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The Wolf and the Eagle

One morning in a quiet beautiful forest there lived a strong fast and bright wolf. Later, he was strolling distractedly and a hunter chased him, so an intelligent goodhearted eagle made a noise and the wolf reacted and ran away because he noticed that he was being chased by a hunter. Then, the wolf called the eagle and murmured: “thank you for making a noise! I would be dead if you hadn’t been there for me! “. The eagle replied: “it was a pleasure to save your life”. The following day, the eagle was eating blue berries and a fox wanted her for dinner. When he was about to kill her, the fast wolf took the berries from her and she flew away. She looked all over for the wolf and she found him and whispered: “thank you for taking the blue berries from me, I hadn’t realized there was a fox chasing me like the hunter had chased you”. The wolf answered: “it wasn’t that much… you saved my life so I wanted to save yours”. Moral: One good turn deserves another By: Ambar



The Lion and the Stork One day as every day, in the jungle, there lived a hairy lion that was caught by a rope and a stork. The stork asked the lion: “What happened to you? “ I got caught by a rope “, answered the lion. The stork whispered:” I will help you”. The clever stork bit the rope. “Thank you”, said the lion. The next day the hairy animal was trotting and he saw the stork that was running because she had broken her wing. The stork asked the lion: “Can you help me please? “ “Ok”, answered the lion when he saw a tiger that was looking for the stork. The lion bit the tiger and the tiger left: “Thank you for saving my life”, exclaimed the stork. The lion went with the stork to her house and explained what had happened to her Moral: One good turn deserves another. By: Bauti



The Bad Eagle and the Ugly Bird In a big big school there was a big, strong, fat, and very bad eagle who bullied all the birds, especially one that was very ugly. Once, the ugly bird bumped against the eagle and the eagle called all his friends and they hit the disgusting creature and she shouted: “Please don’t hit me! I will save your life one day”. The eagle laughed (because he was stronger than the ugly bird)”Ok we already had a lot of fun hitting you, we will stop” replied the eagle. The next week a hunter went to the mountains and saw the eagle flying. He started to fire at the eagle. The ugly bird saw the hunter, flew down on to his face and started to cackle. The man shimmied to his house. MORAL: One good turn deserves another.

By: Beltran



The Lion and the Dog One day near the jungle there lived a lot of lions and only one dog. The lions were big, strong and hairy and the dog was cute nice and a great biter. All the lions were free. The dog ran all around but the lions stood in the same place, they only got out to get food because there were hunters who wanted to kill them. The lions lived in a spooky place so the hunters, never went in there. Another day, the dog didn’t see he was passing to the lion’s habitat. All the lions started chasing the dog. The fastest lion got him but he took him to another place and the lion murmured: “Don‘t get back to this place”. The dog replied:” But I didn’t see where I was going. “OK, but stay here, “he urged. The dog said “OK”. In the afternoon, the dog saw that the lion was looking for food behind a tree. He saw a hunter so he bit the hunter’s leg the dog said: “Run! A hunter wants to kill you! I bit his leg so he can’t run fast but you can so run” he whispered .The lion asked: “Why did you save my life?” “Because you saved mine”, he answered. Moral:One good turn deserves another. By: Cata




The Three Lions and the Bird One morning there were three lions who were clever, nice, brave, intelligent and lucky. The first lion was orange, the second lion was brown and the third one, yellow .The brave animals lived in the savannah and they cared for all the animals. If they were lost, they told them where to go and if they were in trouble, they defended them. Suddenly, in a jungle they saw a bird .He was a proud and annoying animal. He was grey with blue wings and lived in a city park. He didn’t work. The first lion remarked:” Hey! You lazy bird! You are bothering us”.” Who cares!” he shouted” I like doing this”. “Well why aren’t you working? We work for our friends, because when we get in trouble, they are kind and defend us”, the second lion whispered to the bird. “I do what I want; I have a break all the time!”. The bird shouted to the lions. When the annoying bird was flying, he went to the city’s forest and got lost. There were lots of animals there. but it was night and he didn’t know anyone. He stayed there, lost.” Help me! Can you help me?” the flying animal called, but no one answered. The lions got in trouble and their friends defended them from the hunters. The bird learnt that THERE ARE TIMES TO WORK AND TIMES TO PLAY. By:Esme




The Elephant and the Kangaroo One day, a fat giant elephant lived in a lovely jungle. It was hunting season. He had only one friend: a tall, fast and the best jumping animal in the world, a kangaroo. Next day, a hunter was catching elephants and remarked: “If I kill him I will use his big teeth for a lot of things “. When he was about to shoot the elephant, the kangaroo appeared, started jumping in front of the guy and shouted: “You won’t shoot my friend!”. Then he kicked the hunter away. After one week, the kangaroo was in his habitat and a hungry lion saw him and thought: “I’m very hungry, I will have to eat him“ and it attacked him. When he was about to kill him, the elephant saw the lion and he stepped very hard on the ground and the lion ran away because he was scared. “Thank you“, said the kangaroo. “Why did you save me?” he asked. ”Because you saved my life before”, the elephant replied. Finally they lived together very happily for all their lives. Moral: One good turn deserves another. By: Felix



The Boy Who Cried Wolf

In a hot afternoon in a hill, there was a boy that was thin and a terrible liar. A minute later, the shepherd boy cried: “Wolf, wolf a wolf!” and all the people climbed up the hill and they asked: “Are you okay?” ”Yes”, he replied. And he laughed and laughed. He cried: “It was a joke.” The people felt angry. The next day, the shepherd boy did it again because he was bored and all the people climbed up the hill and they asked: “Are you okay?” “Yes” he replied and he laughed and laughed and he said it was a joke. The people reacted angrily. In the night, the boy saw a wolf. He cried: “Wolf, wolf, wolf!” but nobody climbed up the hill. Moral: Nobody believes a liar when he tells the truth. By: Francesca



The Dog and the Eagle One day in the street by a tree there lived a fast and hairy dog that loved barking at people. The cute animal was searching for a family because he didn’t want to stay alone. He began to trot to look for a family in the tree. That afternoon, a lazy animal was flying around. She was a white and long beaked eagle. She saw a fast dog running, searching for a family. The white animal asked the dog: “What are you looking for?” The dog answered: “I am looking for a family.” That Morning, the big animal found a family and he was happy and not alone anymore. The eagle was flying around and always looked at the dog and he was playing with his family. But something bad happened! The dog fell on a rock and broke his foot. Then, he cried and cried because he was really hurt. The family heard the dog crying. They took the dog inside and he fell asleep and the ones who took care of him helped the dog and he felt better. The next day the eagle got hurt with a rock too and she had a broken wing. Nobody helped her except for the dog. The dog told her: “You have to go to sleep I’ll do something for you and then the eagle got better and learnt that: “There are times to play and times to work”. By: Guada



The Lion and the Donkey

One day, in the jungle there was a lion sleeping on a rock. One day later, a donkey went to that jungle and he met the lion. The lion woke up and he saw it. The donkey asked the lion if he wanted to be his friend. The lion said: “Yes”. The donkey thought that the lion was his friend. When the donkey came, the lion asked him if he needed a favour. The donkey said: “Yes” but the lion didn’t do it. When the donkey realized that the lion had tricked him, he felt very sad because the donkey thought that the lion was his friend. The donkey reacted by asking the lion if he wanted to run a race. When the lion went out of the jungle, the donkey kicked the lion into the water. He was very sad, but he realized that you have to “Treat others the way you want to be treated” By Joaquin



The Bee and the Frog

One day, in a prairie, there lived a Bee called Max. He was a hard worker and one day he had to go to the lake of the big and fat Frog, Pancracio. When Max was in the ugly and green lake getting pollen, he saw him. Pancracio was there eating bugs! He started to chase Max. The bee flew like lighting but Pancracio hopped very fast and… CRASH! Pancracio crashed against a tree. Hours later it started to rain and the frog felt hungry and desperate for food. The bee asked: “Can you give me some honey? “ Max replied: “No! You have to work to get food!“ Max flew away and the frog learnt that…

There are times to work and times to play By: Lucas



The Horse and the Wolf

In a farm, there lived a big and fast horse, a hairy wolf and a man. The farm didn’t have a gate. One night a thief entered. He wanted to steal the horse. He saw one but at that moment, the wolf that was the horse’s friend scared the tall man away by showing his sharp teeth to him. “You saved my life!” cried the horse. “Yes because you are my best friend” replied the wolf. “Bye, I am going to hunt” whispered the wolf. The wolf hunted 10 ducks and the farmer wanted him to stop but he ate 10 then 20, 30…after that, the man was furious. Two days later the farmer was pointing at the wolf with a gun. The horse jumped on the gun and saved the wolf. “You saved my life” shouted the wolf. “Yes because ONE GOOD TURN DESERVES ONOTHER” answered the horse. By Lucas K



The Cat and the Giraffe

One beautiful morning in the Paris zoo there came a lovely family with a smart and hairy Cat. She loved to climb things. “Yes, this is the zoo where my friend, the crazy and big Giraffe is” remarked the Cat. So she went to look for him. She found him and they talked about the past. Suddenly, a kid came, but not into the cage. The kid had a log and they felt scared. They went out of the cage and they scampered towards a tree. The Cat climbed the tree. The Giraffe found a place where to hide on his own. Finally, the kid left because he did not find the Cat or the Giraffe. The Giraffe told the cat: “I knew that you are not a fair weather friend”. Moral: Fair weather friends aren’t worth having Written by: Luli.



The Giraffe and the Lion In a dry and with few trees savannah there lived a strong and intelligent Lion who liked to sleep a lot. One day, he was resting and he woke up because he was not tired anymore. A few minutes later, he saw a beautiful, calm and intelligent giraffe that liked to saunter all around. The lion was amazed at the giraffe’s colours so he dashed to talk to her. Then, he realized she was too intelligent. He thought and murmured: “I will trick her so she would like to trick me but she won’t be able to”. So, the lion invited the giraffe to play with him. First, they played a hunting game, then they rested and finally, a strength competition. The giraffe was tricked because the lion was playing alone. He didn’t pay attention to the giraffe. The next day, the giraffe remembered what had happened the day before but the lion had forgotten, so the giraffe tricked the lion. “Would you like to come to my house to play????” asked the giraffe. “Yes!!!” replied the lion so they went to the giraffe’s house. They went for a walk, they had an intelligence competition and they played games that the lion didn’t like. The giraffe noticed that the lion hadn’t learnt the lesson and she wanted to say something but then she suddenly saw the lion crying. “I don’t like to be treated like that” said the lion while he was crying so the giraffe warned him: “If you treat me well, I will treat you well”

MORAL: Treat others the way you want to be treated By: Nico P. 28


The Lion and the Mouse

In a forest there lived two animals a lion and a mouse. The big lion lived in a jungle. There was also a little and brown mouse. They met because the mouse went up the lion’s nose and the lion got so angry that he said: “What are you doing on my nose? You woke me up! I am going to eat you”. The mouse said:” Don’t eat me! Don’t eat me!!! I promise that when you are in danger I’ll help you”. The lion was so tired that he said: “Okay I will not eat you”. One day the lion was in danger in a net. The mouse saw the lion, strolled to help him but he said: “You? A mouse like you can’t help me!” The mouse said: “Don’t worry, I will help you.” The mouse cut the net and they were inseparable friends. Moral: kindness is more important than strength. Nicole



The Stork and the Fox One morning, a fox that liked to trick others, was trotting into the forest. Then, a new animal came. That animal was a stork. The stork landed on the fox’s house, in front of it, and the fox told her: “Do you want to come to my house to eat in the afternoon?” The stork replied: “Ok, I’ll see you in the afternoon in your house. “I am going to prepare everything”, he said. “Ok” answered the stork. The fox went to prepare everything but he was going to trick the stork because he was going to prepare the soup in a shallow dish. In the afternoon, the stork went to the fox’s house and everything was ready. They sat to eat. The stork couldn’t eat anything but the fox could, so the stork realised that the fox was lying to her and he said: “Do you want to come tomorrow to my house to eat?” and the fox said:” Really? Yes!” and the fox said: ”Ok, I’ll see you in my house”. The stork went to prepare everything. The next day, the fox went to the stork’s house and he found a jar. They started to eat but the fox couldn’t eat anything, only the tiny drops. The stork was eating while the fox was watching the stork eat. The fox realized that you have to treat others the way that you want to be treated. MORAL: Treat others the way you want to be treated. By Oli C



The Eagle and the Duck One morning in a very large mountain, there lived an Eagle. She was big, strong and spoke a lot. The bird was also good at flying In a shore near the mountains, there lived a fast, thin, little and not strong duck. One afternoon the beautiful Duck was in the sea swimming, she got tired and fell asleep but the animal heard a noise and woke up. One minute later she saw a shark and shouted: “Help! Help!” The eagle heard the duck shouting and went flying to the sea to help her by thrusting her feet in the duck’s body and taking her out of the water. After that, the eagle went flying to the place where she lived. The Eagle was laying eggs, but a bad Eagle was trying to take them from the good eagle. The duck saw this and pecked at the bad eagle who stalked away. One night, the eagle asked the duck: “Why did you help me?” The animal answered:” Because you had helped me and I wanted to help you”. Then they were friends forever and they sauntered to a shore to watch the sea.

Moral: One good turn deserves another. By: Oli G



The Elephant and the Turtle

One day there were a turtle and an elephant that lived in the jungle. The turtle was little and a wimp and the elephant was big, calm and strong. One day like every day the slow turtle was sauntering in the jungle and stood on the elephant’s foot .The big animal was eating so he shouted: “Heyyyyy! Who stood on my foot?” “Me. Don’t kill me, please! pleaded the turtle. “I will save you one day if I can”. And the elephant murmured: “Ja ja! How can a little animal like you save me? You are crazy!” One afternoon the turtle was sauntering around when he saw a hunter that wanted to kill the elephant to sell its skin. The turtle bit the hunter’s foot and the elephant thanked him. After all, the two became best friends forever.





The Kangaroo and the Cheetah In Africa, there lived a furry kangaroo that was a great boxer. One morning, a lion saw the kangaroo and started to chase her: “Please, please! Help me!” she called. A fast cheetah heard the kangaroo and thought: “I’ll help her “He run and killed the lion. Then, the kangaroo told the cheetah: “Thanks for helping me!” ”You’re welcome”, replied the cheetah. One hot day, 2 hunters came to Africa to catch cheetahs. They found one. The kangaroo heard the hunters. He wanted to see what was happening. When he got there, he saw the cheetah, he recognised her and he wanted to help her. He boxed the hunters away. Then, the cheetah told the kangaroo:”Thanks. ”You’re welcome “replied the kangaroo.

Moral: One good turn deserves another By: Simon



The Giraffe and Mouse One day in the zoo of New York, there lived a giraffe and a mouse. The mouse had a long tail and the giraffe had a long neck. One day they met in the lion’s habitat. They met because the giraffe’s habitat was being cleaned up. Suddenly, a cat ran to eat the mouse. The giraffe saw the cat and chased it. The cat was scared and went away. Next day, the mouse went to thank the giraffe and he saw a spider who was about to bite the giraffe. The mouse scurried and shouted: “Bite me, not the giraffe!” The spider bit the mouse. “Thanks, but why did you do that?” asked the giraffe. “Because one good turn deserves another” replied the mouse. BY: Sol



The Giraffe and the Dog At the zoo, there lived a strong and long necked giraffe and a brave and fast dog. One day, the smart dog sauntered to the zoo and saw a bunch of free lions who wanted to eat the dog because lions don’t like hairy animals. When the Giraffe saw the dog in danger, she went to scare the lions away. The lions saw the thin giraffe and they got scared and ran into the cage and put the padlock. In the afternoon, the Giraffe was trotting, looking for food and there were some cacti on a mountain of grass and the tall animal got trapped in one of them and was in terrible pain. The dog went to help her because he saw the Giraffe in trouble. He took off the spines. The giraffe told the dog: “Thanks for saving my life“, and the dog answered: “you’re welcome” MORAL: ONE GOOD TURN DESERVES ANOTHER By: Solana



The Two Ants and the Ant-Eater

One afternoon in an ant hole, there lived two little ants that could climb but couldn’t swim and outside the hole, there lived an anteater that was big and liked the water a lot. The two ants were best friends. One day they strolled around to get food and when they finished, they got into the hole. The anteater drank a lot of water and threw it into the hole. The ants were scared of the water so the male ant made a hole and hid there. The female ant was about to drown but at the last second, she floated and got out of the hole and the other ant also got out. The two ants were okay and the male ant urged: “Sorry I didn’t tell you to come to the hole with me“, but she was very angry because he hadn’t helped her and she said: “Fair-weather friends aren’t worth having” BY: TIAGO



The Giraffe and the Dog One day in a big quiet jungle, a little dog was scurrying around the trees. He was white and had a long tail. That afternoon, the dog decided to climb a tree but then, he couldn’t get down. A strong and generous giraffe appeared and helped him get down with her long neck. That night, the tall giraffe was sauntering and some vines got around her neck. The fast dog came running and bit the vines and she was free. “Thanks for saving me” the giraffe said “but why did you save me?” she asked. “Because when I was in the tree, you helped me” the dog replied. MORAL: One good turn deserves another By Vicky d



The Bear and the Butterfly One day in a forest, a bear that was big and very scary was in his cave eating some fish and he saw a butterfly that was flying with her colourful wings. She was going to her house in a tree hole. One hour later, the butterfly was flying and the bear was strolling around. They didn’t realize that they were in front of each other and suddenly they bumped. The bear asked: “Are you ok?” and the butterfly answered: “Yes, I’m ok, and you?” The bear told her: “Yes, I’m fine!” The next day, the bear was in his cave and heard someone that shouted. He ran and ran and he saw that it was his friend, the butterfly. She shouted and shouted because a bat was chasing her. The bear saved the butterfly by roaring at the bat and he got very scared and flew away. The butterfly whispered: “You saved my life, one day I’m going to save yours”. The bear replied: ”Ja, ja, ja , ja, save my life?, I don’t believe you, you are very small!”. One day, 4 lions were new in the forest and were about to treat the bear badly but the butterfly realized that they was going to be rude so she opened her colorful wings and the lions got hypnotized and the bear shimmied away. Then, they celebrated and they were very, very happy and they became friends forever. Moral: kindness is more important than strength. By:Vicky S.



3B / Personal Fables - 2013  
3B / Personal Fables - 2013