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THEME Nature is the base of existence. When it becomes unbalanced, humanity does too. Due to selfish and ignorant human behaviors, many still find it hard to grasp this simple, yet necessary, concept. During this school year, this issue was observed in many instances, only a few examples being the devastating fires in the Amazon forest as well as its destruction for cattle pasture, along with massive oil spillages throughout the coast of Brazil. With this in mind, the yearbook was then dedicated to this subject, one of its characteristics being some information about Brazilian species that currently find themselves in extinction. This brings forth education about native species, and the obstacles they face currently because of humanity. This is done with the hope students are informed and become interested in this issue, thereby possibly being the ones who in the future will help nature recover from the many years it has been put aside. Since the beginning of High School, the Class of 2020 has adopted the theme of ‘nature’, or ‘zoo’, to represent their group dynamic. This has been observed on several occasions, such as the senior takeover, class parties and, now, the yearbook theme. Similar to animals in nature, the students of the Class of 2020 are very diverse in personalities and manners; however, they still managed to find union and harmony within their group. This school year has not been easy, especially for the seniors, due to atypical circumstances created by the Covid-19 pandemic. The students were forced to stay at home during the last months of school, thus being unable to experience their final moments as OLM students in the way that they had always imagined. Despite these difficulties, the Class of 2020 focused on remaining united in order to make the best out of their last months in the ways that they could. OLM has always tried to bring out the individuality in its students, allowing everyone to be themselves and accept others’ differences. For this, the Class of 2020 must thank everyone who has worked with them throughout all these years. At all times, teachers and other staff members have always striver to help students grow both academically and personally. Our Lady of Mercy School will always be a safe space for the Class of 2020, for it is here that they found not only friendships that will last a lifetime, but also a place to call home. The memories created in this School will be forever cherished by this group of students. The journey hasn’t been easy, but, Class of 2020, we made it.

Sofia Schmidt & Anna Carolina Visco (2020)

Dear OLM Families, Students and Friends,

It has been an extraordinary and challenging academic year for everyone, and I feel almost as though it has been a year of two halves: preCovid-19, and life since the virus’s arrival in Brazil. Perhaps those things we took for granted before the pandemic struck we have now learnt to value a little more. May we continue to do so!

Mr. Craig Woollard Head

We are social creatures, and yet we could They sang songs to encourage their friends, not go to School to learn, socialize, play and accepted defeat with dignity rather than and laugh; or visit our family members or rancor or blame, as much as they accepted friends in person; or go to the beach or the victory with humility rather than pride or shopping center, as we did previously boastfulness. Other schools’ coaches without even thinking. commented on how well our students behave, and that Never, at the beginning of the “ Perhaps those things they care for each other so 2019-2020 School year, could warmly. Such remarks made me we took for granted any of us have imagined having significantly prouder than if they to spend so much time in our before the pandemic had returned with an enormous homes or stare for so long at struck we have now our computer screens. We relied learnt to value a little clutch of silver trophies. on Google Meet, WhatsApp, and In the graduation mass, I spoke more.” Zoom as never before so as to to our 12th Grade students about learn and communicate with happiness, and how we can hope to attain each other. this in life. A piece of extensive research from Harvard University concluded with a discovery Moreover, none of us imagined that we would that offers a startlingly simple answer: need to suspend all trips or that an online volunteering. Volunteering, the researchers graduation ceremony would sadly be required learned, results in better health and longer for our 12th Grade students as a culmination lives for those who volunteer, even for just up of their learning and experiences at OLM. to two hours per week. Not only do volunteers My proudest moments during the past year meet and connect with more people, they feel have been to see our students’ kindness and that they are making a positive contribution supportiveness of each other. Never was this to the lives of others. This, I hope, will be what made more evident to me than during the NR our graduates of 2020 continue to do as they tournament last November. Regardless of the embark on the next part of the journey in their results achieved, OLM’s students supported lives. Go and make a great difference in the each other, from start to finish, in each game. world, and be happy in doing so! 3

Last November, we were clueless as to what a pandemic truly was: it came as abruptly and unexpected as a flood. This pandemic has made us conscious of two extraordinary truths.

Msgr. André Sampaio de Oliveira

On the one hand, we have become aware of how we are: whatever happens in one place on Earth impacts the whole world. On the other hand, we have also observed how accentuated the inequalities among us are: although we are all in the same storm, we are not on the same boat. Those on the most fragile boats quickly sink. Life ethics become global: will we try to save ourselves, isolating ourselves more or more from each other, or will this common vulnerability help us become more human than before?

School Chaplain

As if from a bad dream, we slowly recognize the truth. Nevertheless, there are so many other pandemics happening out there with which we are not familiar. People die without our acknowledgment as we look the other way. We are all a little blind when confronted with tragedies that are out there at this very moment. Unfortunately, many are these ignored pandemics! The pandemics of war, of famine, of hatred, of indifference, and many others. We are all humans, and, as one humankind, we are all on the same boat. Furthermore, no aspect of humanity should be foreign to a Christian. Here, we cry because we suffer, all of us. We all have in common our humanity and our suffering. We depend on our synergy, mutual collaboration, sense of responsibility, and sacrifice generated in various places to help us. We must not differentiate or make distinctions. We should turn to our common root: Humanity. Before God, we are all children. This pandemic serves as a reminder that humankind, once and for all, is one single community. Moreover, it also reminds us of how vital, decisive, this universal fraternity is. We must keep in mind that it will be similar to a post-war period. There will be no more “others.” Instead, there will be only “us”, because we can survive this moment together. We must look even further at our roots: our grandparents, the elderly community.


We must seek to build a real fraternity between us. We must remember this problematic experience as we all learn to live together and move forward with hope. By allowing ourselves to do this, we will never be disappointed. These are the keywords to recover: roots, memory, fraternity, misery, and hope. In the school of life, we learn that we need to reward our models of development and coexistence for being increasingly worthy of the human community. Everyone is invited to be recognized as part of the single-family and offer each other support. It is the time to combat inequalities, quench injustice at its very root, to promote health for all humanity! The church invites us to accept that we are not self-reliant and should place our trust in God. It invites us to contemplate the Body of Christ and be influenced by His way of doing things, engaging in a dialogue with Him to receive, accompany, and support others as He did. We must learn from Jesus how to carry a cross and, with Him, take on the suffering of many; imitate Him in our fragility so that, through our weakness, salvation may enter the world. Let us contemplate Mary, Our Lady of Mercy, “Health of the People and Star of the Stormy Sea” and allow her to teach us to say yes every day and be available in a concrete and generous way.

Honor Society NHS

(from left to right): Marina Koria, Manuela Pinheiro,

Gabriel Abreu, Enzo Sekito, Maria Clara Perez and Maria Eduarda Silva


(from left to right): Catarina Costa, Julia Rocha, Camila Sant´Anna and Paula Itzaina

Student Council High School

(from left to right, top to bottom): Theo Carvalho, Felipe Paes, Isadora Silva, Carolina Escher, Maria Carolina Perez, Marina Itzaina, Julia Rocha, Marianna Araújo, Maria Eduarda Silva, Maria Clara Perez, Mr. Hill, Antonio Barreto and Manuela Pinheiro

Middle School

(from left to right, top to bottom): Eduarda Rezende, Letícia Machado, Isabela Rodrigues, Maria Fernanda Pereira, Ágatha Sirigni, Vitória Penteado, Frederico Sauerbronn, Mr. Barbosa, Eduarda D´Altério, Maria Valentina Sanches, Samuel Munhoz, Júlia Toledo and Samantha Lemseyan


BOARD The Our Lady of Mercy School is run by the Society of Our Lady of Mercy, which is a non-profit organization under the Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro authority. Its members volunteer their time and knowledge to help the Society, the Parish and the School. The Society grew out of the desire of a few English-speaking Catholics, who wished to have a community where they could attend Mass in English. Their desire was fulfilled in 1919, when the Society was founded. After nearly 30 years, the Society decided to add a school for young children to the Parish. In March of 1952, the first Kindergarten class was opened in a house on Visconde de Caravelas Street and in May of 1953, a temporary wooden chapel was completed. AND THEN THE BOARDS WERE CREATED! There are 2 Boards involved in running the school: Board of Directors and Board of Education, and they consist of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and its elected concilors. The Boards are comprised of Society members, who appoint the Head of School and the Administrative Director, helping the School achieve excellence in education, while staying focused on the School mission. The Board of Directors is responsible for strategic plans and supervision of the School’s administration. The Board of Education is responsible for the educational and sports-related vision of the School. For more information on the Society, please visit www.olmrio.com

Board of Directors: Carlos Augusto B.Derraik (President), Olga Camisão de Souza (Vice President), Dayse

Haime Pastore (Secretary), Alexandre Sodero Rezende, Andrea dos Santos C. Petrelli, Fernando Cesar A. Lima, Flavio Alves da Costa, Helena Maria S. Almeida Magalhães, Paul Leslie de Britto Smith, Leila Sodero L. Rezende, Nisia Barbieri Crespo, Ricardo Henrique S. Gama, Rodolfo Licastro Sant’Anna, Sonia Maria Porto Cabral and Monsenhor André Sampaio de Oliveira.

Board of Education: Daniela Cunha (President), Renata Ruffo R. Pereira Rezende (Vice President), Raffaela

Maria R. Sauerbronn (Secretary), Olga Camisão de Souza, Patricia Maria P. Perez and Monsenhor André Sampaio de Oliveira.

Pa re n t Te a c h e r s A s s o c i a t i o n OLM’s PTA has the objective of bringing a closer relationship between families and the School. This is a volunteer organization formed by Parents, Teachers, Students and the School Council, based on American PTA structures. The PTA works side by side with the School, supervising the quality of its services and promoting events for families and the School’s integration.

President: Mariana dos Passos Ribeiro Pinto Basilio de Oliveira Vice-President: Karina Huffard Secretary: Marcela Silva Treasurer: Adriana Queiroz Parents Representatives: Anna Teixeira A. Laureano, Alessandra Murtinho, Alex Saltz,

Ana Paula M. L. de Carvalho, Anamar M. Lacerda, Anna Luiza Gelhoren, Cecilia Quintella, Chilana Lopes, Claudia de S. M. Jannuzzi, Claudia Sertã, Daniela Fontoura, Daniela S. Nunes, Elisa Byron, Fabiana Froes, Fernanda Thomé, Flavia M. de M. Magalhães, Gabriela Addor, Gabriela T. Cardoso, Isabel Milman, Joana Salles Coelho Schmidt, Larissa B. M. Azevedo, Lavinia Daltro, Lilian Vieira, Marcela Corzo Virviescas, Marcelo Oliveira dos Santos, Marcia Honorato, Maria Claudia C. Machado, Maria Dantas, Maria Luz Bridger, Nara Luiza L. Murad, Paula Freire, Paula Gomes, Roberta Cunha Melin, 6 Tatiana Pizzolante, Thais Vianna Moreira Pequeno and Vivianne M. Rodrigues.


Choosing only one teacher to dedicate a yearbook to is an extremely difficult task. In different ways, all of our teachers throughout our years in School have made us grow as a class with their patience, support and scolding when necessary. We will certainly take on those lessons beyond High School. Still, having to choose only one teacher, we decided on someone who may omit that he likes us, but we know that deep down he really cares for our class. It is an honor to be the class with Therefore, the Class of 2020 would which you have been the most years like to honor Mr. Hill, our Gemini Math and we know that we will forever teacher who bore with us despite all carry in our hearts our memorable of the difficulties. We know we may times. We may be crazy, and may have been hard to teach at first, but not commit enough to your classes, with your perseverance and, at times, but we love you even if we may not reprehensions, we have managed to feel the same way towards Math. We mature and improve as a class. Although admire how you manage to be a Math we know we can be annoying at times, we teacher and Crossfitter at the same are sure that this humoros side of us has time, and will take that as inspiration always entertained him and made Math to work hard and follow our passions classes more lighthearted and fun. As throughout our lives whatever they previously mentioned, we can be a difficult may be, always finding time to have a laugh (because, as you say, [we] class, but he has embraced the challenge “always find a way to have good of teaching us, always teasing us with laughs”). his unique sense of humor and sarcasm despite the obstacles.

From your best f riends f orever Class of 2020


Class of 2020


Alice Derraik Barbosa Schwierskott Joined OLM in: High School Nickname: Lili, Marola, Sabrina Famous for: making videos and taking photos everywhere, never being in school, having a British accent, always being late, being quiet Usually found: school bathroom instead of class, not at home, filming something, with her friends out of school, on her computer, editing a video Pet peeve: not being able to use her computer, being in class, Barra, any kind of prejudice, people who dislike Brazilian rap music, answering questions in class, bolsominions, being mistaken with Sabrina, the current Brazilian government, bad music Pet expression: “não, tá de boa”, “papo reto”, “ta suave”, “cara”, “que aula é agora?”, “que?”, “Bia o que tem de almoço hoje?”, “Gente eu não pareco com a Sabrina” “O futuro terá cura, o futuro é literatura - Escolástica, matemática é mágica pura. Sem assediar alunas, sem censuras, num espaço mais aberto pra filosofar cultura” FROID MC

Minha família é muito doida. É todo maluca. Mas apesar de tudo, não tem mais a quem agradecer pelo o que eu sou hoje, obrigada. Mesmo com as maluquices, tive vivências mais loucas ainda por e com vocês e, por isso, agradeço eternamente. Amo vcs suas doidas lindas. Ms. Machado: Are there any words to describe how amazing you are? If there are, I can’t find them. Only, thank you. Vc é uma rainha! To all my teachers: I apologize just as intensely as I’m forever grateful for all the patience (oof…) and effort you all used to help me all these years. You’re all the best teachers I’ve met so far, thank you ♥ Sabrina: We did it mate. We actually done it bruv. Love u fam. Class of ‘20 ♥: This class was definitely an interesting “acontecimento” in my life, and I say this in the best way possible. Never have I ever met such a different “porém” unique group before. In this class, you’ll find anything. Literally. From crying over farofa to discussing what’s Mr. Hill’s favorite song from mass. I learned a lot from all of you these years and there wasn’t a day where I didn’t laugh with you guys, or wonder where this class came from, we are not normal! But I guess that’s what makes our class special, no one expects us, no one knows what’s coming or what is going to happen next, “somos a turma mais aleatória e a que mais se diverte nessa escola” and I wish you all the best life can give and I hope none of you, no matter where in the world you are, will let the 20eira end. Olga & Vinny: I don’t know how to possibly thank you both for, well, you! Never did I think I would find so much support in a school like I did from you two, obrigada ! Steve: You’re the best person in this school, I hope you know that. Pablito ♥: “O que falar sobre tu - tatu? Vc reclama muito e só enche meu saco, mas vc virou uma das pessoas mais importantes que eu tenho. Obg por vc, pelas reclamações, pelos momentos, por tudo. Tudo mesmo. Amo tu, doidão, tmj sempre, coisa linda, não importa a forma”. Dodo: ”Vc é a luz da minha vida. Tô contigo” forever and ever. “E claro, a todos os Funcionários e staff da OLM: essa escola não existiria se não fosse por vcs. Obrigado pelo trabalho e esforço que mantém essa escola de pé, vcs merecem toda nossa gratidão e admiração, só tenho como agradecer!” And, well, Google, couldn’t have done it without you my friend ;))

Anna Carolina Carvalho Visco Joined OLM in: Pre-School Nickname: Nigel, Big boy, Carolina, Half, Nasty Baby, Carol, Nana, Visco Famous for: being too afraid of cockroaches, being indecisive, easily crying, always going to the bathroom with someone, being one of the halves, hugging everyone, throwing temper tantrums, creating weird nicknames for her friends, complaining with Sofia Usually found: New York, Miami, at parties, with Sofia and Bia, talking to Ms. Braguinha Pet peeve: cockroaches, people trying to scare her, fish for lunch at school, people misspelling her name, getting a C+, having to make choices Pet expression: “Nãoooooouuu!”, “uhm, não sei”, “Aiiiiiii”, “Doguitoo”, “Que palhaçada é essa?”, *laughs*, “Little boy”, “but Mr. Rucker”, “AHHN”, “Paaaaaaaaara”, “ô jumes” “People are weird. When we find someone with weirdness that is compatible with ours, we team up and call it love.” - Dr. Seuss

Mãe & Pai: You are the most important people in my life and I can’t thank you enough for everything. “Amo vcs eternamente.” Alê: Thx for being the person with whom I can share all my secrets. Despite our big age gap, the connection that we have is golden. Love u with all my heart, sis! Vivi: I’ll always be by your side no matter what. Love u my little princess! Sofia P: “Palavras são incapazes de descrever o quanto vc é importante pra mim. Fico mt feliz de saber q esse laço q formamos ao longo de todos esses anos é eterno. Te amo, irmã.” Bia: “Minha irmãzinha, só tenho q te agradecer por ser tão parceira e por alegrar meus dias com esse seu jeitinho meio doido q te torna única. Te amo, bb!” Helen: “Uma das minhas amigas de mais longa data q de um tempo pra cá ganhou uma importância imensa na minha vida. Q venham mais festas, zoeiras e perrengues ao seu lado! Te amo.” Julia: “Obg por sempre conseguir me arrancar um sorriso e por aturar minha carência diária e meus abraços sufocantes. Vc é mt especial pra mim, te amo!” Fê: “Uma amizade totalmente inesperada q mudou minha vida pra melhor. Não sei o que seria de mim sem vc me ajudando a tomar decisões. Te amo”, FBI partner! Fabi: “Sei q vc acha q eu sou completamente maluca, mas eu te amo mesmo assim.” Marina, Malu, & Gu: “Vcs são pessoas incríveis, minhas lindonas!” Keep on shining, ily. Felipe: “Apesar das gastações constantes, suas brincadeiras me fazem rir demais e tornam meus dias mais divertidos. Vc sabe q pode contar comigo sempre”, love u! João: “Msm vc tendo chegado esse ano, a diferença q vc fez na turma é surreal. Amei ter te conhecido!” Theo: “Apesar de não sermos tão próximos, gosto mt de vc. Te desejo tudo de melhor smp!” Tomás & Jonas: “Adoro vcs!” I’ll miss having u guys in my daily routine. Alice & Sabrina: You’re both amazing in your own particular ways. Good luck! Ms. Braguinha: You are the best teacher I could’ve ever asked for. Thx for making my days more enjoyable with our “fofocas”. “Te amo e vou morrer de sdds!” Class of 2020: You are my second family. The memories that we made along all these years will always hold a very special place inside my heart. I love each and every single one of you and hope that we’re able to keep in touch.

Beatriz Jardim Lima Joined OLM in: Elementary Nickname: little boy, Beatrix, Bea, Biarritz, Bibi, Bia, neném, Jardim, Bia nation Famous for: wanting to study medicine, always thinking about boys, interrupting people, copying people´s phrases, sitting in front of class, being stressed all the time, always knowing what’s for lunch, being the youngest of the class, being controlling Usually found: Pilates class, annoying Mr. Rucker, in Ms. Braga’s classroom, with Anna and Sofia, talking about her love life, screaming Pet peeve: being wrong, bad grades, Rafael’s due dates, anything that does not convene her, not being in control, when people sit in her place, Felipe Pet expression: “Silêncio por favor”, “Parem de gritar” (shouting), “ não consigo”, “mas eu gosto dele”, “O almoço é…”, “Shhhhhhh”, “Amor”, “irmã/ão” , “argh” , “amiga”, “Oh Rafaeeel” “Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” Lilo and Stitch

Mãe & Pai: “Muito obrigada por ter me apoiado todos esses anos e ajudado todas as vezes que me torno “bi-atriz”, sempre me acalmando e aconselhando. Palavras não descrevem o quanto eu amo vocês!” João: “Muito obrigada por ser meu melhor amigo desde sempre. Apesar de nossas briguinhas bobas, você sempre esteve aqui por mim. Obrigada por todos os abraços e conselhos, minha vida não seria a mesma sem você. Te amo muito!” Sofia P: “Nossa amizade se tornou uma irmandade e meus dias na OLM não seriam os mesmos sem ter você ao meu lado para tudo. Obrigada por me fazer rir sempre e por filosofar sobre coisas aleatórias. Te amo, Sis (não se esqueça de virar água).” Anna: “Obrigada por sempre estar lá pra me fazer sorrir, fazer inúmeras palhaçadas, ouvir minhas intermináveis histórias e andar comigo pra todo lado. Te amo, big boy!” Marina: “Minha companhia de vários perrengues, aulas de Cálculo e choradeiras, você sempre esteve ao meu lado. Pode apostar que eu vou ficar te ligando pra conversar sempre.” Jolie & Joann: “Minhas irmãs favoritas, obrigada por sempre estarem aqui por mim e me abrigarem em sua casa. Vocês não têm ideia o quanto eu sinto falta de vocês no meu dia a dia. Amo tus, tatus!” Cohen: “Minha parceira pra tudo, obrigada por estar comigo todos esses anos, mesmo quando eu te incomodo, e por topar todas minhas maluquices. Te amo muito!” Felipe: “Apesar de você me gastar o dia todo, a OLM não seria a mesma sem você me fazer rir. Boa sorte, parceirinho de med!” Fu, Helen, Malu: ”Obrigada por todas as conversas, debates, “pep talks” e apoio. Vocês serão meu cardjumie para sempre!” Ms. Braguinha: You have inspired me to chase my dreams and be my best self. I will miss our daily “fofoca” sessions in your classroom and all the times you gave advice. I will take them with me for life. 2020: You have been the best class I could have asked for. Thanks for welcoming your “neném” with open arms and for making me laugh all day long every day. I love you so much!

Fabiane Yingyi Huang Joined OLM in: High school Nickname: Fabi, Fab, Nelson, Fabnelson Famous for: loving Flamengo, living in Tijuca, easily falling in love, crying for everything, having many crushes, owning two restaurants, liking Chinese soap operas, getting frustrated easily, screaming with people Usually found: in Chinese classes, cleaning her house, at Tijuca, bodytech, working at her restaurant, with her friends out of school, ironing clothes Pet peeve: Everything and everyone Pet expression: “eu moro na Tijuca”, “não posso, tenho aula de Chinês”, “vou passar roupa”, “this is illegal”, “isso é apropriação cultural”, “na China é mais barato”, “para lek”, ”que saco cara”, “Isso nao é do Japão, é da China” “A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.”- Rose Dawson

When I first came to the school I had no idea that I would come so far and make awesome friends out of the my colleagues and teachers who I’ve learned to love and respect. The first challenge I had to face was not being the new girl in high school, it was actually the fact that I had not mastered English, but I think I have turned out great as I write this text, which means that I am very close to graduation. The last but most feared one was to write a thesis, and if I am now writing this it means that I made through it. So here is my special thanks to the two most important teachers that helped me with my development and get me through it, Mr. Rucker and Ms. Sherrill: Thank you for all the advice and “broncas” and for never giving up on me. Mr. Hill, Mr. Alves, Ms. Braguinha, Rafael: You’re also in my heart. But none of this would be real if it weren´t for my family, mostly my parents who worked hard and supported me so that I could have the best education, from waking up early with me just to take me to school to giving up on buying new clothes and to hiring people to help them in the restaurant. “Mãe, Pai: Eu sei que não expresso muito os meus sentimentos e não parece que eu aprecio o esforço de vocês, mas 爸爸妈妈,我爱你们”. Now there is a very important person that I would like to thank, Julio: “Você me ajudou a crescer como pessoa, a amadurecer e me ensinou tanta coisa sobre a vida que só aprenderia daqui a alguns anos quando tivesse minha independência, enfim, você é muito importante para mim.” Now the best part, my friends: I know I am not the easiest person to deal with in the world, but you never gave up on me, even the times that my gemini personality got in the way of our friendship. I love you all so much and I will miss our routine, laughter, and jokes with the teachers. Special thanks to former OLM student, Bell: I miss our “palhaçadas” and our fights, I love you! Fefe: Shoutout to you because you’re one of the most precious people in the world, you’re so dedicated and talented, you deserve all the success, the chickens, the bertalha, and all the tiny houses in every tiny island in the world, love you! Sofya: You’re the perfect friend, the loyal friend that everyone would love. You’re very talented and beautiful. You deserve the best, I love you!

Felipe Mauricio Magacho dos Santos Paes Joined OLM in: High school Nickname: Fepa, Mauricin, Felipin, éfe pê (fp) Famous for: hosting “resenhas”, “sem noção”, walking in a specific way, riding his Lev, his injured leg, calling the school when a drop falls from the sky, interrupting people, being very loud, being nosy, having a high-self esteem Usually found: Rose Lanches, at parties, with Tulio, at physiotherapy, walking around, asking Bia about her love life, limping throughout the school, autoescola Pet peeve: being contradicted, when people say he speaks too loudly Pet expression: “lek”, “Oh Heleeeena” ,“resenha lá em casa”, “to ligado mano”, “ah lek pera ai”, “seu Geraldo leva”, “teguinha”, “suave”, “nossss”, “vou ligar para a escola”, “olha o Mattinha”, “ ai papai”, “ooooobvio lek”, “Coe”, “Ô Chefa” “If you like water, you already like 72% of me.” Unknown

Mom & Dad​: “Obrigado por tudo. Obrigado pelos puxões de orelha, obrigado por acreditarem em mim, obrigado por terem me dado oportunidade de me formar na OLM e obrigado pelos incentivos diários. Pai, obrigado por ser aquele cara que me acalma nos momentos de euforia e estresse. Mãe, obrigado por me mostrar o caminho certo para tudo na minha vida.  Vocês são minhas referências.​Vovô Maurício and Vovó Marcia​: Apesar de vocês estarem em um lugar distante, em um lugar melhor, vocês me ensinaram a palavra ´amor´ e´carinho´ e o afeto que eu tinha por vocês sempre estará na minha alma. Vovô, prometo tentar ao máximo me tornar um médico como você foi. Vovó, mesmo distante eu sei que todos os ensinamentos e carinho que você me deu valeram a pena.” Bruna: Agradeço muito a você por todos os ensinamentos que você me proporcionou. Te amo. Que sejamos médicos exemplares”. ​Theo, Matta, Tomás & Jonas​: “Amizade que eu vou levar pro resto da minha vida. A amizade é um ponto fundamental no desenvolvimento de um estudante. Obrigado por serem vocês e também terem tornado meus 4 anos de OLM incríveis. Amo vocês, meus cria.” ​Julia, Helena, Visco, Sofia , Bia and ´Marrrina Williams´:​”Acredito que nossos laços de amizade criados nunca serão desmanchados. Obrigado por terem sido companheiras de verdade e espero que a nossa naturalidade e brincadeiras nos guiem para nosso futuro próximo. Gratidão eterna a vocês.” ​Caio, Arthur, Túlio & Alberg​: “Apesar de vocês terem saído da escola, nossa amizade continua muito forte e só tenho a agradecer pelos momentos que nós já passamos e aprendemos juntos.” ´​ Rapaziada do Fundão´:​“Agradeço a vocês pelas nossas amizades sinceras e ciclos que nós todos já passamos juntos. Vocês tiveram uma importância significativa na minha vida que jamais será apagada.” A ​ ll the teachers:​Here is my thanks to all teachers at OLM who have helped me become the person I am today. My sincere and eternal gratitude to you guys. Thank you for each teaching, you are true heroes.

Helena Lago Lourenço Costa e Silva Joined OLM in: Pre-School Nickname: Leninha, Lena, Lele Sisi, Helenboy, Helen Famous for: talking a lot, being too Sagittarius, being friends with everyone, loving Carnival, having a good memory, always going to parties, having joined OLM a long time ago Usually found: with Jota Peps, at parties, at the beach, family parties, complaining with Rafael, in Barra, at home, with her cousins Pet peeve: injustice, capitalism, bananas, Rafael Gota, the bell in the hallway, pigeons, hypocrites, being ignored, being told she is wrong Pet expression: “é tudo culpa do capitalismo”, “sinistro”, “muda Brasil”, “olha só”, “zap efron”, “uiui”, “ô Rafaeeeeeelll”, “vou chamar a Rihanna”, “do nada” “Erga essa cabeça, mete o pé e vai na fé, manda essa tristeza embora. Pode acreditar um novo dia vai raiar, sua hora vai chegar!” - Grupo Revelação

Mom, Dad & Bê: Thank you for all the love and support through these years, my life wouldn’t be as bright and colorful without you, love you! During these 15 years studying in OLM, I have collected thousands of memories and friends that I’ll take throughout my humble life. Without these people, school would have been much harder than it already is :). No matter the situation, being happy or sad I knew whenever I needed a friend I could reach Julia, your friendship means a lot and “apesar dos pesares amo tu” Judi, forever a 13 year old. My partner in “militância”, that always inspires me to be a better woman, that has the most beautiful heart Malu, I admire you in every way, amo tu. My sagittarian sister, that “exalta criatividade”, Fu, our friendship surprises me for its strengths within a “short” period of time, you’re very special to me (and you know it), ily. The hearts of the class, that are very loving and united, Anna and Sofia S., even though you are the half of each other, you always find a place to someone new, glad I found my place with you little boys, “amo vocês”! Fabi and Bia: Your personalities are unique, where you always fight for what you believe, hope to be together with you during the fights and laughs. Marina and Gu: Your brains work differently, your intelligence is amazing to understand and inspiring to achieve, thank you for the friendship since 2005. Felipe and Theo: Thank you for all the laughs and good moments, I know our friendship goes beyond the years in school, see you in RJ. Tomás and Jonas: “Os piscianos mais piscianos que já vi”, love all our moments together, good luck in university. João: Even though you arrived like yesterday, I met you years ago and knew the kind of person you are, glad to see how our friendship became stronger and beautiful, see you. Alice and Sabrina: Glad to get to know you and understand where you come from in life, good luck. JP: “Te amo!” Now, I want to thank the OLM Staff, for helping and supporting me since 2005 whenever I needed guidance. This school is the only place I’ve studied and is weird I’m leaving it, “sempre achei que ia ficar aqui pra sempre, 2020 não parecia um ano que chegaria. Familia, te amo! Amigos, te amo! OLM, foram longos anos que chegaram ao fim, por mais louco que seja, tô pronta. ABRAÇOS!”

João Matta Machado Moura Joined OLM in: High School Nickname: Matta, Snowman, Jonny Wayland, Mattinha, “jovematta” Famous for: being tall, having a high-self-esteem, reading slowly, being new in school, making friends easily, playing basketball, “se quebrar todo” , “mandar o passinho”, “gastar todo mundo” Usually found: training in Botafogo, watching Fluminense matches, at the hospital, painting. Pet peeve: xenophobia, policia militar, Flamengo, “ser ignorado pelo mozão”, being told he is not pretty, Bolsonaro Pet expression: “papo reto”, “mano”, “agora é hora da maçãzinha”, “mas lek”, “visão”, “novidade”, “coe cria”, “Fé” “Educação não transforma o mundo. Educação muda as pessoas. Pessoas transformam o mundo.” - Paulo Freire

It’s extremely difficult for me to express what I’m feeling right now, partially since, when I have finally started to understand and feel comfortable in this environment (7 months earlier, it was completely new) I somehow have to start saying goodbye. Unfortunately or fortunately, that’s life, at least that kind of the conception I have of life so far, and I guess there is beauty in all that. There’s beauty in the human ability, especially a confused 18 y/o human, to connect so fast with people that just months before were completely unknown and somehow create this strong and deep bond, in a way that even the fastest thought of saying goodbye feels like a very unpleasant thought to have. On the other hand, there’s the excitement of finishing high school and taking another step towards adult life, college, all the new people you’ll meet and the new teachers, and to be inserted in a new environment. Well, but everyone kind of understands this, since everyone has gone or will go through this same moment I’m going through, as I said, that’s life. So this leads me to the one question I’ve been asking myself the past couple weeks while I squeeze my brain to write this Senior Will. If everyone goes through this same emotional pseudo confusion, how can I write something that somehow is unique? Finally, then it came to my understanding that it isn’t about what you’re going through, but how you deal with it and in this case, who helped you to go through these things and made you understand that what once was the end of the world it isn’t that bad afterall. Without further ado Mãe & Pai: ”Obrigado por me apoiaram em todas as decisões que eu tomei na minha vida, e terem aceitado embarcar nessa aventura junto comigo. Trocando do colégio ou de país, vocês me deram forças para continuar lutando constantemente. Queridos irmãos: Nossa conexão ultrapassa as barreiras de distância, obrigado por estarem sempre do meu lado arrancando sorrisos do meu rosto nos meus dias mais nublados. Vovó Vera: Sou extremamente grato por você, Vó. Obrigado por todas as risadas, os almoços às sextas-feiras na sua casa, as viagens a procura do camarão perfeito… ainda temos muito pela frente. Vovô Matta: Vô, tenho extremo carinho pelo senhor, devo todo meu entendimento político à você. Tenha força que tempos melhores virão. Vovó Rosilda & Vovô Zezé: A parte do meu coração nordestino pertence a vocês, meu eterno porto seguro será aquela varanda em Boa Viagem.” Lastly For All That While Reading Somehow Identify With This Confused Mess: I have love for you, truly. Each and every one of you can count on me as long as my big thinking head is around this world.

Jonas Muniz Cantalice Joined OLM in: Elementary Nickname: Joninhas,“jocria”, “tijucano”, “flamenguista” Famous for: never being in school, easily losing his temper, shouting in class, being very “pisciano”, missing many classes but still getting good grades, “fingir ser internacional”, living in Tijuca, encouraging discussions Usually found: at home, not at school, in Tijuca, in a Flamengo game, discussing soccer, São Paulo Pet peeve: Theo, Flamengo, coming to school, being told that he is short, people teasing him about soccer Pet expression: “lek”, “amanhã não venho”, “What?”, “Hããã?”, “falar que ele é Flamenguista”, “bah tche”, “Nada a ver, lek” “Pra quem tem pensamento forte, o impossível é só questão de opinião.” Charlie Brown Jr.

Pai: “Eterno! Não consigo imaginar minha vida sem você quando eu mais precisava; sem os seus conselhos, sua sabedoria, seu conhecimento. Felizmente, através do seu esforço, agora podes ver o resultado - olha aonde a vida, mas principalmente você, me trouxeram! Me tornei o que mais queria, definitivamente pronto para o mundo e seus incansáveis devaneios. Gratidão para todo o sempre! De onde estiver, estará eternamente comigo, me acompanhando e me guiando. Fé!” Mãe: “É a maior guerreira desse mundo. Palavras não podem descrever o quanto me ajudou. Mediante a todos os obstáculos - tantos!, sempre esteve lá, disposta a me auxiliar e orientar durante toda a minha vida. Estaremos sempre juntos nessa jornada da vida, pro que der e vier; afinal, és a minha mãe. Te amo!” Avó & Avô: “Para terem uma dedicatória exclusiva, não é para menos! Sabem que foram vitais para o meu desenvolvimento, para eu ter me tornado o que sou hoje, com seus zelos, agrados e, primordialmente, amor; e, podem ter certeza, é recíproco. Espero ter vocês comigo por muito mais tempo. Amo vocês!” Família: “Sejam os antigos ou mais novos, sempre terão um lugar guardado em meu coração. Podem contar comigo!” Tomás, Theo, Fepa & Matta: “Os crias. Foram tantas risadas, brigas e experiências simplesmente sensacionais! Sinceramente, tive sorte de contar com vocês todos esses anos; até agora foram os melhores anos da minha vida, podem ter certeza!” Alberg, Tulio, Bruno, Caio & Arthur: “Nem preciso falar muito, vocês ‘tão’ ligados! Nossos caminhos foram separados, mas não por muito tempo! Ainda espero ter todos ao meu lado, e tenho fé que isso se torne realidade.” Class of 2020: You guys are awesome! I am really glad and honored to be part of such a united and supportive group as ours throughout all of these years. Teachers: You are the foundation of knowledge. I’m sure that I learned something valuable with everyone that taught me, with no exceptions! For this, I’m eternally pleased. OLM: 8 years. Beyond disappointments and successes, school means something much more important: it is the opening for new and indescribable opportunities, which will certainly be embraced by me. Gratitude is the word.

Julia Furtado Martins Joined OLM in: Elementary Nickname: Judiscreia, Judi, Jubileia, Martan, Xulia, Julia (Spanish accent), Ju, Jujumie, Chumi Famous for: putting effort in everything she does, being very sentimental, being very competitive, being controlling, hating hugs, having lived in Australia, doing weird dance moves, being flexible Usually found: procrastinating, studying, riding the yellow scooter, in São Paulo, at home, in parties Pet peeve: Bia, saying she is a 13 year old, when people don’t give her money back, people who don’t study and ask for help Pet expression: “Sua bobinha”, “Mas xuxu”, “Ridiculo!”, “Você ta me devendo dinheiro”, ” vocês não fazem nada”, “que saco cara” , “estou extremamente desconfortável” “Goodbye everyone, I’ll remember you all in therapy.” Plankton (SpongeBob SquarePants, Season 3 episode 1- “The Algae’s Always Greener”)

When I think of OLM, several emotions come by my head. The last ten years I’ve spent here helped me become the person I am today. Seeing my friends’ personal growth and being able to accompany and influence in the lives of these people is what motivates me to wake up in the mornings. So, to m ​ y class​, thanks for the memories. You managed to make school enjoyable. Here I’ve made my strongest friendships. No matter the disagreements, or the bad jokes that end up hurting by soul unintentionally :,), I’ll always carry a piece of each of you in my heart. ​ Helena​ & ​Malu: My longest friendships in school, the love I feel for you will be forever #bffs!! G ​ u​ & ​Fefe​: Although our friendship is relatively new, I can never express how strong of a bond I feel to you guys in so little time. A ​ nna​ & ​ Schimi: “Suas bobonas carentes”, you mean so much!! Me not wanting hugs doesn’t mean the contrary. Theo: “Você é a pessoa mais boba que eu conheço, te guardo no meu coraçãozinho.” ​João​: “Nossa amizade tem uma duração curta, mas o quanto eu te considero é inimaginável. Bruno: “Eu vou tá sempre aqui por você, que nem você tá por mim. Melhor amigo do mundo, te amo pra sempre <3.” You all are my support system. You provide me with my best days, my strongest laughs, and my happiest cries. Although these people are my daily motivation, it is to my family whom I must thank for teaching me right from wrong, helping me, and supporting me independent of my decisions. ​Mãe​: “Não sei o que seria de mim se não fosse por você. Te admiro muito.” ​Pai​: “Obrigada pelas lições de vida e pelo empurrão. A distância nunca nos ajudou, mas acho que fizemos um bom proveito do nosso tempo juntos e tenho muuuito orgulho de ter você como pai. Amo vocês imensuravelmente!!” Pros meus ​segundos​ ​pais, “um pouco mais divertidos, amo vocês demais. Obrigada por todo o amor, carinho, e apoio que vocês sempre me dão. Vocês têm um lugar enorme no meu coração.” N ​ ow, a special thanks to my ​teachers​, who guided me throughout this journey and provided knowledge and clarity. Thank you so much! Well, folks, it’s finally over. It’s been emotional, byeeeee.

Maria Fernanda de Moraes Soares Joined OLM in: Middle School Nickname: Fefe, Fu, Fe, Fi, Cafifi, Fumagu, little martin, Fifi, Funation Famous for: eating exotic Kit Kats, always dyeing her hair, being really good with philosophy, eating with a spoon, hiding people’s stuff, having the most beautiful art Instagram account, wearing cool clothes, having a cool grandma, making “gororoba” with her foods, reading fast Usually found: at home, at Parque Lage, “fazendo compras do mês”, art classes, with her grandma, in Julia’s house, reading, on facetime with Fabiane, Isabella, Helena and Rafa Pet peeve: stickers, when Fabiane wants to argue with her, not being able to draw, having only one art class per week, people who don’ t think that spoons are superior to forks Pet expression: “bro”, “se quer morrer?”, “O que você quer de mim?”, “minha vó pode levar”, “(any word)-nation”, “taki taki rumpa”, “Julia eu te odeio”, “Fu nation domination”, “hoje eu tô melancólica” “Nothing is as big inside me as I am when I am inside me” Catherynne M. Valente, The Melancholy of Mechagirl

I don’t know how to start this. “Acho estranho que eu tenho que me despedir dessa escola de qualquer jeito. Coisa de maluco isso. Como assim eu vou me formar? Acho que eu não to fazendo isso do jeito que todo mundo vai fazer, mas eu vou continuar por que eu faço o que eu quero”. I wish I could thank everyone in this school personally but I don’t have enough words or enough lines, so I’ll just thank everyone generally. To the teachers at OLM, thank you for making me change the way in which I saw school. I loved to learn how to love to learn. Thanks to every single one of you, and I hope to carry this with me for the rest of my life (special shoutout to Mr. Rucker for being mean to me to get me to work harder. Also special shoutout to Ms. Sherrill for being nice to me to get me to work harder. Both methods seem to have worked out.) To the class of 2020, “eu to ligada que vai ficar todo mundo bravo que eu não to fazendo mensagens específicas pra cada pessoa”, but the truth is that if you know that I like you then you know that I love you and I feel like that’s enough. “Queria continuar distribuindo jujuba pra todo mundo, mas acho que não vai dar né? Talvez eu mande por fedex”. To my dad and my grandma, thank you for putting up with me acting like a baby even though I’m the eldest sibling in the family. “Achei impressionante a paciência que deve ter sido necessária pra me aguentar ano passado quando a única coisa que eu queria fazer da minha vida era ir morar numa ilha. Bernardo: “Não vou nem falar nada. Só não finge que não vai ficar com saudade de mim quando eu for embora.” Mãe, queria que você estivesse aqui, mas tudo bem pode ficar relaxada aí onde você tá. Espero que você esteja orgulhosa de onde eu cheguei.” Lastly, I would also like to thank myself for staying alive. Keep up the good work.

Maria Luísa Ramalho Pessoa Albuquerque de Brito Joined OLM in: Elementary Nickname: Malu, Lulu, Maria Famous for: laughing a lot, losing the computer charger, being an expert in astrology, being from Paraíba, doing birth charts, being a feminist, doing collages Usually found: in Paraíba, at home, sitting on the floor, not at bodytech, eating cookies at her locker, reading, barefoot, at acrobacia Pet peeve: The Patriarchy Pet expression: “Que massa!”, “vei”, “qual é seu signo?”, “Meu nome é Maria Luísa com S e acento agudo no i” , “Gente, vamo brincar”, “maravilhooosa” “Liberdade é pouco. O que eu desejo ainda não tem nome” Clarice Lispector

The warmth I felt on my first day of school here at OLM is the same warmth I feel today. Maybe it is this warmth that makes OLM unique. I would like to thank each individual that made me feel warm throughout my years here at school. “Mando um abraço, um gesto, um carinho, um sorriso, a todos que me fizeram bem e contribuíram pro meu crescimento e conhecimento”. Mãe & Pai: “Agradeço por todo amor, suporte e liberdade que me foi dada pra alçar os meus próprios voos, é uma dádiva os ter”. Família: “A Paraíba tá sempre no meu coração, minha forma de me expressar, ver e entender o mundo”. Ju: “Te amo e amo nossas metamorfoses conjuntas e contínuas, que permaneçamos nos descobrindo por meio delas”. Helena: “A gente se combina tanto, nossa parceria é um chamego. Não solta a minha mão, que eu não solto a tua”. Fê, Fabi, Bia, Anna, Marina, Sô S., Sô G., Alice, Sabrina & João: “Vocês têm uma casinha no meu coração, com um jardim e bem-te-vis”, ily all. Teachers: Your job is beautiful and I admire each and every one of you for it, “foi uma honra e prazer tê-las (os) como mestras (es), a educação é a mais linda e transformadora das artes”. Funcionárias (os)// Staff: “OBRIGADA”, THANK YOU. Class of 2020: “DESBRAVEM ESSE MUNDÃO, levo a individualidade de cada um dentro do meu ser e espero que a gente se tenha como uma gostosa memória afetiva” :)

Marina Lamas Koria Joined OLM in: Pre-School Nickname: Maryna, Marinete, Maraina, Marinex, “marrrina williams” Famous for: being National Honor society, being very intelligent, doing all types of extracurricular activities, being an actress, being a ballerina, being very messy, being a Pisces, being allergic to everything, being very polite, being always hungry and tired, being extremely helpful, being indecisive Usually found: studying, ballet classes, at Copacabana, theatre classes, at Knowledge Bowl, Theatro Municipal, Rio Sul Pet peeve: allergies, being sick, judgmental people, pressure, someone disagreeing with her, ignorance, lazy people Pet expression: “cara não sei”, “gente perdi….”, “tenho ensaio”, “bruh”, “aquela”, “Ai tô com sono”, “Quero comer um doce” “For knowledge is not given as a gift, but through study. The free mind, not afraid of labor, presses on to attain good.” - Laura Cereta

Mãe & Leandro: Thank you for all the support, for always listening to me and giving me advice when I need it. Although I may be “obstinada”, I definitely could not have gotten to this point if it weren’t for you! So thank you, and I hope we remain as tight as we are in this next phase of my life, because I know I will continue to need your guidance. Family: Thank you for all the love, care and counsel throughout all these years. Our family is definitely special. Luis(iño): Since you already know how to read, I just want to say that although you can be very agitated and a bit annoying you are the cutest child ever. Família Valorarte: “Vocês são minha segunda família e nossos encontros e aulas de teatro me proporcionaram alguns dos meus momentos mais felizes e memoráveis.” Teresa: “Obrigada por ser a melhor amigairmã que eu poderia ter. Você me entende como ninguém e é uma das pessoas mais inteligentes e resilientes que conheço.” Giulia: “Você é meio teimosa, e a gente briga que nem irmãs, porém a gente se completa. Obrigada por todos os anos de amizade.” Vi: Although we are apart, I alway carry you in my heart. Miss you! Class of 2020: We had our ups and downs, but fortunately we have made it to graduation. I will never forget chatting with Bea about her “boy da vez”, doing projects together and her bubbly talks and fights with Anna and Sofia making me laugh. Although she is a bit crazy, she definitely helped me survive school. I also loved sharing nescau, bubble tea and happy moments with Sabrina, who is always there to listen to my troubles and stories. I know our friendship will continue beyond OLM. I want to thank all the intellectual competitions hosted by my AP Historians group, who made the class even more interesting and fun. I loved sharing our common interests in literature and feminism with Malu. You are an extremely bright and sweet person, who always makes me smile. Cohen: I will miss our daily hugs and chats, but know that you can always count on me as your non-judgemental friend to give you advice. OLM Teachers: Thank you for all the patience, lessons, and kind support given when I needed it. You have taught me that hard work does pay off. Cosenza: Our love is my most unexpected and treasured surprise. “Te quiero mi amor”, thank you for all our wonderful moments.

Sabrina Maestrello Joined OLM in: High School Nickname: Sasa, Sabryna, Alice Famous for: being from Switzerland, dying her hair different colors, being witchy, speaking more than 3 languages, loving K-pop, not talking, being European Usually found: watching K-Drama, Europe, at home, with her grandma, at the “feira”, at a K-pop concert, in school, drinking bubble tea, In Lapa, working with her dad Pet peeve: people trying to be funny, being confused for Alice, people screaming, when somebody interrupts her, people who steal her locker, being ignored, When Theo is trying to speak Italian, Brazil’s Federal Police system, school´s pasta Pet expression: “I’m not Alice”, “tie your shoes”, “stop interrupting me”, “I was talking”, “I can’t do this anymore” (singing), “No!” “I’m not okay” (singing) “Let everything happen to you, Beauty and terror, Just keep going. No feeling is final.” - Rainer Maria Rilke

It took me a while to finally settle in this class and I already have to leave. I’m grateful that I was able to make cherishable memories. The experiences that I lived during these 3 years in Brazil made me realize that I’m pretty good at adapting. Matey (Alice): Thanks for being my first friend at OLM who made me feel less out of place and helped me find positive things in a country that I would have never imagined finding myself in. Ana Clara: I absolutely love you, I have no idea how I could have survived without you these past 2 years. You’re one of the people that I find myself most comfortable around, I hope that we will keep in touch so that we can create more memories. Cohen: Bro, you know that I love you very much. These past years would have not been the same without you; you make me laugh, you fangirl with me and you are always willing to go on adventures with me. Thanks for always being there for me (I will be waiting for you in Canada so we can find a namjachingu together. Fefe: You are absolutely the most perfect person to travel with and the most dramatic I’ve ever met but, I’m very happy that I got to enjoy my first BTS concert with you and my first real festival. Let’s keep in touch because we need to have more trips and crazy experiences (without losing flights). Marina: In this past year we have gotten really close and I don’t think I can let go of you, I wish we had more time to have fun and thank you for adopting Nescau with me. Mamma: ”Grazie per avermi ascoltato lamentarmi e avermi consolato al telefono per delle ore e per volermi bene nonostante tutto.” Nonni: “Grazie per esserci sempre stati e per volermi bene come se fossi vostra figlia, non ce l’avrei mai fatta senza di voi. Vi voglio bene.” Daddy: Thank you for always being there for me and “che mi sopporti nonostante i miei moodswings.” I love you caco prugna and I will miss you a lot <3 <3

Sofia Maciel Fernandes Guedes Joined OLM in: Pre-School Nickname: Soso, Guegue, Gue, Gu, So Famous for: overthinking everything, studying a lot, freaking out, always feeling she is being excluded, having an impressive reflex, making spreadsheets, being good at math, wanting to study abroad, being very organized, having sudden attacks, being a vampire, making funny acting videos alone Usually found: studying, watching Gossip Girl and Friends, playing tennis, playing guitar, at home, doing her college applications, making spreadsheets, with Ms. Machado Pet peeve: messy eyebrows, wearing jeans, deadlines, people saying she is stressed, people telling her she should chill, being called out Pet expression: não acreditooo!”, “paaara cara!”, “será que vai ter escola amanhã?” “eu não sou ninguém sem a minha agenda”, “eu nao fui convidada”, “international students”, “applications”, “eu não sou estressada!”, “eu mudei”, “não posso, tenho que estudar para o SAT”, “Christine, Christine where in the world have you been hidding” “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” - Albert Einstein

Mom, Dad & Júlia: First of all, thank you. Thank you for taking care of me and helping me whenever I needed. Know that even when I am far, I will always regard these past 18 years of life with fondness, because you guys have made it perfect, both in the fun and serious parts. And Julia, although we fight, I can’t imagine my life any way else. Who else would have become a chef of “gororoba” for a day with me when we were younger? I love you guys! Vó: ”Sempre que ouço que você vai vir pra casa, eu fico animada porque sei que você sempre vai me fazer rir, fofocar comigo, e basicamente ser minha terapia. Por todas vezes que não disse, quero que saiba de uma coisa: minha felicidade, minha vó, te amo muito.” Julia: You know, I’m really, really grateful, that I started going to the gym with you. From gym, came our friendship. More than friendship, sisterhood. You are basically my source of energy and your laugh is SO contagious. If anything, that alone can make me laugh (although I am no one to talk). My best memories of high school are when I am with you. I really do love you and hope we can stay connected after high school! Fefe: The first time I talked to you, I said: “You don’t know me, but I am actually crazy.” Maybe you were creeped out, but when we became closer, you accepted the crazy in me and I got to know your own quirkiness. You helped me in some hard times, and I will be forever grateful for you and hope that we can still be friends after school. Malu & Sabrina: We only became closer toward the end of high school, but you really have made my days much more cheerful. I love all of our film and series sessions; I always have the most fun times with you guys and my affection for you is huge!! Let’s keep contact! Anna, Bia, Sofia, Helena & Fabi: For this amazing people, it cannot be left unsaid that I really appreciate the time we spent together, the parties, and the enormous support you guys give me when I need it! 2020 class: How come 15 years have passed since I was in this class?? It goes by so fast, but our “zoeira” has made my days 1000 times brighter. I’ll always remember our times with fondness, smiles, and nostalgia. Now, sadly, it’s time to leave, but you guys will be forever engraved in my heart. Good luck to you all!!

Sofia Principe Schmidt Joined OLM in: Elementary Nickname: Other Half, Jumie, Shimi, SOFYA, Sof, Jumes, Sofi, Medium Boy Famous for: laughing softly, drawing perfectly, knowing random nature facts, singing, being delicate and polite, loving one direction, owning a horse, having “Lua em áries”, being one of the halves Usually found: with her other half, praia do Leme, at her sitio, at Copacabana, with Anna and Bia, at concerts, talking to Ms. Braguinha, at guitar class, at parties Pet peeve: animal mistreatments, people saying that Harry Styles is ugly, Math, “beijinho, beijinho” Pet expression: “Carolina”, “it happens”, “ouve a música nova do Harry”, “olha como o Harry é lindo”, “hellllp”, “meu pai ta atrasado”, “ehhhh”, “o Isaac vai me matar”, “ai para”, “Oh My God Mr. Rucker” “One band, one dream, One Direction.” - One Direction

Mãe & Pai: Thank u for being by my side throughout every step of this journey, “amo vcs mais que qualquer coisa”. Família: Thank you for everything, I love you all more than azeitonas! Primos/as: Thank you for always helping me with school things because y’all are intelligent, Michael Douglas forever!! Anna: “Umas das amizades mais especiais que eu já tive, desde o primeiro dia te considerei uma irmã. Te amo demais, sua maluca. Nossa amizade é pra sempre!!” Bia: “Te amo demais, irmã, vc é muito especial pra mim e uma das minhas melhores amigas. Mt obrigada por ser tão companheira, mesmo nos perrengues!” Jolie: “Apesar de não nos vermos todos os dias, nossa amizade nunca ameaçou falhar. Te amo demais, bro, obrigada por tudo!!” Fefe: “Fe, não sei como eu teria sobrevivido sem seus conselhos e wise words, te amo!” Helen: Friend, “mt obrigada por todos os momentos de alegria, vc é uma pessoa iluminada, te amo demais!” Fab: “Uma das pessoas mais maravilhosas e lindas que eu conheço, amo vc, Nelson!!” Julia: My fellow “canceriana, mt obrigada por sempre estar do meu lado quando eu preciso! Te amo!!” Sabrina & Alice: My fellow partners from the social club, thank u for everything!! U two have very quickly become special parts of my daily life, and I love u!! Marina: “Mt obrigada por todos os conselhos e todos os papos top na van do Marco, te amo demais, amiga!” Ms. Braguinha: Thank you so much for everything, not only for being an amazing teacher, but someone who I can really trust! Te amo mt! Felipe: “Bro, apesar das gastações e brincadeiras, gosto mto de vc. Em pouco tempo de ENEM bio já virou meu melhor amigo, te amo!!” Sofia Gu & Malu: “Vcs são mto especiais no meu dia a dia, sempre de alguma forma me deixando com um sorriso no rosto, amo vcs demais!!” João: Mesmo tendo entrado na escola esse ano, vc já virou uma enorme parte da rotina de todos nós! Gosto mt de você!” Theo: “Apesar de não sermos tão próximos, te considero uma pessoa muito especial, te desejo tudo de melhor!” Tomás & Jonas: ”Muito obrigada por fazerem o meu dia a dia mais alegre com seus jeitos leves e divertidos! (Flamengo>Inter)” Class of 2020: Thank you for all the memories, you are more important to me than you know, ´amo vcs!´ <3

Theo Vasconcelos de Carvalho Joined OLM in: Middle School Nickname: Mr. President, Theozinho, “Teteco”, “Theozin” Famous for: being ex-STUCO president, being famous, Fátima Bernardes, playing soccer really well, being very sentimental, having various pets, having to stand up in Mr. Rucker’s classes, liking PT, making fun of everyone, being the singer of “Peraí”, pretending to attack Julia and Helena Usually found: with Gabriela, at Joá, at soccer practice, sleeping in class, not studying, with his computer Pet peeve: Jonas, Bia, Helena, Julia, to lose, Bolsonaro, reading Mr. Rucker`s books and Flamengo´s lost Pet expression: “vamos Flamengoo”, “easy peasy like lemon squeezy”, ”jae lek”, “meu amigo Felipe”, “Ah, koee lek”, “Mr. Rucker, can I sit now?”, “Fica quieta Helena” “Quem me dera ao menos uma vez, que o mais simples fosse visto como o mais importante; mas nos deram espelhos, e vimos um mundo doente.” - Renato Russo

Mãe & Pai: Simplesmente impossível imaginar minha vida, o que eu sou, o que eu me tornei sem qualquer um de vocês dois. Meus professores da vida, meus mentores, e a quem eu sempre vou dever tudo. Muito obrigado por todos esse anos de tanto amor e carinho, amo vocês mais que tudo. Luke & Yuri: Se teve algo que papai e mamãe ensinaram muito bem, foi desenvolver o amor e a parceria entre nós. Meus melhores amigos pra sempre, contem comigo para todos os dias da vida de vocês. Gabi: Falar de mim na OLM e não falar de tu é impossível. Você fez das minhas manhãs mais alegres e da minha vida mais feliz. Sem você não teria tido a mesma graça nem o mesmo amor, te agradeço por cada segundo, cada abraço, cada carinho e cada chamego. Pra sempre o mundo pra mim, te amo incondicionalmente. Flor: Minha eterna companheira, te amo pra smp! Caio & Alberg: Irmãos que a vida me deu, sem palavras para agradecer pra vcs dois por tudo que a gnt viveu. Amo vcs demais, smp contem comigo. Fepa & Arthur: Definitivamente as duas pessoas mais engraçadas que já conheci em toda minha vida, não seria nada sem vcs! Contem smp. Tomás, Jonas & João: Ficaram cmg até o final dessa jornada, agradeço vocês por tudo, vou levar pra smp no coração! Amo vcs! Malu, Ju, Sofia, Anna, Rafa & Helena: Obrigado por me aturarem, e aturarem a forma um pouco agressiva e não comum de demonstrar amor :) Pra smp no meu coração, amo dms! Tony, Vico, Lucca, Guga & Silva: Meus crias, tamo junto smp, vou ta smp aqui pra vocês! Isa & Duda: A dupla mais maluca que eu conheço! Sem vcs tudo seria diferente, não tenho palavras pra agradecer por tudo! Vou ta smp aqui pras duas, amo vcs! Mr. Rucker: Probably the best teacher I’ve ever had, I’ll always remember u in a special way. Thx for not using my Macbook as frisbee during your classes. Lov u! Mr. Hill: Thx for the patience! U r amazing! Rafael, Alves & Daniel: Mais que professores, amigos q eu dxo na OLM! Obrigado por tudo! Ms. Xavier: We did it! Missão dada é missão cumprida! Obrigado por tudo! Steve: Thx for always looking after me! Walmir & Waldeir: De resto, “I’ve had fun”! Obrigado pelos momentos! Lancers: Once a Lancer, always a Lancer! OLM: U changed my life forever! Words can’t describe what u mean to me. 2020 class: Always together, I love each one of u guys in a special way! Thx for everything!

Tomás da Costa Brasil Joined OLM in: Elementary Nickname: Tchumi, Tomacria Famous for: loving airplanes, secretly starting discussions by putting “lenha na fogueira”, wanting to become a pilot, being funny, taking extremely good grades in Physics, always manipulating people to not go to school, being quiet, laughing silently Usually found: travelling, not in school in rainy days, at home playing flight simulator, in Maracanã Pet peeve: going to school in rainy days, going to school Pet expression: “Será que vai chover?”, “Vamo faltar amanhã?”, “ta chovendo, vocês vão para a escola?”, “todo mundo falta por favor”, “vamos fazer dança da chuva”, “Gente amanhã ninguém vai pra escola hein” “Have a nice” - David Vujanic

Mãe & Pai: “Vocês são as melhores pessoas do mundo. Conseguiram combinar cobrança e ajuda em todos esses anos de escola. Muito obrigado por terem insistido para eu continuar estudando aqui, afinal foi a decisão certa. Valeu por terem me ensinado o jeito de vocês, que com certeza me ajudou muito nessa minha jornada escolar. Enfim, vocês sabem que eu não sou muito bom de escrever. Amo muito vocês”. Theo, Fepa, Jonas & Matta: “Vocês são pessoas muito importantes para mim. Todos, ou quase todos haha, ficam todos os dias comigo e se tornaram os meus melhores amigos, mesmo que alguns de vocês tenham entrado na escola “recentemente”. Nunca vou esquecer os momentos que passei com vocês. Os jogos do Flamengo, as discussões de futebol, as brincadeiras… Enfim, vocês sabem o quanto vocês são importantes para mim. Tenham certeza que vão ficar pra sempre no meu coração”. Caio, Alberg, Arthur, Tulio, Nicola & Bruno: “Mesmo não estando aqui com a gente todos os dias, eu ainda sinto que vocês fazem parte da nossa turma. Conheci vocês há muito tempo e ainda lembro muito bem dos tempos de Elementary e Middle que passamos juntos. Vocês são meus melhores amigos para sempre, independente de onde vocês estejam”. Teachers: Thank you for being patient with me and our class and helping us get through difficult times during our school journey. Your job goes underrated many times and we cannot forget that you are the reason why we are here. Class of 2020: ”Vai ser difícil me despedir dessa turma. É uma reunião de personalidades completamente diferentes que cria um clima único em sala. Foi nessa turma que criei amigos e amigas que certamente nunca vou esquecer. Também foi essa turma que me moldou como pessoa. Tenho certeza que não seria a mesma pessoa se não estivesse com vocês todos os dias. Também tenho certeza que não aguentaria vir à escola todos os dias se não fosse pra encontrar vocês. Não é à toa que sempre somos a turma ´mais´ alguma coisa. A mais barulhenta, a mais preguiçosa, a mais engraçada… Só nunca fomos a mais esperta hahaha”. The 20eira never ends.

Nicola Barroero

Gabriel Martinez

Paloma Coelho

Bruno Pinna

Joann & Joliiete Voss

Anzhela Sineva Mariana Cahill

Over the past years, many people have come and gone from our class. Beyond OLM, we have former classmates all over the world. Even though you are not among us daily, you will always be a part of the Class of 2020 and never be forgotten. Together, we must never let the “20eira” end.

Katya Bayon

Rosario Konortoff

Carolina Borri

Tulio Picoli

Gabriel Alberg

Luana Savaget

Ana Clara João

Gabriella Ronga

Arthur Weiss

Giulia Gavina

João Veiga

Caio Dieckmann

Frederico Van Ness

seniors in action

Theo: Carvalius livia domestica Habitat: mountains of Joá

Anna: Lemuroidea Viscos Habitat: concrete jungles of New York Sofia S: Tursiopshimi Habitat: the seas of Leme beach

Felipe: Rattus Felipus Habitat: trash cans in Flamengo

Marina: Cygnus Marinus Habitat: the swan lake

Bia: Pavo cristatus Jardins Habitat: the orange tree jungles

Tomás: Ursus To masctos horribilis Habitat: Caves of Leblon

Jonas: Pygoscelis Cantaliacis Habitat: cold premises of Tijuca

Julia: Lutrinae martins Habitat: the beaches of Lagoa

Fabiane: Ailu rofabi mel Habitat: forestanoleuca of Tijuca

Gustoni es: Okapia Sofia Gued s of tennis courts d Habitat: san

Malu: Malus plexippus Habitat: the trees of João Pessoa

Sabrina: Bubo Sabringalensis Habitat: trees of switzerland

Fefe: Procyon Fernanlotor Habitat: garbage cans of supermarkets (especially Zona Sul)

ereus rctos Alicin la o c s a h P t school Alice: acks of no tb u o e th Habitat:

Helena: Panthera Heleona Habitat: unknown premises of Barra da Tijuca

João: Folivora Mattas Habitat: Literally everywhere

Class of 2021

Like no one has ever done, we’re the Class of 2021”

3 3

11th Grad


Ana Teresa R. Scavarda de S. Pinto

Antonio Pacheco Barreto

Beatriz Rosa Simão de Lima Linhares

Bernardo Fontes Abramof

Carolina Escher Canalini

Enzo Cardoso Sekito

Fernanda Stockler Teixeira

Gabriel Martins Barcelos de Abreu

Gabriela Borsoi Cohen

Gustavo Bandeira de Mello Azeredo Santos

Isadora Coelho da Silva

João Pedro Alcantara dos Santos da Silva

João Pedro Campos da Rocha

Lucas Ripardo Sampaio

Maimuna Jawo

Manuela Simões Campos Pinheiro

Maria Clara Périco Perez

Maria Eduarda A. dos S. da Silva

Maria Eduarda Rocha de Vilhena

Maria Fernanda Cunha da R. Nazar

Maria Guadalupe P. Bastos Tigre

Pedro Pacheco de Mello Dutra

Pedro Valladares Filgueiras

Rodrigo Medici de Oliveira Barroso

Sofia Matos de A. F. S. Berwanger

Sofia Tenório del Campo Benchimol Feistein

Vicente Nascimento de Almeida Rego

Victor Carratte Cherman


in action

Shy and mysterious, the Lagartixa da Areia is one of the most endangered animals native to Brazil. The animal, which is very rarely seen, resides exclusively in the sand patches of Rio de Janeiro, and is known for its slow reproduction rate, as individuals are only able to reproduce once during their entire life. Again, the Lagartixa da Areia is an extremely endangered animal, barely hanging on to its habitat. Such danger to extinction comes from not only its slow reproduction, but also the rapid urbanization rate in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Class of 2022

Aiming for success”

10th Grad


Ana Blume de Figueiredo

Antonio Botelho Junqueira

Bianca de Andrade Viegas

Bruno Garcia Lopes de Castro

Enzo Gurgel Torres

Fernando Linde Puppin de Oliveira

Frederico Tavares

Giovanna Borges Resende

Gustavo Schulmann

João Vitor Venancio Amaral

Lucca Amaral Mauro Menta

Manoela de Lennhoff Reis

Manuela Cardoso de la Cerda

Maria Carolina Perico Perez

Luisa Carolina Faissol Gilberto Oliveira

Maria Clara de Carvalho Rivelli

Maria Fernanda A. de Camargo Penteado

Maria Roberta Petrelli Silva Dias

Marina Aguilar Itzaina

Matheus Benzi Georges F. de Souza

Pedro Podcameni da Costa Lima

Nicholas Hoara dos Santos Cavalcante

Pedro Augusto Boller Jacy Monteiro

Pedro Mendes Inocencio da Silva

Rafael Tavares

Rebeca Roris de Oliveira

Sofia Carvalho Fick

Valentina de Andrada

Sophomores in action

Known locally for its capacity to emit extremely loud noises, the Cuxiú Preto is a monkey found only in the Amazon forest. While male individuals are born with a blonde coloration to their fur which darkens as they age, females remain light-colored throughout their entire lives. The species is famous for its loud calls, which makes it the loudest land animal in the western hemisphere. The Cuxiú Preto, though, is unfortunately classified as critically endangered primarily due to predatory hunting and habitat destruction.

Class of 2023

The best there will ever be, Class of 2023”

9th Grade

Beatriz D’Almeida Costa

Beatriz Osório Guimaães

Camila Sarti Bruno Sant´Anna

Carlos Eduardo Roris Scavarda de S. Pinto

Catarina de A. Mello da Costa

Catarina de Castro Góes Bentes Jurema

Cecília Rodrigues Gimena

Dante Navaza Honorato

Guilherme Rivas Vaz Pinto

Helena Carreiro Ribeiro de Sena

Diego Hasselmann de Sousa

Giovanni Luiz Pedone Lopes

Juca Pinheiro Camera

Júlia Maciel Fernandes Guedes

Julia Vianna Rocha

Mariana Bastos da Cunha

Marianna Harfield Brasil Vianna Araújo

Miguel Farias Ribeiro de Oliveira

Nicolas Espasandin Lemseyan

Paula Aguilar Itzaina

Piera Marinho da Costa

Samuel Mendonça Cresta

Sofia Lopes Beraldo

Sophia Kneip Rezende Auton

Thiago Daibes Rachid de Faria

Thiago de A. Mello da Costa

Victor Matheus Lourenço Raphael

Yuri Vasconcelos de Carvalho

Paola Formica

Freshman in action Found throughout Brazil, the Onça Pintada is perhaps the most famous member of the Brazilian fauna. It is the largest feline found in the Americas, and has been noticed to come in more than one color related variation. Some individuals of the species are born completely black, consequently being known as the Pantera Negra, or black panther. The Onça Pintada currently finds itself in extinction due to poaching and the destruction of its habitat, and unfortunately it has already been classified as extinct in the Brazilian Pampa biome.



NHSMUN The 2020 NHSMUN conference, in New York, was unforgettable! In the first two days, we decided to visit some really nice places, like the Vessel, Times Square, 5th Avenue, Rockefeller Center, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. However, the nicest touring activity we went to was the visit to the 9/11 museum, next to “Ground Zero”. While visiting the museum, several times we stopped and tried to understand the feeling of despair that must have been felt by people who tried to escape and those who tried to help. Once the conference started, we decided to participate in some really good workshops, offered by the NHSMUN program so as to improve our skills. This was very helpful since most of the group had never been to NHSMUN before. By the end of the fourth day of debating, writing resolutions, and voting, we were all very confident and were able to defend our countries’ position, passing really elaborate resolutions. Most certainly, the most gratifying surprise was to receive the Research and Preparation Award of Merit for all the effort we put into our position papers. Hard work pays off! NHSMUN, most certainly, is an experience that challenges all participants, and 2020 was one of the best ever!!! Looking forward to 2021 NHSMUN! Maria Eduarda Rocha de Vilhena (´21)

Maria Eduarda Vilhena (´21), Marina Itzaina (´22) Pedro Filgueiras, Rodrigo Medici (´21) Sofia Fick & Manoela Reis (´22)


KNOWLEDGE BOWL Knowledge Bowl is not only a club for quick thinkers with fast fingers and a competitive vein. At OLM, the High School team has a tendency to become, above all else, a group of friends with a common purpose: test their knowledge on a wide range of subjects that span the high school curriculum and beyond. This year’s tournament at EARJ -- sadly, the last one for our seniors Marina Koria and Beatriz Lima -- took place exactly a week before schools closed in response to Covid-19. It was such a thrilling day of quick-fire matches and impressive performances that it has lingered in my mind during this time of social distancing. Knowledge Bowl creates cherishable memories and it is one of the many things to look forward to when we get back to School. Though in the end we did not win that day at EARJ, I was proud to be in a team that doesn’t give up, regardless of the number of tally marks on the scoreboard, and the only team in the competition with Marina, a female captain. Thank you, Ms. Freire, for putting me on board! Ms. Sherrill

Although this was my 5th Knowledge Bowl, I was still very nervous on the first day. It was my first time participating as a Senior and as the team’s Captain. Additionally, it was my last competition, so I wanted to make the most out of it. On our way to EARJ, I could feel that the rest of my team (Marina Koria & Beatriz Lima from the 12th grade, Gabriel Abreu from the 11th grade, Enzo Torres and Pedro Monteiro from the 10th grade) was also a bit anxious, but we all tried to relax as we talked to each other. It was their first time playing, and for some of them their first time going to the competition, so this was a new experience for all of us. Yet, despite these challenges, we still managed to play well and answer questions about various topics. From Literature, pop culture, and Art to Math and Science, I was constantly bewildered by the knowledge of the other members of my team. Moreover, it was exciting when something we had learned in class was on the competition and we knew how to answer it (for example, our team answered ‘Beowulf’ which we read in Mr. Rucker’s English class and the irrational number ‘e’ which we learned about with Ms. Freire). On the other hand, sometimes a member of our team gave answers relating to topics that are their interests, and everyone else was left astonished as they had not thought about that before, or did not know the answer at all.

Overall, although we did not win a medal this time as in the previous years, Knowledge Bowl was not in any way less of a meaningful and wonderful experience. We got to apply our knowledge in a fun way, which I think is a great hands-on experience which makes students more motivated about their education. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to get to know other people from Brazil, Chile and Panama, and socialize within our team and with our Coaches (shout out to Ms. Freire and Ms. Sherrill who gave us their support and went through from the same exciting and nerve-wrecking moments as we), which is something we may not always do during our routine in school. Furthermore, I felt very happy to see our former Knowledge Bowl members Juliana and Nicole (Class of ’19), volunteering in the competition as moderators. Throughout my High School years, Knowledge Bowl was certainly one of my most memorable experiences, where I befriended many meaningful people in my life, so I will take all the lessons I learned from it beyond school, and will be forever grateful to Ms. Freire for motivating me to join the team. Marina Koria (´20)







The Global Issues Network is a network of international students that aims to inspire this generation to change the world. Every year, an international conference is held so that students can present the projects they are working on, throughout the year, as a way to change their community. This conference aims to connect students and motivate them to take action upon global issues that will affect their future. Students are encouraged to design projects that address global problems and, thus, work to find solutions. Unfortunately, the Medellin 2020 GIN Conference was canceled due to the pandemic modifying the world we knew and postponing students’ dreams. However, students should be congratulated for the unique ideas and work developed and produced by them. Below is a part of the speech one of our students was meant to give in the Keynote presentation in the conference: Five years ago, I took part in my first GIN conference in Rio. Now, I am at my last conference as I am a senior and will graduate in May. However, in these years, I learned valuable lessons that I will carry on with me in my life after school. Not only did I become aware of interesting and pressing issues, but also of the transformative power that we, young people, have to make an impact on the world. Many times we may be led to believe that we are too young to understand and let alone attempt to change environmental and societal problems. But this conference is proof that this notion is incorrect. Right now I see bright young people from all over the world who are not only dissatisfied with the state our world is in, but are also willing to take a risk to change and solve global issues, something that even top world leaders who are adults have been unable to solve until now. So I ask you to go back to your homes and be living proof of the power the youth has to combat world issues and be role models that foster positive change in your communities. Marina Koria (´20)

Greenspiration​ HS Teams want to inspire and provide awareness to the importance and strength of small actions impacting our society. Greenspiration is working with three projects: Meatless Mondays, Save the Bees and Food Waste. Their essential question: Can we inspire our School’s community to live greener by raising awareness of the impact of our daily habits? Manoela Pinheiro (‘21), Sofia Feinstein (‘21), Maria Guadalupe (‘21), Maria Fernanda Nazar (‘21), Beatriz Linhares (‘21) and Ms. Freire

The Plastic Beach​ HS Teams want to inspire and provide awareness to the importance and strength of small actions impacting our society. One of the issues addressed is microplastics, that even though they are not easily seen, they are deeply affecting our lives.​Their essential question: What actions can be taken to diminish the presence and negative impacts of microplastics? Marina Koria (‘20), Fernanda Teixeira (‘21), Maria Clara Perez (‘21), Maria Eduarda Silva (‘21), Maria Carolina Perez (‘22) , Catarina Costa (‘23), Ms. Freire and Mr. Resende

The Composting Project​ OLM STEM students are going to present their composting project 2020 at the GIN Conference in Medellin in March. They are proud to share that they have already saved 10kg of school organic waste from being sent to the landfill and, through composting, transformed that waste into fertilizer and humus. Their essential question: How can the use of composting reduce Climate Change and increase sustainability in the school environment? Enzo Sekito (‘21), Maria Eduarda Vilhena (‘21), João Pedro Rocha (‘21), Ana Blume Figueiredo (‘22), Maria Roberta Petrelli (´22), Julia Guedes (‘23) and Ms. Braga

Pluft, o Fantasminha

5 5

Class of 2024

8th Grade

Ágatha Sirigni Nunes

Ana Carolina Castro-Aliendre

Antonio Pedro Vieira Borgerth

Carolina Tomé Caminha Caldas

Chloe Mascarenhas Müller

Daniel Martins Cassar Magdalena

Davi Soter Maul de Oliveira

Eduardo Peres Almeida

Francisco Salatino A. de Mazza Pessanha

Frederico Filgueiras Sauerbronn

Gabriel Teles Correia

Gabriela Curado Martins

Giovanna Ferreira Orlando

Giulio Graziani

Henrique Nesello Bela

Isadora Ninhaus Charnaux Sertã

Júlia Afonso Addum

Lara Gurgel Torres

Lucas Kubis Baumeier

Lucas Fernández y Fernández Lopes

Lucas Longo de Almeida

Lucas Marinovic de Almeida Rego

Manuela Araujo G. Sousa da Silva

Marcella Chernicharo Pavetits

Marcelo Basile Gea

Maria Antonia Miura Francisconi Serran

Maria Clara Pires e A. de Berrêdo

Maria Fernanda C. Cotta Pereira

Natália Silva de Lima

Pedro Murtinho Botelho Ferreira

Rafael Osborne D. de Carvalho

Rafael Simões Lannes

Rafael Vergili Hansen

Thales Rodrigues Gonçalves de Oliveira

Thiago Camara Peralta

Victor Monteiro Carneiro Carvalho

Rafaela dos Santos Ciampolini

Victória Fonseca do Amaral Assunção

Ravi Oliveira Nedungadi

Vitória Almeida de Camargo Penteado

8 Grade in action th

Found primarily in the Amazon forest, the Macaco Aranha de Cara Preta is a primate known for the length of its arms, legs and tail being larger than its trunk, hence its name referencing a spider. They are never found alone, as they are always within groups of up to 30 individuals. Unfortunately, though, the Macaco Aranha de Cara Preta finds itself in vulnerable risk of extinction since it suffers from illegal hunting, animal trafficking and often habitat destruction.

Class of 2025

7th Grade

Alyssa Elizabeth Bautista Gonçalves

Amanda L. de C. de Moura Estevão

Betina Lago L. Costa e Silva

Arthur Montenegro Gomes

Bruno Rivas Vaz Pinto

Beatriz Camillo Coura Campos Cardoso

Carolina Fiuza Maia

Beatriz Terencio de Queiroz

Chiara Scampini Bouças Parigot

Davi Tardin Anda

Eduarda Ruffo Rezende

Eric Moura da Fonseca

Gabriel Monteiro Roberts

Gabriela Coelho Eyer

Giovanna Vieira Theodoro Nogueira

Guilherme Schulmann

Isabella Affonso Velho

Isabela Sá Ramos Barbosa Rodrigues

Isabela Simonson Rodrigues

João Marcelo Machado Jannuzzi

Joaquim Corzo Raposo Lopes

Jorge Pastore dos Santos Pereira

Letícia Hoehl Loureiro Souza

Letícia Albagli Gentil Machado

Luiza Bertoldo Seda

Manuela Vasconcellos da Cruz Salomão

Maria Clara dos Reis Howard

Maria Clara Montenegro Gomes

Maria Clara Studart Hipolito Mendes

Maria Julia R. Scavarda de S. Pinto

Maria Julia S. Mayor Bressan Wellisch

Natália Rodrigues Abreu Diniz

Pedro Albuquerque de Araújo

Rafael Linhares da Silva Sanches

Rebecca Gonçalves Basilio Weber

Samantha Espasandin Lemseyan

Tabatha Duarte Albertassi

Theo Magalhães Bubolz

7th Grade in action Found in the Amazon forest, the Brazilian Mata Atlância, Pampa, and Pantanal, the Gato Maracajá is a unique species of feline that is native to Brazil. This uniqueness can be seen in its ability to replicate the calls of its prey to attract them and also by including fruit in its diet. Unfortunately, though, the Gato Maracajá finds itself vulnerable to extinction due to the destruction of its habitat and also the threat from hunters who seek to sell their fur.


Class of 2026

6th Grade

Alice Martins Shermann Khodari

Bárbara Linde Puppin de Oliveira

Beatriz Milman Plotkowski

CarolinaJapiassu Ferreira

Chiara Marinho da Costa

Denise Cesar Oliva

Eduarda Ammirabile D’Altério

Eduarda Rebello Dutra

Felipe Murtinho Botelho Ferreira

Gabriel Haddad Mahfoud

Gabriela Xavier da S. Calazans Velasco

João Augusto Sauerbronn Derraik

João Pedro Fidalgo de Melo

Joaquim Fernández y Fernández Lopes

Joaquim Magalhães Cavalini

Júlia Miranda Toledo

Júlia Vitória Lourenço Raphael

Leonardo Bastin Smith

Letícia Freitas Troncoso

Lucas Reis Lockmann

Luis Philipe Hawtrey de Laport

Manuela Vieira Borgerth

Maria Fernanda Batista Gomes Netto

Maria Manuela C. de Britto Santos Pereira

Maria Valentina C. de Lucena Sanches

Mariana Sartore Guimarães

Melany Avila Andrade

Miguel de Sá Kempers Vieira

Nicollas Colens de Carvalho

Pedro Gondim Sabát

Pedro Henrique Venancio Amaral

Renata de Oliveira Allevato

Samuel Munhoz F. Ferreira da Silva

Sofia Cunha Lima

Sophia Helena Silvério Jardinette

Valentina de Carvalho Bitetti 3

6 Grade in action th

Native to the Amazon rainforest, the Ararajuba is known for its striking colors and incredible longevity, living up to 30 years. Even though a pair of the animals can lay up to 8 eggs at once, the species is currently endangered. This is so due to not only the destruction of the species’ habitats but also the illegal bird trafficking that happens with exotic birds, especially with the Ararajuba due to its beautiful exotic appearance.

Mad women

Spirit Week Middle School


middle school




7 9

Ms. Erika Brock, Ms. Carla Castro & Ms. Lucia Franklin

Ms. Erika Brock, Ms. Carla Castro & Ms. Lucia Franklin

5th Grade A

5th Grade B

a c t i o n

Also known as the largest deer species in South America, the Cervo do Pantanal lives in the Brazilian biomes of the Pantanal, Cerrado and the Amazon rainforest. As it lives in areas that are known to flood in specific periods of the year, the Cervo do Pantanal has adapted in such ways that it’s able to swim great distances. Although it is an extremely important species within the areas it resides and is necessary for the balance of the ecosystems, the animal currently finds itself endangered due to habitat destruction and illegal poaching.

Ms. Ana Laura D´Altério, Ms. Marina Vanderput, Ms. Simone Fernandes, Dr. Lyndaker, Mr. Leonardo Moraes & Ms. Erika Brock

5th i n

5th Grade

Ana Beatriz da Silva Raposo

Arthur Johann Reis Rodrigues

Artur Machado Miranda

Beatriz Franklin Castro

Bento Amorim Ramos de Oliveira

Bernardo Costa Barros Emilio

Bernardo Pessoa Santos Lardosa

Bruno Junqueira Barros

Bruno Munhoz da Fontoura Tavares

Carolina Chicralla Marinho

Carolina Daibes Rachid de Faria

Gabriel Almeida Braga

Gabriel Kneip N. Ribeiro Dantas

Giulia Salvini Barradas

Helena Basile Gea

João Gabriel Castro de Alencar Machado

João Marcelo Andrade

Joaquim Macintyre Portinho

Júlia Seixas Calixto Andrade

Leonardo Ruffo Rezende

Leïa Albane Evelyne Le Luherne

Manuela B. Georges Freitas de Souza

Lucca Chernicharo Pavetits

Manuela Taboada Viana

Mariana Duarte Maya Ferreira

Maria Fernanda Petrelli Silva Dias

Nicolas Vieira Gabriel José

Thiago Salles Coelho Schmitt Silva

Luiza Teles Correia

Luiza Seixas Dubeux

Maria Isabel Pompeu Joseph Amaral

Rafael Capucci d’Avila

Valentina Rabelo Pires de Almeida R.

Manoela Torres Brandão

Mariana C. de Oliveira Pires dos Santos

Sophia R. Rothier Dias Leite Oliveira

Valentina Rocco de Souza

Ms. Carla Castro & Ms. Kátia Abreu

Ms. Carla Castro & Ms. Alessandra Ainbinder

4th Grade A

4th Grade B

4th i n a c t i o n

One of the most endangered whale species in the world due to unregulated whaling during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, the Baleia Franca do Sul is known for its incredibly docile and social nature. Commonly seen breaching out of the water, the animals are a migratory species, as they live in subpolar regions for the majority of the year, only coming to Brazilian coastal areas to reproduce. Despite not being hunted the way it was in the past, the Baleia Franca do Sul still finds itself endangered also due to pollution and industrial fishing.

4th Grade

Alexandre Vieira Theodoro Nogueira

Alfredo Albuquerque Piragibe

Anna Tereza P. e A. de Berrêdo

Andrea Carolina Salas Teran

Carol Melo Malheiros

Alice Melo de Lima Costa

Daniel Esteves Silva Bandeira de Mello

Fernanda Moreira de Gouvea e Silva

Arthur Calazans Velasco

Daniel Farias Ribeiro de Oliveira

Gabriel Melo Malheiros

Alix Cunha Mellin

Arthur Freire Figueiredo

Eduarda Pacheco de Lima Camara

Gabriel Riente Inchausti

Anabel Elena Sherratt Márquez

Emanuele Ferreira Vieira

Giovanna Ellen Silvério Jardinette

Anabella Miranda Amorim

Ashur Fraidon Palis

Fernanda Lacerda Ferreira

Gustavo Tinoco Signorini

Isabela Corrêa Borges

Isabella Ferreira Meneses dos Santos

João Pedro Gomes Imperial

Júlia Wendling Piske Silvério

Julieta Plaga Rebouças Diniz

Julio Cesar Campos Fernandes de Lima

Laura Sarti Bruno Sant’anna

Laura Soares de Mendonça

Luca Terziani Lang

Luiza Nesello Bela

Luiza Torres Brandão

Maria Bicudo de Miranda Costa

Maria Luísa Biasoli de Miranda

Mateus D’Avila Franca de Souza

Olivia de A. Mello da Costa

Pedro Moura da Fonseca

Rachel Nemitz

Rebecca de Faria Milet Pereira

Juliana Kloh de Toledo Pires

Luiza Lopes de C. de Moura Estevão

Mia Bridger Kurtz

Renan da Silva Venâncio Loureiro

Ms. Juliana Mois & Mr. Dean Lepage

3rd Grade A

Ms. Juliana Mois, Ms. Dominique Menezes & Ms. Monica Ramaciotti

3rd Grade B

3rd i n a c t i o n

Known as the largest otter in the world, the Ariranha, found in the Brazilian Pantanal and the Amazon rainforest, can reach up to 1m80 in length within its lifetime. Recognized for its abnormal size and incredible agility in water, the Ariranha can also live up to 20 years. Despite its longevity, though, many individuals of the species currently face shorter life spans due not only to predatory fishing but also to illegal poaching and river pollution. Due to these factors, the Ariranha unfortunately is endangered.

3rd Grade

Alice Seixas Dubeux

Ana Luiza Silva Haddad

Antonio Milman Plotkowski

Arthur Debellian Viveiros

Eduarda Haddad Mahfoud

Giuliano Alves Dominici

Humberto Bressan Sotto Mayor Wellisch

Julia Fidalgo Féres

Laura Addor Ximenes

Lucas Seixas Calixto de Andrade

Lucas Vidal da Trindade Amorim

Luísa Asturiano Bento de Souza

Luiz Henrique Sauerbronn Derraik

Luiza Duncan Schmid

Maria Eduarda Fabregas Ferreira

Maria Isabel Magalhães Rodrigues

Maria Mello Franco Caldas Bertoletti

Maria Vasconcellos Quartucci

Mariana Corrêa Azevedo

Felipe Sartore Guimarães

Olívia Mendes Lumer

Matheus Andrade Honório

Matteo Fidalgo de Melo

Miguel Araujo Gomes Sousa da Silva

Pedro Dutra Vieira Ferreira

Pedro Furtado Camacho

Pillar Cavalcanti de Lucena Sanches

Rafael Arada Martins Leite

Rafael Coreixas Fonseca

Rafael Oliveira Nedungadi

Rafael Ribeiro Nunes

Rafaela Otoch M. Maya Ferreira

Sofia dos Passos Basilio de Oliveira

Theo Lopes Franco

Théo Sirigni Nunes

Vicente Sodre de Amorim e Castro Lyra

Victor Ferreira e Silva Safini Gama

Miranda Juanita T. de Mello Barros

Ms. Juliane de Oliveira & Ms. Patricia Ameijeira

2nd Grade A

Ms. Mariana Menes & Ms. Fátima Menezes

2nd Grade B

2nd i n a c t i o n

Found in the Brazilian Mata Atlântica, the Sapo Folha is a mysterious animal, only having been discovered by scientists in 2010. The species took an extremely long time to be discovered due to its incredible capacity to camouflage, as its name itself explains that it’s very similar in looks to a leaf. Despite having been discovered only recently, the Sapo Folha finds itself critically endangered due to habitat destruction.

2nd Grad


Alice Mortagua Byron

Antonino Miranda Amorim

Davi Lucas Brito Gomes

Felipe Huffard Gonçalves

Benjamim Plaga Rebouças Diniz

Filipe Batista Gomes Netto

Clara Carvalho de O. Pires dos Santos

Clarice Miranda Toledo

Gabriel Madeira Borges

Gabriela Antunes Guimarães

João Gabriel Pires Rebelo Lins e Silva

Guillherme Riente Inchausti

Isabella do Prado Aboim Lazaro

Isadora Vargas Delgado

Joana Studart H. de Lima Cavalcanti

João Marcelo Moreira Leite

Joaquim Hideoshi Botelho Okabayashi

Júlia Terencio de Queiroz

Lilöe Le Luherne

Lucas Barroso Lopes de Almeida Ramos

Maitê da Luz Fonseca

Maria Antônia de Souza Pinto Menes

Maria Cecília M. Raymundo

Maria Clara de Carvalho Bastos

Maria Eduarda Gama Froes

Maria Eduarda Lacerda Kalache

Maria Luísa Selvatici Mucci

Mariana Costa Barros Emilio

Mateus Rodrigues do Coutto Gil

Milena Monnerat Yoshino

Nicholas Reis Lockmann

Pedro Carvalho Pinto Corrêa Justo

Pedro Freitas Madeira

Sofia Cunha Mellin

Pietra Canuto Lima Recchioni

Rafael Araki Barcelos de Abreu

Sofia Magalhães da Silveira Sbalchiero

Thomas Alistair Oliveira Dougall

Rafael Sumares Biar

Valentina Moura Calmon de Britto

Rafaela Bastos de Mello

Ms. Simone Souza, Ms. Ana Luiza Souza Ms. Goreth Cruz

Ms. Suzana Weber

11ststGrade GradeAA

1st Grade B

1st i n a c t i o n

Found exclusively in the Amazon rivers, the Boto Cor de Rosa is an iconic figure within Brazilian culture, being widely known as a folkloric character that becomes a man in order to seduce women and take them into the river. Famous for its docile temperament and unusual pink skin, the animal is the largest river dolphin species in the world. Despite its cultural importance and charismatic personality, though, the Boto Cor de Rosa currently finds itself endangered mainly due to being hunted for bait and the construction of hydroelectric power plants.

1st Grade

Alice Hirata Galvão

Bernardo Otakar Braga Svacina

Dylan Ades Walsh

Giovanna T. C. K. da Rocha Vianna

Alice Monteiro Ferreira

Carolina Castro de Alencar Machado

Eduardo Nader Duarte

Guilherme de Faria Milet Pereira

Amanda Corzo Raposo Lopes

Arthur Fábregas Ferreira

Carolina Moreira de Gouvêa e Silva

Felipe Daltro de Barros Emilio

Cecília Sepulveda Lustosa

Francisco Bicudo de Miranda Costa

Gustavo Cerri Bräuniger

Bento Cardoso P. Carrancho

Gabriel Rezende da Costa

Heloísa Saint Martin Cadete

Bernardo Corrêa Borges

Cloe Viegas Schmall Santos

Gabriela Huffard Gonçalves

Hugo Quintella Maciel

Isabela Oliveira Siffert Pereira de Souza

Lucas Carneiro Leão Verbicario

Maria Antônia C. de O. Aleksandrowicz

Olivia Cerqueira Braga

Joana Sartori Magalhães

João Marcio Caldas Marinho

Lucas Coreixas Fonseca

Maria Eduarda Fintelmam Fonseca

Olivia Cunha Lima

Júlia de Freitas Madeira

Lucas Munhoz da Fontoura Tavares

Maria Luisa dos Reis Fortes

Marina Duncan Schmid

Sofia Sad Conde de Miranda Costa

Lina Flor Sodré dos Reis Mac Niven

Manuela Gomes Rangel

Miguel Fernandes Fontes

Thomaz Pereira Dolce

Louise Marie Bergold Barros

Manuela Pessoa Santos Lardosa

Miguel Sbaffi Kendler

Vitor Gasiglia Sevidanes

Children's Week Elementary

Found exclusively in the Brazilian Caatinga biome, the Soldadinho do Araripe is a bird known for its unique coloration. While male individuals of the species present an array of colors in their plumage, the female ones are only found in a green coloration (whereas males are born green and change colors as they age). Despite the Soldadinho do Araripe’s unique, colorful coloration and importance to the Brazilian ecosystem, it currently finds itself critically endangered mainly due to habitat destruction and also urbanization.


1 0 1

Ms. Renata Aragão, Ms. Ana Lúcia Ramos & Ms. Jéssica Veira

Ms. Flávia Malouk & Ms. Camilla Teixeira

Senior Kinder A

Senior Kinder B

SK i n a c t i o n

One of the most unique species of marine turtles in the world, the Tartaruga de Couro, is known for not only being the largest marine turtle species, but also having its shell made out of leather rather than bone, as is most commonly seen in marine turtles. Individuals are found throughout tropical and temperate areas in the ocean, making them relatively common along the Brazilian coast, especially in Espírito Santo. Unfortunately, though, the Tartaruga de Couro finds itself critically endangered due to being hunted for the motive of human consumption.


Antonio Magalhaes Rodrigues

Arthur Dias Gomes Machado

Arthur Edward Cyril Lynch

Arthur Gasparini Froes

Beatriz Simões Lannes

Benjamin Carneiro Monteiro Seixas

Bernardo Nascimento Teixeira

Carmen Herranz Gomes Iglesias

Celina Vasconcellos Pontes Oliveira

Daniel George Oliveira Dougall

Fiorella Almeida Pessanha

Gabriela Ferreira e Silva Safini Gama

Giulia Terziani Lang

Gustavo Otoch M. Maya Ferreira

Heitor Evangelho Alves de Brito

Helena Barreto Ribeiro

Helena de Souza Lima Bezerra

Henrique Daltro de Barros Emilio

Isabela Freire Figueiredo

Joaquim Jeffrey Carvalho Fick

Luiza Estevez de Matos

Maria Antônia Môcho Argetojanu

Maria Beatriz Siqueira Mattos

Maria Luisa Junqueira Barros

Maria Luisa Xavier Ramos

Maria Luiza N. F. Palma Monteiro

Maria Luiza Sumares Biar

Maria Thereza Kessler Palhares

Mateus Leonardo Lopes

Matheus Pereira da Silva

Miguel Medeiros Carino Guimarães

Moysés Vasques Pimentel

Olívia Arada Martins Leite

Pedro Debellian Viveiros

Pedro Lauterjung Straccini P. da Silva

Pedro Marques Aguiar de Souza

Pedro Vidal da Trindade Amorim

Rafael Luís M. Raymundo

Sofia Leal Murad

Stella Lopes de Oliveira Lima

Valentina Egypto Rosa Rodrigues

Valentina Pitangueira Cardoso Carrancho

Vitória Duarte Paiva de Brito

Ms. Helaine Aguiar Ms. Adriana Lourenço

Ms. Idalina Felicio & Ms. Renata Menezes



JK i n a c t i o n


Known for being one of the smallest of the marine turtle species, the Tartaruga Oliva is found between the coasts of Alagoas and Bahia, as these are the states in Brazil where they most commonly go to lay nests. Individuals most commonly feed on fish, mollusks, crustaceans and aquatic plants, and such a great range in its forms of food allows it to thrive very well in the wild. Despite its resilience and history of survival throughout millions of years, the Tartaruga Oliva currently finds itself in extinction due to being hunted for the purpose of human consumption.


Alice Maranhão Moreno

Amanda Hirata Galvão

Antônia Albuquerque Piragibe

Antonio Amorim Ramos De Oliveira

Barbara Ann Khader Salem

Bernardo Antunes Guimarães

Bernardo Lacerda Kalache

Carolina Braga Muniz Azevedo

Daniel Alejandro Salas Teran

Daniel Puppin Cwajgenbaum

Eduardo Vargas Delgado

Felipe Moreira Leite

Gabriel Carneiro Leão Verbicario

Gabriel de Mello Machado

Isabella Acatauassú Xavier Mendes

Isadora de Souza Lima Bezerra

João Felipe Costa Melo Gurgel

João Felipe Ruas Martins de Queiroz

Joaquim Silvestre Vivas

Julia Addor Ximenes

Laercio Magalhães Pellegrino III

Júlia Guissi do Outeiro

Laura Fintelman Fonseca

Luiza Melo de Lima Costa

Luiza Thomé Garcia

Maria Alice B. de A. Barata Magalhães

Maria Julia Lobato Ribeiro

Mariana de Souza Pereira

Mario dos Passos Basilio de Oliveira

Matheus Morolli Cabral de Menezes

Maya Kirila Carmo

Melissa Cerqueira Braga

Miguel Machado Miranda

Nícolas Schubert Andreetto Perillo

Pedro Nicolau Colares Monteiro de Almeida

Rafael Araújo V. de Oliveira

Rafael Chame Lima

Rafael Fernandes Von Kriiger

Rebeca Albagli Gentil Machado

Sofia Bueno Saltz

Sofia May Khader Salem

Tomas Ingouville

Maria Eduarda C. da Silveira Fernandes

Valentina Cohn Pires

NURSERY A Ms. Janaina Pires Ms. Fernanda Bessa Ms. Thaís Canavezes

NURSERY B Ms. Déborah Passeri Ms. Ana Carolina Benchimol Ms. Jailma Barbosa

NURSERY C Ms. Alba Valeria Ms. Isabelle Medina Ms. Ana Maria Braga

i N n

u r s e r y

a c t i o n

Known for its unique look and behaviour, the Tatu Bola is found only in the Brazilian Caatinga biome. It is an animal that presents nocturnal behaviours, as it’s the time of day in which it’s most active. It also has the ability to curl up into a ball when feeling threatened, hence its name. It is an animal that is adored worldwide, but despite its charisma, unique appearance, and behaviour, the Tatu Bola unfortunately currently finds itself in extinction due to habitat destruction and also being hunted by humans.


Alice Calegari Ronay

Ana Clara Borges Lins Rangel

Anna Magalhães Pellegrino

Antonella Moreira Peruffo

Antonio Pedro Melo Costa

Beatriz Nesello Bela

Bernardo Fernandes P. Alberto Monteiro

Bruno Alves Reaiche

Carolina Foresti Barros Costa

Catarina Pizzolante dos Guaranys

Cecília Guedes Veronese

Cecília Selvatici Mucci

Clara Prucoli Hadid

Ellen de Oliveira Rios

Felipe Fortuna D´Aguiar

Gabriela Borges de Abreu

Gabriela Corrêa Azevedo

Giovana Leal Murad

Giovana Leonardo Lopes

João Gabriel Guillaume Soares

João Pedro Oliveira Belaciano

Joaquim Abel Mendes Lumer

Juliana Nascimento Teixeira

Livia Rebello Dutra

Luisa Sepulveda Lustosa

Manuel Batista Oreiro

Manuela Sbaffi Kendler

Maria Alice Kessler Palhares

Maria Alice M. de Castro G. P. de Souza

Maria Fernanda Cabral Scarlato

Mario Leopoldo H. de S. Perongini

Miguel Thomaz Altoé

Miguel Vasques Pimentel

Olivia Bridge Solberg

Olivia Quintella Maciel

Patrick Varela Gomes

Pedro Estevez de Matos

Pedro Otakar Braga Svacina

Pedro Pinelli Caldas da Cunha

Rafael Moreira Leite

Sofia Camacho Aguiar Ramos

Victor Dias Gomes Machado

Vinícius Thomé da Costa

Yuesheng Luo

Ms. Lucineide Nascimento, Ms. Gisele Costa & Ms. Pamina Pinhão

Ms. Márcia Vidal Ms. Valéria Luna Ms. Paula Rodrigues



P r e N u r s e r y

i n a c t i o n

Famous for being the name of the setting of a famous kids show in Brazil, Sítio do Pica Pau Amarelo, the Pica Pau Amarelo is an animal found primarily between the states of Rio de Janeiro and Alagoas. The animals, when constructing their nests, are extremely rigorous, as they must not only find the perfect tree, but also bore holes of the same circumference as that of their bodies, allowing only the individuals who made it to go inside. Despite being an iconic animal to Brazilian fauna, the Pica Pau Amarelo finds itself endangered due to habitat destruction.


Alexia Fransolino Monteiro Nobre

Amalia Romano Daudt

Alice Vilmar Montenegro

Anna Duncan Schmid

Beatriz Carneiro Bernardes da Gama

Bia Amorim Ramos de Oliveira

Clara Mortagua Byron

Francisco Crispino de Barros

Gabriela Dunshee de A. Lima Haddad

Guilherme Emery Silveira

Guilherme Ferreira Kogut Gelhoren

Guilherme Thomé da Costa

Guilhermina Sodre de Amorim e Castro Lyra

Henrique Amorim Greco Laureano

Ian Duarte Paiva de Brito

Isabela de Freitas Guimarães

Isabela França Cerqueira

Joana Pereira Ricci

João Crispino de Barros

João Pedro Carvalho de O. P. dos Santos

Julia Almeida

Júlia Naylor Falcão

Larissa Takayama Gonlçalves

Maria Fernanda G. do N. C. A. de Melo

Maria Luiza Coelho Rodrigues

Pedro Murta Duarte

Mariana Guimarães Cunha Machado

Raquel Vector Fraidon Palis

Theo Monteiro Miranda

Olivia Brandão Gleicher

Children's Week Pre-School

Famous for its brightly colored and flashy feathers, the Saíra Militar, found only in Brazil’s Mata Atlântica, is a small bird which feeds primarily on insects, larvae and fruit. The animals of this species have a red patch of feathers around their neck, their brightness being determined by the bird’s feathers (males portray a brighter array). Despite its bright colors bringing individuality and life into the ecosystem, the Saíra Militar currently finds itself in a state of vulnerability towards extinction due to illegal animal trafficking and habitat destruction.


1 1 9

(from left to right, top to bottom) Claudia Barcelos, Josinete Silva, Maria José Teofilo, Thays Silva, Adriana Paulino, Maria Luna, Maria Bernadete Constacio, Neli Soares, Celia Silva, Luciana Nogueira, Lucimar Silva & Vânia Teixeira Cleaning Staff

(from left to right, top to bottom) Vladimir Ferreira, Emerson Ferreira, José Airton Ferreira, Sérgio Santos, Fabiano Pereira & Paulo Cesar Fernandes Security Staff

(from left to right, top to bottom)

Neide dos Santos, Vera Marsden, Juana Martins, Paula Pacheco, Melissa Fernandes, Adriane de Oliveira, Anna Claudia da Silva, Ingrid de Aguiar, Dirce Correa, Silvia Paschoal & Alice Picoli Secretaries

(from left to right, top to bottom)

Flavio Malaquias, Felipe Drago, Rodrigo Silva, Douglas Santos & Maxwell Souza IT Department

Elias Soares da Silva Driver

(from left to right ) Juliana Pêgas, Francesco Jordani, Marisa Vieira, Cristina Telles,

Daniel Massa & Camilla Duarte Portuguese Department

(from left to right ) Richard Hill, Ana Clara Buçard, Carolina Cavaliere & Elizabeth Freire

Mathematics Department

(from left to right ) Maria Eduarda Alencar,

Vitor Hugo Braga & Eduarda Helen Lima Business Office Trainee

(from left to right ) Joana Sherrill, Kelly Schreiber, Roseli Lima,

Ana Laura D´Altério & Christopher Rucker Philosophy & English Departments

(from left to right ) André Alves, Raquel Braga, Ana Beatriz Viveiros,

Leonardo Resende & Renan Micha Science Department

(from left to right, top to bottom) Rafael Silva, Leonardo Resende, Luana Nobre, Herika Sodré, Giovanna Quagliani, Maria Laura Ingouville, Simone Fernandes, Gabriela Neves & Olga Martins GreenTeam

Eduardo Friedman HS English

(from left to right ) Rafael Silva, Daniela Yunes, Rosana Paes, Sandra Andrade & Leonardo Barbosa Social Studies, History & Geography Departments

Thais Mesquita HS Portuguese Eliane Silva & Júnnia Mendonça Kitchen Staff

(from left to right, top to bottom) Vinicius Aragão, Leonardo Resende, Marcelo Camera, Monica Merchak, Fátima Teixeira, Cleide do Nascimento, Thais Silvestre & Eduarda Studart Arts & Music Departmens

Alice Ribeiro Library

Steven Paone Dean of Students

(from left to right, top to bottom) Antonio Carlos, Marco Antonio, Marcia Villela, Rafael Oliveira, Selma Rodrigues, Elisangela Abrantes, Adriana Cahill, Adriane Oliveira, Mamudo Djanté, Wilson Mello, Damião Lima, Gisele Amorim, Ana Mirian Silva, Amanda Monteiro, Elias Soares, Suzana Rodrigues, Fernanda Tôrres & Cristiane Aguiar Business Office

(from left to right, top to bottom) Jorge Luiz, Ricardo Feitosa, Vagner Silva, Davi Passomidis, Jean Iglesias, Jorge Roberto, José Cláudio, Davidson Santos, Rafael Nascimento, Claudio Luiz, Elson Flauzino, Rafael Alberto, Rodrigo de Souza, Joselaine de Farias, Giovanna Quagliani, Fernanda Leite Kitchen Staff

(from left to right) Monsignor André Sampaio, Marcia Prudencio, Gisela Duniec,

Luciana Prado & Katia Souza Religion Department

(from left to right ) Daniel Santos, Luana Nobre, Walmir de Souza, Katia

Valente, Waldeir de Souza, Angel Biggers & Marco Teixeira PE Department

(from left to right, top to bottom) Idalina Felicio, Melissa Carvalho, Jailma Barbosa, Renata Menezes, Paula Alves, Renata Aragão, Monica Merchak, Helaine Aguiar, Isabelle Medina,

Jéssica Vieira, Janaina Pires, Fernanda Bessa, Camilla Teixeira, Ana Carolina Benchimol, Marcia Vidal, Jaidir Barbosa, Aline Izecksohn, Adriana Lourenço, Ana Maria Braga, Pamina Pinhão, Flavia Malouk, Deborah Passeri, Valeria Luna, Aline Negrão, Lucineide Nascimento. Alba Marinho, Gisele Costa, Thaís Cannavezes, Ana Lucia Ramos Preschool Staff

(from left to right Hérika Sodré & Raphaela Portela


(from left to right, top to bottom) Edno Vieira, Carolina França,

Frank Larangeira, Vincent Spevack, Ana Carla Scavarda, Olga Martins & Aoife Burke Resource Center

(from left to right, top to bottom) Luis Virginio, José Constancio, Cláudio Duarte, Agair Sousa, Paulo Rogerio Ferreira, Carlos Antonio da Silva,

Sidney Galdino, Otaciano da Silva, Douglas Pereira, Marcos Paulo de Oliveira, Eder Rezende, Silvano da Silva Maintenance Staff

(from left to right, tbottom to top) Cleide do Nascimento, Simone Fernandes, Goreth Cruz, Alessandra Ainbinder, Erika Brock, Fátima Menezes, Patricia Ameijeira, Monica Ramaciotti, Thais Silvestre, Sandra Andrade, Lucia Franklin, Mariana Pinto, Marisa Vieira, Katia Abreu, Simone de Souza, Juliane Faria, Marina Vanderput, Maria Cristina Telles, Alice Pícoli, Flávia Botelho, Dean Lepage, Suzana Weber, Ana Luiza Souza, Marcelo Camera Elementary Staff

Darlan Mendes Matheus

Dirceu Luna da Silva



José Claudio da Costa Falque

Raphael Capella Medeiros <Security>


Bruno dos Santos

Tadeu Marcos Alves


José Rodrigues da Silva <Maintenance>


Mônica Maciel <Nurse>

Ana Cristina Tavares de Moura <Nurse Assistant>

Luiz Fernando Freire

Maria Cristina de Souza Machado

<HS Princiapl>

<Guidance Counselor>

Leandro Macedo Janke

Isabel Cristina Fernandes Auler

<Guidance Counselor>

<MS Principal>

Marina Vanderput Stanton

Simone Campos Fernandes de Lima

<Elementary Principal>

<Guidance Counselor>

Jaidir Ramos Barbosa <PS Principal>

Renata Faria de Freitas <Guidance Counselor>

Danielle Barreto

<Administrative Assistant >


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Dr. Dolittle Cast

This hilarious production of the 1998 film Dr. Dolittle was something out of the ordinary that our students made. This play talks about a brave doctor who dedicated his life to saving and communicating to animals. Embark on this journey to Africa with our actors by scanning the QR Code above for the video´s link to open.

Class of ´22 dançando a música Bata de Feijão do Grupo de Acompanhamento Musical da Universidade Gama Filho

Grupo Pé de Pano

OLM Anniversary 60+ years educating global citizens of peace and goodness

Parish Fair

Known for its unique beauty of striking colors and unusual feathers, the Udu de Coroa Azul do Nordeste, found in the Pantanal and rainforests of Brazil, reminded us of Holy Mary, her symbol being the color blue, which is the color that makes the bird stand out. Known for its habit of always being with a mate, the bird is also omnivorous, commonly feeding on fruits, insects and even fish. Despite its rare beauty, the Udu de Coroa Azul do Nordeste unfortunately currently finds itself endangered due to the destruction of its environment.

First Communion

(from left to right, top to bottom): João Pedro Imperial, Daniel Melo, Gustavo Signorini, Júlio César de Lima, Ashur Palis, Fernanda Ferreira, Alice Costa, Rebeca Pereira, Emanuelle Vieira, Alix Mellin, Maria Luisa de Miranda, Anna Tereza Pires, Juliana Pires, Luiza Brandão, Gabriel Malheiros, Arthur Velasco, Mateus Souza, Júlia Silvério, Eduarda Pacheco, Luiza Estevão, Rachel Nemitz, Fernanda Gouvea, Andrea Teran, Isabela Borges, Anabella Amorim, Laura Mendonça, Mia Kurtz, Isabella Santos, Ms. Gisela Duniec, Pedro Fonseca, Ms. Katia Souza, Luca Lang, Alexandre Nogueira, Gabriel Inchausti, Carol Malheiros, Renan Loureiro, Giovanna Jardinette, Arthur Figueiredo, Monsenhor André Sampaio, Anabel Márquez, Olívia Costa, Ana Beatriz Raposo, Julieta Diniz, Laura Santana, Luiza Bela & Ms. Prudêncio

Confirmation Beatriz Baptista Biasoli

Ivone Rodrigues Alves

(from left to right): Mariana Cunha, Diego Hasselmann, Guilherme Pinto, Ms. Luciana Prado, Samuel Cresta, Giovanna Resende, Ms. Katia Souza, Carlos Eduardo Scavarda, Thiago Faria, Dante Honorato, Victor Raphael & Monsenhor André Sampaio

Henriette de Sá Hasselmann


The Jacutinga is a bird that resides in Brazil’s Mata Atlântica, belonging to the most ancient group of birds from the southern hemisphere. The Jacutinga is a bird whose species’ individuals are known to find a mate and stay with it for its entire life. However, despite its long history of survival and evolution in the Brazilian territories throughout the years, it currently faces severe danger of becoming extinct due to habitat destruction and hunting activities within its habitat.

On 28 November 2019, Our Lady of Mercy school had the pleasure to receive Ms.Teresa Stengel, founder of the One by One NGO who spoke to everyone about the simple gesture of collecting metal ring-pulls. The whole community became very emotional when Yamim Antunes finally received her customized wheelchair after the Thanksgiving Mass. We look forward to continuing to collect the material, so that more and more kids in need will be able to receive theirs.

Found in caves and ground holes in the Brazilian Cerrado region, the Morceguinho do Cerrado, which is known for its agility during flight similar to that of the hummingbird, feeds on insects and flower nectar. Despite receiving a negative fame deriving from other species of bats whose diets depend on blood (famous symbols during the time of Halloween), the Morceguinho do Cerrado is extremely docile and is currently endangered mainly due to environmental degradation, habitat destruction and unregulated tourism.

Christmas Celebration

Found in the Brazilian Mata Atlântica, specifically in its territory within Rio de Janeiro, the Mico Leão Dourado is one of the most famous animals native to Brazil. Known for not only having a striking coloration, it has a lion-like mane, hence its name. They are able to emit sounds that are similar to that of birds, and despite living in relatively large groups (8 individuals), their reproduction rate is slow. Unfortunately, the Mico Leão Dourado currently finds itself in extinction due to not only illegal animal trafficking, but also habitat destruction.

Books Before Breakfast & Pancake Breakfast

Community Service - Mc Happy Day

Every year in Brazil, on the last Saturday of August, all McDonald´s restaurants promote what has become a tradition, the nationwide campaign “McDia Feliz” whose objective is to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald´s houses-homes for kids and adolescents who fight against cancer. For 6 years, OLM HS volunteers have helped at McDonald´s Rio Sul. It is a mixture of solidarity and fun!

Community Service - Christmas Campaign

The Religious Education Dept, along with the OLM Parish (Fraternal Christmas Campaign) and the PTA - Parents Teachers Association (Santa Claus Helper Campaign) expresses its most sincere gratitude to all the families who participated in this year’s campaign. Without your generosity and support, we would not have been able to help 523 families with grocery packages and make 495 children happy with their new toys.

The donation of grocery packages was made to our service staff, Neam (Núcleo de Estudo e Amparo ao Menor) in Rocinha, Abrigo união das Operárias de Jesus, Creche João Evangelista, Vicentinos, INES (Instituto Nacional de Educação de Surdos and Instituto Veras. The toys were donated to the sons and daughters of our service staff, ABRACE (Associação Brasileira de Amparo à Criança Excepcional), Creche João Evangelista, Instituto Veras and MUFA (Museu das Favelas). This year’s Fraternal Christmas Campaign winner was the 3rd Grade.

Community Service - tenis na lagoa O Projeto Tênis na Lagoa é uma iniciativa particular - professor de tênis Alexandre Borges - que atua em comunidades carentes no Rio de Janeiro, com o objetivo de promover o desenvolvimento humano e a inclusão social por meio da pratica do esporte com metodologia orientada por princípios tais como: construção coletiva, respeito à diversidade, educação integral e autonomia. ESM Project

Community Service - Clean Up Rio For 11 years, OLM has been a part of Clean Up Rio. Thanks to all of those who have participated and contributed to helping the world be a bit cleaner this day. Congratulations to the winners of all categories.

Ms. Duniec, Isabela Borges, Maria Costa & Ms. Souza up to 9 years

Ms. Duniec, Marianna Araújo, Paula Itzaina & Ms. Souza older than 14 years

Ms. Souza, Isabela Borges & Maria Costa up to 9 years

Community Service - tenis na lagoa Children´s Day

Community Service - tenis na lagoa

Christmas Celebration

Middle School Activities

Arts & Environment Clubs

Ms. Merchack, Lara Torres & Ms. Prado

Middle School Activities Arts & Environment Clubs welcome children from Creche Mundo Infantil for a special and fun day!

Bible & Rosary Moments

Community Service Coordinators Fernanda Teixeira, Giovanna Resende & Maria Fernanda Nazar

Visita Pastoral com Dom Joel Portella


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(from left to right, top to bottom)

Maria Clara Pere (c), Manuela la Cerda, Maria Carolina Pérez, Maria Roberta Dias, Manoela Reis, Catarina Jurema, Catarina Costa, Maria Julia Wellisch, Beatriz Guimarães, Cecília Rodrigues and Ágatha Nunes Coach - Waldeir de Souza & Daniel Santos


João Matta (c), Matheus Souza, João Pedro Rocha, Rafael Tavares, Gabriel Abreu, Fernando Oliveira, Enzo Sekito, Thiago Costa, Giovanni Lopes, Thales Rodrigues, Antônio Pedro Vieira, Francisco Salatino, Lucas Longo and Bruno Castro

Coach - Waldeir de Souza & Daniel Santos


(from left to right, top to bottom)

Bruno Castro, Antônio Pedro Vieira, Pedro Mendes, Pedro Filgueiras Matheus Souza, Nicolas Lemseyam, Enzo Sekito, Rafael Tavares, João Pedro Silva, Jonas Cantalice, Theo Carvalho, Gabriel Correia, Gustavo Santos (C), Yuri Carvalho, Fernando Oliveira, Thales Oliveira, Frederico Sauerbronn, Lucca Menta, João Matta and Ravi Nedungadi Coach - Walmir de Souza & Daniel Santos


(from left to right, top to bottom)

Maria Clara Perez (c), Sofia Feinstein ,Catarina Jurema, Isadora Silva, Manoela Reis, Manuela la Cerda, Maria Carolina Perez, Ana Blume, Amanda Estevão, Cecília Rodrigues, Catarina Costa, Maria Roberta Dias, Maria Eduarda Vilhena, Isabella Velho, Valentina Andrada and Ágatha Nunes

Coach - Walmir de Souza & Daniel Santos


(from left to right, top to bottom)

João Pedro Silva, Gabriel Abreu, Carolina Escher, Sofia Feinstein, Giovanna Resende, Manuela Pinheiro, Maria Fernanda Nazar (c), Fernanda Teixeira, Maria Guadalupe, Isadora Silva, Enzo Sekito, Ana Blume, Sofia Beraldo, Julia Rocha and Manoela Reis Coach - Luana Nobre

The Lobo Guará is the largest canid of South America, famous for its long legs and skinny appearance. Despite its menacing looks, it is commonly mistaken for a hostile animal by people that live near or inside its habitat (primarily due to the animal’s size), when in fact it is an extremely docile species. The major danger suffered by this animal is habitat destruction, which is leading the Lobo Guará to be near the boundaries of extinction. Despite having a scary appearance, which comes from its relatively large size, it is extremely docile and means no harm to humans.

Big 8 Basketball Sportsmanship Maria Clara Pérez, Ms. Katia Valente & Matheus Souza

Big 8 Soccer Sportsmanship Gustavo Santos, Ms. Katia Valente & Maria Eduarda Vilhena

Big 8 Cheerleading Award

from left to right, top to bottom): Manoela Reis, Ana Blume, Fernanda Teixeira,

Manuela Pinheiro, Ms. Luana Nobre, Maria Fernanda Nazar, Maria Guadalupe Tigre, Gabriel Abreu, Carolina Escher, João Pedro Silva, Enzo Sekito, Sofia Beraldo, Giovanna Resende, Isadora Silva, Sofia Feistein and Julia Rocha


The goal of the program is to offer creative extra-curricular activities based on the idea of a relaxing space. The students have the opportunity to discover new talents and interests, such as jiu-jitsu, judô, capoeira, dance, art & music ... within the familiar surroundings of their school - an area both safe and convenient.

Yearbook Staff Alice Derraik João Matta Theo Carvalho


Anna Visco Beatriz Lima Fabiane Huang Felipe Paes Sofia Schmidt “ A camera não faz diferença nenhuma. Todas elas gravam o que você está vendo. Mas você precisa ver!” - Ernst Haas E eu acrescento: Com os olhos do coração!


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Escola Nossa Senhora da Misericórdia - Our Lady of Mercy School - OLM Yearbook 2020  

One of the best parts of going to school is the year-end excitement of a yearbook. Not only entertaining, yearbooks give a memorable account...

Escola Nossa Senhora da Misericórdia - Our Lady of Mercy School - OLM Yearbook 2020  

One of the best parts of going to school is the year-end excitement of a yearbook. Not only entertaining, yearbooks give a memorable account...

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