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Olivia Heidt   So  you  want  to  be  a  teacher?    

The thought  of  being  a  teacher  excites  me  immensely.  This  is  because  I  think  

of teaching  as  a  gift  not  a  job.  It  is  a  gift  in  my  eyes  because  you  get  to  help  develop   an  individual’s  future.    I  also  consider  teaching  a  privilege.  There  is  no  better  way  to   spend  your  life  than  to  help  shape  someone’s  future  and  hopefully  make  an  impact   on  his  or  her  life.  This  is  the  reason  why  I  have  been  drawn  to  this  profession.      

Obviously, I  want  to  be  a  very  good  teacher  and  have  the  kids  like  me  as  a  

teacher. My  personal  beliefs  of  being  a  good  teacher  are;  being  kind  hearted,  making   the  class  exciting,  not  picking  on  students  or  singling  them  out.  I  believe  each   teacher  needs  to  be  kind  hearted  as  these  students  are  with  you  all  day  and  come  to   you  with  all  sorts  of  problems.  A  teacher  is  like  a  student’s  second  mom  or  dad   during  the  day.    After  going  to  school  for  twelve  years  plus  kindergarten  I  have   certainly  had  my  fair  share  of  monotone  and  boring  lecture  teachers.  That  is  one   belief  I  strongly  believe  in,  as  learning  needs  to  be  fun.  If  someone  doesn’t  want  to   be  there,  they  will  have  troubles  learning  and  staying  focused.  The  last  one  I  stated   was  not  singling  students  out.  What  I  mean  by  this  is  that  when  someone  makes  a   mistake  to  not  call  them  out  on  it  in  public.  I  know  I  was  not  a  strong  academic   student  and  was  shy  so  I  have  been  called  out  and  it  truly  is  embarrassing.      

I have  had  many  teachers  that  have  motivated  me  to  be  a  teacher  and  take  on  

this profession.  These  teachers  make  me  want  to  be  the  teacher  that  they  are  today.   I  would  like  to  be  that  fun  and  compassionate  teacher  who  is  also  firm,  when   necessary  and  has  the  respect  of  the  students.  Personally  I  believe  if  the  class  is  not  

fun or  interesting  I  don’t  want  to  be  there,  so  how  can  you  expect  a  child  to?  This   also  goes  into  the  learning  styles.  It  doesn’t  matter  if  its  visual,  auditory  or   kinesthetic  I  would  want  to  make  each  lesson  interesting  and  easy  to  learn.      

I believe  I  have  some  great  personal  qualities  that  will  help  me  be  a  great  

teacher. I  am  kind  hearted,  able  to  explain  things  in  different  ways,  flexible,  always   willing  to  learn  new  things,  organized,  determined  and  take  on  any  new  challenge.   These  qualities  display  my  true  color  gold  on  my  personality  test  very  well.  I  also   have  qualities  that  will  hinder  me,  which  I  need  to  work  on,  to  make  myself  the   perfect  teacher.  These  include  being  shy,  scared  of  being  too  strict  and  not   technologically  inclined.  I  do  know  throughout  the  next  few  years  I  will  learn  ways   to  help  me  make  these  hindrances  turn  into  qualities.      

Teaching is  like  shoe  shopping.  I  say  this  because  it  relates  to  the  learning  

styles of  teaching.  When  you  try  on  shoes,  some  of  them  fit  and  some  of  them  don’t.     This  is  also  relevant  when  comparing  students  to  learning.  Every  child  has  different   interests,  abilities,  needs  and  desires.  They  have  to  be  comfortable  and  happy  and   then  they  will  excel.  Just  like  putting  on  a  great  pair  of  shoes.      

Why I want to be a teacher?  

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