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Make Today S o Beautiful That It Is Wor th Remebering ~Fanny Crosby


COMMERCIAL 4-9 Thesis 10-13 Commercial 14-15 Internship 16-17 The Fret Retail Shop

SPECIALTY 18-25 Specialty and Schematics 26-27 CAD III


28-29 30-31 32-35 36-39 40

Residential Bath Kitchen Advanced CAD Thank yous


This community center feels more like a resort, something high-end and unique. The well designed light allows for all that is necessary, while keeping a romantic feel. This project incorporated specifications that contributed towards LEED credits through recycled materials like reclaimed woods, controllability of lighting with shades and dimmers, while utilizing natural light, regional materials, low emitting materials and flooring. It used water efficient appliances and no VOC paint all for new construction projects. Brick walls and reclaimed wood flooring, muted colors and unique lighting fixtures make this center one that appeals to everyone and leaves you feeling comfortable in a modern clean way. This environment uses many colors to create a different feel in each space, yet remain tied together with its dark tones and warm woods.

THESIS This project required the prediction of square footage, which then needed to be honored. This community center was just under the specified maximum of 20,000 square feet. The second floor is a gym that overlooks the community center and allows views of the reception, pool, skate park, and food court. Allowing room for a skate park and pool was necessary for this area of Illinois, where winters diminish the ideas of skating or swimming. This entire space was inspired by the research of the Lake County area, where the past time is working out and other outdoor activities like skating and frisbee golf. So by bringing the outdoors in we would be able to bring the community together.

The use of reclaimed woods and muted colors bring a sense of the outdoors in and make this space an inviting, fun and youthful environment. This space is environmentally friendly and with playful light, textures and patterns. You are sure to enjoy this center over and over again. Mission Statement: The mission of the Hotspot Community Center is to bring everyone together for fun and awareness. Our goals are to have the community participate in activities that help impact everyone in a beneficial way. We value our community, its health and overall happiness.




SCHEMATICS In this senior level course, students use critical thinking skills through research, writing, discussion, and problem-solving. Emphasis is on the identification of a design problem that could be better met through more responsible design. Students choose a research topic with instructor approval. Students develop a viable and visual solution for the project typically researched in Thesis I. Solutions incorporate environmentally sound, cost effective, and responsible design methods to influence an audience using creative delivery methods.


All Plans Available Upon Request

Thumbnail of Finishing

Thumbnail of Reflected Ceiling Plan

Commercial Environments included the design of an office space that was created for the social media organization, Dott. Specifications of materials and finishes for the entire office were bound in a book specifying how each contributes towards LEED Gold Certification. This class entailed many different aspects showing a design through each stage of design; programming, schematic, design development, and construction documents up to the actual construction administration and follow up. This commercial class required construction drawings of our office spaces including: furniture plan, finishes plan, reflected ceiling plan, and an electrical and lighting plan with schedules and legends. This project was also awarded BOMA for being under 8,000 square feet. This offices total square footage exceeded the challenge with a square footage of 7,568. The reflected ceiling plan included the different types of lighting; task, accent, ambient and decorative. It also showed the HVAC system of supplies and returns. While the electrical showed things from electrical outlets to phone and internet data. The construction documents were constructed on AutoCAD. All plans are available upon request. All scales represent the original scales

Thumbnail of Power Plan

Thumbnail of Furniture Plan

All scales represent the original scale.

In this advanced course, the design of an upscale, global, corporate interior reflects the comprehensive synthesis of problem identification, research, programming, preliminary design, design development, and construction documents. Problem solving centers on the creative and technical aspects involved in the universal design of commercial environments including space planning with code compliance, wayfinding techniques, and specifying corporate furnishings, finishes and materials. Below are color studies used to show different ideas.

INTERNSHIP THE D2 GROUP I was given the opportunity to work under Carol Miller of the D2 Group. Carol has been in this field for over 45 years and currently runs her business off the main street in Barrington, Illinois, doing mostly high-end residential and occasionally commercial. Carol has what she calls “quality clients� who are more than repeat customers, they are friends. I did freelance work with Carol, doing lots of custom furniture design, using SketchUp Pro and AutoCAD. I also worked with ordering samples, vendor meetings, client meetings, research and ideation. I took a lot away from this experience. I learned that communication is one of the most important things in this industry. Communication with the client, vendors, employees, contactors, and architects is vital. I learned how much is behind just one specification. I just want to thank Carol for all she has given me through this experience. All scales represent the original scale.

Internship is a monitored program for senior-level students to work part-time within the interior design industry. Field experience is an opportunity for students to apply and advance their knowledge, skills and professionalism under the supervision of a qualified mentor.


In this retail design project we were partnered up, sharing the work of the construction documentation, and perspectives renders made on SketchUp and enhanced in Photoshop. This retail shop was a music store that we designed in a given space. Researching the area around it, my partner and I felt a music store would thrive in this town and environment. This store does more than sell instruments; you can also take lessons here. The two small rooms in the back with creative art and colors inspire anyone to learn, reminding you of all the things we strive for. This space gives you inspiration and room to practice and test the instruments. The dark colors allow the colorful instruments to stand out amongst the reclaimed wood walls. The tile ceiling, wood walls and flooring create texture and help draw any customer to the back of the store. This environment is fun and interesting enough to keep you coming back.


Silver Fern

This senior level studio course covers the physical and psychological factors that impacts hospitality environments. Students are expected to graphically demonstrate original and viable solutions. Research on human factors, codes, and lighting are combined with product mix and multi-sensory aspects of design to influence perceived value to the customer. Utilizing the influence of other cultures, this design was unique and classy. It is a study of the materials and fabrication techniques used in the design and construction documents. Content includes interior construction detailing of ceilings, walls, flooring, and millwork. Project solutions will consider the integration of building technology such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and other relevant systems. All scales represent the original scale.

This restaurant was inspired by nature and showed it through textures and patterns in almost every inch. Mood, lighting and architectural features will draw your eyes to every corner of this restaurant. Each seating area is a different experience that keeps customers coming back for more.


Student successfully completing this course will be able to use Computer-Aided Design software to assist them in their three-dimensional project development. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the integration of computer technology into the design process and an introduction to BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology. This project was inspired by Rio de Janeiro, Rio using its history to decorate the walls of this club. Inspired by the night glow of Rio, this club “glows� bright blues, aquamarines, purples, pinks and greens. The glow of Rio at night is one unlike any other, truly illuminating the night in a unique way. Just as the night life of Rio is full of life, music, dancing and fun, so is this club. Glow inspires a great night for friends to get together and dance the night away. As you sit upstairs to eat and gab, you can look past the Christ the Redeemer down to the stage below full of live music and crowded with dancers. The glowing bar has seating to accommodate over fifteen people. This way no one has to worry about missing out on the bar atmosphere. But if you are looking for special treatment, there are private rooms to be enjoyed for the VIP guests as well.


THE RAMELOWS This residential project was designing a house for the Ramelows. Given the existing structure of the home, we designed a functional home following certain requirements and requests of the family. The Ramelow home consists of the mother, father, grandmother, two sons, daughter and dog. The grandmother wanted a suite away from the rest of the family, the father needed an office and the mother wanted a library as well as place for the kids to play. Meeting all of these requirements the house was designed and modeled for the family to review. This house is more than a home; it is an escape, from the work and daily stress. This family now has more than enough space to entertain, study, have fun, and relax. With large bedrooms and bathrooms on the second floor away from visitors, the family can escape from any nonsense and noise this large family might bring. The laundry room, as depicted in the perspective on the next page, is clearly large enough to hold the mess of a family this large; with more than enough storage. The family room and dining room shown above it is large. With a two-way stone fireplace, this home is able to look classy and chic. The Ramelows certainly have a home to enjoy.

This studio course explores various types of residential dwellings as they relate to different inhabitants. Project work applies the programming and design development phases of the residential design process to include information gathering, needs analysis, concept and spatial development, and FF&E selections based on research and sustainability. Also, utilizing hand and maker rendering skills to create beautiful perspectives and elevations to help visualize the home.


This Asian inspired bathroom for the Schulz’s uses bold colors and other Asian inspired accessories to create a true oasis. This project required teamwork with the collaboration of divided and shared decisions. Mixing our tastes and styles we were able to make a space that was more than beautiful and timeless. Utilizing nature at its best; the mirrors heightened the design and made this large bathroom even larger. Double sinks allow this bathroom to be shared with comfort and ease. Plenty of storage and counter space give this bathroom the ability to be clean and organized more than most. This space is very accessible and allows enough space for ADA requirements. With minimal changes, this bathroom can last the Schulz family well into their old age. Repeated patterns and beautiful vibrant color keep this space interesting and fun, drawing your eye to every inch of the room. The space and its natural lighting make a bath more than relaxing; with the view of the beautiful backyard this environment is truly one with nature.



This course challenges students to use space planning requirements to create universal and accessible designs. Construction, electrical, and basic plumbing are taught with emphasis on these applications with residential kitchens and baths. Industry relevant nomenclature and product information are used to create technical documents and custom aesthetic solutions. This project required measurements of our own home and transforming them into something completely new. Remembering there is limited space, and using the standards and codes this kitchen became very well designed. An interviewed client with their own requirements and requests made the kitchen truly something that is functional and unique. This Lecture and studio course covers code information and specifications concerning life safety, ADA barrier-free, and NKBA guidelines as applied in both residential and commercial spaces.

This elective course focuses on the advanced study of the use of CAD with modeling systems for the purpose of interior design presentations. Studio projects transform CAD floor plans and models into 3D software programs; adding lighting and materials to create photo-realistic renderings. This particular class used 3ds Max and learned animation as well.


he Oft


This loft, built for a young musician and his friends to enjoy is one of my favorites. I was able to utilize the entire space, and make it unique and fun. This space uses deep and rich tones with small bright splashes of color. The clean and sleek environment, is unlike most modern designs. It is a true comfortable bachelor pad. With exposed beams, retro lights, stone and metal accents, this design clashes with a great twist. Lots of natural light allows this space to be bright, but when the sun sets the romantic light sets in and the space gets a whole new feel. When you enter, you walk into the large kitchen with a giant walk-in pantry. To your left the dining room has a beautiful two-way fireplace that draws you to the living room. Through the hall and past the guest bedroom is the large master suite, with a walk-in closet and an upstairs office that is truly one of a kind. The entire space reflects the same style of comfort and fun that will make you never want to leave.

Upstairs is a lounge displaying awards and other collections of the home owners. The lounge leads into the soundproof recording studio full of room so the music can be shared with many others. Romantic lighting makes the space dramatic and fun, showing off color and true design. This is more than a bachelor pad it is a fantastic place to show off to family and friends sharing great memories in a great spacious home.

A Thank You to Everyone who Helped me to Reach this Far: My Mom, Norene Keefer, for all you do I love you so very much and I am very grateful for all you do! Also, my brothers Greg and Kurt for the little skills you continue to teach me and Lily who is always by my side. Emily Schulz, my best friend, who is more than family! All the AI girls especially...

My Two Musketeers, Brittany Bennett and Agnieszka Wisniewski for all the laughs when I needed it most. I could not have asked for better friends. Carol Miller for all you have taught me and the amazing opportunity I will never forget. Roberto Lama and Suzann Nordstrom who have been very influential and inspirational in my journey!

I could not have done it without you!

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