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Digital Design - Module 02 Semester 1, 2018 Olivia Wan

914702 Siavash Malek + 20

Week Three

Reading: Kolerevic B. 2003. Architecture in the Digital Age

Kolerevic described three fundamental type of fabrication techniques in the reading. Outline the three techniques and discuss the potential of Computer Numeric Controlled fabrication with parametric modelling. (150 words max)

Kolerevic described three fundamental type of fabrication technique which they are: - subtractive fabrication It refers to the process of removal a desired volume of mterial from solid structure through different methods. - additive fabrication It refers to a by using adding layer on top of layer to create a solid structure. Formative fabrication -reshaping/ deforming process which alter, changes original shapes to desired shape. Computer Numeric Controlled is used for parametric modelling , which is the use of data imput to control the frabrication of machine. It allow more variation in designs and also less techinical problems and consumes less time.


Week Three

Surface Creation

Creating loft surface with grid points within a 150X150 box. Iterations goes from two straight panels to two more curved panels, emphasis curved threshold. But to create a standable. Final iteration have a straight panels and twisting side, which gives emphasise on the curved. The concept of the two surface is to create an emphasis on the curved i


Week Four Panels & Waffle

The intension of design is to create a space that emphasis imbalance of area, drawing a focus on a curved structure of the overall structure. Use of a square, diamond shape panel based allow panels to flow diagonally along the direction of curve. Attractor point allow the opening size differs, the curved part having larger openings and a shorter extrusion allow greated shadow and light entry which anphasis the curved structure.

The waffle shows emphasis the curved side, using the straighter part of the contour again contrast the curve in overall structure.


Week Four

Laser Cutting

Different types of lines are changed into diiferent layer from template. There are cut and etch lines and also through using command in grasshopper to create a dashed line for foldings.


Week Five

The intension of this design in to use the overlappings of boolean shapes to get openings. Use of attractor curve and attractor point and change of domain allow shapes to differ in size and also overlaps each other.


Week Five


The 3D intends to create openings that create a space with interior and exterior area. Also to create a space that has openings that attracts light. The overlappings also create some sort of “recess� area. The cureved in the 3D shape also brought emphasis to the larger booleans shapes which then likes to the openigs. This also intend to reference to Zunthor’s Pavilion of having a single opening but having isolated entrance point to affect the circulation of spce. To improve of the 3D model, this concept can be applied through using attactor points to create a single openings and many isolated openings in future improvements. Which the main circulation shown in the project is straight forward.


BLACK = Page Size/Trim Line

Week Six Task 01





Key {0,0,150}


Attractor / Control Points (X,Y,Z) Curvature from mid point (0-1) Panels openings

{Index Selection}

{Index Selection}

{Index Selection}





Paneling extending depth & Attractor Point

Olivia Wan - 914702

{Index Selection}

Panelling openings size & Attractor Point

Module 02 - Task 01






Design Matrix 1:5

Task 01 Matrix

Curved side of waffle, contrast by the straighter side of waffle. Also brought the focus on the curved side.

From task one I have chosen to use the iterations as follow: Party exposing the waffle. Nakedness of waffle allow shadow entry and attention.

the last loft surface which original try to use on relative curved surface to contrast the curved surface.

A smaller extend of extrusion and larger opening size at the curviest part. Let light, create larger extend of shadows. Also emphasis the curvature of structure.

The last size of openings, which the openings are larger at the curvest part of surface. And the openings at the last which it reveals light pass through the most at the curved part to allow a focal point at the curved surface as people look or pass through the structure from the top or the bottom. The straighter panels is relative flat after extrusion, to flip it over to this side as a base, it creates circulations, such that similar height creates circulations of small walkways. Square based panels


BLACK = Page Size/Trim Line MAGENTA = insert artwork in this area

Week Six Task 02

Task 02 Matrix In task two, to create space with openings that consists entrance that allows light and circulation, I manipulated the grid by using attractor point and curve to squeeze shapes to overlapp. I chose the one in the middle as the attractor point in such create an overlaption that creates booleans that are more centralised to acieve the effect as shown in the second red bracket.


Week Six

Final Isometric Views




In task one. The waffle created is created to emphasis on the curved part of structure. With a large opening to small from the bottow creates shadow and a focal point on the curve side of structure.

Final panels

controlling domains in grasshopper.

On the left is one of the iteration that not only used attractor point but also a control in the domain to create different openings and and strusion size.


Appendix Process

The use of controlling the grid in box. Which then creates booleans that overlaps and create the effect desired, as shown below.

Attractor point and grid manipulation used to create the final version out of all iteration.

Booleaned structure is then split diagonally to acieve the openings effect.




Improvements: First time entering the world of grasshopper made design negected the importance original design intention. To improve of task one, in the future, a stronger concept and a deeper level in analysis is needed from the start of design. For the econd task, To reference on Zumthor’s idea of having entrance separate fron the major space and having one single opening to structure the whole circulation could be better explored in the 3D model.

Unrolling of panels.Labelling and changing the layers via putting in the laser cutting template.


Olivia wan journal dd mod2  
Olivia wan journal dd mod2