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The Squirrel and the Bambi In a very deep forest, there lived a brown and naughty squirrel and a small and playful Bambi. One day the squirrel wanted to invite the Bambi for a walk near a pond of mud so the Bambi, that was very kind answered “Yes”. When the Bambi was near the pond of mud the squirrel pushed her towards the sticky mud, so the poor Bambi ran away to her house and felt very sad. The next day the Bambi saw the squirrel and told her “I have a lot of acorns in my bushy-house, why don´t you come for dinner?” The squirrel answered “Why not? I love acorns! They are my favorites”. They went to the Bambi´s bushy-house. Once they were there the innocent Bambi showed the acorns to the tiny squirrel and the Bambi threw the acorns on the squirrel´s face and she ran away feeling guilty. The squirrel learnt that if she did something bad to an animal they would treat her bad. Moral: Treat others the way you want to be treated. By Anita



The Rabbit and the Mouse One hot afternoon in a big forest there lived a playful Rabbit and a worker Mouse. One day the Mouse was working and she saw the Rabbit playing and hopping. The Mouse told the Rabbit “If you don´t work to get food during the afternoon, you will not have food for your dinner.” After that the Mouse told the Rabbit that she must stop playing. Then dinner came, the Rabbit was hungry so she went to get food from the Mouse. She saw the Mouse eating soup, she said “Delicious!” She went into the Mouse´s house and asked her “Hello what are we going to eat today?” The Mouse said “You don´t have food because you didn´t work, so now you came to get my food?” Next the Rabbit said “I didn´t work because I like to play and hop”. The mouse told “I know you like to play but you must learn that there are times to work and times to play.” By Delfina



The cheetah and the crocodile

On a sunny day in the jungle there lived a kind and good cheetah and a good and thankful crocodile. That same day the cheetah was catching fish when a hungry octopus caught him by the face. The cheetah shouted “Help someone help me please.” The octopus was ready to eat him when the crocodile bit him in the face. The octopus swam away. The cheetah felt very glad because the crocodile saved him. The next day the crocodile was catching fish when the same octopus took revenge on him catching him by the face. The crocodile cried for his life “Help me please! Someone help me!” When the octopus was ready to eat the crocodile, the cheetah threw herself into the water and bit the octopus’s eight tentacles, so the octopus set the crocodile free and swam away and they never saw him again. The crocodile was delighted because the cheetah saved him. Moral: “One good turn deserves another.” BY FELIPE



The snail and the Cheetah In a hot summer day a big, bossy, fast Cheetah tripped with a small, kind snail “Hurry up you won’t get anywhere going that slow” shouted the Cheetah. “I can get wherever I need to go” answered the snail. The Cheetah challenged the snail to a race and the intelligent snail answered “Yes”. They invited all the animals to the forest and even the camel that lived in the desert came to see the race. The tortoise shouted “READY STEADY GO!” The snail started to wiggle very slowly and the Cheetah started to trot very, very fast. In 40 minutes the Cheetah was tired so he sat under a tree and started to boast “I’m the best and I stroll very, very fast” While he sat under a tree the snail wiggled up the hill. The snail had passed the Cheetah and she didn’t realize. When he saw the snail passing him he realized that he hadn’t reached the winning line yet. He ran faster than any animal in the world. It was very late the snail was crossing the finishing line and so the snail won the race. All the animals were amazed. The tortoise cried “Congratulations!” “Thank you” answered the Snail. The Cheetah cried “But I’m faster than the Snail” Moral: “Slow and steady wins the race” By Flor



The dog and the cat One day in the Milky farm there lived a grumpy cat. The farmer bought a dog but the cat hated dogs so he asked “Do you want to play a climbing game?” “Yes” he answered “I love games.” But when he started to climb he fell because he didn`t know how to climb. The intelligent dog felt fooled but he didn`t say anything. He asked “Do you want go for a swim?” “Yes” the cat answered but he didn´t know how to swim so he realized that he was going to drown, so he felt fooled because he wasn’t able to go into the lagoon. Moral: Treat others the way you want to be treated. By Fran I



The toucan and the snail One hot afternoon in a green jungle there lived a colorful, playful toucan and a slow and tiny snail. One day the toucan saw the snail and said “I am the best of the jungle, because I am the fastest animal.” After that the toucan asked the snail “Do you want to run a race?” “Yes” replied the snail. The panda cried “Ready! Steady!! Go!!!” And the race started. The toucan had the advantage, so he stopped to eat fish. The snail didn’t stop and then the snail won. When the toucan finished eating he was angry because he didn’t win. Moral: Slow and steady wins the race. By FRAN.



The toucan and the robin In a big and wild jungle a bunch of colorful birds were flying near tall trees. In that bunch of birds there were a Toucan family Mom, Dad and little Toucan. Next to them lived a Robin family Mom, Dad, sister and little brother. The little and smart Robin asked the Toucan “Do you want to come to my house? “ “Yes” replied the lazy Toucan. After that the Robin and the Toucan were very good friends. When they grew older they kept on being good friends. The intelligent and obedient Robin decided that he was going to get wood, so that at the end of the year he was going to build a house. The naughty Toucan just wanted to fly and rest, he didn´t want to work. The smart Robin remarked to the colorful Toucan that he had to work if he wanted to have a nice house. The Robin told the Toucan that if he didn´t have a nice house in a tall tree the hunters were going to kill him. At the end of the year the intelligent Robin had a wonderful house near the river in the tallest tree of the jungle, but the Toucan had a horrible house in the shortest tree. One week later the hunters came and the first animal they saw was the Toucan. The Toucan flew up to the Robin´s house and the Robin taught him that “There are times to play and times to work”. So the Toucan felt sad because he hadn´t worked and he had a horrible house. From that day on he started to work. “There are times to work and times to play” By Guada



The camel and the scorpion One hot afternoon in Egypt there was a camel and a scorpion. The camel was old, tall and fat and the scorpion intelligent, tiny and curios. During the afternoon an adventurous man grabbed the scorpion to observe the scorpion colors but the camel hit him, with his back leg. The camel dropped the scorpion and immediately run. The next day the man was going to kill the camel, but the scorpion stung the man and the scorpion went running with the camel and they lived happily ever after.




The Snail and the Cheetah One hot afternoon in a big jungle there lived a slow and quiet snail and a smart and carnivorous cheetah with black spots. The cheetah was so fast that he laughed at the snail. The snail was so tired of the laughing that he wanted to challenge the cheetah to race. The cheetah said “Yeeeeesssss I’m going to win! “ When they were in the starting line the lion, from the fable “The lion and the mouse” roared “3 2 1, go!” The cheetah ran ran and ran but when the cheetah had ran 10 meters the snail had only moved 10 millimeters. When the cheetah was in the middle of the race he a saw a zebra. The cheetah wanted to eat the zebra so he went to catch the zebra. The snail went on walking. When the cheetah was eating the zebra the snail was crossing the winning line. The cheetah felt very bad and he left the jungle.

Moral Slow and steady wins the race. By Indigo



The Bambi and the Rabbit One hot afternoon in a big forest there lived a Bambi and a rabbit. The Bambi was sleeping next to a pond near the plants when a rabbit stepped on him and so the Bambi woke up and said “Careful don ´t step on me!“ He was going to hit him with his horns when the rabbit started to urge “Please don´t hit me, if you don´t hit me, I promise that one day I’m going to save your life.” Then the lion let him go. In a while a hunter saw the Bambi who was eating grass and was going to shoot him. The rabbit that was little jumped onto the hunter´s head and started to bit the hunter´s ears, so the Bambi could run away. The Bambi said “Thanks you, you saved my life” and the Rabbit replied “I told that one day I was going to save your life and I did it” The Bambi said “I think you are gentle animal.”


By Juli



The bird and the hare One hot afternoon in a big forest there lived a lazy, naughty but quick hare and a helpful, slow and smart bird. The bird was looking for a good place to make himself a hard wood nest, he was very busy, and this work was hard. There came a boasting, brown hare trotting threw the way. When it got to where the bird was he shouted “Come on and run a race with me!” “I need to work and you better work too, if not you won’t have a house during winter” remarked the bird. “Come on it’s only one” cried the fox “NO! I want my good family and me to have a nest, and if I were you, I would work” remarked the bird and kept on working. Then the hare kept on running and running races with the other animals. When winter came and times of necessity began the hard working bird had all he wanted, a nice nest. But not the hare, he was in the middle of the cold snow with a big cold. Sniffing the hare went to the bird’s nest. This one was perfectly well done. He said “Please can you give me something, whatever but something” “PLEASE!” Urged the hare feeling sorry for what he did “Ok but next summer remember to work not to run races” remarked the bird, so the bird and his family threw some leaves and wood to the hare. After that the hare made a house with that. Finally the bird, his family and the hare were happy for ever. Moral: THERE ARE TIMES TO WORK AND TIMES TO PLAY. By Lupe



The Owl and the Chameleon In a deep, dark forest with very tall trees there lived a big and naughty owl. It had made its nest in an oak tree with very green leaves. It was so dark in that forest, it always looked as if it was night. The owl couldn´t see very well and it was hard for him to hunt food. One night, when the owl was starving because he didn´t eat for three days, he decided to go hunting. Suddenly, he saw a tiny thing moving. Thinking it was a mouse, he flew down as fast as he could to catch it, because he didn´t notice it was a chameleon. When the chameleon saw the owl flying towards him to eat him he urged “Please don´t eat me!” When the owl saw it was a chameleon, he replied “Oh, it is just you. I thought it was a fat mouse. I´m very hungry. I didn´t eat for three days” The chameleon felt sorry for the owl. The owl, who was very lazy, suggested “I have an idea. Did you know that many hunters come to this forest, hunt animals and then eat them or sell them?” “Yes” answered the chameleon. “Maybe I can guard you at night, when you are sleeping because as everybody knows, owls sleep during the day and stay awake at night, but it has a price. Every night you have to give me two big mice. Then I will guard you. Do you accept?” Asked the owl “I accept” answered the chameleon “Tomorrow I will hunt for two mice and give them to you. Tomorrow night you will guard me”. Next morning, the chameleon had a very hard time finding two mice, but after a while he found two big, fat mice and at night he gave them to the owl. The owl felt very pleased with the two mice, but he pretended that he would eat them later. When he saw the chameleon was out of sight, he lied 24

The owl felt very pleased with the two mice, but he pretended that he would eat them later. When he saw the chameleon was out of sight, he lied down to rest and ate the mice. The chameleon didn´t feel comfortable enough to go to sleep because he wanted to prove that the owl was guarding him, so he went to the huge oak tree where the owl lived to make sure he told the truth. When he arrived, he saw the owl resting peacefully eating dinner. The chameleon felt really angry, tricked, but he pretended he was just going for a walk. “I should think before saying or agreeing on something” He told to himself when he was back at the hole in the ground that was where he lived. The chameleon spent all night thinking of a revenge that would make the owl learn his lesson, but he couldn´t think of anything. Next day the sun was shining very bright. The chameleon ate breakfast and was about to go for a walk when he heard something. He peeked through his hole and saw a hunter holding an enormous shotgun. Now he knew what the revenge would be. He would camouflage without telling the owl there was danger. Quickly he ran out of the hole, climbed the nearest tree and turned brown. Luckily, the hunter didn´t see him. The hunter saw a big brown bear and killed him with his shotgun. The owl heard the shoot and woke with a start. He saw the hunter with the shotgun and the dead bear. He realized he was in danger and flew away without stopping to think anything about all the other animals that lived in that enormous forest. 25

The hunter couldn´t hunt any more animals and after a while he went away. The chameleon climbed down from the tree and went to the oak tree. “I´m sorry I didn´t tell you the hunter had come, but I did it because you tricked me first and I didn´t like it” He told the owl. The owl thought for some seconds and replied “I didn’t mean to trick you, but was starving and I couldn’t think of anything better to do than lie for you to give me food” “If you are telling the truth, then I’m sorry” said the chameleon. “Me too” murmured the owl and he yawned, before going to sleep, but the chameleon woke him up. “Good bye” he whispered. The owl learned his lesson, and never tricked anybody again. Moral: Treat others the way you want to be treated By: Maia



The Fox and the Stork. One day there was a stork and a fox. The stork didn’t know that the fox tricked animals. One day the fox invited the stork to have lunch. They ate soup on a plate. He could not scoop the stork said “I’m not hungry at all.” After that he left and he went on walking. The next day the stork invited to the fox to the stork’s house. Then the fox went but the fox couldn’t drink from the tall jar, so he went very angry to his house because no one had ever tricked him before. Moral: Treat others the way you want to be treated. By Matthew


The cat and the frog There lived in a jungle full of plants and trees, a big and brave cat and an intelligent and strong frog. One hot afternoon, the frog went for a walk. In the jungle there were bad hunters and they put a net to catch something to eat. Suddenly the net fell on top of the frog. The frog tried to escape but he couldn´t. The hunters saw him and got him. The cat was near and saw everything, so he went there and with his paws he scratched the hunters and broke the net so the frog was free. The frog was very thankful “Thank you very much you saved my life” The cat asked ”Are we friends now?” ”Yes, sure I will help you one day“ answered frog “Okay I will call you one day if I need help” replied cat ”Okay I will be waiting for you” said frog. Next day the cat was walking near the pond and a bad boy who lived near saw the cat and pushed the cat into the pond. The cat fell in the pond and tried to swim back to the shore but he could not. The cat sank. The frog heard the cat and went to help him. He swam to the bottom of the pond and got the cat and took him to the shore. The cat was very thankful “Thank you, you are my hero” “Is not that I am your hero, I am your friend and I help you” ”Thank you very much my friend frog” ”You’re welcome, you are my friend!” MORAL: One good turn deserves another. By Melina



The Snail and the Fox One hot afternoon a fast fox was sauntering through the forest, when he saw a little snail sliding on the branch of a tree very slowly. The fox laughed and laughed and shouted “You are very slow!” “If I am so slow I will challenge you to a race! From the meadow of the green flowers to the dark forest!” The snail screamed angrily. “WHAT!!!! I can’t believe you think, you can win!” the fox yelled desperately. The next day animals from all over the world came to see the race. They wanted to see who would win it, the snail and the fox were preparing for the race. When they got ready, the crowd shouted “1, 2, 3 goooooo!” and the fox scurried as fast as he could and the snail went slower than a slug. When the snail passed the crowd the fox was about to get to the finish line, when suddenly he bumped into something bi,g but he didn’t know what it was. It was too dark to see until he noticed there was a huge wall of rocks blocking the way. He tried to jump it, but he couldn’t, he tried to push it down, but he couldn’t, so he was trapped he was really nervous. After a while the snail came where the fox was and bumped into the big wall of rocks. He noticed the wall and fox and then he whispered “Fox what are you doing here? I thought you had already won the race.” “Well as you see, there is a huge wall of rocks blocking the way …” Just then the snail noticed a hole that was big enough for him to go through and passed through it. He was about to get to the finish line when the fox broke the wall and ran as fast as he could, but the snail won the race.


The naughty fox became very ashamed and never challenged the snail to a race again. MORAL: SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE. BY NACHO



The camel and the cheetah One sunny day in a very hot place, where there were giant trees, a very fast, strong and confident cheetah was laughing and bulling at an innocent and large camel. He was laughing at the Camel because he was slow. The cheetah was the fastest animal in the world. After that the camel challenged him to a race because if not he wouldn’t stop laughing at him. The next day the race took place, all animals from different places came to see it. The Polar Bear exclaimed “Ready, steady, GO!!!” After that the Cheetah ran as fast as a flash, but the camel walked normally like if he was lumbering in the shopping. Then the cheetah started slowing down because he was talking with the animals and next he was hypnotized by the smell of some flowers so he stayed there smelling all of them. The camel was still walking and he was about to win the race. When the cheetah heard the shouting he ran, as quickly as his legs could carry him. He was too late. The camel had already won the race. The animals had a strange feeling .They couldn’t believe that the camel had won the race. Moral: Slow and steady wins the race By NICO



The Kangaroo and the squirrel In a beautiful jungle there lived a small, brown squirrel and a silly kangaroo that thought he was the best. One day the kangaroo was very bored. So he wanted to practice sports, but nobody wanted to practice sport with him, because they said he always won the races. The kangaroo saw the squirrel and asked him “Do you want to practice sport?” “What kind of sport?” asked the squirrel “A race” replied the kangaroo “Ok” answered the squirrel. Some minutes later the kangaroo and the squirrel were at the starting line, so the fox shouted “Ready steady go!!!” and the kangaroo jumped as fast as he could while the squirrel stood in the starting line. The kangaroo was very hungry and the squirrel was far behind, so he went to eat bananas and apples to his very small house. When the kangaroo was satisfied he looked through the window and he saw that the squirrel had already won the race. The kangaroo went to the finishing line and the fox called “Slow and steady wins the race.” By OLi



The Bat and the Owl One cold night in the forest there lived a huge fearful and scary owl. One night Owl was flying slowly around his bare tree when he accidently bumped into a small, hairy bat. “Watch out!” shouted Owl. Bat tried to scare owl because he thought that Owl would get scared and fly away. But Owl wasn´t scared. “Do you think you can scare someone?” “You should see me scare” demanded Owl. Owl scared Bat and flew away. The Owl had an idea to pay Bat back. The next night Owl invited Bat to his tree. He tricked Bat by telling him that they were going to do something fun for both of them, they were going to scare a bug, but when Bat tried to scare the bug it wasn´t scared. “HA! You are not scary like me.” The Bat felt sad that he had been tricked so he started to cry and flew away. The following night Bat challenged Owl to a race because he knew that Owl was slow and heavy and he was fast and light. In the end Bat won the race and Owl learned his lesson. Bat felt better, because he was able to trick Owl back. Owl learned that if he wants to be treated nicely he has to treat the other animals nicely. Treat others the way you want to be treated. By Pauli.



The cat and the mice One cold afternoon in a cool house there lived two mice that were looking for cheese because they were hungry. Then a BIG, BIG cat appeared and they got scared and one mouse said “We have to run!!!!” They run away. Then they got tired, and the mice rested. Then the cat found the mice. One mouse realized cat was there, so he climbed up a lamp because he was scared. The other one spread ketchup and pretended to be dead because he couldn´t escape. After that as the cat didn’t like ketchup he smelt the mouse that had ketchup and the cat went away. The other one went to him and said “Are you ok?” “Yes!” replied the other one. MORAL: FAIRWETHER FRIEND ARENT WORTH HAVING. By Ramiro



The cat and the hamster In a peaceful farm there lived a farmer who had a cat. The cat helped the farmer with the mice, but with the years the cat got old so she couldn´t work as she did when she was young. When the naughty mice noticed that cat wasn´t working any more, they were delighted. They were so happy that they decided to have a buffet, but as they didn´t have any food they stole some from cat. They adored it so they ate all the food that was in cat´s plate. When cat saw that there was no food on her plate she decided to refill her plate and cover it with the carpet that she used to take her nap, so the mice couldn´t eat the food. Then she went away. When the mice saw the plate covered with a big carpet, they decided to take it to their hole. They couldn´t take it all by themselves, so they asked a hamster to help them. They started pulling the plate when suddenly cat appeared and caught hamster ´s little feet. ”Don´t eat me please I beg you. I don´t taste good, I´m a hamster, humans adore me” and remarked “I didn´t eat none of your food.” But cat was ready to eat him. She took out one of her little paws en she was ready to eat him. The mice didn´t budge, they were so frightened. Hamster was caught in cat´s paws. Cat was opening her mouth when hamster escaped. Cat ran after hamster when finally caught him again.






The Cheetah and the Snail One hot afternoon in a jungle full of trees and plants there lived a slow, clever, with a brown body and green shell, Snail and a fast and light brown Cheetah. Suddenly the Cheetah saw the Snail and started saying nasty things to the Snail. “You are the slowest animal I have ever seen” repeated the Cheetah, so the Snail got tired of that and she decided to challenge the Cheetah to run a race of ten laps. After that the Cheetah agreed, so they started preparing the race, they hung decorations and balloons. When they finished preparing the race the Cheetah went as fast as he could ran to tell the rest of the animals of the jungle about the race. While the Cheetah was telling the animals, the Snail rested for some minutes behind the starting line. When the Cheetah came back with the animals they all went to the starting line and a bunny said “Ready, steady go!!” The Cheetah ran off and the Snail slid as fast as she could but that was too slow. The Cheetah was far, far away and the Snail was in front of the starting line. The animals shouted “Run, go faster!!” the Snail tried but she couldn´t. The Cheetah saw a herd of zebras and he went to catch them because he was hungry so with that he could eat something. The Snail was getting near the winning line when the Cheetah heard the animals shouting “Hurry, a bit more” until the Snail passed the winning line. The Cheetah felt sorry for the Snail because he had said nasty things to her.


Moral: Slow and steady wins the race

By Tere



The Man and the Lizard In a small poor house, in a farm, there lived a tall, intelligent old man. A green, large tiny lizard lived at the top of the attic inside the house. A group of gray, naughty, quick mice lived inside of a little hole in the attic .The mice were always very hungry. In the fridge there was a big, yellow, clean cheese. When they saw the man opening the fridge, they started drooling. The lizard felt so hungry that, he could eat whatever. He saw the mice hole so he yelled “Hey mice! Can I go with you for food?” The mice answered “Ok! No problem!” Lizard went to the mice’s hole. That day the mice together with the lizard went for the cheese. The man opened the fridge for water so the quickest mice climbed up the fridge and got into it. All mice took the yellow clean cheese and went back to their hole with the lizard. When the man saw that the clean yellow cheese wasn’t there he started searching for it, he went upstairs. He found the hole and shouted very angrily “That hole! Yes! Mice got my beautiful cheese!” The man took a look in the hole and whispered to himself “I will get rid of these horrible mice. At that moment the lizard yelled “Hey wait a minute I didn’t do anything” But the man remarked “But you were with them “. Then he called the “animal control center“. When the “animal control Center” came they caught all the gray mice including, the green lizard. MORAL: IF YOU CHOOSE BAD COMPANIONS NOW ONE WILL BELIEVE YOU ARE ANYTHING BUT BAD YOURSELF. By Titi



The toucan and the scorpion One hot day in a big big jungle there lived a naughty, curious and fast toucan and a strong and young scorpion that were inseparable friends. One day the scorpion went to look for the toucan to play. While he walked trying to find the toucan to play, the scorpion found a big pond to drink water. When the scorpion was drinking water he fell into the water shouting “Help, help somebody help me!!!!!” At that moment the toucan came, grabbed the scorpion with his feet and took it out of the water. That night the scorpion dreamt that the toucan was in danger. Then the scorpion went outside and the scorpion heard “Help a lion is chasing me!!!” Immediately the scorpion followed the voice. When he arrived to where the voice came from, a real lion was chasing the toucan. The scorpion stung the lion and it gave the toucan time to escape. The toucan was very glad because the scorpion saved him. Finally the two animals lived in peace all their lives. Moral: One good turn deserves another. By Toui



The dog and Mr. McGregor In a faraway farm there lived a farmer called Mr. McGregor who had lots of animals like rabbits, dogs etc. and also yummy vegetables. The rabbits were mischievous and one of the dogs was very fast and he liked to compete. The farm was very big and beautiful. One hot afternoon the rabbits started eating vegetables for no reason. Sometime passed and the dog went as fast as his legs could carry him to the place where the rabbits were eating. The dog wanted to start a race to see who ate faster. Some minutes later Mr. McGregor saw them and went there in a silent way, because he was very disappointed with the dog. He wasn´t happy about it. Next he got some meat from the kitchen and he did a knot with the rope around the meat to attract the dog and in another rope he did the same with carrots to attract the rabbits. After that he threw the ropes to the place where they were. Then he went moving them slowly to a net he had put long ago, which was in a tree and whenever someone passed underneath the net, it fell down and trapped that person or animal. When both animals were caught the dog realized that he had to think before doing things. He said to Mr. McGregor that the rabbits had started. Mr. McGregor explained that even if the rabbits had started he had done the same. He also scolded them a bit and they never ate vegetables without permission again. Moral: IF YOU CHOOSE BAD COMPANIONS NO ONE WILL BELIVE THAT YOU ARE ANYTHING BUT BAD YOURSELF. By Vicky 52

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