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The Red Eagle

Start with the basic model

Add features to the body

Add in the basic super suit mesh and mask/cowl

Add in super suit preset over mesh and add in wings

Put in basic textures to suit, wings and face

Fix up textures to look more realistic

Once finished, give him a cool pose!

Using Bryce 7 I created the mountain by tweaking the default slightly and put in clouds/sky

I created the clouds in front of a simple black background for a misty effect

I added the mountain and a rating to the poster

I added in some text up the top and the title of the film

I added a posed figure of the hero using a similar glow effect used in the text

I added some hue and saturation effects to the clouds for a red effect. I also blended several cloud textures together for a more realistic effect

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

I created the first scene and added in the background image

I added various photos and sounds to the library

I added a button identical to the title (So it could fit over it unnoticed) o act as the etner button

I navigated to the code section so it is now ready to have a command imputed.

I have input the coding to make the enter button play the theme song and go to the next scene

Ive added a simple stop button to prevent the sound looping

I have now added the pictures for sounds and input the sounds to each picture the same as the first time.

Tutorial 1: Crash Course

I first start by selecting the base pre-set for the game

I then open the actor editor

After going into the Actor Editor I can now edit the Actor’s behaviours

I have edited the basic walking animation and attributed to the Mambo character. I will do this for all the basic movements/animations

As you can now see, I have edited all the basic actor behaviours for Mambo and applied them

Now I have opened up the Pronger Editor, I can edit his behaviours as well

I have now put in the basic settings for the first scene/enviroment

I have now added some basic tiles to the landscape to make it ready for Actors

I have now added the actors (Mambo and Pronger) to the scene. It is ready to be tested/played

As you can see, the game is working, I can jump and kill the enemies.

As you can see, there is a small glitch/bug in the game which allows me to jump into the platforms by jumping directly at the bottom corner.

Now that (almost) everything is working perfectly, I decided to clean the look of it up a bit (Making the edges bolder ) so it looks for finished. I also added some red blocks to the drops so you cant get out if you fall. (You use to be able to drop down to the last level, skipping the rest)

Tutorial 1: Space Invaders!

I have created a Ship actor (The player’s character) and am ready to give it a sprite/animation

As you can see, I have selected the Flying image//animation. Since it is 1 picture, I have split it into quarters to create 4 frames

Now I have split the picture so you can see the before mention frames

I have now set the physics for the player. It can move, it cannot rotate, and it is not affected by gravity

I have now set up collision groups so that enemies can be destroyed by bullets

Now that I have created the enemy ship, I have set his physics settings

I have now created the bullet actors and given them a 3 frame animation

Next thing I do is add in the starry background to the game

I’ve now added in the theme song, I will now do the same with the sound effects

I have now started setting the scene by putting the previously imported background into the scene

I’ve put the enemies and player onto the background thus creating the complete scene

I have now added in the theme song to play throughout the scene

I have now added in the coding to allow the ship/player to move. Next I will add in code so that it cannot move past the boundaries of the screen

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