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Self Promotion For Olivia Few

What am I Like

‘What are you like mood-board’ objects; Book - Dancing Shoes Food - Chocolate Clothes - My Wardrobe Comfort - My Bed Music - My Itunes Playlist Place - Heacham Object - Simba Weather - Snow Shoes - Converse Represent Me object; Green top Black and White Kimono Bird Scraf My Monday-Friday holder Bright Jewellery

This page is shows my, ‘What are you like’ and the objects in which I believe represent myself. The project that lead to these results helped me come up with a range of colours that I felt would work well for my promotion, gives me the change to create more than just your standard black on white logo. The colour scheme has come from a mixture of the two projects; the green from the top I wear most of the time, the blue from the sky from my favourite place in the world, the beige from the my scarf, the pink from the book I have enjoyed the most, the gold from my favourite posession and then the red from my favourite food, chocolate.


Inital Logo Development These are the first stages of my logo development, when I didnt have a clue of what I wanted to do and as you can probably see there were some horrible ideas. I just thought I would play around with my initals and my full name to see what would like good then once I decided I wanted to use my initals I started to play around with some fonts and some colours but nothing was really jumping out to me.

Inital Logo Development These logo’s are a futher development of my logo. I decided that firstly I’d just use the colours from the ‘what are you like’ mood-board and played around with typeface and colour to see what looked good.

Inital Logo Development These logo’s, along with a standard black on white logo, will be fronted for my self-promotion. Each colour says something about me and to me, this makes it more personal for companies I hope to apply to. I wont be applying with all six colours, I’ll send the colour I feel is most professional for the company I’m applying for. The two colours that have a red line though it are the colours I won’t be using. The reason for this is because I already have colours that are extremly similar and felt it was not necessary.

Inital Development The selection of branding to the right is an example of how my logo would look on a letter, envolope, postcard and memory stick. This is just a few examples using the range of colours. I have selected. Each cover letter and CV I send out will differ in colour depending on the company and what they do.

The business cards to the left are my first three examples of what I thought might look good for my busniess cards. I have gone on to work on these designs these and have de-

Inital Development These business cards on the right are using photos that I took with the objects that I felt represented me the most. I’ve used the pattern from my scarf and just put into black and white to give it more of an effect with the back of the card being plan and simple with one of my coloured logos. It’s the same with the second card but instead of used the range of objects to show who I am abit more.

The business cards to the left are ways in which the colours can be used in two different ways. The first is just a block colour with the logo in white then the same back to the cards above. The second one is the coloured logo going across the front and back so when the cards lay next to each other they look like this, just with simple text on the back.

Inital Development I decided for the best result and have them already prepared, I would do my CV’s in each colour from my colour scheme to see what it would look like. I played around with the design for awhile, using inspiration from pinterest and others on cargo-collective to get the final design I was happy with. Here are a the plain CV’s and the coloured ones will follow.

Further Development

I wanted to try some more hand wrtiten styles to make it more personal for me so I turned to Illustator to see what I could create with my full name and my initals. At first things weren’t going so well as I felt like I couldn’t get anything to look right. I didn’t particually know what I wanted, so this didnt help the matter. They were all just looking the same and nothing was jumping out at me. This is just a handful of the times I wrote out the letters O and F and my surname.

After playing around with the letters for awhile, I thought I’d try and see what they looked like together by picking out some of my preferred choices and joining them together from the off. Again this is just a handful of my designs to show how I came to my final design.

Business Cards After playing around with the logo design, I decided I wanted to keep the logo black and have some sort of image or pattern behind the logo on my business card and CV’s. I felt that this would look better visually and would allow me to be abit more creative. I went for the simple design of a splatter because it allowed me to play around with colours, styles of it and an overlay. I also feel it fits better with who I am as I feel I can be quite random, playful and easy going and didn’t want to create anything to complicated or something that was far of who I am. I experimented with images behind but couldn’t decide what sort of thing I was looking for a felt that with my logo, images didn’t really work. Here are the examples of the splatter with and without the over lay. I’ve choosen the splatter without the logo for my final business cards as I felt the overlay was alittle bit to much.

Cover Letter, CV and Branding I wanted my CV and Cover Letter to be quite simple as I believe it’s more about the whats written on them than the design of them. There will be a CV and Cover Letter in each colour and here are one example of each to see what they would like like. As for the branding, I wanted to be able to put the splatter on everything and have it all array of the colours I want to use. I have made some examples to show what they would look like, with and without the logo on.

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