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How to reason your way through the process

Scientifically Okay y’all… it’s time to think like a scientist. Using logical and scientific methods to understand a client’s condition helps us to come up with the best plan for interventions. For example, you might ask: “What are some common impairments associated with this condition?”



Remember learning about cause and effects? That’s EXACTLY how we want to think about a client’s condition, or the nature of the condition. So after you find out why your client is seeing you, try discovering possible things that might affect their performance later on down the road.

Narratively STORY TIME. Think about the way the condition affects the person… it makes it easier to understand what your client is going through.

Procedurally This is where you decide what the heck you want to do with your client. So you might ask yourself “How are clients with this condition normally handled in my setting and what interventions work best?”

Interactively This is SO important! Think about what your client personally likes. When you make personal relationships with your client and make an effort to get to know them not only are you at ease, but your client is more comfortable too.

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Ethically So what do you do if you’re put in an awkward situation? Start generating some alternate solutions to the problem at hand to get yourself out of a sticky situation.


So now that you have an idea of what you want to do with your client, it’s time to start thinking about things like: who’s paying, family situations, space of therapy, how much time is allotted, etc. In other words, it’s time to start planning!

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Conditionally Now you can pick and choose which kind of reasoning’s you like best. With this kind of reasoning you can also become a fortuneteller of sorts and predict your client’s possible future.

Be sure to always use evidence-based practice when making decisions about how to treat your clients!!!


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