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Question three Audience feedback helps a film distributor to understand the problems they may be having with their campaign. This helps them to identify what they need to improve their product and allows them to understand what certain audiences expect to see. Audience feedback helps you to understand how to target people and make future campaigns more successful. The Woman in Black is an example of a film that did a lot of research before their campaign. They did this by identifying their target audience and now exactly what their demographics are. When they had established this they chose how they would target them and used a Halloween competition and the internet to draw people in and collect feedback. As the film’s target audience was young, the distributor knew they would have to reach them mostly via the internet. They also used Daniel Radcliffe as the main character in the film. This was the first film Daniel Radcliffe had starred in after his role of Harry Potter, so this meant many people were intrigued by this. It also drew in a lot of younger fans who were fans of the famous actor. To collect audience feedback for our trailer we set up screenings of our trailer in class and had our classmates watch it. The classmate’s then wrote down one thing they enjoyed about the trailer and one thing they would change. The feedback was collected from males and females aged 17-18 which is our target audience (18-25+). These people also all have similar interests as they are involved in a media class; therefore will most probably enjoy films. I also collected feedback for my magazine cover and poster. I did this by creating written surveys asking them about their demographics and whether they would buy the magazine or watch the film. I collected this feedback from some of my media classmates but mostly from people outside of the media lessons. This meant I had a more varied set of data. This feedback allowed me to change anything that a potential viewer did not like about it. It meant I had a clearer idea to what is expected to be seen in a poster or magazine cover.

Evaluation Question Three  
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