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Digital Design - Module 01 Semester 1, 2018 Olivia Wan

914702 Siavash Malek 20

Week One

Reading: Zeara Polo, A. 2010. Between Ideas and Matters.

According to Zeara-Polo, the diagram does not play a representational role in the design process but provides an organisational and can have a performative quality depending on how it is deployed. Explain how Diagram is different from Signs and Symbols? (100 words Maximum)

Diagram provides organisational and have performative quality, it might not represent any concept in exact but it holds a perception of the design and translate to readers. Rather signs and symbols do not hold a perception, it has to be used and organised in suitable ways as a diagram to translate the perception to others.


Week One

Precedent Analysis

The first diagram is the exterior cladding of the Zumthor pavilion. To construct the exact structure, the structure have to be build (as shown in right diagram). For the bottom left diagram, it shows the interior cladding of Zumthor pavilion.

The shape of the pavillion is a rectangle which in the process, a lot of extrusions were used to achieve the shape. The inner structure are made by the referral of researched to achieve the right shape and dimension and array along sides.


Week Two

Reading: Hertzberger H. 2005. The in-between and The Habitable Space Between Things, from Lessons for Students in Architecture. Herzberger discuss how design should not be extreme in its functionality. Use your precedent study to explain how the pavilion allows for an appropriation of use. (100 words Maximum)

Herzberger mentioned that design sould not be extreme in its function as people are allowed to discover different kinds of usage in a them. If its extreme in functional, it will limit people’s discovery of usage in designs. Using Zumthor’s Pavilion as an example, there are’t any clear direction of exploration to access the pavilion. As people enter, they are allowed to be lead by their prefernce or instinct to discover the light and dark, the shadow and the mysterious as per entry to the centre part of pavilion..


Week Two


Zumthor Serpentine Pavilion Isometric View The Zumthor pavilion from the exterior cladding is a big rectangular block with slated top part openning. However, the structure is not as simple as the exterior. I consist of a hallway in between the environment and the (mid point) of the pavilion, which is the garden and also the structure skeleton that made it stand up. The hallway as depicted in the diagram, is cut in around 75M, to show the area of hallway. Which apart from the openings, I realise this hallway is a big major threshold surrounding the Pavilion. With the activation of sunlight, it shpes how people circulate and enter the pavilion garden and also the desity of people.


Week Two Diagrams

Threshold and Density

Movement and sunpath influence

Top bit is the exterior cladding, the middle represent the centre of attention. The bottom bit depicts the threshold of pavilion. The intensity of grey also depicts the desity of people (in threshold).

This diagram depict the sunpath and shadow in 3 different timeperiod in winter. The purple arrow depects how the sun activiate and infuence the movement of people.




base map to get dimension and surrounding environment

Base picture to refer structure and dimension


Simple extrusion along curve, side cladding

Appendix Process

Complete exterrior cladding by adding the to slated part

Deconstruct by building the inner structure , trace and extrude


Array along the structure and build a diagonal longger one that links the sides



The inner cladding created by drawing surface and extruding them into solid

Splitting structure and putting in according layers. Make 2D and resturcture, fix up the light weight and opacity to choose what to show


Exploded diagram

Finish of the major isonomentric

Made 2D line works add in color of shades and sun path and arrows for the diaggramatic illustration.

Dd module01 914702 oliviawan  

Module 1 - Peter Zumthor Pavilion

Dd module01 914702 oliviawan  

Module 1 - Peter Zumthor Pavilion