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Note from the Organising Committee: Oliver Stenbom

Ida Andersson

Rebecca Heine

Ali-Leon Al-Najem

“This house would go to KG Cup” “Finals in the government building!” “Teams from all over Europe!” “An audience of 400 people!” Those were our visions for KG Cup when we began organizing the tournament in December. We admit that some our visions proved difficult to actualize, however; we still have a pretty cool competition planned for you debaters. 25 registered teams. Three interesting and highly current debate topics. A talented and experienced judging panel. On top of that, we have subsidized accommodation by 30% and we have breakfast and lunch fully covered for all of the participants. By our definition, that is pretty cool. Still, we are happy to tell you that it gets even cooler. On the Friday, Klas Wetterberg will give an invaluable workshop that will reveal some of the amazing debate tips that she has collected over the years and Carmen Belafi will give a crash course on adjudicating. On the Saturday, there will be a fun debate-inspired social event in the evening for debaters, coaches and adjudicators. Finally, on the Sunday, besides the grand-final taking place, there will be a prize ceremony that will reward not only the winning team and the top speaker, but also other so far unrecognized aspects of debating. Welcome to Stockholm, welcome to KG Cup.

/The Organising Committee

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Note from the CA

Jakub Pawlowski, DCA

Siri Nylund, DCA

Klas Wetterberg, CA

To me, KG Cup is a symbol for the limitless potential of individuals with dreams. Supporting and strengthening that value, it’ll be my pleasure to take on the role as Chief Adjudicator for the competition. Just like a novice team from Hvitfeldtska broke to the grand final last year, KG Cup wants to keep fulfilling dreams. Struggling to keep our rivalry aside, it was great that Hvitfeldtska left feeling as if they were victors. It was the ultimate proof of instructive feedback and high quality adjudication. My intent this year is to attract an even stronger adjudication team from several countries and make them focus entirely on you. The journey here has been quite astonishing though, keeping in mind that the first KDS event was a two school-competition. A little shy of one year ago, I had the pleasure of assisting Sean Nordqvist in head organising the second ever KDS open tournament. We had a vision that it would be bigger, funnier and more enlightening than any other tournament seen before in Sweden. The tournament organized by the KDS board took Swedish debating to a new level. It had motions worth remembering, socials that still give a good laugh, great adjudication and most ground-breaking of all; more institutions and debating teams gathered for one tournament than ever before.

Add two more days to that one day-tournament, more sponsors, more participants, extensive planning and you get KG Cup 2014. Another detail is that there will only be impromptu motions, this to strengthen your team’s group dynamic and make you more relaxed in between rounds. It gets impressive, maybe impressive enough to get you interested in partaking. But wait: What really makes KG Cup unique is a vision. A vision of a tournament without domestic or international equivalents. A tournament where debaters, adjudicators and organisers all find each experience more worthwhile than the last one. A tournament where participants are encouraged to envision success and development in order to get it. What KG Cup offers you is a debate tournament that aspires for your best experience possible. The dream that began as a mere attempt to gather two schools for debate is today a reality with organisation and debate of International quality. Getting to be CA will be a great honour and I hope your stay here meets all of your expectations.

See you in Stockholm, Klas Wetterberg, Chief Adjudicator KG Cup 2014

Venues Kungsholmens Gymnasium STF Fridhemsplan STF Fridhemsplan will be the accomodation for non-Stockholm residents. Located round the corner from Kungsholmen, it is a convineint and fresh hostel.

Fridhemsplan T-Bana Connections to T-Centralen and best place to take public transport from.

KG Cup will be hosted at Kungsholmens Gymnasium in the Heart of Stockholm where we will be using the school’s auditorium, classrooms and lunch hall for the tournament. Kungsholmens Gymnasium is also the home of KDS – Kungsholmens Debate Society, which was formed in 2011 by Oscar Stenbom to make more students interested in debating and the society has grown year by year since.

Eat, Sleep, Cost. Accomodation


Those who have requested accommodation will be staying at STF Fridhemsplan. Located only one minute away from Kungsholmens Gymnasium, the hostel is a cozy and convenient place to spend the two nights in Stockholm. With KG Cup subsidizing 30 percent of the cost, it is also an affordable option. The rooms consist of two, three or four beads and are all equipped with cable television and WiFi. There is no need to bring any form of linens or towels, since this will be available at the hostel. Breakfast is not included and will instead be provided in school on both Saturday and Sunday. Detailed information regarding payment, check-in times and name lists will be sent out to those who have requested accommodation in their registration form.

Travelling from the central station to the hostel is very convenient and will cost around 30 kr depending on age and the kind of ticket. We advise people to visit: to learn more about different options. Breakfast and lunch will be provided for free on the Saturday and the Sunday, so in terms of costs for meals, only the dinners will be at the expense of the participants. There are plenty of restaurants around the hostel; so a dinner can cost between 50-250 kr. For those over 18, we can also recommend bringing money for evening activities. All in all we would recommend bringing a total of around 500kr for the weekend.

Dress Code The Dress Code for KG Cup is Business Smart. For boys, that is suit/ shirt and tie. For girls, that is suit or shirt with skirt or formal trousers. Some pretty examples are shown from the swedish championships below.


Format The format used in KG Cup will be World Schools format. This means that there are 3 speakers per team, known as the opposition and the proposition who debate against each other starting with 1st prop, 1st opp, 2nd prop etc. where the debate is ended as a whole with first the oppositions reply, held by either the first or second speaker, followed by the reply speaker of the proposition. We strongly recommend further researching the World Schools format as knowledge of the format is crucial to any successful debate. Research can be done online by reading official documents or watching YouTube videos of debates. The best way, however, to become accustomed to the Worlds Schools format is to debate it yourself and ask a teacher or debater who is already familiar with the format to adjudicate you. The preparation time allowed for the preliminary rounds is 45 minutes and one hour for the semi-finals and finals.

Preliminary Rounds 6 minute speeches, 3 minute Reply Semi final and Final - Full impromptu 8 minute speeches, 4 minute reply

Impromptu Vision

Impromptu debates are extremely rewarding since they require debaters to reason and construct cases under time-pressure. Developing logic and analysis based on the knowledge that one already has, enhances debaters capability to rebut arguments effectively. However, the quality of the debate may suffer content-wise when debaters do not know enough about the topic. To avoid this, we are introducing the concept of “prepared topics�. This means that the debaters receive the topics for the motions in advance and can research them. The actual motions will be released 1 hour before the debate. We hope that this will preserve the some of the impromptu-elements whilst improving the quality of content in the debate.

Motion Topics 1st - Community service 2nd - Child labour in the developing world 3rd - Teachers’ working conditions Semi - Full impromptu Final - Ukraine

Recommended Preparation Content is the key to winning a debate and in order to prepare a solid case research is vital. How to best prepare and research for a debate depends a lot on the topic but here are some links that can be useful: If you are looking for information about the WSDC-format and debate in general, see: If you are looking for popular articles on topics, here are some examples: If you are looking for more extensive studies and world statistics, see the following examples:

Schedule Friday: Time: 14:00-16:30 16:30-17:30 17:30-19.00 19:00-21:00 21:00-00:00

Event: Arrivals Workshop Debaters Adjudicators Meeting Dinner Evening Program

Location: KG KG Aula KG 6406 Local restaurants ???

Saturday: Time: 08:00 8:30-9:00 9:00-9:15 9:15-10:00 10:00-11:00 11:00-12:30 12:30-12:45 12:45-13:30 13:30-14:30 14:30-14:45 14:45-15:45 15:45-17:00 17:15-17:30 17:30-19:00

Event: Wake up call Breakfast Announcement of Motion and Sides Prep Time Round 1 - Impromptu Lunch Announcement of Motion and Sides Prep Time Round 2 - Impromptu Announcement of Motion and Sides Prep Time Round 3 - Impromptu Announcement of SemiďŹ nalists Dinner

Sunday: Time: 08:00 8:30-9:15 09:15-9:30 9:30-10:30 10:30-11:45 11:45-12:45 13:00-13:15 13:15-14:15 14:15-15:30 15:15-15:30 15:30-16:00

Event: Wake up call Breakfast Announcement of Motion and Sides Prep Time Semi Finals - Impromptu Lunch Announcement of Grand Finalists Prep Time Grand Finals Break Closing Ceremony

Location: Hostel KG Lunch hall KG Aula Classrooms Aula / 6406 KG Lunch hall KG Aula Classrooms KG Aula KG Aula

Location: Hostel KG Lunch hall KG Aula Classrooms Classrooms KG Lunch hall KG Aula Classrooms Classrooms KG Aula Classrooms Classrooms KG Aula Local restaurants


Ida Andersson President of KDS 0727141818

Oliver Stenbom Head of Communication 0737700219

Rebecca Heine Head of Logistics 0732114086

Ali-Leon Al-Najem Vice President of KDS 0738136635

Find us on:

Lanterna Education are very happy and excited to be supporting the KG Cup this year and will be present on Sunday March 23 to cheer the students along! If you have any questions, please feel free to pop by for a chat. Lanterna Education is an organisation that focuses on helping IB students through the challenging Diploma course. They do this by running IB study and revision courses in Sweden and the UK during school holidays to help students achieve the grades they want! The courses are run by past IB students who have been successful in the Diploma Programme themselves and understand how to best prepare for the IB exams. If you want more information about Lanterna Education, please visit their website:

KG Cup Info Pack  
KG Cup Info Pack  

Information Package for KG CUP at Kungsholmens Gymnasium