Week! By Carmen Maia


In the beginning, Halloween meant Holy Eve or the night before all Saints Day. A combination of different traditions from numerous religions that happened around the same time, it was later redefined by many as merely an evil evening where goblins, witches, devils and other unearthly creatures would come to roam the world of the living. In the US, children dress up as many different characters, both benign and evil, in order to go trick-or-treating, bobbing for apples, jack-o’-lantern viewing, costume parading or visiting haunted houses, like the one the Senior Class puts up every year. In Brazil, Halloween has only recently given Brazilians yet another opportunity to dress-up and have fun besides the universally known festival of Carnival. At OLM, it makes our community even brighter! We have two great moments: the “trick or treat” among the kids on Friday in school, and the big party on Saturday when all the community has fun together. It is really an ´unforgetabooooooo` moment! By Ana Carla Scavarda, Marcia Nogueira, and Mônica Merchack


Thanksgiving Thanksgiving 2009 was different because it was not a holiday for us; it was a make-up day for the threat of Swine Flu in the beginning of the school year. As was reflected at the All-School Thanksgiving Mass, being able to attend a school like OLM is something to be grateful for, both to parents and to the Parish of Our Lady of Mercy. At night the celebration began with a Thanksgiving Benediction Liturgy, celebrated by the Chaplain, Monsignor AndrĂŠ Sampaio. The silence, the community prayers, the hymns and the incense created a reverential and sacred atmosphere for the greatest source of our gratitude in faith, the Eucharist. Dr. Lyndaker followed with a presentation about the American historical roots of Thanksgiving Day, both as a spiritual day and as a moment to remember what freedoms Americans are thankful for. The fellowship was finally celebrated around the table, filled with the usual treats of Thanksgiving Dinner. The evening was inspiring, memorable and delicious. By John Majka 2 3


5 4

1, 5 and 6 - Thanksgiving Dinner 2 - Pre-School Mass 3 - Elementary Mass 4 - Middle & High School Mass



&SpaghettiDinner Anothertalentshow,anothersuccess! Thenumberssayitall:Afullhouseand thirty-sevenparticipants,onehourandtwenty minutesofperformanceswhereeveryonehadthe chancetoexperiencearealanduniqueopportunity forself-expressionandartisticdevelopment. By Marcelo Camera

(from top to bottom)

Manuela Portugal & Raphaela Barreto Nathalia Nunes Fernanda Silva & Mateus Silva Bianca Fraga Fernanda Merege & Felipe Ramos Sofia Heringer

Orlando Neto - Keyboard Mr. Camera - Drums

(from top to bottom)

Eduarda Ferraz Mariana MouriĂąo Diogo Cunha & Raissa Nejaim Victor Trindade & Karine Trindade Bruna Werneck, Mariana Ferrer & Manoela Gama Mr. Rundle, Fernanda Merege & Nathalia Nunes


Fernanda Merege

Giulianna Cupello

Amanda Esteves

Maria Vasconcelos

Victor Perez

Bruna Werneck

6th Grade

10th Grade

The OLM Spelling Bee is not just about spelling. It is about the power that words have to communicate within a world where a vast majority of educated people and leaders speak the same language, English. Once again the English and Art Departments, with the help of the IT Department, Maintenance Staff and the Student Teachers provided a stage for OLM students to let their knowledge shine, as they showed their skill in using a second (or third) language easily and fluently. It was fun, sometimes tense, and a learning experience for all who were there. New words are already being saved and the English Department is ready to receive feedback and ideas for next year’s even livelier and more exciting Bee. By John Majka

Elementary: Ana Luiza de Lima and Bruna Pillon (5th) Maria EugĂŞnia Jannuzzi and Thiago Pinto (4th)


Book Fair Isabella Alberg, Maria Trinidad, and Lorena Souza. Class of ‘17




““Your Friend is your needs answered.”

Khalil Gibran



Elementary Chris

tmas Mass


Santa Claus


Christmas Cele


Children´s Cho rus


Teachers’ Chor

The Christmas party is considered one of our biggest events, because the house is always packed,

and more probably because it involves the whole school in a joyful effort to present our roots as a Catholic educational community. The 2009 Christmas Party was simply outstanding! The Mass, food, decoration, sound, lights, and stage (just to name a few areas) operated smoothly and in perfect harmony. Our children’s musical performance was fantastic, full of emotion; the nativity scene was very artistic and deeply moving. The evening reflected several months of dedicated planning and hard work by many, especially Ms. Aline Izecksohn, Ms. Mônica Merchak and Ms. Marcia Nogueira. By Marcelo Camera


(from left to right, top to bottom)

Carolina Porto, Mariana Resende, Rodrigo Cardoso, Igor Chame, Bryan Stalyn, Luca Anthony Belotti, Isabela Hartmann, Juliana Wanderley, Selma Sarah Dantas, Pietro Campos, Thiago Schnaider, Ms. Ana Gisela Duniec, Pedro Henrique de Abreu, Priscila Frossard, Melisa Cañas, João Pedro Resende, Pedro Paulo de Resende, Bernardo Feinstein, Lucas Barrozo, Matheus Nunes, Maria Eugênia Jannuzzi, Carolina Roca, Gustavo Page, Luiz Eduardo Villalobos, Natalia Victoria Chuck, Erick Alexandre Alves, Bianca Cochat, Clara Nogueira, Maria D’Annunciação, Sofia Helena Westerberg, Karine Trindade, Ana Beatriz Araújo, Arthur Alexandre Alves.

Remembering James Patrick Maher, PhD


Ms. Heloisa Carvalho was a teacher at Our Lady of Mercy School for over 15 years. She brought with her a sincerededicationtowardsherstudentsandherprofession. Heloisa loved her work and cared deeply for her class. Shakespeare once said that“all the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players and each has his role.” Ms. Carvalho’s role was teacher, and she fulfilled this with joy. Heloisawillbemissedprofoundlybyherstudents,colleagues, families and school staff. May God be with her on her journey.

From 1984 to 1986 Dr. James Patrick Maher was OLM School SuperintendentandinstrumentalincontinuingOLM’straditionof on-going excellence in education. Dr.MaherwasborninNewYorkStateonLongIslandandcompleted hisdoctoralstudiesatBowlingGreenStateUniversity.Hewashired asaProfessorofEducationalAdministrationattheStateUniversity ofCampinasinCampinas,SãoPaulo(UNICAMP)inthelate1970´s. At UNICAMP, he served as Coordinator of Post Graduate Studies in the College of Education and Department Chair of Educational Administration and Supervision. He taught both at the graduate andpostgraduatelevels,orientedcountlessMastersandDoctoral dissertationsandparticipatedinnumerouscommitteesofexcellence at the University. Jimpassedawaythisacademicyear. Hewasanexcellenteducator,brilliant researcheranddearpersonalfriend. He left his mark on education.

By Dr. Charles Richard Lyndaker

2009 151

National & Junior Honor Society The National Honor Society (NHS) Established in 1921

The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) Established in 1929

(from left to right)

Fernanda Bastos da Silva, Giulianna Cupello, Thiago Barata, Ms. Katia Valente, Fernanda Merege and Gabriella Azeredo Lopes.

The National Honor Society (NHS) and National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) are the nation’s premier organizations established to recognize outstanding high school and middle level students. More than just an honor roll, NHS and NJHS serve to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character (and Citizenship for NJHS). These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since their beginnings in 1921 and 1929. Today, it is estimated that more than one million students participate in activities of the NHS and NJHS. NHS and NJHS chapters are found in all 50 states, and other countries all over the world. Chapter membership not only recognizes students for their accomplishments, but challenges them to develop further through active involvement in school activities and community service. Our Lady of Mercy School is the home of the Excelsior and Excalibur Chapters for NHS and NJHS. At OLM students are nominated by a secret Faculty Council that recognizes them according to NHS and NJHS characteristics cited above. Our NHS and NJHS are only chosen after being recognized unanimously by this Faculty Council.

By Katia Valente


National High School Model United Nations

(from left to right, top to bottom)

Guilherme Cordeiro, César Miranda, Amanda Esteves, Jonas de Castro, Fernanda da Silva, Fernanda Machado, Fernanda Merege, Manuela de Almeida, Rafael Moreira, Priscilla de Araújo, Matheus Silva, Rodolfo Alonso, André Bertin, Giulianna Cupello, Diana de Paola, Thiago Barata, Nathalie Haddad, Cláudia Ammirabile, Maria Eduarda Leitão and Flavia Cavalcanti.

This is the third year Our Lady of Mercy School participated in the National High School Model United Nations in New York City. Becoming aware of world problems and discussing possible solutions has led our students towards self criticism, socialization and a broader understanding of citizenship, by becoming knowledgeable about world issues through research, discussions, and styles of diplomacy. OLM was the only American School from Brazil participating: Students from a developing country understanding, debating, and proposing solutions related to the problems of emerging nations in a global forum becomes a significant exchange of ideas and reflected experiences.

Ms. Lucia Helena Oliveira, Monsignor André Sampaio and Ms. Rosana Paes

By Rosana Paes & Lucia Helena Oliveira


Bruna Werneck Class of ‘16



y Urugua


















P TA Join us / Junte-se a nós

The PTA (Parents and Teachers Association)

2009 / 2010 Dear Seniors: “Cherish your memories but look forward... Treasure your friendships but reach outward... Learn from the past but move onward... Live each day with hope and climb upward...” With love, OLM Parents 164

Congratulations to the class of 2010, with best wishes from Jeffrey McLeod, Claudia Melim-McLeod, Natasha and Alec. “To laugh often and much; To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” R. W. Emerson

Claudia de Andrade Melim-McLeod (Class of ´87)





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Our Lady of Mercy School - Yearbook 2010  

One of the best parts of going to school is the year-end excitement of a yearbook. Not only entertaining, yearbooks give a memorable account...

Our Lady of Mercy School - Yearbook 2010  

One of the best parts of going to school is the year-end excitement of a yearbook. Not only entertaining, yearbooks give a memorable account...

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