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Angry Birds aiming for the big screen

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You’ve lost hours and days to this game. Endlessly stroking and tapping, you play it every day and scream, laugh and cry then give up. No other game gets you this emotional. And just when you were firing on target, the Angry Birds go further and aim for the big screen.

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It was announced this month that Angry Birds, the game that requires logic, skill and brute force to vanquish the enemy, will be made into a film. Former Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel has been recruited ahead of its production by Rovio, the creator of the smart phone game.

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Maisel, the executive producer of mega-hits such as Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, told Variety, "There has been so much chatter about an Angry Birds movie, but it's now real. The process is starting now," he said.

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The game which launched in 2009 and reached 250 million downloads last month is about furious birds who take revenge on greedy pigs who have stolen their eggs.

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Bringing Maisel on board is Rovio’s latest steps toward expanding its Angry Birds franchise into feature films and animated shorts. Last month, the company bought Finnish animation studio Kombo, which will start working on short films using the Angry Birds characters. The development of a full-length movie, however, is likely to hit the cinema screens in 2014.

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But as questions arise about the movie making process, speculation turns to who should play the birds. Olivia Heath puts some Hollywood actors in the firing line. Character: The big fat red bird Attributes:The daddy of the group. No special powers but the most popular Suggested actor: Zach Galifianakis Why? He has the mindset to deliver so he will always get the job done. Besides, after recently reprising his role as Alan in The Hangover Part II, we've learnt that he’s very protective about who’s in his 'wolfpack'. Character: The yellow bird Attributes: Has a special lightening dash Suggested actor: Bruce Willis

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Why? Old school, experienced and strong. From his entrance alone, this Die Hard actor can cause considerable damage. Character: The black bomb bird

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Attributes: One of the strongest birds, with quite an explosive personality. It wreaks havoc so pigs  should be warned

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Suggested actor: Charlie Sheen Why? The former Two and a Half Men star is likely to blow a fuse if you push his button! Steve Monica Facebook social plugin

Character: The blue birds Attributes: Technically it's one bird that shatters into three birds for multiple impact

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Suggested actors: Andrew, Owen and Luke Wilson Film Work Experience with the BBC

Why? The Wilson brothers can make a good tag team. They have varying levels of experience and can inflict serious damage at a time when teamwork is crucial. Character: The white bird

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Attributes: This bird drops eggs onto the pigs and then zooms off into the distance

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Suggested actor: Tom Hanks and Colin Hanks

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Why? Tom would most likely drop his actor son Colin, to fight the enemy.

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Character: The pig

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Attributes: Greedy egg-stealer! Suggested actor: Tom Cruise Facebook social plugin

Why? Come on, someone needs to play the bad guy! What do you think of the line up? Who would you cast?

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Just when you were firing on target, the Angry Birds go further and aim for the big screen...