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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Greetings and a warm welcome to our very first issue of Outdoor Living Magazine! Launching a new publication is very exciting and we are thrilled to offer this digital/mobile magazine to home owners, design professionals, contractors and industry leaders.

Please take some time to get to know the layout of our magazine. As with a paper magazine, you may want to sit and read the whole thing at once, or come back to this issue several times to digest the articles more slowly. We set out to create a Digital/Mobile magazine that would engage and assist home owners in their endeavor to create affordable, yet stunning outdoor living spaces. What you will find in the pages of Outdoor Living Magazine is a collection of inspired and instructive articles written by real, honest, down-to-earth folks who work hard and are not afraid to admit the struggles we sometimes face in our back yards. Outdoor Living Magazine is a guide to the latest news, products, trends, industry practices and technical information all in one publication. With a detailed emphasis on every aspect of creating, maintaining and enhancing the outdoor living experience - from landscape and hardscape, patios, pools and spas, to outdoor rooms, kitchens and furniture, we explore the latest innovations and products for solutions to living well in your outdoor spaces. We are honored to share the work of so many committed and thoughtful people who have worked tirelessly to bring together this dynamic, informative magazine. Feel free to visit our web site to share your thoughts or ask the experts a question. We appreciate your support and are so happy to have you as a reader of Outdoor Living Magazine. With warmest regards, Judy Walker Managing Editor

PUBLISHER CREDITS Publisher: Outdoor Living Planet Peter Saxon Managing Editor: Judy Walker Director of Technology: Ghenady Zanfirov Programming Director: Igor Melnic Graphic Design: Veaceslav Racov IT Director: Don McLeman Public Relations: Candace Leary Media Manager Kieram Litchfield



CONTENT ASLA Honors 33 Outstanding Members with Fellowship The American Society of Landscape Architects will elevate 33 members to the ASLA Council of Fellows for 2013.

ASLA Design Survey Results

More than 4,000 landscape architecture firms weigh in about residential and hospitality design and product selection.

Safety of Artificial Turf

California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment study released.

California Dreaming…

California Landscape Contractors Association Best of Show Trophy Award Winners.

Infrared for Fall

The Garden Gates shows the difference with Infrared Grills.

Is Brick Green?

The Brick Industry Association has some great facts about the sustainability of brick.

DEPARTMENTS Hire a Professional

Remarkable Gardens advice to the homeowner.


Southwest Crusty Roast Beef on a Spit with Jalapeño Vodka on the side.

Book Reviews

Solar Electricity Basics, VERANDA The Art of Outdoor Living, and The Curious Garden

Featured Products

Mini Pool, KettlePizza Kit, Solar Brick Pavers, Wimoto Sensors

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FatBoy Products


Cal Spas Is a Winner


Down the Garden Path


How do you delete Dull?

Recipient of the 2013 Manufacturer TradeCertified Award.

A look at the landscaping career of designer Nick Williams.

Paving Options to Choose.

Designer Nicki Huggins talks about designing Authentic American Outdoor

Patio and pool overview of a newly designed Pacific Palisades home photographed by Christopher Considine for the architect Charles Samson.




Sadly, summer is over... and your outdoor flooring surfaces are likely stained from all those barbecues and foot traffic. Before winter sets in, it’s a good idea to clean and seal your surfaces before the grime seeps in. We recommend the following products...

Surebond Phone: (800) 932-3343 Online: For over 30 years, Surebond sealers and cleaners have been maintaining and protecting the most demanding hardscape installations. Surebond has been a leader in innovative sealer products, including introducing the industry to the "joint stabilizing sealer". Offers Nationwide Distribution.

Techniseal Phone: (800) 465-7325 Online: Techniseal offers high-end products that help consumers and contractors clean and protect exterior surfaces. Paver manufacturers worldwide recognize the added value of Techniseal’s innovative solutions for the installation and care of all hardscape materials. Offers Nationwide Distribution.

The Thompson's Company Phone: (800) 367-6297 Online: o Thompson's offers a complete line of cleaners to remove a variety of contaminants from wood, concrete, and other surfaces. All surfaces should be cleaned before sealing, staining or painting for the best penetration and performance of a coating. Even new wood can have dirt or other invisible barriers to coating penetration.

Products That Rock!

The Outdoor Living Products Market is predicted to be worth $6.5 Billion by 2017. says US demand for landscaping products is projected to grow 6.9% per year through 2017, reflecting a rebound in sales following the 2007-2009 recession and subsequent slow recovery.

Hardscape products to benefit from outdoor living

Rebounding construction activity to drive gains

Landscaping products encompass decorative products, hardscaping products, outdoor structures, and other goods used to improve the appearance or function of an outdoor space. One key growth factor for these products is ongoing interest in developing outdoor living spaces, providing additional living space for relaxation and entertaining. The decorative products segment, which was the largest in 2012, comprises products (e.g., water features, lighting, pottery, and statuary) that are important to this trend. Hardscape products, which are projected to achieve the fastest growth through 2017, can be used to create the patios, walkways, edging, and walls that form the basis of outdoor rooms. Other products, such as outdoor heating elements, will also exhibit strong gains.

The residential market was the largest for landscaping products in 2012. Gains through 2017 will be driven by a strong rebound in housing completions from a low 2012 base. Renewed growth in existing home sales will also boost sales of landscaping products, as consumers are most likely to alter their outdoor spaces within a few years of purchase.

Environmental concerns to favor permeable pavers The ongoing development and introduction of landscaping products that are environmentally friendly will also boost growth. For example, permeable pavers for hardscaping are rapidly gaining popularity over ready mix concrete due to their ability to reduce water runoff. In addition, drought conditions in many parts of the country have resulted in water restrictions, leading to greater use of synthetic turf, hardscaping, and potted plants instead of water-intensive grass lawns. Among decorative products, smaller water features and pondless types are seeing advances due to reduced water usage, and lighting provides vital energy savings over previous generations of outdoor lighting.

Demand for landscaping products in the nonresidential market is concentrated in the office and commercial segments. Therefore, a rebound in construction expenditures will support growth as offices attempt to attract new tenants and restaurants upgrade their outdoor patios to create a high-end appearance. Gains in the nonbuilding market will trail those of the other two markets, restrained by a continuing decline in the number of golf courses and limited state and local government budgets. Nonetheless, municipal efforts to address issues related to water runoff will support demand for permeable pavers and other related products.

About (http://www. is an online market research reports library of 350,000+ indepth studies of over 5000 micro markets. Our database includes reports by leading publishers from across the globe. We provide 24/7 online and offline support service to our customers. Call +1 888 391 5441 with your research requirements.

Infrared for Fall The Garden Gates was the Fastest-Growing E-Retailer on the Internet in May of this Year.


nfrared grilling revolutionizes the traditional bbq grill in design and performance. Our favorite infrared grills come from Saber Grills and TEC Infrared not only because of their superior quality but also because of their attractive styles. Infrared grills are easy to use, control and preheat thanks to zonal cooking technology using patented flame channels. This means that there is zero risk of flare-ups and flash fires when cooking on an infrared grill. Both Saber and TEC grills can be run off of natural gas or propane, and they come in a number of sizes including built-in models for outdoor kitchens and versatile cooking year round. Traditional gas barbeque grills rely on circulating hot air, similar to the way a convection oven works; however, this method dries out foods on the grill. On traditional grills, it’s all too easy to dry out chicken and steak or accidentally char food because of uncontrollable flareups as drippings encourage uneven cooking. Because regular grills do not have another layer in between the burners and the cooking surface, hot air circulates as it wants. This can be problematic and normally results in hot and cold spots on the grilling surface - unseen to the griller until he or she realizes that their food is not cooking as desired. Infrared grills work quite differently from your standard charcoal barbeque pit or gas grill; they use a special cooking system that keeps meats juicier and offers the most control for even delicate items such as seafood or sides. Glass panels located above the gas-powered burners allow radiant heat to rise up but blocks moisture-robbing hot air from touching food on the grill. This 100% infrared heat evenly heats the stainless steel burners and every inch of the cooking area. The glass panels above the burners and below the cooking surface also serves another purpose - it vaporizes any drippings and turns them into flavorful smoke instead of char-inducing flames. It’s obvious why infrared grilling is regarded as such a great method. You don’t have to have much experience to use them, and it is easy to cook very different types of foods on the same grill at the same time thanks to the ease of control. From easy weeknight dinners to family gatherings on the weekends, you can cook for a crowd and enjoy yourself while doing so. Meats and foods keep their natural juices, and they taste more like their marinades and less like the grill. After not only learning about infrared grills from Saber and TEC but also actually using them, there’s no going back to a traditional grill. About The Garden Gates is a lifestyle boutique. Our products encompass all aspects of our customers’ lives - home furnishings and accents, outdoor furniture, women’s clothing and accessories, home fragrance, art,

outdoor decor, gifts and more. We offer a collection of French Country decor to match today’s perfect home and our customers’ lifestyles. What sets us apart is that we do not buy anything that we wouldn’t fill our homes with. That was our reality when The Garden Gates first opened, and we have stuck to that mindset ever since. We are meticulous in the selection process because we stand behind all that we do and sell. WHAT WE DO Our products are just a glimpse into thegardengates. com lifestyle. With these products comes thoughtful, personal service for each customer that visits us online, by phone, through email or simply by walking through our doors. It’s not enough to have orders come in and out all day. Our staff goes above and beyond for each customer through detailed consultation, honest advice and the amount of behind-the-scenes work that goes into each order. Our Story The Garden Gates is constantly changing and evolving to serve our customers in the best way we can. From seeking out new and different products from around the world to making our online store easier to navigate for the most user friendly experience, The Garden Gates’ team knows that there is always room for improvement in every element of our online lifestyle boutique and storefront location. Evolving and offering the best goods and services possible is a daily task that we take very seriously. What began as a small garden center 12 years ago quickly turned into a leader in home decor as well. Soon, The Garden Gates grew to carry the best in gifts, women’s clothing, jewelry, holiday and many specialty products. lifestyle boutique has become much more than the garden center that started it all but still carries the best in outdoor decor and planters in addition to products for the rest of your life. Jacqueline Elizabeth Kendall-Harris is the cofounder of The Garden Gates. She plays an instrumental role in product development, interior design and the developing the core principles of The Garden Gates lifestyle. Chad Everett Harris is the cofounder of The Garden Gates. He plays an instrumental role in the creativity of the brand, marketing and technology of the business. Aiden and Ashton Harris have joined their parents learning the core principals of the business while implementing a youthful perspective on social marketing and technology.


or the past 50 years Stepstone, Inc. has worked with end users, builders and designers to create large scale pavers, stair tread systems, wall caps and pool coping to help make every project a success. Their handmade wet cast production system is readily adapted to meet new product demands. Over the years, this flexible production system enabled them to transform new ideas into new products. Stepstone’s commitment to innovation has resulted in thousands of standard product offerings available to their customers. Throughout the past 50 years Stepstone, Inc. has also learned that customer service starts with understanding clients’ expectations and following through with certain

production and delivery schedules. They work with several thousand customers each year—from one piece to 250,000 pieces—they are committed to getting it right. Their architectural sales representatives are ready to learn your project’s requirements and make sure they do their part to meet those demands. Call 800-572-9029 and They will help you build your vision in concrete. Take a look at hundreds of distinctive products on their website at:

Narrow Modular Pavers

These long, linear pavers have become known as “the new brick.” Designers have chosen Narrow Modular Pavers for residential and commercial installations.

Steptreads & Garden Steps

Long Span Steptreads will make every stairway a grand entrance!

Stepstone, Inc. offers the most extensive stair options available today. We provide architectural details to help you design your next stairway. We make steps to fit most every need—from spanning up to 8’ un-supported between stringers to mortar-set installations.

Dekstone Pavers

LargeScale NMP- Modern, linear and dramatic. Large Scale Narrow Modular Pavers.

Combine precast concrete pavers with wood deck framing. Dekstone Pavers include an embedded sheet of welded-wire mesh to help them span between the deck joists. Reduce maintenance and flammability with a beautiful concrete deck surface.

Roof Pavers

Pedestal-set Roof Pavers. These 24 x 24 pavers help turn unused roof space into a welcoming patio.

Whether you have a pedestal-set elevated roof deck or need a window washing track, Stepstone, Inc. has a roof paver to fit your need.

Pool Coping and Wall Cap

Lightly sandblasted pool coping and wall cap complete this backyard retreat.

The finishing elements make all the difference! Elegant and distinctive these Pool Coping and Wall Cap pieces come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Many of them are available in a standard radius to really simplify installation.

Pervious Pavers

Pervious Pavers have a distinctive ground surface finish and great porosity!

Stormwater run-off containment requirements and sustainable building practices demand innovative products that work. Pervious Pavers by Stepstone, Inc. are available for vehicular and pedestrian loads. They can help you demystify the use of pervious systems. Phone: 1-800-572-9029









Stepstone, Inc. is dedicated to work with architects, builders and end users to create innovative, effective and beautiful precast concrete solutions, including Stair Treads, Wall Caps and Pervious Pavers. Manufacturing handmade, wetcast precast concrete products since 1963, we developed dozens of new products. Our wetcast production process generates elegant finishes and a vast array of standard products to meet your projects demands.

Down the Garden Path

A look at the landscaping career of designer Nick Williams… a half century later. At the age of 18 Nick begin a commercial Landscape Construction company, W&W Landscape, that eventually employed over 350 people and serviced the greater Los Angeles area. Almost 20 years later, in 1979, Nick recognized that his creative passion was deeply rooted in the residential arena, and more specifically in creating outdoor spaces that truly enhance peoples lives. In support of this artistic direction, he sold his commercial landscaping company and started his current business to focus primarily on what he really loves to do. Nick’s vision has always been one where the outdoor environment in any home is seamlessly integrated into the living space, because, as he is fond of saying, ”it’s the largest room you have!” Nick is best known for his earthy organic style, award winning outdoor living spaces, natural pools, and his ability to transform the ordinary home into a “Suburban Paradise.” The creation of outdoor ”living rooms” that include lush plantings, large natural boulders, and all the comforts of an indoor room, all add to the feeling of comfort and elegance. His natural shaped swimming pools with planted perimeters, boulder-strewn edges, rushing water falls, and sandy beaches, look as though they were shaped by mother earth—is it a pond or swimming pool?


or Nick Williams, there was never a question as to just what career path he should follow, it’s as if he came into this world with only one possible path. As most of us have been lucky enough to witness, there’s something truly magical that happens when one follows their bliss. Even at the young age of 12, encouraged by his artist mother and influenced by a plant-loving family, Nick recognized his passion for garden design.

Nick’s design process is deeply rooted in the belief that the environments we create to live in and share our lives with others are the foundation of a balanced life, abundant with health and wellbeing. His ability to incorporate a variety of activity areas into the backyard creates a garden designed for exploration. His palette consists of large boulders, natural textures, and soft subtle colors which blend seamlessly with nature. In 2000, Nick began to develop a complete line of products and accessories to use in his own landscape designs as well as to offer to the trade. The ever expanding collection ranges from a complete line of outdoor teak furniture with organic design accents, a complete line of gorgeous outdoor lighting that blends perfectly with most any landscape, original planting pots with organic textures, and much more. When asked how he comes up with so many unique ideas, he replied with a smile, ”I can’t get them out fast enough.” Based on what has already come through, we can’t wait to see what’s next! For more information on Nick’s body of work and The Nick Williams Collection please visit





Planning and designing your Outdoor Living Spaces can be a tedious, time-intensive process. It pays to take plenty of time to plan ahead before starting your project. See how 3D Designs can help you plan and visualize your next project with VizX Design Studios professional design services.

Video Name: Brown Residence

Video By: VizX Design Studios

Description: Outdoor living for fun. This design is equipped with a full bar for entertaining. Pool table for long hours of fun with a fire place. The patio area is great for sitting out in the sun or under the stars. Lower deck and upper deck for quite time.

Phone: 855-781-0725 Online:

Minimum Excavation, Maximum Style The terraced wall built with Brisa products provides planting space and a polished look for the yard.


he owners of a home in Forest Lake, Minnesota, have a dream lakefront property that slopes down to the water. Unfortunately, the backyard also had rotting timber retaining walls at the property line near beloved trees, and the wide, grass-filled lawn wasn’t the best use of the space. Typical excavation for new walls would require permission from the neighbors and could cause tree damage. Tim Huinker, Anchor Wall Systems construction specialist, worked with the homeowners to design a new backyard to maximize the space while avoiding excavation beyond the property line. Huinker designed the plan using Brisa® wall blocks and the Anchorplex™ retaining wall system along the property lines. Designed for sites just like this one, the Anchorplex system is a retaining wall built with Anchor™ products and structural backfill placed immediately behind the block. This system eliminates the need for the construction of a mechanically-stabilized earth zone behind the wall face, and requires less excavation and compaction than is usually necessary in a geogrid-reinforced retaining wall.

Framed by ineffective rotting timbers, the yard was unattractive.

“Beyond simply replacing the timber walls, the homeowners wanted individual spaces to break up their large yard and have it all tie in with the beautiful view of the lake,” Huinker said. “They spend a lot of time outside and wanted to maximize the space.” For visual interest Huinker recommended Brisa retaining and freestanding walls for the project. Made with Sculpsit® blockmolding technology, the Brisa products provide the appealing look of quarried stone. Huinker designed a terraced retaining wall to replace the timbers. The terraced walls gracefully extend from the home to the lakefront and provide two large beds for perennial plants. The lower retaining wall terrace transitions into a Brisa® freestanding wall near the shoreline that surrounds a new fire pit set into a circular concrete paver patio. The freestanding wall provides practical seating and columns at both ends add a finishing touch. For easy access from the house, Huinker designed gently curving steps leading from the deck to the lower paver patio on the walkout basement level. He also added two more retaining walls—one at the top of the steps and one underneath the deck at the edge of the patio.

The sunken fire pit creates an area for socializing and entertaining.

The project’s outcome was a picturesque new landscape that avoided excavation across property lines. The new backyard was an immediate success with the homeowners. What was once a yard not being used to its full potential is now a space that can be enjoyed from the patio, in the garden or by the fire. “The homeowners are really happy to have a yard they will enjoy for a long time,” Huinker said. © 2013 Anchor Wall Systems, Inc. The Brisa® wall system is manufactured under license from Anchor Wall Systems, Inc. (AWS). The “Anchor A” and “Anchor Build Something Beautiful” logos, “Brisa,” “Anchorplex” and “Sculpsit” are trademarks of AWS. The wall system blocks are covered by the AWS Limited Warranty. For a complete copy, visit your local dealer or see

The curving steps make an easy transition from the deck to the patio.

Is Brick Green?

Most brick can be regionally sourced, so the reduction of distance travelled during the manufacturing and distribution of building materials plays a central role in green building. By comparison other products travel long distances from point of manufacture. Fiber cement, stucco, and manufactured stone can have a negative impact on the environment because of cement’s resource-heavy excavation and manufacturing processes that actually remove water from the water cycle.


o some, sustainable design is simply the number of points attained through one of the various ”green” rating systems. To others, it’s a comprehensive view of building that focuses on solutions and approaches that follow along a continuum from orientation on the site to materials selection to construction to reuse. ASTM International describes sustainability as ”the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Sustainability is a holistic, all-encompassing approach—not just an arbitrary score. Brick is made from natural materials free of volatile organic compounds, which results in better occupant health, comfort and well-being. Brick also provides acoustic comfort by shielding occupants from distracting noise. Brick’s properties can also play a key role in passive solar design, which is a building method that takes advantage of the sun’s energy for heating, cooling, and illuminating spaces. This design uses a structure’s windows, walls, and floors to collect, store, and distribute the sun’s heat in the winter and reject solar heat in the summer without the use of mechanical or electrical devices. Unlike other readily available residential materials, brick from demolished buildings can be reused in a variety of applications— including rebuilding. Brick’s properties and natural aesthetic beauty help create homes that exude quality, and beauty. The Brick Industry Association has some great facts about the sustainability of brick.

2012 BIA Contest Silver Award , Pool House Renovation on a French Manor Estate Greenwich, Connecticut Architect: Hilton-VanderHorn Architects Manufacturer: General Shale, Inc. Mason Contractor: Kulinsky Construction, LLC Photographer: Woodruff-Brown Photography Photographer: Michael Partenio

(NIST), brick masonry has a 100-year life, and beyond. With very little need for maintenance, the ongoing costs of upkeep and repair are significantly reduced over brick’s lifetime compared to other materials. This low maintenance, protective properties, as well as its energy efficiency, justify its initial costs.

2013 BIA Contest, Lord Residence in Duluth, Georgia. Architect: Roger Eidson. Landscape Architect: North Georgia Unlimited. Builder: Pete Witalis Homes, Inc. Brick Manufacturer: General Shale, Inc. Photographer: Peter Montani/General Shale.

Since 1989, the Brick Industry Association has sponsored one of the country’s most prestigious architectural award programs - the Brick in Architecture Awards. As the only national association to represent both manufacturers and distributors, BIA is the authority in the clay brick industry. The Brick in Architecture Awards has become the nation’s premiere architectural award featuring clay brick.

Brick masonry results in little waste at the job site. The packaging on a cube of brick is minimal, including only branding and possible wood or cardboard strips. These are 100% recyclable. Brick itself can be reused and recycled into new projects and applications. Brick’s modular dimensions also reduce waste when wall and opening dimensions are designed to match a multiple of the units’ dimensions, therefore eliminating the need to cut partial units. Finally, brick does not need any paints or coatings to enhance its durability or exterior appearance, which eliminates the need to use additional materials that are potentially harmful to the environment. Whether you are trying to maximize credits in a green building rating system or follow a more strategic view of building sustainable homes and outdoor spaces that exude quality, stability, and demonstrated value in a challenging economic environment, clay brick can help you achieve your goals. Consider clay brick—the most sustainable, green building material made—on your next project. For more information, visit the Brick Industry Association at:

2013 BIA Contest Silver Award, Ravenswood Residence in Chicago, IL. Architect: Burns + Beyerl Architects. Landscape Architect: Stephen Prassas Landscape Studio. Builder: Eriksen Armstrong Corporation. Brick Manufacturer: Redland Brick Inc. Photographer: Bruce Van Inwegen/Van Inwegen Digital Arts. Phone: 800-392-7283 28378 Roadside Drive, Agoura Hills, CA 91301 JFK Company is a premier supplier and installer of Interlocking Concrete Pavers, A New Collection of Travertine Pavers, Limestones and Flagstones. Visit our showroom in Agoura Hills, CA to see all of our fine quality products, or visit us on the web to see our portfolio of work.

Cal Spas is a Winner!

Hot tub giant Cal Spas wins 2013 TradeCertifiedTM Award–it’s the 8th consecutive year of top honors from SpaRetailer Magazine

Your Grand Pavilion™ island is the perfect blend of uncompromising design and practical function and is the centerpiece of your Home Resort. Choose from several models featuring the most unique configurations available including raised bar seating, split islands and angled returns. Select from a number of base colors and countertop designs — from gorgeous porcelain to natural stone tiles — and add the grill and hardware of your dreams. Presenting the Grand Pavilion™ series by Cal Flame™ — where the only limit is your imagination! Cal Spas®, the world leader in stylish Home Resort Products™, is pleased to announce its receipt of the 2013 Manufacturer TradeCertified™ Award. The TradeCertified Award, from SpaRetailer magazine was initiated in 2006 and is the only trade endorsement program that identifies the top tier of manufacturers in the hot tub and pool industry. “At Cal Spas, we work hard to exercise best practices throughout our organization – from production to Customer Service. Our focus is on providing quality products and service to our customers and dealer network,” said Casey Loyd, President of Cal Spas. “This certification from SpaRetailer helps us to validate our efforts and good work. This honored recognition is also a shared with our valued dealer network as they are an integral part of Cal Spas’ success.”

Cal Spas earned this certification for the 8th consecutive year by meeting criteria related to product quality, warranty and value, industry affiliations, educational offerings, dealer and consumer satisfaction, and sales channels. The award is based on dealer surveys submitted by industry professionals. Survey results were audited by a team of third-party experts. 2013 marks the second year in which the trade and consumer awards are combined into one comprehensive award. “We are pleased to once again present Cal Spas with our TradeCertified award,” said David T. Wood, Editor-in-Chief of SpaRetailer. “It is an honor to recognize companies like Cal Spas that have a track record of innovation and customer service.” Cal Spas will be recognized throughout 2013 by SpaRetailer as a manufacturer that consistently provides a superior buying experience for dealers and consumers.

These breathtaking 6-foot barbecue islands feature a unique “knock down” design for easy assembly. Best of all, the Knock Down BBQ Islands can be customized with the grill, accessories, counter top and base design of your choice!

The Cal Flame P4 4-Burner Built In Gas Grill is the perfect pro-style grill for your outdoor environment. This Cal Flame 32-inch Grill is contructed with 304 stainless steel which features four 60,000 BTU, cast stainless steel burners each with a reliable easy-start ignition system for easy start-up. This grill allows any burner to be switched out with an optional Sear Zone burner or Smoke Tray for enhanced grilling alternatives.

The innovative Top Gun™ 5 Burner Convection Grill has been designed to fit any Cal Flame barbecue cart or island! Constructed of 304 stainless steel It features five cast stainless steel burners and a powerful centrifugal fan that uniformly circulates heat throughout the grilling area. It also features a glass window on the hood for your grilling convenience and a striking new light feature on each stainless steel knob - a Cal Flame exclusive!

About Cal Spas The Cal Spas story began over 30 years ago at a crowded county fair. The year was 1978 and California Acrylic Industries was a Pomona, California-based pool builder searching for a way to exhibit a large variety of pool designs in a small space. To solv e this dilemma, the company created smaller versions of its formed acrylic pools and put them on display for customers. The miniature pools immediately sparked interest and the company began to receive special requests for acrylic hot tubs. A year later, with the company’s hot tub business growing, California Acrylic Industries took a leap of faith. The company stopped building pools and focused full-time on the hot tub business. Cal Spas was born. Cal Spas began with a small selection of hot tubs but gradually grew in popularity. Within a few short years, Cal Spas began its nationwide distribution. Cal spas eventually outgrew its 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility and moved the company headquarters to its current 1-million square foot location in Pomona, California. In 1995, Cal Spas embraced a new direction and established its mission to grow Cal Spas into a global leader in luxurious outdoor living products. Today, the celebrated hot tub make is world renowned as the #1 Global Manufacturer of Home Resort Products. Cal Spas produces premium collections of - shop for all home resort products. We offer the widest range of Home Resort Products at every price point, in every product category. Best of all, Cal Spas has the fastest factory turnaround in the industry. We ship all of our products in 5 days or less – an industry exclusive!

The Cal Spas brand family of products includes Cal Spas hot tubs and swim spas, Cal Flame high-end outdoor grills and hardware, barbecue islands, outdoor fireplaces and firepits and Cal Designs gazebos.

900-CALL-SPAS 1562 East Ninth Street, Pomona, CA 91766

Southwest Crusty Roast Beef on a Spit Serving Size 8 Marinade ¼ cup sweet vermouth ¼ cup salad oil ½ cup strong black coffee 3 teaspoons fennel seed, ground ½ teaspoon onion powder 1 teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon pepper 5-lb center-cut, eye-round roast Instant unseasoned meat tenderizer

1 2

Make Marinade: Combine all ingredients in Shallow baking dish.

Sprinkle surface of roast with tenderizer as label directs. Add roast to marinade. Let stand about 1 hour, turning roast occasionally.


Secure roast on spit. Insert barbecue meat thermometer into roast. Adjust spit 6 inches from prepared coals or heat. Place foil pan under meat to catch drippings.


Roast, basting occasionally with marinade, 1-1/2 to 2 hours, or until internal temperature registers 140F for rare. Remove beef from spit. Let stand 15 minutes before slicing. Slice thin on the diagonal. Add remaining marinade to drippings; heat, and serve with roast. While you are waiting, try these wonderful vodkas served in a martini glass. Jalapeño Vodka Ingredients 2 oz TRU organic vodka 6 cherry tomatoes juice of 1/2 lime 1 slice jalapeno salt to taste 1 tsp chopped cilantro Glass Types: (Martini/Coupe) Instructions Muddle, shake + strain into a martini glass Garnish with a cherry tomato About Greenbar Distillery Greenbar, Los Angeles’ first distillery since Prohibition, makes the world’s largest portfolio of craft organic spirits, including TRU vodkas and gin, CRUSOE rums, FRUITLAB liqueurs, IXÁ tequila, SLOW HAND whiskey, GRAND POPPY aperitive liqueur and BAR KEEP aromatic bitters. Founded in 2004 by the husbandand-wife team Melkon Khosrovian and Litty Mathew, the company’s mission is to make better spirits for a better planet.

ASLA Design Survey Results

More than 90 percent of Landscape Architects specify or purchase outdoor furniture, appliances and accessories for projects


he American Society of Landscape Architects announced the results of its survey of more than 4,000 landscape architecture firms about residential and hospitality design and product selection.

“Among the most frequent requests we receive from landscape architects is for more information on outdoor furnishings for residential and hospitality projects,” said Ann Looper Pryor, Hon. ASLA, managing director of publishing and resource development for ASLA. “This survey confirmed anecdotal evidence that most landscape architects now select the furnishings for their projects, from contract to custom. This is a new, lucrative market for highquality outdoor furniture, appliance and accessory companies.” Eighty-one percent of firms provide residential design services. • The average firm designs between six and 20 residential projects per year; 24 percent design more than 21 projects per year; and 14 percent design more than 30 projects per year. • 91 percent include outdoor kitchens in residential projects. • 96 percent include a fireplace, firepit or other fire feature in residential projects. • 68 percent include heating or cooling features in residential projects. • 97 percent include water features (ponds, pools, fountains) in residential projects. • The typical residential landscape project budget is $250,000$500,000; for ten percent of firms it is $500,000 to more than $1 million. • 98 percent of firms specify or purchase outdoor furniture, appliances and accessories for their residential landscape projects: 49 percent through a manufacturer’s representative; 36 percent online; 30 percent through a local retailer; and 20 percent at a company showroom.

Sixty-three percent of the firms surveyed design both residential and hospitality projects. Nearly ten percent of firms surveyed responded. Of the 25 brands of outdoor furnishings included in the survey, Sunbrella, Restoration Hardware, Brown Jordan, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, Landscape Forms, Kingsley-Bate and Barlow Tyrie were the most frequently specified or purchased. The firms found ASLA’s Landscape Architecture Magazine and the ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO as the most useful sources of information in selecting outdoor furnishings, appliances and accessories for their projects and reported little or no interaction with other publications or events. About the American Society of Landscape Architects Founded in 1899, the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) is the national professional association for landscape architects, representing more than 15,000 members in 49 professional chapters and 76 student chapters. The Society’s mission is to lead, to educate and to participate in the careful stewardship, wise planning and artful design of our cultural and natural environments. Members of the Society use the “ASLA” suffix after their names to denote membership and their commitment to the highest ethical standards of the profession. Learn more at

Sixty-four percent of firms provide hospitality design services (hotels, resorts, restaurants, etc.). Of these firms: • 77 percent of firms design one to five projects per year; 20 percent design between six and 20 projects per year. • 60 percent include outdoor kitchens in hospitality projects. • 86 percent include a fireplace, firepit or other fire feature in hospitality projects. • 60 percent include heating or cooling features in hospitality projects. • 97 percent include water features (ponds, pools, fountains) in hospitality projects. • The typical hospitality landscape project budget is $250,000 to $1 million; for 21 percent of firms it is more than $1 million and for 8 percent more than $3 million. • 94 percent of firms specify or purchase outdoor furniture, appliances and accessories for their hospitality landscape projects: 46 percent through a manufacturer’s representative; 26 percent online; 18 percent through a local retailer; and 12 percent at a company showroom. Photo ©Chris Considine/Crisp-Pix

COOL STUFF Mini Pool Presto, you have a pool! Leave it to the Italian designers Ludovica+Roberto Palomba to design the space saving easy to install Minipool for Kos. This sculptural free-standing design with an overflowing rim has spa massage jets and underwater LED lights. The circular bench has room for five people. This is so sleak.

KettlePizza Kit KettlePizza Kit Turn your Weber, or other kettle-style grill into a pizza oven, that will give you all the flavor of a charcoal or wood burning grill. Made of stainless steel it sits on top of a 18.5 or 22.5� grill with an opening to slide your pizza into. Because the lid stays on while you cook, the temperature stays level and even, for nice HOT cooking. For more information, click here

COOL STUFF Solar Brick Pavers Solar brick paving blocks recharge their NiMH batteries during the daylight hours, then at night, the lights turn themselves on and run 8+ hours on a charge. Perfect for landscapting, pathways and driveways shining their ultrabright LEDs at night. Water resistant and crush resistant, these tiles come in a variety of sizes, and are easily servicable, and easily replaced. You can feel confident that you can install these solar lights permanently in concrete. For more information, visit:

Wimoto Sensors Create a Smart Home with Wimoto Sensors Like to check your Bluetooth SMART enabled device and check your garden or yard’s precise temperature, humidity and light level, if your plants need watering or if there is a threat of frost? Wimoto has a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign for tiny compact wireless sensors built to withstand anything while monitoring information you need to know. It can run up to a year on a single battery. It can deliver an alert when garden or container soil needs watering, or a warning when frost is about to strike. MORE  For more information:

The Fatboy portfolio includes a unique assortment of products for both indoors and outdoors. One of the newest additions is the Fatboy ® Flying Carpet, a beautiful and functional rug with a sturdy bottom and water repellent coating perfect for inside or out. These transitional floor coverings come in six stunning patterns and can be connected to create any desirable size with the iconic red buttons. Create your own paradise with the Fatboy ® Headdemock. This unique hammock will make you feel like you’re floating like a feather with so much nothing to do. You can even share it with someone else and imagine two palm trees where there is actually a sturdy Fatboy ® support frame, while you’re busy not worrying about a thing. Fatboy ® has been challenging the concepts of lifestyle product since 2002, when it set out to create the perfect lounge chair designed for fashion, for comfort, and tailored for an unmatched lounging experience. Today, Fatboy brings energizing comfort and smiles to people in over sixty countries worldwide with a growing line of lifestyle products. The Fatboy identity is anchored in iconic European design mixed with a creative spirit and a sense of humor that extends into all of their product offerings. Fatboy is known for creating iconic products with a simple yet compelling idea reflected in their tagline, ”Deleting Dull”.

Fatboy continues expanding their remarkable universe with exciting lifestyle products that will provoke and surprise you so that you too will be moved to be bold, brave, bright, inspiring, vibrant, and join them in their mission of ’Deleting Dull’. If you’d like more information about Fatboy ® USA and its products, please visit and FatboyUSA or e-mail

Retro Patio Authentic American Outdoor


merican outdoor designer Nicki Huggins didn’t develop an interest in vintage outdoor furniture by the more traditional route of scouring flea markets or antique stores. Instead, her passion came out of need—the need to furnish her newly constructed indoor/outdoor house in the Santa Monica mountains of southern California. “My husband and I built an industrial house that had almost as much space under the roof, but exposed, as interior space. I was looking for a way to furnish both the indoor and outdoor rooms and have the interiors flow, as if there was no distinction between them.” Knowing that antiques were used to create warmth, Nicki thought about antique outdoor furnishings. “I knew British steamer chairs and French bistro tables, but I had no images for American outdoor.” That started a quest in 1997 that led to a collecting passion that continues today. The first chair she discovered was the high-back Howell spring chair, number 526. “I had studied furniture design at Sci-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture) so the second I saw it, I knew it was something special. The engineering and design were exceptional.” The Howell seat was cantilevered and the arms were made of annealed spring steel which allowed the seat to give with a person’s weight when sat upon. Later, Nicki learned that the chair had spawned an entire category of outdoor chairs, often called bouncers after their characteristic spring action, in the 1930‘s. “At that time, outdoor companies had no idea that eighty years later their chairs would still be around and people would be interested in them. Companies didn’t archive their catalogues.” When Nicki began looking for information on these pieces, libraries had limited inventory online. It took years of research. “I’m still on the hunt, but today I’m as likely to pour over photo collections from the thirties or forties, as I am to go online. And from the beginning, I connected with pickers who travel to the big shows and markets. “ As Nicki’s collection grew, she began to refinish it and sell it to others. She developed a following of interior designers who relied on her as a resource for unique finds and knew she provided quality restoration. And just as need furnished her outdoor rooms, necessity moved her to begin production of her favorite pieces of American outdoor. “We just aren’t able to find them anymore.” Those now classic Howell chairs from the thirties, the 526 high-back spring chair and the Howell 525 low-back version, are the first pieces of the new RetroPatio outdoor collection. With more on the way, from Howell and other companies, as well as what Nicki calls “authenticallyinspired” outdoor pieces that she personally designs. “It’s important to me, not only for quality control, but for emotional reasons,” Nicki emphasizes, “that every single part of these chairs be made in the USA.” “Today, there’s a keen interest in our American design history. People never tire of hearing the story of Howell Manufacturing and other outdoor companies. It’s inspiring to know that American design competed at the highest level.” And, increasingly, Americans want to furnish their outdoor spaces just as they do their indoor rooms, with a personal and eclectic mix of new and patina. And, Nicki says, “The beauty of RetroPatio pieces is that they “warm up” any heart and any space, indoors or out.” The new RetroPatio collection is available at Phone: (310) 455-4045

Retro Chair 1937 Howell’s line of modern metal furniture inspired a number of manufacturers to produce similar versions, like Retro Chair 1937. RetroPatio’s collection features perforated metal seats and backs, all in multiple colorways. Cold-rolled spring steel provides the comfortable bounce. Authentic ’37 with round back, Authentic ’37, and Authentic ’37 with Op Art motif can be seen here.

Howell 526

Howell Company’s Spring Steel Chair No. 526 first appeared in their 1937 catalogue. Cold-rolled spring steel provides ergonomic comfort with timeless appeal. Cane punched metal high back and seat with contrasting arm caps makes a stunning statement indoors or out. Available in numerous colorways. RetroPatio’s collection of Howell 526 spring steel chairs include, Authentic 526, Checker, punched metal with black overlay, Knit, woven poly in a knitted pattern, and Cushion Cut, perforated metal inspired by Op-Art motifs. These versions are shown here.

Howell 525

Spring Steel Chair No. 525, circa 1937, Howell Company’s low-back spring steel chair with perforated metal seat and back. The Howell Company was known for “fundamentally good modern design.” RetroPatio’s spring steel chair chairs are available in multiple colorways, for both Howell Authentic 525 and Authentic 526, and include Diamond-inthe-Back, in perforated steel, Knit, in woven poly, Cane, in woven poly and optional chromed steel legs, Zig Zig, perforated metal, and Bentwood, woven wood seats/backs with bent wood arms/legs. View Here.

Howell 525 Spring Chair Circa 1930`s

Wheat powdercoat

Available in numerous finishes

Visit to see our collection of American spring chairs from the Thirties and Forties.

California Dreaming . . .


here is a mystique, lifestyle and ambience about California that is like no other. . . The late Huell Howser summed it up in two words - “That’s Amazing!” He spent his career documenting the beauty and wonderment of this gorgeous state and never ran out of things to talk about. From the redwoods to the gleaming beaches of Southern California, residents appreciate and enjoy the great outdoors inside and out almost all year round. From the lure of gold, Hollywood or Disneyland, people from around the world come to California to make their dreams come true. The beauty you imagined is here and Californians have a style all their own. To give you the latest on Outdoor Living - California style, we’ve interviewed two of CLCA’s (California Landscape Contractors Association) Best of Show Trophy Award Winners who create the spaces Californians enjoy. According to three time CLCA Best of Show Trophy Award Winner, Scott Sohn of Sohnco Landscape in Rancho Mirage, Californians love to enjoy the inside outdoors! The latest trends not only include creating relaxing, calm backyard destinations for peace and quiet, but also expanding their existing outdoor kitchens and living spaces for entertaining. “I think people are so busy all the time, they love to go home to a peaceful and relaxing retreat where they can mentally vacation and restore their body and soul. Our requests to create a backyard oasis have considerably increased. Zen type looks with peaceful, calming water, large stone formations reflecting peace and relaxation have been the latest California trend. We are also finding homeowners want to upgrade their outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas to include the latest wine chillers, pizza ovens and other fine lifestyle additions. Homeowners are literally bringing the indoors out and enjoying more time savoring nature.” Jim Everett, owner of EvLand LLC / Everett Landscape in San Francisco and prior Best of Show Trophy Award Winner, also believes California homeowners think of their yards as an extension of their homes and use them throughout the year. The outdoors is another place for social gathering and outdoor lifestyles here greatly reflect the needs and wants of the occupants and the things they like to do. “We’ve noticed that due to the economy, more people are spending time at home and enjoying their surroundings. However, they want more options for their budget. Also, here in our area we are seeing homeowners incorporate more art into their landscape, whether it is a custom piece of art or a statute. In many cases, it is not expensive to do and it adds a nice visual impact.” When asked about sustainability and water management, “It is just expected.” Throughout California, homeowners are becoming more concerned about the environment and sustainability. We are installing more and more drip systems or converting old systems to more water saving irrigation systems.” California is a trend setter in sustainability as well.

The curves and smaller stones add striking beauty to this retaining wall.

Regardless of where you live, if you’re California dreamin, you can incorporate some of our trends into your own outdoor space and bring home a little California.

Californians are famous for bringing the indoors out! In this stunning outdoor space by Scott Sohn, you’ll see palm trees, spacious entertaining areas, relaxing water features, an infinity pool and lots of room to experience the outdoors! Photo courtesy of Sohnco Landscape, photography by Stephen Allard Photography

This elegant fire pit is a piece of art and a focal point in the space regardless of whether a fire is burning.

More homeowners are incorporating art into their landscape.

Photo courtesy of EvLand LLC/Everett Landscape

Photo courtesy of EvLand LLC/Everett Landscape




We’ve assembled some of the finest photos of patio paver installations that we hope will inspire your creativity and imagination. From natural stone pavers, to interlocking concrete pavers, the options are limitless, yet stunning.

Photos By: JFK Company Agoura Hills, CA

Phone: 805-404-0949





DETAILS Hardscape North America is THE Hardscape Show for Contractors and Distributors! The show is the only national trade show devoted entirely to the hardscape industry. Indoor and outdoor exhibits display state-of-the-art tools, products and services and the latest equipment for the hardscape industry. Date: October 24-25, 2013 Location: Kentucky Exposition Center, KY.

Outdoor power equipment distributed through dealers, retailers and distributors for consumers and professionals. Lawn and garden products, outdoor leisure items distributed through home centers, dealers and retailers. Date: October 24-25, 2013 Location: Kentucky Exposition Center, KY.

This is the most highly anticipated landscape industry education and networking experience of the year. A speaker lineup composed of the industry's leaders and most successful entrepreneurs; an exposition floor, hosting nearly 500 exhibits; and an unparalleled opportunity to be inspired, learn about industry trends, and build new relationships make this an event you cannot miss. Date: October 23-25, 2013 Location: Louisville Exposition Center. KY.

No other professional event has responded to this new business approach more than the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Expo. As North America’s largest indoor-outdoor living showcase, HPBExpo is where more than 350 leading hearth, patio and barbecue manufacturers and suppliers exhibit and demonstrate their newest innovations, attracting thousands of specialty and mass market retailers and other professionals. Date: March 6-8, 2014 Location: Salt Place Convention Center, UT.

BOOK REVIEWS Solar Electricity Basics by Dan Chiras

The future will be powered by renewables. As we transition away from finite and polluting fossil fuels, clean, reliable, and affordable renewable technologies such as solar electricity will become the mainstay of our energy supply. Solar Electricity Basics provides a clear understanding of electricity and energy. It discusses the types of solar electric system you can choose from, their components, solar site assessment, the installation of photovoltaic systems, and much more. Whether your goal is to lower your energy bill or to achieve complete energy independence, Solar Electricity Basics is the introduction you need. Paperback List Price $12.95 Dan Chiras is a respected educator and an internationally acclaimed author who has published more than twenty-five books on residential renewable energy and green building, including Power From the Sun.

VERANDA The Art of Outdoor Living By Lisa Newsom

Due out October 15, 2013 Take a private tour of magnificent homes, with their lush gardens, elegant courtyards, and inviting pools set amid breathtaking landscapes. This lavish new book from Veranda magazine offers a wealth of ideas for exceptional outdoor rooms and spaces, all created by the world’s best designers. Broken down into classic, modern, romantic, and exotic styles, these are among the most spectacular environments ever featured in Veranda. Hardcover Price $60 Lisa Newsom founded Veranda in 1987 as a showcase for exceptional design, and from the first issue it distinguished itself with lush visual presentations, as well as substance behind the beauty. Respected by the design community, applauded by a discerning readership, and honored with numerous awards, Lisa, who began her storied career as cofounder of Southern Accents in 1977, has always focused on the best. Lisa divides her time between Atlanta, GA and Cashiers, NC. Veranda is a forum for the very best in living well. Always gracious, and never pretentious, we keep readers abreast of the finest in decoration, fashion, jewelry and watches, art, and travel, inspiring them with beauty and elegance. Veranda is both an idea showcase and a deeply pleasurable escape, a place where homes feel as good as they look.

The Curious Garden By Peter Brown

One boy’s quest for a greener garden at a time. While out exploring one day, a little boy named Liam discovers a struggling garden and decides to take care of it. As time passes, the garden spreads throughout the dark, gray city, transforming it into a lush, green world. This is an enchanting tale with environmental themes and breathtaking illustrations that become more vibrant as the garden blooms. Red-headed Liam can also be spotted on every page, adding a clever seek-and-find element to this captivating picture book. Hardcover List Price $16.99 For ages 3-6 years 40 pages Peter Brown is the author and illustrator of many bestselling children’s books, including Children Make Terrible Pets and The Curious Garden. He is the recipient of a Caldecott Honor for Creepy Carrots!, two E.B. White Read Aloud Awards, a New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book award, and a Children’s Choice Award for Illustrator of the Year. Peter’s website is

By Remarkable Gardens Landscape Contractors Christine Chesney & Nancy Valentine



little knowledge is dangerous thing when it comes to do- it-yourself landscape design. As seasoned professional landscapers we have had to step in and redo many projects because of a lack of planning and expertise. Here are five reasons we think you should consult with a professional landscape contractor before you break ground. This will make the process so much more enjoyable!


Knowledge – An experienced landscape professional will have the knowledge to design a project that can be accurately built. You would not add a room to your home without a plan. Having a plan will ensure that your contractor will be installing exactly what you and your landscape designer decide.


The Plan – A designer will work with you to draw and revise a plan before construction. It is less expensive to move a wall on paper than after it is built. A complete design will include the information that your contractor needs to do the job correctly without bothering you with a million questions. A landscape designer will never put your new spa facing the neighbor’s kitchen instead of the beautiful mountain view.


Budget – Outdoor living areas can represent a large investment. Homeowners who did not hire a professional spent more on their projects due to revisions and costly change orders. A designer will also be able to realistically prioritize all your landscape elements to help you stay within your budget.


Materials – A landscape professional will be aware of the best materials and latest innovations in the industry. They will help you choose from the overwhelming possibilities of hardscape materials, BBQ’s, fire pits, fireplaces, LED lighting, pools, spas, tile, pavers, pergolas, plants, trees etc. They will also coordinate colors to make the most of your home’s existing color pallet.


Plants – With a professional landscape plan, you will never have to move plants or take them out because they got too big or were planted in the wrong space. “Who knew this little plant would get this tall,” is something we hear all the time from clients. Your landscape designer will be familiar with all the plants that thrive in the unique micro-climate zones around your home. Installing a new landscape is exciting and adds value to your home. Having professional expertise will make it fun as well.

Safety of Artificial Turf


erious bacterial infections, including MRSA and other Staphylococci, are more prevalent in natural grass and vegetation than in synthetic turf. The recently released results of a study from California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEAHHA) confirms the safety of artificial grass products like EasyTurf, effectively debunking previous claims that the use of recycled materials contained within synthetic grass may pose health concerns. The study’s conclusion is a welcome one for EasyTurf,the landscape arm of sports turf giant FieldTurf, as its findings state that the benefits of synthetic grass actually contains fewer bacteria than natural turf. Additional studies from the University of Connecticut Health Center, Department of Public Health also deemed artificial turf products safe, with a news release from the Connecticut Health Center quoting Department of Health Commissioner Dr. J. Robert Gavin stating, “This study presents good news regarding the safety of outdoor artificial turf.” Among the findings in the various studies, the oldest of which began more than 12 years ago, is the fact that serious bacterial infections, including MRSA and other Staphylococci, are more prevalent in natural grass and vegetation than in synthetic turf. Similar studies produced by the University of California, Berkley, which delivered some of the most comprehensive findings on artificial turf safety to date, demonstrate the materials are both safe and cost-effective. “People tend to think that products more closely derived from nature are safer and better for the environment than those that are synthetic based,” says Rachel Simon of UC Berkley, who led the study. “However, in many cases synthetic materials perform better than their ‘more natural’ counter parts across the various metrics used in evaluations. The findings reinforce previous studies that not only deemed synthetic grass turf safe, it comes with health benefits that are unique to natural turf: • No fertilizers or pesticides needed for EasyTurf ’s playground surface. • EasyTurf synthetic grass provides a hypoallergenic and inherently antimicrobial commercial playground surface. • Artificial playground surfaces like EasyTurf are proven to be more durable that other surfaces, including playground surfacing. • EasyTurf synthetic grass provides a more forgiving, cushioned landing when adults or children fall. • EasyTurf synthetic landscapes contribute dramatically to commercial water conservation efforts. • Artificial grasses like EasyTurf require no deodorizers or additives. • EasyTurf ’s safe, antimicrobial turf has been found to be superior to rubber surface playgrounds used in municipal parks and playgrounds, as well as childcare facilities. Easyturf synthetic grass is easier to clean and disinfect when compared to natural surfaces containing grass, dirt or rocks. “This has been shown to be the case with artificial turf, which offers several distinct advantages over grass, while using materials that are already prevalent in peoples’ lives, such as recycled tires.”

EasyTurf President David Hartman says the study results prove not only the safety of EasyTurf synthetic grass, it backs up the company’s claim that its artificial lawn products are cost effective as they reduce or eliminate the need for landscape maintenance, watering and pesticides. “EasyTurf is proud to once again receive the support of outside agencies, further strengthening our reputation and commitment to providing consumer-friendly artificial turf products to the public,” Hartman says. “Along with the proven environmental and financial benefits, EasyTurf ’s innovation and technologically advanced manufacturing process deliver the safest, highest quality synthetic turf to our customers.” EasyTurf, the industry leader in research and development, recently partnered with EnviroFill, an innovative, environmentally-friendly infill incorporating Microban antimicrobial technology. Infused into the infill, Microban fights off mold, mildew and bacteria development, dramatically decreasing the potential of any bacteria formation. For more information, visit the EasyTurf website, call 1-866327-9877 or Email About EasyTurf In May 2010 EasyTurf, Inc. a long-time distributor of FieldTurf ’s line of landscaping products and a recognized leader in the artificial grass industry, became the national brand of FieldTurf ’s landscape, pets, playground, and golf artificial grass products. The partnership allowed FieldTurf to rapidly expand its existing dealer network and accelerate sales and distribution of FieldTurf ’s landscape products on a national level to homeowners, municipalities, schools, businesses and the military. North America’s preeminent source for landscaping, EasyTurf offers state-of-the-art synthetic lawns for realistic, beautiful, easy-care residential and commercial landscapes. EasyTurf ’s specialty synthetic grasses are engineered specifically for military surfaces, commercial and residential athletic and playground surfaces, putting greens, and for petfriendly landscapes. EasyTurf ’s product advancements in the synthetic grass industry have led to massive growth for the Vista, California-based leader in lifelike artificial lawns that stay beautiful year round. FieldTurf has long been the world leader in synthetic sports field cover; now EasyTurf is poised to equal that success in the residential and commercial artificial grass landscaping markets.



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In This Issue Acker-Stone American Society of Landscape Architects Anchor Wall Brick Industry Association Cal Spas California Landscape Contractors Association Chris Considine Photography Fatboy USA GreenBar Distillery JFK Company Nick Williams Designs Remarkable Gardens RetroPatio Stepstone, Inc. Summerset Grills The Garden Gates

Photo ŠChris Considine/Crisp-Pix

Many thanks to all our wonderful contributors. If you or your company would like to contribute in future publications contact

In This Issue

Christine Chesney I’m a lifelong plant lover, a Los Angeles Master Gardener and a frustrated painter who now creates with the incredible beauty of nature as my pallet and residential homes as my canvas. I am a licensed landscape contractor in partnership with my sister. We have owned Remarkable Gardens, an award winning design/build company since 2000. You may have seen us on Landscapers’ Challenge- we were featured three times on the show in 2003, 2004 and 2005. We won all three challenges and we found out that we are better designers than actors. My free time finds me on the golf course or ballroom dancing.

Chris Considine Over the last three decades, Christopher Considine has created images for a wide variety of businesses and publications. Whether it is stock photography, microelectronics, Disney products, executive portraits, heavy machinery, Direct TV campaigns, or the Oscar poster, his imagination and execution shine through his work. In the past decade, he concentrated on photographing architecture, namely many important buildings and dwellings in Southern California. By combining quality interior and exterior images of homes with written descriptions in brochures, he elevated the real estate industry’s marketing of homes to an extraordinary new level of quality and excellence. Agents, architects, and builders call on his talents when they need images combining architectural design, detail, and light that enhance the impact of their property to potential clients.

Nicki Huggins Nicki Huggins is a designer of authentic and vintage-inspired American outdoor furniture. Also a noted outdoor historian, Nicki selected some of her favorite pieces of American design from 1930 – 1960 as the new RetroPatio collection. She has supplied vintage American outdoor furniture to discerning clients all over the United States since 1998. Nicki has been featured in magazines such as Coastal Living, Renovation Style, Met Home, the Los Angeles Times Home magazine, Culture and Leisure, and Belgium’s de Morgen magazine. She has also appeared on HGTV and House Beautiful for A & E TV.

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Melkon Khosrovian and Litty Mathew Greenbar Collective represents the world’s largest portfolio of organic, handcrafted spirits, including BAR KEEP organic bitters, CRUSOE organic rums, FRUITLAB organic liqueurs, IXÁ organic tequila, SLOW HAND organic whiskey, TRU organic gin and TRU organic vodkas. But that wasn’t always the case. When husband-and-wife team Melkon Khosrovian and Litty Mathew began making spirits in 2004, they used conventional spirits and local, hand-processed produce. Soon, their unique spirits won many awards. But Melkon and Litty couldn’t take all the credit. They learned their successes also hinged on some silent partners — the farmers who grew their ingredients. Several had moved to organic farming, resulting in more aromatic, flavorful produce...which led to more flavorful, aromatic spirits. Their minds were made. ORGANICS HELD THE KEY TO BETTER TASTING SPIRITS. Today, Greenbar Collective produces and distributes the world’s biggest portfolio of organic spirits — all made by hand with real ingredients. The environment also benefits because the company uses lightweight bottles, 100% recycled labels and plants a tree for every bottle sold. Cheers!

Nancy Valentine I’m a perfectionist, detail oriented person who loves the challenge of melding landscape with hardscape. I love to work with all shades of green and find leaf shapes and textures as exciting as flowers. I partnered with my sister and together we created Remarkable Gardens a design/build landscape company. We won a California CLCA State Trophy Excelsior award in 2008 and enjoyed the convention in Hawaii too. I love creating three dimensional sculptures, Steam Punk hats and making seaweed baskets. One day I will live in France with my son and his beautiful French wife.

Nick Williams Even at the young age of 12, encouraged by his artist mother and influenced by a plant-loving family, Nick recognized his passion for garden design. Winning horticultural awards throughout his school years, he soon established an up-close and personal relationship with a variety of plant materials, many of which continue to dominate his plant palette many years later. With a keen appreciation for textures and anything out of the ordinary, Nick’s designs reflect a strong collaboration with the ideas and aesthetics of his favorite heroes - Frank Lloyd Wright, Cliff May, and John Muir. Nature and her elements of life - earth, air, fire and water - are the most striking forces that appear in Nick’s work. Rich with design elements, including large boulders, water features, wood structures and a variety of stone materials, his outdoor-living creations gently invite one out through the door of the house and into the sights and sounds of the outside world.

ASLA Honors 33 Outstanding Members with Fellowship VIEW OUR VIDEO


he American Society of Landscape Architects will elevate 33 members to the ASLA Council of Fellows for 2013. Fellowship is among the highest honors the ASLA bestows on members and recognizes the contributions of these individuals to their profession and society at large based on their works, leadership and management, knowledge and service. The 2013 class of new fellows will be recognized at the 2013 ASLA Annual Meeting & Expo, November 15-18 in Boston. The designation of Fellow is conferred on individuals in recognition of exceptional accomplishments over a sustained period of time. Individuals considered for this distinction must be full members of ASLA in good standing for at least ten years and must be recommended to the Council of Fellows by the Executive Committee of their local chapter, the Executive Committee of ASLA or the Executive Committee of the Council of Fellows.

Michael Abbaté, ASLA Portland Parks & Recreation Portland, Oregon Michael Abbaté received his nomination, for Leadership and Management, from the Oregon Chapter. His 27-year career in the Pacific Northwest is distinguished by exceptional design, leadership and management in all of his professional and volunteer endeavors. As his career has cycled between the private and public sectors, his commitment to excellence in design, management, ecological commitment and spirituality has remained steadfast. These principles guide him and inspire those around him from the scale of urban plaza team manager to his current position as the director of Portland Parks and Recreation. He shares his time and talents generously, from volunteer leadership—including Oregon ASLA, the Intertwine Alliance and others—to planning two ecotourism parks in the Central African Republic. He received his BSLA from Cal Poly Pomona.

Douglas Allen, ASLA Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Georgia Douglas Allen received his nomination, for Knowledge, from the Georgia Chapter. As the only landscape architect at the Georgia Tech College of Architecture, where he has led and taught for 36 years, Professor Emeritus Allen has influenced an entire generation of architects and city planners. He made clear that each designer’s work is part of a greater context, a message he frequently also shares with the public. He co-created the school’s study abroad program, now in its 20th year, and was instrumental in forming the urban design degree program there. He describes his work as a mission to promote the unique contributions that landscape architects have made in our cities, towns and regions. His BSLA is from the University of Georgia and MLA from Harvard.

H. Edward Black, ASLA H. Edward Black& Associates, Ltd. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania H. Edward Black received his nomination, for Service, from the Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter. His career-long mission is to demonstrate to the public and government officials that landscape architects are team leaders “from the walls out.” It took root in 1974 when he secured a position on the Pennsylvania State Board of Landscape Architects and continues to flourish. In 2015 he will be president of the Pennsylvania State Association of First Class Township Commissioners. Throughout, he has worked in cooperation with architects and engineers as the state developed and reaffirmed its landscape architect’s practice act. Through his firm’s design work and his public leadership roles, Ed Black has demonstrated the value of the vital contributions of his chosen profession. He earned his BSLA from Penn State University.

H. Duane Blossom, ASLA Todd & Associates Phoenix, Arizona H. Duane Blossom received his nomination, for Service, from the Arizona Chapter. As a prominent practitioner and engaging educator, his storyboard workshop design approach uses critical thinking and visual communication to build consensus among all stakeholders. He uses his analytic approach with great effect also to mentor students and young professionals, sharing his love of drawing, landscape art and the vast potential of nature. A pivotal midpoint in his career was as principal for POD Inc., which became a leader in landscape architecture. His clear understanding of the programming and concept development, together with his superior graphic abilities, have helped many a client and the general public understand the importance of the design process. His BSLA is from Kansas State and MLA from the Harvard GSD.

Craig A. Churchward, ASLA Avenue Design Partners Minneapolis, Minnesota Craig A. Churchward received his nomination, for Leadership and Management, from the Minnesota Chapter. Through his decades of dedicated service in private practice and public positions of responsibility, he has effectively expanded the role of landscape architects in the development of procedures and public policies that allow new approaches to multi-modal transportation delivery. His leadership and advocacy regionally and nationally have resulted in transportation programs and projects that promote health, conserve and restore natural and cultural communities, enhance scenery and spur economic vitality. As a consultant, teacher and frequent lecturer, he advocates strongly for a broad cross-disciplinary team approach to create innovative transportation systems that enhance the lives of millions of people every day. He earned his professional degree from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

Terry L. Clements, ASLA Virginia Tech Blacksburg, Virginia Terry L. Clements received her nomination, for Service, from the Virginia Chapter. She is a consummate leader and advocate of landscape architecture through her work with students, fellow professionals, allied disciplines and community groups. She serves as an excellent role model for engagement and has advanced the profession through her service within academia, through all levels of the ASLA since she was a student, on international boards, and for school accreditation and professional licensure in Virginia. She worked to include green infrastructure, health and sustainability in the development of the Virginia Outdoor Plan and, throughout her career, has been an advocate for women in landscape architecture. She received her BSLA from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and MLA from UC Berkeley.

Michael Shaun Cole Sr., ASLA ColeJenest & Stone Raleigh, North Carolina Michael Shaun Cole Sr. received his nomination, for Leadership and Management, from the North Carolina Chapter. His leadership has expanded access to affordable higher education, appreciation of the value of landscape architecture for resources stewardship and economic development, and quality of life initiatives for the profession and public. In his engagement with both the Charlotte and Raleigh chambers of commerce for more than 30 years and his master plans for both cities, his commitment has contributed immeasurably to the economic well-being of North Carolina. Across the Carolinas he is also noted for his work on water management, blueways and historic landmark recognition. He earned his Bachelor of Environmental Design in Landscape Architecture from N.C. State and continues to work on behalf of the school.

Paul K. Comstock, ASLA Comstock Landscape Architecture Malibu, California Paul K. Comstock received his nomination, for Knowledge, from the Southern California Chapter. Over three decades he has practiced with an emphasis on themed environments and residences, including a stint as a Disney Imagineer. His research and collaborative spirit have influenced nurseries and growers around the world to expand their plant palettes, giving landscape architects the opportunity to incorporate forgotten or overlooked materials into their designs. His work balances independent research, sharing information with peers and mentoring landscape architecture graduates. His seed exchange efforts and research on local practices have taken him to 80 countries—research that allows him to create a global range of environments and has propagated millions of plants for use throughout the United States. He received his landscape architecture certificate from UCLA.

Susannah C. Drake, ASLA dlandstudio architecture + landscape architecture pllc Brooklyn, New York Susannah C. Drake received her nomination, for Leadership and Management, from the New York Chapter. Her vision for the past 20 years has been for cities and communities to address, through design, solutions to climate change. She is a trustee of the Van Alen Institute, former president and trustee of the New York Chapter of the ASLA, urban design professor at Cooper Union and associate of the Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design. Her advisory appointments to New York City task forces spurred additions on climate resilience to its waterfront zoning and development of the city’s new green infrastructure standards and the fourth regional plan of the N.Y./N.J./Conn. metropolitan area. She received her BA from Dartmouth and her MArch and MLA from the Harvard GSD.

Christopher D. Flagg, ASLA FLAGG Design Studio, LLC Jacksonville, Florida Christopher D. Flagg received his nomination, for Service, from the Florida Chapter. Over the course of his diverse career, he has acted at the local, state and regional levels to make significant improvements to the quality of community life within Florida. Most specifically, his long-term affiliations with nonprofit organizations have promoted the development of Jacksonville—including its historic neighborhoods—as vibrant, livable and visually appealing places. He facilitated citizen engagement at a time when no other agency or organization was directly involved with that level of neighborhood activism. At the university level within the state, he generously donates his time, professional experience and expertise to hundreds of students annually through class critiques, guest lectures and student graphic workshops. His BSLA is from Louisiana State University.

Eric D. Groft, ASLA Oehme, van Sweden & Associates, Landscape Architecture Washington, DC Eric D. Groft received his nomination, for Works, from the Potomac Chapter. As one of three who lead the second generation of Oehme, van Sweden & Associates, he has demonstrated excellence in design through a renowned, diverse body of work. His close involvement with the plant and design masters of the New American Garden put him at the center of the firm’s widely published public campuses and residential gardens of the 1980s and ’90s. Since taking the design reins in 1998, his body of work serves as testimony to the emergence of a sustainable, resilient landscape aesthetic. His public and private work also demonstrates that the New American Garden style works successfully across the spectrum of contemporary client demands. He earned his MLA from the University of Virginia.

Debra Guenther, ASLA Mithun Seattle, Washington Debra Guenther received her nomination, for Service, from the Washington Chapter. Her collaborative work as a designer, leader and innovator, and her dedication to the public realm has enriched the national discourse on the built environment. For 30 years, over the entire course of her experience in practice, her body of work reflects her own commitment to natural processes and has resulted in nationally recognized examples of system-based design that are compelling and sustainably functional. She believes that it is important to expose urban dwellers to natural experiences. A committed leader of multi-disciplinary work, she has consistently brought landscape architecture and site issues to the table throughout the green building revolution. Her commitment to the challenge is evident through her participation with interdisciplinary organizations such as the Urban Land Institute, Greenbuild, Living Futures, and National Recreation and Parks Association, as well as her long term service as ASLA’s representative to the Sustainable Sites Initiative. She earned her BSLA from Michigan State University.

Joseph Hibbard, ASLA Sasaki Associates Watertown, Massachusetts Joseph Hibbard received his nomination, for Works, from the Boston Chapter. His campus planning and design projects range from large public universities to private liberal arts institutions. He has worked on more than 60 campus plans in the United States and Japan and upholds a consistent philosophy that the local sense of place is the foundation for campus form. His projects for Sasaki Associates have contributed to the firm’s reputation as a national leader in comprehensive campus planning whose work is a model for others in the profession. His accomplishments exemplify interdisciplinary collaboration and an inclusive design approach that has celebrated the meaning and significance of landscape architecture to his clients. He received his BSLA and MLA from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

Charlene M. LeBleu, ASLA Auburn University Auburn, Alabama Charlene M. LeBleu received her nomination, for Knowledge, from the Alabama Chapter. To her students at Auburn University she advocates that stormwater research and management are critical in landscape architecture. Beyond informing her lectures and publications, her research extends to real-world implementation as she provides hands-on educational experiences for students and sorely needed landscape interventions for rural, low-income communities across Alabama. When Albany State University flooded in 1994, she undertook a five-year, $23 million landscape recovery design-build effort. She strives to instill in her students this level of environmental conscience, ethic and understanding that resource and cultural conservation is their legacy. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Forest Resources and Conservation from the University of Florida and Master’s of Community Planning and MLA from Auburn University.

L. Peter MacDonagh, ASLA The Kestrel Design Group Edina, Minnesota L. Peter MacDonagh received his nomination, for Knowledge, from the Minnesota Chapter. He is an authority on low-impact stormwater management, green infrastructure, lake and river restoration, natural area management, green roofs and soil bioengineering. The hallmark of his career is the coupling of science and the landscape architecture design process for clients as diverse as public entities, schools, corporations and mining and energy companies. In all his projects, knowledge gained through the lifelong study of natural landscapes ensures that his master plans, management plans, parks and campuses reflect the local, native environment. As a lecturer at the University of Minnesota he draws on his experience to instill in students how landscapes, both natural and constructed, function. He received his BSLA from the University of Minnesota.

Melissa R. Marshall, ASLA MTR Landscape Architects Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Melissa R. Marshall received her nomination, for Works, from the Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter. She has been instrumental in the evolution of botanical collections from those of insular individuals to those of vital cultural institutions and other leaders in landscape sustainability. Her work with nature reserves has set the bar for blending science, conservation and experience. She has opened doors to an increasingly broad audience for horticulture by creating gardens that welcome families, people with interest in plants as food and people with physical disabilities. Her 35-year practice has served more than 55 botanical institutions in 28 states, and the work has stood the test of time. Her gardens remain as they were built, decades later, functional and beautiful. She received her MLA from the Harvard GSD.

Charles S. McDaniel, ASLA SWA Group Dallas, Texas Charles S. McDaniel received his nomination, for Works, from the Texas Chapter. As managing principal of the SWA Group, he is internationally recognized particularly for his resort and hospitality projects. His professional accomplishments include dozens of design awards, mentoring of young professionals, design collaborations with allied professionals, international publication and service to the design community through his outreach to local high schools, communities and universities in Texas and Oklahoma. His understanding of the visual and functional qualities of space and the human need for intimacy in the designed environment is enlivened by his love of art and the organic forms found in nature, the power of which inspires his landscape design and his drive to share his expertise. He received his BSLA from Texas A&M.

Jodie A. Petersen, ASLA National Park Service Lakewood, Colorado Jodie A. Petersen received her nomination, for Leadership and Management, from the Colorado Chapter. In public practice she manages high-profile design projects of national and international prominence, such as the Flight 93 National Memorial in Pennsylvania and the first national park in Qatar. She has advanced both the perception and visibility of the profession in general and, particularly, public-sector landscape architects. In her wide range of duties she directs interdisciplinary teams and personally mentors other Park Service landscape architects in those projects’ complexities. She authored sustainability requirements—now included in all scopes of NPS work—that focus on integrated design services for planning, design and construction. Her BS in Landscape Horticulture is from Colorado State University and MLA from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Claudia G. Phillips, ASLA Philadelphia University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Claudia G. Phillips received her nomination, for Service, from the Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter. From leadership roles as a student ASLA member and teaching assistant to her subsequent rise through landscape architecture academia, she has consistently followed her dedication to service to the community and her students. Under her leadership teaching at Morgan State University, MLA program student numbers doubled, scholarships for students increased, and the program received full LAAB accreditation, even as she became actively involved in Baltimore community service. Subsequently, she helped develop, then directed the Philadelphia University BLA program. She sees a direct link between sustainable design and a service-learning approach to landscape architecture education. She earned her MLA from the University of Florida and PhD in Environmental Design and Planning from Virginia Tech.

Vaughn B. Rinner, ASLA Vaughn Rinner Landscape Architect, PLC Norfolk, Virginia Vaughn B. Rinner received her nomination, for Service, from the Virginia Chapter. Her record of service to the profession and public includes participation in the ASLA, Virginia Urban Forest Council, Virginia Tech Landscape Architecture Program, Virginia State Licensure Board, CLARB, Commercial Real Estate Women and the Urban Land Institute. She has served as the ASLA vice president for finance and investments, chaired the subcommittee for the creation of the ASLA standard contracts and worked to improve the standard MasterSpec sections for landscape architectural services. Her work in Richmond on a historic boulevard corridor plan provided high visibility among the professional community, public officials, business leaders and residents regarding the profession’s leadership role in community planning and design. She received her BSLA from Iowa State University.

Deane D. Rundell, ASLA Rundell Ernstberger Associates, LLC Muncie, Indiana Deane D. Rundell received his nomination, for Works, from the Indiana Chapter. His parks, downtown plazas, campuses and trails bring people together in meaningful ways. They form crucial community gathering places, invariably providing flexible open spaces with careful custom detailing and meaningful art to raise people’s spirits. The small and midsize towns of the Midwest are his chosen medium. He has spent a career learning how they work, their special needs, and how to collaborate with them. He draws from their histories and characters to recreate true places of value. Deane’s successful practice has significantly transformed the profession of landscape architecture in Indiana. His work sets a benchmark for the profession. He received his BSLA from Iowa State and MLA from the University of Massachusetts.

Robert L. Ryan, ASLA University of Massachusetts Amherst, Massachusetts Robert L. Ryan received his nomination, for Knowledge, from the Boston Chapter. At the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, he has increased the profession’s knowledge base with regard to human factors, green infrastructure planning and research methods. He represents the profession in policy arenas from visual resource management to sustainable sites and has enlightened us on how people develop emotional and psychological connections to landscape. He has taught a generation of landscape architects to engage in research as a practice strategy and thereby has inspired an ongoing quest to measure the effects of the profession on the world at large. His BSLA is from CalPoly San Luis Obispo and MLA, Master’s of Urban Planning, and PhD in Natural Resources and Environment from the University of Michigan.

Tim Schmalenberger, ASLA MKSK Columbus, Ohio Tim Schmalenberger received his nomination, for Leadership and Management, from the Ohio Chapter. He is the senior managing principal of MKSK, one of the Midwest’s largest landscape architecture and planning firms, which he cofounded in 1990. His leadership and passion to provide significant public-realm projects have resulted in more than 950 completed works, 112 awards and a landscape-architect-led multidisciplinary firm with three offices and 55-plus professional staff. From the firm’s inception, he has directed and managed the hiring and development of more than a hundred landscape architects in a region of the country where the profession had been underrepresented. The region is a much different environment today in large part due to his business and professional leadership. His BSLA is from the Ohio State University.

Jim Schuessler, ASLA BNIM Kansas City, Missouri Jim Schuessler received his nomination, for Works, from the Prairie Gateway Chapter. As director of the BNIM Landscape Architecture & Planning Studio, his work has transformed sites and communities throughout the Midwest and beyond. His work consistently develops progressive ways of solving design challenges. His three-part approach for creating model communities encompasses sustainable planning, leveraging natural assets and community transformation through engagement. His nationally recognized site designs showcase ecological regeneration rooted in a multi-faceted understanding of the interdependence of natural systems at all scales. By emulating nature’s principles and building upon biology and ecology, his designs are sustainable and self-reliant, creating a symbiotic relationship between the natural context and built environment. He earned his BLA from Kansas State and MArch from the University of Kansas.

Pamela F. Shadley, ASLA Shadley Associates, P.C. Lexington, Massachusetts Pamela F. Shadley received her nomination, for Leadership and Management, from the Boston Chapter. Her inspiring business management, project leadership and volunteer service over decades represent a profound contribution to landscape architecture felt at the national, regional and local levels. One of her core beliefs is that landscape architects cannot make their vital contributions to society without sound business practices that allow firms to thrive. She herself has long demonstrated an exceptional ability to create sound business environments, which in turn support continued learning and growth. Further, as she inspired and mentored other women, her unrelenting optimism and vigor demonstrated to others the energizing spirit and possibilities of landscape architecture. She earned her BArch from the University of Virginia and MLA from the Harvard GSD.

Scott Slaney, ASLA SWA Group Shangai, China Scott Slaney received his nomination, for Works, from the Texas Chapter. Throughout his 35 years of private practice, volunteerism, writing, speaking and teaching, he has dedicated himself to demonstrating the real value of the profession through landscape architectural, urban design and planning solutions that balance environmental, social and economic needs and create beautiful built environments. He believes that landscape architects are uniquely equipped to address key issues related to urbanism and the stewardship of the natural environment and has placed himself on a professional path that encourages others to see landscape architects as leaders and agents of positive change. His work has been recognized with more than 35 professional awards at the local, state, national and international levels. He received his BSLA from Texas A&M.

W. Gary Smith, ASLA W. Gary Smith Design, Inc. New York, New York W. Gary Smith received his nomination, for Works, from the Council of Fellows Executive Committee. His leadership in American landscape architecture derives from his combinations of planting design, fine arts and a unique creative approach. His work celebrates plants and the connections they offer among people, nature and the arts. In more than 30 years of professional practice, he has worked almost exclusively in botanic gardens and arboretums. A public-garden pragmatist, Gary is also known for the rich possibilities that unfold when an artist studies the land to create a garden. His is an open-ended and spontaneous process that often leads to unexpected and delightful results. He earned his BS in Plant and Soil Sciences from the University of Delaware and MLA from the University of Pennsylvania.

Ronald R. Stoltz, ASLA University of Arizona Tucson, Arizona Ronald R. Stoltz received his nomination, for Knowledge, from the Arizona Chapter. He is a devoted and passionate teacher, mentor, scholar, leader and advocate for the profession of landscape architecture and has enjoyed a long and distinguished academic career at two leading research institutions: The University of Arizona and the University of Guelph. He is one of the most accomplished and recognized individuals in landscape architecture education and has had a profound impact on programs across the United States and Canada for the past quarter century. He is the leading scholar of landscape architecture pedagogy and is constantly teaching and mentoring to students, developers, government officials and his colleagues in academia. Both his BS in Environmental Design and MLA are from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Barbara A. Swift, ASLA Swift Company, LLC Seattle, Washington Barbara A. Swift received her nomination, for Works, from the Washington Chapter. Her landscape and urban design practice produces designs that engage the context, circumstances and complex patterns of place—human and natural. Her work ranges from wild-land ecological system restoration to carefully crafted urban projects embedded with subtle reference to history and culture. Her body of work reflects an elegantly minimal aesthetic that responds to the demands of daily life. In 1973 she developed an independent study program in Kyoto, Japan, that focused on traditional landscape architecture and rigorous study of calligraphy and sumi. She established Swift Company in 1982 as a platform for formulating the questions that result in meaningful, progressive and ecologically pioneering work. Her BLA is from the University of Washington.

Ronald L. Taylor, ASLA Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group Indianapolis, Indiana Ronald L. Taylor received his nomination, for Service, from the Indiana Chapter. Throughout his 20-year landscape architecture career, he has committed his time, talents and energy to the betterment of the profession in Indiana and nationally. The numerous areas he has influenced include state licensure in Indiana, the rejuvenation of the Indiana ASLA Chapter, the national ASLA constitution and bylaws, Ball State University’s downtown Indianapolis design center and ASLA’s Chapter Initiatives Program. Through advocacy to the public and fellow professionals he fosters greater appreciation of landscape architecture and illustrates that one can work full time and still exert a profound impact on the profession and the landscapes we inhabit. He earned his BLA from Ball State University.

David Paul Thompson, ASLA SWA Group Dallas, Texas David Paul Thompson received his nomination, for Works, from the Texas Chapter. He is a master composer with an awards portfolio that spans four decades. With exceptional versatility he understands a site’s context and can coordinate living systems, vehicular networks, architecture and human activity in ways that are artful and distinct and that improve over time. His projects infuse the intangible notions of “place” into spaces that are cohesive, exuberant and environmentally regenerative. His professional strength stems from his gifts as a conceptual thinker and his life-long affection for the natural world. He is skilled in the aesthetics of design and all the aspects that make great landscape architecture, such as master planning, grading, detailing and planting. He earned his BLA from Louisiana State University.

Annette P. Wilkus, ASLA SiteWorks Landscape Architecture New York, New York Annette P. Wilkus received her nomination, for Leadership and Management, from the New York Chapter. She has managed the construction of many of the world’s most recognized, beloved and often technically challenging landscape initiatives. Over the last 30 years, she has worked side by side with the world’s leading landscape architects, architects and engineers as the landscape construction specialist who has brought their designs to life. In so doing, she has heightened the public’s awareness of landscape architecture—both the works and the profession itself. She is widely recognized as an expert in site-related issues that include design, documentation, implementation, construction and life-cycle cost analysis, and construction sequencing. She earned her BSLA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and MLA from the University of Pennsylvania.

Ernest C. Wong, ASLA Site Design Group, Ltd. Chicago, Illinois Ernest C. Wong received his nomination, for Leadership and Management, from the Illinois Chapter. He has shown exceptional leadership in landscape architecture, excelling in award-winning projects and extensive local and national service and outreach work. His sense of community service is rooted in the diverse neighborhoods within the politically and culturally complex, architecturally multifaceted City of Chicago, his hometown. From iconic city parks to beautiful residential projects, he has successfully contributed to Chicago’s transformation as the greenest city in America. A strong civic advocate and a trusted partner to government and business, his influence has recently expanded into the national arena as he has become active in organizations such as Enterprise Community Partners and the Student Conservation Association. He earned his BLA from Michigan State.

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