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How does my media product represent certain social groups?

• The target social group of this magazine was young adults aged 16-25 and who listen to the genre of rap and hip hop. My media product represents certain social groups through Use of colour Mise en scene

Graphical elements

Acts like a boost for the reader, they pay for the book and they receive something in return as well as the content of the magazine.

the placing of the text draws the readers eyes there but not to the point where they are distracted from the rest of the page. The text itself is intriguing, makes the reader want to proceed. The (graphical element) use of the plus sign in place of the word and is a way that the VIBE magazine has related to the audience, even if it is in a minor fashion. The shortening and time saving addition of the symbol instead of the word is something that relates to their target audience particularly because of the fact that most of that target audience is used to “text type� the language used during a text.


One social group represented by magazine is the younger, black near middle class social group. This social group is primarily filled with those who have interests in materialistic things (although all classes can be said to be largely materialistic, its common to want more no matter how much you already currently); they are concerned with how they look and take in/envy those who are in the rap hip hop industry for what they have. Usually most rap and hip hop artists boast about (money, women, power, branded things including clothing) what they have and what kind of person they are, they usually focus on the fact that they are to some extent, untouchable repeatedly reminding everyone who listens that they are tough, or strong or they have so much power in terms of strength that no one can come near them in a threatening way; in the lyrics of their songs and due to the fact that those who listen to this genre are subject to this type of thing repetitively they build a standard for what they want. My magazine represents this type of social group by denoting these types of factors mostly through the images on each page but also through the text involved.

Notice the hard look on her face as well as the direct mode of address. She isn't afraid to look at the camera without a smile on her face. She doesn't look vulnerable or as though she really needs anyone, when accompanied with the vape pen in the first picture this creates the impression of a very tough and hard exterior to this person.

On the first page of my magazine the text represents this social group by being somewhat self assured, one of the boosts of the magazine quite clearly states “10 facts about the greatest rappers alive” the text is a statement more than anything suggesting the fact that the magazine knows who the greatest rappers are and there is no doubt in that. Many of those in this social group are connoted with being arrogant, sometimes hot headed and rather bold the boost represents that by having an arrogant effect to it.

The text on the first page also represents this social group by mentioning clothes, a materialistic necessity with this social group. “Flare up your winter wardrobe” those in this social group are concerned with what they ware, always looking at how to make a statement or how to fit in with the current trends of the season. Usually taken from what those in the rap genre wear or what big brands everyone is into, they’re always focused on what impression this gives of and my articles text on the first page represents this by showing its readers how to make themselves more noticeable, given by the word “flare”.

The use of the word “great” is a very bold thing to say, it has connotations of no doubt being held as to who exactly are the greatest rappers. Therefore not only does this intrigue those with more open minds but those with closed minds (minds already set on who the greatest rappers are and wont except anything else) to read as well. My image on the first page represents this social group through the features of it. The image denoted represents this social group through the attitude denoted through the image, the model is shown to be serious and throwing up gang signs both of which are heavily associated with the rap genre and the behaviour that comes with most of those in this social group, the social group is represented with its connotations, gang signs have the connotations of young black males and females, usually from no higher than the middle class and the stern face connotes the same things that most rap lyrics do, the fact that being a young black person is not always something to smile about (as lyric after lyric states in rap genre). In addition there’s the addition of graffiti in the background of each page of the magazine, the graffiti is used as a representation to this social group because of the connotations that come with it, rap music is sometimes seen as an expression of music full of raw emotion and struggle and other times its seen as far too harsh and rude, the same comes with graffiti sometimes its seen as art and other times its seen as vandalism.

The added typography draws extra attention to this section of the front page, as well as adding to the word “flare” itself, as the word has its own style of flair as well.

The social group is also represented by the use of colour throughout the magazine, there’s a very repetitive mix of both vibrant bold colours with the dominant contrast of the less bright colours. Even with the colours used for the dominant image concerning the model (a part of mise-en-scene) there’s the use of light and dark colours, but not only the colours but the clothing itself (the inclusion of the popular symbol for the game is used as something that can be relatable for the audience). As the magazine progresses the clothing gets more and more to the representation of the social group, on the first and second page (contents) the mise-en-scene involving the clothing is minimal there isn’t much going on with the materialistic side of the social groups representation, although the print on the models shirt could have connotations of a sort of youth to it, the print is an ‘angry bird’ figure, typically associated with young people. However there is a progression in the double page spread the clothing is a lot less childish and rather the visual representation of rap hip hop especially when accompanied by the stance that the model is in. She’s shown to be in clothing that’s a lot more mature, particularly when focusing on the ripped jeans a fashion statement that many of those in the rap and hip hop genre wear. My magazine represents this social group in this way.

In my media product this social group is represented through the materialistic side of the image used on every page, but in particular the image on the double page spread. The double page spread image has the inclusion of an vape pen, this is denoted to represent the consumerist side of this social group, focusing heavily on what they own and what they are worth, in addition to this the image denotes the model not just holding it but smoking the vape pen, which has its own connotations as well, usually its associated with those who are ‘bad’ in terms of their attitude, they don’t really care what people think about them, or they do and so they want to look ‘hard’ and ‘tough’, typically in the fashion side of industry smoking has been a common fashion accessory, although normally they aren’t smoking e-liquid.

How does my media product represent certain social  
How does my media product represent certain social