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Sorority Recruitment at the University of Alabama... A Southern Tradition

Day 1 6:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 9:30 p.m.

Fall Recruitment Schedule

August 13 (Saturday) Convocation/Move-In Day Board Crimson Ride Buses to Coleman Coliseum Opening Convocation-Coleman Coliseum Mandatory Residence Hall Floor Meetings

Day 2 August 14 (Sunday) Open Houses 10:30 a.m. PNM/Sigma Rho Chi Group Meeting 10:45 a.m. Potential New Members be at first house 11:00 a.m. – 6:50 p.m. Open House Parties (Duration: 20 minutes) (1) 11:00 – 11:20 (2) 11:30-11:50 (3) 12:00-12:20 (4) 12:30 – 12:50 12:50 pm. – 2:30 p.m. Lunch Break with Recruitment Groups 3:00 p.m. Potential New Members meet in front of 5th House (5) 3:10-3:30 (6) 3:40 – 4:00 (7) 4:10 -4:30 (8) 4:40 – 5:00 5:00p.m. - 5:30p.m. Break (9) 5:30 -5:50 (10) 6:00-6:20 (11) 6:30-6:50 6:50 p.m. Dinner on your own 7:50 p.m. Sorority Members may leave houses 8:00 p.m. PNM Social – Heritage Room (Event for PNM’s with conflicts) Day 3 August 15 (Monday) Open Houses (Continued) 8:30 a.m. PNM/Sigma Rho Chi Group Meeting 8:45 a.m. Potential New Members be at first house 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Open House Parties (Duration: 20 minutes) (12) 9:00 – 9:20 (13) 9:30-9:50 (14) 10:00-10:20 (15) 10:30 – 10:50 (16) 11:00-11:20 11:30 a.m. – 1:10 p.m. Lunch Break with Recruitment Groups 1:30 p.m. Potential New Members meet in front of 20th house (17) 1:40 – 2:00 (18) 2:10 - 2:30 (19) 2:40 – 3:00 (20) 3:10 - 3:30 3:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Break (21) 4:10-4:30 (22) 4:40-5:00 (23) 5:10-5:30 5:30 p.m. PNM Selections at the Ferguson Center/Scholarship Room Day 4 August 16 (Tuesday) Philanthropy Day 10:00-10:45 a.m. PNM/Sigma Rho Chi Group Meetings 10:45 a.m. Potential New Members be at first house 11:00 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Philanthropy Day Parties (Duration: 30 min) (1) 11:00 - 11:30 (2) 11:40 - 12:10 (3) 12:20 - 12:50 (4) 1:00 - 1:30 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. Lunch break with Recruitment Groups 3:00 p.m. Potential New Members meet in front of 5th house (5) 3:20 – 3:50 (6) 4:00 - 4:30 (7) 4:40 – 5:10 (8) 5:20 – 5:50 (9) 6:00 – 6:30

6:30 p.m. PNM’s Dinner with Sigma Rho Chi Group 7:30 p.m. Sorority Members may leave houses

Day 5 August 17 (Wednesday) Philanthropy Day (Continued) 10:30-10:45 a.m. PNM/Sigma Rho Chi Group Meetings 10:45 a.m. Potential New Members meet in front of 10th house 11:00 a.m.- 5:10 p.m. Philanthropy Day Parties (Duration: 30 min) (10) 11:00 - 11:30 (11) 11:40 - 12:10 (12) 12:20 - 12:50 12:50 p.m. – 2:20 p.m. Lunch Break with recruitment groups 2:20 p.m. Potential New Members meet in front of 13th house (13) 2:40 - 3:10 (14) 3:20 -3:50 (15) 4:00-4:30 (16) 4:40 – 5:10 5:30 p.m. PNM Selections at the Ferguson Center/Scholarship Room 6:10 p.m. Sorority Members may leave houses Day 6 August 18 (Thursday) Skit Day 9:00 a.m. Potential New Members Group Meeting 9:55 a.m. Potential New Members meet at first house 10:05 a.m.- 7:30 p.m. Skit Day Parties (Duration: 45 min) (1) 10:05 – 10:50 (2) 11:00 – 11:45 (3) 11:55 – 12:40 (4) 12:50 - 1:35 1:35 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Lunch break with recruitment groups 3:00 p.m. Potential New Members meet in front of 6th house (5) 3:05 – 3:50 (6) 4:00 – 4:45 (7) 4:55 – 5:40 (8) 5:50 – 6:35 (9) 6:45 – 7:30 7:50 p.m. PNM Selections at the Ferguson Center/Scholarship Room Day 7 August 19 (Friday) Preference Parties 11:30 a.m. Lunch on your Own –Ferguson Center and Lakeside Dining Available 12:00 p.m. PNM/Sigma Rho Chi Group Meeting 12:50 p.m. Potential New Members be at first house 1:00 p.m. – 6:10 p.m. Preference Parties (Duration: 50 min) (1) !:00-!:50 (2) 2:05-2:55 (3) 3:10-4:00 (4) 4:15-5:05 Hold for Optional 5th Preference Party – 5:20 –6:10 6:10 p.m.- 6:20 p.m. Potential New Members walk in silence to the Ferguson Center/Scholarship Room to make selections. 6:30 p.m.- 9:30 p.m. Potential New Member Preference Selections Day 8 August 20 (Saturday) Bid Day 7:00 a.m.- 9:40 a.m. Potential New Members must be in Residence Hall 9:45 a.m. Potential New Members report to Bryant Denny Stadium Two members from each house report to stadium tunnel with signs/letterboards 11:00 a.m. Bids Distributed 11:15 a.m. Brunch at Sorority Houses

staying healthy & hydrated during recruitment A few words from Sheena C. Quizon MS,RD,LD Assistant Director, Health Education and Prevention SHC/UMC Dietitian, Health Promotion and Wellness, The University of Alabama Student Health Center Don’t skimp on taking care of yourself and nourishing yourself properly during times of stress and excitement. When we don’t eat enough food, or don’t eat enough healthy food (not enough protein or carbohydrates) we can experience headaches, weakness, or fatigue. Being dehydrated can cause you to experience nausea, dizziness, emotional instability, and even cause you to pass out, especially during hot and humid days. Recruitment is a time to be and feel your best self, and this can be very difficult when you are not properly nourished and hydrated. So be safe and healthy: eat regularly and drink water often.

Quick Tips:

Keep hydrated by drinking water throughout the day. Avoid consuming large amounts of carbonated or caffeinated beverages as these can increase your fluid loss because of their diuretic effect. If you wait until you are thirsty, you have waited too long. Have meals and snacks that contain a combination of carbohydrates and protein to keep you feeling well and comfortable (ex: peanut butter crackers, fruit with string cheese, trail mix, or lean meat sandwich, etc.)


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Sorority Life pgs. 10-11 10 tips we wish we’d known pg. 28 What not to Wear: Recruitment Fashion Advice pgs. 32-33 It’s Finally Here! Recruitment Week at a Glance pgs. 34-35 An Inside Look: Letters of Recommendation pgs. 42-43 Financial Obligations pg. 44 Sorority Spotlight pgs. 48-83


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6 Panhellenic President 7 Director of Recruitment 18-19 Panhellenic Executive Council 8 Greek Affairs Staff 20 Panhellenic Delegates 9 UA President Dr. Robert Witt 21 Sigma Rho Chi’s (Recruitment

sorority life at UA

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10 Sorority Life 11 What to Expect as

a Sorority Member 12 Leadership 13 Scholarship 14 Philanthropy 15 Social/Sisterhood 16 Homecoming 17 Greek Week

Counselors) 22 Judicial Board 23 Sorority Presidents 24 Sorority Recruitment Chairs

Get an inside look at events, dinners, retreats and other fun ways sorority sisters get to know each other and strengthen their sisterhood. Check it out on pg 15.

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25 Recruitment Overview 26-27 Recruitment Q & A 28 What We Wish We’d Known 29 Where to Eat 30-31 Recruitment Rules 32-33 What to Wear 34-35 Week at a Glance 36 Potential New Member Bill of Rights 37-38 Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement 39 Panhellenic Code of Ethics

40-41Greek Vocab 42 Letters of Recommendation 43 Recommendation Addresses 44 Financial Obligations 45 Financial Breakdown 46 Move-in 47 Bid Day

if it’s all greek to you...

Find out what each day entails, including a schedule, outfit examples and helpful tips of what to bring and what to leave behind!

sorority spotlight

Get the low down on how to afford sorority life and what to expect financially .

48-49 Alpha Chi Omega 50-51 Alpha Delta Pi 52-53 Alpha Gamma Delta 54-55 Alpha Omicron Pi 56-57 Alpha Phi 58-59 Chi Omega 60-61 Delta Delta Delta 62-63 Delta Gamma 64-65 Delta Zeta 66-67 Gamma Phi Beta 68-69 Kappa Alpha Theta 70-71 Kappa Delta 72-73 Kappa Kappa Gamma 74-75 Phi Mu 76-77 Pi Beta Phi 78-79 Zeta Tau Alpha 80-81 Alpha Delta Chi 82-83 Sigma Delta Tau


84-93 Notes and Advertisements 94 Sorority Row Map


letter from the Panhellenic President We are so excited to welcome you to the University of Alabama and our exceptional Greek community! The Greek life experience here at the University of Alabama is like no other. Our sororities and fraternities are just as much a part of the rich tradition of the Capstone as Denny Chimes, Alabama Football, or the academic buildings themselves. Sorority women at UA pride themselves on being well-rounded and able to balance all aspects of college life; including academics, campus involvement, social life, and community involvement. We are proud of our Greek community at the University of Alabama because of the caliber of sorority women who make it so great. Our Greek community has an excellent reputation at the Capstone, and we hope that you will become a part of this longstanding tradition. We, the Alabama Panhellenic Association, are the coordinating and governing body of the 17 National Panhellenic Council (NPC) sorority chapters and 1 associate member sorority. These chapters along with the United Greek Council (UGC) and National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) sororities represent over 4,000 women on campus. These numbers alone show the strength and influence of sorority women on campus. While Greek life will be your first step toward getting involved on campus, please do not let it be your last. The University of Alabama offers numerous opportunities for student involvement, and we encourage you to consider and pursue these various avenues for student engagement. Every sorority at the University of Alabama is outstanding, and each has something special to offer its members. Please remember to keep an open mind during recruitment and enjoy all that the week has to offer. You will have the opportunity to meet so many new friends and find your new home on campus. If you have any questions about sorority life or fall recruitment, please call our office at (205) 348-9886 or e-mail us at A member of the Panhellenic Executive Council would love to speak with you and answer any questions you may have about sorority life her at the Capstone. See you in August! Best, Ashley Getwan


letter from the Director of Recruitment On behalf of the University of Alabama Panhellenic Association, I would like to welcome you to the Capstone. We are thrilled that you have chosen to become part of the Crimson Tradition and participate in sorority recruitment! We are sure you will find your time at the Capstone fulfilling and enjoyable. I would like to encourage you to make the most of your recruitment experience. If you have an open mind and a positive attitude, you will be able to truly enjoy the recruitment process. I would also like to challenge you to understand the commitment of sorority membership and discover what you are looking to gain from going Greek. Like the decision of what university you would attend, participation in sorority recruitment will affect the next four years of your life. Keep in mind that the more time and commitment you put into sorority life, the more benefits you will gain from being a member of the Greek community. At the University of Alabama, we are committed to the positive development of each member of the Greek community through the planning of and participation in enriching programs. We strive to ensure that the Greek community maintains its tradition of excellence every day. We put academics first and give back to our community constantly. Even though sorority recruitment will be the first thing you participate in at the Capstone, it will not be the last. Greek life is merely a stepping stone to getting involvement in other aspects of campus life. UA offers more than 300 student organizations and students from the Greek community play a large part in the leadership of many of these organizations. It is our hope that you find a home within a Greek chapter as well as in other student organizations. The University of Alabama has one of the finest Greek systems in the country. We have 18 strong sorority chapters (17 NPC and 1 Associate Member Sorority) and it is a privilege to be a member of any of our organizations. As a testament of our strong Greek community, we have welcomed a new chapter, Delta Gamma, to the Capstone this fall. The leadership and tradition that comes with pledging a sorority will promote individual growth, scholarship, service, character refinement, and long-lasting friendships. I am so happy you have made the decision to come to Alabama and participate in sorority recruitment! Remember to have fun and make the most of every opportunity presented to you through sorority recruitment. Most importantly, be yourself and build friendships with the women around you throughout the recruitment process. After all, they could be your future sisters! Roll Tide and Go Greek, Christina Southerland


letter from the Office of Greek Affairs Dear Potential Members: On behalf of the Office of Greek Affairs, we want to welcome you to the Capstone and wish you the very best with Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment 2011! The Greek community at Alabama is one of the largest, most vibrant Greek communities in the United States, and your decision to become part of that community is one you’ll be thankful you made for many years to come. The Office of Greek Affairs provides guidance and support for the 56 Greek organizations represented at the University of Alabama. In addition to advising our four governing councils, we work closely with chapter leaders, alumni, faculty and other administrators to ensure that the Greek experience at Alabama is one that will lead to the personal growth, development and social responsibility of all members. The Office of Greek Affairs also sponsors a number of educational and leadership development programs for Greek organizations, including the New Member Institute, Greek Leadership Summit, Chapter Officer Leadership Academy, and the Greek Emerging Leaders Class. These programs are designed to create values-driven leaders within all levels of the Greek community. We are here to serve and assist you in any way that we can. If you or your parents have any questions leading up to recruitment or once your Greek experience begins, feel free to contact our office at 205-348-2693. Also, feel free to swing by our office when you’re in the Ferguson Center. We’re located in the Dean of Students Office in Room 230. Finally, please visit our website at You’ll find the website to be a useful tool as you prepare for recruitment. Roll Tide!


Gentry McCreary Kathleen Gillan Director of Greek Affairs Assistant Director of Greek Affairs

Rosalind Moore Greek Advisor

letter from President Witt You have enrolled at one of the best universities in the country. During the next four years, you will receive an excellent education, make new friends, participate in campus life, and earn a highly respected academic degree. Equally important, you will become part of the University of Alabama family. One of the strengths of our university is its outstanding community of Greek organizations. Joining a sorority and participating in Greek life will enhance the quality of your time at the Capstone. Sorority membership offers enduring friendships, personal development, social events, academic support, and service opportunities. I am very proud of the university’s sororities, and I am confident that you will find sorority membership to be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of your years at the Capstone. Sincerely, Robert E. Witt President


sorority life at UA is an experience unlike any other. It is an opportunity for campus involvement and personal growth. It is the chance to be intimately connected to a national organization. It is the opportunity to create friendships that will continue beyond your college years.

When you join one of the 18 sorories at UA, you also become a member of the Panhellenic Association. The National Panhellenic Conference was founded in 1902 and is the governing organization for 26 international women’s fraternities and sororities. Each member group is autonomous as a social, Greek- letter society of college women and alumnae. Members are represented on more than 600 college and university campuses in the United States and Canada and in more than 5,300 y m alumnae associations, making up more than 3 million sorority ate o upd ew t n t i y a women in the world. Sororities have enjoyed a rich history at m tw h I can’ status wit ityMove UA since 1904. The university’s commitment to the Greek k or ceboo alSor a t F o T community is equal to the Panhellenic Association’s commit y! # ororit s ment to the university, and we continue to grow each year; this year adding Delta Gamma to the Alabama family.

TSM 10

what to expect as a sorority member Study Hall Hours:

Each sorority chapter requires a certain amount of study hall hours per week during your first semester at UA. After your Fall semester, study hall hours are determined by your GPA. Sororities have the authority to terminate sorority membership if a member’s GPA does not meet the chapter’s national standards.

Panhellenic Events:

Pahellenic requires new membes to attend various educational events that will help with the transition into college and address relevant issues facing college students today. (E.g. Tuesday’s @ 6)

Philanthropy Events:

Each chapter has its own national philanthropy and sorority members enjoy participating and giving back to the community through fun events that unite the chapter and the Greek community while helping a cause.

Recruitment Events:

Recruitment workshops are held in the Spring for the entire house. These will help you prepare for next year’s Fall recruitment. You will also attend teas hosted by your own sorority and any other events your recruitment chair plans.

Active Participation:

You are provided a wonderful avenue to get involved in other University organizations and programs. As a new member, you will be required to attend new member as well as chapter meetings. You will also be encouraged to participate in Greek-wide events such as Greek Week, Greek Fest and Homecoming activities. These events are not only fun, but will strengthen the bonds between you and your new sorority sisters.


leadership opportunities are numerous within the sorority community. Each chapter has

committee structures that allow you to be involved in all operational aspects of the sorority. As a chapter officer or coordinator of a chapter event, you can develop management and communication skills. You will have the chance to experience different roles in the chapter whether that’s handling finances during a philanthropy fundraiser or greeting guests during an alumnae dinner. Each sorority chapter also provides educational programming that will help you refine your time management, leadership, and communication skills. You will be encouraged by your chapter to become involved in campus-wide activities. Greek life is a

direct springboard into campus involvement including student governement, special interest organizations, honor societies, Capstone Men and Women, homecoming, Bama Bound, intramural sports and more than 300 other campus organizations. Striking a balance between academics and exracurricular activities is an important part of college life. Here at the Capstone, we believe campus involvement provides that well-rounded college experience.

Being Greek also provides a good resource network when seeking employment. Greek alumni understand the Greek experience of being both a team player and an individual, the desire to excel both in and out of the classroom and the commitment to give something back to the community. Through interaction with Greek alumni, you can begin building relationships that will help you in the future.

panhellenic women on campus


Kelsey Kurth Student Government Association Executive Secretary

Genie Smith Blackburn Institute

Katie Lamberth Capstone Men and Women

scholarship , academics and grades are the pillars of college life and each

sorority at UA recognizes the importance of scholastic success. Although Panhellenic does not

require a specific grade point average to participate in recruitment, it is recommended that you have at least a 3.0 cummulative high school or college gpa.

UA Greek women want you to do well in school and will provide informational programs to help you achieve your academic goals. Chapters have study hall hours to assist you in time management and tutoring programs to create an environment in which you can excel. Scholarships are offered through NPC as well as through local Alumnae Panhellenic Associations and individual chapters. Greek-letter organizations were founded on the principle of exceptional scholarship. The academic performance of each chapter is tabulated every semester to determine an all-sorority grade point average. The all-sorority average has been higher than the undergraduate

all-women’s average since 1927.

All Panhellenic GPA: 3.26 All Sorority GPA: 3.26 All Women’s GPA: 3.15 All Greek GPA: 3.10



events at UA prove that Greek women’s interests and concerns extend beyond social activities. Sororities sponsor a multitude of activities each year, donating time and money to their specific philanthropies or identified causes. Sorority members actively participate in their own chapter’s philanthropy events as well as support other chapter’s service efforts. Every year there are cookouts, pancake breakfasts, basketball tournaments, kickball games, 5K’s, mentoring programs and other events that Greeks plan and support. The Panhellenic Association looks to fill campus and community needs through events such as Greek Week, Trick-or-Treat on Sorority Row, and an Easter Egg Hunt on the President’s lawn, Take Back the Night, Gamma Peer Educators, Beat Auburn Beat Hunger (a food drive near Thanksgiving benefitting needy Alabama families), clothing drives and many other sponsorships to help others on campus, in the community and throughout the state. The opportunities you will encounter to help benefit philanthropies and the community are endless. The ability to give of yourself is one of the most important qualities you will cultivate while being part of a sorority.

Sororities and Fraternities host philanthropy events together so that the maximum amount of money is raised for their cause


social events help you get to know your own sorority as well as members of other Greek houses.

Sororities participate in formals, swaps, and sisterhood events to help build the relationships that will last a lifetime. Swaps are informal parties held with a fraternity and usually have a theme such as 80’s, toga, camouflage, disco, or famous people. Sisterhood events are fun activities like movie nights, bowling, skating, etc. that are held for the members of one sorority. Game weekends are also a large part of Greek social life here at the Capstone. The sorority houses have meals before the games and the sorority woman’s family and friends are invited to partake in the festivities of UA game day with the Greek community. Many women choose to dress up and attend games with a date, staying true to deep rooted Southern tradition. 15

Pomp·ing [pomm-ping]: verb. the act of

precisely folding and securing tissue square ‘pomps’ to a free standing structure made of chicken wire, wood beams and hours of hard work and memories.

homecoming is a very exciting time of year at the University. Each sorority is paired


with an IFC fraternity, as well as a UGC and NPHC organization for a week full of competitions in hopes to win the Homecoming Spirit Cup. The competitions include “Paint the Town Red,” where windows of local businesses are painted in honor of the big Homecoming game. There is also a basketball tournament, bowling tournament, dance competition, parade with float competition and a series of games on the quad. The most exciting part of Homecoming by far, is the traditional pomping of each of the sorority houses to form lawn decorations. These lawn decorations go along with the theme of Homecoming and typically cover the front of each sorority house. The designs are pomped by each member of the house. Homecoming is a great time to really get to know people in your sorority because you are all working together to win the Spirit Cup. And of course, there is the excitement of the Homecoming game and crowning of the Queen.

greek week at the University of Alabama is a week set aside in the spring that promotes unity, camaraderie, and service within the Greek community, as members of all four Greek Councils participate in friendly competitions and community service. Greek Week is one of the largest annual philanthropic efforts at the University of Alabama and includes both social and charity events. This year, the focus of Greek Week was to give back to our community through service and charitable contributions with a goal of uniting the four councils by having them work and socialize together. Olivia Hunnicutt, Vice President of Administration of the Alabama Panhellenic Association, planned this year’s Greek Week with help from the Greek Programming Board and commented on the week: “Greek Week 2011 was an incredible success. We were able to donate $100,000 to local non-profit organizations, and Greek students completed over 1200 volunteer hours. The success of Greek Week is due to a desire from members of the Greek community to give back, and in working together to give back, members from different councils are able to unite and network. Greek students from every chapter came together to accomplish our goals and to participate in fun activities to raise money for their chapters’ philanthropies.” Community Service Statistics:

-More than 1200 volunteer hours -$1,000 was raised for the West Alabama Red Cross HEROES campaign -More than $100,000 was donated to the following non-profits across the state: Boys and Girls Club of West Alabama UA Relay for Life

West Alabama Food Bank

Black Warrior Council of Boy Scouts of America Black Warrior Riverkeeper Turning Point

The Tuscaloosa Children’s Center, Inc. Tuscaloosa’s One Place

Tracy Dent Foundation

Arthritis Foundation Southeast Region

Tuscaloosa Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy Laps for CF Foundation


panhellenic executive council The Panhellenic Council at the University of Alabama is the coordinating body of the 17 NPC sororities and 1 associate member sorority on campus. The council is composed of 11 executive board members, a delegate from each sorority, and a junior delegate from each sorority. Panhellenic executive board members are current sorority members who have disaffiliated for recruitment to provide unbiased planning and support for everyone involved in the process. Panhellenic strengthens the Greek community and is responsible for promoting scholarship, philanthropy, and safety for each sorority and the Greek community as a whole. Panhellenic provides activities and programs throughout the year to address current issues affecting college women.


Ashley Getwan President

Olivia Hunnicutt Vice President of Administration

Lauren Miller Director of Sigma Rho Chi’s

Morgan Hall

Director of Education

Christina Southerland Director of Recruitment

Caroline Campbell Assistant Director of Recruitment

Megan Hayes

Director of Programming

Erin O’Connor

Director of Judicial Affairs

Hallie Majure Phillips Assistant Director of Judicial Affairs

Olivia Hanceri

Director of Public Relations

Lindsey Drexler Secretary/Treasurer


panhellenic delegates

top left: Carolyn Dawson, Emily Paul, Anne Walker Irwin, Morgan Carnathan, Ariel Fink, Alexa Shaffer, Jordan Halcomb, Lindsey Hake bottom left: Katie Kilcoyne Paige Bone, Addie Bunn, Coleman Humphrey, Alee Bouchuk, Virginia Bedwell, Morgan Butler, Dorothy Griffith (not pictured Becca Weir)

The Panhellenic delegates act as a liason between their individual sororities and the Panhellenic Executive Council. By attending biweekly meetings, serving on committees and volunteering to step in where needed, these women help direct their sororities toward working together as a Panhellenic community.


sigma rho chi’s Head Sigma Rho Chi’s

Annie, Kristina, Lindsey

Adaire, Alex, Alex, Alexandra, Alexis, Ann Katherine, Ashley, Bailey Beth, Blair, Brittany, Candice, Caroline, Carrie, Carter, Casey, Claire, Demi, Eileen, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Ellie, Emile Sara, Emily, Emily, Emily, Gabby, Gracie, Haley, Haley, Hillary, Holly, Jeanne, Jennifer, Jordan, Kaci, Kate, Kayken, Kelly, Kelsey, Kelsey, Kristen, Kristen, Kristen, Kristen, Kristina, Lauren, Leighton, Lindsay, Madison, Marissa, Marlie, Mattie, Melissa, Melissa, Michelle, Molly, Natalie, Olivia, Rachel, Rachel, Rebekah, Sarah, Sarah Grace, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Stephanie, Stephany, Sydney, Tessa, Virginia

Recruitment is an exciting and memorable experience, but it can be a hectic and emotional time as well. Recruitment counselors, referred to as Sigma Rho Chi’s, are undergraduate women representing the varioius sororities at UA who have disaffiliated from their chapters for the week of recruitment to help you through the process. These women have been through extensive training in preparation for this week, as well as having gone through recruitment themselves.

They are available for you 24 hours a day as an impartial listener, a guide, and a friend. Please do not ask your Sigma Rho Chi what sorority she is in, or go through extreme measures to find out, as it will only complicate the process. Get to know these women, they want to know you on a personal level and help you make the best decision based on your personality and interests.


judicial board Head Judicial Board


The Judicial Board is responsible for upholding the constitution, by-laws, and recruitment rules of the Panhellenic Association during recruitment. Judicial Board handles any infractions associated with recruitment during the week and they are available to help the Sigma Rho Chi’s if needed. Members of the J-Board will keep track of timing during the recruitment parties and will be able to assist you with any problems you may encounter during the recruitment process.


Ally, Anne, Ashley, Blake, Brittany, Brook, Carmen, Cortlin, Elizabeth, Emily, Emily, Emma, Fran, Gracie, Hannah, Hayley, Hunter, Jenna, Jennifer, Jordan, Kara, Kathleen, Katie, Kelsey, Kristen, Kristen, Laura, Lauren, Lauren, Leanne, Mallory, Marlee, Megean, Molly, Molly, Nicole, Rachel, Rebecca, Sami, Samantha, Sarah Jane, Sarah, Stephanie, Tara, Tessa


ctice, a r p f so d month LY perfecte r e t f A FINAL y squat” e v a h I ororit ityMove s “ e h r t lSoro a


sorority presidents

top left: Mary Herndon Nordmann, Riley Phillips, Norma Boyd, Rebecca Esser-Stuart, Lauren Whitten, Emily McLaughlin, Meg Adams, Maggie Mason bottom left: Chelsea Woodford, Margaret Able, Raquel Duke, Mary Frances Cypher, Catherine Brim, Lauren Woltjen, Kelsey Thomas, Brittany Long (not pictured: Crimsynn Dover)

The sorority chapter presidents are integral to the success of Greek life at Alabama. Working with members of their chapters, members of other Greek organizations on campus, and alumnae, these women strive to make the Greek community even stronger here at the University of Alabama. A sorority president must be a strong leader and have very high standards. Each of the women

serving the Panhellenic community this year reflect excellent character and class. We hope the legacy being set by the 2011 chapter presidents will continue with your incoming class of potential new members.


recruitment chairs

top left: Emily Jones, Eliza Caldwell, Elizabeth Sparrow, Mary Margaret McCord, Kristen Burdette, Susanna Stanbury, Coleen Frake, Mary Talley, Madeleine McKenzie, Jessi Middlebrooks, Katie Faircloth bottom left: Alex Sims, Lauren Brown, Ginna Miller, Virginia Hazelrig, Rebecca Farmer, Sarah Brown, Caitlin Huber, Haley Painter, Kristina Kamburis, Mary Leigh Hatchett, Alex Clark, Savannah Thomas, Natalie Coleman not pictured: Becca Smith, Kelsey Gallant

Each sorority has a Recruitment Chair that coordinates recruitment events throughout the year as well as the week of recruitment for her chapter. These are the women who have worked very hard all year long to prepare their chapter for your arrival. Panhellenic is 24 especially grateful for all of the hard work and dedication these women have put into recruitment to ensure this week run smoothly.

recruitment week

Recruitment Week begins Saturday, August13, and concludes with Bid Day on Saturday, August 20. For many of you, this will be your first impression of Tuscaloosa and Greek life at the University of Alabama. We hope that you enjoy all that we have planned for you. • The week consists of four rounds of events that will allow you to learn more about each sorority. The events will show you what life in a sorority is like and will give you the chance to meet sorority women in each house and ask any questions that you might have about activities, financial obligations, scholarship, new member programs, and campus life in general. It is so important to keep an open mind during this process and carefully decide where YOU feel YOU fit in to the Greek community at UA. • Please recognize that Formal Recruitment is a mutual selection process. All potential new members will visit every sorority during the first round (Open Houses), but the remaining rounds are by invitation only. As the sororities are narrowing down the number of women attending each round of events, potential new members may only accept a certain number of invitations to each round. The Panhellenic Executive Council and Recruitment Counselors will explain this process in detail to you throughout the week. Each potential new member will be assigned recruitment counselors (Sigma Rho Chi’s) who will be available during the entire process to answer questions. These women are available to help you in any way you may need them. Participation in Formal Recruitment does NOT guarantee you an invitation to join a sorority, nor does it obligate a woman to join. However, more than 80 percent of the women participating in Formal Recruitment at UA each year join a sorority at the end of recruitment week.


recruitment Q&A What should I expect from recruitment week? Recruitment week is fun and upbeat. The first night you will be assigned a group number and a recruitment counselor (Sigma Rho Chi) that will help guide you through the recruitment process. We encourage you to get to know the other women in your group participating in recruitment - they are your future Greek sisters! After four rounds of recruitment events, you will have the option of filling out a membership recuitment acceptance binding agreement. Bids will be distributed the next day in the stadium. Check out the schedule on the inside front cover for more details. Do I need to go to all of the events listed in the recruitment schedule? YES! The object of recruitment is for you to take in as much information as possible about the UA Greek community so that you can make the best decision possible. If you intentionally miss events you could be released from recruitment. What do sororities look for in new members? The membership selection process varies for each sorority. A sorority is not only choosing individual members, but an entire new member class! Each sorority is looking to gain a well-rounded new member class that includes leaders, scholars, athletes, artists, and more. The criteria sororities use for new member selection may include previous academic performance, activities and interests, and interaction with sorority members during recruitment events. Differences in sororities are based on national policies and chapter bylaws. Panhellenic has no input in the member selection process or the qualifications that each sorority considers for its members. Will all potential new members pledge at the end of recruitment? Recruitment is a process of mutual selection by the potential new member and the sorority. There are many different outcomes to this process. Participating in recruitment does not guarantee that you will be asked to join a sorority and it does not obligate you to join one. It is possible for you to go through recruitment and not sign a preference card.


If I go through recruitment, am I obligated to join? No. This is a time to assess whether you wish to join a sorority. Many women wish to make friends, meet new people, and see what Greek life is about before joining a sorority. This is your opportunity to see if sorority life is right for you. If you do not wish to join, you are not obligated.


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Are the rumors/stereotypes of each house true? Sorority chapters are composed of many individuals, each with their own special qualities and talents, which contribute to the entire group. The only opinion of a chapter that matters is your own. If you allow someone else’s perception to influence you, you will not be satisfied with your choices in recruitment. Sorority chapters vary from campus to campus and from year to year. Remember that you are choosing a sisterhood, not letters or a label. I am a legacy to a sorority. Is there anything I should know? Each potential new member is considered on an individual basis. Legacies are not obligated to join the sorority their mother, sister, or grandmother joined any more than that sorority is required to pledge a legacy. Both the potential new member and the chapters are looking for mutual compatibility, not necessarily a family connection to the group. UA tends to be a legacy heavy campus, and some sororities will have more than 200 legacies, which is more than twice the average new member class. What if I am an upperclassman? An upperclassman is any woman who graduated high school prior to Spring 2011. There is an upperclassman quota that sororities can choose to use. Taking upperclassmen does not interfere with the freshman quota. This system gives all women participating in recruitment an equal opportunity at pledging. What if I only want to be in a certain sorority? Potential new members often experience the greatest disappointment by beginning the recruitment process only wanting to be in one or a few specific sororities. Don’t make a decision based on stereotypes and others’ opinions. Keep an open mind and make a decision that based on what is right for you. What if I am shy? It is most important to be yourself. Each sorority is looking for a variety of members with different personalities. Just keep in mind that it is up to you to present yourself to each sorority. Smile and feel free to ask questions. This is your time to relax and enjoy meeting new friends!


what we wish we’d known... 1. There is a fine line between looking your best and going to prom. You want to look nice, but sequins, beads and long formal dresses are a little over the top. 2. Be aware of the temperature and HUMIDITY. It is August in Alabama, so look for temperatures to be in the hundreds and for very high humidity. Light-weight dresses are strongly suggested, as are colors that may not show sweat. 3. Don’t believe all the rumors you hear about sororities at UA. If it sounds too crazy to be true, it probably is. Also, be careful what you say about sororities to those around you. You never know what sorority someone’s sister or best friend could be in and you want to be respectful to everyone’s opinions. 4. The sorority members in the house are just as nervous as you are. You’ll have a better experience if you are able to be yourself and enjoy it! Don’t let the nerves get the best of you. 5. Leave your nice purse or bag in your dorm. You will NOT be able to bring ANYTHING into the houses, so no one in the sorority will see what you are carrying. This means you will have to leave your purse on the grass outside while you attend your parties. There could be damage from the elements or it could get dirty or be stepped on. Plus, you don’t want to tempt any passerby with sticky fingers. 6. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of H2O! 7. USE YOUR SIGMA RHO CHI. They’re here to answer any question, however silly you may think it is.. 8. Look natural. Sororities want to see the real you. Wear makeup, but recruitment is not a glamour shot. This being said, waterproof mascara is a great investment. 9. Don’t be discouraged if the house you always wanted doesn’t turn out to be a good fit. Really do keep an open mind and trust the process. You will be surprised how things work out! 10. What we wish we had brought: • Extra pony-tail holder • Blister Band-aids • Deodorant • Bobby-pins • Oil blotting sheets • Pen and pad for notes • Hair brush • Freshen wipes • Flip flops (for walking • Personal fan • Powder between houses skit and • Band-aids • Snacks, mints preference day) • Umbrella • Water • Camera • Water proof tote bag


places to eat during recruitment Monday


Meal Plans 12 p.m. - 3 p.m. Burke Lakeside Fresh Food Co.

Meal Plans 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Burke Lakeside Fresh Food Co.

Meal Plans 1 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Burke Lakeside Fresh Food Co.

Meal Plans 12 p.m. - 3 p.m. Burke Lakeside Fresh Food Co.

Meal Plans 1 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Burke Lakeside Fresh Food Co.

Meal Plans 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Lakeside Fresh Food Co. Burke CLOSED

6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m. Lakeside

5 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. Lakeside

Off Campus Dinner

6 p.m. - 8 p.m. Lakeside

6 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Lakeside & Burke

6 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Lakeside & Burke

Julia’s Market 7:30 a.m. - midnight

Starbucks 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Wednesday Thursday



Ferguson Food Court 11 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Subway Sunday: 11 a.m. - 7p.m Monday - Friday: 11a.m. -2p.m.

Don’t forget to bring your ACT card when you eat on campus! 29

recruitment rules Basic Recruitment Definitions: • A potential new member is a woman who is registered to participate in Fall Formal Recruitment with the Alabama Panhellenic Association. • A potential new member is also any high school student (grades 9-12) who is considering coming to the University of Alabama or anyone with the intent to go through Fall Formal Recruitment in the coming year. • A sorority member is any active member in the chapter, alumnae member of the sorority, and non-active member of the sorority. Alumnae will retain alumnae status during recruitment. Summer Do’s and Dont’s: • No Contact between Sorority Members and Potential New Members after May 1st. Example: Letters, Emails, Facebook & MySpace Messages, Phone Calls, etc. Normal contact (work, hometown,etc.) can occur, but conversations should be limited to benefits of participating in recruitment, not specific to any one organization. Sororities CANNOT have gatherings which include Potential New Member’s after May 1st. Example: Teas, Parties, Trips, etc.


Potential New Members CANNOT stay with sorority members or have any contact with sorority members during summer orientation sessions. Example: Spending the night at a member’s house, eating dinner or attending social activities.

For a complete list of rules and regulations please refer to our website at

Guidelines to follow: • A potential member cannot be, or ever have been, an initiated member of an NPC group. A woman is also ineligible for recruitment if she has been a new member of an NPC fraternity on this campus within a calendar year. • A potential new member shall attend Convocation and all parties to which she has accepted invitations. In the event of illness or other emergency, she shall notify Panhellenic Exec or her recruitment counselor. If a potential new member has a known conflict during the week of recruitment, she should notify her sigma rho chi at Convocation. • A potential new member shall consult with her recruitment counselor before withdrawing from recruitment. Upon withdrawal, a potential new member should sign an official withdrawal form. • During Fall Formal Recruitment, no potential new member may visit any sorority chapter except to attend invitational events. • A potential new member will fill out the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA) immediately after the last event she attends. Once an agreement has been signed, no changes can be made. • Any potential new member signing a MRABA and receiving a bid at the end of recruitment shall be bound by the agreement for one calendar year. (August- August) • No electronic communication devices (cell phones, PDAs, etc.) are allowed during any recruitment activities.


2010 panhellenic Be comfortable! Now is not the time to break-in those shoes you’ve never worn before or an outfit you are not comfortable wearing. Remember, the days are long and it will be hot!

Open Houses:

Philanthropy Days:

Do Wear:

Do Wear:

Sunday and Monday

Tuesday and Wednesday

Be confident! It’s about who you are, not what you are wearing, so make sure your personality shines through. Have fun and relax! Recruitment week is a fun way to make new friends and new memories. ENJOY IT!! Don’t forget that Convocation is Saturday at 7 p.m. at Coleman Colesium. Please come as you are; everyone will have been moving in on that day so there is no need to dress up. Attire is casual and shorts and t-shirts are appropriate.


sandals, flats, sundress

Don’t Wear:

high heels, anything revealing or formal

flip flops, sandals, shorts, recruitment t-shirt

Don’t Wear:

skirts, too short shorts

recruitment attire Skit Day:

Preference Party:

Bid Day:

Do Wear:

Do Wear:

Do Wear:


dress, comfortable heels

Don’t Wear:

anything revealing or formal



nicer dress than previous days, comfortable heels

flip flops, tennis shoes, shorts, tank top

Don’t Wear:

Don’t Wear:

anything revealing, BEADED or LONG dresses (this is not prom)

anything heavy (it’s hot), skirt, t-shirt


Open House

During the first two days, you will get to visit all 16 sororities with your recruitment group. Each party is only 20 minutes long, so the sororities will present themselves as simply as possible and serve ice water for you to drink You will be greeted at each house by energetic songs and clapping. Some houses may choose to introduce you to many members, while in others you may meet just a few. Feel free to ask questions and tell them a little bit about yourself as well. Often times it is very hard to judge a sorority in only 20 minutes. Don’t worry; you have a whole week ahead of you. Tip: Drink the water, because it is VERY hot in Alabama in August.

all the days


Philanthropy Day

Day three and four will consist of hands-on creative projects that you and the sorority women will make for donation to various charities. This is a glimpse of the importance of community service in Greek life. On these two days, you will have 30 minutes in each house. Philanthropy Day is very laid back and lots of fun. Tip: Wear shorts that you will be comfortable sitting in because in some houses you may be sitting on the floor.

In true entertainment style, you will receive a complimentary treat while you enjoy the skit.

Skit Day

On Skit day, you get to see the true personality of each sorority. You will attend up to seven 45 minute parties. The parties this day are informative and allow you more time for conversations with the sorority women. You will be able to recognize the individuality and spirit of each sorority, as well as experience the special bond of sisterhood among the members. Tip: This is the day when you learn what each chapter is involved in on campus - think hard about what you would like to be involved in and whether this chapter could help you reach your goals.

of the week Preference Parties

On this day you will attend up to three 50 minute parties. This is the night to really focus on what you want to gain out of joining a sorority as well as the connections you have made this far. An invitation to a preference party means the sorority is very interested in you becoming a member. After a ceremony, you will have the chance to talk privately with a member. During this time, they may share with you how they made their decision, what their sorority means to them, and what sisterhood means to them. After the last party, you will walk silently to fill out your MRABA. Tip: Look around the room at your parties; many of these girls could be your pledge sisters, so make sure you feel comfortable.


potential new member bill of rights • The right to be treated as an individual.

• The right to be fully informed about the recruitment process. • The right to ask questions and receive true and objective answers from recruitment counselors and members. • The right to be treated with respect. • The right to be treated as a capable and mature person without being patronized. • The right to ask how and why and receive straight answers. • The right to have and express opinions to recruitment counselors. • The right to expect confidentiality when sharing information with recruitment counselors. • The right to make informed choices without undue pressure from others. • The right to be fully informed about the binding agreements implicit in the preference card signing. • The right to make one’s own choice and decision and accept full responsibility for the results of that decision. • The right to have a positive, safe, and enriching recruitment and pledging experience. Recruitment counselors have disaffiliated from their sorority, so they really can offer an unbiased shoulder to lean on. They are not in contact with their own chapter so anything you tell them is confidential. From what shoes to wear to silly rumors, take advantage of your Sigma Rho Chi’s.


national panhellenic conference membership recruitment acceptance binding agreement I have participated in the membership recruitment period at The University of Alabama. By signing this acceptance agreement, I understand and agree to the following terms. Please read and initial each of the following: –I am willing to accept an invitation to membership from any women’s sorority (fraternity) that I list on this agreement. –I may limit my choices to just one OR list any women’s sorority (fraternity) whose preference-round (last) event I attended, and from which I am willing to accept membership. I realize that by not listing the maximum number of events I attended, I may be limiting my potential to join any other NPC group during formal recruitment should I not be placed with my choice(s). –Once I submit this agreement to the College Panhellenic Association, I cannot change the order of my preferences or add or delete a preference. –If I do not receive an invitation to membership from a group that I have listed, I am eligible for continuous open bidding. –I have the option of not submitting an agreement at this time. –Once I submit this agreement, I am bound by the National Panhellenic Conference one-calendar year rule. This rule states that if I receive an invitation to membership from a group that I have listed and then do not accept it, I am not eligible to be pledged to any other NPC member sorority (fraternity) on this campus for one calendar year (12 month period) from the time of this signing. Signature _______________________________________________________ Date ________________________________ By signing this form you are agreeing to accept a bid from any of the women’s sororities you list below and if offered, you are bound to that bid for one calendar year. I agree to the terms stated above, and I am willing to accept an invitation to membership from any of the following women’s sororities (fraternities) whose preference event I attended (listed in order of preference): 1st preference ______________________________________________________________________ 2nd preference ______________________________________________________________________ 3rd preference (only if attended 3 events) _________________________________________________ Signature _________________________________________________________ Date _______________________________ The form is to be completed by the potential new member (PNM). 1. Immediately following her final Preference event, the potential new member goes to the Panhellenic designated place to receive her printed MRABA to be signed in privacy. 2. The potential new member is encouraged to list on this card any women’s sorority (fraternity) whose preference (last) event she attended and from which she is willing to accept a bid to membership.


national panhellenic conference membership recruitment acceptance binding agreement Explanation of the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA) The document on the opposite page is the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA), formerly known as the “Preference Card”. The MRABA is a binding agreement that is effective for one calendar year. By signing this document, you as a potential new member agree that you are willing to accept a bid for membership from any sorority that you rank on the MRABA. Please note that if you receive a bid from any sorority that you ranked on your MRABA, then you are bound to that group for one calendar year (August 2011 – August 2012). Most importantly, if receive an invitation to membership (a bid) from any sorority that you have listed on your MRABA, and you choose not to accept it, you are not eligible to participate in Continuous Opening Bidding (COB) or Delta Gamma’s Colonization process at the University of Alabama for one calendar year from the time of this signing. After the conclusion of your last Preference party, you will make your final selections in a computer lab, ranking the chapters you visited on Friday, August 19th in preferential order. Once you complete your rankings, you will print and sign a copy of the MRABA. Please note that once the MRABA has been turned in to a representative of the Alabama College Panhellenic Association, it cannot be altered or changed. Prior to signing the MRABA, you will have several options to consider and we suggest that you thoroughly reflect on these before signing your MRABA. –First and foremost, you may choose not to complete the MRABA, thereby withdrawing from recruitment. If you chose this option, you are eligible to participate in Delta Gamma’s colonization process or accept a bid for membership from any sororities participating in “Continuous of Bidding.” A small number of sororities may be able to recruit a limited number of women through the COB process after formal recruitment if their chapter is below Panhellenic Total. –Secondly, you may choose to list any sorority whose preference event you attended and from whom you are willing to accept an invitation to membership (a bid). Please note that you should not rank any sorority on your final selection that you are absolutely not willing to accept a bid for membership. If you match with a sorority that you listed on your MRABA, it is important to note that you are bound to them for one calendar year regardless of you accept their invitation or not. –Lastly, you may choose to list only one or two preferences, but you must understand that if you chose to single intentional preference then you are not guaranteed to receive a bid for membership. Only potential new members who maximize their options and list ALL of the chapters that they attended during the Preference Round are guaranteed to receive a bid for membership during formal recruitment. If you do not receive an invitation to membership (a bid) from any of the sororities that you have listed, you are eligible for continuous open bidding (COB). The addition of Delta Gamma Sorority to the University of Alabama this fall will provide potential new members with an additional opportunity for sorority membership. Those potential new members who have not matched, withdrawn, or been released from recruitment are eligible to participate in Delta Gamma’s recruitment process, which will be held August 16th – 27th. It is also important to note that you do not have to participate in formal recruitment to be eligible for Delta Gamma’s recruitment process. For more information about Delta Gamma’s colonization schedule, please refer to page 61 of the Recruitment Guide or visit their website at


alabama panhellenic association code of ethics

As members of The University of Alabama Panhellenic Association, we the undersigned agree that our vision is a safe, positive, enriching recruitment experience with the goal for providing opportunities for the greatest possible number of women to obtain membership in a women’s fraternity. In order to reach our common goal, we will strive to create a Panhellenic environment of trust, honesty, unity, and cooperation among all chapters. Therefore, we solemnly promise to: • Respect ourselves, our sisters, and the Greek community as a whole. We will work with other sororities to improve the Greek community and reverse the current stereotypes. • Enable every potential new member an equal opportunity and act accordingly with true Panhellenic spirit as well as our own chapter values and moral judgments. • Confront the concerns about alcohol and other illegal substances and promote the safety and protection of current and prospective members. • Treat potential new members with the same respect before, during, and after recruitment. • Abide by all official Panhellenic codes, including but not limited to:

The Panhellenic Creed, The Potential New Member Bill of Rights, The Panhellenic Recruitment Rules, The National Panhellenic Conference Unanimous Agreements

• Leave the potential new member with a positive idea of the what sisterhood could be. • Encourage the potential new member to explore the freedom of thought in her decisions. • Assure the potential new member about the recruitment process, membership requirements, and external and internal responsibilities. • Enable every potential new member an equal opportunity to a level playing field. • Strive to maintain a campus scholastic average which is above the all-women’s average.


greek vocab

Active: A sorority member who has been formally initiated by her chapter. Alabama Panhellenic Association: The governing body of the NPC sorority chapters at UA run by an executive board of nine college women from different sororities and a delegate from each chapter. Alumna: An initiated member who is no longer an active member of a collegiate chapter. Badge: Sorority pin worn by an initiated member. Bid: A formal invitation to pledge a sorority or fraternity. Chapter: The local group of a larger national organization that is designated by a special Greek letter name. Continuous Open Bidding: The period in which any group not meeting quota or being at total may offer a bid. This is held after formal recruitment. Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA): A document each potential new member completes immediately following the Preference Round of parties stating her membership preferences. The potential new member ranks the sororities she would accept a bid from, listing the one which she mosts wants to join first and the other(s) in preferential order. This is a binding agreement, stating that the potential new member is willing to accept a bid from any sorority she lists. Formal Recruitment: A designated membership recruitment period during which a series of organized events are held by each NPC sorority; membership recruitment is organized and implemented by the Panhellenic Association. Fraternity: Greek-letter sisterhood or brotherhood. House Director: Also known as the housemother; a woman who lives in the sorority house, cares for the women living there, plans meals, and manages the house. Intake: The process through which NPHC & UGC sororities and fraternities select new members. Single Intentional Preference: When a potential new member attends more than one preferential event but only lists one choice on her MRABA. Legacy: A potential new member whose mother or sister (sometimes grandmother) is an alumna of, or active in, a particular sorority. A sorority is not obligated to pledge its legacies.


New Member: A woman who has been accepted as a probationary member of a sorority or fraternity. After a period of education and training about the sorority/fraternity, she/he may be initiated. NPC: National Panhellenic Conference: A conference composed of 26 women’s fraternities, each of which is autonomous as a social Greek-letter society of college and alumnae members.

five fraternities – with both college and alumni members.

NPHC: National Pan-Hellenic Council: A council composed of the nine historically black Greek-letter organizations – four sororities and

Panhellenic Exec: The group of 11 college women who oversee the Alabama Panhellenic Association and who give up their sorority association during the recruitment process to organize and assist the potential new members. Philanthropy: A national and/or local charity that a sorority sponsors, donating time and money through service in order to promote human welfare. Potential New Member: Any woman who is eligible to participate in formal or informal recruitment. Quota: The number of women a sorority may pledge during formal or informal recruitment. Recommendation/Reference: A written letter or statement from an alumna on the sorority’s official form introducing and recommending a potential new member for pledging. Also called a “rec”. Sorority: A Greek-letter sisterhood; also known as a women’s fraternity. UGC: The United Greek Council is composed of the 3 multicultural fraternities and sororities recognized at Alabama. Upperclassman: Any woman who has graduated prior to Spring 2010.

Greek Alphabet Α Β Γ Δ Ε Ζ Η Θ Ι Κ Λ Μ Ν Ξ Ο Π Ρ Σ Τ Υ Φ Χ Ψ Ω

Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta Eta Theta Iota Kappa Lambda Mu Nu Xi Omicron Pi Rho Sigma Tau Upsilon Phi Chi Psi Omega



A potential new member recommendation form, also known as a “rec”, “reference” or “RIF” is a form that a sorority alumna completes on a PNM introducing them to a sorority chapter. Recs are sent by an alumna to her sorority’s chapter. Recs do not guarantee that you will receive a bid from that chapter. Panhellenic does not have rec forms available and cannot obtain them for potential new members. An alumnae may find a rec form in her respective sorority’s magazin, or the website or she can obtain one by calling the international headquarters of her sorority. Recs are not mandatory for every sorority; however, it is strongly suggested that you secure a rec for each of the chapters participating in recruitment. Recs for each sorority should be sent directly to chapter and the addresses can be found on the next page. You can contact an Alumnae Panhellenic Chapter in your area if you do not know an alumna personally. A list of alumnae panhellenic chapters can be found on the National Panhellenic Web site at www. To increase the chance of receiving a bid, copies of your high school or college transcript for verification of your grade point average may also be mailed to the individual sororities by sending them directly to the chapter’s P.O. Boxes listed on the next page.

Helpful Hints: When asking Alumnae for recommendations, supply them with a stamped and addressed envelope and copy of your resume. This is not only polite but will help ensure your rec is sent to the right address and in a timely fashion. It is also a good idea for you to include a picture of yourself to help sororities recognize you the week of recruitment. Senior portraits work great, however, try to avoid pictures with heavy makeup and hair. Additionally, it is YOUR responsiblity to make sure the University has an official copy of your final transcript, as this will be the GPA reference for each sorority. Please make sure a final copy of your highschool and/or college transcript is sent to the UA Admissions Office by Aug. 1.


*Please note that sororities at the University of Alabama do not accept or recognize “letters of support.”

recommendation addresses Alpha Chi Omega Mary Leigh Hatchett or Kristina Kamburis P.O. Box 861921 Tuscaloosa, AL 35486 Alpha Delta Pi Katie Bunn P.O. Box 11090 Tuscaloosa, AL 35486 Alpha Gamma Delta Jessi Middlebrooks P.O. Box 866389 Tuscaloosa, AL 35486 Alpha Omicron Pi Mary Margaret McCord P.O. Box 861948 Tuscaloosa, AL 35486

Alpha Phi Shelby McNutt P.O. Box 865185 Tuscaloosa, AL 35486

Delta Zeta Brittney Degnan P.O. Box 866209 Tuscaloosa, AL, 35486

Kappa Kappa Gamma Caitlin Peterson P.O. Box 866569 Tuscaloosa, AL 35486

Chi Omega Katie Mellown P.O. Box 866479 Tuscaloosa, AL 35486

Gamma Phi Beta Colleen Frake P.O. Box 866269 Tuscaloosa, AL 35486

Phi Mu Kristen Burdette P.O. Box 866509 Tuscaloosa, AL 35486

Delta Delta Delta Kathleen Elebash P.O. Box 862938 Tuscaloosa, AL 35486

Kappa Alpha Theta Ryan Stringer P.O. Box 866629 Tuscaloosa, AL 35486

Pi Beta Phi Kelsey Gallant P.O. Box 11067 Tuscaloosa, AL 35486

Delta Gamma Beta Psi Chapter P.O. Box 11019 Tuscaloosa, AL 35486

Kappa Delta Hannah White or Alice Fisher P.O. Box 11040 Tuscaloosa, AL 35486

Sigma Delta Tau Rebecca Farmer P.O. Box 866659 Tuscaloosa, AL 35486 Zeta Tau Alpha Savannah Thomas P.O. Box 862848 Tuscaloosa, AL 35486


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financial obligations

Each chapter has a financial requirement, which should be taken into consideration before pledging. Financial requirements may include membership dues (which support the local chapter and the national or international organization, facility fees, room and board if living in the facility). It is important to note that membership fees vary by sorority. A list of average fees as well as a range of fees is listed on the opposite page.


financial breakdown Living In-House Fees (per semester): *Includes room, meals & chapter fees

High $4754.00 Low $ 3470.00 Average $ 4105.00

Living Out-of-House Fees (per semester): *Includes meals & chapter fees

High $2859.00 Low $1935.00 Average $ 2300.00

New Member Fees (per semester): *Includes onetime fees (i.e. Initiation)

High $913.50 Low $165.00 Average $472.00

greek meal plans

Since majority of the Panhellenic sorority’s have their own mandatory meal program, Bama Dining automatically downgrades new members to the Greek 50 meal plan at a cost of $385 when they join a sorority that has a full-service kitchen. Greek 50: Average of 2-3 meals per week perfect for weekends when the sorority house is not serving meals. Students that would like more than 50 meals per semester may change their meal plan to one of the following: Silver (160 meals per semester), Gold (220 meals per semester), or Unlimited. Students that would like to have no requirement to dine in any UA dining halls may choose to only pay the Community Dining Charge of $197. When is the deadline to downgrade? When the University generates an official list of all new Greek members, student accounts will automatically be credited the difference between original meal plan and Greek downgrade. All requests for the no-meal-plan option must be received by August 24th 2011 for fall new members. There is no deadline to upgrade meal plans.


Meal Plan Meals Per Semester Avg. Meals Per Week Greek 50 50 2-3 Bronze 90 5-6 Silver 160 10 Gold 220 14 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited No Plan 0 0

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moving in The online Move-In sign-up process will begin on June 15, 2011. Freshmen who do not select a move-in time will be assigned a time by HRC staff, and will receive an email message to their UA email account with the assigned check-in time. All students that have signed up for, or have been assigned, a check-in time will receive a parking pass at the end of July through the mail to the student’s permanent mailing address. This parking pass will be used during Move-In, so be sure to bring it with you. Note: Please arrive on your assigned day and time. If you arrive outside of your assigned move-in period, you will be directed to a holding area and will be required to wait until conditions allow you to proceed. SORORITY CONVOCATION on the evening of Saturday, August 13, is a casual event, as it is understood that students will have spent the day moving into their residence hall rooms. Students participating in sorority recruitment should have no concern about moving in on Saturday, August 13. In order to make the Move-In process as easy and efficient as possible, the number of students who can move in at each time during the day is limited. Allowing students to continue to select Move-In times that are already filled makes the process more difficult for families, students and volunteers assisting with the process. We appreciate your understanding and your selection of another time if your first choice is already filled. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the variety of times in which students move out, students are responsible for moving their own belongings out of the residence halls. Volunteer staff will not be available in May. The dates available for check-in for Fall 2011 semester are: Friday, August 12, 2011 Students involved in approved early-arrival activities (Sorority recruitment, Alabama Action, Million Dollar Band and Fall Sports Athletic Team Members/Student Staff) who are assigned to Tutwiler only will be able to sign up for a check-in time on August 12. Saturday, August 13 & Sunday, August 14 Students involved in approved early-arrival groups such as (Sorority recruitment, Alabama Action, Million Dollar Band and Fall Sports Athletic Team Members/Student Staff) will be able to sign up for a check-in time in all residence halls except Bryant Hall on August 13. For more information about Move-in, please visit


what to expect on bid day New Member Retreats

All sororities will have a new member retreat where the new member plege class gets the chance to bond and learn the basics of what it means to be in a sorority. Below is a breakdown of which sororities plan to host their new member retreat on Bid Day and which plan to have their retreat at a later date. 1. Alpha Chi Omega - Delayed 2. Alpha Delta Pi - Delayed 3. Alpha Gamma Delta - Bid Day 4. Alpha Omicron Pi - Delayed 5. Alpha Phi - Delayed 6. Chi Omega - Bid Day 7. Delta Delta Delta - Bid Day 8. Delta Gamma - Delayed 9. Delta Zeta - Bid Day

10. Gamma Phi Beta - Bid Day 11. Kappa Alpha Theta - Bid Day 12. Kappa Delta - Delayed 13. Kappa Kappa Gamma - Delayed 14. Phi Mu - Bid Day 15. Pi Beta Phi - Bid Day 16. Zeta Tau Alpha - Bid Day 17. Sigma Delta Tau - Delayed

Why is this important?

Many parents choose to travel to campus on Bid Day to share the experience with their daughter, meet other parents, learn about individual sorority financial obligations and eat lunch with their daughter at her sorority house. Due to Bid Day retreats, some visits have the possibility of being cut short. Therefore, we encourage all potential new members to discuss this possibility with their parents so appropriate plans can be made.

Jerseys: upon receiving your bid, you will receive a new member bag, jersey and other sorority items. Keep your jersey, you will wear it for many events throughout the year.


Nickname: Alpha Chi Founded: October 15, 1885, DePauw University

Alpha Chi Omega

Founded at UA: Septermber 9, 1924 Chapter Name: Alpha Upsilon Symbol: Greek Lyre Flower: Red Carnation Colors: Scarlet Red and Olive Green Mascot: Strawberry Philanthropy: Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Famous Sorority Members: Trista Rehn; Condoleezza Rice; Dawn Wells; Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island; Ruth Whitney, editor-in-chief of Glamour; Sandee Witt, UA President Dr. Witt’s wife Website:


Open House

Philanthropy Day

President Meg Adams, Recruitment Chairs Mary Leigh Hatchett and Kristina Kamburis

Skit Day

Preference Night

GPA suggestions: High school - 3.0 College - 3.0


Nickname: A-D-Pi Founded: May 15, 1851 Wesleyan College

Alpha Delta Pi

Founded at UA: March 21, 1907 Chapter Name: Eta Symbol: Diamond Flower: Woodland Violet Colors: Azure Blue and White Mascot: Lion Philanthropy: Ronald McDonald House Famous Sorority Members: Kate Capshaw, Michelle Pfeiffer, Deanna Carter, Anne Klein, Danica McKellar, Cathy Deupree (daughter of Hank Williams, Snr.), Olivia Namath (daughter of Joe Namath), Annie Potts Website:


Open House

Philanthropy Day

President Maggie Mason, Recruitment Chairs Alex Sims and Lauren Brown

GPA suggestions:

Skit Day

Preference Night

High school - 3.2 College - 3.24 (panhellenic average)


Nickname: Alpha Gam Founded: May 30, 1904 Syracuse University

Alpha Gamma Delta

Founded at UA: November 18,1921 Chapter Name: Psi Flower: Red and Buff Roses Colors: Red, Buff and Green Mascot: Squirrel Philanthropy: Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation Famous Sorority Members: Coach “Bear” Bryant’s wife, daughterin-law, grand-daughters and great grand-daughter were Alpha Gams at UA Website:

Open House


Philanthropy Day

President Mary Frances Cypher, VP Recruitment Jessi Middlebrooks, (not pictured Jr. Rush Chair Rachel Coleman)

Skit Day

Preference Night

GPA suggestions: High school - 3.0 College - 3.0


Nickname: A-O-Pi Founded: January 2, 1897 Barnard College at Columbia University

Alpha Omicron Pi

Founded at UA: February 25, 1967 Chapter Name: Alpha Delta Jewel: Ruby Flower: Jacqueminot Rose Colors: Cardinal Mascot: Panda Bear Philanthropy: Athritis Research Motto: “Exceed the Expectation” Famous Sorority Members: Heather Whitestone Website:

Open House


Philanthropy Day

President Margaret Able, Recruitment Chair Mary Margaret McCord

GPA suggestions:

Skit Day

Preference Night

High school - 3.0 College - 2.75


Nickname: Alpha Phi (Pronounced Fee) Founded: October 10, 1872, Syracuse University

Alpha Phi

Founded at UA: 1932 Chapter Name: Beta Mu Flowers: Lily of the Valley and Forget-me-nots Colors: Bordeaux and Silver Mascot: Bear Symbol: Ivy Leaf Philanthropy: Women’s Cardiac Health and Research Motto: “Union Hand in Hand.” Famous Sorority Members: Kimberly Williams Paisley, Deborah Lippman, Congress woman Lynn Woolsey, Time magazine publisher Kimberly Kelleher, CEO of Lifetime Entertainment Andrea Wong Website: www.alphaphialabama. com


Open House

Philanthropy Day

President Raquel Duke, Recruitment Chair Sarah Fink

GPA suggestions:

Skit Day

Preference Night

High school - 3.0 College - 3.0


Nickname: Chi O Founded: April 5, 1895 University of Arkansas

Chi Omega

Founded at UA: February 24, 1922 Chapter Name: Nu Beta Flowers: White Carnation Colors: Cardinal and Straw Mascot: Owl Philanthropy: Local – RISE,The Boys and Girls Club of West Alabama, Make-A-Wish Organization Famous Sorority Members: Sela Ward, Harper Lee, Sylvia Hitchcock (Miss Universe 1967) : all Nu Betas. Susan Helms (NASA astronaut), Lucy Liu, Heather Locklear Website: www.chiomeganubeta. com


Open House

Philanthropy Day

President Norma Boyd, Recruitment Chairs Alex Clark and Madeleine McKenzie

GPA suggestions:

Skit Day

Preference Night

High school - 3.0 College - 3.0


Nickname: Tri-Delt Founded: Thanksgiving Eve, 1888 Boston University

Delta Delta Delta

Founded at UA: November 3, 1914 Chapter Name: Delta Mu Symbol: Pearl, Trident and Pine Flower: Pansy Colors: Silver, Gold and Blue Mascot: Dolphin Philanthropy: Children’s Cancer, St. Jude Children’s Hospital Motto: “Let us steadfastly love on another.” Famous Sorority Members: Katie Couric, Molly Sims, Elizabeth Dole, Kellie Coffey, Leeza Gibbons, Dixie Carter, Cynthia Geary Website:


Open House

Philanthropy Day

President Brittany Long, Recruitment Chairs Eliza Caldwell, Emily Jones, Elizabeth Sparrow

Skit Day

Preference Night

GPA suggestions: High school - 3.0 College - 3.0


Delta Gamma Nickname: Dee Gee Founded: 1873 Lewis School for Girls, Oxford, Mississippi Founded at UA: August 2011 Chapter Name: Beta Psi Symbol: Anchor Flowers: Cream-colored Rose Colors: Bronze, Pink and Blue Philanthropy: Service for Sight Motto: Do Good Famous Sorority Members: UA Provost, Dr. Judy Bonner, Sabrina Bryan, Patricia Heaton, Senator Mary Landrieu, Senator Kelly Ayotte, Christine Lahti Website:

62 62

Open House

Philanthropy Day in the s u t e Me room p i h s r schola

Colonization Schedule

Contact Information

Sign-up for an interview: August 18-25 Personal Interviews with Delta Gamma Representatives For more information: August 22&24 Information Sessions: Learn more about Delta Gamma August 27 Invitation Only Preference Event Questions? Auguest 28 Bid Day


Nickname: D-Z Founded: October 22, 1902, Miami University

Delta Zeta

Founded at UA: September 9, 1922 Chapter Name: Alpha Gamma Symbol: Lamp Flowers: Diamond Colors: Rose and Green Mascot: Turtle Motto: “The object of this Sorority: Shall be to unite its members in sincere and lasting friendships.� Famous Sorority Members: Meg Ryan, Sharon Stone, Florence Henderson, model Kathy Ireland, Sandra Lee, and Courtney Cox Website:


Open House

Philanthropy Day

President Kelsey Thomas, Recruitment Chairs Haley Painter, Brittney Degnan, and Stephanie Griffis

GPA suggestions:

Skit Day

Preference Night

High school - 3.0 College - 3.0


Nickname: Gamma Phi Founded: November 11, 1874, Syracuse University

Gamma Phi Beta

Founded at UA: February 4, 1989 Chapter Name: Epsilon Lambda Symbol: Crescent Moon Flowers: Pink Carnation Colors: Pink and Brown Mascot: Penguin Philanthropy: Camp Fire USA Famous Sorority Members: Cloris Leachman,

Emmy/Oscar Award Winner; Laura Bell Bundy, Original Elle in Legally Blonde on Broadway; Kristin Chenoweth, actress/singer; Mandy Weiss, celebrity party planner; The Original Doublemint Twins; Christine Corcoran, Asst. Beauty Editor for Glamour Magazine; Alabama Supreme Court Justice Lynn Stewart.

Website: www.uagammaphibeta. com


Open House

Philanthropy Day

President Lauren Whitten, Recruitment Chair Colleen Frake

GPA suggestions:

Skit Day

Preference Night

High school - 3.0 College - 3.0


Nickname: Theta Founded: January 27, 1870, DePauw University

Kappa Alpha Theta

Founded at UA: March 4,1967 Chapter Name: Delta Omicron Symbol: Kite Flower: Pansy Colors: Black and Gold Philanthropy: Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Famous Sorority Members: Laura Bush, Jenna and Barbara Bush, Lynne Cheney, Sheryl Crow, Amy Grant, Rue Mclanahan (“Blanche” from Golden Girls), Walt Disney’s daughters, Kerri Strug, Tory Burch Website:

Open House


Philanthropy Day

President Chelsey Woodford, Recruitment Chair Mary Talley

GPA suggestions:

Skit Day

Preference Night

High school - 3.0 College - 2.6


Nickname: K - D Founded: October 23, 1897, Longwood University

Kappa Delta

Founded at UA: March 12, 1904 Chapter Name: Zeta Flowers White Rose Colors: Pearl White and Olive Green Philanthropy: Children’s Hospital of Richmond, Virginia; Prevent Child Abuse America, RISE Center and Crossing Points, Girl Scouts of the USA, The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty Motto: “Ta Kala DioKomen” -- “Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest.” Famous Sorority Members: Georgia O’Keeffe, astronaut Bonnie Dunbar, Pulitzer Prize winner Pearl Buck, Patricia Barnes a.k.a. Sister Schubert Website:


Open House

Philanthropy Day

President Riley Phillips Recruitment Chairs Ginna Miller and Virginia Hazelrig

GPA suggestions:

Skit Day

Preference Night

High school - 3.0 College - 3.0


Nickname: Kappa Founded: October 13, 1870, Monmouth College

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Founded at UA: April 15, 1927 Chapter Name: Gamma Pi Symbol: Key Flowers: Fleur-de-lis Colors: Light and Dark Blue Philanthropy: Reading is Fundamental (RIF) Motto: “To seek the good and the beautiful” Famous Sorority Members: Jane Pauley, Candice Bergen and Helen Walton, Kate Spade, Lo Bosworth, Sophia Bush, Ashley Judd Website:


Open House

Philanthropy Day

President Catherine Brim, Recruitment Chairs Natalie Coleman and Katie Faircloth

Skit Day

Preference Night

GPA suggestions: High school - 3.0 College - 3.0


Nickname: Phi Mu Founded: January 2, 1852, Weslyan College

Phi Mu

Founded at UA: Chapter Name: Alpha Zeta Flower: Pink Carnation Colors: Rose and White Mascot: Lion Philanthropy: Children’s Miracle Network Motto: “Les Soeurs Fidelis” Famous Sorority Members: Allison Kellogg, Miss Mississippi 2003 Susan Harling, Inspiration for Steel Magnolias, astronaut Mary Ellen Weber, President of the National Bar Association, Evett Simmons, Katherine Stockett, author of ‘The Help’, Alexa Stabler, Sigma Chi’s International Sweetheart, Dana Ivey, character actress, Jamie Tisch, famous entrepreneur Website:


Open House

Philanthropy Day

President Emily McLaughlin, Recruitment Chairs Kristen Burdette and Susanna Stanbury

Skit Day

Preference Night

GPA suggestions: High school - 3.0 College - 3.0


Nickname: Pi Phi Founded: April 28, 1867, Monmouth College

Pi Beta Phi

Founded at UA: September 19, 1949 Chapter Name: Alabama Beta Flower: Wine Carnation Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Mascot: Angel Philanthropy: Literacy Famous Sorority Members: Jennifer Garner, Faye Dunaway, Susan Akin, Margaret Truman, Cindy Crawford Website:

Open House


Philanthropy Day

Skit Day

Preference Night

President Mary Herndon Nordmann, Recruitment Chair Caitlin Huber (not pictured Kelsey Gallant)

GPA suggestions: High school - 3.0 College - 3.0


Nickname: Zeta Founded: October 15, 1898, Longwood College

Zeta Tau Alpha

Founded at UA: April 11, 1910 Chapter Name: Nu Symbols: Crown, Strawberry, and White Violet Colors: Turquoise Blue and Steel Gray Mascot: Bunny Philanthropy: Breast Cancer Awareness and Education Motto: “Seek the Noblest” Famous Sorority Members: ESPN Sportscaster Erin Andrews, Actress Nicole Paggi, Susan Ford Bales, daughter of President Gerald Ford, Lynda Johnson Robb, daughter of President Lyndon B. Johnson, News Anchor Faith Daniel, Actress Betty Buckley, Network TV’s first female sportscaster and Miss America 1971 Phyllis George Brown.



Open House

Philanthropy Day

President Lauren Woltjen, Recruitment Chair Savannah Thomas

GPA suggestions:

Skit Day

Preference Night

High school - 3.0 College - 3.0


Nickname: A-D-Chi Founded: UCLA 1925

Alpha Delta Chi

Founded at UA: January 17, 2004 Chapter Name:Tau Flowers: Gladiolous and Delphiniums Colors: Flame and Blue Mascot: Lamb Philanthropy: Hannah Home Motto: “As in a Mirror” Website:


Alpha Delta Chi is not participating in Formal Recruitment. Check out for more information.

ADX is an inter-demonitational Christian sorority that was started on the University of Alabama campus in 2004. Our goals are to provide spriritual, social and scholastic support to the women on our campus. We hope to provide a place where Christian women can participate in Greek life without compromising their beliefs, build strong friendships, and most of all, mirror in Christ’s love to their community. For more information please contact Kaitlin Orr at kmorr@crimson.


Nickname: Sigma Delta Tau, Sig Delt Founded: March 25, 1917, Cornell University Founded at UA: May 10, 1935 Chapter: Rho Symbol: Torch Flower: Yellow Tea Rose Colors: Cafe au Lait and Old Blue Mascot: Teddy Bear Philanthropy: Local: Tuscaloosa’s One Place National: Prevent Child Abuse America Famous Sorority Members: Joan RiversActress/Comedian, Christy Carlson RomanoActress, Sherry Lansing - Former CEO of Paramount PIctures, Actress Website: www.bama.


Sigma Delta Tau

President Rebecca Esser-Stuart Recruitment Chair Rebecca Farmer

Rho Chapter of Sigma Delta Tau was founded at the University of Alabama on May 10, 1935. We accept all women wanting to join. We do not participate in formal recruitment, however we will have informal recruitment starting on September 12, 2011. For more information please feel free to contact VP Recruitment, Rebecca Farmer, at





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92 92


sorority row map Quad Alpha Omicron Pi

Harris Hall

Kappa Alpha Theta

Alpha Gamma Delta


Alpha Chi Omega

Delta Delta Delta

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Delta Zeta

Phi Mu

Zeta Tau Alpha

Alpha Phi

Gamma Phi Beta


Pi Beta Phi Chi Omega

Magnolia Drive

Colonial Drive


Kappa Delta

Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Delta Pi

Greek Chic  

Alabama Panhellenic Association's 2011 Recruitment Manual Creator: Olivia Hanceri

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