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Strengths: - I am a confident speaker who will have no issue with speaking in front of a big group of people - I am very creative which reflects in my University assignments for example creating a leaflet for Tesco as well as creating a double page spread for a German Christmas market - I am enthusiastic and will put 100% into any task - I am organised and have good time management - I am able to work extremely well within a team - I am also able to work independently - I am determined to succeed within PR - I am ambitious and very goal driven - I have strong I.T skills and am confident in all Microsoft programs as well as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Muse and Adobe Illustrator




- Improve my social skills by attending networking events and creating a list of contacts - Improve my employability skills by taking part in more work experience to broaden my knowledge - Improve my interpersonal skills by taking part in more work experience so I know to do del with and act on real life situations - Improve project planning by taking more time thinking through ideas

- Due to the fact I am very organised and people can see this as being bossy, people might be more hesitant to work with me. - I don’t give myself enough credit therefore I constantly feel there is something I could do better which could affect my work.

- I’m very organised therefore when working in a group can come across as quite bossy - I am sometimes too hard on myself and don’t give myself enough credit for my hard work

SWOT Analysis  
SWOT Analysis