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Clothing &Goodies Fall/Winter 2012-2013


Oskana wears the Ivy Tunic, Crown and Cat Hat. 1

Chloe wears the Party Hat, Dots Sweater and Alpaca Leggings.

Left: Oskana wears the Dots Sweater, Lucien Pants and Skunk mask and tail. Right: Brigid wears the V-Neck Cardi, Everyday Pants and Tie. 2

Charlotte wears the Dots Sweater and Heart Pin.

Chloe wears the Angie Top and Alpaca Leggings. 3

Chloe wears the Marnie Dress and Eyes Hat.

Left: Mae wears the Marnie Dress, Mae Vest and Big Mustache. Right: Brigid wears the Marnie Dress, Mae Vest and Crown. 4

Marius wears the Forest Coat and Wolf mask. Mae wears the Reversible Hoodie.


Mae wears the Cape and Heart Eye Patch.

Cleo wears the Cape, Lucien Pants, Eyes Hat and Cat Gloves. 6

Eve wears the Reversible Hoodie and Everyday Pants. Toby wears the Lightning Sweater and Lucien Pants, plays with the Pigeon.


Marius wears the Forest Coat, Santa Hat and Beard. 8

June wears the Glasses Sweater and Alpaca Leggings.

Mae wears the Cape and Eyes Mittens. 9

Left: Chloe wears the V-Neck Sweater, Ivy Tunic and Alpaca Leggings. Right: She wears the Ivy Tunic, Alpaca Leggings, Crown and Bead Necklace. Aster Pin, Cherry Hair Clip, Bead Necklace, Flower Necklace, Crown.


Liam wears the Beard Hat, V-Neck Cardi and Lucien Pants.

Top: Marius wears the Forest Coat and Lion Bandana. Bottom: He wears the Bat Hat and Lightning Sweater.


Left: Oskana wears the Eyes Mittens, Dots Sweater and Mae Vest. Right: She wears the Angie Top, Mae Vest, Lucien Pants and Mustache.


Keira wears the Heart Sweater, Alpaca Leggings and Sock Booties. 13

Top: Bear Pillow. Bottom: Max wears the Monster Jumper. Right: Oskana wears the Monster Sweater and Lucien Pants


Oskana wears the Animal Hoodie and Lucien Pants.

Max wears the Animal Hoodie and Everyday Pants. 15

Left: Max wears the Monkey Hat, Baby Coat, Everyday Pants and Monkey Booties. Top right: He wears the Crown, Kimono Top and Everyday Pants. Bottom right: He wears the Mustache Sweater and Everyday Pants. 16

Left: Eliott wears the Star Hat, Hug Me Sweater and Everyday Pants. Bottom right: Eve wears the Hug Me Sweater and Everyday Pants. Top right : Cloud Pillow.


Top: Mae wears the Cape and Skull Eye Patch and plays with the Dagger and Pigeon. Bottom: Pigeon, Skull Eye Patch, Dagger, Heart Eye Patches.


Brigid and Gioia wear the Heart Dress. Bow Headband, Heart Pin, Bow Hair Clips, Bow Tie.


Cleo wears the Cape and Butterfly Mask. Masks: Cat, Owl, Deer, Fox, Butterflies.


Left: Rabbit Hat and Bunny Jumper. Right: Gioia wears the Bunny Sweater and Lucien Pants.


100% BABY ALPACA OEUF KNITS PROMOTE PROSPERITY When you buy these handmade knits, you help transform the lives of women and children in Bolivia. Oeuf has partnered with indigenous women in self-managed communities to create this unique handcrafted collection. In line with Fair Trade principles, our artisans are paid a living wage which enables them to afford healthcare and education for their children. This product is made from super soft, hypoallergenic baby alpaca wool. BRAZIL PERU




Keira wears the Footies Jumper, plays with Lovie Bear. 23

Top left: Lovie Bear. Max wears the Everyday Cardi and Pants, Bunny Large Bib. Bottom left: Keira wears the Bunny Tank Top and Ruffle Diaper Cover. Right: Romy wears the Tank Top and Ruffle Diaper Cover.


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Fall Winter Collection Look Book  
Fall Winter Collection Look Book  

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