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ZOOM Issue 3 December 2012



Undercover SuperStar

Nastasica Robertson: A Dream of Teaching: The Ultimate Learner

Growing up every child has a dream. For Nastasica Robertson, her dream was to become a teacher. She admits that while teaching has been her lifelong dream, she appreciates her exposure to the insurance industry. She is in the process of making her dream a reality, pursuing a Diploma in Education. Nastasica created the Operation’s Department English Day which is celebrated monthly to highlight the importance of practicing the English Language. If one fails at this, they pay a small fine. Nastasica’s initiative is proof that BCIC is a learning organization. Her understanding and application of learning is essential within the company, maximizing the productivity we are known for. How so you may ask? An individual who has command of the English language is able to effectively communicate internally and externally, lessening the Engagement time of several processes (which include preparing claims and responding to customer requests). This heightened productivity makes us a more profitable organization, thus the place that you want to work. Nastasica’s, education and skill complement are important in any organization as she believes that her experience in education will further allow her to assist in training and critical thinking within the organization as well as to continually improve communication therein. Ms. Robertson joined BCIC in 2008 from St. Mary High School as in Intern for six months. She has remained with us because she is happy here and also because of the relationships that she has built with the staff and her team mates. Nactasica, at first glance is a serious and shy individual, but on closer observation, she is a very approachable and responsible team player. Being the first child, Nastasica early learned the responsibility, which she displays here at work. Playing netball in high school developed her team working skills. Giovanni, Nastasica’s son is her world and she has dedicated her life to making him the best he can possibly be. When she is not working or studying or with Giovanni, she is watching movies on her favorite station LMN (Lifetime Movie Network). For her, at BCIC “Every day is memorable, there is never a dull Moment Here”


Financial Focus ACTUAL YTD gross premiums are some 20% higher than prior year, and 10% higher than budget. We achieved a milestone in November by exceeding the $3B mark for written premiums in any one year (and with one month to spare). Despite the impact of hurricane Sandy, we managed to show a small operating (underwriting) profit as at November. We were able to grow our profit before tax by 64.7% relative to 2011, making 2012 results one of the most profitable in recent years.

Cheers, to A Job Well Done! Happy Holidays!


The Business of Insurance

Excerpts from BCIC: A Golden Jubilee of Customer Focus (an Interview with Peter Levy as published in Wealth Magazine “A combination of focusing on the needs of our customers aligned with a conservative approach to the risk which insurance companies face are the two reasons for our longevity”. Innovative and cutting edge products that meet the needs of our clients are sure ways to keep the business afloat. This innovation must be backed by world class customer service. While an insurance company may have attractive and innovative products, it is the ‘word of mouth’ from clients who have had pleasant experiences that may well account for the greater part of new business. As an insurance company, if your clients have very few positive things to say about your operations then it is unlikely that they will continue with you. Customers who are dissatisfied will affect the company’s ability to attract new business as word- of- mouth goes a far way in this industry. BCIC, like other companies, prices its products based on the anticipation of catastrophic event occurences. There is a risk involved in not knowing the replacement cost of the product being offered for coverage while determining its premium price. If the company gets the pricing wrong on the lower end, then it will have to make up the difference at the other end becuase the payment for claims must be made. In addition to our emphasis on customer service, we at BCIC manage the risk of exposure due to catastrophic events by monitoring existing conditions and purchase reinsurance from established firms in the United Kingdom and the United States”.

BCIC Corporate Ladder The Job Rotation Programme

BCIC’s Job Rotation Programme was initiated in May 2012. The sixth months programme is an initiative to expose the younger members of staff to the functioning of the various departments.Thus far there are two participants in the programme: Jermaine Manhue and Andrew Frazer from the Operations Department. For the duration of the programme, Jermaine has been rotated to Corporate and has been receiving commendations for his transition therein. From his perspective, he concedes that the programmme has been “good, I have gotten the opportunity to learn about the facets of the insurance industry. I have also learnt the different means of assessing motor vehicles as opposed to property. The programme has peaked my interest in and appreciation of property insurance, opening my mind to the various classes of property, something I wasn’t familiar with before.” Jermaine furthermore sees himself permanently transitioning from Operations to Corporate. With just two months in the programme, Jermaine proudly sttes that he has processed over $29mil in premium.He also deems the programme as necessary within the company, as it “broadens one’s knowledge of the insurance industry furthering our focus on learning within the organization”. He adds that “this knowledge makes the staff more valuable to the organization and the general insurance market”.

Andrew, also from Operations has been rotated to the Claims department. In his interview with ZOOM, he offers a comparison between the Claims and Operations Department, “Operations is the entrance department of the company. Claims conversely offer a fast paced environment that requires accuracy and precision, therefore deadline- oriented”. From his standpoint, his attention to detail has developed tremendously as Claims is a more demanding department with a lot more responsibilities as you are the point of contact for clients. It challenges you to work on your own initiative”. Having prior customer service experience, he has realized that the insurance client is different and therefore has needs and associated expectations of peace of mind. It has forced him to forge excellent customer relationships while opting to give them the peace of mind that they are expecting. Andrew shares Jermaine’s aspiration of transitioning into insurance specialization. The programme is a starting point for professional development within our company, and we as staff are being encouraged to take charge of our careers, ensuring that we possess the requisite skills and academic cerifications inclusive of the FSC license which will enable us to grasp opportunities as they may arise. Do you know that BCIC provides financial assistance through the Education Assistance Programme for you to acquire your FSC Salesman License? Check with Joy Gibson or Doreen Samuels the steps you need to take to “kick- start” your career.



Health and Wellness 101 Health Tips

Break it Up

for the

Holiday Season



Do Something Active Each Day: try to get out and move for at least 30 minutes.

Learn to say No

During the holidays, you may find yourself taking on all kinds of extra tasks because it’s a Tradition—and you figure your family and friends expect you to do what you always do. However, this doesn’t mean you’re obligated to do these things forever, if you feel like some of them are stealing time you need to take care of your own health.

Use Moderation When Cheating On Your Diet

Allow yourself to indulge here and there, but limit your portions.

Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

The general rule of thumb for alcohol comsumpion is the less the better as alcohol contributes to fat gain.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Many times we will overeat because we are dehydrated and thirsty. Therefore, make sure that your water intake is adequate. Besides, water also gives you a sense of fullness so if properly hydrated you will be consuming less food.

Decorating for the Holiday Season and Beyond Painting D.I.Y

It’s a time-old tradition that we Jamaicans have: we paint at or approaching Christmas time. Many individuals however see painting as “dirty job” which we outsource. Painting can be a tremendous experience among family. For mothers, it’s an opportunity to put the children to work cleaning up the mess, they made, and for children, an opportunity to learn a new skill and have some fun. Additionally, hiring a painter may prove expensive in our ‘challenged’ economy. So why not Do it Yourself (D.I.Y) save some money and create memorable experiences with your loved ones that will last a lifetime. ZOOM with the assistance of Kimberley Morgan has not “left you out of the DIY loop”. We have simplified the painting process into Preparation and Application Tips: Easy as 1-2.

Preparation Tips

1. Use a soap scrub on the walls for a thorough clean surface. 2. Paint doesn’t always adhere to glossy surfaces. Use a light grade sandpaper to take the gloss and flaking off the surface so your new paint sticks like it should. Also patch up any holes or cracks in the wall. 3. Applying an oil based primer or coat of flat paint can also take the shine off a surface. Primer not only provides a good surface for the paint, but it also brings out the paint’s true color. 4.Tape over edges and items that you don’t want to paint such as outlets or skirting boards 5. Dry days make good painting days. Moisture in the air keeps water-based paint from drying.

Application Tips

1. Start with the ceiling to allow for accidental running down the walls, as you will be painting over this later so it doesn’t matter. Continue by painting the edges on the walls, then moving inwards. Additionally, you will want to wear goggles during this part for eye protection. 2. The pros recommend one gallon for every 400 square feet. Some surfaces may need more. 3. When painting with a roller, use a criss-cross pattern, like an X. This gives a better coat of paint and is less likely to show any paint strokes as the edges of the paint blend together. Never roll in parallel strokes or you will get an uneven finish. 4. Once the paint is distributed and the roller almost dry, a handy trick is to go back over the whole area in long even strokes to create and even finish.





The Staff Salute Continued We appplaud your Relentless Passion and Focus in staying this course throughout this challenging year. We salute your effervescence and the awesome spirit you display here. We Thank you for being resilient and driven towards improving our bottom line continually solidifying BCIC’s place in the Insurance Game. You are the key to our success and we encourage you to continue to put our Values into Action propelling our continued greatness. We Thank you for your patience and hard work. We Thank you for always going the extra mile.

Rise ! You have been Saluted.


Programme Overview The St. Andrew’s Scots Kirk United Church Children’s Cultural and Educational Programme has been in existence since 1993. This programme arose out of the outreach arm of the church, identifying a deficiency in some of the inner -city schools to provide the required educational and social development of some of our less fortunate children. The programme has faced several challenges primarily financial which have prevented it from attracting qualified human support and procuring necessary technological equipment to serve its community. Moving forward, the desire is to provide access to computer learning and a reading lab for children and teens from Inner City Schools and churches that live in the surrounding community. The geographical focus of the church takes us along namely, South and East Parade, Sutton, East Queen, and Duke Streets. We have asked the principals of four schools in the area to identify five students each to participate in the programme. Programme Schedule

From L-R Jeniffer Sadler(Operations Manger), Program Recipient, Rev.Dr. Ralph A. Hoyte: Minister, St. Andrew’s Scots Kirk

The programme is scheduled to run from November 2012 –June 2013 offering to all age groups offering: •Remedial learning •Homework Supervision •Computer Appreciation •Study Techniques •Counselling

Our Contribution

to the Programme/How you can help? At present the programme is behind schedule due to a challenge with leaks in the roof. As soon as this is rectified, our IT department will provide technical support in setting up computers in the facility. We have thus far contributed a monetary donation in the amount of $600,000 at our 50th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service on October 21, 2012. We want you to assist in the programme whether through teaching, reading, mentorship or in any area that you feel comfortable. Interested staff members may get more information from Simone Foote.




As a learning organization, we at BCIC understand and appreciate the value of a good education and lifelong learning. In our challenged ecomomy education has a significant price tag that may deter many from accessing this necessity. We acknowledge these challenges and launched The 50th Anniversary Bursary in commemoration of our Golden Anniversary. After a rigorous interview and selection process by an independent panel, we are pleased to Congratulate the Awardees of the 5oth Anniversary Bursary on their success and wish them the best in pursuit of their educational endeavours.

Sonia Reid

Susan Whilby

Shevaughna Fowler

Keisha Marriott

Raymond Wilson

Jasmine Bogle

Ferra Johnson

Dahlia Parkes

Racquel Grant

Hilzan Goulbourne

A hearty congratulations to the awardees listed above. Each will receive $50,000.00 educational assistance for themselves or their dependents.



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