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eg t a r t S h t u o Y ’s n East Lothia http://youthvision


SAFE youthvision

Being young in East Lothian

ely ea of approximat ar an rs ve co n ia East Loth in nlike most areas U s. ile m re ua sq 270 ian is lation in East Loth Scotland, the popu 2.2% pected to grow by ex is d an ng si ea incr ars. over the next 5 ye

East Lothian

The majority of young people said they feel safe in their neighbourhood and feel safe and secure in their school

of 0–17 year r e b m u n e th in ed increase There is a project laces increased p is th d n a n ia th st Lo r olds living in Ea schools and othe g n ti is x e n o s d n ema pressures and d young people. d n a n re d il ch r resources fo ars old g people 0–17 ye Children and youn tion, Lothian’s popula t as E of % .1 22 form ,280 in 2000. which stood at 91 East all people living in A total 26.44% of r the age of 21. Lothian are unde ung people e outcomes for yo tiv si po e ev hi ac To ople ren and young pe ild ch l al n, ia th Lo in East ive cessible and effect ac ve ha to e rv se de Services. Drug users, drunks in the street and walking through dark areas make young people feel unsafe

youthvision East Lothian


Since being appointed Champion for Youth, I have had the pleasure to meet and work with young people from all

over our county. Young people have shaped this document

through their contributions to a wide-ranging survey carried out over the summer of 2008. Information gained has

been analysed together with Student Evaluation of Learning Systems (SELS) in Schools.

63% of young people attend activities outside school. Their main interests are sports, gigs, discos, music lessons, outdoor activities, internet, film making, drama, visual arts, volunteering and creative writing

90% of young people said that school helps them keep safe and healthy, teaches them about healthy eating, personal relationships and the dangers of drugs, alcohol and smoking

Walking is the main form of travel for young people and 32% use a bicycle

work il is committed to nc ou C n ia th Lo t Eas with to engage closely d an rs ne rt pa with its hich will velop services, w de to le op pe g un yo e ’s quality of life. Th le op pe g un yo e improv orked with d services that w an ns tio sa ni ga or t ng this documen pi lo ve de in le op young pe ion is fully and youthvis re ca d ne te lis ve ha ng with dication to worki de r ei th to t en testam . our young people eir g people within th un yo ith w ng ki or W ns ised as a key mea gn co re is es iti un comm d fairer, arter, wealthier an sm a ng ri cu se of er r, safer and strong healthier, greene like to young people. I’d r ou r fo nd la ot Sc rt ople who took pa pe g un yo e th l al thank ngs in ined that the findi and I am determ s. used in future plan be ill w t en m cu this do ming a East Lothian beco I look forward to are ople feel valued, pe g un yo re he w place rs, confident successful learne sible citizens individuals, respon ributors. and effective cont

Ru th Cu r rie Cllr Ruth Currie h Champion for Yout

HEALTHY youthvision

A shared

vision ncil helped East Lothian Cou ung people us identify what yo in the future. t n a w 5 2 to 2 1 d age across East m o fr le p o e p g n You h the Council’s it w d e rk o w n ia Loth ing and Community Learn ice to develop rv e S t n e m p lo ve De n n for East Lothia o si vi th u o y t rs fi the sult. and this is the re

East Lothian

Free sports activities, health promotions in schools and health drop-ins with better access to health information are all seen by young people as being important to improve their health

ng rvices which you e s in rs e k a m n that decisio at We recommend nd remember th a t n e m cu o d is account of th people use take t they think and a h w y a s l il w d n ve a voice a young people ha believe in. with the continue working to e lik ld ou w e W ent artners to implem Council and its P this vision. East t and the future of en es pr e th e ar e W rious wishes deserve se Lothian and our consideration.

h Council

East Lothian Yout

youthvision East Lothian

Organising events for young people, involving them in planning, running consultations and involving them when making important decisions are ways to ensure that young people’s views are heard



vision youthvision provid es a framework for: • Identifying and

addressing the ne eds of young people • Working in a pl anned way with an d for the benefit of youn g people • Including youn g people in decisi on making processe s • Working in part nership in order to make the best us e of our resource s and strengthen our ac tivities youthvision will pl ay a key role in de livering the principles outlined in the UN Convent ion on the Rights of the Child , particularly Artic le 12:

“The right of you

ng people to voic e their opinion, have th eir views listene d to and be taken seriously.” youthvision prom otes youth engage ment and active citizenship , it builds respec t for human rights and mutua l responsibility Schools Councils, Youth Councils and groups, meetings with local Councillors, media and text messaging are good ways of getting young people’s views across

We want to create

East Lothian with

all to flourish.

a more successfu

opportunities for


ACHIEVING youthvision

... we want

Young people say that they need better education, learning, training, leisure and jobs to improve the quality of their lives with equal opportunities for all

• strong, resilie nt, supportive communities whe re people take responsibility for their own action s& how they affect ot hers • to tackle the si gn Scottish Society

ificant inequalitie s

East Lothian


• to take pride in a strong fair & in clusive national identity • our children to ha

ve the best start in life and be ready to succeed

• to be better ed ucated, more sk illed and more succes sful, renowned fo r our research and inno vation • young people to

be successful lear ners, confident individu als, effective contributors & re sponsible citizens

• to have improv ed

the life chances of children, young pe ople and families at risk or with disa bility

• to live longer, he

althier lives

• to live our lives sa

fe from crime, disorder and dang er

• to reduce the loca

l and global environmental im pact of our consumption and production

A wealthier and



healthier safer and strong


East Lothian


youthvision East Lothian


p i h s r e n t r Pa 77% of young people said that recycling was the best way to help their environment with 48% calling for greener public transport

gned with youthvision is ali ncil’s Corporate East Lothian Cou ntract with the Plan and Our Co on assists in People. youthvisi the East Lothian helping to achieve greement and Single Outcome A Community is encapsulated in Planning. n’s aces East Lothia youthvision embr ork s Services Framew n’ re ld hi C ed at gr Inte l partner services al at th re su en to and seeks amless ell-integrated se w a in ed er liv de are l. e outcomes for al tiv si po in g in lt su manner re

e Outcomes are th . s e m o tc u o t u o ll ab Youth Vision is a not just what re a s e m o tc u O . ant to make differences we w e do that is of w t a h w m o fr s lt r what resu we do; but rathe efit to others. n e b s e iv g r o e valu munity Planning East Lothian’s Com n and all dorsed youthvisio en s ha ip sh er tn Par in d for young people an ith w ng ki or w agencies fully in support of East Lothian are youthvision.

e mmitted to involv co ve ha s er tn ar P All our and e in the planning or m le op pe g un yo es across delivery of servic East Lothian.

NURTURED youthvision

Living the Vision

will en developed and youthvision has be young in partnership with be implemented All ross East Lothian. people from all ac to a have committed service providers the ion Plan to deliver ct A on si Vi e th Living uthvision. Outcomes for yo

19% of young people still feel they do not get enough support from services and most young people talk to their friends or parents about sensitive issues

ed on an dated and modifi The plan will be up Council ast Lothian Youth E d an s si ba g in ongo munity East Lothian Com in conjunction with ress will monitor prog ip sh er tn ar P g in Plann on youthvision.

ed that brings all is n a rg o e b l il w nt Each year an eve eople together to p g n u o y d n a rs rtne participating pa . ision is on track V th u o Y re u s e k ma nt we will: At the Annual Eve the achievements of • Celebrate our past year things could have done • Learn how we better y ision and make an • Revisit youthv will improve it changes we think e ideas for Living th ’s ne yo er ev to en • List ing year Vision in the com ion Plan • Update our Act e out all the positiv • Get excited ab them plans and make d an s tie ili ib ss po a reality

East Lothian

youthvision East Lothian


can provide council information in user friendly versions in other formats, for example:

We can also provide signers and interpreters for council business. Phone 01620 827199 for more information.

Samorząd Regionu East Lothian dysponuje informacjami w Twoim własnym języku. W razie potrzeby zapewniamy również pomoc tłumaczy. Więcej informacji pod numerem: 01620 827199







● Braille ● Large Print ● Audio-tape.

ˆ ˆ ˆ ´ Vijece je pruziti Vam ´ za podrucjeˆ East Lothian-a u mogucnosti ˆ informacije na Vasem jeziku u pristupacnom i jednostavnom formatu. Osiguravamo usluge prevodioca ˆza zdravstvo, skolstvo, socijalni rad, i ostale vladine i lokalne sluzbe. Za informacije molimo Vas obratite se na telefon: 01620 827199. Keshilli i East Lothian ju ofron informata ne gjuhen e juaj ne nje version te afert. Ne gjithashtu ofrojme perkthyes per punet e keshillit. Per informata me te shumta, ju lutem kontaktoni : 01620 827199.

Living the Vision can be viewed on:


eg t a r t S h t u o Y ’s n East Lothia http://youthvision


East Lothian Youth Vision  

East Lothian's Youth Vison Document

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