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Cover Story! EDIE THORNE

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16 Edie Thorne- UK fans have chosen their female artist of the year! 24 Jed Derby- There is new male talent in Britain and he has found love! 33 Readers Poll- Everything that you want!

CONTENTS PAGE 38 Laura Marling- New single on the way! R e l e a s es

41 Adele- Remix with Jamie XX!


43 Dress to the music- New popular styles! 48 Too much or too little- What we think!


53 Gigs- Drugs keeping the par ty alive ?

In t e r v i e w Editor- Olivia Stacey

59 Amber Shore- A model new to Britain! 63 Leyla Atrica- How she quit her addiction to make her dream work!






An interview with...

Jed Darby

It has been said that Jed Darby, new British male artist is set to release three singles by the end of 2012 at just 22 years old. The young performer was noticed early last year whilst performing his own song during a charity event in the city centre of his home town, Surrey. When he was kicked out of his family home in 2008 for excessive drinking and drug use, Jed thought he had hit the rocks, but he since picked up his life and tells DAZE all about it…


Jed, on behalf of Daze, it’s an honour to be speaking with you. I’m sure you have a very busy life! Tell us, what have you been up to?

You seem to be doing really well with your career. Is there any love in your life at the moment?


Yeah, thanks for making time for me. Erm, a bit of this and that really, recording, performing, partying and I don’t think you need to know anymore! I’m really enjoying this life and it’s such a change from the life I was used to… for the better I’m sure.

You say for the better? Can you explain to us a bit more what you went through during your teen years? I went off the rails. My parents broke up and my father died soon after of alcohol poisoning. My mother went into a terrible state of depression, which left me to bring up myself for a few of my teen years. I had no rules and I got in with a bad group of friends. I started taking drugs and drinking every night of the week. There came a time where I realised, I have to change and started my song writing and taught myself the guitar. So how did you’re music career start? After I had stopped the drink and drugs and started song writing, I saw a poster for a charity event that was taking place in Surrey, where I live. I felt I owed something back to my community after the support that local groups offered me to overcome my problems, so I offered to play a few songs to a small audience… and I guess I was just in the right place at the right time. A guy approached me after my performance and told me he was interested in recording with me and it all went from there.

(Laughs) I haven’t had time for long term romance in the past few years because I’ve been so busy but lately I have been seeing someone special. It started as a casual friendship but things have progressed and suddenty everything seems perfect. I think we were photographed lately so i’m not hiding anything.

“... I went off the rails. My parents broke up and then my father died...” So what do you do in your free time, see friends I guess? How did you get out of the bad friendship group? I have a really good group of friends, boys and girls, who are really trustworthy, great people. We have such laughs together and go out as much as we can. They’re all really good for me and all support me like a family would. I just moved away, stopped doing what they were doing and stopped letting them influence me. They were really bad years of my life and the people around me were a really bad influence on me. I’m glad I got away when I did.

Well we are really glad that things are going well for you and it It sounds like you got lucky! We’ve been told that you are poten- has been great to chat with you Jed tially releasing 3 singles by the end of next year? Yeah, you too was really good to have the chance to talk and I Hopefully I can do, if things go to plan. My first single, “Get Out” look forward to talking again in the near future. has already sold over 450,000 copies in the shops and has been downloaded over 2 million times online. People seem to like the music I’m giving them so I can’t see any of this stopping any time soon.

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“...people seem to like the music that i’m giving them, so i can’t see any of this stopping any time soon...” “... i’m really

enjoying this DOUBLElife PAGE SPREAD and it’s such a change from the life i was#2 used to... for the better i’m sure...”

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