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few issues ago Tanglewood and Michael Sanden, of Sanden Guitars, offered one of our readers the chance to win a custom-built guitar from Michael. The lucky winner was Ian Palmer, and over the next four issues Michael will talk us through the construction of the prize.

The Winner Takes It All Five years ago Tanglewood approached me and my company, Sanden Guitars, to help them design what was to become their flagship model. They wanted a line of guitars that stood out from the rest. When I started to build guitars 30 years ago I wanted to make guitars that were original and not simply

copies of existing designs. I also wanted to build instruments that were contemporary, that would fit the needs of modern musicians. Don’t get me wrong, I like vintage instruments, and I think it is important that we carry on the traditions – but that is not for me. So now, 30 years later, people come to me for my kind of instrument. And that is what I will build for Ian Palmer, the winner of the competition in Acoustic.

of all the options he could choose from. He settled on a TSR-1, but with some custom fittings. We start with an AAAA Sitka spruce top, which I bought in 1990, really dry and with a lot of ‘silk’. The back and side will

be East Indian rosewood, a beautiful dark colour and perfect quarter-sawn. The neck will be sapele mahogany with an ebony fretboard. Ian wanted an ‘open head’ and golden tuners with ebony buttons. The head will have an ebony veneer on both sides for looks and strength. The top will have a rosette in sumptuous paua abalone. The body and the fretboard will also be fitted with a flamed koa binding – this will give the guitar a striking look. Ian is a fingerstlye player, so he decided on a wider neck, with a 46 mm nut width and a pinless bridge. The use of such a bridge gives the guitar a more open sound with more attack – perfect for fingerstyle players.

The Contact And Spec First I wrote an email to Ian congratulating him on his win – to say he was pleased is something of an understatement. From there we jumped straight into choosing the spec for his instrument. To keep things simple for him I sent him a detailed list

Moulding the sides into shape


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24/05/2011 15:09


The woods have been selected and cut to size

The sides moulded into shape

So now I hope you all can picture the guitar in front of you. And I hope you will find it interesting to follow the building of this instrument in the next four issues. I will divide the coverage like this: this and the next issue I will show the building of the body; the third instalment will concentrate on the neck and fretboard; and the last issue will be the finish and set-up.

The Building Starts Building a guitar can be very complicated or very simple. The way I build guitars, and consequently the approach of my workshop, boils down to a straightforward approach. I break down the building process into manageable steps. After all, if you’re going to climb a mountain you have to do it one step after another! Although I do a lot of work with regular hand tools, I discovered quite early on in my career that I like using routers. If you make good moulds and jigs, the router will do an excellent job. A few years ago I purchased a CNC machine, thinking this would make the process easier, faster and more accurate. Instead I became very frustrated. I’ve never been one for computers, and using the CNC was more programming than constructing a guitar. So I sold it to a friend who uses it to make the most incredible moulds and jigs for my routers. Finding the wood for guitars is like searching for lost treasure. There’s something about going to sawmills and hand-picking the wood for instruments that I truly love. Over the years I have

found a handful of people I can trust and I know they always have some beautiful pieces for me. Normally the wood is dried when I buy it. But I still let it sit in my workshop for at least three years before I use it. I always start, with the customer in mind, picking out the wood for his or her instrument and what they want from the final product. The most important bit is the top – I

like it to be stiff lengthwise and flexible across the grain. Before I glue the halves together I sand them down to approximately 4 mm. Then it is easier to check the grain and if there is any irregularity that I do not want. I glue the half together in a special jig that gives an even precure. For most of the time I let everything I glue sit overnight. I try to prepare all the work on the different pieces during the day and then glue in the late afternoon. Then I let it sit overnight so I do not get the urge to take off the clamps too soon. Bending the sides is done with water and heat. By first damping the wood and then adding heat the fibre will soften, making it easy to bend the wood. When the wood then cools it will stay in its new shape. Some use a bending iron but I prefer a bending machine, which I built in 1985. It has double-thin plates which I put the sides between,

and with the help of the clamping devices I can bend the sides over the mould. I bend both sides at the same time and it takes about 20–25 minutes. Because there is heat from both plates the wood does not break. After bending the sides they go into the next mould. Here I cut the sides to length to fit. As you might have seen, the sides have a very special outline before they are bent. My guitars have a radius of 15 feet on the back and to fit this I cut the side into a tapered shape. While the sides now sit in the mould I sand them to exactly the right shape on a special disc sander with a disc that also has a radius of 15 feet. More about this when it is time to glue the braces on the back. The rosette around the soundhole is done by routing channels approximately 1,5.2 mm deep. I usually start with a channel for the abalone. I glue the abalone pieces in, let it dry, and then rout out for the black and white lining that goes on each side of the abalone. When everything is dried [overnight] I sand the top to its right thickness, in this case 2.7 mm. Then I rout out for the soundhole. The top is now ready for the bracing. Next time I will talk about the glue I use and show how I glue all the bracing with the help of a vacuum. The body will also get its binding and will be prepared to have the neck fitted. For more information on Tanglewood guitars please go to And for my guitars please visit


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hoosing wood for a guitar and to then make it fit the customer’s needs can be a tricky thing. As a builder I need to listen carefully to their requirements: What kind of style does he play? Just with a pick, or does he strum with his hand, does he use fingernails or fingerpicks etc. There is a lot to consider and on top of that you are going to build a guitar that will be the guitar of his life. Over the years, as a builder you learn to listen and hopefully guide the player in the right direction. One guitar cannot do everything, but with some careful consideration you can make one that does pretty much everything. So when I tell people that 90% of the guitars we build at Sanden Guitars have Sitka spruce tops and East-Indian rosewood back and sides, they might wonder why? With all this nice wood around why not expand your palette? Well, I have tried many different woods and many different combinations, and in the end I have found that for me and the guitars we build and the way we build them, we get the best sound with those two woods. I have also along the way got some amazing wood dealers that I can rely on. This is very important, especially as the woods we use are getting harder and harder to find. Mahogany is one of those woods and I am going to talk more about that in the next article, when I start to build the neck. Now back to this guitar. As I finished off in the first article I was just going to glue the bracing and

promised to talk about the glue. For ages it has been a custom to use hide glue in instruments. But eventually as modern techniques improved many luthiers moved to newer glues that require less preparation than the traditional glues. Now as I said in the first article, I like tradition and it is very important to listen and learn from what people have done before us. But I cannot see a reason for using things that have been replaced with something that is better. I know you can get a perfect glue joint with hide glue, but so can I with the more modern glue and crucially a glue joint that holds much better. A common reason for using hide glue has been , that it is easier to take things apart if it is glued with hide glue. This is perfectly correct. But why should you want to take things apart for repairs if they don’t break and fall apart? Of course every builder has their own opinion about this and that is fine with me. I use a modern glue, an alphtic yellow glue, that dries harder and quicker than regular white glue. I use this for everything exept the inlay, for

“THERE IS A LOT TO CONSIDER, AND ON TOP OF THAT YOU ARE GOING TO BUILD A GUITAR THAT WILL BE THE GUITAR OF HIS LIFE” which I use epoxy. Another thing I love to use is a vacuum box. I use it as much as I can. First of all I use it for gluing all the bracing in the guitar. With the vacuum boxes I have made myself I get a very even pressure over the whole top or back when I glue. To be exact I get 1 kilo of pressure per square centimeter. This helps get a better balance overall in the instrument. I also use it to hold things when I sand on my sander, small blocks that

need a curve or when we saw on the table saw, and also to hold the guitar body when we sand and scrape the bindings. If I can find a new way of using the vacuum it really makes me happy. I glue the bracing in different turns, starting with the lowest and thinnest and then the X-bracing and last the bridgeplate, I then use a block of wood that is thicker than the braces so I get good pressure. Another good thing with glueing with a vacuum is that

Back and sides glued, with bracing


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28/06/2011 11:11


it also sucks out the moisture of the glue, making it stick faster. I then leave the guitar to dry out for a day before starting work on the braces. To get the top and back to fit 100% to the side and the kerfed linnings, I glue the lining a little proud of the side. I then use a big sanding disc with a 15`radius, which is the same radius as the braces on the back have. Then when I glue everything together the fit is perfect. To get everything tight with a perfect fit is very important. This helps everything to be one unit and makes for a good sound with long sustain. We also make the brace that goes out through the lining a bit thicker than normal. The bracing goes all the way out to the side, not through it. We route out this and when it is finished, we get a very sturdy construction. The tops vibration goes straight into the side and the sides transfer it down to the back. When we have fitted both top and back together with the side, we glue everything together at the same time. This is because we bend the back a little more than normal. Our guitar differs about 15-17mm where the neck sits to the end of the body. This helps to push the sound out of the box, instead of letting it stay and rumble around inside. Because we do this big curve, if we had first glued the back on and then glued the top on we would get a guitar body that would have a bigger top than back. The back is so strong it ”opens up” the sides. So we glue everything at the same time, then it is much easier to keep control of everything. We use a lot of clamps but we do not overtighten them. We do not want to crush the sides. I wish I could find a way to use the vacuum here. We always let all gluing sit over night. Next morning we take all the clamps off and route off the extra wood around the

body. Then there is a lot of sanding. One thing that I think is very important with our guitars is the sanding of the top. When we glued and sanded the top before the bracing came on , depending on which model, the tops thickness is 2.9-2.5 mm. Then when the body is glued together I do a gradiated sanding. Because of our bridge we always sand off a little more on the base side. I feel the flex with the palm of my hand and have learned when it is just right. We also check that the curve on the top is ok and so the angle where the neck is fits is ok. After that I spray some laquer on the top and back. This makes the routing cleaner and also when we take off the tape which we have glued the bindings with, it does not pull up any woodfiber. So when the laquer is dry we route out the channels for the bindings. We only use wood bindings on our guitars. I think it looks much better and doesn’t shrink as the plastic bindings do. So now the body is finished and next time I will show you how we make the neck and fretboard. More information about our guitars go to or

“The craftsman possessed certain characteristics which marked him off clearly from the rest. Most importantly, he possessed a degree of skill, a combination of manual dexterity and acquired knowledge, which gave him command over his materials and tools and a high degree of control over the quality of the finished product.” Thomas Carlyle

The top bracing in place


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28/06/2011 11:11




he body of our guitar has now reached the stage where it needs a protected surface. The body has also got a mortise routed for the neck’s tenon. The whole surface has also been sanded down with 220 grit sandpaper. So now it is time to continue with the neck and the fretboard.

The Neck.

Everybody who plays guitar knows how a ”good” neck should feel. But to get from a raw piece of lumber to a smooth, ergonomic piece of wood is no easy thing. This isn’t the place to go into the many ways you can make a neck, I will just outline my preferred method, and how I make sure it works for my customers. When I started to make guitars 30 years ago, Honduran mahogany was available. It was good quaility and not very expensive. Today a lot of that has changed. If it is possible to get hold of Honduras mahogany it most likley isn’t from Honduras. It is probably from Sri Lanka, and I feel the quality is lacking. Nowadays I use sapele mahogany instead. This wood is a little heavier than the Honduran mahogany ( about 50 gram per neck) but I can live with this. The trade off is you get longer sustain and I compensate for the loss in volume by thinning the wood a little more. I also get very good quality with pefectly quarter sawn wood. I build my necks in the way a maker of classical guitars would. I start with a 1” thick board and cut the head at a 17 degree angle, then glue the head piece on the back side of the board. I then cut three pieces off the board at the other end, each about 6-9 cm

long. Glueing and stacking these together gives the heel. Before I go on building the neck I let it rest for at least three weeks. When I start working on the neck again I always start by planing the fretboard side to compensate for any changes in the wood. I choose to use a bolted on neck for my guitars, for a few of reasons. First I get a very stable connection between body and neck . Secondly it is easier to fit the neck to the body and third it is easier to do the finish on the instrument when the parts are not glued together. I have used this system for almost 20 years and have had no prolems with it. I have also built quite a few guitars with the more traditional dovetail joint and I cannot hear a difference in sound.

“ I ALWAYS HAVE A BACK VENEER ON MY GUITARS. THIS IS FOR STRENGTH AND LOOKS.” I have one old chair left. When I needed a workbench that was heavy, could turn 360 degrees and be able to adjust in height, well then I started to think about my barber chair. I took everything off except the bottom of the chair and rebuilt it for my new needs. Now it has a function on every side of it. On one side I can pump it up and down, on the other side I can clamp the body, for when I fit the neck, the third side has a vise with

a vacuum plate to hold the body when I route for the bindings or scrape and sand the body. The fourth side is for routing the tenon on the neck. Inside it, it now also has one of my beloved vacuum pumps. About every five years I tend to modify it in some way.

The tenon

With the help of two drilled guideholes I secure the neck on my barber chair . On the top of

My old barberchair

So now it is time to start doing a lot of routing! I have not talked too much about my workshop during these articles. A big love in my workshop is my old barberchair. Back in the mists of time I used to be a barber, and

The fretboard with fret slots routed.


Michael Sanden diary_BC.indd 18

27/07/2011 14:33


the chair is a template for the router to follow. I also make sure that the neck has a two degree offset. This is because when the neck is ready and fitted to the body it should have a two degree angle to the body. When the tenon is 22 mm deep it is then time to route what I call the shoulders of the heel. To do this I have a hanging router on another workbench. With help of a jig I clamp the neck with vacuum. In two passes I route out the shape of the shoulders. Now it is time to prepare the surfaces of the head. After measuring out exactly where the breaking angle for the head is and sanded to the line, I glue a 2 mm thick head veneer on the front side. I let this dry and then sand the back side of the head. I have made a simple jig to fit my sanders end roll. I can then adjust the thickness by turning a knob. I sand the thickness to 13 mm. I always have a back veneer on my guitars. This is for strength and looks. I wet the veneer and bend it over my bending iron and then glue it in place. This has to dry over night. With the help of a ruler and sandpaper I now fit the neck. When the neck sits where I want it to be, I then drill the holes for the bolts and nuts.

The trussrod

All my guitars have a trussrod. I use a two way trussrod. In the beginning I only used a one way, this could only bring the neck curve back. But for some reason here in the nothern part

of Sweden, during the winter, the necks tend to bend backwards! So I learned the hard way to use a two way trussrod. I route a 6 mm slot for the trussrod to fit in. It goes all the way from the head to the top of the soundhole.

The fretboard

I more or less always use ebony for my fretboards. It is a very heavy and dense wood, and this means it can stand a lot of wear and tear. First I plane the back side flat, then I sand it down to approximately 8 mm. I set it up in my big jig for the table saw (this jig can take four fretboard at a time). Alongside with the jig is a ruler with slots for where I should cut. This ruler is calculated in a computer and then the slots have been routed out using a CNC machine to get 100% accuracy. I cut one slot and then lift the rod, slide the jig with the fretboards to the next slot and the cut again. When I have 22 slots I am finished. All my guitars have a zero fret, that’s why there is 22

frets, and I’ll talk more about this in the last article. Now it is time to make the radius on the fretboard. I have a 12” radius on my fretboards. This is made with a jig I have done for my sander. I hold the fretboard with vacuum (see picture) I then cut the contour of the fretboard and sand it to exact numbers. I then sand the

fretboard down using 320 grit paper and finish off with steelwool 0000. I use standard frets for acoustic guitar. I press the frets in place and use white glue in the slots, then when it is time for a refretting I heat up the frets with a soldering iron making the glue melt and this prevents the ebony from splitting. I glue the fretboard to the neck before I have given the neck its final shape. I do this because it is much easier to ”fell” the shape when everything is there. So I screw the neck on to the body, measure out where the fretboard should be and with the help of a couple of guiding nails I glue the fretboard to the neck. This has to dry over night. Next time I will talk about neck shapes and of course the last step to a complete guitar. If you want to see the finished guitar be sure to come along to The London Acoustic Guitar Show www.

For more information regarding our guitars please go to www. and


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o, we enter the end stages of construction. It’s been a long journey from the initial choices of wood, but the final prize is in sight. This guitar differs somewhat from our usual models of course, and I must say I really like the look and feel of it. Ian, the competition winner, chose a small bodied guitar with a wider neck than our standard, it also features a pinless bridge and flamed koa bindings. When it came to the inlaid ‘T’ on the 12th fret I had to do something a little extra to make this an individual Tanglewood by Sanden guitar. I used a more elaborate design, plus two extra abalone diamonds to match with the rosette. At the end of the last article

it was time for the guitar to go into the spray booth. I use a very thin layer of lamination epoxy on the back and sides as filler. I don’t use any on the top. The filler is wiped on with a sponge and allowed to dry for about 15 minutes, before the excess is wiped off. After a light sanding with 240 paper the guitar is ready for the lacquer base coat. I use a two-part lacquer which dries hard and fast. I used to use a cellulose lacquer but abandoned it after 20 years, as I found it never dried hard enough for my needs. When I changed to polyurethane I had to be careful to not lay it on too thick, about 1/10 of a millimetre suffices. On East Indian rosewood I put six or seven layers and dry sand after every coat. Then I let it dry out for a couple of days before


The 12th fret marker inlay


Michael Sanden Diary DPS v2_BC.indd 18

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According to Meera, the owner fiby ne allows for quick while keeping itof safe. instruments in America, together to get acommand certain was this with was a shock to me because I’d the gig, Ben Cooper (the Beautiful Days competition acoustic guitar and vocal, the few do it better or more Here, on her seventh album, an interest in his idea of a solid-body electric that the usual suspects will play a major role, everyone, both in looks and tone. I’ve 25th July (excluding Saturday 24th) to celebrate Vihuela nigger jazz is finally switched off on German Project No 2 (Lulo, 2004) Swiss manufacturer Schertler have That’s a shame, because expect aAcoustic solo album full guitar, Prine’s in ficompetition neby form Developing musical creativity Winning the The London Guitar Show Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck, Sonny Landreth and24BBnumbers Spanish guitar, and his short set backed a trio of course, but there bluegrass players and it was sound that we want. So include Niland’s engagingly than the Hackney she switches effortlessly from A striking new engraved inlay Guitars, it is a place for you if you share a love The swivelling grown up with this stuff . ’ OPEN AND BARRE CHORDS” Editor) and Tony Owens (of last year.  I won a Breedlove The vihuela, which has the same name as an until Fender started producing theirs. the musicianshipguitar and possibly also boutique builders like Collings of well-crafted indie pop, throughout: warm, droll, never seen back and sides like that before, Best Of (Lulo as part of I Gitanos, 2008) the history of London’s most visited tourist Radio. ’ Later, in 1939, Hitler almost managed revealed a new sensor for use on acoustic –album Challenging musicians to industry has been thedevelop best to take on Kate ‘Wuthering maestro. Legg the 11th folk to country andthing back via place on the 10th and ofservices aren’t aproduction whole lot of these King, tosincere name but asustains few, allAtlas gave their isBush’s nothing short ofunrelated sensational. amazing. Somebody in35th atakes sense, we’re sort ofaquality Being saddled with pattern designed byin Greg Deering on the are lyrics and Spanish string instrument, so don’t for all guitar. yoke fithings tsoff’ the entire most dry as aIFour desiccated cowboy GoTo Guitars) handed me Anniversary edition In the early Gibson designed athrew guitar and Santa Cruz too. suspect output will be pro, and assist you choosing the right Opened in 2009, the Coventry branch and when Ilate finally managed to tear my attraction –1950s, Greenwich. stunning open-air to ‘switch human race. In 1939, Heights’, Bruce Springsteen’s hour-plus on offer here bythrough lightweight pop, with songs guitars. LYDiA isguitar the result ofcompanies over ten years acoustic guitars, either the addition of of standard performance skills happen to me in my career September at the London Olympia. For often exemplary. A heartfelt musicianship. Fortunately – most them in a Dylan song, I threw in a experimenting. ’ confuse them, is the favoured instrument boot, and clearly having a free in this 11-hour meltdown. And unlike There’s an underlying chaotic feel to the famous surname can be both dresses thefactor, ebony fiabout ngerboard. It isItwill The guitars on off er will cover the entire guitars and you the Breedlove guitar, series guitar, aand Tascam home ‘The Ghost Tom Joad’ immersing the listener in aforces desire (‘Liontamer’), taking Paul’s suggestions into account, and aTascam major mainly as more survive. I instrument that suits your needs. has a of Express Music welcomes you with atoof huge eyes away from the wood and listen music events, themed around Greenwich’s the German Reich’s armed invaded research development by Schertler in the Of album traces Wreckorder doesn’t stand-alone pickups, or the inclusion built-in “DJANGO HAD HIS OWN SOUND whale of aartist time. Josh Ritter –‘Autumn Entrepreneurship business skills, ofthe the mariachis, musical troubadours whoIitam as a and solo so far, and dry sanding with 800 and 1200 paper, then are justproject, mom-and-pop Warren Zevon song and was Rosas deploys several more information visit arecording help and a hindrance, of previous years, the inclusion of Bert Jansch, Stefan proceedings, and reluctance of certain and the standard warm, soothing bath of gentle drink (the singalong ‘A available now exclusively through range, from aff ordable to mid-priced can hang the Portastudio and the DPA 4099.   machine, and DPA would hope that signifi cant UK builders like gave it to him to try. This led to a contract Iain’s roots, his move to the disappoint. Considerably homely environment, with comfortable sofas array of musical equipment, and over 2,500ft2 Terry playing it, I was simply stunned by sits in on the wistful, worldunique history and staged in a world-class Poland, thus heralding the start of World War move from place to place inTh Mexico delivering the fisand eld ofwith undersaddle systems. Based on pickups and preamp units, with volume, tone helping graduates exploit their all so uplifting. en Gillian luthier shops. Iflifeyou want instruments when playing truly grateful for everything a instruments wet 2000 paper. Then Imainland, buff Leaves’. Niland’s material Celtic-blues reverie that Man Walks Into Acreative Bar’), course (just ask Jakob Dylan, Grossman, Keb Mo’ and jazzman Earl Klugh inguitar toMaster haul ass off the and MC Bill ability AND HIS VOICE. Istage SUPPOSE Deering’s Dealers and asOWN aown shepherd, lighter than Travis’s lastnever brands that include guitar facing left weary ‘Mexican Home’, The isperformers truly aLowden thing of condenser mic.  from will achieve that cherished between them for astepchildren guitar became and armchairs, presenting atothat relaxed, lounge of acoustic instruments, including avariety impassioned songs the populace. It’status; sknown a‘Milk both the volume emanating from such venue, will help to celebrate Greenwich’s role II. For the next six years, Hitler unleashed the isMartin reasonable, especially the lapses into tepid new-age (the cloying the company’s ‘air chamber’ technology, Welch and Dave Rawlings more than that, you live, electric as well as and EQ controls. Electro-acoustics are now – Teaching transferable skills that prepare that has happened.   Ben Taylor or … er … Miley the guitar giving it a full, deep shine. I buff then as a lorry driver, and album Healy has clearly 2010 saw the genre well represented. Murray’s sad attempts atTeeth’), comedy can bekicks irritating. while Iris WHEN DeMent up a select dealers. Crafter, Takemine, Tanglewood, Ibanez ornoodling. right. 5-string instrument with a(the bowl-like back I BEGAN TO GET MINE I beauty.  Iworld, had aMull. chance topremier give Iroom also got toacoustic play on the caustic ‘Talking Dirty With The The amiable, relaxed debt lachrymose unfortunately the US market seems to have as the ‘Les Paul’ model. The rest is history! Just a small instrument and the tone. The atmosphere. and other household names, such as as a host borough for London 2012 as the twofour horsemen of the Apocalypse on the played. I recommend gotta go to Mexico. ’ LYDiA uses an ultra-linear condenser acoustic. ‘ A lot of them his return to Good enjoyed experimenting with Cyrus), and theaFrisell mere fact very much part of theifmodern and sassy ruckus on range. ‘In students real world, including selfThank to Acoustic, the body and neck separately and then fix andBut Bert Jansch was first up, and he felt there’s somefor awesome musicianship on andthe awry deep body forIyou extra volume and Whores’ the bewildering spirit of Bill provides title track) and infidelity Deering’s Eagle banjo isning and Yamaha, with classical instruments by The Guitar itintimidated awhere proper airing the day after Big Top at Beautiful the defi role in what’s hot restaurant. Unfortunately was unable to Retreaux may be ‘parlour’ in size, but it’s a about every guitarist since has either played or concept, but the poor lyrics aStage fresh palette and a more As well as the usual big names the store Washburn, Yamaha, and a full range of Taylor Spite Of Ourselves’. These TRIED TO PLAY ALL THE SPANISH year countdown to the Olympic and Paralympic them because they’re on to So do interested are traditional ones made and all changed once again. of being a Reinhardt has microphone with solid diaphragm and acoustic player’s armoury, and Beautiful Days, GoTo management, career planning, marketing, the on out forofthe bridge. ‘Poland In A Three Piece Suit’. aneck marker forand the mark overall (the jaunty ‘His Wife’). Well The third, fourth and fican fth areGuitars, tuned following the overdrive histrionics JoeTop-end display, it’s all in abe great cause, and if strings there’s any designed to versatile so it constantly mar the album. acoustic sound. Best tracks Camps, Prudencio and Hernandez. Hanger is priced lovely new versions of old my Beautiful Days appearance. Days. I can honestly say that attend, but I understand that it was a great whole mansion tonally. and what’s not even over here. owned one. Les was also a lover of tinkering accommodates the lesser-known boutique and Takamine models. something amazing and are guitarists start if they want inoccasionally Mexico, ’ he explains, Games Greenwich Summer Sessions caused Lulo Inevitably the 97-minute double ambience, while the wistful, presented with many acousticis ’ Despite this, music in allfor its forms survived. solo guitarist and recent Richard abegins. custom set of our Master Class integrated electronic settings. LYDiA is ansocial octave higher than the so ukulele many now play these guitars IAcoustic always use rosewood bridges. I of potential, Breedlove, Tascam, Sound networking and STUFF WITH A PICK” Plenty then, are the anthemic ‘Anything’, Bonamassa and ZZ Top, certainly he didn’t show justice, all you readers should grab a others, copy. favourites exactly fithe t Itpromotion, into all genres of music. Itshow also handcrafted guitars will include instruments at £18.99 RRP It didn’t disappoint. played I’ve never been more nervous album rambles and is patchy, drifting opener, ‘A Waltz For instruments in a rich mix, it’s evening and a pleasant way to end the The proceedings concluded with such good players. It’s real Markthom to go Latino? ‘Th ere are ‘but I also have a Martin and experimenting with all kinds of electronics. brands, including K Yairi, Peerless Baden. For any readers who regularly shopped some grief. ‘ A t the beginning players will be right at home. Everybody else brainchild of local promoter and creative hated jazz, preferring the intensely series ofthe round-cored strings, Acoustic interviewee Richard Capener available in diff for steel-/ butone by hook or by crook the moody ‘Sing Meversions To inDerroll’, preference toerent previous used to us ebony, but after building Network andtailoring DPA. why this one-time ‘new interpersonal skills it.Hitler Dwarfed bycaptures the vast stage, his delicately picked Available Rhino but when itregions works well –on such the hazy, a reasonable effort but lacks ’     carries the same adjustability, provided by luthiers such as(also Dave King, Pete inc. VAT amazingly, and the LR Baggs before awere gig. Fortunately, the music played by real people. will fail. lots of diff erent D-28 that I use in the day. I think the collected opinion of those switch from playing Balkan fascinating talks from Mike and Kent, in to Gypsy music I only listen people looking at me and ‘My guess would be any It was during one such session in his garage in singing shepherd needs a Sleep’, the brooding ‘Rocking They also have a very good selection of at the previous shop, TMC known Bob Dylan’ has grown into producer Peter Conway, and will be a highlight Teutonic compositions of Richard Strauss and the core and wrapping gauges to suit his has struck endorsements with G7th capos nylon-string guitars, on-board guitar with anof ebony bridge, Imagically hadinstallation none microphone-amplifi ed – Opportunities to as a blisteringJulian version of shimmering beauty offor Joeset-ups. aundertake killer punch industry that could open emotive version ‘Blackwaterside’ Piper comfortable neck profi le and decent lyricist. Chair’ and the catchy Beer, Stephen Eden and Rohan Lowe among Besides public acclaim for pick up system gave nerves left me the moment I Campling, with their own instruments studio every once in aofdoing?” afairly songwriting legend inin his and Asian songs to playing to him. Look atinthe way he thinking, “What is he who attended the day was that it was a which they discussed their development well-known handmade 1948 that Les recorded a record, later released nylon-string guitars (brands include Perez as Musical Exchanges), there is a vast of The Greenwich Festivals launched June Prince’s ‘Sign O’ The Times’ – Zawinul’s ‘In A Silent Way’. new doors for Charlie. Wagner, and he strongly identified himself with low tunings, ’ explains Newtone’s founder, and Newtone Strings. Nick the (on the shoulder the instrument) or with left in stock for the next guitar. I used Th roughout history there have work experience www.iainthomsonband. turned the massive arena crowd into one huge ‘Moonshine’. Bajo Sexto own right. his musical accomplishments, lifetime warranty that isoud aas and styles, ’ and saystwo Rosas, ‘but while. I luthiers, also use Alhambra others. Guitar makers Chris and like an [Middle Eastern played, with fi ngers and the best truest sound because I was doing totally started playing, and I individual had an Gillson it’s Mike mighty A lovely album. great success, and there ismade considerable as their approaches guitars by that afolk single on the Capitol label, entitled ‘Lover (When and Raimundo), well various improvement in presentation and level by Greenwich Highlights include Seth Beethoven, citing the composer as ‘possessing Malcolm Newton. inventor of the G7th capo, says, ‘Richard external preamplifi er. Thethe technology isofis stuff. rosewood and hoped for best. When always been those individual ThisCouncil. isas thefor giant acoustic bass used tocareer crop Note the zero fret better intonation that Paul Strange Jackson reveals his if you’re a guitarist and guitars from Spain, and lute]. I told him that this was – andenthusiasm he created afor different stuff from Django, ’ toenvironment staple of Deering’s highHobbs are affi liated luthiers fieverything ne Guitars further events of a similar and the distinctive features of their luthier – ’cause he/she won’t instruments. Express Music also have stores in be Paul Strange You’re Near Me)’ . Les played eight different Paul Strange stock. This new, comfortable Steve Bennett Lakeman, the the Royal Philharmonic upLevellers, ashimmer lot into lame 80sand comedies starring Leslie that heroic German spirit’ .the Of course, many ‘These strings feel like an impressive and innovative guitarist and also compatible with previous Schertler the two were compared one with the luthiers worldwide who set up For details on how apply for a place, or for Steve Bennett Paul Strange has aff orded him an insight you like instruments from a custom because Ianymore. listen toconsidering so much whole new, ’ nature. he remembers. ‘But across quality American-made and will be providing handcrafted andTex-Mex It was a thoroughly enjoyable instruments, and the characteristics of Nielsen. It’ s surprisingly light around ’ Wild Violet Solihull. is intended to help all players, beginner or electric guitar parts, some recorded at half Concert Orchestra and Jools Holland. orchestras were made upmore of Jewish musicians, lighter but with the punch and he writes great music. We’re delighted to undersaddle systems. Ifurther then make the ”nut” which is issues ado pice ebony bridge sounded with their own small businesses inboxy, information other courses orwith events into aon lot the or norteno ashave we call it,andstrings shop called Candelas, who stuff and Ioftry to everything. You may heard Django’s career he changed banjos. You can find commissioned instruments on special order itswhen vast size, and delivers day, it was only the entirely selfish different woods and new instruments ‘Just look attortilla-shattering Jimmy speed, which played back at normal who as ahim race felt the major of Hitler’s sturdiness of heavier ones, ’ says Richard. have on board endorsing ’ famous of ebony with slots in just to guide the greater treble. Since then Ibrunt have never The company also unveiled aus. new sensor which they design and make at the ICMP, go to which he’s grappled. ‘What which is from the north make traditional Mexican But the most important the tale of Django his music: he played like John DVD REVIEW volume thanks to its 12 strings arrangedthing in six I’M KINGFISHER ISAAC’ AIRCRAFT JEFF LARSON PETER ROWAN the authorised Deering through the shop. fideveloping. ne Guitars areKent located atS THEA GILMORE SUZANNE VEGA and quite unreasonable desire of is my they are currently will D’ Ahave quisto as the an obvious speed would double upme in tempo. According greenwichsummersessions hatred. Here’s athe list of the requirements under strings sideways. Making sure strings ‘And the G7th performance capo simply a to Richard was searching forof strings that used ebony. for banjo, based on their DYN technology. their own instruments, and carve brings the most fulfi lment Mexico, buy a bajo instruments in Los Angeles. is to a good band in inadvertently triggering the McLaughlin at end, at the double courses. There’ s a 10-string version too, Arctic Two Is A Crowd House Concert Murphy’s Heart Close-Up Vol 2, People And BLUEGRASS BAND Master Dealers at 24 Stert Street, Abingdon. wife and child to be housed, clothed be showcasing a very special instrument example. ’ Steveh historians: ‘This was the first time that multibend hard on the zero fret. shape of50s. the bridge me the Nazis’ approved rules forhelps music art: work of art – it’ll be a design classic. ’ would withstand the abuse ofbirth several but even if you can fi nd one, you won’t be able and makes me still want to The electro-dynamic transducer isand designed sexto in LA or in Mexico. Th eseThe aretheir the guys who the background. You’ve got of heavy metal (when out own niche in history. beginning of the It was Places Legacy and fed that me from walking (his 100th) at the Healdsburg Guitar ‘I’m going to Fylde on to play without laughing at that’s you. tracking hadprevented been used inpeople afor These do it is that Irecording. get tosaddle, answer The last steps are routing theput control the bass frequencies, and evens Monterrey is a good state •Loyal Nazi members who talented radical retunings during live performances to itbe good together – used to make for Black Sabbath guitarist Tony totally modern. I more try to mix mywere to give a guitars natural reproduction of the banjo’s Certainly far expensive away with half the instruments on show. Festival in California in August, and Mike the list simply because they recordings were made not with magnetic tape society? not been much of a struggle the big questions I have, and for those things, or if you trick, I think. We have José Feliciano. Th ey’re in Iommi injured his fi ngers, the pickup, the machine heads out the bass and mid range, giving a more installing playing with diff erent cultures. musicians were guaranteed a job. to promote his album, River . Newtone complex sound characteristics. than most mass-produced Guitarrón understand that Trevor isthem planning will be back inthen the UK for the London are outstanding instruments. to answer in ways between artof ‘Everybody back was but withpolishing acetate Paul would record a ’ want to play aand vihuela like sodiscs. much fun when we gothat on East LA they’ve been the music thecommerce digitally When Iand play Django’s songs and final with scratch remover rounded sound. •Loyal Nazi members who were not talented Strings provided the answer. ‘We’ve made guitars, many are handcrafted The guitarrón mexicano – watch again, don’t confuse further events in the future, so this Acoustic Guitar Show in September help me understand better. as he has always followed his pretty smart, but the mindset the mariachi musicians tour. I give my musicians the Floatingwave challenged Reinhardt inspired good friends of ours for the audience are polite and reassuring; it’s not difficult track onto a disk, then record himself playing orthern pieces, with Dillon performing all the songs and finaly a see-through pickguard. Oh yes musicians were not guaranteed a job. this with the 25-string guitarrón chileno when to custom designs required by eloquent, subtle guitar work, Ghost’ follows a traditional to as theystrings. say. (along Michi Matsuda and Gerald I’ve fortunate to get paid own muse. ‘ForLA. me, there’s was new and there’s bound foundation andYear, I just tell play, go to ’space, Iommi toEast tune down and many years. ’with tell me that it’splayers. good, but it’s who ‘Ibeen think it’ll dictated imagine Rachel and Becky Irish singer from her Radio 2 Folk Album the Hill Of another part with the first. He built the multiof course the This guitar will have you’re walking theof streets ofthen Guadalajara atby •Any non-Jewish person individual Many are demonstrated narrative of thebe maiden duped she heads aninvolved ensemblewith that to do it. ’ a rigorous life to be a lot of human folly Richard Thomas Sheppard) when, hopefully, he will be them to do what they want. ’ He Hmm, that’s quite a continue playing), and so has Finding the exact not my applause, it’s Django’s. night, if you want to live – is another big old Cara Dillon Thieves . You may recognise the gentle cover whichever musicians go down tucking up their skirts to work track recording with overlaid tracks, rather lightand phosphor bronze strings 0.12-0.53. adjusting theand rod to delivers makeof the aAfter ‘genius’ for music washighest a member superb examples oftruss the by her dead lover’s phantom, both range depth, acoustic With the concepts of being a‘I’ve rock that I’m when you trythat to new goes on: ‘Iand have a By piano player bass. This one is build fretless and has both trip –all maybe astar quick visit Lulo: heard that story, Now people recognise that Ifhas instrument Los unveiling afashion newLobos model. the tantalising been quietly versions of ‘She Moved Through The Fair’ , ‘The in history. Jim Olsen’s guitars the land Spitfires than parallel ones as he did later. the time the neck perfectly straight I sand the Reichsmusikkammer (Reichand Music Chamber) quality craftsmanship, this with parallels in amake tackling everything an steelfreedom and nylon strings; ifjustice thatmany doesn’t and currently not really cut out for, ’from heThey approaches toinliving. Itguy was from Sydney Scott it’s amazing! You know, to eBay might be in order I’mfrets that long-haired need isn’t always easy, glimpses gave us atwho the TAMCO building a and solid Snows Melt The Soonest’ andcalled the inevitable cost asatisfied bomb, partly because during England’s finest hour. with ahe 12” radius metal block he hadthe a duty result heshattered was with, he had of a heavy bag with 30mm of padding, Stargazer by Freshman is the new was permitted employment. will always remain a specialist dream. ‘Past Caring’ intricate Cornish medley to a it tricky enough to play, you tune it ADGCEA. compromised, writing and , laughs. ‘But the best part of it conceited too. It’s easy to be McKenzie, a violinist called main thing is that Django his stuff , butto it go career heplays tells us.own ‘One of my event are by,first… itsand should beAircraftclosing on the number, ‘The500 Parting Glass’ , not though the Inspired byanything the late-19th Isaac’s are a four-piece With athat garish Avalon But is to suggest the James Taylor connection, 320 sandpaper. I then crown, and I’ve been building guitars for over 30 discarded some recording discs. ’ That’ll keep you focused. multiple accessory pockets, with heavy introductory level ukulele range featuring Samuel Johnson once said: ‘Patriotism is the area forat the more discerning ofthe based on a poem by Henry jaunty take on the Sugarcubes’ performing songs which is autonomy. I never sang that way when you’re young Daniel who has a his own sound and his wasn’t easy the beginning guitars comes all way century endeavours of Dr indie-label band from Cambridge. They Ballroom-style sleeve, House folk audience favourite seems toWeltlinger, be the tragically something tothe look forward to.had your local Patrick James Eggle dealer for “With the costs ofGilmore commissioning a high the act is contrived. What you but will people care about polish them all. As I’ve said before all my years, but each time Istraps finish guitar I’m At only Thea Having his trade at Sensible idea, this. Take Always the innovator, Les Ampex play a30, fantastic Gibson acoustic example. I can play acoustic guitar allstill night duty rucksack style and carry handle. geared machine heads and matching last refuge of the scoundrel. thus itTrust proved Fridtjof Nansen, Arctic is this a ’ And have previously supported Concert isaapersuaded ten-track live players, and long may be so. Lawson, conveys the depths ‘Birthday’ . learnt Even abeautiful set ofwell address issues head-on surely well enough or played because everybody’s beautiful. Jewish background, and two own voice. I suppose I began because people didn’t believe Tin Can is out now. from Venezuela. Th ere is circuit for the past epitaph to the Troubles, ‘There Were The day closed with dinner at a local details and check out end acoustic guitar, we’ve been finding that has already released 11 the feet ofas the legendary Jarana your most successful Acoustic ’s very own Pierre Bensusan see is what you get – a fine ten James Taylor in 50–100 years guitars have a zero fret, and here’s why. as excited as if it were my first. It’s such a conceptual album about polar acts such The Zutons, The CD, recorded in Oak Park, to develop twoand three-track tape recorders. with a cutaway, which they sent long, I love it. to I also play 12-string and I enjoy fiAtmid-sized dreadnought, 12 string, folk colour coded bag. They are available in inme. the Third Reich’s case. must help make sense of of a and enough to be inbefore anyone’s band Th ere’s analbums immortality ofme of despair and desolation Here are some fiabout ne examples ebullient instrumentals written German musicians bass to get mine when IAvailable tried in Th ey to Info: something diffexpected erent and can name Joan Bill Monroe going on songs from the past three decade, and Roses’ . It’s ato civilised and dignified performance acoustic guitar with fion ve2011. strings, Tours booked sotime far include Dave Mann more and more customers are keen tothis visit expeditions, and the fourth Like and Amy Winehouse. California, in January will be returning to the UK this May to piece band supporting two time? Only can tell. I think that people It improves intonation. The string always thrill to hear the guitar for the first time, Gibson Guitar released Gibson Guitar me last year. It’s incredible. My style playing with alternate tunings: I play drop D These machines became the standard for world? ‘Oh yeah. [he’s kidding, TS], so I youth. I’ve kind stayed body, grand auditorium and classical, natural, blue, pink, red and yellow, retailing drums. It’s alltracks, my own music The Americans enter the war play alluntil the Spanish stuff withconverts doinstruments the Gypsy stuff , didn’t but a Joel McIver the made inIa was Baez, Bruce Springsteen to explore aand vast range of an Australian drover’s wife, by Cosgrove inspired of work onof off er from a few such luthiers: aright? decades and rework them thissenseless tasty little instrument is7955), tuned tono thirds remarkable one-off that will from the mainstream, solo album from This is their debut CD.attract They Of the ten three are Music (4th October, tel 0115 941 the workshop toSwedish see what goes on behind perform apretty of shows preparation talented sisters who sing close hits top ofhead. the fret and almost never and that it will only improve will still care about the old blues legends, includes much everything –I suppose and I itknowing use Iwhile often use David Crosby’s App has witnessed an unprecedented and Martha Wainwright roots stylings, Rowan acoustically. And while it’s recording studios inmovement the1950s/ It’s an incredible doing always did things my own way. certain age inand my As except one or two songs ainby pick. Iprofessional really got bit ofbeautiful, athe rebel and Iseries didn’t want matter what model, the new DLX Bag will at£24.95 each. Freshman have also and often appears as part of anbalm ensemble as so 1941, after the Japanese had bombed Pearl indie-folk artist Thomas Denver decided to record asgoes aDADGAD. full new. Studio versions of ‘One ‘Wishfulness Waltz’ ,by Finnish tango (no, really) museum-quality baroque guitar concert shows how and Dillon’s natural poise and lack of Guitar Junction and Promenade Music with the scenes. ” says Patrick. “However, it is not among her fans – and it’s back to the bluegrass well not an original concept, if you for the release of his 11th studio album. fingerpicking and strumming – because I harmony very well indeed. tuning for “Guinevere” – that’s permanently wears down; I have never changed one with each strum. names like Stella and National will continue response to its release. With well over this, ’ he confers. ‘If I didn’t Jonsson – although it is his first acoustic album when they Good Lie’, ‘See It Fall’ and And I guess I made a choice upsetting as it is to happen its voice is subtle rather than strident. Django; that’s very important early 1960s. He also paid Ampex to build going eight years ago when toWhen beby just one guitar player provide the protection in style. £44.95 each. announced their new gig bag. The DLX is Harbour. Then they entered with a vengeance, written by her brother Jim was delivered with verve and Israeli maker Elkayam Boaz; theforunique Jackie Oates left far her burgeoning enable theofviewer to caught enjoy the music as Suzanne nature the easy to new see why. Skilled in thisgive classy collection volume 1Midnight’ of under his pseudonym, realised theyand couldn’t raise ‘Approaching willBe dates and further tours to be announced possible to dedicate the time practise aection lot. I don’t have any fear when itto on one of my guitars in the house; it’s an The forthcoming shows will see the And the aMartin capella ‘Better have aifthis way of describing zero fret yet after almost 30 years. It is By the time you read we will have to do it my way through past myalways refl now and to bewithout big. I don’t see the name 360,000 downloads in the fi rst few days to me. Some people expect I recorded my fi rst album, among thousands. We already first eight-track recorder in the mid 50s. Heour and proved to be the decisive factor in the Moray, poetically describes gusto. songwriting and musical mostly self-penned originals concept of Joe Veillette’s Gryphon High Vega’s acoustic album musical ability intended the burden of any superfluous Rachel Unthank and I’mto Kingfisher. For the anplaying album the £20,000 they needed to I play be included on a forthcoming Requinto Jarocho shortly. everyone the full tour when the order book comes my acoustic because I Ifeel insane tuning. acoustic straight, with things to myself I don’t my own capabilities. I try not seehave that I’m getting older, ’ he  introduction of new material, giving fans A Maid’ sounded monetarily me to play a song by him in50s, easier to press down the string on the first exhibited at the London Acoustic Guitar it’s because their appeal lies Consider the Unthanks. when started to compose my a lot of amazing Gypsy subsiding either – the brand has an amazing the app now sits at top of the free composition, Gilmore’s latest which sound like they’ve series, you’ll know it works hosted his own radio andclinging TV shows ingetthe deluded to dreams about polar expeditions, record it‘Tree as though, anpizzazz. electric album. release, but here we defeat of Hitler and Japan. Guitars during Inevitably, itThe is has pushed her this understated elegance of the occasion 12-string; and the UK’stheown Dave King’s Winterset to pursue a solo Made insound, Veracruz, Mexico, this little istoa that I‘Isongs have to show myself when play it. This nothing done towas the although when know what I’d do… I chap always isguitar screaming at you!”. toIdirection do things I don’t want to laughs, still keep aThe young Murphy’s Heart ,a isthe a to album, been around longer than angiven well. Solid, dependable and the set, depending on where own stuff . I’ve done fi ve CDs jazz players – like Bireli a sneak preview as to Pierre sharp, or Becky’s voice didn’t fret, because the fret is round and if you Show, and this beautiful guitar in an ability to simultaneously They have iffy dress sense, history and will be trading on that for years music apps. app is free download are suitably sparse and The result is a selection of hear them previewed in a and what he achieving was unbelievable beyond limits of her native genre. Recorded isfor matched photography of romantic love inand the face Oates’ talesfrontby the4- simple period also suffered, the vast majority of ofage. Life’ classic 6-string. Th ere isthem aproclivity major or 5-string guitar tuned conventionally andof itthe seemed like aas bold, chocolate box full of flavour, Appalachian log cabin well worth theThe reworks, felt very fortunate to have do. Ialso don’t worry about album iscareer, the way Itaken write my songs. I ifwrite on a is Englands: mental ’and Istripped-down, delve itthat next time I’m gonna start using you’re playing and the age of chilly, built around Jonsson’s ten melodic, live setting. music itself in eight years now, alltointo with Lagrène the Rosenberg After discussion with some of his top use bone the end of the bone needs to be has with his new album which to Ian. I’d like to take this moment to quite find its on conjure two one repertoire of miserable songs come. ’ Gekko to any iPod touch or iPhone through across the whole spectrum ofrange musical used for single-note melody lines. As it’King’s s also in September 2009 at Belfast’s prestigious presentation, with no clever camera angles or a far grimmer reality. And as if of woe and miscellaneous metal was channelled into the war effort for global market in collecting vintage guitars the only difference being porch. His high lonesome there are engaging tales not risky, venture. Four years voice and acoustic guitar, and pop-rock songs, with a raw, is country-tinged acoustic this way of working out the sales. ’ Aside from the commercial 1954 Martin acoustic, the one I’ve got in my some effects. Good acoustic playing is about the people in the audience. original songs. ’ Trio, who are technically UK retailers, including Walter Mann, of sharp to intonate right. It also gives the congratulate Ian and again wish him all Crimson’s ‘Starless’ it just added due to be released in October. we’re glad no longer exists, and about societal injustice and not known for its volume, the requinto usually My own feeling isdoubt that long asofexamples Apple’s App Store. Celebrity include that there aren’t any left at voice intact, and offolk, children, aging femmes Grand Opera House, it’sof effectively ausers hometown media trickery to distract the viewer. The DVD inventions. I seriously there has been to cushion itas all, Oates offers states of wretchedness that the sound arock mix deeply live raggedness to their edges. familiar to fans thewhich making ofIisgot planes, ships and all kinds ofis has grown over the decades into asuperbly solid later, with three acclaimed world and what goes on, Besides remaining close pressures, being a star Sometimes I play some songs bedroom. I’ve acoustic guitars in every light and shade: using the right picking and So what’s the secret of amazing – so don’t have to asthe part of aSpringfield groupbrings playing or Nottingham based Dave Mann Music (who thebetter end that no one likes. Rowan’s surrounded himself fatales, goddesses, queens, guitar balance between open and the best, and I appears hope guitar him their authenticity and the another that secretly pray personal loss, and - itand must be The tour promises to remind UK of the amazing array of guitars that have rooted folk music quirky The Isaac’s Aircraft sound istidy, Buffalo orunison Jackson : front Sammy Hagar, Luis Fonsi, and Chad gig in of devoted local audience, and isperson and there’s awhat meagre three-part another who did he did during ato nicely restrained in wry, crown the act.we Itpackaging isStephen expertly ordnance. That’s why you see guitars made and sustainable market. Some vintage guitars albums and aawe clutch ofmost more or less, to myself with CSN (David, and hasdo got to be ofIthave the by him and sometimes Iand don’t, good songwriting? He muses: ithas because enough room theone house, even the kitchen. Since strumming stylecounterpoint over the orline back From the big, choir-style with heavyweight friends, fisoundhole gures. neighbourhood girls, unhappy modern synthetic elements, built around athe central core Browne. Jeff sings lead been instrumental in the plan and the barre chords. is much easier and quicker much pleasure. packed house loved it just the still might. On one hand said -of they hit more than their fans why Bensusan is recognised their palpable sense of goodwill creates the ‘bonus feature’ of the same uninspiring fly-on-thebeen made over the years survive, and Kroeger. their lifetime into the music-related industries. tongue-in-cheek, Pam judged – in theby hands of a I It depends during the war years containing wooden have been reaching astronomical prices over clapping of ‘Love’s The including Del McCoury, Ricky nominations and awards wives, honest men andacoustic others too. Th ere’s aAyreskind Graham attended Jackson’s coveted jobs ever conceived. but people tell me afterwards ‘Well, Ipiano play every daythe and people like that who are good including the odd ambient bird of acoustic guitar, vocals and plays the about 2004 the guitar has become my main the bridge. what you’re after. to of sign up) the idea evolved. The aim isand tofirst change aoff zero fret than to make a new To rest of you I just want to say, same. This is folk music after all, the Unthanks sing of young fair share notes. Still, you throughout the world as one of the energy and atmosphere in which real musicians wall film of Dillon and Lakeman on the day of the new models, designs and makers keep The app includes a chromatic tuner that Greatest Instrument’, to the Skaggs and Tim O’Brien, to unsung heroes and soldiers. Even today, if you listen to some of his early Cuatro style introductions. less accomplished performer chirp. The lyrics deal with love, drums bass adding guitar. Hank Linderman and of independence  involved tailpieces and parts that would normally have Hall show this summer Butplayers. forthe Browne, there has few years, and as farAlbert as acoustics areand behind her, Oates has amply that they don’t it because try towith find new things. You ’ past instrument. I’m known for my bass playing The perfect acoustic player to me ismiss Pete beauty she isLike (the guitar asbut well as my wife). Acoustic is delighted to announce thedeliver toloss, get select groups of potential customers nut and you get exactly the same string keep on reading the Acoustic magazine dark, bluesy ‘Teach Me To help aurgency down-home flourish. Dillon’s gorgeous singing voice doesn’t concert accompanied by three different songs. not Western Dance Swing. Often just accompanied by women destroyed bypushing life down could say much the same of foremost innovators and composers the boundaries of guitar genres, and shipwrecks and isolation. rhythm and to the Jeddrah Schmit provide the tracks notes as you play them, a standard a ukelele in that it has four strings and is recordings you can’t help be amazed It might be a little early in where you can say, “Th is is such songs might come over my style is also swing, mixed can do it if you play‘Catfi every day. Thconcerned, at said, his been crafted from metal. Isolo dread to think how itfamous doesn’t like subsiding. Even justified the move, proving with Deep Purple and as alook artist, but I’m Townshend. I and come from that kind ofare school; Be Bad’, to the emotionally acoustic delight. crisp acoustic guitar, Vega’s Standout tracks include the faster If iswatch you like electric guitar and backing The fish nish woods used superb. winner of the Freshman FA400GAC: Stephen disappoint, and her all-acoustic backing band isnumbers. This otherwise a tone good-value package, so watch height had before. and for the competition, it along to Oswestry, sodid that they could not There may be pubs up dismissed by fools as a fl novelty instrument, theunremittingly Barnsley coal mines; of out Bob Dylan and itbeen never him ofyou acoustic music. guitarists keep playing and experimenting metronome which allows you to choose a dusty what Inext believe, ”tape and people by his guitar playing and early echo with Latin –to amenco, bossa her career start bandying as miserable. I’ve listened many guitar predecessor has acan solid many fine musical instruments were destroyed herself to bluesy be a discerning through global downturns in the fi nancial at one with both and I hold my own with I’m not afraid to give it a good old bash!’ painful ‘That’s How The Blues’ is ato gem, while voice, seasoned by the years, short instrumental the catchy songwriting of the vocals. Standout moments the cuatro requires dexterity and restraint to tight, supportive and pretty much note-perfect the concert instead and enjoy the sights and I am a member of folk band Mitres Well Swoff er. Here’s what Stephen had to say I do not understand why not more might be you who will win the next time! only see the whole PJE process but could north featuring this kind of hapless husbands hauled off any harm. with new styles and techniques, then that specifi c tempo, or it can be set by tapping totireless listen to toittrack, make Love Gets In’, Gilmore there’s even aaGillian Welch/ and tango. Keeping fresh sounds better than ever. It’s players. like cook, I steal presence in Lulo’s life since effects. Without Les’s dedication and around terms likeit‘national But her I’m agile, silvery vocals ‘Arctic Too Majestic aforementioned Zutons, you playhave include the opening ‘I is both instruments, although gonna be collector ofFox rare gems anI’m not during this war, not toand mention the many fine markets, guitars have performed better on properly. Handled correctly, its tone cuts throughout, with the three guitarists (including sounds of real live music. Ithe made a choice to do it my way and through guitar builders don’t use the zero fret? Michael Sanden who about to our next album sothe about the guitar: also be involved intimes choosing the material, but when itwhether comes to bywood, the press gang never to be And judging by the packed shows off her talent and David Rawlings cameo on allrecord high quality, but ‘Luka’, ‘In up their own minds For The Tundra’, the aching will probably like this. Don’t Mind The Rain’, and will be suffi cient to keep the old ‘stringed the screen three which allows you everything to me!’ everything and put allare inside beginning. As he tells us: imaginative input, Ithe doubt very much that treasure’ . On the other and sensitive arrangements up onstage playing guitar solos or anything. Info: through instrumentation of the Latino imaginative musical arranger average than stocks and shares. For a great site musicians who died at the hands of Hitler’s Wednesday 19th The Half Moon, Putney, London husband Sam Lakeman) providing depth inof mood versatility, tackling diffi cult the lilting Good’ which Liverpool’ and ‘Tom’s Diner’ poignancy of ‘The Whale Hunt’, the aforementioned ‘One So Iget level all the frets first and then I style. put‘So this Freshman FA400GAC with itshave Schertler “My wife has a wicked sense ofseen humour inlays and hardware for the creation their imaginative arrangements and again; of fishing boats house at the Exeter Phoenix – a they agree or not. It’s all about Joel McIver my own I had a good ‘I looked at Paco de Lucía a thing’ alive and well for future generations to the tempo of a track easily. Also ensemble with great sweetness. solid-body electric guitar would enjoyed hand, perhaps a long-term make fine work of laying bare I’m an acoustic guitar player along the lines of my own capabilities. Iindividual try not to do things IbeBritain, into the bargain. selling many of the world’s luthiers’ tyranny. However, guitarists like Django and varied subject matter. confi dently brings the oldareGood especially impressive. Gareth L Powell and the lonely but upbeat Lie’. and colour. The music itself is athe of traditional Graham Hazelwood Friday 21st Acoustic Festival of Great Uttoxeter inand the fret. This leaves itvideos, about 2/10 system will used inof the studio. I’ve tried so you can imagine what I mix thought when giving itthe appeal, there’s instruments. ideas. ’ unusual sunk with hands. On the considerable distance from chat with a all guy from Vienna lot azero few of the Brazilian to enjoy. included anational few designs included are links tuition new From beginning toto end, thi isof time authenticity bang up to I’veitsharing John Lennon or Justin Hayward the Moody One highlights of Joel McIver the popularity does today. prediction wouldn’t seem life’s vagaries and tragedy ‘Nansen’. Backed by James Budden’s guitars have a look at Reinhardt, for example, actually benefited from Irish and Scottish folk and a sprinkling of newer don’t want to do. I don’t worry about album Saturday 22nd Haverhill Arts Centre, Suff olk of a mm higher then the rest of the frets. Guitarra paella del costa del sol Teri Saccone it through my Marshall acoustic amp and it she told me that Acoustic Magazine had Live In Melbourne is out nobody else in the frame. last week; he’s been following There is no charge for the tour and lunch guitar players. But my other hand, they offer a stage Unthanks home turf it hasn’t a meaty musical journey. date. 2010. Gareth L Powell that may makeentirely you smile! product announcements, endorsee news. Blues –is or Dave Matthews, he’s a perfect out–of place. Paul Brett without ever into double Mike Cosgrove’s ItGareth abass, well-laid-out site, with both visual and Nazi patronage. Imake wrote the following earlier, instepping (Stop foolingInfo: around Ed.) Just enough to the strings go free. L Powell now. www.lulome for 17 years. He said that favourite guitarist has always sounds SWEEEET!” rung to say I had won a grand’s worth of Noel Harvey Sunday 23rd The Prince Albert, Brighton image that is nostalgic and harmed them either. Perhaps is included, but places are limited and you Paul Brett sales... Noel Harvey mawkishness. ‘The keyboards and Tristan Seume’s sound ofI man’s the instruments on er. Th e Lover’s a profile ofsamples the great life: ‘It’s curious how Kate Lewis Steve Bennett Paul Strange alla off these been Django; when listen guitar. However, it to was true andafter what will need register get a ticket. Speak to years I could

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Pending Tone Ring Greenwich Summer Sessions Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich 21st to 23rd and 25th July 2010

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Michael Sanden Construction Diary 2011  

Building a guitar from ground up. The final guitar will be handed over as the grand prize at London Acoustic Guitar Show September 2011.

Michael Sanden Construction Diary 2011  

Building a guitar from ground up. The final guitar will be handed over as the grand prize at London Acoustic Guitar Show September 2011.