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Plant Sterols and Stanols by Innova Market Insights March 2013

Plant sterols and stanols Pl t t l d t l • •


Despite a small dip in 2011, product launches tracked globally with plant sterols and stanols continue to show a positive annual growth growth. After 2011, applications in the market shifted from dairy and cereals to supplements.

Health claims on nutraceutical foods H lth l i t ti l f d • • •


More than half of product launches tracked with plant sterols and stanols have heart health related claims claims. Many heart health claims simultaneously feature a low cholesterol claim. Despite continuing to lead, heart health claims are reducing, while low cholesterol claims are on the rise.

Top regions for products with sterols and stanols T i f d t ith t l d t l • •


North America has been the region with the most tracked launches of products with plant sterols and stanols over the past four years years. Western Europe and North America together account for almost 2/3 of total product launch share.

Products with multiple sterol origins P d t ith lti l t l i i UK: Healthspan p Heart Synergex y g Optimum p Heart Health Nutrients Supplement Ingredients: plant sterols and garlic: phytosterol esters, potato starch, glycerin (vegetable origin), carrageenan, rapeseed oil, garlic powder, disodium phosphate, titanium dioxide, chlorophyll copper complex; cardio-vitamin complex: maltodextrin, cellulose, vitamin b3, vitamin b5, vitamin d3 d3, hypromellose hypromellose, vitamin b6 b6, stearic acid (vegetable origin) origin), silica silica, vitamin b1, vitamin b2, magnesium stearate (vegetable origin), glycerin (vegetable origin), folic acid, biotin, vitamin b12, vitamin d3; co-enzyme q10: sunflower oil, potato starch, co-enzyme q10, glycerin (vegetable origin), sorbitol, carrageenan, carnauba wax, iron oxide; omega 3: concentrated fish oil, il fish fi h gelatin, l ti glycerin l i ((vegetable t bl origin). i i )

Indonesia: 69 Dr. Liem Rice Bran Drink Mix Ingredients: Rice skin, phytosterols, polyphenols, phospholipids, beta sitosterol, co-enzyme Q10, omega 3 fatty acids, omega 6 fatty acids, oleic acids, vitamin E complex (tocopherols, tocotrienols, oryzand), vitamin B complex (vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3 B3, vitamin B5 B5, vitamin B6) B6). .

Dairy: the biggest market due to fats & spreads D i th bi t k td t f t & d • •


Dairy and supplements are the two leading markets for sterols and stanols; together they account for more than 78% of product launch share globally in 2012 2012. All the top 5 markets, which account for more than 95% of the market, showed growth in 2012 compared to the previous year.

Products with cholesterol claim P d t ith h l t l l i Spain: Benecol Zero Natural y Frambuesa Claims: Lowers cholesterol. Less than 35 calories per bottle. No other food reduces cholesterol more. Moreover, M the th Kaiku K ik Benecol B l Zero Z range has h the th least amount of calories per bottle and is the most digestible because it is lactose free. Now you can reduce your cholesterol while controlling your calories.

Australia: Devondale Our Reduce One Milk Claims: Lowers cholesterol absorption. absorption No preservatives. preservatives National Heart Foundation tick. With natural plant sterols. Low fat milk. Just 500ml (2 glasses) per day will help lower your cholesterol absorption. Provides 44% of your RDI of calcium in every glass. Contains the natural goodness of milk. Naturally gluten free. Recyclable packaging. Vegetarian suitable.


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Plant Sterols & Stanols  
Plant Sterols & Stanols