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  Date:  03/05/13    

Diners Daily  Deals-­‐  Your  favourite  meals!   Southampton  Solent  Student  Union  Diner  launch  yet  another  offer,  but  this  one  is   meant  to  be  their  best  yet!       The   SSU   Diner   prepares   for   it’s   biggest   offer   yet,   they   are   set   to   launch   their   brand  new  offer  Diners  Daily  Deals  1st  June  2013.     The   SSU   diner   is   known   for   it’s   outstanding,   outrageous   and   over   the   top   food   choices!   From   Kangaroo   burgers   to   posh   chicken   nuggets,   you’re   guaranteed   good   quality   food,   that’s   easy   on   your   pockets.   They   offer   melt-­‐in-­‐your-­‐mouth   meals  that  satisfy  any  craving,  leaving  you  wanting  more.  At  the  SSU  Diner,  enjoy   the   diners   daily   deals,   served   with   an   option   of   a   generous   mountain   of   fries,   crispy   garlic   bread,   and   many   more.   The   main   meals   are   to   die   for,   whether   it   be   to  cure  a  hangover,  or  cure  you’re  hunger.  A  burger  can  never  go  a  miss-­‐  drizzled   with  your  choice  of  sauce  and  cooked  to  perfection.  The  dishes  are  presented  to   the  highest  of  standards,  catering  to  your  every  need,  as  well  as  offering  you   top-­‐ notch  cocktails  and  pints  to  compliment  the  delicious  food.       The  Diners  Daily  Deals  present  a  wide  variety  of  meals  to  guarantee  satisfaction   on  every  day  of  the  week.  It  being  the  biggest,  best  and  brand  new  offer,  which   brings  you  a  different  great  deal  each  day,  you  really  are  just  spoilt  for  choice.     On  Mondays  they  bring  you  home  made  meals,  just  like  mamma  used  to  make.  


You can   tuck   into   roasts,   lasagne,   cottage   pie   and   many   more.   On   a   Tuesday   they   generously  hand  to  you  a  2-­‐for-­‐1  deal  where  you  get  the  cheapest  meal  free.  It’s   the  middle  of  the  week,  so  it’s  time  for  Wild  Wednesday;  you  buy  a  wild  burger,   they  give  you  a  drink  for  free!  Thursday  it  just  keeps  getting  better,  where  they   treat   you   to   two   drinks   of   your   choice   for   £7,   available   from   2pm-­‐7pm,   just   to   keep   it   easy   for   you.   Then   of   course   they   save   the   best   for   last;   Fry   up   Friday-­‐   where  breakfast  is  available  all  day.       Head  chef  and  manager  Neil  has  nothing  but  good  words  to  say  about  it    “I  can   not  wait  for  the  Diners  Daily  Deals  to  launch,  I  feel  that  it  will  honestly  be  the  best   offer   that   has   ever   come   into   the   diner,   it’s   going   to   cause   an   explosion   of   students  and  I  cannot  wait!  Better  get  them  burgers  on  the  grill!”       The   launch   of   this   new   deal   will   be   going   ahead   on   1st   June   2013   where   they   will   be  having  a  taster  day,  as  well  as  live  bands  and  a  DJ  set  to  get  all  the  students   involved.   It   will   begin   at   12pm   and   finish   at   4pm   with   an   outside   marquee   for   those  who  also  want  to  order  food  and  take  a  seat.  There  will  be  a  handout  of  the   new  Diners  Daily  Deals  menu  provided  so  everyone  can  take  a  sneak  peak.  The   attire  will  be  casual  wear.       For   more   information   about   the   diner,   the   launch   or   to   even   help   get   involved   please  contact  Olivia  Farrell  on  07049264961  or  email  on.   -­‐-­‐###-­‐-­‐   Word  Count:  533      


“Southampton Solent  Students  Union  Diner  Blog”    

Launching in 3,2,1... Here at the student union diner we have many offers going on at all times, making sure all our food is high quality yet easy on your wallet. With Massive Mega Mondays we have MEGA pints, MEGA burgers and MEGA cocktails, all for MEGA low prices. Although we came together and decided that we needed an even better deal to get all the food cooking and all the drinks flowing. Therefore Southampton Solent Students, today we bring to you.

DINER'S DAILY DEALS *Hold for applause* Yes I know it's amazing news, it means that each day we will have a new deal for you to come down to the diner and indulge yourself in, while we offer high class food, for low low prices. Even though these daily deals will be on, we will of course have our famous, delicious and of course low priced standard menu up and running. So for all of you regulars out there that love your wild burgers every Monday, we will get them ready and prepared for your visit! The launch of these new deals will be coming to you on the 1st June. Already interested? Well wait until we tell you about the menu! On Monday’s we give you something to get out of bed for, home made meals all day long; lasagne, roast AND cottage pie. You’re never too far away from a good old home cooked meal! Now here at the diner we are aware that you students are living on a budget, so put them Asda Price meals down because on Tuesday we offer you 2-for-1 Tuesdays where you buy two meals and get the cheapest one for free. Middle of the week only means one thing; it’s almost Friday! So to get you through we are introducing Wild Wednesdays where you buy one of our outrageous wild burgers and we give you one of your favourite drinks for free. Now we’re at university here therefore the drinking never technically stops. So on Thursday grab your two favourite drinks (soft or alcoholic) for £7. To make it even easier on you that offer lasts from 2pm-7pm then you can stay right through for the quiz! Now we get to Friday, the diners most special day, the day you've all been waiting for. So we are bringing you Fry Up Friday where breakfast is served all day long. Now it can’t really get better than that can it?


We are holding a taster day on the 1st June where all students are welcome to come and try out our new deals as well as of course offering the original menu. We will have DJ sets, live bands, a marquee and the new deal menu and prices. If you want to know more details please get in touch, if not you can listen to our podcast, which was made especially for you by our hard workers here at the diner. Please contact Olivia Farrell for any enquiries at

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