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Marketing concept Olivia Dexter Fashion Writing Level 6: Fashion Marketing C3495511

List of Images 1. Extract from Spoiled nation (2019) [Online image]. Available from: <>[Accessed 11th of Jan] 2. Extract from Spoiled nation (2019) [Online image]. Available from: <>[Accessed 11th of Jan] 3. The make: millennial wardrobe (2018) [Online image]. Available from: the-make-millennial-work-wardrobe-power-suits-business-casual [Accessed 11th of Jan] 4. Vice freelancers (2016) [Online image]. Available from: <> [Accessed 11th of Jan] 5. Dripping logo for Feb 2014 edition (2014) Online image]. Available from: < http://www.graememontgomery. com/> [Accessed 11th of Jan] 6 . Dazed Digital (2019) [Online image]. Available from: <> [Accessed 11th of Jan]

Contents 1.0 Introduction


2.0 Situation Analysis


2.1 Target Audience


2.2 Competitor Anlysis


2.2 SWOT analysis

3.0 The Product


4.0 Marketing srategies timeline


4.1 Marketing Concepts


4.2 Marketing Concepts after launch


5.0 References


1.0 Introduction Within my marketing concept, I am going to propose how Spoiled Nation could apply innovative marketing techniques to launch ‘Spoiled Nation 18/19 Magazine’, created to showcase the abilities of Spoiled Nation the creative agency, which includes a team of writers, designers, stylists, and photographers.

Content within the magazine will cover a considerable range of topics including fashion, current affairs, photography, art and culture, and inspiration. Within my marketing concept, I am going to consider who the target audience is for ‘Spoiled Nation’, and how it would be best to target this specific audience considering how competitors market their product. I will then be looking to define the objectives of the marketing concept, identifying specific goals. The marketing concept will be split into two sections: pre-launch and post-launch. Pre-launch will be considered over seven months, in which I will define specific marketing strategies to gain the attention of the target audience. Post-launch will consider things which will help to maintain the interest of the magazine’s target audience.x

Image 1 & 2 Extracts from Spoiled Nation Magazine.

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2.0 Situation Analysis Currently, Spoiled Nation has a website and Instagram page which showcases the content created. The success of these platforms suggests that a magazine would be a viable addition to the business if launched and marketed correctly. The nature of the creative agency is to be innovative therefore it is crucial that this is reflected in the magazines choice of marketing for the launch of it’s 18/19’ magazine. The brand Identity Onion shows a concise overview of what makes up the Spoiled Nation brand, which will be represented in the choice of marketing strategies and content in the magazine. UK based global reaching brand

2.1 Target Audience The target audience for the magazine is males and females

18-35 target audience

Extensive digital media coverage

Young Team Fresh Ideas

“Inspiration for the Nation”

Accesible for everyone

Thought provoking content

aged 18-35. Primarily millenials people born between 1980’s to Innovative content

early 2000’s. Content within the magazine is designed to appeal to this age group. My choice of marketing techniques will be


choosen to specifically to target this group of digital natives (Thomas, 2011). The Millenial: Psychographics - Innovation Keen - Early Adopters - Trust Friend Recommendations - Not easily influenced by celebrities - Trust traditional advertising. Demographics - Born Between 1982-2003 - Marital Status: 75% never married, 21% married, Divorced 4% - Male/ Female

Image 3 Millenial females as featured in Vogue Magazine.

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Example of Target audience memeber: Jenny. 21, Student Spoiled Nations target reader is aged between 18-35 and has an interest in a range of topics. Jenny is an example of one of Spoiled Nations target consumers; she studies at University in Leeds reading Media Communication. Jenny looks to magazines like Spoiled Nation for inspiration. Furthermore, she is very digitally savvy using apps such as Instagram and Twitter on a regular basis.

2.2 Competitor Analysis The magazine is yet to launch however I believe that these are the competitors for the magazine. Within this I consider each magazines USP and how they have found success through marketing in a crowded magazine market.


Product Fastest growing youth media company in the world (Vice, 2019).

How is it Marketed

Offers stories you Instagram, can find anywhere Youtube, Vice app, else. Provides a Snapchat, Facebook advertorials. Website different perspective. is adapted to read on all devices e.g mobile.

“Fashion, Style and Multi-media Culture” platforms such as Bi-annual magazine, Youtube. full of inspiration for anyone who loves Presence at events fashion and design. such as Mui Mui S/S (CondeNast, 2019) 19’ Fashion show providing backstage coverage. “100% Independent British, Fashion, culture and arts” (Dazed, 2019)


Innovative Maintains strong social media following

Muliple Instagram Highly engaged with accounts “Dazed readers on social Fashion” “Nowness”. media platforms.

Weakness Now a mainstream product created a lack of user connection.

Some content is too explicit to appeal to mainstream audiences, limiting potential.

High price of magazine makes it unaccesible.

Social media influencers.

Image 4, 5 & 6 Vice, Love and Dazed logo’s. Page 7

2.3 SWOT analysis Through identifying potential strengths and weaknesses of Spoiled Nation the magazine we can consider how strategic marketing can be put in place to help us understand how to manage potential problems;


- Evidence of gap in the market


- High competition.

- USP of creativity and broad range of

- Declining magazine industry.


- Annual magazine: People may percieve

- Magazine industry has seen growth of

it as to long to wait for a magazine and

niche magazines

become disinterested.

- Potentially mass market appeal (content

- Considerable growth - Unique product - Diversity into different genres.

- Other student magazines - Changing consumer trends - American Super-brands e.g. Vice dominating the market.

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isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t specific to a genre)

3.0 The Product The launch of Spoiled Nations 18/19â&#x20AC;&#x2122; magazine.

Image 7Spoiled Nation magazine cover.

The purpose of my marketing concepts, is to provide exposure for the brand, increasing readership, creating a recognisable name from the brand, and thus making the magazine a profitable asset for the creative agency. Ojectives of marketing campaigns: 1. Successfully introduce the new magazine to the market - The success of marketing will be measured by the magazine sales

2. Engage with millennials through digital media platforms. - Increasing the brandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s social media following

3. Create brand awareness - Launching the magazine should help Spoiled Nations other platforms.

4. Differentiate by marketing the product in a unique way. - Making the brand a market leader

5. Build Brand. Page 9

4.0 Marketing strategies timeline The timeline shows how the magazine will be marketed before its launch over a seven month periodâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; starting in Septemeber 2018. The marketing methods applied are a mix of traditional and new concepts.

1. September 2018 The announcement : The launch of â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Spoiled Nationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; magazine will be done through our multi-media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and through our Website.

2. October 2018 First look via social media: We will begin to disclose information about what will be in the magazine.

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3. November 2018 City Posters: Posters on buses, specific location, e.g. Shoreditch High Street.

4. Decmeber 2018 Merchandise: Printed T-shirts.

5. January 2019 Blogger collaboration: Collaborations with specific Bloggers/Influencers. Providing exposure for the magazine.

7. March 2019 Pre Launch event : Held in London, target individuals invited will be encouraged to post about the magazine on their social media platforms. 9. April 2019 THE LAUNCH

6. February 2019 Video release: Begin to upload behind the scene content from photoshoots etc.

8. April 2019 Press Event: The magazine will be distributed throughout the event. Helping congratulate people involved and generate content for social media.

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4.1 Marketing concepts pre launch 1. The announcement We will look to launch the Magazine through an announcement on the brand’s social media platforms at the end of September. The Creative agency will already have an established following. The magazine will engage people who are already interested in the brand. 2. First Look On October the 1st 2018, we will disclose the first image of the cover via social media platforms such as Spoiled Nations: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The cover will include the public figure who will be a mainstream celebrity in a raw format showing a different side to them — ideally someone with a large social media following like Kylie Jenner, helping to generate interest. The Buzz created will be tracked by the marketing team, allowing the Spoiled Nation team to identify strengths and weaknesses within the campaign. 3. City Posters On November the 4th, three different posters featuring different images of the cover star will be presented to the target consumers in various locations across major UK cities such as London, Manchester, Leeds, and Birmingham. The same images will then be used for magazine adverts as well as web advertising to reinforce exposure (Lea-Greenwood, 2013). 4. Merchandise We will be creating a basic white T-shirt with bold black lettering that says “Spoiled Nation” on it these will be available on the website — contributing to the lifestyle aspect of the brand. We will look to send these T-shirts to people encouraging them to post pictures in them increasing the brand image. The T-shirt will be non-profit making, with funds raised going to Mind a mental health brand who we will look to collaborate with on content.

5. Blogger Collaboration Instead of choosing celebrities Spoiled Nation will look to create relationships with a range of bloggers and influencers. As according to research done by Pew Research center celebrities are losing their influence over millennials (Pew,2018). The concept of digital muses is more prevalent with the millennial audience; we will look to feature these people throughout the magazines content. Encouraging influencers to share the content created for the magazine on their social media channels as well.

6. Video release: Page 12

A full behind the scenes YouTube video of the cover shoot will be uploaded in February. The video will be limited to 50 seconds giving viewers a short taster as to what will be included in the Issue. The full length behind the scenes footage will be uploaded in April once the magazine has been published.

7. Pre- Launch event The event will be held at a location in London and in Manchester at the end of March. The event will be a party to celebrate the launch of the magazine and the hard work of everyone involved. People invited to the event will help to generate coverage through posting pictures on their digital platforms.

8. Press event This event will be held two days before the magazine goes on sale, in London. The event will be held to generate press coverage before the magazine launch. At the event, the magazine will be distributed free of charge allowing people the opportunity to read the magazine.

9. The Launch The magazine will be launched at the end of April. Following this social mediaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s response will be closely monitored to ensure people are happy with the Magazine, negative reactions will be used constructively to improve the next edition.

4.2 Marketing concepts after launch 1. Maintain social media channels

Maintaining Spoiled Nations social media platforms and website after the magazine launch is essential, ensuring people know where they can buy the magazine. Maintaining and updating social Instagram on a regular basis to ensure the magazine is in peoples thought process between magazine launch dates.

2. Continue to build contacts with influencers Utilising contact with influencers, ensure they continue to reference Spoiled Nation Magazine as a point of inspiration throughout the year. Ensuring people donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget about next years magazine.

3. Review the online response Review all online responses received following the launch of the magazine. Identifying how Spoiled Nation can constructively apply these recommendations to the next issue. Page 13

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