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Ruby Red


Hip Shakin’ Baby


Party Fools


Engineered and Mixed by W ayne Cochrane Recorded at M  etalworks Studios, Toronto, Canada © 2012 All songs written, arranged and produced by Ollie Vee

A Ollie Vee B

Ollie Vee L to R: Johnny Vassos, Jesse Adamson, Howard Linscott Hardcopy photograph available by request:

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A BAND BIO B Ollie Vee hails from a desolate Southern Ontario farm town called Seagrave.

The 3-piece combo

stumbled upon each other when front man, Jesse Adamson grabbed a late night taxi home from a roadside dive bar in a neighbouring town.

As the blue moonlight hit the blacktop, the slim

silver haired driver revealed himself as Howard Linscott.

Their conversation began with modern

song writing and how popular music had no guts or soul, but their repartee quickly turned to traditional rock ‘n’ roll.

With pompadours piled high, the unlikely strangers pined over the

black Boogie Woogie and Rhythm & Blues music of early Memphis and New Orleans recordings.


farm fields with cattle and old broken-down barns flew by in the night, the conversation rolled on to the revolutionary rednecks of rockabilly who emerged from this legendary southern sound. From Junior Parker, Fats Domino and Little Richard, to Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Johnny Burnette – There was a mutual love for Rock ‘n’ Roll in its purest form.

Adamson directed the strange rock ‘n’ roller towards his house in the country and explained that he played roots music on a flat top guitar that had an Americana influence.

Linscott turned to

him and said, in no uncertain terms, “I’m the best Rock n’ Roll double bass player on the planet”. Adamson chuckled and invited the cabbie around to his place to prove it.

As the cab turned down

increasingly narrow country roads and approached the driveway, he stopped dead in his tracks. In the cold black night he turned with a pale face and said “I used to own this house.”

48 hours

later, the bass player proved his bold statement to be true and the creaky old house became the home of a new sound with old roots.

The combo knew that they needed to find a finger pickin’ guitar player – not one like the great Setzer and definitely not one from the Psychobilly realm – This man had to reach back to the great players of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s with hints of early R&B, Country, Americana, Jazz and Swing.

After auditioning a few weak players with no style and even less imagination, luck pulled into town.

A young man with an old soul named Johnny Vassos was on his way to meet a man at the

cross roads.

With Jack Daniels as his partner in crime Johnny stumbled onto a weathered old

poster stuck to a lamppost outside of the very bar where Linscott and Adamson crossed paths for the first time.

Johnny could only make out two phrases and a phone number on the tattered,

sun bleached poster – “Scotty Moore” and “Wanted”.

Ollie Vee met for the first time that evening.

Johnny’s long black truck rolled down the dirt driveway and got out.

The 3-piece band setup in

the vaulted living room of the old country house and played “Luck Like Me” for the first time. was undeniable.


Ollie Vee hires in drummers as needed, but they will light up the

stage with the original 3 just as fast.

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A Jesse aDAMSON B Rhythm Guitar & Lead Vocals

Instrument: Gibson J200 Flat Top, Gretsch Historic Arch Top, Voice with RE208 slap back Singers: Morrissey, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison First Song: That’ll be the Day - Buddy Holly Addicted: Cappuccino Drinks: Vodka Tonic Car: Studebaker Movies: Don’t Knock the Rock, Mystery Train, Blade Runner - Page 3 -

A Johnny VaSSOS B Lead Guitar & Back-up Vocals

Instrument: Gitar, yes GITAR, Stratocaster 50’s, Nocaster 51, Gibson SG 60’s, Gibson Melody Maker SG 60’s, Guild F30 ‘78, Danelectro, 2010 Gibson SG, A & L black parlor acoustic players: Robert Johnson Addicted: Old Gitars Drinks: G & T Car: 1955 Chevy 3100 pickup Movies: Ed Wood, The Blues Brothers, The Running Man, Rushmore

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A HOWard LINSCOTT B Double Bass & Back-up Vocals

Instrument: double bass (aka bass violin) 100 years old; plays guitar but trying to quit Addicted: 2000+ long-playing records 1955-65: R&B, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Swing, Gospel, soundtracks Drinks: chocolate milk on the rocks Cars in garage: 1961 Studebaker Hawk (custom), 1962 Mercury Monterey convertible; Some assembly required: 1957 Mercury Monterey convertible Movies: film noir, 50s monster and sci-fi Musicians/singers/songwriters: Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Duke Ellington, Roy Orbison - Page 5 -

A contact B Contact For Bookings: Jesse Adamson Tel: +1 416 301 2230 Email:

Contact For Marketing Materials: Ilona Utriainen Tel: +1 416 270 4003 Email: Mailing Address: Att: Ollie Vee ~ 111 Robinglade Avenue, Seagrave ON L0C 1G0, Canada

A references B “Ollie Vee made their debut LP in nearly one take, live off the floor to analog tape. It is rare and refreshing to come across musicians who don’t want to fake it with technology. These guys create an infectious blend of Americana and Rockabilly that makes it impossible to sit still, and they do it with swagger! They are a blast to see live and are even more fun to hang out with.” -Wayne Cochrane, Producer/Engineer Metalworks Studios, Toronto

“I heard from a friend that there was a rockabilly band playing at the local pub. I had no idea what to expect, I like rockabilly music and I was quite surprised!

The place

was packed, there was an amazing vibe and atmosphere...The music and performance was phenomenal.

Can’t wait to see them again!”

-Nick Bronson, Evening Producer, Durham Radio Inc.

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A VIDEO B play Watch Hip Shakin’ Baby performed at the PRESS CLUB in Toronto

Ollie Vee Press Kit  
Ollie Vee Press Kit  

Information about Ollie Vee band. Links to demo tracks and video.