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The dramatic shot used: a close-up this was done by the camera being at a short distance from the objects and in A deep focus shot. The convention of the close up was used because close ups highlight things that are important. Usually within most slasher horror movies they are used to highlight aspects such as a protagonists facial expression during a stock situation when they are being chased by a character. However here we are using it to highlight the importance of the visces that the protagonists are using. As the subtext of the movie is substance abuse (which in turn as this is a slasher movie leads to the ultimate situation of teen punishment, which is A convention in itself. Teens giving into impure thoughts and actions (as they often are said to be vulnerable to at a pubescent stage) from a conservative viewpoint is something that is punishable by their death), thus a close-up on something that is usually so irrelevant has the effect of signifying the weight with which it holds in the situation.

To elaborate, in simpler terms if we use the theorist Ferdinand de sassure as well as the theory around symbolic codes. We have the signifier which is the alcohol, and then we have the signified effect from it. That being the connotations of alcohol, it’s something that changes a person physically and mentally, a lot of the time it leads to somebody being put into a position of violence, or vulnerability depending on which gender we focus on. It takes over your body and leaves you in a state of impaired judgement.

Also, another aspect that needs to be mentioned Is the fact that there is also the effect of forced perspective to some extent. Because of how the alcoholic beverages are framed against the background that includes cars. Although, this isn’t exactly something that is easy to see because of the low lighting (an aspect that is supposed to be in a horror trailer) and the colour corrections perhaps not being as well done as they could have been. The cars in the background with the drinks in the foreground would have emphasised the size of the bottles a lot more clearly than it currently has. And due to the background being almost pitch black, the effect of the alcohol bottles looking even bigger than they really are is created. They are more significant, as the scale is exaggerated. Thus, the used convention is the viewer seeing things as being bigger than they are, they see the very things that lead to them being killed essentially as important. §

The camera angle: over the shoulder shot, in an establishing shot. Shots that were created by the camera being behind one of the statue figures, to the side and over the shoulder of the figure. The effect created is one that allows the audience to see from what can be assumed to be a person’s perspective, particularly the killer as the setting itself being alarming and intimidating matches to what could be the killer. Also, the killer is constantly being denoted through the trailer as an antagonist whom appears in places in an almost supernatural fashion. In addition to this what’s denoted on screen sets a sort of mood and theme that creates an unsettling, creepy and menacing atmosphere. Thus, to some extent it could be said that the convention has been used but also developed as the shot is still framed in the typical way. The effect is still seeing from a perspective that is intentionally trying to make a point. Not just to show what is within the frame. But the shot is developed because now the shot is used to create a sort of enigma effect, the audience are not aware of what will occur but the mood created because of the multiple aspects within the shots and the low lighting lets the audience know what happens next is going to be something that will make them jump, shocked or affect them mentally because they know the someone or something introduced is going to probably be important to the story. . The dramatic camera angle within this genre of horror also uses and adheres to traditional conventions because it denotes an abandoned establishment/setting, it is used at the beginning of the trailer and it shows where the action will take place. However, unlike the real medias (Anabelle) application of the convention ours has slightly gone against the typical dramatic establishing shot by instead not making it one where the camera angle is wide. This has the negative of the audience not being able to see the entire setting. The setting had the potential to be very effective as a scary location (it’s a setting with a large number of small human like statues in a small vicinity. And it has the effect when filmed In the dark of the statues looking like real people. And although there is a shot showing the establishment in slightly more detail, emphasising this factor of the setting would have worked to be more effective. However, because it is not shown in a wide shot to show the surrounding they most likely do not feel the entire impact that the scene sets for the trailer (it is a texture shot as well as an establishing shot. It fulfils its purpose of setting the tone but it doesn’t show the establishment for the menacing setting that it is. This could be an area with which we could have improved on, and perhaps an area that would have made the trailer better.

The camera shot used here is another over the shoulder shot that follows up from a panning shot. This was done by the camera being at an angle that is behind a person and over their shoulder but is initially within a frame that focuses on the protagonists action. Following up from this the camera pans up so that it becomes an over the shoulder shot. In some ways we followed the convention as the purpose of a panning shot is to have a continuous effect but to also go from one important aspect from the other, to some extent. This convention was adhered to as the blood being washed off from the protagonists hands occurs first, then the other important aspect of the characters facial expression as they realize the antagonist behind them is denoted. However, whilst it follows conventions it also develops them. The combination of shots has the effect of creating a tense atmosphere as well as creating a great cliff-hanger. The over the shoulder shot is developed to not only show things from the protagonists perspective but to also create a mirror shot. This is a development because it shows what the protagonist sees and what the character does not see, the audience are in a position that makes them aware of the situation whilst the protagonist is not. They fear for her because they know she is unaware and vulnerable. There’s a sense of continuity which allows for the continuous flowing shot that isn’t put together in stages using editing, the effect created is one that increases the tension because the atmosphere is tense and the shot is uninterrupted. Something worth taking notice of is happening in long shots normally and that is a convention we have stuck to

Also, another positive of this is that the angle with which the camera is framed at is perfect for hiding it without being seen in the reflection. This increases the feeling the audience has of being properly submerged in such a situation, one that will undoubtedly turn to violence since it’s the killer and the protagonist in a small space. The effect of the audience feeling like they are standing their witnessing the encounter is created, it adds a real effect to it which benefits the scene since it is the last one shown. It’s a cliff hanger, and through this effect a lasting memory of the trailer is created.

This shot is another close up shot, however it’s made more dramatic and also improved by the fact that it is a tilted high angle shot also. This was done by the camera being set on a tripod then being tilted down. The shot is effective because it shows the protagonist in a very vulnerable position, she is on the ground at a lower position where she is open for attack. Not to mention she is asleep which makes her even more vulnerable.

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