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OLIVIA PAGE Architect & Bio-Material Maker


I am investigating the biological wastes of our cities, the rural and industries; researching manufacturing techniques, maker-spaces and waste producers. I aim to; reduce our landfills, support bio-diversity, remove the need for oil-based products, to support and create local businesses to construction sites. By working alongside construction sites, auditing and mapping the area for its local biological waste, I suggest construction materials to a specific local area. I imagine the architectural applications of these materials and I want to scale them up; collecting, testing, and manufacturing them. My past experience includes; research into earth construction and locally available materials within construction; schools; environmentally conscious and green design; craft-ship; participatory design; Permaculture; community engagement. Skills: Fluent English and Portuguese, AutoCAD, Google SketchUp, Adobe Creative and Microsoft. Rhino,Vectorworks and Allplan. page.olivia.r@gmail.com



Work Experience


2018 - 5 month Placement at Skrei Architecture and materials, Porto, Portugal.

2017-2019 Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London: MArch Architecture, Distinction/1st class.

Co-ordinating and experimenting with the production of hempcrete bricks for the recent completement of a 600m2 hempcrete residential project in Porto.

2017 - 3 month Internship at Colectivo Warehouse, Lisbon, Portugal. Physical construction of small scale timber projects in Portugal.

2016 - 6 month Internship at Plus Bauplangung, Stuttgart, Germany. Plus Bauplanung has 50 years of experience of working on schools, Passivhaus and timber construction where participatory design defines them.

2016 - 1 month internship Kevin McCabe, Earth construction builder,

Working under his wing doing restoration projects around Devon vernacular cob houses and on his new Passivhaus cob build project

2013-2016 Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art: BA Degree in Architecture 2012-2013 City College Brighton and Hove: Art Foundation Course

2015 - 2 month Intern Liddicoat and Goldhill LLP, Dalston, London: Working mainly working on Rhino for the completion of a laser cut model*

A-levels: Art (A*) English (A) Maths (B) Theatre Studies (B) GCSEs: 9 Subjects (A-A*)


Exhibitions & Press

2019 – Central Saint Martin’s Spatial Practices Award

2020 - La Triennale di Milano, The State of Art of Architecture, by Joseph Grima

2019 – Green Trail Maison/0 LVMH Winner

Spanning all CSM disciplines in Show Two: Design, 5 students have been awarded a £1,000 prizefor outstanding projects which demonstrate sustainable innovation.

2016 - Central Scotland Green Network Trust prize for Green Infrastructure

This award recognises outstanding work that demonstrates the integration of green infrastructure into a student’s practice.

2015 - Overall Winner for the Scottish Ecological Design Association, Kystyna Johnson Award This award to “recognise an outstanding project in ecological design.” from all five Scottish Schools of Architecture.

2019 - Global Grad Show, Dubai 2019 - London Design Festival, Designing in Turbulent Times, a Central Saint Martins, LVMH and Maison/0 exhibition at the Lethaby Gallery, https://www.arts.ac.uk/colleges/central-saint-martins/stories/designing-with-biodiversity

2019 - Central Saint Martins, Degree Show Two.

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Olivia Page CV  

Olivia Page CV