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of Those You Know

A Photo Book By; Olivia Volovnik

The eyes are the windows to the soul.. I’ve heard that saying just about everywhere. And, being an artist, it’s something I paid a lot of attention to. When doodling and sketching, I was always fascinated with the different ways of making the eyes of a subject. It was very interesting that the eyes themselves could change the mood of the entire piece. I always noticed that eyes can’t hide how someone is really feeling. Eyes don’t tell lies, which I find extremely interesting. Looking into someone’s eyes can really change your mood as well. I think it’s amazing how you can just tell how someone is feeling by looking at the emotion in their eyes. In this photo book, I chose to do eyes for many reasons.. I believe that eyes capture emotion better than a camera. So I took pictures of eyes to get a sneak peak on what people’s eyes can really tell us. The color, the emotion and the rarity of everyone’s eyes helped put this together.

The Eyes of Those You Know