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To be unique is everything ! This week we at FADE OUT look at the beauty of being different


THE CONTENTS 1-2 The inspiration that made them,


our favorite artists give us some insight into what made their songs such hits. Also, FO peers into the 2013’s most essential musthaves and game changes.


“my life is my songs. Every song = 1 event in my life.”

THE BRILLIANT WHITE LIGHT. With a stellar albulm and courageous and forbidden-love letter-revealing a same-sex romance- Frank Oceans challenged norms both musical and societal, earning our nod for Man of the Year

5-6 “sometimes the spotlight really can be blinding”

I regret so much,im sorry” an into the psyche of cyber superfans who spend their days lauding celeb idols while struggling to maintain a grasp on reality.

7-8 J.cole and Drake

go head to head for this weeks “FO BaNgEr” in a career-spannig interview Compton spitter Game spills out the New West, family maters and bridging spiritual and street.

9-10 where are they now?

we catch up with your latest and greatest artists who have taken time out of there schdules to find themselves again.

I we n ne x ek s i t ssu e

“How’d you feel about that beef between you and Nicki”

When the



When asked about this in the interview it was clear to see that this was the last thing AYO wanted to be discussing. But even with the look of utter and complete distain towards Nicki, AYO moved on to tell us what we all wanted so desperately to hear. ‘Spilling the tea’ “ So………..Earlier this month, I took to Twitter to blast Nicki’s label situation with Young Money and update MY fans on the status of MY DEBUT ALBULM, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty. I detailed my complaints with the label, saying that even though I don’t like the label, that doesn’t mean that I’m gonna start beef with those in the label over some stupid s**t, I like Nicki as an artist but her personality towards people makes me not like her as a person.”

I don’t like Nicki as a person. She’s just fake to me. I like her music, really I do; you know what I’m saying? I think her music is good, but we’re all different people. We were forced together and it was kinda’ like we were forcing relationships together

The current status of AYO’S album is in the air right now, though she did release her new makes you humble,” “but its still no fun feeling like I have Kanye West-produced single, “40 Mill,” on to audiion for everyone. or being put out on display for iTunes under his Last Kings label following her folks to say i srategically put on feather eyelashes just to tweets about Young Money.

“struggle is another sign that God loves you, being poor be different. I just want people to fall back and enjoy music. Thats all I ask” “we all have secret obsessions” “im not gonna hold back too much, people think that im an attention seker but im really not, i just dont care. everyone just seems to pay attention.”

AYO THE UNDENIABLE QUEEN OF RAP! Seated by herself on a small couch, AYO is waiting for her lunch to arrive. The room is eye candy for architects and interior designers: high ceilings, exposed beams and hanging light fixtures contrast antique elements like the rows of Victorian picture frames adorning an entire wall. Then there’s this claw foot tub brought in for him to recreate Tupac Shakur’s iconic almost-nude photo. AYO recalls to us before she tells us that she almost immediately scrapped that idea. “I just don’t wanna recreate things that have been done,” she says. “Especially something so legendary.” It’s a guilty pleasure that most of us indulge in. You turn on the most thugged out street anthems on your iPhone, put your headphones on and pretend you’re trappin’. You know, those redundant tracks about moving work and buying rounds of Dom and Cîroc. This is where we introduce the young hip-hop star AYO A star on the rise to say the least, with 4 multi-platinum albums and two albums selling over 30mill in the first hour alone.


AYO also talked about how she felt all of the relationships in Young Money were forced. “I STAYED CAUSE I LOVE MY FANS, BUT F*** I HATE THIS FUCKING LABEL”. The anger could be seen from across the room. AYO’s feelings towards Nicki and the label have been bottled up now and are only just coming to the surface, so expect more readers. The interview had to end there due to high tensions from all of the questions. “People f*****g love to sing, and no one can argue with me on that one. Whether your tone deaf or have the voice of an angel. But the b***he’s who can’t hit a single note are the ones who love to test me. And on top of that I got people tryna tell me my bars are dead. Like, WTF.” says AYO, hovering over a lukewarm plate of pasta—carbs to replenish after leaving it all on the stage about an hour ago. “But you can’t say my bars aren’t up there with the best of them. People try to challenging me about whether or not the s*** that I do is good enough to be called music, really n***a. To them I just ask, is rap the shit you know all the words to, or the shit that sounds fast and complex? And they can never


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