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Holy Angels Echoes Olivetan Benedictine Sisters Jonesboro, Arkansas 72403-0130 Volume 29 No 2


Benedictines Celebrate Anniversary March 21, 2012, the Feast of St. Benedict, was a highlight of the yearlong Quasquicentennial celebration by the Benedictine Sisters of Holy Angels Convent. During this year, the Sisters are commemorating the 125th Anniversary of the “Jonesboro Benedictines,” arriving from Switzerland to Arkansas, (1887-2012). Guests coming for the celebration were the following: from Kloster Maria Rickenbach, Switzerland, Mother Andrea Kappeli, with traveling companion, cousin, Emilia Kappeli, plus representatives from different Monasteries and convents in the United States. Attending: from Subiaco Abbey, Abbot Jerome Kodell, accompanied by Fr. Leonard Wangler; from Mother of the Redeemer Monastery, Opelousa, LA., Abbot James Laprie; who was the delegate of the Olivetan Benedictine Abbot General in Monte Olivetto, Italy; from Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery, Pecos, New Mexico, Superior, Rev. Aiden Gose, (latter two are Olivetan Benedictines), and Sr. Helen Vasque. Representing Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, Clyde Missouri, were Sr. Patricia Nyquist, Prioress General, and Sr. Sean Douglas, Prioress of the Clyde Community; and from St. Scholastica Monastery, Fort Smith, AR, were Sr. Maria deAngeli, Prioress, Sr. Kimberly Prochaska, Sub-Prioress, Sr. Rosalie Ruesewald and Sr. Hilary Decker. The March 21 celebration consisted of day-long activities, centered around the 11:00 a.m. Mass, celebrated by Abbot Jerome; concelebrants were Abbot James Laprie, and Superior Aidan Gose, Fr. Leonard Wangler and Chaplain, Fr. Udo. At the close of Mass, Abbot James extended greetings from the Olivetan Benedictine Abbot General, Diego de Rosa, of Monte Oliveto, and presented a framed document, attesting that Pope Benedict XVI sent his Papal Continued on page 2

gler r. Leonard Wan rome Kodell, (F Je t prie bo La Ab es , m se t Ja Rev. Aiden Go me) and Abbo hind Abbot Jero elebrated) be nc co ely o iat als ed d) m re (im t pictu o, chaplain – no ( Fr. Vincent Ud

Sr. Lillian Marie Reiter (with papal blessing) and Mother Andrea Kappeli

Sr. Celestine Pond (organ) and ASU Dr. Sherry Caraway (trumpet)

Guests with H. A. present & former prioresses: Front -L to R: Mother Andrea Kappeli. Sr. Henrietta Hockle, Sr. Patricia Nyquist, Sr. Mary Anne Nuce, & Sr. Eileen Schneider. Back Row: Sr. Sean Douglas, Sr. Lillian Marie Reiter & Sr. Mary John Seyler.

Message From The Prioress Sister Lillian Marie Reiter, OSB, Prioress

I hope you had a very wonderful Easter filled with many blessings. There are so many signs of new life which we can have only when the seed dies. We have this lesson at the time of Holy Week – Jesus giving Himself to us at the Last Supper - as food to feed us. Then on Good Friday, Jesus dies so we could have new life and live with Him forever in heaven. Now the seed of new life is planted in our hearts, we must die to self and live for Christ. One must be willing and joyful in

giving up what “I” want to do, in order to serve Jesus in others. Sometimes, this is very hard to do; but the end result is a great inner peace that no one can take from you. I pray that you can find the strength to die to self and live for Christ and you will be able to find Him in every person you meet in life. May God bless you all and may you grow more like Christ every day.

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Benedictines Celebrate Anniversary

Blessing to the Jonesboro Benedictine community, in honor of the Quasquicentennial anniversary. Sr. Lillian Marie Reiter, Prioress accepted the document in the name of the community. Sister Celestine Pond prepared the Liturgy and accompanied the Sisters on the organ. ASU Doctor, Sherri Caraway, played the trumpet for the ceremony. In the morning, before the Mass, tours around the convent were given to the guests. A luncheon followed the Mass, at which time, Sr. Mary Anne Nuce was Emcee and ladies of St. Paul Parish in Pocahontas served the meal. At the close of the program, copies of the new publication, “Memories and Milestones,” were presented to the guests. In the afternoon, a power-point presentation was given by Stephanie Brown of St. Bernards Healthcare, showing the growth of the health care ministries. Throughout the course of this year, other celebrations are scheduled to be held and different groups, patrons, friends, general public, etc. will be invited to attend. Dates and times will be announced by the media prior to the event.

SPIRITUAL DIRECTORS WORKSHOP Sr. Lillian Marie Reiter, Prioress, and Sr. Ann Marie Ferricher, Formation Directoress attended a retreat for Spiritual Directors, held at Subiaco Abbey on February 24-26. Fr. David Bellinghausen, OSB, Prior of the Abbey, conducted the Workshop. Fr. David was assisted by Fr. Elijah Owens, OSB, who has had prior experience in Spiritual Direction. Both Sisters found the experience beneficial. The workshop included the following topics: 1) How to begin Spiritual Direction for yourself and others. 2) What to look for in a Spiritual Director. 3) The role of Spiritual Director. 4) The role of Spiritual Friendship. 5) Applying methods and styles of Prayer in Spiritual Direction. 6) How to gauge the fruitfulness of Spiritual Directors in one’s life. Sr. Lillian Marie stated, “I found this to be a helpful and practical workshop and I gained valuable suggestions in working with new applicants to the community.” Sr. Ann Marie agreed on the summation of the workshop.


L to R: Rita Dust, Arkie De Clerk Margaret Weyer, Sarah Baltz, Sue De Clerk & Charlotte Baltz

This year, the Olivetan Benedictine Sisters of Jonesboro are celebrating the 125th Anniversary of their first Sisters coming from Switzerland to Arkansas (1887-2012). An Anniversary booklet, written by Sister Henrietta Hockle, was published to commemorate this milestone. Those, who sent in $10 to be listed as “Friend of Holy Angels” were eligible to receive a complimentary copy. If your name is not listed in the book, and you are interested in receiving a copy, please send in name and address, along with a donation to cover the cost of printing and shipping, and you will receive a copy. SEND TO: Attention: Sr. Romana Rohmer, Gift Shop, Holy Angels Convent, P.O. Box 1209, Jonesboro, AR 72403-1209.

HOLY ANGELS CONVENT Emcee: Sr. Mary Anne Nuce

Echoes published quarterly by the Olivetan Benedictine Sisters Sister Henrietta Hockle – Editor Sister Glorea Knaggs – Associate Editor Sister Monica Swirczynski – Proof Reader Sister Marilyn Doss & Sister Miriam Burns – Photos Sister Thèrése Johnson,Sister Virginia Baltz & Sr. Mary Anne Nuce – Circulation

Master Print Group • Jonesboro, AR – Printing


REMEMBERING THE PAST By Sr. Georgia Felderhoff, OSB

Novice Jeannie Nicholson

At evening prayer on March 20th, the community celebrated a joyous occasion. Jeanine Nicholson, of Magnolia, Arkansas, received the Olivetan Benedictine habit and was invested as a Novice. This event formally began the 18 month period dedicated to her formation in religious life and preparation for the 5 Benedictine vows: Poverty, Chastity, Obedience, Stability in Community and Reformation of Life. During the simple ceremony, Sr. Lillian Marie, Prioress, presented Novice Jeanine with the Holy Rule of St. Benedict, which she will study gradually during her Novitiate. She then called forth Sr. Ann Marie Ferricher, Formation Directress, who will be the primary guide for Novice Jeanine as she begins the path of religious life. Sr. Lillian Marie then urged the rest of the community to encourage and pray for Novice Jeanine, saying, “Although one Sister is entrusted with formation, every Sister is responsible to assist along the way by her prayers and good example.” Please remember to keep Novice Jeanine and all those in formation in your prayers!

VIRTUS PROGRAM On the evening of March 12, Holy Angels Convent held a Virtus Program, required by the Diocese of Little Rock under the auspices of the National Catholic Services. The session was entitled: ‘A Time and a Place to Protect Children.” Sr. Laura Cathcart served as presenter, giving some “real eye openers,” as to the necessity of this program. We must create a safer world for our children when we work together as a Catholic community. To remain current, Virtus requires monthly training by each one registered. Things to be considered in the future are abuse of the elderly and bullying. The DVD features doctors, psychologists, parents, perpetrators and victims giving their view points, and how they sought and received help.

As a young Novice in the Convent, I had to be up by 4:00 A.M. when I had my turn at breakfast cooking. I’d dress as quickly as I could, go down three flights of stairs as fast as I dared, then through the hall and to the kitchen as fast as possible. TIME WAS OF THE ESSENCE! I had a helper to make the many pieces of toast for the large group of Sisters and all the Academy girls. I made the coffee, cooked the oatmeal and “boiled” the eggs. Then we went to Chapel, as prescribed, for prayer and Mass.

Just before Mass was over we had to rush to the kitchen to get the food to the shelter for the dining room waitresses to put it on the tables. So far, so good! All went well until the Sisters started to “crack” their eggs…only to discover that they were mostly RAW! That day I learned that “three minutes” for a large pot full of eggs just doesn’t do it! I’ll never forget that experience of breakfast cooking.

BENEDICT HOUSE – LITTLE ROCK Our Lady of the Holy Souls Parish in Little Rock honored the Jonesboro Benedictines by naming the remodeled old convent, built in 1953, ‘The Benedict House.” On Sunday, March 11, Father Eric Pohlmeier, Pastor, blessed the house and an open house followed to show the public how they will continue to utilize the building. Attending were: Sr. Mary Anne Nuce, Sr. Eileen Schneider, Sr. Laura Cathcart and Sr. Henrietta Hockle, who had taught at Holy Souls and had lived in the convent. Sr. Josita Lopez was the driver for the group. The scouts will have the lower floor; the middle floor is dedicated for meeting rooms and Parish activities and the top floor is dedicated to the youth, including a small stage. Msgr. Francis A. Allen was pastor when the convent was built in 1953. At the side entrance of the renovated convent, there is a large display containing the names of all the Sisters who taught at Holy Souls during the 57 years it was utilized as a convent. At one time there were as many as fourteen Sisters living there. Due to the shortage of vocations, the number of Sisters teaching at Holy Souls dwindled, as in other parishes. By 1999, the Sisters moved out of the big convent, as only three Sisters were in residence at that time. A small residence, owned by the parish on the corner of “H” and Harrison Streets was used as a convent until 2010 when the Sisters were no longer assigned to Holy Souls Parish.

Entrance Plaque: Display shows name and years of service of every Sister who taught at Holy Souls.

Sr. Laura Cathcart, Sr. Eileen Schneider, Sr. Henrietta Hockle & Sr. Mary Anne Nuce

L E AV E A L E G A C Y Six Ways to Leave a Legacy to Holy Angels Convent: • Remember Holy Angels Convent in your Will. • Name Holy Angels Convent as a beneficiary of your IRA or Pension Plan.







“Return Service Requested”

• Purchase a Life Insurance Policy and name Holy Angels Convent as beneficiary. • Remember deceased loved ones with memorial gifts to Holy Angels Convent. • Remember Holy Angels Convent with planned gifts. • Establish a Charitable Remainder Trust with Holy Angels Convent as the charity. Contact your attorney for correct procedure.



OBLATE PILGRIMAGE Sr. Mary John Seyler & Fr. Nicholas Fuhrmann at Subiaco with H.A. Pilgrims.

Subiaco Abbey was the destination of the first Holy Angels Oblate Pilgrimage, March 16-18, 2012. Sr. Mary John Seyler, Directress of Holy Angels Oblate Program, who made the arrangements for this trip, began the pilgrimage with prayer. Brother Francis Kirchner greeted the Oblates as they arrived and welcomed them to Coury House, Subiaco Retreat Center. Father Nicholas Fuhrmann, OSB, was the retreat master and guide.

After praying the stations of the cross, Fr. Nicholas gave the Oblates a tour of the Abbey. Fr. Nicholas distributed several original prayer cards during their stay. He also gave several talks to the group, and along, with Father Leonard Wangler, offered the group the opportunity for Sacramental Reconcilation. “Morning and evening prayer with the monks, in the choir stalls, was a very moving experience, “ said Oblate Lisa Whitehead.

Prayers and Sympathy We extend sincere sympathy and prayers to the following who have lost a loved one recently:

 Sr. Josita Lopez and the Lopez and Labit families on the death of her brother-in-law, Roy Labit, who died Jan. 27, 2012.  Sr. Marya Duscher and the Duscher family on the death of her father, James Duscher, who died on January 28, 2012.  Sr. Angeline Massery and the Massery family on the death of her nephew, who died on February 3, 2012.

 Sr. Lillian Marie Reiter and the families, on the death of her Aunt Adeline Devers, who died on February 15, and her Uncle Wilfred Reiter, who died on February 17, 2012.  Novice Jeanine Nicholson and family on death of her grandmother, Jan Grogan, who died on March 21, 2012.  The Trevathan and Willett families on the death of Jeannine, (alumna ’46) who died on April 4, 2012.

January 31 During National Catholic Schools Week, Sr. Therese Marie Kintzley and Sr. Mary Clare Bezner, Vocation Directress, gave a Vocations talk at St. Joseph Catholic School in Paris , Arkansas . March 7-9 Sr. Ann Marie Ferricher, Formation Directress, and Sr. Mary Clare Bezner, Vocation Directress, attended the CMSWR Conference for Formators and Vocation Directors. The annual event was held in St. Louis , Missouri and the theme for this year’s conference was, “The Spirituality of St. Francis de Sales.” March 23 -25 and April 20-22 – Vocational Discernment Retreats were held at Holy Angels Convent. Several Sisters presented talks about Religious Life and Vocations. Participants also participated in prayers and meals with the Sisters, and were given time for personal prayer and discernment. April 14-20 – Sr. Mary Clare Bezner, Vocation Directress gave Vocations talks at several schools and parishes in the Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas .

 During the months of March and April, several young ladies visited Holy Angels Convent. Please continue to pray for those who are discerning a vocation to Religious Life!

ANNIVERSARY SALE During 2012, we will have a SALE on the fulllength history of the Jonesboro Benedictines, On High Ground, written by Sr. Henrietta Hockle, and published in 2004. Pick it up, or have someone else pick it up for you, for the SALE PRICE $10.00. If you need to have it shipped, please include an additional $4 to cover cost of shipping and handling. Contact: Sr. Romana Rohmer, GIFT SHOP, P.O. Box 1209, Jonesboro, AR 72403-1209.

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