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Welcome to Bramingham Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic and family dentist in Lutan

About Us Bramingham Dental Clinic is a modern progressive dental practice with a view to preventative dentistry. We aim to ensure that all our patients receive the best possible choices in dentistry at a price that is affordable for you and your family. We provide a full range of NHS and Private Treatments.

Luton based Bramingham Dental Clinic is a family dental care centre. We provide NHS and Private Dental Treatments in Luton.

Dental Treatments We offer a selection of different treatments. We will advise and guide you through every stage of your treatment to make sure you get that perfect smile!

Tooth Coloured Fillings If your teeth are chipped or damaged, it might be possible for us to restore them using advanced composite or glass ionomer filling materials which are shade matched to suit your natural tooth colour. Usually however, only small areas of damage can be restored this way, so other restorations maybe required such as onlays, inlays, crowns or veneers, which are custom made for each patient by a specialist laboratory.

Tooth Whitening For some people, teeth get darker with age. With others they may want to improve on mother nature and so for a brighter, more youthful looking smile, professional whitening is very popular, particularly for a special event such as a wedding or as part of a cosmetic makeover. Using a special peroxide gel applied to the teeth, we can lighten your teeth by up to nine shades. As the procedure is simple and safe, you can choose to have it performed at the practice or do it yourself at home or you can opt for a mix of the two.

Bridges Gaps due to missing teeth or tooth extraction not only spoil your smile, they may also cause the surrounding teeth to shift gradually around the vacant space, potentially leading to biting and jaw problems or gum disease. To fill the gaps left by one or two missing teeth a bridge can be used. This consists of a filler tooth or teeth supported by one or a few crowns bonded into place over the intact teeth. The teeth adjacent to the missing tooth are prepared by shaping and an impression taken. The impression together with your dentists prescription is then sent to a specialist laboratory where the bridge is hand crafted. The bridge is the bonded into place by your dentist.

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Dental clinic and family dentits in Luton  

Luton based bramingham dental clinic is a family dental care centre. We provide NHS and Private Dental Treatments in Luton.

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