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How to calculate productive hours of employees? Summary: Now it is possible to keep track of working hours of employees without tracking the employees physically. It is possible with the help of software called online time tracking software. What is your actual working time? Working time is the time that gives output. For instance, you work for 8 hours but only two hours are productive then your actual working time would be 2 hours but you would calculate 8 hours as it is the time you were available. Learn calculating work timings Whether you work online or offline, you have to enter your entry time in office and also mark the exit time. The time shows the hours you were available in office and your presence is taken as your productive time. But now you can use online time tracking software to know your productive time.

Since most of the work is done online, it becomes easy to track work timing of workers. You are assigned a specific task and it is expected that you would complete the task in expected time. The online time tracking software would show the time you took for completing that task. It would show how productive you are and whether you need improving your skills or not. How the software is used? It is used online. It is a service provided from a distant place. It is a cloud based service where a service provider takes care of the time recorded by software. You only need entering the online platform and seeing your day’s schedule. Work according to the schedule and send a detailed report along with your feedback on the target to your manager. The online time tracking software would show how much job you finished in a business day. Who needs this software? Big organizations with tens and hundreds of employees need this software. It would be a great for HR executives that have to record entry and exit time of employees and also calculate their

working hours. The online time tracking software not only calculates working hours but also makes salaries. It can calculate working hours of employees and make their salaries according to their pay scales. Who provides the software? It is a service provided by software development companies and there are many service providers. Together all the companies provide a host of options for businesses that need this software. The online time tracking software can be customized to suit individual needs of the users. Also it can be updated with new features to meet new challenges. Free software is also available for small businesses that have little needs.

How to calculate productive hours of employees?