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Your senior year is a special time in your life. And your senior portraits should reflect that. It is my goal to capture who you are at this moment: your dreams, your passions, your personal style. Working closely together, we will create images that you and your family will cherish forever. You are unique and creative, brimming with talent and potential. This is a moment you will want to remember. Your professional senior portraits will remind you in years to come of who you were at this moment in time - the hope and excitement of this special milestone in your life, the unique style that defines you. I am very passionate about my job and making sure you get the most amazing senior photography experience possible, you are my number one priority and motivator in order to become a better artist and business woman. I am always looking for new locations and thinking of new fun ideas for my seniors. I have been honored to be choosen as on of the Top Senior Photographers in the Senior Industry by Senior Style Guide with my image in the HOT 100 Contest for 2017. I have been featured on Seniorologie’s blog for inspirational senior sessions. Thank you for picking me to be your senior photographer,


(612) 454-0355



BOOKING YOUR SESSION Because of the amount of time involved in providing each client with a unique, customized experience, I take a limited number of sessions each month. This is accomplished by completion of the Portrait Contract and your session deposit of 50% of the collection of your choosing to get on the books and save your session date. The remaining amount of your collection fee will be paid on the day of your image reveal.

MAKING A PAYMENT Payment methods include cash, check, credit card or PayPal. If a check is returned by your bank a $30 returned check fee will be applied to your balance and the session date will be lost if not paid in full within 3 working days. At the time of product order placement, lab orders will not be placed by Belle Marie Photography until full payment is received.

RESCHEDULING POLICY Most of my senior sessions are largely conducted outside, which of course puts us at the mercy of Mother Nature. I do try to leave enough wiggle room in my schedule to accommodate weather issues. If weather is looking problematic, we will reschedule for the next available date that works for all parties or have a studio session inside of my home studio.

DAY OF THE SESSION This is it! The day you have been waiting for! Are you ready to have some fun? When you arrive for your session we will spend a few minuets checking out your wardrobe choices, etc. and finalize shooting order. Then my professional hair and makeup artist will do your hair and makeup with the ideas we talked about for your session and the style you are going for. Then once she is done, you will change into your first outfit and we will head to the first location. We will spend the next 2-3 hours capturing you at your finest! Rest assured that I will guide you every step of the way, and always make sure you are feeling comfortable and natural in the poses we work through.

IMAGE REVEAL & PORTRAIT ORDERING SESSION Approximately one - two weeks after your session, we will schedule your Portrait Reveal! When it’s time to view your photos for ordering, you will come back to my studio to view all of your amazing portraits. We will watch your custom session film, and all of your portraits printed on the reveal wall where you can hold and feel them. This is always an exciting moment when you get to see your portraits for the first time! All decision makers must attend this meeting, as we will also select what you would like to take home at this time.



• If you wear glasses, go to your doctors to get the lenses removed or get a pair with no lenses, and absolutely no transition glasses. • Avoid clothing with words or logos. They detract attention for YOU. • Please use the color white sparingly, as it can reflect light strongly and overpower the image. The same is true with florescent colors, a solid black option looks best in B&W images • One outfit should be simple, classic ensemble for the grandparents. • Please bring your clothes freshly ironed and de-linted on hangers with coordinating accessories attached to save time • Variety is key! Casual, dressy, even formal attire! Layering alloys easy changes for entirely different looks. Bring more that you think you need: together we can decide what looks best to showcase you. • Accessories such as hats, scarves, belts, jewelry, sock/ hosiery and footwear add personality and style. • Be sure to wear the right undergarments! NUDE underwear and bras are a great idea. Bra straps should never be visible. • Wear clothes that compliment your shape, avoid baggy or overly loose clothes since they can make you look wider than you are. • them. • Enhance an outfit with a pop of color or add some sparkle.


TO GO PRO You may be wondering why we include professional makeup in all of our sessions? There are quite a few reasons for this, one being that everyday makeup just doesn’t show up on camera. We use special techniques paired with specially formulated “camera ready” makeup that looks natural yet highlights each senior’s features while delicately hiding imperfections. We also offer false eyelashes for the exact same reason as stated above. Natural eyelashes, even when coated with mascara are hardly noticeable in camera. We only use the most natural looking shapes and fullness in order to create a comfortable balance for your eyes. We will only go as far as you and your senior want to go in creating the perfect look. What to avoid Try and stay out of the sun for up to two weeks prior to your session in order to avoid sunburn. Makeup will not set well on dry flaky skin and may have unfavorable results. Let self-tanners set a week before your session especially if you are using them for the first time. Give yourself at least a week before your session for haircuts, highlights, waxing or any major skin treatments.


Regular makeup is hard to see though all the filters high def cameras can thow at it. My makeup artist uses highly pigmented makeup so that you will look natural yet glam for your portraits


Airbrush makeup is also safeguarded against something called “setting”. Airbrush foundation will NOT settle into any pores, wrinkles or scars on your face which most regular makeup will do. Because it is so light, it will not crease either.


Education is key. Using a professional makeup artist, who has been taught by the industry’s leading experts in camera ready makeup will ensure that she knows what she’s doing. She didn’t learn for You-Tube, yo!


They WATERPROOF their makeup so that your face will be flawless from beginning to end. Sweat, water, and heat will have nother on your super fab face!


There is a HUGE difference in “everyday makeup” and “camera ready makeup”. The products we use are specifically make for the camera and camera ready faces. There are a lot of filters that the camera can throw at your face and airbrush makeup can show though those filters


Airbrush makeup is what bridal, model and movie industry uses. You deserve the very best for your face when it comes to your senior portraits. Don’t settle for anything less.

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Airbrush makeup is the lightest and smoothest foundation application in the makeup industry. It’s so think that it looks completely natural without leaving a waxy build up like regular makeup can! You want to make sure your face isn’t packed with regular foundation and take away from your natural beauty

Using a prefessional MUA with credentials, can ensure a mistake free experience. Rest easy knowing your makeup artist is the best of the best!


There is nothing scarier than having an allergic reaction to your makeup during your session. We use oil free and alcohol free products to safe guard your face.


Using a professional who works in a credited and licenses salon and who has contract can protect you from any mishaps you may encounter.

PORTRAIT R E V E A L Approximately one - two weeks after your session, we will schedule your Portrait Reveal! When it’s time to view your photos for ordering, I will meet you at your home and we will start your session of by viewing your photos in a beautiful senior slideshow set to music. I will show you all of the products I have to offer and you can feel, touch and handle them all you want I want you to know & fall in love with exactly what you’re purchasing before you do!

This is always an exciting moment when you get to see your seniors amazing photos for the first time and the selection process begins! Parents and/or other decision makers must attend this meeting, as we will also select your package at this time..

During your ordering session you will order that beautiful 24x36 canvas and decide what photos will go in your boutique layflat album. I can help you decide what photos will go best with your decor and what size would look great over your entry way. My clients love that I can help them decide what goes where and when it comes to storyboards, we can change them around right there in front of you so I know it’s exactly what you want.

Immediately after your premier ordering session we will process your payments and your order will be on it’s way!

**The minimum purchase order is due at the time of your ordering session**



Katelene’s Dad

My daughter Katelen just got her pictures done yesterday and they turned out wonderful ! We has a lot of fun going around different places . I highly recommend her!


I just got my senior pictures done yesterday and she did a FANTASTIC job. I loved it and my dad loved it . She was super nice and made me feel really comfortable . I would recommend going to her for any types of pictures. I can’t wait until my mini session with my family !


Olivia is one of the most talented and incredible people i’ve ever encountered in my entire life. We had so much fun together for my senior photoshoot in Stillwater, MN. Highly recommend you contact her for any photography needed, she’s absolutely amazing. Thank you again!


Olivia was just amazing during our shoot. Smiling and putting up with my nonsense, the photographs as taken were already amazing. I loved how she was really enthusiastic about the shoot, very creative, and just so lovely. I couldn’t be happier and I’m thankful for Olivia being the one to take my senior photos.

Carlie’s Mom I can’t believe what an amazing experience we’ve had with Belle Marie Photography. Olivia is wonderful and so easy to work with. From guiding locations, outfits and keeping our daughter at ease from beginning to end. The best choice for Senior Photos for sure!


I just had my shoot with Olivia yesterday and it was such a great experience! I’ve never had a photo shoot like this done before, and she made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera! I would recommend her to anyone :) I’m so excited to see how the rest of my pictures turned out!

Julia’s Mom

Our Senior Picture photo experience for our daughter was excellent. Olivia’s attention to detail and focus on creating a wonderful experience for both daughter and parents made the entire process easy and fun too. Olivia was open to my daughter’s ideas and also talented about improving on them --- a great artistic eye and easy-going personality that sets people at ease. I would highly recommend her!


Olivia is amazing! She’s very easy going and will guide you in the photo shoot process. Whether going in to the shoot with an itinerary or just going in with a vague idea (like me), she will make the experience very easy and fun. I highly recommend her for senior pictures or any other professional photography needs!





EACH COLLECTION IS ALL INCLUSIVE & INCLUDES ALL OF THE FOLLOWING: Wardrobe Cosnultation Professional Hair & Makeup 4 Outfit Changes 2.5 Hour Studio & On-Location Photo Shoot Portrait Reveal & Ordering Session

LUXE COLLECTION ALL Full Resolution Digital Images 4x6 Printed Proofs 5x7 Keepsake Box & Prints Senior Magazine $300 Print Credit Custom Session Film Mobile Senior Photo App


ELITE COLLECTION ALL Full Resolution Digital Images 4X6 Keepsake Box & Prints Senior Magazine Mobile Senior Photo App


MODERN COLLECTION 10 gift Prints 11x14 Art Print 4 Web Sized Digital Files


A LA CART HEIRLOOM LAYFLAT ALBUM 11x14 Heirloom Album 20 Page 9x12 Heirloom Album 20 Page Each additional 10 pages

1,450 1,100 550

METAL & GALLERY WRAPPED CANVAS 24x36 24x24 16x24 16x16 11x14

675 575 425 325 275

BAMBOO STORY BOARD 16x24 10x20 12x12

450 350 250

ACRYLIC WALL ART 24x36 16x24 16x16 11x16

950 650 550 450

ART PRINTS MOUNTED & MATTED 24x36 16x24 11x14 8x10

400 375 200 175

GRAD CARDS 50 Flat 5x7 Cards & Envelopes


DIGITAL COLLECTION Full Gallery of Session Digitals on a Custom USB Drive Custom Session Film 15% off A La Cart after purchasing Luxe & Elite Collections 10% off A La Cart after purchasing Modern Collection

1700 450


Belle Marie Photography Senior Mag  

2018 Senior Magazine

Belle Marie Photography Senior Mag  

2018 Senior Magazine