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THE KEYNOTE Vol. 2 | Parsippany High School | April 2018Â

Table of Contents Cantest                                               2                              Science Night                                       4 Unity Dinner                                         5 Pennies for Patients                             6 Member of the Month                          8 Upcoming Events                                 9

Cantest! This April, we held our annual Cantest! Through our dedicated Key Club members' efforts, we were able to raise eight full boxes of canned food for the less fortunate. Congratulations to the sophomore class for contributing the most! On the following page, there is a letter that the Parsipanny Christian Chruch sent, thanking us for helping to feed the hungry!

Science Night! This month, Mrs. Muheisen held Parsippany High's very first science night. The event was geared towards elementary school students, and volunteers put time and effort into creating interesting and engaging experiments and visuals for the children. Thank you to those that participated and made the first Science Night successful!

Unity Dinner! As a part of the Junior Class Project, directed by Sejal Murthy, PHS Key Club got involved with The Erase Club's annual Multicultural/Unity Dinner at PHHS! Meant to unite the various cultures that make up our community, there were several different types of cultural foods and performances featured at the dinner. Thank you Sejal and all that participated for helping the Erase Club set up this unifying event!

The Quest for a Cure Continues! In order to continue our efforts in raising awareness and money for the fight against leukemia and lymphoma, a few members sacrificed their time to can in front of Quickcheck. All of the proceeds that PHS Key Club raises will go directly towards Pennies for Patients!

Member of the Month!

This month, Jillian Goveas has shown exceptional dedication to PHS Key Club's efforts! She gave up her lunch periods to raise awareness for leukemia and lymphoma, and she helped put together Key Club's bulletin board! Thank you Jill for you hard work!

Upcoming Events! RELAY FOR LIFE                                 5/5 SCHOOL CLEAN-UP                          5/10 SKIP VISIT @ RMS                           5/11  REDSTOCK                                         6/2     DAYCARE VISITS EVERY WEDNESDAY *It's very important that you make sure to sign-up on the event sign-up sheet so that you can earn hours for your service. The sign-up sheet is linked in every PHS Key Club email. If you ever have trouble accessing the sheet, feel free to email an officer.*

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The Keynote - April 2018  

April PHS Key Club Newsletter

The Keynote - April 2018  

April PHS Key Club Newsletter