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Olivia  Farrell  

11  Chapman  Lane,  Flackwell  Heath,  High  Wycombe,  Buckinghamshire,  HP109AZ   07717073991   26th  May  1993   Objective     Currently  a  second  year  studying  a  CIPR  Credited  Public  Relations  and  Communication  BA   (Hons)  Degree  at  Southampton  Solent  University  representing  the  cohort  as  a  Course   Representative.  An  ambitious,  confident  and  creative  individual  who  is  determined  to  succeed   in  the  fast  paced  and  forever  changing  world  of  Entertainment  PR  with  high  hopes  of  working   around  the  world.  Extremely  eager  to  further  develop  various  skills  within  the  PR  industry   and  deliver  consistent  results  when  working  in  an  exciting  and  challenging  environment.   Driven  by  a  passion  to  learn  and  motivate  others,  Olivia  will  give  100%  in  all  tasks  given  and   is  never  one  to  shy  away  from  a  challenge.     Experience   Waitrose  



Supermarket  Assistant  


                 [August  09-­‐‑April  10]  

Dealing  with  money  every  shift  showing  responsibility  and  reliability  

Negotiating  with  difficult  customers  

High  Wycombe   Sports  Centre  



Camp  Leader  



                 [April  10-­‐‑  August  10]  

Supervising  Summer  Camp  for  Children  6-­‐‑12  years  old    

Leading  groups  of  30+    

Producing  day  to  day  plans  with  activities  and  games  

John  Lewis  PLC  



Sales  Assistant  



       [September  10-­‐‑April  13]  

Providing  excellent  customer  service  

Creativity  and  responsibility  when  asked  to  help  with  displays  

Identifying  issues  and  problem  solving  when  a  customer  is  unsatisfied    

Juniper  Hill         Classroom  Assistant              [September  11-­‐‑November  11]   Primary  School   • Classroom  Assistant  helping  children  with  Literacy  and  Numeracy   •

Supervising  children  in  PE  and  Drama  

Observing  children’s  literacy  progress  and  writing  reports  

CAN  Associates   •



PR  Intern  




     [27th  Aug  13-­‐‑  6th  Sept  13]  

Press  releases  for  their  clients  such  as  ‘Who  R  U  Wearing’  to  promote  the  brand  as  a   Christmas  gift  

Helping  with  the  ‘Jeans  for  Genes’  charity  event  preparation  such  as  taking  control   over  twitter  to  promote  the  event  and  thank  several  clients    

Composed  press  reports  using  Gorkana  

Social  media  content  such  as  screen  shots  and  press  cuttings  from  newspapers,   magazines  and  online  on  a  daily  basis  

Nobull  Communications    

PR  Intern  




[17th  June  13-­‐‑28th  June  13]  

Producing  Excel  spreadsheets  with  names  and  details  for  an  event  guest  list  

Writing  press  releases  for  products  such  as  D&G  Organics  Hair  Treatment  

Sending  samples  of  beauty  products  to  their  wide  range  of  clients  

Social  media  content  such  as  screen  shots  and  press  cuttings  from  newspapers,   magazines  and  online  on  a  daily  basis  

  Education     Southampton  Solent  University         Public  Relations  and  Communication:     • Live  Client  Briefs   • Writing  in  the  voice  of  a  CEO   • Creating  double  page  spreads   • Creating  marketing  plans   • Interpersonal  Communication   • Corporate  Communication     Henley  College               • A  Level  English  Language   • A  Level  Media   • A  Level  Photography                     Furze  Platt               10  GCSE’s  A-­‐‑C  including  English  and  Maths    



                   [Sept  2012-­‐‑Present]  



                 [Sept  2011-­‐‑  July  2012]  



                 [Sept  2004-­‐‑June  2009]  

  Skills  and  Achievements     •

Won  ‘Best  Digital  PR  Campaign’  pitch  judged  by  Five  by  Five  Agency  

Confident  in  all  Microsoft  Office  Programs,  Adobe  Photoshop,  Adobe  Indesign,   Adobe  Muse,  Adobe  Bridge,  Gorkana  and  QuarkXPress  

Level  1  Sports  Leadership  Award  in  2008  

Second  Year  Course  Representative  for  Public  Relations  &  Communication    

References  available  upon  request  

Olivia Farrell