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New Cross Hospital


University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust


Stoke City General Hospital


Worcestershire Royal Hospital


National Design Guidance by SHP


Liverpool Women’s Hospital


Walsall Manor Hospital


Walsgrave Hospital


North Staffs Hospital


The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust Northern Health & Social Care Trust


Scarborough and North East Yorkshire Healthcare NHS Trust Northern Health & Social Care Trust


East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust Newham Healthcare NHS Trust


Sandwell Primary Care Trust



This brochure outlines the experiences of SHP in the delivery of women’s care facilities, from gestation to birth. The partners and staff of Strategic Healthcare Planning have been involved in the delivery of facilities for the care of women since 1978 with a commission at North Staffs City General Hospital. Since then the Organisation has been involved in a full range of service models from tertiary to general hospital to primary care whilst also contributing to the production of national guidance. This document outlines the contribution SHP has made to the care of patients through the development of appropriate facilities that provide for modern techniques and modalities.


Case Studies


Strategic Healthcare Planning are committed to providing expert consultancy and planning services leading to more effective and efficient healthcare services across the world.

This can be seen in our recent project portfolio.



Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton Women’s Unit In 2008 SHP obtained Planning Approval

This involved the improvement to various

from Wolverhampton City Council to the

facilities including:

strategy for the overall redevelopment of the

• Delivery suite

New Cross Hospital site that included a phased

• Operating theatres

replacement of its older buildings. One of the

• Neonatal unit

latter phases is the replacement of the existing

• Inpatient wards

Women’s Unit. The Trust determined that

• Midwifery-led unit

it was unable to wait for an improvement to

• Administration offices

women’s services and commissioned SHP to remodel the current building.

In 2013 the Trust considered the impact on the service that reviewed demographic changes that could require the building to increase its births by up to a further 1000 babies. SHP developed the strategy in response to this increased demand. 9

University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust City General Hospital, North Staffordshire Maternity

In 1978 one of the Partners at SHP commenced a 40 year journey with the provision of facilities for maternity services on the City General site that culminated with a new, integrated ‘state of the art’ hospital procured through the NHS Procure 21 route. Those early years saw developments for delivery, neonatal, mother & baby unit, and several business cases. The development of a new PFI Hospital for the Trust provided the opportunity to create a new facility.



Stoke City General Hospital North Staffordshire Maternity Services Strategic Healthcare Planning (SHP) has undertaken health planning work for the University Hospital of North Staffordshire (NHS) Trust for many years and this has been of a consistently high standard and has shown a high degree of innovation. A major strength of SHP is the way in which they have engaged all stakeholders but particularly clinical teams within the Trust. This has been evidenced by the successful outcome of the projects with which they have been involved. One of the most significant projects was a new Maternity and Oncology development on the main acute hospital site. The juxtaposition of these two services was dictated by the programming for the whole site development but taking the two services forward at the same time required a great deal of innovative thinking.



The project was completed on time and to budget and with a high level of user satisfaction for both maternity and oncology services. This was in no small part due to the input of SHP and to the high level of knowledge; experience; professionalism; innovation; and stakeholder involvement that they brought to bear on the project.


Andrew Underwood Director of Corporate Services University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust


Worcestershire Royal Hospital Worcester Women’s Services SHP was appointed to lead the Technical

• gynaecology

Advisory Team for the new Worcestershire PFI

• emergency assessment

Hospital. The facility incorporated an integrated

• inpatients

Women’s Centre.

• fmau

The service model provided: • maternity • antenatal clinic

understanding that the design met the clinical

• ante/post natal wards

requirements of all areas of the service.

• transitional care • scbu • delivery suite & theatres 14

SHP liaised with the clinical teams to ensure an

National Design Guidance By Strategic Healthcare Planning Health Building Notes In 2010 SHP took part in a series of

The outcome was the identification of those

workshops with other nationally recognised

HBNs that required updating

healthcare planning organisations convened

SHP assisted in the redrafting of HBN 09-03

by the Department of Health to review the

Neonatal Units

appropriateness of current Health Building Notes.


Liverpool Women’s Hospital Liverpool Specialist Hospital

Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust specialises in the health of women and their babies - both within the hospital and out in the community. And, is one of only two such specialist trusts in the UK - and the largest women’s hospital of its kind in Europe. The maternity team cares for women and their babies from conception to birth supported by a neonatal team which provides around the clock care for premature and new born babies needing specialist care. SHP were commissioned to undertake a series of business cases with regards to service development focussing specifically on critical care and delivery suite. These commissions sprang from an initial requirement to undertake an estates strategy which reviewed both service and estate in order to respond to increased demands from the community.



Walsall Manor Hospital Walsall Maternity Unit Prior to joining Strategic Healthcare Planning in 1996 as one of the founding partners Chris Wood was employed by Shrewsbury based architectural practice AEDAS. Whilst there he was responsible for the design and delivery on site of a 5000 sq.m. maternity unit based on the Nucleus principle. Subsequently SHP led the Technical Advisory Team that delivered a new PFI project that modified and linked in to the maternity unit to form an integrated service with the main hospital.



Walsgrave Hospital Coventry Women & Children’s Care

SHP was appointed to lead the Technical Advisory Team for the new PFI Hospital for the University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire that opened in 2008. Included in the building was a “Hospital within a Hospital” care model that incorporated an integrated Women & Children’s Centre with its own dedicated entrance and identity. The service model provided: • main entrance suite • administration centre • maternity • antenatal clinic • ante/post natal wards • delivery suite & theatres • gynaecology • emergency assessment • inpatients • fmau • paediatrics • outpatients • inpatients • adolescents • neonatal SHP liaised with the clinical teams to ensure an understanding that the design met the clinical requirements of all areas of the service.




North Staffs Hospital North Staffordshire 26 cot, Level 3, Neonatal Unit

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is

Babies are admitted for a variety of reasons.

based within the Maternity Department and

Some are born early in pregnancy from 24

offers care for up to 23 babies and their families.

weeks gestation, weighing in at just 500 grams,

The unit has 6 intensive care cots, 4 high

others may be babies who are born at term but

dependency cots and 13 special care cots. There

are unwell and need the specialised medical or

is also a special isolation room.

nursing care. Babies are generally admitted from the labour ward or from the midwifery wards and occasionally from other neonatal units.        The unit is a level 3 intensive care unit which provides the highest level of intensive care for the vulnerable neonate from the local area and across the West Midlands network. The unit is nationally recognised as a centre of excellence. 


The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust

Northern Health & Social Care Trust

Strategic development and Healthcare Planning

Strategic development and Healthcare Planning

support for the replacement of Women’s and

support for the replacement of Women’s and

Children’s services including new Maternity

Children’s services including new Maternity




Scarborough and North East Yorkshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Northern Health & Social Care Trust

Trust Support with a Digital Mammography

Strategic Service and Capacity Planning for

and Breast Care Service Study at Scarborough

Obstetric and Gynaecology services.

District General Hospital.


East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust

Newham Healthcare NHS Trust

Healthcare Planning and Business Case

Development of an Outline Business Case for

support for Women’s and Newborns services at

Women’s and Family Health Services.

Blackburn and Burnley Hospitals.


Sandwell Primary Care Trust

Trust support with the development of a Schedule of Accommodation for a Midwifery Led Birthing Centre.




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Women's Services by Strategic Healthcare Planning  

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