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“Oliver Scholars are careful writers, sharp thinkers, creative artists, passionate athletes, eloquent speakers, and interdisciplinary investigators. They have capacious hearts and expansive minds, informed by a deep commitment to bringing about progressive change in communities that matter to them.�

~ Jason Harris, Director of Diversity - Friends Seminary

Our Mission The Oliver Scholars Program prepares high achieving African-American and Latino students for success at top independent high schools and prestigious colleges. We provide crucial support for our Scholars so they can realize their full potential and ultimately give back to the city, the nation, and the world.

Dear Friends of Oliver, Events of the past year have caused many of us to reflect upon the need for social transformation and increased opportunity. Through startling news reports and online images, we have come face to face with the persistence of racial injustice. From Ferguson to Flint, it has become plain that our society is neither color-blind nor class-blind, and that more needs to be done to make the promise of the American Dream real for all. At Oliver, we have doubled down on our determination to provide equity and access for students. In 2015, we greatly expanded and enhanced our programming: • We expanded our Fall-Term and Spring-Term classes to give our students the academic edge they need to excel in 9th grade. • We co-sponsored, with the National Partnership for Educational Access, a symposium on educational reform, “Charter Schools and Independent Schools: An Opportunity for Dialogue?” at the offices of PricewaterhouseCoopers in Midtown. • We introduced a Social Justice Summer Institute, with full scholarships for Oliver students. • We substantially grew SIP III, our summer program for students in high school. • We reorganized and professionalized our staffing to better serve students. We hired a new Recruitment and Admissions Manager and created a College Guidance office with a new Assistant Director for College Support. • We conducted a year of strategic planning to explore ways Oliver can serve even more students in the future. To build a foundation for the long-term sustainability of Oliver, we grew our development efforts: • We held our second evening Gala, grossing over $500,000 • We held “Scrabble for Scholars,” our first fundraising event in the Hamptons • We launched an Alumni Advisory Council, including alumni from the classes of 1992, 1997, 2004, 2008, and 2009. • We inaugurated a Junior Board • We added four Life Trustees and welcomed three new first-year Trustees. For over 30 years, Oliver has opened doors of opportunity for hardworking students of color, ensuring they have the chance to attend top independent schools, where they will be with peers and faculty who truly value learning. Emphasizing our three core values of Scholarship, Leadership, and Service, Oliver has nurtured a generation of free-thinkers, self-starters, and socially conscious citizens – in other words, a generation of true New Yorkers. Thank you for being part of the Oliver family and for giving your time, your money, and your love to our students.

David Allyn CEO

Dorothea Schlosser Chair of the Board


Recruitment and Admissions Oliver received


nominations for the class of 2020

78 were ultimately invited to Interview Weekend and

50 were admitted

That’s an acceptance rate of just

11% “My interviewee was incredibly mature and thoughtful. She was well-spoken and did an impressive job moving beyond recounting facts about literature. She referenced the Russian Revolution while discussing Animal Farm and touched on the theme of absolute power and corruption. I would admit her today if I could!”


~ Jenna King Director of Middle and Upper School Admissions Riverdale Country School

“Oliver changes the lives of students of color from low-income areas for the better. This program means widening their visions of the world beyond the limited perspective of our neighborhoods, it means learning how to effect the necessary change to address inequities, but most importantly, Oliver Scholars means learning how to strengthen and employ the many talents that a Scholar will need to make changes in our society�

~ Fausto Jimenez-Fabian Director of High School Placement The Equity Project Charter School



47% 38% 15%

of our students matriculated into an independent day school

matriculated into an independent boarding school

matriculated into a specialized high school

7 independent schools offered Oliver students admission for the first time: • Choate Rosemary Hall (CT) • Dana Hall School (MA) • Dwight-Englewood School (NJ) • Hewitt School (NY)

• Middlesex School (MA) • Saint Ann’s School (NY) • United Nations International School (NY)

The class of 2020 applied to a total of 77 schools in the fall. “Our experience as Oliver Scholars parents was that of an extended family. Great support system, the togetherness, warm and friendly faces with one ultimate goal – to ensure that our daughter received an awesome opportunity as a Scholar. No one does it like Oliver Scholars.” ~ Linet and Dwight Howard Parents of Jada Howard, Deerfield ’19


“Our first Oliver candidates have not only impressed the admissions staff, but the Headmaster as well. Your candidates have amazing character, and the support of a committed, professional staff. We look forward to building a strong relationship with Oliver.”

In the fall, applications were sent to 12 new schools: • Berkshire School (MA) • Canterbury School (CT) • Dwight School (NY) • The Hill School (PA) • Leman Manhattan Preparatory School (NY) • Santa Catalina School (CA) • St. Timothy’s School (MD) • Stevenson School (CA) • Thacher School (CA) • Webb School (CA) • White Mountain School (NH) • York Preparatory School (NY)

~ Kyle Mason Director of Outreach and Recruitment The Cate School, Carpinteria, CA


Total financial aid awarded to the class of 2019 (for freshman year). Over four years that number will exceed $6 million!


8th Grade Classes


of our Scholars saw an SSAT score increase

Classes offered English - “Writing the Self” Math - Algebra Secondary School Admission Test Prep STEM (Spring 2016) Leadership (Spring 2016)

Oliver also offered three placement workshops for 8th graders and families Mock Interview Night (in conjunction with Morgan Stanley) Parent-to-Parent Q&A Night Financial Aid Workshop (hosted by Speyer Legacy School)

“The Oliver Scholars Program offered me SSAT prep, math, and English classes in the spring and fall. These classes not only prepared me for a rigorous independent school education, but now I am able to excel in classes where I once had trouble. Oliver has believed in me even at times when I stopped believing in myself. For that reason, I am eternally grateful.”


~Lili Massac ’19 Brooklyn Friends School


Summer Immersion Program

92% of the sch SIP helpful in t to independent

Over 100 students participated in Oliver’s five-week Summer Immersion Program, which consists of four weeks of day classes, and a Capstone residential week at The Pomfret School in Connecticut. A special thanks to John Jay College of Criminal Justice for donating space for the four-week day program, and to Professor Jennifer Dysart for serving as Oliver’s liaison!





Algebra 1

Math-Algebra 2 and Geometry


Improv Comedy



English- Identity, Power, and Inclusion in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man

Writing Seminar


English-Expository Writing History-The Civil War Independent School Admissions Preparation Secondary School Admissions Test Prep

Culture, Media, and Criticism

History-The Cold War Science-Biology and Physics New Scholar Seminar

Thank you to John Jay College of Criminal Justice!

“Throughout SIP I and II, I have been prepared for independent school life, but have also formed relationships that will last a lifetime. I know that I can always count on my Oliver family, they will always be there by my side to support me. Oliver has helped me reach my dreams. They have taught us the art of time management and that not only is a good student someone with high grades, but also someone who is determined, compassionate, and hardworking. I am so grateful to Oliver for the help they have given me.”


~ Vanessa Marino ’19 Riverdale

holars found their transition nt schools

Thanks to our Independent School Admissions Representative Panelists! Berkeley Carroll School Brooklyn Friends School Chapin School Concord Academy Dana Hall School Dwight-Englewood School Emma Willard School Friends Seminary Marymount School Master’s School

Northfield Mount Hermon School Packer-Collegiate Institute Riverdale Country School Rye Country Day School Saint Ann’s School St. Andrew’s School St. Mark’s School Suffield Academy The Governor’s Academy


The Oliver Scholars Program Cycle 7th grade

8th grade

9th through 12th grade

• September-February — outreach to middle schools and community based organizations (approx 800)

• September-December — SSAT prep classes, interviews at independent schools

• Students receive counseling, tutoring, and other support including:

• October-February — Nominations (approx 400-500)

• January-May — Algebra, STEM, English, Leadership classes

• November-March — Open Houses for prospective families (approx 10 open houses held each year)

• February — Day school decisions

• Monthly “Tuesday Talks” designed to expose Scholars to a variety of different possible careers

• March — Secondary School Admissions Test administered (approx 200 applicants) • April — Interview Weekend (approx 100 applicants) • April-May — Admissions Committee meets, decisions mailed (50 admitted)

• March — Boarding school decisions • April — Decisions finalized • July-August — Summer Immersion Program II • August — Recognition Ceremony

• Leadership conferences • College and career workshops • Community service opportunities • College tours • SAT/ACT prep classes • Individualized college counseling

• June — Admitted students’ reception • July-August — Summer Immersion Program I

Recognition ceremony † 9th-12th grade † Students receive counseling & support


… SIP II … School decisions … Classes … SSAT … 8th grade … SIP I …


dm itte d†






s † Outreach † Nominations † Open houses † Admissions test † Interviews † Decision


Scholar Events In March, Oliver held our first annual Spring-Forward week. This week included visits to the Museum of Modern Art and The New York Times, as well as In Our Own Voices, Oliver’s annual leadership conference. The week culminated with Career Day, held in conjunction with Barclays. Over 120 students participated in Spring-Forward week.

“In Our Own Voices has motivated me to be a champion of change when it comes to social justice. I continue to be grateful for the impact that The Oliver Scholars Program has had on my life.”

~ Joshwald Martinez ’15 Philips Exeter Academy Hunter College


Scholars participated in Oliver’s annual Community Service Day

On November 25th, Scholars participated in Oliver’s annual Community Service Day. Scholars served at seven sites in four boroughs.

East New York Clubhouse Emmaus House Hour Children Isabella Nursing Home Manny Cantor Center Materials for the Arts PowerPlay


Tuesday Talks In January, Oliver hosted a Tuesday Talk on Media and Broadcasting in partnership with ABC News. Panelists included on-air reporters Byron Pitts and Linsey Davis, and ABC Executive Producer Roxanna Sherwood. Oliver also hosted Tuesday Talks in Finance, Visual Arts, Entrepreneurship, and Venture Capital. The year culminated with a Tuesday Talk about careers in acting. Six panelists, including an Oliver alumna, spoke to Scholars and Pre-Scholars about their careers on Broadway and in television.


Oliver Trustee Marcus Mabry and former Trustee Derek Medina discuss careers in journalism with Scholars during a Tuesday Talk at ABC News

Social Justice Institute


n July, Oliver held its first Social Justice Summer Institute. This three-week course brought together Oliver students, as well as high school students from public and independent schools across the city. Students tackled issues of race, class, and ethnicity through readings, podcasts, video, journaling, and class discussion. The class culminated in a capstone project — a zine reflecting students’ perceptions of race, class, and ethnicity in their own lives and communities, and in society as a whole.

Scholar Accomplishments


hanks to our generous Gala donors, Scholars participated in internships at Marie Claire magazine, Luhring Augustine Gallery, and ABC News. Scholars also interned at Deutsche Bank, BlackRock, and the Manhattan DA’s Office.

“It was a pleasure to have Stephanie at the gallery! It was really wonderful to work with her and I know everyone appreciated her support.”

~ Leah Horowitz Gallery Associate/Interim Program Manager Luhring Augustine Gallery


s a result of Oliver’s longtime partnership with the Experiment in International Living, Scholars had the opportunity to travel to Argentina, France, and Spain. Additionally, Tahrieq Koonce (Milbrook ’17) spent the year in China with SYA (School Year Abroad).



“College Tours has not only been a positive experience in allowing me the opportunity to visit different states with some of my closest friends, but has gotten me thinking about the upcoming college process early. Now I am in my Junior year and participating in this experience has definitely put me ahead of my classmates as I have some sort of idea about the college I want to attend and what to look for in a school.”

~ Wayne Sampson ’17 Northfield Mount Hermon School

Scholar Opportunities College Tours 48 rising juniors and seniors visited 20 schools during the last two weeks of June.

American University Carnegie Mellon University Case Western Reserve University Colgate University College of William and Mary Cornell University Georgetown University Hamilton College Ithaca College Johns Hopkins University

Kenyon College New York University Oberlin College Ohio State University Princeton University Syracuse University The Cooper Union University of Richmond University of Rochester Vassar College

Mentoring Our mentoring program, developed in conjunction with The National Mentoring Partnership, allows sophomores and juniors in high school the opportunity to be paired with mentors who will guide them as they begin to think about their careers and plan for college. These mentors are working professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience who meet regularly with our Scholars individually and at mentoring events.

“I became an Oliver mentor to help someone else, but in so many ways it has really helped me. The opportunity to share experiences is not only rewarding, it's eye-opening as well. My mentee is so bright and motivated and talented...I love being an Oliver mentor.”

~ Linsey Davis, ABC News


Class of 2019 Eugene Brye, III Northfield Mount Hermon School ’19 “During my freshman year at Northfield Mount Hermon, I have participated in the soccer team, the basketball team, and the science club, and I was just elected Vice Chair of my class. Oliver has prepared me for the challenges that I have faced at independent school, which has helped me to have a great experience.”

Jada Howard Deerfield Academy ’19 “My first year at Deerfield has been phenomenal. I enrolled in Geometry, Physics, Photography, Contemporary Literature and Arabic as my foreign language. I challenged myself and played field hockey for the first time. I am also taking Dance, am a member of the Deerfield Black Student Alliance, and I am a tour guide for the Admissions Office. I recently traveled to Jordan, where I met King Abdullah II.”

“This year, Oliver asked each of you to make some very difficult decisions. We pushed you to reflect on your passions and your goals, and to consider that you have a say in the direction your life will take. Even when it was difficult and the stakes were high, we asked you to trust us, to trust your parents and guardians, and to trust yourselves in a time of uncertainty. And you rose to the task. You have all demonstrated time and again why you were chosen to be part of a legacy as extraordinary as that of Oliver Scholars.” ~ Melissa Providence, Director of Placement, Recognition Ceremony Address


Class of 2015 Matthew Peart The Governor’s Academy ’15 The University of Connecticut ’19 “When I think of Oliver, one word comes to mind. Family. Oliver is family because no matter where I am or what I am doing, I know that Oliver has my back.”

Yacine Niang The Nightingale Bamford School ’15 Brown University ’19 “The Oliver Scholars Program means opportunity. It means being able to achieve success beyond that which is expected of you.”

Thank you to Cooper Union for hosting

Recognition Ceremony in The Great Hall where Abraham Lincoln gave a major speech in 1860!

40% of the Class of 2015 were admitted early decision to a college or university

Top Represented Schools:

Brown University, Colgate University, and Wesleyan University

100% are attending a four year college or university


Partner Schools Bard High School for Early College The Berkeley Carroll School Blair Academy The Brearley School Brooklyn Friends School Brooklyn Technical High School The Browning School The Calhoun School Chapin School Choate Rosemary Hall Church Farms School Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School Concord Academy Convent of the Sacred Heart School The Dalton School Dana Hall School Deerfield Academy Dwight Englewood School

Emma Willard School The Ethel Walker School Ethical Culture Fieldston School Friends Seminary George School Governor's Academy Groton School Hewitt School Horace Mann School Hotchkiss School Hunter College High School The Lawrenceville School Loomis Chaffee School LREI Masters School Millbrook School Miss Porter’s School Montfort Academy The Nightingale-Bamford School

Northfield Mount Hermon School The Packer Collegiate Institute Peddie School Phillips Academy Andover Phillips Exeter Academy Pomfret School Preston High School Riverdale Country School Rye Country Day School Saint Ann’s School St. Edmund’s Preparatory High School St. Mark’s School Taft School Trevor Day School Trinity School United Nations International School Westminster School Worcester Academy

“To be accepted into the Oliver Scholars Program is a life altering opportunity for our students. To have the opportunity to participate in and become part of the prestigious Oliver Scholars Program is something that can help them for the rest of their lives, whether it is their acceptance into the college of their choice, gaining access to valuable internships, getting a leg up during an interview process for a prestigious job, or applying to a graduate program, the Oliver cache and strong alumni network are invaluable.” ~ Malik Russell, Assistant Principal, Success Academy Harlem Central Middle School 20


American University Amherst College Barnard College Baruch College Baruch College - Honors College Beloit College Binghamton University Boston College Bowdoin College Brown University Carleton College Carnegie Mellon University Case Western Reserve University Colgate University Columbia University Cornell University Dartmouth College Dickinson College Duke University Elon University Emory University Emory University - Oxford College Fordham University Franklin and Marshall College George Washington University

Gettysburg College Hamilton College Harvard University Howard University Hunter College Iona College Ithaca College Johns Hopkins University Johnson and Wales University Kenyon College Lafayette College Lehigh University Macaulay Honors College Queens College Middlebury College New York University New York University Stern School of Business Northeastern University Pace University Princeton University Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Rhode Island School of Design Rutgers University Skidmore College

Spelman College Stony Brook University SUNY Canton SUNY Oswego SUNY Purchase College Swarthmore College Syracuse University The New School - Eugene Lang College Tufts University University of Albany University of Connecticut University of New Haven University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill University of Pennsylvania University of Richmond University of Rochester US Military Academy at West Point Vassar College Villanova University Weslyan University Wheaton College Williams College Yale University


Katherine Leitch and Terence Kooyker

Willem Kooyker, Judith-Ann Corrente, Timothy Pope, Jacqueline Pelzer

Brian Burchell, Louisa Troubh, Linzee Troubh, Billy Goldberg, Charles Crow IV, Jay Tucker, Joe Musto, John Troubh

22Gaetano Sciuto, Stefania Giordano, Pamela Baxter

Orlando Reece, Carol Schuster, Robert Warner

Honorees Sheena Wright ’86, Nina Garcia, and Tanya Wright ’85 with Oliver Scholars and Alumni

Keith Canton ’93

Timothy Pope and Dorothea Schlosser

Gabriela Palmieri

The Oliver Scholars Gala


n May 20th, nearly 300 guests gathered at the IAC Building in Chelsea for Oliver’s annual Gala. The evening featured cocktails and dinner, a custom video by Nathan Hunt on IAC’s famed video wall, and an auction by Sotheby’s Gabriella Palmieri that raised almost $70,000. Guests celebrated the accomplishments of our Scholars and Alumni, in addition to our honorees, Nina Garcia, creative director of Marie Claire Magazine, and Oliver alumnae Sheena Wright ’86 and Tanya Wright ’85. We would like to extend a special thanks to our benefit committee and especially our benefit chair, Oliver Trustee Timothy Pope for creating the largest fundraising event in Oliver’s history. Oliver’s 2016 Gala will return to the IAC Building on May 18th, 2016. Thank you to all our attendees and sponsors! 23

Our Gala Donors Elizabeth & Christopher Abelt Danielle Abrutyn Kristen Accola, Accola Griefen Gallery LLC Kimberly Affronte William Albinger & Mark Ledoux Gloria Appel Mark Arena Page Ashley Asprey Holdings Ltd Pamela Auchincloss Bank of America Sarah Page Bareau Harout & Suella Barsemian Pamela Baxter BCBG Nancy Berger Cardone Dale & Max Berger Linda Bialecki & Douglas Kassen Blenheim Capital Management, LLC Rosemary & John Braniff Jennifer Breslin Jennifer & Brian Burchell Calvin Klein Keith Canton ’93 & Symonne Canton Guy & Eileen Castranova Patti & Ray Chambers Charles Lafitte Foundation Edward A. Chernoff Judith-Ann Corrente & Willem Kooyker Virginia Cowles Schroth Lynn & Charles Crow Chuck S. Crow IV J. David Davis Gina & James de Givenchy Natasa De Luka Dior Disney Worldwide Services, Inc. Irving Dominguez ’07 Benjeil Edghill ’94 Michele Emanuele & Richard Super FENDI Americas James Fitzgerald Yuri Francis ’95 Franco Ercole Bespoke Jean & Gregg Frankel Mindy & Ken Freelund Sandra & John French Friends Seminary of New York Francesca Fusco Glen Gauthier & Jennifer Dysart Kelly & John Gazzini Lisa Christiansen Gentil & Fernando Gentil


George School Jay Goldman David Gottlieb Rachael & Josh Gottlieb Sara Adler & Paul Gottlieb Robert Guimento & Adrian Gilbey Leita and William Hamill Family Foundation Inc. Laura & Thomas Hexner Bryan Hoffman Mark Horowitz HSN Mary & Stephen Hunt Sami Idliby Ippolita Corrine Irish ’95 J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Curtis W. Jackson JBT Capital, Inc. Kenneth Cole Products Foundation Susan & Mitchell Kessler Kobra International LTD Katherine Leitch & Terence Kooyker Sharon Korsgaard Kalita & Arthur Kalita Justin Kramon & Lynn Trieu John Krenek Derek Lam Lauren B. Leichtman & Arthur E. Levine Family Foundation LeatherSpa David Levin Chris Lockwood Karen & Timothy Macdonald Kenneth Mandelbaum & Deborah Shaw Manolo Blahnik USA, Ltd Alicia & John Martine Liz & David McCreery Rhonda Adams Medina & Derek Medina Ronay Menschel Kim Model James Molloy Angel Morales ’92 & Casey Morales N.S. Bienstock, Inc. Neiman Marcus James & Allison Nelson Socrates Nicholas & Gerard Bell Jacqueline & Kevin Nickelberry Deborah Nungester & Michael de Asla Kathleen O’Grady Edward Olanow & Anna Mocchetti Suzanne & David Oliver Neva Ouilikon Daley ’92 Stephanie & Robert Pangia

Jacqueline Pelzer Luis Penalver Phillips Academy - Andover Nyssa Pitts Morais ’94 Robert Pitts Timothy L. Pope & Robin Berg Leslie Rankow Orlando Reece Karen & Ross Richman Riverdale Country School Deborah Roberts Kareem Roberts ’99 Roger Vivier [aka Deva Inc] Lauri & Augustine Rossi Danny Sager & Brian McCarthy Sam Edelman Susanna & Noah Schankler Dorothea Schlosser & Thomas Kopczynski Benjamin Schott & Jindra Zitek Frances Schultz Carol Schuster Gaetano Sciuto & Stefania Giordano Laura Siegel Anthony Smith Gary Snyder Nancy Starmer Stephen Russell Andy Sternlieb Taffin, LLC Michelle & Michael Tannenbaum Tastings Inc. The Monteforte Foundation, Inc. The Spence School Bruce Tilley & Luis Mora Susan & Whitney Tilson Tommy Hilfiger Carolyn & Kenneth Trell Louisa & John Troubh Jean & Raymond Troubh Jay Scott Tucker Suzanne & Vincent Tufariello United Way of New York City Claudia & Alain Van Loo Denis Velkovich Janet Wallach Georgia A. Wallen Robert L. Warner, M.D. Regina Winters ’87 Lauren Wittels WorldNet International Couriers, Inc. Xiao-ping Su & Song Zhu

Elizabeth Abelt, Kristoff Burrell ’19, John Troubh, Barbara Greene, Louisa Troubh

Lili Massac ’19, Timothy Church, Robbie Baitz

Special Events


n March, Oliver hosted “What Works In Education – Lessons from Independent and Charter Schools” in conjunction with the National Partnership for Educational Access (NPEA). Hosted by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the event brought together key players from the charter school and independent school worlds. Oliver’s CEO David Allyn moderated the panel, which included Whitney Tilson, a Board member at KIPP NY and Oliver alumna Blanca Ruiz, Director of Leadership Development at KIPP. They were joined by Jim Best, Associate Head of the Dalton School, and George Davidson, Head of the Grace Church School. The panelists discussed best practices in their respective schools, as well as trends and pitfalls in educational policy and reform, before fielding questions from the audience.

“We live in a country that sends the kids who most need a good school with good teachers to the worst schools with the worst teachers. We need to set high national standards, and instead of continually lowering the bar, we must continually raise it.”

~ Whitney Tilson

Oliver wrapped up a busy summer by hosting our first Scrabble for Scholars event. Over 40 guests came out to enjoy cocktails and spectacular water views at the home of Marshall Watson and Paul Sparks in East Hampton. Guests were also encouraged to challenge some of our Scholars to a friendly game of Scrabble, and were treated to moving remarks by Kristoff Burrell (The Governor’s Academy ’19) about his journey through Oliver. We would like to extend a special thanks to our hosts and to the members of our event committee!

“What a wonderful event “Scrabble for Scholars” was! It was a great opportunity to really get to know our Scholars over the Scrabble board while overlooking beautiful Gardiner’s Bay in East Hampton”

~ Louisa Troubh, Trustee


Nathaniel Hunt, Corrente Schankler, Leita Hamill

Dorothea Schlosser, Sharon Korsgaard Kalita

Judith-Ann Corrente, Noah Schankler, Susanna Schankler, Socrates Nicholas, Corrente Schankler

Life Trustees


liver has always relied on the commitment and dedication of our Board of Trustees. At the end of 2015, four longtime Trustees were voted in as Life Trustees. Judith-Ann Corrente, Leita Hamill, Sharon Korsgaard-Kalita, and Socrates Nicholas have dedicated a combined total of 40 years of service to Oliver. Oliver’s Life Trustees represent a true longstanding commitment to Oliver’s mission. Life Trustees remain involved in Oliver by attending Board meetings and retreats, serving as advisors on Board committees, and attending events such as Recognition Ceremony and Interview Weekend. “It is a pleasure and an honor to be part of Oliver Scholars in this way,” says longtime Life Trustee Paul Gottlieb. “I hope it conveys my commitment to this program and to the wonderful Scholars who have benefitted from it. Their ongoing achievements demonstrate the need for and the effectiveness of Oliver.”

“Teaching smart, engaged Oliver Scholars for many years at The Lawrenceville School motivated me to give back by joining the Board when I retired. I loved my Board work in support of our Scholars and our staff, and am both touched and honored to have been selected as a Life Trustee.”

~ Leita Hamill, Life Trustee

“You have all changed the lives of our Scholars forever. Along with our gratitude, please take personal satisfaction in knowing that you have made a tremendous difference.” ~ Jayne Geiger, Trustee


Board Retreat


hree independent school leaders addressed race, racism and the persistence of unconscious bias on independent school campuses with the Oliver Board of Trustees at the 2015 Annual Trustee Retreat. Head of the Spence School, Bodie Brizendine; Upper School Head of The Packer Collegiate Institute, Jose De Jesus; and Upper School Head of The Dalton School, Lisa Waller, all spoke candidly and optimistically with the Board about the efforts being made at their respective schools to advance dialogue on diversity. Brizendine stressed the value of discussing race relations in developmentally appropriate ways at every age level, from K-12. Waller emphasized the importance, as an exercise and a discipline, of having conversations that focus exclusively on race. De Jesus spoke candidly about the challenges school leaders face as they attempt to navigate campus controversies.

“I do think there is something remarkable in the kids knowing that the administration, and now the faculty, are engaged in substantive discussion about race.”

~ Lisa Waller Upper School Head The Dalton School

The discussion was lauded by the Oliver trustees. “The session was absolutely fantastic,” said Board Chair Dorothea Schlosser. “My mind was swirling with questions, thoughts and ideas.”

Junior Board


liver’s first Junior Board was formed in the fall, thanks to a partnership with CariClub, a startup that helps nonprofits form and sustain junior boards. Oliver’s Junior Board currently has 16 members, including four alumni, from a variety of fields.

Michael Ahn Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP

Amanda Lopez ’09 SparkNotes/Barnes and Noble, Inc

Reshma Amin, Crow & Cushing

Spencer Olson, Cushman & Wakefield

Elizabeth Angeles ’09 New York City Emergency Management

Dan Pelo ’08 Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP

Leovanny Fernandez ’10 Corlears School

Josh Powe, LinkIt!

Lindsey Forman, Dior

Ibrahim Shah ’09 Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

John Howard, KKR Celi Khanyile-Lynch NYC Mayor’s Office of Appointments Vanessa King, G-lll Tommy Hilfiger Dress

Melanie Santos, Families for Excellent Schools

Ryan Winter, LinkIt! Alison Wrynn Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP




s Oliver enters its 32nd year, we have over 1,100 alumni enjoying successful careers in the fields of law, medicine, business, education, engineering and more. Founded by a group of dedicated alumni, Oliver’s Alumni Advisory Board seeks to harness the energy, experience and expertise of Oliver’s alumni community with the goal of supporting the Program, our Scholars, and each other.

“The Oliver Scholars Program provided a pathway not only to greater educational opportunity but also a pathway to self-discovery, which I view as vital to a successful life.”


~D  ahni-El Giles, Esq. St. Paul’s School ’95 Harvard University ’99 Georgetown University ’04 Bleeker Fellow, 2016

“Few things have impacted my life the way Oliver has: I pushed myself farther than I thought I could go, grew in incredible ways, and dedicated my life to inspiring others who reach higher, all because Oliver did those things for me.”

~ Ayinde Alleyne Trinity School ’11 University of Pennsylvania ’15

The Oliver Scholars Program, Inc. FINANCIAL STATEMENT - UNAUDITED Year Ended December 31, 2015


Individual Contributions Corporate Contributions Foundation Contributions In-kind Contributions Interest & Other Income Total Support & Revenue

24% $ 435,242 329,247 880,561 124,237 12,848 $ 1,782,135


PROGRAM SERVICES Recruitment & Admissions Placement Scholar Services Summer Immersion Program Subtotal SUPPORTING SERVICES Administration Fundraising Subtotal Total Expenses Excess or (Deficiency) of Revenue Over Expenses

CURRENT ASSETS Operating Funds Money Market Investment Funds Total Assets



19% 49%

INCOME BY SOURCE $ 244,459 286,507 698,988 256,908 $ 1,486,862

Individual Contributions $435,242 Corporate Contributions $329,247 Foundation Contributions $880,561 In-kind Contributions $124,237 Interest & Investment Income $12,848

Grand Total


$ 211,682 443,787 $ 655,469 $ 2,142,331

17% (360,195)

17% 19%


$ 109,871 401,287 2,918,992 $ 3,430,150

PROGRAM EXPENSES Recruitment & Admissions $244,459 Placement $286,507 Scholar Services $698,988 Summer Immersion Program $256,908




Our Donors DREAM MAKERS ($25,000+) Barclays Blenheim Capital Management, LLC The Charina Endowment Fund Charles Hayden Foundation Judith-Ann Corrente & Willem Kooyker Dior The Esther A. & Joseph Klingenstein Fund, Inc. Gerstner Family Foundation Mark Horowitz JBT Capital, Inc. Richard and Ronay Menschel The Monteforte Foundation, Inc. Timothy L. Pope & Robin Berg Robert and Joyce Menschel Family Foundation Dorothea Schlosser & Thomas Kopczynski Toyota USA Foundation Louisa & John Troubh

CHAMPIONS OF EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE ($15,000+) Patti & Ray Chambers Chuck S. Crow IV & Katherin Devlin Victoria & Lloyd Goldman Mary Horowitz Joyce & Irving Goldman Family Foundation Sharon Korsgaard Kalita & Arthur Kalita Leita & William Hamill Family Foundation Suzanne & David Oliver

VISIONARIES ($10,000+) Keith Canton ’93 & Symonne Canton Jayne Geiger & James Rogers Robert Guimento & Adrian Gilbey Rhonda Adams Medina & Derek Medina Socrates Nicholas & Gerard Bell PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Elena Richards United Way of New York City Xiao-ping Su & Song Zhu

LEARNING PARTNERS ($5,000+) Page Ashley Harout & Suella Barsemian Pamela Baxter Christina and Robert Dow Foundation Lynn & Charles Crow Hyde and Watson Foundation The John W. Hill & Knowlton Foundation 30

Katherine Leitch & Terence Kooyker Neiman Marcus Johanna J. & Arie Nugteren Raina Oberoi & Avinash Vijaysankar Donn & Nan O’Brien Kathleen O’Grady RADM Julia R. Plotnick (Ret.) Stephen Russell Taffin, LLC Tommy Hilfiger WorldNet International Couriers, Inc.

MENTORS’ SOCIETY ($2,500+) William Albinger & Mark Ledoux BCBG Jennifer Breslin Terry-Ann Burrell ’95 Calvin Klein Benjeil Edghill ’94 FENDI Americas Francesca Fusco Glen Gauthier & Jennifer Dysart Sara Adler & Paul Gottlieb Curtis W. Jackson John N. Blackman, Sr. Foundation Lauren B. Leichtman and Arthur E. Levine Family Foundation LeatherSpa Marcus B. Mabry Manolo Blahnik USA, Ltd Deborah Nungester & Michael de Asla Jacqueline Pelzer Leslie Rankow Reed Family Foundation Riverdale Country School

ADVOCATES’ CIRCLE ($1,000+) David S. Allyn Asprey Holdings Ltd Bank of America Nancy Berger Cardone Dale & Max Berger Linda Bialecki & Douglas Kassen Selma Bornstein Rosemary & John Braniff Michael Voris & Alexandra Buckley-Voris Jennifer & Brian Burchell Guy & Eileen Castranova Julie & William Montgomery Cerf Charles Lafitte Foundation Edward A. Chernoff Howard Chua Eoan J. David Davis Gina & James de Givenchy

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TRIBUTE DONATIONS In honor of Socrates Nicholas: Roy Gorin Kathleen Peratis In memory of Donnie Hickman: Bridget Hickman In honor of Sherry Korsgaard: Linda Korsgaard In honor of Louisa and John Troubh: Mina & Stephen Weiner In honor of Karen & Tim Macdonald: Barbara Weisz In memory of Elsie Smoler: Elke Zuern



Staff and Board STAFF David Allyn, CEO Amanda Aguilar, Office Coordinator Lena Chao, Associate Director of Scholar Services - Student Success

Michele Hickey, Grant Writer Heidi Idrovo, Development Associate Amanda Johnson, Deputy Director Makeda Lewis, Assistant Director of Scholar Services - Student Support

Amma Osei D  iversity Leader - New York Office of Diversity Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Timothy L. Pope

Owner - TLP Consulting

Priyanka Srivastava

Manager - Deloitte Consulting LLP

David Thomas

History Teacher - Trevor Day School

Life Trustees

Tracey Lundgren, Assistant Director of

Judith-Ann Corrente, Past Board Chair

Elle Marshall, Office and Operations Manager Francisco Peña, Assistant Director of

George D. Creppy ’93

Sheila Plotnick, Database Coordinator Melissa Providence, Director of Placement Sandra Reina, Director of Finance and Administration Tarmla Small, Recruitment Manager Emanuel Vega ’04, Director of Programs

Victoria Goldman

Scholar Services - College Support

Scholar Services - Student Engagement


Managing Member, Despina, LLC

Senior Vice President, Communications, Global Wealth & Retirement Services – Bank of America Author / Consultant

Paul S. Gottlieb

Counsel - Hunter College

Leita Hamill

Retired Educator

Sharon A. Korsgaard Kalita

Partner - Common Bond Design


Socrates Nicholas F ounding Partner - Nicholas Research

Dorothea B. Schlosser, Chair Louisa S. Troubh, Vice Chair Rob Guimento, Treasurer

Donn H. O’Brien, Past Board Chair

Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer New York Presbyterian, Lower Manhattan Hospital

Associates International

Real Estate Sales Agent - Ager Realty

Harry Smith

Contributor - Rock Center with Brian Williams - NBC

Keith Canton ’93, Secretary

Managing Director - Head of Private Capital Markets - JP Morgan



Jayne Geiger

Oliver’s Staff Professional Development Series entered its second year with a number of diverse speakers. We were pleased to welcome the following guests to weekly staff meetings.

Partner - Educators’ Collaborative, LLC

Mark Horowitz Writer / Editor

Kimberly King ’93

• Jimmy Fisher, Associate Director of Institutions, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs

Katherine Leitch

• Andrew Guiliani, Vice President, Global Recruiting, Morgan Stanley

Marcus Mabry, Past Board Chair

• Jason McGill, Vice President, Social Justice Programs, The Arcus Foundation

Ken Mandelbaum

• Carla Sadoff, Managing Consultant, Sunergos, LLC

Raina Oberoi

• Ben Schott, Deputy Director for Special Education, New York City Department of Education

Senior Manager - Brand Solutions-BET Networks Ginsberg Fellow - Citizens Housing and Planning Council

Editor at Large - Twitter

Partner - VSA Consulting Vice President - MSCI, Morgan Stanley

Scholars photos: Catherine Talese. Gala photos: Billy Farrell Agency.


80 MAIDEN LANE, SUITE 706 NEW YORK, NY 10038-4872 212-430-5980 oliverscholars.org


Profile for Oliver Scholars

Oliver Scholars 2015 Annual Report  

Oliver Scholars prepares high-achieving Black and Latino students from underserved New York City communities for success at top independent...

Oliver Scholars 2015 Annual Report  

Oliver Scholars prepares high-achieving Black and Latino students from underserved New York City communities for success at top independent...