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INT.LIVING ROOM.DAY A middle aged man with a long Grey beard sits slouched on a leather sofa. He sits, his beer balanced on his stomach chanting football songs at the television. Billy, a skinny, pale kid with short blond hair enters the room. He fidgets with his watch before plucking up the courage to announce something to his father. BILLY (abruptly) DAD... I need to talk to you! Billy stands as his father slowly turns to son, his face frowning in shock and annoyance. Billy usually the quiet collected character clears his throat, his father sits now even more annoyed. BILLY (quietly) Look DAD... I need to.. Well you see the thing is. FATHER (INTERRUPTING) Come on lad spit it out, I’m missing the game! BILLY (more composed now) Dad..........I’m gay. Billy’s DAD sits in shock as he struggles to both reply and come to grips what he has just been told. The arrogant side of his personality wants to ignore his sons news. However his fatherly instincts tells him in a split second, that he has to support his son. FATHER (clearing his throat and smiling) Thats... thats great son. Billy knew that any response from his father would be difficult, and he knows that it took allot for his father to react in the way his did. Billy smiles in delight. BILLY (relieved) Thanks dad... it means allot Billy’s father sits awkwardly not knowing how to continue the conversation on its current subject and decides to change the subject. (CONTINUED)



FATHER So.. you want to watch the game? BILLY (still smiling) Yeah sure! FATHER (begins to smile) Have a seat then! FADE TO BLACK INT.RESTAURANT.NIGHT A couple sits smiling, their hands held across a small table both laughing and giggling happily. Roger sits back releasing his hand from Daisy’s. He sits glum in his chair predicting the next few minutes. Daisy continue to stare into Rogers eyes, but soon realizes that something is wrong. She tilts her head and leans towards Roger. DAISY Is something wrong darling? Roger is late to answer her question, his thoughts elsewhere. ROGER (quietly) Oh nothing.. well actually, there is something. Its just..Well... DAISY (Interupting) You can tell anything sweety! ROGER Yeah i know.. Look I’m just going to be straight with you.. DAISY (Begins to cry) Are.. are..are you braking up with me? ROGER Look its not you its me.




DAISY (Again interrupting and still sobbing) I can change i promise! Roger leans forward trying to comfort daisy, but she turns away in sadness. Roger now realizing that the whole restaurant is watching, decides to leave the restaurant leaving Daisy and sniffling and wiping her bloodshot eyes with a tissue

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